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    • 00:04

      [MUSIC PLAYING][Power concedes nothing without a demand.It never did and it never will.Find out just what any people will quietly submit toand you have found out the exact measure of injustice and wrong

    • 00:29

      which will be imposed upon them.Frederick Douglas, 1818-1895 former slave]

    • 00:51

      [May 10, 2012 Maine Supreme Judicial Court]All rise.

    • 00:54

      JORDAN MCCOLMAN: If Mr. Freedman hasa concern about the safety of smart meters,he does not have to have one. [Jordan McColman, Lawyerfor Maine Public Utilities Commission]

    • 01:01

      JUDGE 1: Is it's PUC's decision that by allowing an opt outit can duck an obligation to considerthe health or the trespass issues?

    • 01:18

      JORDAN MCCOLMAN: Your honor, all of these issueswere before the commission in the earlier proceedings.The commission had a proceeding on this and--

    • 01:26

      JUDGE 1: But it didn't decide any of those issues.

    • 01:30

      JORDAN MCCOLMAN: No, no your honor, the commission did not.

    • 01:33

      JUDGE 2: The commission, in fact,declined to do the analysis to make the decisions about healthand safety.

    • 01:41

      JORDAN MCCOLMAN: The remedy for allof the concerns in those proceedingswas to offer an opt out.

    • 01:50

      JUDGE 3: How about the members of the publicthat are not opting out?Isn't it the commission's responsibilityto look out for their health and safetyand to make a judgement as to whether they're beingunreasonably exposed to RF?

    • 02:04

      JORDAN MCCOLMAN: Your honor, nothing in the worldcan be made absolutely safe.

    • 02:09

      JUDGE 1: So are you admitting that they're not safe?Is the PUC's position that these are safe enough?

    • 02:18

      JORDAN MCCOLMAN: Your honor, the publicis free to have whatever concerns it would have.

    • 02:31

      JUDGE 2: What the commission is doing, as you present it,is saying it has declined to do the health and safety analysis.You're on your own.

    • 02:42

      JORDAN MCCOLMAN: No, the commissioninstructed the utility to, in its communications plan,to provide information to all its customersabout smart meters and the science that is out there.

    • 02:54

      JUDGE 1: But Mr. McColman, there'sstill all those people that have them.And for those people you're sayingthat the state of affairs can be that the commission can takeno position on their safety?

    • 03:05

      JUDGE 1: And leave it up to the utility?[MUSIC PLAYING][TAKE BACK YOUR POWER]

    • 03:26

      JOSH DEL SOL: About a year ago, a good friend of mine got illand there was no apparent reason why.[Josh del Sol, Director] Then she realized that her electricutility had installed a new digital smart meter,a wireless electric meter at the same time as she got ill.As they looked into it, thousands of peoplehave had the same experiences.

    • 03:47

      JOSH DEL SOL [continued]: So I wanted to figure out is this really happening?Are people truly getting sick because of radiationcoming from electric meters?I grabbed a camera and interviewed as many peopleas I could from all around the worldto find out what's been their experienceand what do they know.I had no idea the level of startling informationthat we would discover along the way.

    • 04:18

      KEVIN GRODESKY: I was hearing this banging on the basementdoor, which is the door that leadsinto the hydro meters that are in here.[Kevin Grodesky, Yoga Instructor] So I leave my bedand I come down here and I sit right here on the stepand I'm like OK, I'm going to film this.[This is the sound of our electric utility breakinginto our basement door in order install a smart meter.]

    • 04:41

      UTILITY WORKER: Um, sorry.Um, I'm just putting in your meters.Your power is going to be out for about 20--well, when I find the meters.They're down here, right?

    • 04:52

      KEVIN GRODESKY: I'll show you the door.I'd heard her banging, but I didn'tknow that she actually kicked the door in until she left.Because when she left I came hereand I found this on the ground.I was like wow, she actually kicked the door in.We've since repaired the door and we'veput these do not install a smart meter sign on our door.

    • 05:15

      JOSH DEL SOL: And apparently thiswasn't the only case of a utility breaking and entering.[SMART PROPERTY RIGHTS]

    • 05:25

      GOMER SEMERDJIAN: The morning the guy came into change the meters, this had been shattered.[Gomer Semerdjian, Licensed Electrician]He had taken a dead bolt cutter and cut off our chainand basically pried their door open and walked right in here.And when he left, the chain was laying on the ground.It was broken, the lock was broken also.Vandalized the property and forced his way onto my propertywithout buzzing any of the building buzzers.

    • 05:46

      JOSH DEL SOL: So with billions of dollarsbeing spent all around the world with zero public inputand with all of these concerns coming to the fore,I realized that there had to be some serious commitmentbehind the scenes to push this grid through.

