Sage Business Cases: Content Partners

Sage Business Cases includes a wide range of cases from our esteemed group of content partners. These partners, which include some of the world’s most prestigious universities, journals, and societies, allow readers access to global perspectives and vetted expertise in areas ranging from sports management to public policy. 

Sage Business Cases continues to grow and we welcome inquiries about partnering with us. Sage offers its select group of content partners the following:

  • Branded sub-collection and exposure for your content in the global academic and library market.
  • Increased discoverability of your content through indexing on Google Scholar.
  • Royalties of net revenues attributable to your content on the site. Licensed partners who contribute at least 25 cases are paid a percentage of the collection's annual net revenue regardless of individual case use.
  • Sage will provide usage metrics and manage all customer service and customer relationships, including technical support for cases on our site. 

For more information on partnering with Sage Business Cases, contact Maureen Adams, Publisher, at

To learn more, please browse our current list of content partners.