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    • 00:11

      RIA CHATTERJEE: My name's Ria Chatterjee I'm a reporterand I work for ITV News London.A journalist is somebody who is tasked with telling a storyto get to the heart of the story,to find the truth of the situation,and to communicate with an audience.

    • 00:36

      RIA CHATTERJEE [continued]: My day, essentially, is ruled by the clock and ruled by time.We've got a deadline, which is six o'clock.That's when the program goes out on air.So my piece will have to be ready by then.We've picked up on this story about a guy calledEric Heaven, who is apparently one of the world's mostprolific art forgers.

    • 00:58

      RIA CHATTERJEE [continued]: And a collection of his sketches are being auctioned offsometime next week.So I think because he studied at the Royal Academy of Artsin London that's kind of our connection.So we're trying to get in there at the moment,speak to somebody there who might have learned somethingabout him, known something about the culture of studyduring the time that he was there essentially.

    • 01:19

      RIA CHATTERJEE [continued]: And so I'm just about to call them and seeif they will agree to us filming.OK.Hi, Nina.It's Ria calling from ITV News London.If we could speak to the archivistthat would be the ideal sort of thing.And it's such a great story and it'll probablymake quite a nice piece.

    • 01:39

      RIA CHATTERJEE [continued]: Cheers then, bye.

    • 01:44

      ED: I think it's worth finding another.I'm sure they'll be up for it.

    • 01:47


    • 01:47

      ED: So you just give them a call and see.

    • 01:49

      RIA CHATTERJEE: All right then.As is normal in any news day, we've gone from one storyto another in the space of about 10 minutes.Coincidentally, this is also another art story,but something completely different.It's about weird and wacky pieces of artthat are being sold off in Regent's Park for insaneamounts of money.

    • 02:10

      RIA CHATTERJEE [continued]: Richard wanted me to give you a quick call.

    • 02:16

      ED: So--

    • 02:17

      RIA CHATTERJEE: New story.

    • 02:17

      ED: Yeah, let's go to this one.

    • 02:19

      RIA CHATTERJEE: OK, what're you thinking?

    • 02:20

      ED: I think we should do it.I think it's a great picture.

    • 02:23

      RIA CHATTERJEE: OK.It's all changed again.Basically, another story, and this time, not particularlyfun and lighthearted.It looks like a lorry plowed into the front of a florist'sshop the other day.And the lorry is still there.It's actually very common to get multiple stories in a day,

    • 02:43

      RIA CHATTERJEE [continued]: in a short space of time.Eventually, you do get the point wherethey find the one you like.And it seems like this is it because it's a good story,it's got a good picture, we'll have a good interview,probably.And crucially, the guy has said that he's happy to be filmedand wants to do it within the next two hours.So that whole time pressure thing has come up again.

    • 03:04

      RIA CHATTERJEE [continued]: We've got to get going and get on with it.A shoot that's slightly later than normal,I would say, because of what happened this morning.It took a little bit of time to find the right storybut we're here.

    • 03:24

      RIA CHATTERJEE [continued]: These are the guys who've got the CCTV.

    • 03:35

      RIA CHATTERJEE: How are you?Nice to meet you.Yeah, I know, my goodness me.

    • 03:38

      PAUL SEWELL: It's unbelievable.

    • 03:39

      RIA CHATTERJEE: Unbelievable.We'll do the interview first if that's OK.

    • 03:42

      PAUL SEWELL: Yeah.

    • 03:43

      RIA CHATTERJEE: And then, we'll carry on and get some shots.

    • 03:45

      PAUL SEWELL: Yeah, It's hard to take in really.I think, actually, each day, in some respects,has gotten worse because you pass the shop every dayand it just reminds you.

    • 03:56

      RIA CHATTERJEE: So part of you feelsas if you had a lucky escape?

    • 03:59

      PAUL SEWELL: Oh sure.

    • 04:05

      RIA CHATTERJEE: That went fairly well,got a good interview out of Paul.What are the key things that I want to get out of him?How he feels, that it's really important.You've got a Lory stuck in a house, that'sa very unexpected thing.So it's got really good news values, this story.So we got that emotion out of him.I got him to tell me exactly what happened.

    • 04:26

      RIA CHATTERJEE [continued]: And I think it went well.He seems happy with the interview, I'm happy,and there's plenty of stuff that I can use from that.These dusty flower vases are pretty muchall that's left of Paul's business.

    • 04:48

      RIA CHATTERJEE [continued]: So we've just done a piece to camera,which I've thought ahead about how my script willgo so I know where that will fit in.Now, it's a matter of getting as many shots as possible.It's about half past one now, so probably four or five hours

    • 05:10

      RIA CHATTERJEE [continued]: until TX, which is when the program goes out.The next thing I need to do is go into the shop next doorand ask for the CCTV footage they have of the incident.Now, that is crucial, really, because it shows what happens.And it's an extra bit of picture that we can use.So I need to persuade them.They're not quite sure that they want to release that.

    • 05:31

      RIA CHATTERJEE [continued]: But if they do, it will really lift the piece.The clock is ticking.Hi, how are you?We're here filming the lorry story.So just taking some footage and stuff.But I understand you guys have some CCTV footage.