    • 06:00

      B. BLAKE LEVITT: A smart meter ispart of a much bigger picture and a much bigger design.[B. Blake Levitt, Science Journalist]A smart meter is really just the attachmentthat goes on outside of a home or a business,a two way transmission device thatties into the larger smart grid plans that are being built outacross the world.

    • 06:21

      JOSH DEL SOL: In my research into this,I found that utilities around the worldwere stating that the smart grid will deliver enhanced energysecurity, reduced greenhouse gases, improved urban airquality, and increased grid asset utilization.To me, this sounded great on paper.

    • 06:38

      B. BLAKE LEVITT: Unfortunately, thereare problems with how the systems work.The smart grid systems are very buggy.

    • 06:45

      FOSTER GAMBLE: There seems to be a critical systemic issuewith these misnamed smart meters.[Foster Gamble, Creator THRIVE] They'reactually causing fires in many cases after they're installed.After hundreds of blazes with very few admissions of fault,the insurance adjusters are catching on.

    • 07:00

      MICHAEL CAPPETTO: And he says jump in the car,we just got a call.Your house is on fire.

    • 07:04

      REPORTER: It was true, Michael Cappetto's Upper Makefieldhome was going up, burning from a fire in his newlyinstalled electric meter.

    • 07:12

      NEWS ANCHOR: Well tonight there's a major developmentfrom PECO after at least two dozen firesand more than a dozen incidents of overheating.The energy giant is halting its controversial smart meterinstallation program.

    • 07:25

      B. BLAKE LEVITT: And they're beinginstalled by people who are not very well trained, for the mostpart.

    • 07:31

      NEWS ANCHOR: BC Hydro says it's removing 1,000 smart metersfrom homes across the province.The company says the move is just routine testing.

    • 07:40

      JOSHUA HART: How many start meter fires have there been?

    • 07:42

      BRITTANY MCKANNAY: We've installed approximately ninemillion smart meters and we have no reportsof smart meters causing fires. [Brittany McKannay,Spokesperson for PG&E]

    • 07:47

      JOSHUA HART: Not one single report?

    • 07:49

      BRITTANY MCKANNAY: We don't.

    • 07:49

      CUSTOMER: Another picture.This is probably the better side of the garage.I don't know if you can see it.The meters were over here.

    • 07:57

      JOSHUA HART: And so the fire department basically saidthat the meters started the blaze?[Joshua Hart, StopSmartMeters.org]

    • 08:01

      CUSTOMER: He just took one look at the wreckageand said "smart meters" and walked awayand never called back or came back.

    • 08:08

      JOSHUA HART: Well Brittany, you weresaying earlier that there was no smart meter fires.And this lady right here has pictures of her smart meterthat exploded on our house.

    • 08:17

      BRITTANY MCKANNAY: Josh, can I ask you to stop recording?

    • 08:21

      PATRICK WRIGLEY: PG&E knows that they do catch on fire when theyare remotely turned back on when a customer whois delinquent in their bill finallypays their bill these meters catch fire.The know it and they are covering it up.[Patrick Wrigley, PG&E Whistleblower]

    • 08:41

      B. BLAKE LEVITT: Taxpayer money has nowgone to some of the largest corporations on the planet.General Electric, for instance, is the largest manufacturerof smart grids.They're being manufactured in China.

    • 08:54

      JOSH DEL SOL: As part of the 2009 US bailout, $3.4 billionwas funneled into a national smart grid stimulus, laterincreased to $11 billion.This created a scenario where utilitieswere given a massive financial incentiveto go along with the program.

    • 09:08

      THELMA TAORMINA: And because they went after the stimulusmoney, they needed to have a certain amount of their metersdeployed before they could recoup the cost.[Thelma Taormina, Founder of We the People arethe 9 12 Association] In addition to that,they started billing customers for these smart meters prior,months prior to any actual deployment of the meters

    • 09:30

      THELMA TAORMINA [continued]: to the people's homes.So the consumers had been paying for the smart metersall along, even if they didn't have one.

    • 09:37

      JOSH DEL SOL: According to Time magazine,President Obama originally suggested pouring $100 billioninto a smart grid at a time of economic crisisimmediately following the 2008 election.Wikipedia reports that the US government's primary reasonfor this unprecedented allocation of public fundsis the eventual reduction in electricityusage by more than 4%.

    • 09:58

      JOSH DEL SOL [continued]: However, real world evidence showsthat installations of smart metersare not even producing any energy savings whatsoever.According to a senior assistant attorney for Illinois PublicUtilities quote, "It's devastating to their plan.The report shows zero statistically differentresult."

    • 10:15

      B. BLAKE LEVITT: They're being found in pilot programs now,smart grids are, to really save no energy whatsoever.

    • 10:22

      JOSH DEL SOL: So who benefits?

    • 10:25

      CUSTOMER: I got a bill in December for $1,107.There's got to be a mistake.

