What a Girl Wants

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    • 00:09

      REPORTER: And the clothes that came out tonightare really the clothes that I think you need.

    • 00:14

      VOICEOVER: New Express Makeup 3 in 1.

    • 00:15

      VOICEOVER: Her lips were narrower.[INAUDIBLE] shoulders [INAUDIBLE].

    • 00:19

      VOICEOVER: Legs, arms, back, stomach.

    • 00:21

      VOICEOVER: You can treat your hair like you treat your--

    • 00:23

      VOICEOVER: Hips and thighs.[MUSIC PLAYING]

    • 01:06

      KATE: I think I definitely want to have somethingto do with horses, be a horse trainer or a teacher.Because horses are basically my life.

    • 01:18

      ANALISE: I would like to be a zoologistand work with animals.I have two guinea pigs named Maggie and Zoe.They are sisters.And we think Maggie might be boy.I think Zoe might be pregnant.

    • 01:35

      LINDSAY: Every since I was little,I wanted to be a teacher.And now that I've gotten more into volleyball,I think I might want to be a coach.[CHEERING]

    • 01:48

      CELINE: What I like about softball isthat when you hit a good ball, or catch a ball,or throw a good ball, and get a person out,you have this really good feeling throughout your body--just, I did this good.I did this.

    • 02:05

      AMANDA: My future would look like I'dbe painting a nice picture on a nice canvas,because I want to be an artist when I grow up.

    • 02:20

      SIENNA: I do think I have a tough exterior.But if you were to read my poetry,you would see that I'm like every wishing, dreaming, girl,dreaming about what I can be, what I can get,the love I hope to receive.

    • 02:39

      TAURINA: When I try to talk my feelings, it's hard.And I get shy.But then when I write it down on paper, my mind goes free,and I can do anything on paper.[APPLAUSE]

    • 02:55

      MICHELLE: They say that I am a good writer.I should become a poet.And I said, mom, I don't know about being a poet.What about dancing, and singing, and acting?[LAUGHTER]

    • 03:10

      KRISTEN: I want be a singer.Acting sounds like fun-- just a jobthat I enjoy doing that I wouldn't reallyget tired of, something fun.Oh, yeah.I know a lot of girls that skinny.

    • 03:22

      AUTUMN: Mostly, I want to be a teacher.But really, the thing that I'm really looking atis singing, not because my mom was a singer,but I like to sing.I think it's cool.[MUSIC - BRITNEY SPEARS, "(YOU DRIVE ME) CRAZY"]

    • 03:40

      SAMANTHA: I want to be a dancer more than anythingin the world.And oh, gosh.I just wish I could be a dancer.I wish I could be-- I don't care what kind of dancer.I don't care, as long as I'm dancing and I'm having fun.I just want to be a dancer so bad.

    • 03:56

      BRITNEY SPEARS: [SINGING] So much more-- morethan anything I ever felt before!You drive me crazy!I just can't sleep.I'm so excited, I'm in too deep.Crazy!But it feels so right.Baby thinking of you keeps me up all night!

    • 04:19

      BRITNEY SPEARS [continued]: [CHEERING]

    • 04:21

      KATE: Britney Spears-- there's a conversation.[MUSIC - BRITNEY SPEARS, "HIT ME BABY ONE MORE TIME"] Oh, baby,baby.Oh, baby, baby.Oh, baby, baby.

    • 04:38

      AMANDA: [SINGING] How was I supposed to know?

    • 04:42

      SAMANTHA: I think Britney Spears is a role model, justbecause maybe the age, because she's so close to in the ageand she's become so popular these last couple of years.And I see all these 11-year-old and 10-year-olds dancingto "Hit Me Baby One More Time".And I remember going to my little brother's talent show,

    • 05:03

      SAMANTHA [continued]: and I see all these sixth grade girlsdancing to it in their little school uniformswith their shirts tied.

