Teaching Anger Management and Problem-Solving Skills


Brian Marris & Tina Rae

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    The authors would like to thank and acknowledge the support and input from the following colleagues and also the pupils of the Junior PRU: Janine Koeries (Head of Junior PRU) and Alice Weston (Support Assistant).

    Thanks to all of the staff at the Hillingdon Tuition centre who gave so much time and support in devising this programme.

    A Note on Gender

    Rather than repeat throughout the programme the modern but cumbersome ‘s/he’, we have decided to use both genders equally throughout the range of activities. In no way are we suggesting a stereotype for either gender in any activity. We believe that you can adapt if the example you are given does not correspond to the gender of the child in front of you!

    How to Use the CD-ROM

    The CD-ROM contains PDF files, labelled ‘Worksheets.pdf’ which consists of worksheets for each lesson in this resource. You will need Acrobat Reader version 3 or higher to view and print these resources.

    To photocopy the worksheets directly from this book, set your photocopier to enlarge by 125% and align the edge of the page to be copied against the leading edge of the copier glass (usually indicated by an arrow).

    All CD-Rom material is included at the end of this ebook

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