    • 10:29

      REPORTER: No mistake, says PG&E. After reviewing their accounts,the company says their meters were working correctly, justlike those of the 1,500 other Californians who complained.[SMART BILLING]

    • 10:46

      INTERVIEWER: Consumer advocate Mindy Spattsays that still doesn't explain something else.

    • 10:50

      MINDY SPATT: Customers with the smart metersclaim that their energy usage has inexplicably risensince the meters were put in.

    • 10:59

      INTERVIEWER: So in other words, itmakes it look like all of a suddenthey're using twice as much energy as they used to use.

    • 11:03

      MINDY SPATT: Exactly.

    • 11:04

      NEWS ANCHOR: An experiment by some students at Stanfordis raising new questions tonight about the accuracy of PG&E'scontroversial new smart meters.

    • 11:11

      NEWS ANCHOR: People all over the statehave been complaining about inflated bills.Seven on Your Side's Michael Finneyis here now to tell us more about the students' experiment.

    • 11:19

      MICHAEL FINNEY: Like so many others,these students' PG&E bill went through the roof at just aboutthe same time their new smart meter was installed.[Michael Finney, 7 on Your Side Reporter]

    • 11:27

      NEWS ANCHOR: We start the week with an explosive investigationinto the massive mistakes being made with power bills.Serious flaws affecting every electricity userwith a smart meter have been uncovered.And when this whistleblower told his power companywhat he'd found they offered to pay him on.This exclusive investigation by James Thomashas sparked calls for a national inquiry.

    • 11:49

      BRIAN THEISEN: Why is it that in Ontario, California, Texas,Australia, other jurisdictions that rates have been doublingand tripling? [Brian Thiesen, Geopolitical Researcher]And this is a fact.And we are told that the bills are going to stay the same.It's actually going to bring the bills down.It's going to be more efficient and all these things.Then when the bills go up all these denials

    • 12:10

      BRIAN THEISEN [continued]: starts to come in.Well actually, you're just using more energy.The best one that I like to hear is actuallythe meter is more accurate.

    • 12:16

      JOSH DEL SOL: These cost increasesfrom widespread systemic inaccuracies of smart metersare separate from the additional cost increases whichwill be based on time of use.

    • 12:28

      BILL VANDER ZALM: It's all about money.We're going to be charged for time of use, one day.It's coming. [Bill Vander Zalm, former Primierof British Columbia]

    • 12:35

      JOSH DEL SOL: But hang on a minute,isn't the whole point to lower electricity bills for everyone?I mean, what we're seeing so far with increased bills hasto be just a bump in the road, doesn't it?

    • 12:48

      BARACK OBAMA: Uh, under my plan of a cap and trade system,electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket.[The utilities have shown no evidenceof billions of dollars of benefitsto consumers from these new meters,but they have shown they know how to profit.

    • 13:12

      BARACK OBAMA [continued]: I think the only question is, how dumb do they think we are?Lisa Madigan, Illinois Attorney General, Chicago Tribune,21 June, 2011]

    • 13:30

      JOSH DEL SOL: The next thing I started to hear aboutwas how this worldwide smart gridprogram was making the entire power grid vulnerable to cyberattack.[SMART VULNERABILITY]

    • 13:44

      JAMES WOOLSEY: What they're doing now,they're constructing what they call a smart grid.[James Woolsey, Former CIA Director]And they're going to make it easierfor you and me to call our homes on our cell phoneand turn down our air conditioning on a hot afternoonif we're not there.But that may well mean that a hackerin Shanghai with his cell phone coulddo the same thing or worse.

    • 14:04

      JAMES WOOLSEY [continued]: And a so-called smart grid that is as vulnerable as whatwe've got is not smart at all, it'sa really, really stupid grid.

    • 14:13

      DAVID CHALK: The vulnerabilities of the internetare now being transferred to the importance of the power grid.[David Chalk, Marketing and Cyber Expert]Without 100% assurance that the internet or that connectivityis safe, we are bringing the potentialto take down the power that runs this nation.

    • 14:33

      MIKE MITCHAM: There is a small grid initiative in almostevery industrialized nation happening at the same time.[Mike Mitchum, IT Systems Consultant]And what that provides is the potential for disasterto happen on a catastrophic scale.

    • 14:57

      JOSH DEL SOL: Even the US governmentis admitting that this market nowopens the door to cyber terrorism on a huge scale.The Washington Post reported on the Inspector General'sfindings that utilities and governmentdidn't seem to care about the new hacking vulnerabilities.

    • 15:17

      JOSH DEL SOL [continued]: "Energy officials knew of these weaknessesbut approved plans for the projects anyway."My journey of investigating deeperinto this world wide program began in British Columbia.

    • 15:30

      BILL VANDER ZALM: They knew about smart meters years ago.They could have been talking about them,but they kept it quite secret.They thought perhaps they could introduce it, simply do it,and no one would respond, we'd all forget.And they designed legislation thatwould make this possible, the installationof the smart meters.Because without the legislation, obviously it

    • 15:50

      BILL VANDER ZALM [continued]: would be going to the Utilities Commission.They'd be looking at it, they'd be assessing it,they'd be studying it, they'd be addressing all the concernswe're talking about now.That's their role.And that's been cut out of the process.