    • 05:09

      BRITNEY SPEARS: [SINGING] Hit me baby, one more time!

    • 05:12

      AMANDA: I like her hair.I like her eyes and her lips.I think most girls would want to beBritney Spears, want to be in that position that she's in.

    • 05:26

      ANALISE: Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera,Jessica Simpson, Mandy Moore, youthink those girls are perfect, and they have everything,and they're so lucky, and you wish you were them.And you lose confidence for who you are.

    • 05:39

      GREGORY DARK: Hello.My name is Gregory Dark.

    • 05:41

      CORRESPONDENT: In the past year, Dark'sbeen directing some of the hottest names in teen pop,Britney Spears' video, "From the Bottomof My Broken Heart," and Mandy Moore's "Walk Me Home".

    • 05:49

      GREGORY DARK: This is Mandy Moore.

    • 05:51

      MANDY MOORE: This is Gregory Dark,and we're doing a video [INAUDIBLE].

    • 05:54

      CORRESPONDENT: Greg Dark's directedmore than 40 adult films, including1996's "Sex, Freaks, and Shocking Truths",and 1997's "Psychosexuals".

    • 06:02

      INTERVIEWER: Why do you think they would get a pornodirector to direct teen videos?

    • 06:06

      STUDENT: Because I guess--[INTERPOSING VOICES]

    • 06:07

      STUDENT: They know what everybody wants.They're going to make it be sexual, because that'swhat-- they say sex sells.[MUSIC - MANDY MOORE, "CANDY"]Give it to me.Ooh, oh.

    • 06:28

      STUDENT [continued]: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah yeah.

    • 06:31

      ANALISE: She's really young.She is really young.

    • 06:34

      SAMANTHA: She is 15.

    • 06:36

      KATE: I think she's a little bit too young--[CLEARS THROAT]--to be dressing that way.And it's her choice, but she's giving girlsa message that-- be sexy as early as you can,and then you'll be totally great.

    • 06:54

      MANDY MOORE: [SINGING] I'm missing you like candy.Yeah.Now give it to me.[MUSIC - CHRISTINA AGUILERA, "WHAT A GIRL WANTS"]What a girl wants, what a girl needs, what a girl wants,what a girl needs.Yeah, come on.

    • 07:09

      LINDSAY: "What a Girl Wants" is about whatshe thinks a girl wants, and I don't know,I guess what she wants.She wants a guy who's there for her,and who waits around for her, and is,I think, respectful of her.

    • 07:31

      LINDSAY [continued]: But it's just about guys.That's all it's about.

    • 07:34

      STUDENT: Even in the Christina Aguilera music video,it's like we're girls and we want something too.Well, that's what you gave me.

    • 07:41

      STUDENT: And in that video "What a Girl Wants",it's part attention, but it's also part control.Because if you see the video, younotice that she pushes the guy down.And they're standing up.And the guys are sitting down.So I guess girls want control also.Yeah.

    • 07:55

      RYAN: My name is Ryan, I'm from Rhode Island.I requested Christina Aguilera's "What a Girl Wants".Because I'd show here what a girl wants at any time.[CHEERING]

    • 08:04

      STUDENT: The whole song is about respect.And I heard her say that, that what a girl wants is respect.That song is not about anything sexual.It's just about respect.

    • 08:14

      STUDENT: What about her song "Genie in the Bottle"?[MUSIC - CHRISTINA AGUILERA, "GENIE IN A BOTTLE"]I'm a genie in a bottle.You got to rub me the right way.

    • 08:21

      STUDENT: That was about respect too.

    • 08:23

      STUDENT: How's that about respect?

    • 08:25

      STUDENT: Rub me the right way really meansto treat me the right way.

    • 08:28

      INTERVIEWER: But what about that line that says she wants him?

    • 08:29

      STUDENT: That's not what she's saying.

    • 08:30

      STUDENT: She said that, though.

