RESULTS Coaching Next Steps: Leading for Growth and Change


Kathryn Kee, Karen Anderson, Vicky Dearing & Frances Shuster

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    Praise for RESULTS Coaching Next Steps

    RESULTS Coaching Next Steps invites leaders to function as coaches and clearly teaches them how to coach. It is truly transformational for those unfamiliar with coach leadership and for veteran coaches alike. This book transformed me as a school principal and continues to serve as a fundamental resource in training school leaders. It is without a doubt my top recommendation to anyone who asks how to learn coach-leader skills.”

    —Dr. Hank Staggs, ACC, Director
    Governors Academy for School Leadership, Tennessee

    RESULTS Coaching Next Steps: Leading for Growth and Change clearly sets the path for transformational leadership that creates a culture of trust and communication in which the effectiveness of the organization flourishes when freedom to explore and collaborate are not just promoted but valued. The authors artfully articulate and demonstrate the leadership coaching behaviors and skills that help leaders shift organizational mindsets from negatives to positives and behaviors from isolation to collaboration resulting in new and innovative thinking and learning. The UAM School of Education faculty and staff have become fearless visionaries who work as a team to make yesterday’s challenges today’s successes.”

    —Dr. Peggy Doss, Dean
    School of Education, UAM

    “Finally! Another must-have for my professional library! RESULTS Coaching Next Steps speaks to education leaders who continue to focus on being a coach leader, no matter what their title or position. The book drives novice and experienced coaches to reconnect to the essentials and renews your commitment to never interact the same way again.”

    —Kim Richardson, ACC, Teacher Development Coordinator
    Hampton City Schools

    “Education is about change and growth in people. Results Coaching Global’s first book RESULTS Coaching: The New Essential for School Leaders completely reframed educational leadership landscape. Now RESULTS Coaching Next Steps: Leading for Growth and Change brings out the details in the picture of leading learning systems. This book provides specific examples related to the mindset of the Coach Leader and thoroughly examines supervision versus coaching. Everything you need to create a culture of coaching in your district is laid out beautifully. As a superintendent, I’ve seen firsthand the impact this work has had on principals, midlevel administrators, and cabinet-level leadership. The bottom line—the significant changes we are looking for come from changing educators from within. It is a journey and RESULTS Coaching Next Steps: Leading for Growth and Change is the guidebook.”

    —David Curry, Superintendent
    Union Hill School District, California

    RESULTS Coaching Next Steps: Leading for Growth and Change equips the 21st century leader to move past old paradigms of supervision and into the realm of influence. Next Steps continues the journey of transformation and challenges administrators to become coach leaders. The need for a coaching culture to support leaders makes this book a valued resource. To truly impact school environments, RESULTS Coaching Next Steps: Leading for Growth and Change is the first place to start!”

    —Lezley Lewis, Executive Director of Teacher Learning
    Ft. Worth ISD, TX

    RESULTS Coaching: The New Essential for School Leaders has served as the launchpad for authentic communication and academic success in our school district. The authors have developed an educator-friendly book that offers a practical approach, coupled with a dose of theory, to provide a solid balance for the ever-busy school teacher and leader. RESULTS Coaching Next Steps offers a communication framework, a review of essential communication skills, and an especially helpful section for school leaders and supervisors. RESULTS Coaching Next Steps builds upon its predecessor, and continues to support and guide for real change and results. For all of us who know that academic success is dependent on building relationships and communicating effectively, this book is a must-read!”

    —Carl Dethloff, PhD
    Superintendent, San Angelo ISD


    Come—Let’s go to a place of extraordinary results.

    A place where every person feels a

    deep sense of purpose and moral responsibility

    to engage, invest, and achieve at high levels,

    individually and as teams.

    Come—Let’s go to where trust triumphs over distrust.

    Where vulnerability, honesty, loyalty, respect, joy, and a sense of humor radiate.

    Where people feel safe and willing to open up and engage

    in thoughtful and honest conversations.

    Where current realities are identified and examined.

    Where successes, both large and small, are recognized, valued, and celebrated.

    Here, people listen first and talk later.

    They seek to understand what is said, felt, and desired by others.

    And when they talk, they talk with others,

    rather than at or over others.

    Here, people speak using intentional language that aligns with

    current research findings from neuroleadership and cognitive behaviors.

    Here, thinking abounds and relationships flourish!

    People value time for reflections.