    • 16:02

      JOHN HORGAN: It was a terrible idea.[John Horgan, Energy Critic] Without the abilityfor the public to get honest, transparent answers fromthe government and from BC Hydro,they were left to their own devices.

    • 16:10

      REPORTER: Which for many BC Hydro customersmeant turning to the internet.

    • 16:14

      JOHN HORGAN: And a quick Google search of smart meterswill give you thousands of pages of bad news.We have a large number of British Columbians,over 100,000, that have not yet received meters.And it's because they don't want them.It has nothing to do with a lack of technology.It has nothing to do with the labor shortage.It's customers that are saying no.

    • 16:31

      JAMES S. TURNER: This is a mandate.[James Turner, Rights Advocacy Lawyer]This is being pushed down your throatby a company that is not responsive,by a government that is not responsible,and it's being done in a collusion that'sdesigned to undermine the individual rightsof individual people and communities across the countryand around the world.

    • 16:48

      JOSH DEL SOL: So our provincial government has rewritten laws,is ignoring a democratic vote by all mayors and councilors,and is also ignoring resolutions for more than 50local municipalities who have passedadditional independent moratoriums on installationof these meters in their own cities.Despite numerous calls over several weeks,

    • 17:10

      JOSH DEL SOL [continued]: BC Hydro declined a request for an interview.Clarks Utlities, a company installing the meters,didn't even want to return our calls.

    • 17:21

      REPORTER: Do they have the right to refuse the new meter?

    • 17:25

      CINDY VERSHOOR: The meters are a necessary upgradeto the electricity grid. [Cindy Vershoor, Public Relationsfor BC Hydro]

    • 17:29

      REPORTER: OK, but this is non-negotiable,you must have the new meter?

    • 17:32

      CINDY VERSHOOR: They are a necessary upgradeto the electricity grid.

    • 17:35

      REPORTER: OK, I'll try this one more time.Legally, are you allowed to refuse the new meter?You're uncomfortable with this question.

    • 17:46

      CINDY VERSHOOR: I'm just trying to figure outhow best to answer that.

    • 17:50

      JOSH DEL SOL: What does it say about our political system?Have we completely gone the way of corporations?Is there any representation left?

    • 17:57

      JOHN HORGAN: Well I'm very reluctant to use the wordfascism as a student of history.I mean, we're nowhere near that.But the corporatocracy is the word that I'm comfortable with.[SMART CORPORATOCRACY]

    • 18:14

      RAFE MAIR: There is a world wide privatization scheme.[Rafe Mair, Former Minister of Environment]It's really, I suppose, a new form of corporatism.Where governments are no longer masters of their own fate.

    • 18:25

      JOSH DEL SOL: And it starts to become clearthat this same undemocratic process to covertly implementsmart meters in my province of British Columbiawas also the case in California, throughout Northern America,and around the world.

    • 18:45

      JOSH DEL SOL [continued]: So how could it possibly be the casethat these corporations who are pushing for a global smart gridwould continue with their plans despite an enormous listof potentially disastrous downsides?

    • 18:57

      IAN R. CRANE: A massive part of the smart meter agendais to literally track every single movement within a house.[Ian R. Crane, Geopolitical Researcher]So every time somebody switches on a light,every time somebody switches on an appliance, eachof these appliance has a unique code which is then

    • 19:19

      IAN R. CRANE [continued]: effectively transmitted through the smart meter down the grid.So anybody that is minded to do socan hone in on an individual residenceand actually track what is going on in that household.

    • 19:30

      JAMES S. TURNER: So they can figure outwhen is your refrigerator being used, when is your TV on,what are you doing with your energy?And they're going to start having a profile of youwith an individual.

    • 19:41

      JOSH DEL SOL: A Congressional Research reportall but concluded that smart meters in the United Statesare a violation of the Fourth Amendment."In no uncertain terms, the Courthas asserted that at the very core of the Fourth Amendmentstands the right of a man to retreat into his homeand there be free from unreasonablegovernment intrusion." "With smart meters,

    • 20:03

      JOSH DEL SOL [continued]: police will have access to data thatmight be used to track residents' daily livesand routines while in their homes, including their eating,sleeping, and showering habits, what appliances they useand when, and whether they preferthe television to the treadmill, among a host of other details."And while some utilities are stillsaying that all of the in-home private data they'll collect

    • 20:25

      JOSH DEL SOL [continued]: on you will be kept safely tucked away,another picture seems to be a emerging.

    • 20:31

      JOSHUA HART: Here in California, utilitiesare already selling our private electricity usagedata to third party corporations for a profit.Rather than discourage this practice,the California Public Utilities Commissionhas actually encouraged it.

