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Advice for a New Child
Advice for a new child
  • To challenge the children to continue to be brave.
  • To consolidate the work already achieved by creating a charter of advice for any new deaf child, or child with special need, coming into the school.
  • To practise giving that advice to someone else and so affirm it for oneself.
Materials and Preparation
  • Flipchart and pens (for ‘Charter of advice’).
  • Mindmaps™ from Session 3 (for ‘Charter of advice’).
  • ‘More challenges’ from Session 3 (for ‘Charter of advice’).
  • Art materials, a PC (for ‘Charter of advice’).
  • Digital photographs from Session 2 (for ‘Charter of advice’).
Introductory Game
Something Brave That I've Done

Have the children seated in a circle. If possible make sure that you have an assistant sitting on your right. Remind the children that in the last ...

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