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Paul Oliver

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    Moses Joseph

    About the Author

    Paul Oliver is an academic writer and researcher. He has either authored or edited 19 books in the areas of Research Methods, Education, Philosophy and Religion. He has had books translated into seven languages. For many years a lecturer at the University of Huddersfield, he was course leader there for the Doctor of Education programme. He has wide experience of both supervising and examining master’s and doctoral theses.


    The author and publisher would like to thank:

    Dr Gwendolen Bradshaw for permission to reproduce pages 30 and 234 from her Doctor of Education thesis ‘Involving service users in the assessment of the performance of pre-registration student midwives – an interpretive study of the perceptions of key stakeholders’ (The University of Huddersfield, 2003). See page 87.

    The University of Huddersfield for permission to reproduce the abstract from the above thesis. See page 190.

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