    • 20:47

      JOSH DEL SOL: In a 2011 press releasetitled California Commission AdoptsRules to Protect the Privacy and Security of CustomerElectricity Usage Data comes the following.CPUC president Michael Peevey, "Our action todaywill protect the privacy and security of customerelectricity usage data while enablingauthorized third parties to use the information."

    • 21:08

      JOSH DEL SOL [continued]: Commissioner Timothy Alan Simon added,"I support today's decision because it expandsconsumer and third party access to electricity usageinformation.I hope this decision stimulates market interest."In the summer of 2013, these new foundintentions became evident.The San Francisco Chronicle revealed

    • 21:29

      JOSH DEL SOL [continued]: that California's electric utilities last yeardisclosed the energy use records and other personal informationof thousands of customers to agencies within the USgovernment.[SMART SPY STATE]

    • 21:42

      JAMES S. TURNER: As General Petraeushas said, make no mistake about it,we have the ability to spy on your householdsthrough your appliances.And if we have that ability, we probably will use it.

    • 21:56

      IAN R. CRANE: I mean this is controled freakery.It is the wet dream of the technocrats, peoplewho live locked in a left brain construct thathas no room for anything spiritual in their lives.Last year we discovered that Verizon

    • 22:16

      IAN R. CRANE [continued]: have a patent for a piece of technologythat they're calling the Smart TV Detection Zone.And this product will sit next to your televisionand be capable of eavesdropping on your conversationswhilst you're watching TV.So it will be able to determine, for example,

    • 22:36

      IAN R. CRANE [continued]: who is in a room, who is watching TV,what you are talking about, and how you are talking about it.

    • 22:45

      MIKE MITCHAM: How far does that go?Where does it stop?At what point do we draw the line and say no?

    • 22:55

      FOSTER GAMBLE: Let's look, for example, at the CISPA bill.That's the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and ProtectionAct, which was intended to legalizetransferring all your data from mega corporationsto the government.Now this seems to be in violationof our Fourth Amendment rights against unreasonable search

    • 23:16

      FOSTER GAMBLE [continued]: and seizure.But it's already passed the House.Fortunately, the Senate has so far refused to vote on it.Recognizing the push back to CISPA,apparently the Obama administrationhas created a covert agreement with the Justice Departmentto grant immunity to all these communication companiesand internet companies that were already sharing the data.

    • 23:38

      FOSTER GAMBLE [continued]: And now, as of June 12, 2013, a new aspect of thatgoes into effect which expands this whole authorizationto cover all critical infrastructure sectors.And that includes energy, health, and finance.

    • 23:56

      THOMAS DRAKE: What you're seeing isthe establishment of a sort of surveillance society.You're seeing the establishment of a surveillance network.[Thomas Drake, Former Director of NSA]It raises the specter of the rise of soft tyranny.It raises the specter of you're automaticallysuspicious until we prove that you're not.It raises the specter of a universal,I call it a universal wiretap, a persistent, universal wiretap

    • 24:20

      THOMAS DRAKE [continued]: on every single person.Or if not, they can create one.Because then what happens if they don't like you?What happens if you speak ill will against the government?What happens if you say somethingthey consider disloyal?I mean, that's not the country that Itook an oath to defend four times in my government career.

    • 24:40

      JOSH DEL SOL: What's the mindset of these mammoth corporationswho are now apparently in partnership with government?

    • 24:47

      REPORTER: Eric Schmidt is Google's CEO.

    • 24:49

      INTERVIEWER: People are treating Googlelike their most trusted friend.Should they be?

    • 24:54

      ERIC SCHMIDT: If you have something that you don't wantanyone to know, maybe you shouldn't be doing itin the first place. [Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google]

    • 24:60

      JOSH DEL SOL: Google has already been caught and finedfor systematically hacking and harvestingpasswords from millions of private Wi-Fi networkswith its mapping cars and illegally siphoningprivate data from iPhone users.

    • 25:14

      ERIC SCHMIDT: We don't need you to type at all,because we know where you are with your permission.We know where you've been with your permission.We can more or less guess what you're thinking about.

    • 25:26

      ALYONA MINKOVSKI: So Schmidt simply viewsthe invasion of privacy as a way to allow the internet giantto gain more information about you.[Alyona Minkovski, Host of The Alyona Show]And then that data will let the search engine help youin your everyday life.Don't you get it?Google is trying to amass a huge amount of personal informationabout you to help you, duh.

    • 25:47

      ERIC SCHMIDT: There's what I call the creepy line.And the Google policy about a lot of these thingsis to get right up to the creepy line, but not cross it.I would argue that implanting things in your brainis beyond the creepy line.

    • 25:58

      INTERVIEWER: Mine in particular?

    • 25:60

      ERIC SCHMIDT: Yes.At least for the moment until the technology gets better.Let's talk a lot about information and search.