    They are willing to identify areas in need of

    adjustments, improvements, revisions,

    even eliminations,

    as solutions are determined, goals set, and actions planned.

    This journey is not necessarily an easy one to take.

    There will be obstacles along the way.

    Naysayers and outdated hardwiring to name a few,

    tugging at us, trying to lure us back

    to old habits and status quo.

    It will take strong determination and

    deep resolve to last this journey.

    This is why we carry our TARP and our SCARF with us,

    remembering that change takes

    Time, Attention, Repetition, and Positive Feedback.

    Recognizing that we all want to feel a sense of

    Status, Certainty, Autonomy, Relatedness, and Fairness

    as we travel together.

    Come—Let’s keep focused on where we are headed.

    After all, we are well on our way.

    And when we arrive,

    we will know for sure

    that this has been a journey well worth taking.

    By Vicky Dearing, PCC
    Results Coaching Global


    You have picked up this book, Results Coaching Next Steps: Leading for Growth and Change, for a reason specific to you: Perhaps the title intrigued you and you wanted to know more, or maybe it spoke directly to your passion and personal desire to impact results where you lead and live. And possibly you are already familiar with our first book, Results Coaching: The New Essential for School Leaders, and were eager to find out what is next. Whatever the reason that brought you here, we are glad you did!

    This book is the result of listening to the voices of leaders, like you, who continued to ask for more specifics and practical approaches on how to lead and coach others in ways that elevate results and strengthen relationships. While standing on its own merits, it best serves as a close companion to follow our first book, Results Coaching: The New Essential for School Leaders, and promises to provide multiple learning opportunities for you, whether new to the role of leader or well-seasoned. It is written to read on your own or with a group of dedicated colleagues.

    On our behalf, the writing of this book has been like releasing a long and satisfying breath. It is full of new learnings and experiences with coaching after multiple years of inhaling research and practical examples from working with leaders from across the country. It is considered our gift to those who want more—are hungry for more—on best approaches, on practical ways to lead and coach for growth and deep change—for reaching meaningful results.

    • Results that are inclusive of elevated thinking for everyone associated with the school.
    • Results that represent advanced learning and behaviors for students, teachers, support staff, parents, and leaders.
    • Results that reflect a culture of collaboration, respect, and personal regard for all.
    • Results that last.

    We wrote Results Coaching Next Steps because there is more to know, there is more to say, and oh, so much more to do to achieve the type of leadership environments that will produce results for students in schools as well as the teachers chosen to make it happen. We believe that leaders who have the skills and tools to coach thinking have the skills and tools to have powerful conversations that impact thoughtful reflection, self-monitoring, and self-assessment. Why did we write this book? We have so far to go. Thousands of leaders retire annually and younger less skilled hopefuls step into their shoes every year. The kids have changed, the teachers have changed, and the communities often have changed, and what is needed is the leader for all seasons: the coach leader.

    This book is for all educators, leaders, teachers, or anyone who wants to make a difference: a difference in the results for kids and a difference in the environments and relationships found in most schools. This book is for anyone who engages in conversations desiring to influence the most positive outcome for any relationship.

    In Results Coaching: The New Essential for School Leaders, we offered the focus on the leader’s mindset, the power of Intention, the concept of “coach leader,” and the language skills needed to influence and inspire REAL change. In the past 6 years, our work in schools and districts all over the country continues to return to the same issues and boomerang behaviors. This book shares the impact of what happens when leaders become a “coach leader” and walk in the mindset, intention, and language that changes results and people in ways that last—change that will impact student and adult learning and growth across the country. After all, isn’t this what we all want?

    Our purpose is to draw upon the coach leader mindset, skills, and tools of the first book and drill down for pure gold: the impact, the difference, the collaborative cultures that can be created. In this book, we drill deeper into the research as to why the coach leader mindset can produce such results—the science that offers compelling information to change. While we all know smoking kills, some people still choose to smoke; while we might pull out a typewriter if we had to, almost no one will today. Why? Because there is a better way! That’s what we want to offer: work, life, relationships, collaborations; all can be improved with the mindset and skills of the coach leader. Four big reasons to buy and read this book:

    • We tackle the role of supervision and answer the question that coaching is the broader supervising option. We provide a model and language and tools to support every supervisor and the varying conversations demanded of the role and situation.
    • We present a deep review and expansion of the most essential communication skills expected of any leader and specifically how to use these skills more eloquently and purposefully.
    • We offer a conversation framework that will provide confidence and courage in holding thoughtful conversations, including those thought to be tough and difficult conversations.
    • We provide evidence of how individuals have created a culture of coaching by working on themselves first to make adaptive changes in their lives and thereby impacting and influencing the overall culture of their organization.

