Remembering: Providing Support for Children Aged 7 to 13 Who Have Experienced Loss and Bereavement


Lorna Nelson & Tina Rae

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    How to Use the CD-ROM

    The CD-ROM contains PDF files, labelled ‘Worksheets.pdf’ which contain worksheets for each lesson in this resource. You will need Acrobat Reader version 3 or higher to view and print these resources.

    The documents are set up to print to A4 but you can enlarge them to A3 by increasing the output percentage at the point of printing using the page set-up settings for your printer.

    To photocopy the worksheets directly from this book, set your photocopier to enlarge by 125% and align the edge of the page to be copied against the leading edge of the copier glass (usually indicated by an arrow).

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