    • 26:07

      JOSH DEL SOL: Wait a minute, what was that?

    • 26:11

      ERIC SCHMIDT: I would argue that implanting things in your brainis beyond the creepy line.At least for the moment until the technology gets better.

    • 26:20

      JOSH DEL SOL: Is he saying that Google's creepy lineis defined only by the current level of technology?What does a higher level of technologyhave to do with morals or ethics?

    • 26:32

      JEFFREY ARMSTRONG: But what I learned in Silicon Valley wasthere is no moral component to technologyunless humans insist that it be there.[Jeffrey Armstrong, Author]

    • 26:44

      JERRY DAY: What more do you need to know?[Jerrry Day, Producer] But most people seem to be want to justclose their mind to and say oh, government wouldn't do that.And you know, that can't be true.It is true.And once you know it's true, you get this questionin your mind of how did they thinkthey could get away with it?And what in the world are they trying

    • 27:05

      JERRY DAY [continued]: to do with all this data?Why do they need to get into our lives this deeply?

    • 27:11

      FOSTER GAMBLE: My research has ledme to believe that the controlling elite aretrying to create a global cashless currency.And one of the ways that they intend to do thisis to base it on carbon credits.Basically, what that means is they'regoing to dole out your use of energydependent on your behavior.

    • 27:32

      FOSTER GAMBLE [continued]: And they want to be able to control it themselves.So these things that they're installing,the meters and the appliances with both sending and receivingtransmitters, would allow them to not only monitor,but to control every appliance in your house.What is it that makes the government think that theycan usher us into a totalitarian state at all, much less

    • 27:56

      FOSTER GAMBLE [continued]: without us even noticing?

    • 27:57

      JOSH DEL SOL: It seemed to me that whether it'sa terrorism threat or an apparent energy crisisor an obsession to modernize technology without purpose,what's being consistently impliedis that we must now willingly give up our basic human rights.I had to wonder, what if we are being systematically feda false paradigm?

    • 28:17

      JOEL BELLENSON: Scarcity is the nightmare that'slurking in everyone's mind. [Joel Bellenson, Entrepeneurand Solar Expert] It's what's drivinga lot of our emotional reactions to everything that we face.It's that lurking fear that things are going to run out.So it's not a bad thing that we do have these fears,but they've overcome our ability to lookat the reality, which is that we don't live

    • 28:40

      JOEL BELLENSON [continued]: in a condition of scarcity.There is no shortage of energy on this planet.The sun is the source of all.And the sun produces quadrillions of timesthe amount of energy we need.

    • 28:57

      FOSTER GAMBLE: I've personally had the privilegeof visiting numerous laboratories where inventorsare successfully creating technologieswhich access off-grid energy in whole new ways.And it's really exciting to see.Sadly, most of these have been raided and shut down.

    • 29:17

      FOSTER GAMBLE [continued]: And the Federation of American Scientistshave actually acknowledged publicly on their websitethat over 5,000 of these technologieshave been suppressed, have been confiscated in the processof applying for patents.This whole smart meter fiasco could go away

    • 29:38

      FOSTER GAMBLE [continued]: very quickly if these alternative energytechnologies were simply allowed to flourish.Now that's not going to be in the agenda of the controllingelite.That's going to be up to us.

    • 29:49

      JOSH DEL SOL: I looked into it, and it turns outthe US government has actually createda law for the suppression of inventions.The patent laws allow any interested agency,including the Atomic Energy Commission,to shut down any patents if they considerthem to be detrimental to the national security.With six of the world's seven largest companiesin the oil and gas industry, could it

    • 30:12

      JOSH DEL SOL [continued]: be possible there's a vested interest in preventingdecentralized clean energy pulling stringsat this level of depth?And incredibly, in July of 2013 Spainactually taxed the sun, setting a fine of 30 million eurosfor violators who collect sunlight for their own use.While billions and billions of taxpayer dollars

    • 30:34

      JOSH DEL SOL [continued]: continue to be spent for a centralized control grid,are we still expected it to believe that this has anythingto do with going green?

    • 30:43

      JEFFREY ARMSTRONG: Whenever human beingsare invested historically in a particular technology,then power structures build up around that fightfor their own interest just at a time whena change is about to take place to a betterway of doing things.They fight for their existence like a creature fightsfor its existence.They are the dinosaur that is just about to become extinct.

    • 31:06

      JEFFREY ARMSTRONG [continued]: Which is the need for overly centralized power producers.And that this is a bid to have a device in the home whichgives them both control and futurecapabilities of broadcasting and receiving through the home.

    • 31:23

      JAMES S. TURNER: Whatever is happening to Americanswith this technology is going global.Every one of these energy companies of the United Statesis embedded in an international grid of energy delivery.And they're working to control every householdacross the world using this kind of technology.