    • 08:30

      STUDENT: Look at the way she dances.

    • 08:31


    • 08:34

      STUDENT: Look at the way she dances.She dances very sexual.

    • 08:38

      INTERVIEWER: You're a guy.What are they telling you?They were saying respect me.What else are they saying?

    • 08:43

      STUDENT: How do you mean?

    • 08:43

      STUDENT: Love me.[LAUGHTER]

    • 08:45

      STUDENT: Give me something.

    • 08:45

      STUDENT: Give me some.[LAUGHTER]

    • 08:48

      STUDENT: Yeah, when you say-- at the same time you'resaying two things in one word.You're saying respect me and touch me at the same time.You're like, OK, I respect and I'lltouch you, like blindfolded, and touch you or something.[LAUGHTER]

    • 09:02

      STUDENT: It's to attract two different groups.You got the guys who say rub me the right way.They'd be like, OK.Then you got the girls who say rub me like, oh she'spowerful-- trying to get two groups to like one person.

    • 09:12

      STUDENT: Christina, and Britney, and Mandy,they're all teen products.They're told what to do by their managers.Oh, you have to wear this sexy dress to get attention.OK?So you have to also sing this song.

    • 09:34

      STUDENT [continued]: [MUSIC PLAYING]

    • 10:01

      CELINE: I think it gives girls really low self-esteem to haveto look that way, and they can't.

    • 10:05

      KRISTEN: They want to look the way the people in the magazineslook, the models look.Because they think that's how they're supposed to look.Because in the magazines, they givean image of that's how girls are supposed to be.

    • 10:16

      ANALISE: But all the models, and all these peoplethat you see there, they're skinny!They look like a premature toothpick.I am underweight for my age, and I feel like, OK.That's how I'm supposed to look like?I'm supposed to be even skinnier than I am already?

    • 10:31

      MICHELLE: When I see those runway modelsand how they're skinny, and then they're so pretty.And it's like, whoa, I wish.But I can't.

    • 10:42

      TAURINA: They are really skinny.And sometimes I wish I could be like that when I get older.

    • 10:58

      CELINE: We talk about dieting a little bit,because some of my friends and I are a little bit overweight.So we talk about it.And then we try one.And then we don't like it.We don't follow through on it.And then we would get depressed.And we eat.

    • 11:12

      TAURINA: I know a lot of girls that worry about their weight.They'll probably go on diets for a long time.And they don't eat for a long time.And then I get scared of what's going to happen to them.

    • 11:25

      ANNOUNCER: Tom wants Louisa to tighten up.

    • 11:27

      TOM: She needs a butt master.

    • 11:28

      ANNOUNCER: So he went out with Marilu.

    • 11:30

      TOM: Marilu is the butt master.

    • 11:32

      HOST: Legs, arms, back, stomach.

    • 11:34

      SIENNA: The media defines sexy as a woman with a great butt,great--[AUDIO OUT]--great stomach, perfect body.

    • 11:40

      AUTUMN: Nice figure, slim thighs, nice sized butt,I guess, nice sized boobs, and I guess a nice face,not too big of legs, or something, nice legs,nice firm legs, no flabby arms.That's out of the question.

    • 12:02

      AUTUMN [continued]: You don't have to be too skinny, but you can't be that fat,so I guess medium sized.That's good.

    • 12:18

      ANALISE: A big thing at school is the size of your breastsand if they're big or small.

    • 12:24

      KRISTEN: I know a couple of girlsthat are considering trying to get plastic surgery done.I don't know any that have done it.But I know some that are planning.One was telling me yesterday, actually.They're like, yeah, I want to get my breasts enlarged.And I said, why?You look fine.She's like, oh, it's not for guys, it's just for me.She says it'd make me feel more confident.

