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How to embed this content onto your learning management system

Step 1

Copy the embed code in the previous tab - these instructions should have opened in a new tab, so the embed code is likely to be on the previous tab.

Step 2

Open up your learning management system and navigate to the area in which you want to post this. This could be part of your course content.

Step 3

Find your menu (build content) and select the option which allows you to create a page (item).

Step 4

Add a name for your new page and add a description in the body of the page if desired.

Step 5

Find and select the html editor [</>] or [HTML], you can now paste your embed code and save the embed code.

Step 6

You will receive a success message and your page with your embedded reading list will appear in the content area. All newly added content appears at the bottom of the area you selected, so you may need to scroll to the bottom if you have other content already in this area of your course. You can check the page by viewing as a student. Please let us know if you have difficulty with sharing:

Preview example;

This is an image of a SAGE Research Methods video on a Learning Management System