    • 31:44

      JEFFREY ARMSTRONG: Wait a minute,this is not what I asked you to do.All I asked you to do is deliver electricity to my house,not monitor my house, not broadcast throughout my house.When I was in Silicon Valley in 1980 this was being discussed.It was who was going to take over the homethe energy companies, was it the phone companies,was it the energy companies?Whose line of access to the home was

    • 32:05

      JEFFREY ARMSTRONG [continued]: going to allow a single point of access to the home?But it didn't escape everyone that however theydelivered everything to you made you totally dependent,gave complete access, and could be a two way street.But no one knew at that time was that a method of technologywould be used whose byproduct was essentially radiation.

    • 32:32

      HERB J. WESSON: Miss Lawson?

    • 32:35

      AMINAH ABDUL-MUJEEB: Our power was cut offon February 11, 2013 and we have not had power in seven weeks.And because they installed that radio frequency meteron our property, my sisters had fevers of over 102 Fahrenheit,

    • 32:57

      AMINAH ABDUL-MUJEEB [continued]: and they kept on going.This is not normal.This should not be tolerated.

    • 33:04

      HERB J WESSON, JR: OK.I want a high level person from DWPto connect with this family. [Herb J Wesson Jr, LA CountyCouncil President] Find out exactly what's going onand let's fix it immediately.

    • 33:19

      MS. LAWSON: Unfortunately, when I complainedabout the smart meter put on our propertyI was told there was no smart meter on our property,it's a radio frequency meter.When I began to express to DWP the health concerns thatcame out of nowhere, they told me that I was making it up,it didn't make any sense.My husband and I had numerous people come to our house

    • 33:41

      MS. LAWSON [continued]: and explain to us that it must be something else in your home.So I began writing to the general manager, Mr. Nichols.He ignored my emails.So for months and months and monthsI begged DWP to please take this off of our property.And we had no power for seven weeks and one day.Easter for our children was horrible.

    • 34:02

      HERB J WESSON, JR: OK, thank you.We'll get to the bottom of that today.I want-- is-- I want somebody on the phone right now.Anybody here from DWP?

    • 34:11

      SPEAKER: Looks like Tom's on the phone right now.

    • 34:13

      HERB J WESSON, JR: And Mr. Basciano, you know I'm on this.So I will, one way or the other, find outwhat's going on with the Lawson family.I'll find out today.[The next day]

    • 34:26

      MS. LAWSON: So the very next day after the city council meetingour power was turned on.DWP came to the house.So we've had power since April 1, 2013.

    • 34:35

      JOSH DEL SOL: Right, Aminah, how does it feel to take a standand then ultimately for the situation to be corrected?

    • 34:46

      AMINAH ABDUL-MUJEEB: Well, it feelsgreet to actually go out there and sitand fight for what you believe inand not just sit in the silence and say oh well, thisis happening.There's nothing I can do about it.But just actually know that you can do something about it.And that you can't give up.Just always fight for what you believe in.

    • 35:04

      JOSH DEL SOL: In May of 2011, the World Health Organizationclassified radio frequency radiation as a Class 2Bpotential cancer causing carcinogen. The companies willtell us that the meters are only on for 45 or 60 seconds a dayand at that they're save.So the next stop on my journey to verify the facts

    • 35:27

      JOSH DEL SOL [continued]: was with Dr. David Carpenter, a Harvard trainedresearcher at the University of Albany, New York.

    • 35:32

      DR. DAVID CARPENTER: Under court ordered,Pacific Gas and Electric admittedthat their smart meters generate 14,000 spikes of communicationper day. [Dr. David Carpenter, Reasearcher and Author]The utilities have often held that smart meters are nota problem because they communicate with the utilityrather infrequently, maybe a couple times an hour.

    • 35:53

      DR. DAVID CARPENTER [continued]: It doesn't matter how frequently theycommunicate to the utility.What matters is how frequently do they generateradio frequency fields.And clearly the utilities have been hiding the factthat these smart meters generate these radio frequencyfields almost continuously.They're pulses, but they are very, very frequent.

    • 36:14

      JOSH DEL SOL: So according to PG&E's court documentation,the average smart meter is on for 45 or 60 seconds a day.But they've conveniently withheld from usthat these 45 or 60 seconds are split upinto 10,000 or more pulses, each at about 4 and 1/2 millisecondsin duration, emitting all the time, every few seconds, 24/7.

    • 36:38

      JOSH DEL SOL [continued]: And some meters are up to 190,000 pulses per day.

    • 36:42

      KRISTIN FISHER: So this is a smart meter bank.It's inside a Northwest DC condominium building.And there's 32 different smart meters inside this building.[Kristin Fisher, Correspondant for Fox News] So what I didwas I brought in a meter that measures the levels of radiofrequency radiation.And what I'm finding is that these smart meters are emittingradiation every few seconds.