    • 12:42

      TALK SHOW HOST: Breasts, lips, nose,all redone by a plastic surgeon.Come on out, Tangerine![CHEERING]

    • 12:48

      KRISTEN: I think it makes them feel more confident,because the pictures that they seein magazines, a lot of girls probablyhave bigger boobs than they.They want to see-- they want to look like that.They think they'd probably look more like a modelif they had that.And they might become more successful.[CHEERING]

    • 13:14

      AMANDA: I don't think I'd like any plastic surgery.If I was 18, and I had no boobs, well,I'd try-- maybe I'd do plastic surgery.But that could never happen.My cousin has boobs.And she's only 360 days older than me.

    • 13:38

      AMANDA [continued]: And she's got big ones.

    • 13:46

      MICHELLE: The only way I could have good self-esteemis if a guy flirts with me.I'm like, oh, OK.I feel good today.But when they don't, and they just make fun of me,I'm like, ugh.I feel so bad.

    • 14:02

      GIRL: What's the most characteristicthat you look for in a girl?

    • 14:04

      GUY: Well, obviously, people look at looks.If you're in a mall, you're not going to look around the malland be like, I'm looking for a girl with a nice personality.You're looking around for someone--

    • 14:14

      GUY: You can't look at that.

    • 14:14

      GUY: --for someone that catches your eye.

    • 14:16

      GUY: Oh, my God.[MUSIC PLAYING][SINGING] You've got everything.

    • 14:33

      INTERVIEWER: How do you feel whenthey tell you you're pretty?

    • 14:36

      TAURINA: I feel really good that they say I'm pretty.And I actually feel I am pretty when they tell me that.I'm flattered.

    • 14:45

      INTERVIEWER: Well then, why don't you think you're pretty?Do you not believe them?

    • 14:49

      TAURINA: It only lasts for a short period of time.That's why I don't really want a boyfriend.I just-- my self esteem, it only stays for a period of time.It doesn't really last that long.

    • 15:03

      AMANDA: Girls want to be sexy.And I think they want to try to be sexy to get the guy.

    • 15:10

      AUTUMN: They try to wear tight bell bottoms,so that, all right-- like tightened thighs, [INAUDIBLE]for our uniform.And when they think it doesn't look right,they probably try to borrow someone else's pantsthat are little bit baggier.And am I'm always like, why did you take it off?It looks fine.

    • 15:31

      AUTUMN [continued]: And they're like, no.It's too fat and here comes Darrel, or Steve, or Pablo,or something like that.I'm like, why are you trying to impress them?They're like, because I haven't had a boyfriend in twomonths, and all that stuff.And I'm like, you're 12 or 11.

    • 15:50

      SAMANTHA: The number one thing I thinkthat guys look for is definitely not personality.Whatever they say, whatever the magazines say,whatever anything says, it is their looks.It is how they look.And I know that.

    • 16:02

      ZACH: Take her, for example.Short, decent rack, kind of a Chelsea Clinton thing going on.But given the right look, the right boyfriend, bam.In six weeks, she's the one being crowned prom queen.

    • 16:16

      TAURINA: Oh, "She's All That", I really like that movie.That's personally my favorite.

    • 16:20

      AUTUMN: It's like a 1990s Cinderella.It's about a girl who's in high school.And she's very dorky and everything.And then they make a bet.

    • 16:31

      ZACH: A bet?

    • 16:31

      AUTUMN: He's the most popular guy in school.And him and his friends make a bet.

    • 16:35

      DEAN: I'll pick the girl.Then you got six weeks to turn her into the prom queen.

    • 16:39

      AUTUMN: To get an ugly girl at the school, the dorkiest girland everything, and he takes her to parties, and to the beach,and with his friends.

    • 16:48

      ZACH: Go get dressed.

    • 16:49

      LANEY: I can't.I mean, look at you.You look great.I have nothing-- oh, God.

    • 16:58

      TAURINA: It was exciting to me.And it seemed really cool how theychanged the way the girls looked in-- it was-- I don't know why.It's just really exciting to me, the movie.[MUSIC PLAYING]

    • 17:21

      VOICEOVER: New Neutrogena Skin Clearing Makeup.

