Urban Planning Theory Since 1945


Nigel Taylor

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    To my father, with admiration and love, and all those others who endured or died in the Second World War hoping for a better future


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    Hugh Barton, Martin Chick, Ron Griffiths and Tony Scrase were kind enough to read earlier drafts of selected chapters of this book. I am very grateful to them for their comments, especially as, for the most part, I came to agree with their critical comments and modified the text accordingly. However, I of course am responsible for what I have written.

    I also thank my wife, Diana, and my children Georgia and Lawrence, for all their support and love. Without them I don't know if I would have bothered with this. But having decided to bother, I often stayed on in my office at work to do the task, and so was often a late-home husband and father. Never once was there any complaint or resentment. On the contrary, always a welcome. The loss was as much my own; I'd have much rather been home. But for some reason some of us are compelled to do these things, and I hope that the product will be worth it, for my students if not for my family.

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