    We hope you will experience for yourself how the information contained in this book holds the possibility to not only change but also to transform lives and leadership, including your own.


    As in our first book, Results Coaching: The New Essential for School Leaders, our passion and desire to be the best students of coaching began with the life-changing work and teachings of Art Costa and Bob Garmston, to whom we will forever be indebted for “a way of being” that changed our careers and lives forever.

    To Dennis Sparks, Stephanie Hirsh, and Dave Ellis for providing our rich exposure to the larger world of professional coaching.

    To Francine Campone, MCC, who continues to be our mentor, teacher, and coach for more than a decade and who challenges us to be the best at our craft and pushes for ultimate possibilities in our mindset for coaching.

    To John Crain, lifelong colleague, collaborator, and friend of Kathy and who shares the joy of our work and continual exploration of supervision and its power to transform with the “coach” mindset.

    To David Rock, author of Quiet Leadership, who continues to inspire us to align our deep beliefs and core values to the life-changing NeuroLeadership research and its impact.

    To our highly skilled instructors whose commitment to this work supports its life, energy, and dynamic impact: Reba Schumacher, Pam Smith, Dr. Lloyd Sain, and David Curry.

    To all the people—authors and researchers—whose work motivates and energizes our work:

    • Carl Glickman, our Supervision guru
    • Susan Scott, Fierce Leadership and Fierce Conversations
    • Daniel Pink, Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us
    • Daniel Goleman: Emotional Intelligence
    • Robert Kegan and Lisa Lahey: How the Way We Talk Can Change the Way We Work and Immunity to Change
    • Martin Seligman: Positive Psychology
    • Barbara Fredrickson: Positive Psychology

    To our students and fellow educators who love what we have learned and shared in our seminars and have been transformed in their leadership approach to impact real change and results in schools.

    To the hundreds of leaders we coach each day, month, and year, whose courage to make a difference and impact the results of schools is ever present.

    To our families who stand by our side and cheer on our passion and our joyful work as “coach leaders.”

    Thank you each and every one!

    Publisher’s Acknowledgments

    Corwin gratefully acknowledges the contributions of the following reviewers:

    • David G. Daniels
    • Principal
    • Susquehanna Valley Senior High School
    • Conklin, NY
    • Kathy Rhodes
    • Principal
    • Hinton Elementary
    • Hinton, IA

    About the Authors

    Each of the authors has a strong commitment and a personal passion for championing the power of coaching within education and business. They understand the difference that coaching makes in organizations and individual lives, and they have dedicated their time, energy, and efforts to moving the dream forward that coaching is the go-to way to lead and thrive in organizations. They are partners of Results Coaching Global, a company dedicated to supporting school leaders in achieving extraordinary results professionally and personally, as they become more confident, competent, and courageous leaders.

    Each partner has received her Professional Certified Coach Credential through the International Coach Federation, and together they have created a school for leaders who wish to become credentialed coaches through the International Coach Federation. The school is recognized as an International Coach Federation Approved Coach Training Program, and their first book, Results Coaching: The New Essential for School Leaders, serves as the textbook for the school. The authors offer this next book as a dedicated example of their desire to continually support leadership development and growth within organizations and for individuals.

    KATHRYN (HARWELL) KEE is a committed and passionate champion for the power of COACHING and what the impact, the mindset, and the skills of coaching offer to educational organizations, in particular, and to all places of work, in general. Having served in all levels of education since 1970, Kathy’s 47 years have confirmed her strongly held belief system of how critically important leadership is. She believes a leader must be committed to the research and knowledge we have today in order to influence, motivate, inspire, and grow people to use their best thinking to produce their best work. Our schools seem so hardwired to traditional processes and behaviors that to realize real lasting change will require the patience of Gandhi, the determination of Martin Luther King Jr., and an army of committed coach leaders who want a different future and clear results for all children. Kathy’s credentials range from teacher to assistant superintendent in districts from Louisiana, Missouri, and Oklahoma, and, since 1978, in Texas. She also served as adjunct mentor for University of North Texas for new administrators coaching their new career beginnings. Kathy’s experiences with leadership grew from being a student leader in student council and government and from teacher leadership to administrative leadership in gifted education, parent education, remedial reading, and campus and district leadership positions. A pattern a look back reveals is the power and magic of a leader’s belief in one’s potential and possibility. These Results Coaching books voice her purpose and passion and the legacy of leadership she desires to leave. Kathy is a founding partner of Results Coaching Global (RCG); serves as a seminar instructor, mentor, and coach; and directs the Accredited Coach Training Program. She has authored numerous articles and was the lead author of Results Coaching: The New Essential for School Leaders. Other experiences and honors include past president and founder of the Texas Learning Forward; past president of Learning Forward; and recipient of Learning Forward’s Lifetime Achievement Award.