    • 17:23

      VOICEOVER: New Express Makeup 3 in 1.

    • 17:25

      VOICEOVER: New Clean and Clear oil absorbing sheets.

    • 17:27

      JENNIFER LOVE HEWITT: It's beautiful.It's beneficial, It's cool.It's refreshing!

    • 17:31

      ANALISE: Jennifer Love Hewitt is the spokespersonfor Neutrogena.She's a very pretty girl.And she has perfect skin, and very skinny, beautiful hair.

    • 17:41

      STUDENT: I like Christina Aguilera's makeup.I try to follow the latest fashion.And I like the kind of lipstick she uses,because it's not very bright, but it-- like normal.

    • 17:55

      INTERVIEWER: I think it's shiny, isn't it?

    • 17:57

      STUDENT: Yeah.

    • 17:58

      INTERVIEWER: Kind of like the lipstickthat you're wearing right now?

    • 17:59

      STUDENT: Yeah.[LAUGHS]

    • 18:00

      FAN: I've really wanted to meet you since I saw youin Buffy for the first time.The past four years, I wanted to meet you so badly.I've adored you since the first time I saw you.But I wish I could stop crying so Icould talk to you right now.[LAUGHTER]I keep on crying.It's like--

    • 18:13

      SARAH MICHELLE GELLAR: Here it for the waterproof Maybellinemascara.[MUSIC PLAYING]Mascara.Love the look.Hate those dead, brittle lashes that can come with it.

    • 18:20

      VOICEOVER: Maybe she's born with it.Maybe it's Maybelline.

    • 18:24

      AUTUMN: It's like saying follow the leader,the message from the media.

    • 18:29

      ANALISE: Well, I wear foundation and powder,because I don't know have a lot of zits,but I have blemishes, like skin a different colorin certain places.It's really weird.And so then I'll put a little bit of blush on,and I use a little bit of mascara.And I use lipstick.And then to make my lips match my eyeshadow, I use lipstick.

    • 18:50

      ANALISE [continued]: And I put it on my eyes also.And it's a good tool.

    • 18:54

      INTERVIEWER: Oh, you put lipstick on your eyes?

    • 18:57

      AMANDA: I learned that on TV.[MUSIC - BLUR, "GIRLS AND BOYS"]Who do girls, who do boys like they'regirls, who do girls like they're boys.Girls who are boys, who like boys who--

    • 19:09

      HOST: Laura-- her secret ambitionis to marry a rich guy.Lana-- she hates it when men ask her, are those real?Trish-- she hates tidy whitey boys.She loves the man in boxers.

    • 19:20

      BLUR: [SINGING] Girls who are boys, who like boys,who do girls, who do boys like they're girls--

    • 19:25

      KRISTEN: The sex topic, they'll put out a lot of sex thingsto get kids' attention.Because obviously, if there's something sexual on TV,the kids are going to watch it.

    • 19:34

      ANNOUNCER: Jail Bait, an MTV original TV movie.

    • 19:36

      MAN: Don't you think we're overreacting here?I mean, girls today are practically lining up to be--

    • 19:40

      YOUNGER MAN: Statutorily raped?

    • 19:42

      MAN: Yes!

    • 19:42

      ANNOUNCER: You're watching MTV's True Life,I'm A Porn Star, thanks to Target.[MUSIC PLAYING]

    • 19:47

      ANNOUNCER: On the next Undressed--

    • 19:49

      MAN: My girlfriend's been talkingabout having a threesome.

    • 19:52

      MAN: Hey, what's happening?

    • 19:54

      WOMAN: A threesome.

    • 19:55

      SAMANTHA: I don't know.I guess the media thinks, oh, yeah,if I put that, if I put sex in, people will be like, oh, what?Huh?Yeah?OK.Yeah.[MUSIC - SISQO, "THONG SONG"]Let me see that thong.Baby!

