Media and the Restyling of Politics: Consumerism, Celebrity and Cynicism


Edited by: John Corner & Dick Pels

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    Notes on Contributors

    Frank Ankersmit is Professor in Intellectual History at the University of Groningen, The Netherlands. He is the author of many books on the philosophy of history and political philosophy, including History and Tropology: The Rise and Fall of Metaphor (University of California Press, 1994), Aesthetic Politics: Political Philosophy Beyond Fact and Value (Stanford, 1997), Historical Representation (Stanford, 2001) and Political Representation (Stanford, 2002).

    W. Lance Bennett is Professor of Political Science and Ruddick C. Lawrence Professor of Communication at the University of Washington, where he also directs the Center for Communication and Civic Engagement ( Areas of current interest include the transformation of mass media news, Web-based political information networks, and the organisation of global activist networks and community information systems. Recent publications include Mediated Politics: Communication in the Future of Democracy (Cambridge, co-edited with Robert Entman) and News: The Politics of Illusion, fifth ed. (Longman).

    John Corner is Professor in the School of Politics and Communication Studies at the University of Liverpool. His recent books include Studying Media: Problems of Theory and Method (Edinburgh, 1998) and Critical Ideas in Television Studies (Oxford, 1999). He has published articles and chapters on media analysis in a range of international journals and collections and is an editor of the journal Media, Culture and Society. Currently, he is working on the history of current-affairs television.

    Peter Dahlgren is Professor of Media and Communication Studies at Lund University, Sweden. His current research interests focus on the themes of democracy, cultural theory and identity in late modern society. He has written for a range of international journals and collections and his book Media and Civic Engagement will be forthcoming from Cambridge University Press in 2003.

    Dick Pels is Senior Research Affiliate at the Amsterdam School for Social Science Research and a Freelance writer. Until recently he was Professor of Sociology in the Department of Human Sciences at Brunei University. He has published widely in social and political theory, and is the author of Property and Power: A Study in Intellectual Rivalry (Routledge, 1998), The Intellectual as Stranger: Studies in Spokespersonship (Routledge, 2000) and Unhastening Science: Autonomy and Reflexivity in the Social Theory of Knowledge (Liverpool University Press, 2003).

    Margaret Scammell is Senior Lecturer at media@lse, at the London School of Economics. She has published widely on politics, communication and political marketing and is the author of Designer Politics (Macmillan, 1995), On Message: Communicating the Campaign (Sage, 1999) with Pippa Norris, John Curtice, David Sanders and Holli Semetko, and Media Journalism and Democracy (Ashgate, 2000) with Holli Semetko.

    Jon Simons is Senior Lecturer in Critical Theory. Previously, he has lived in Israel and the US. He is the author of Foucault and the Political (Routledge, 1995), as well as articles that have appeared in journals such as Philosophy and Social Criticism, Society and Space, and Political Studies. He has also contributed chapters to Feminist Interpretations of Michel Foucault (Penn State University Press, 1996) and Reconstituting Social Criticism (Macmillan, 1998). His current research concerns the nature of critical political theory.

    John Street is Reader in Politics at the University of East Anglia. He has written several books, the most recent of which is Mass Media, Politics and Democracy (Palgrave, 2001); he is also co-editor of the Cambridge Companion to Pop and Rock (Cambridge University Press, 2001). His articles on political analysis and popular culture have appeared in a number of journals, across political, media and cultural studies.

    Bronislaw Szerszynski is Lecturer in Environment and Culture at the Institute for Environment, Philosophy and Public Policy, Lancaster University. He is the author of The Sacralisation of Nature: Nature and the Sacred in the Global Age (Black well, 2004 forthcoming) and co-editor of Risk, Environment and Modernity: Towards a New Ecology (Sage/TCS, 1996), The Reordering of Nature: Theology, Society and the New Genetics (T&T Clark, 2002), and Nature Performed: Environment, Culture and Performance (Blackwell/Sociological Review, 2003).

    Liesbet van Zoonen is Professor of Media Studies at the University of Amsterdam and director of the Centre for Popular Culture. She has published Widely on gender and/in media and is currently working on the articulation of politics and popular culture. Among her books are Feminist Media Studies (Sage, 1994), The Media in Question (co-edited, Sage, 1998) and Gender, Politics and Communication (co-edited, Hampton Press, 2000).

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