Science in the Early Years: Building Firm Foundations from Birth to Five


Pat Brunton & Linda Thornton

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    The authors are grateful to all the early years practitioners who have shared their experiences of supporting babies and young children as explorers and investigators.

    About the Authors

    Pat Brunton is a research scientist by training, with a postgraduate degree in virology. She has extensive experience of the early years field and provides training for a wide variety of audiences including school governors, teachers, early years and childcare practitioners and children's centre professionals. She is a director of alc associates, an early years training and consultancy company, and the author of a range of publications.

    Linda Thornton has over thirty years’ experience in education as a teacher, headteacher, adviser and lead officer for early years. She is passionate about developing children's thinking and learning, valuing creative learning environments and encouraging educators to think about the ‘why’ as well as the ‘how’ in their approach to teaching. Linda is a director of alc associates and the author of many books and publications for early years professionals.

    Pat and Linda provide keynote presentations and workshops at conferences and consultancy and training for local authorities, schools and early years settings across the UK.

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