    • 20:09

      SAMANTHA: Oh, the "Thong Song"?[LAUGHS]That is the funniest song.

    • 20:13

      AUTUMN: The the "Thong Song" by Sisqois mostly-- have you ever heard of a booty video?A booty video?

    • 20:21

      JOSEPH KAHN: It's basically just a booty video.That's really what it is.It's like a full on booty video.I've never really dealt with so much booty before.

    • 20:27

      SISQO: [RAPPING] I like it when the beat goes.Baby make your booty go!That thong, thong, thong, thong, thong, thong.Yeah.

    • 20:35

      STUDENT: If you treat girls like sex toys,like in the thong video-- they're degrading the girls.You know what I mean?Is just one guy and a whole bunch of girls around him.So that's basically-- the guy is higher than the girl,because it seems like they just want him for sex.

    • 20:51

      SISQO: See how this is like no wrinkles?And then make the booty look smooth.And this goes over the hips.That's what you want to have going on.Thank you so much.She's very beautiful as well.[RAPPING] Dumps like a truck, truck.Thighs like what?What?What?Baby move your butt, butt, butt, butt.Uh.

    • 21:10

      MICHELLE: Dumps like a truck, truck, truck.Thighs like what?What?What?Baby move your butt, butt, butt.I could sing it again![LAUGHS]Yeah, it's cool.I like that song.Everybody sings it.I remember on the bus, this girl, she started singing it.And everybody on the bus started singing it.And we were so-- it was so cute.And how do you call it?They played-- the whole choir, we were singing a song.

    • 21:31

      MICHELLE [continued]: And then one of the guys said, oh, man.This song is whack.Let's sing another song.And all of a sudden a girl said, how about Sisqo?And then, how do you call it?We all-- everybody started singing like, all right.1, 2 3.And how do you call it?The teacher was directing us.It was cool.[LAUGHS]

    • 21:54

      SAMANTHA: I think sex comes up more with TV showsthan in my real life-- I don't really talk about that much.I don't say, hey, let's have sex.

    • 22:05

      CELINE: I think spring break and the mediareally contribute to the pressure of sex,and how everybody's having sex at an early age,and how people say it's cooler to do it early.And I think there's more pressurewhen you're in middle school, like 13 and 14,than you are when you're 15 and 16.Because you've already gotten it over with when you're younger.

    • 22:27

      CELINE [continued]: And so there's not as much pressure to do it.

    • 22:29

      INTERVIEWER: Do you feel there's a pressure for youto grow up fast?

    • 22:32

      TAURINA: Pressure?Yes, absolutely.My friends and other people, they're more grown up.Because nowadays, kids are growing up more faster.And they're learning about stuff, nasty stuff,more early, at an early age.And I feel like I am being pressured.

    • 23:02

      KATE: I think that sex will be an issue when I'm 13 or 12.

    • 23:09

      INTERVIEWER: And why?

    • 23:12

      KATE: Why will it be an issue?Because other-- when you think about it,and you've seen other movies, you think, wow.Kids are-- if one person is left out, it's not any fun.And you just want to go along with everybody, and just be in.

    • 23:38

      CELINE: It's weird thinking that some 50-year-old is coming justto watch younger people do it.What are you doing?It's freaky.You know?

    • 24:04

      LINDSAY: They're selling.It's just sex.They're selling it.And that's why some people go to seethe movies, for Jennifer Love Hewitt's cleavage, or whatever.

    • 24:21

      SIENNA: I think that a lot of adultsare interested in teenagers being sexy.People think you're more appealing when you're younger.It's more sexy.It's something that is forbidden,which always drives them crazy.Forbidden?No, I have to go after this.

