Social Work in Context: Theory and Concepts


Lester Parrott & Noreen Maguinness

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    This book is dedicated to Minha Cariadinha

    About the Authors

    Lester Parrott is a Lecturer in Social Work at Keele University who will have retired when this book is published. He has taught social work and social policy at a number of universities across the UK. He is the author of Social Work and Poverty (2014) and is also the author of Values and Ethics in Social Work Practice, which is now in its third edition and is about to be completely revised for publication in 2018. His current research interests include the impact of social policy upon the lives of service users and social workers with particular reference to the consequences of austerity upon the development of and access to social care services and the restructuring of social work both organisationally and as a profession.

    Noreen Maguinness is a Lecturer in Social Work at Edge Hill University. She qualified as as social worker in 1987 and then went on to practice in children and family social work for nearly 20 years – a successful career in social work; working in the area of children and family social work. Prior to moving into social work education in 2004 Noreen was a Child Protection Multi-Agency Trainer. She is currently completing a Doctorate in Social Work.


    I would like to acknowledge those authors who willingly gave their permission to include material in this book. The administration staff at Keele University have provided invaluable support by allowing me the space for to teach and write. I would also like to thank my colleagues, past and present, for their patience and support and all of those students who have contributed to my understanding of social work since starting to teach social work in 1996 at Glyndwr University and at Keele University from 2007.

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