    • 05:48

      SPEAKER4: Yeah

    • 05:50

      RIA CHATTERJEE: Hey, got it.We've got the CCTV on a stick and Iguess this is an example of why it'simportant to be consistent.And with a little bit of chatting to Mr. And Mrs. Pateland reassuring them, they've handed over the CCTV footage.And this will completely change the piece.

    • 06:12

      RIA CHATTERJEE [continued]: The footage is excellent and it will really make things.I saw.Well, I've got the cards.Thanks a lot.

    • 06:39

      RIA CHATTERJEE [continued]: OK.I'm ingesting, now, the material that we've just filmed.So that means I'm putting it onto the server.We filmed probably about half an hours worth.It's going on in real time, that meansit'll take 30 minutes to go onto the server.And then, I'll start editing with that material.So I'll start looking through it, picking out the best shots,and picking out the best bits of interview.

    • 06:59

      RIA CHATTERJEE [continued]: It is now 20 past 3 and we are on at six o'clockso I've got about two and a half hoursto make sure I'm done and dusted and ready to go.I'm at the editing stage now.People have different ways of doing things.But I always like to go through my interview

    • 07:20

      RIA CHATTERJEE [continued]: as the first thing.I will go through and pick out the best clips.Here's the running order for tonight's program.So here's the top story.And if we look down at the moment, I am here.Look, florist story number five, and you never know,

    • 07:42

      RIA CHATTERJEE [continued]: that might change at some point.They might see the CCTV footage and change their mind.Just looking at the CCTV footage, you can see here,the lorry crushes through.It's definitely the best picture so Iwill be starting my DT with this stuff.

    • 08:03

      RIA CHATTERJEE [continued]: People in the area have just witnesseda lorry crashing into a shop.It's half past four now, so I've got

    • 08:24

      RIA CHATTERJEE [continued]: about an hour left until, ideally, the piece shouldbe ready for the program editor to look at.So I'm doing this edit here.Meanwhile, on the news desk, across the other sideof the newsroom, the present and the program editorare writing the introduction to this piece.

    • 08:49

      ED: Love it.

    • 08:50

      RIA CHATTERJEE: Happy?Good, OK, I'll send.Thanks Ed.So Ed, the program editor, has been over to check piece.He's happy with it.All I have to do now is send the piece into the etherso that it goes online.So that's it, the piece has now been sent.

    • 09:11

      RIA CHATTERJEE [continued]: And that is pretty much the end of my day's work.This is the gallery.So this is where it all happens.

    • 09:29

      SPEAKER 1: Five four, three, two, one.

    • 09:45

      SPEAKER 2: Good evening and welcometo the ITV News in London.Tonight's main stories, the lorrythat plowed into a florist in Upminsterand how the shopkeeper survived it.When Paul Saul decided to shut his flower shop in Upminsterearly, he never thought it was a decision thatwould save his life.Five minutes later, a lorry carrying a crane

    • 10:05

      SPEAKER 2 [continued]: crashed into the shop and destroyed it.The [INAUDIBLE] was captured on CCTV cameras opposite.Ria Chatterjee has the story.

    • 10:14

      RIA CHATTERJEE: CCTV captures a man walking alonga busy main road.Seconds later, this happens.People in the area have just witnesseda lorry crashing into a shop.

    • 10:35

      RIA CHATTERJEE [continued]: No one was more shocked than Paul Sewell,this is his business.Luckily, he'd closed up an hour earlyand gone home when it was hit.

    • 10:45

      PAUL SEWELL: My first reaction was-- Well, Iwas looking around for people, theremust be people lying around.But then, I started thinking I could've been in that shop,I could've had customers.Yeah, it's hard to take in really.

    • 10:58

      RIA CHATTERJEE: These dusty flower vases are pretty muchall that's left of Paul's business.He says he doesn't think everythingwill be back up and running again until next April.Onlookers say the crane of the lorrygot stuck underneath the bridge and that the driver mayhave lost control.He walked away with no injuries and isn't under arrest.

    • 11:21

      PAUL SEWELL: I don't think I was ever one to think a fight.But yes, you've got to.And after seeing the CCTV, it really pulled it home.It's just incredible that no one was injured, let alone myself.

    • 11:35

      RIA CHATTERJEE: Paul is hoping the lorry willbe out by tomorrow.But the image of it, surrounded by rubblein the middle of the shop, is likely to stick with himfor a lot longer.Ria Chatterjee, ITV News.

    • 11:51

      SPEAKER 2: [INAUDIBLE] main headlinesin London tonight, a ban on soaking outdoorsin London's public square garden.

    • 11:58

      RIA CHATTERJEE: So that is it.My piece has gone out, and the day is done,and it all went pretty smoothly.If we think back to the start the day,it all started off with me potentiallydoing a piece about a guy renowned for art forgeries.And I ended up doing a piece about the lorry thatsmashed into somebody's business and he's

    • 12:18

      RIA CHATTERJEE [continued]: had a very lucky escape.And that is very much the nature of news.Things change, you have to be reactive.And you have to be prepared, really,for whatever comes your way.

Video Journalism

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Ria Chatterjee guides viewers through her typical day as a television news reporter.

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Video Journalism

Ria Chatterjee guides viewers through her typical day as a television news reporter.

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