Tsinghua University School of Economics and Management, China

Tsinghua University School of Economics and Management (Tsinghua SEM), one of China’s top universities and business schools, was the first school in China to offer business courses by the case method. China Business Case Center (CBCC), affiliated with Tsinghua SEM, is one of China’s most renowned research and teaching service facilities specialized in studying, developing and compiling Chinese business cases. The cases collected by CBCC are of great need and used extensively in China's business education and some overseas business schools, due to the emerging Chinese economy and enterprises in the world stage. CBCC collects cases from all fields and industries, covering all subjects of business administration, including innovations and entrepreneurship, accounting and control, finance, IT system and production management, human resource and leadership, project management, marketing, general management, strategy management and implementation, government and international business, and so on. Its current case collection exceeds 500. The English cases published here by SAGE are among the essence of the CBCC collection.

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