SAGE Business Cases: Editors' Choice

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Enhanced Cases -
DC Central Kitchen: The Kitchen of the Future 
Peloton Interactive, Inc.: Valuation During a Global Pandemic 

Leadership -  
Coaching Leadership in Action: Algeria’s Quest for the 2019 African Cup of Nations 

Insan NPO: Working as a Nonprofit With Syrian Migrants in Egypt  

Human Resource Management -
Implementing a Mystery Shopping Program: Where Did It Go Wrong?  

Romance in the Workplace: Managing Rumors, Jealousy, and Favoritism  

Marketing -
Ethical Consumerism and Glass Box Branding: When Companies’ Actions Speak Louder Than Words  

Designing a Communication Strategy for Increasing Public Transit Use: A Case Study of the Nashville MTA System  

Global Business -
Arla Versus Oatly: Milk Wars  

Bribe? What Bribe? The Long Arm of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act  

Healthcare Management -
Kodak’s Faded Picture of Health: A COVID-19 Moment to Exit Photos and Enter Pharmaceuticals?

Sustaining Innovative Health Advocacy and Research: The Peter Lamy Center on Drug Therapy and Aging at University of Maryland, Baltimore  

Social Impact -
Culinary Concepts AB and the Employment Crisis in Food and Beverage in Charlottesville  

Positive Prison for a Positive Future: How to Lead a Social Enterprise and Promote Social Innovation  

Strategic Management -
Basketball at the Most Magical Place on Earth: A Case Study of the NBA’s Season Conclusion at Walt Disney World Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic  

GE Power: General Electric’s Sputtering Engine 

Dunkin’ Brands: Still a Sweet Treat? 

The Rise and Fall of WeWork  

Entrepreneurship - Created by Internationals for Internationals  

Business, Integration, and Identity: German-Turkish Entrepreneurship in Berlin  

2020 Picks:

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Rachel Taliaferro, Acquisitions Editor
Raphe Jackson, Assistant Editor