    KAREN ANDERSON believes coaching is her most significant work as an educator. She is passionate about working with leaders who are open to advancing their performance to a higher level. Leaders who “work on their work” in ways that challenge the norm, create a space for possibility, and include commitment to action motivate and inspire her as a coach. Her dream is for every educator to have a coach and for every educator to “be” a coach leader. She wants her grandchildren to have a leader who looks for the best in all, values individual differences, and holds the highest standards and expectations for achieving one’s potential. She believes coaching has the power to transform the place we call school. Karen has been a public school educator for over 45 years. In addition to coaching, her expertise has been facilitating groups focused on working collaboratively to discover solutions and improve processes and delivery systems. She is a national trainer and has served as an adjunct faculty member at Texas A & M University-Commerce. From 1996 to 2004, she served as the Executive Director of the Texas Staff Development Council and was recognized as the recipient of their Lifetime Achievement Award. As a founding partner of Results Coaching Global (RCG), Karen serves as a seminar instructor, mentor, and coach. She has authored numerous articles including “Coaching for High Performance” and “Leadership Coaching for Principals.” As one of the coauthors of Results Coaching: The New Essential for School Leaders, she was recognized as the recipient of Learning Forward’s Lifetime Achievement Award.

    VICKY DEARING has been involved with coaching for over 20 years. She believes that coaching has been one of the most important and influential components of her professional career and personal life, and she wants to support others in experiencing the power of coaching. Vicky’s expertise and experiences include 30 years of work within public education, serving as an elementary teacher; a central office administrator leading and supporting Gifted programs, Title I programs, and at-risk programs; and as a principal who received state and national recognition for leading a school to recognized and exemplary results. After retiring from public education, Vicky spent over 8 years working in the business and higher education sector, traveling across the United States on behalf of supporting education initiatives and leadership development before joining her partners in the Results Coaching initiative. Her leadership roles in the business field include consultant, director, vice president, and senior vice president. Vicky understands the demands and the rewards of leadership, regardless of the level or the title, and the possibilities for reaching increased results and personal satisfaction when people work within respected and trusting environments, toward a shared purpose and vision, with clearly identified and articulated expectations, standards, and goals and have honest and open conversations, using intentional communication skills designed to increase clarity, expand thinking, and motivate people to move toward positive change. In addition to serving as a business partner and lead faculty instructor with the Results Coaching Global Coaching School, Vicky coaches school leaders, business leaders, and pastors from across the nation. She believes in the importance of ongoing development and the intentional practice of her own coaching skills and considers herself to be a life-long student of coaching.

    FRANCES SHUSTER was an early adopter of the professional coaching model and is part of the first wave of students and active members of the International Coach Federation (ICF), the global leader in professional coaching. She has served in various roles and capacities in support of and contribution to professional coaching, both as a volunteer and as a leader, faculty instructor, mentor, coach, and partner in Results Coaching Global. Frances has also been active in the University of Texas at Dallas coach training program since 2008, serving as an instructor, supervising mentor, and assessor. She continues to be in conversation with the movers and shakers of the global coaching community, who are working toward maintaining the integrity and vitality of professional coaching now and into the future. Frances is surrounded by a family of educators in the generations before and following her. Her public school career included teaching in elementary schools, coordinating and supervising gifted and talented and reading programs, and directing professional development and learning. She served in high-needs schools throughout the country as a literacy consultant, teaching literacy strategies, and observing and coaching teachers. As a curious observer of human nature, Frances notices the patterns of behavior regularly associated in coaching interactions. The person who is being coached is frequently transformed in her beliefs, mindset, and actions because of the trust and belief of her coach. Just as often, the coach is transformed in her mindset and actions because of the trust and vulnerability that grows in the coaching relationship. Her life purpose, “to seek and share love, peace, wisdom and joy,” is actualized in her work as a teacher and coach and in her circle of Very Important Family and Friends (VIFF).

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