Bodies of Thought: Embodiment, Identity and Modernity


Ian Burkitt

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    For Kathleen, Caroline and Marjorie


    I would like to thank all those who have provided help and inspiration during the long gestation of this book. A number of friends and colleagues commented on sections of the manuscript in its various drafts or, in some cases, on all of it. I have benefited from the advice and encouragement of Brian Burkitt, Richard Cleminson, Kenneth J. Gergen, Ercument Gundogdu, Liz Harlow, Jennifer Mackenzie, Joan Pujol and Chris Shilling. A joint research project with Charles Husband, Jenny Mackenzie and Alison Torn at Bradford University rekindled my enthusiasm to finish the book, and I thank them for the many interesting discussions on related topics. Students in a Capstone seminar at Swarthmore College, Pennsylvania, discussed an early paper outlining my ideas for the book and passed comments that made me rethink aspects of my approach to embodiment. Ken and Mary Gergen were warm and friendly hosts during my short stay there. Alan Scott, Arvick Baghramian and Brian and Beryl Burkitt listened to my tales of woe about writer's block and helped more than they probably know. Karen Phillips, my editor at Sage, has shown great patience and, as always, given helpful advice and encouragement. Despite such support, I bear full responsibility for what is written in this book and thus for any failings within it.

    A version of Chapter 6 was first published as ‘Social relationships and emotions’, in Sociology, vol. 31, no. 1 (1997), pp. 37--55, and I thank the editors for their kind permission to reprint it here. In different places throughout the book I have drawn on parts of a published article, ‘Bodies of knowledge: beyond Cartesian views of persons, selves and mind’, in Journal for the Theory of Social Behaviour, vol. 28, no. 1 (1998), pp. 63--82.

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