    • 24:47

      SIENNA [continued]: Frankly, some parts of it-- it gets to the pointwhere it's disgusting.It's sickening, where they go to the ranks of beinga pedophile, of actually wanting to go throughwith those emotions of wow, she's really hot.Sure she's 12 years old, but I don't care.It goes that far.And that's where it gets disgusting.That's where you draw the line.[MUSIC - BRITNEY SPEARS, "HIT ME BABY ONE MORE TIME"]Yeah.Show me how you want it to be.

    • 25:07

      SIENNA [continued]: Tell me, baby, 'cause I need to know now because my--

    • 25:15

      SAMANTHA: I think that if an adult looks at me that way,I think that is very perverted.And they have something wrong with them.Because it's horrible.It's like, I could be your daughter.And you're trying to have a crush on me?You're trying to hit on me?It's pretty stupid.

    • 25:36

      SAMANTHA [continued]: And they have a mental problem if that'swhat they're thinking.Because it's disgusting.

    • 25:49

      AMANDA: If someone wanted to murder someone,sometimes I think they would go with the girland kill her or something.[SCREAMS]

    • 25:60

      CELINE: Women are most likely the people who getkilled the most, because they're less-- they have less power.And they're more defenseless than men.[SCREAMING][GRUNTING]

    • 26:16

      MAN: What'd you do that for?

    • 26:18

      KRISTEN: Yeah, I think all the girls got killed.I didn't think-- I don't know if there was a male.There might have been one male in the movie that got killed.But a lot of them were girls, teenage girls,maybe from either 16 to 20.[SCREAMS]

    • 26:33

      CELINE: I thought Scream was a really good movie.

    • 26:35

      TAURINA: I liked it a lot.It's pretty cool.

    • 26:37

      MICHELLE: It was tight.Which one, the first or the second?

    • 26:40

      INTERVIEWER: Any Scream.

    • 26:42

      MICHELLE: I've seen all of them.

    • 26:43

      SIENNA: It was repetitive, repetitive to the max.It's the same scenario over and over again,just some girl was running away with a guy with knives,always going upstairs instead of out the door.

    • 26:56

      ANALISE: Ooh, they're just-- I don't see the point of them,personally.I don't know.I don't see the point of a lot of things.But just the whole main idea of everyone getting stabbed.And that is kind of sexual in a way,because you're stabbing someone.

    • 27:13

      MAN: Now you got to die.Those are the rules.

    • 27:25

      KRISTEN: I don't think they care about girls, entertainmentbusiness people, not at all.I think they're just-- they're more treated as objects to themthan actual human beings.

    • 27:34

      AUTUMN: Ugh.They don't care.They just think-- they care about their body.That's all.They care about the girl being pretty, people will like them.She's popular in movies and videos.That's what they care about.They really don't care about girls.Not really.That's what I think.

    • 27:51

      SIENNA: I can't blame it on the media, or a TV show,or the government, or any particular magazine,because if people didn't want it, they wouldn't have it.People like it.And if people didn't like it, we wouldn't have it still.

    • 28:04

      LINDSAY: I think they need to thinkabout what message they're sending outto people, because it really does havean impact on a lot of people.

    • 28:16

      STUDENT: I think that the media canchange a lot of the stuff that we were talking about,all the skinniness and the weight problems.Everything that we were talking about, the sexuality.If they can change it, I think everythingitself will change by itself, if they would change.

    • 28:35

      INTERVIEWER: So you think they have that kind of influence?

    • 28:37

      STUDENT: I think they have the power to stop it all.[MUSIC PLAYING]

What a Girl Wants

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In 2000, 11 girls and two classrooms were interviewed about the impact of the media on girls. These adolescents and children talked about body image, teen "role models," sex in the media, peer pressure, and the values they see portrayed on television and in movies and music.

What a Girl Wants

In 2000, 11 girls and two classrooms were interviewed about the impact of the media on girls. These adolescents and children talked about body image, teen "role models," sex in the media, peer pressure, and the values they see portrayed on television and in movies and music.

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