    • 37:04

      KRISTIN FISHER [continued]: But Pepco says smart meter communications takeplace every four to six hours.So I brought these findings to Pepco spokesman Marcus Bealewho said,

    • 37:13

      MARCUS BEALE: I can't account for a test.[Marcus Beale, Pepco Spokesperson]There are lot of variables involvedthat we can't account for with a test that we're not present at.But you know, we're confident in the specs of our metersand the safeness of the meters at this point.

    • 37:28

      KRISTIN FISHER: So I asked Pepco if wecould go out with their experts to do their own tests.They told me they would look into it.And just to be clear, we're not saying whether or notthis radiation in dangerous.That's up to the scientists, and it is currently the subjectof a very heated debate.

    • 37:42

      B. BLAKE LEVITT: The definition of a smart gridis a wireless system that will fundamentallyturn every single appliance in your homeinto the equivalent of a transmitting cell phone.That's every computer, every television, every furnace,every air conditioner, every coffee machine, every printer.Every single appliance that you have in your house

    • 38:04

      B. BLAKE LEVITT [continued]: will eventually, in a smart grid,have an antenna that's embedded into it that will transmityour usage data to a smart meter on the outside of your homethat will then transmit your usagedata to another tower receiving that usage signal thatwill then go to the utility companyfor supposedly billing purposes.

    • 38:25

      B. BLAKE LEVITT [continued]: Not all signals will just be about your individual use.There will be aggregate meters that will bounce signalfrom house to house to house within a neighborhood thatwill then accumulate all of the usage datathat will transmit that to the utility company.Now what that will do is that the end metering system thatis transmitting all of that data will

    • 38:45

      B. BLAKE LEVITT [continued]: be firing an RF signal at many, many timesa second, which will increase the average home owner's radiofrequency radiation exposure exponentially.

    • 38:56

      DR. JOHN NASH OTT: This picture shows some aphidson the leaves of an orange tree shortlyafter radar equipment was installed at a nearby airporta number of years ago.I noticed that every few seconds all the aphidswould tense up in unison and do sort of a little danceas you see in the picture.Upon further investigation, I found

    • 39:18

      DR. JOHN NASH OTT [continued]: that the interval of time between the activityof each dance coincided exactly with the rotation of the radarrotor device at the airport, which was at distanceof approximately 14 miles.

    • 39:32

      JOSH DEL SOL: And we now have vast amountsof published science on microwave radiation and healtheffects.The data we're going to look at are allpublished science, testing results, or public standards.At the bottom end of the radiation scale of what'scalled power density or signal strengthis the minimum level at which cell phones will work,which was found to be 0.2 billionths of the microwatt

    • 39:55

      JOSH DEL SOL [continued]: per centimeter squared.Pine needles were found to age prematurely at 0.000027.At short term exposures at 0.05, children aged 8 to 17experienced headache, irritation,concentration difficulties, and behavioral problems.0.01 is the Baubiolgie or building biology

    • 40:17

      JOSH DEL SOL [continued]: guideline for extreme concern.1.0 produced sperm DNA fragmentation and a decreasein sperm viability in vitro.Also at 1.0, the science shows the following bodily effectscan occur, headaches, dizziness, fatigue, insomnia, chest pain,difficulty breathing, and indigestion.

    • 40:38

      JOSH DEL SOL [continued]: 2.5 saw altered calcium metabolismin heart muscle cells.4.0 changes in the hippocampus affecting brain memoryand learning.And at 6.0, DNA damage and cells.So where are smart meters on this list?Electrical Power Institute in December 2010measured a single Itron smart meter

    • 40:59

      JOSH DEL SOL [continued]: with pulses up to 7.93 microwatts per centimetersquared.Our own testing indicated approximately 8.0with one meter.These tests are at a close distance, approximately onefoot away from the meter.But an infant's crib could be just as closeon the other side of the wall where the meter or bankof meters are installed.Even though there are all these known health

    • 41:20

      JOSH DEL SOL [continued]: effects at levels far lower, Switzerland, Liechtenstein,and Luxembourg see fit to set the standard at 9.5.And China, Poland, and Russia 10.0.This is the same level at which behaviorhas been altered, producing reflexes of avoidance following30 minute exposures.A room of 12 smart meters, very common and even

    • 41:42

      JOSH DEL SOL [continued]: a conservative number in an apartment buildingtested at 19.8 microwatts per centimeter squared.This is hundreds of times higher than levels which clearlyindicate harmful effects.So how can utilities and governmentsget away with forcing these devices on everyone?This is how.In Canada and the US and several other civilized countries,

    • 42:04

      JOSH DEL SOL [continued]: the safety limit is set at 600 to 1,000 microwattsper centimeter squared.This so-called safety limit is literally tens of thousandsof times higher than levels whichare known to damage health according to peer reviewedpublished science.

    • 42:32

      B. BLAKE LEVITT: There was an organizationcalled the Committee on Man and Radiation.Essentially, the Committee on Man and Radiationintellectually framed this as a controversythat there was no such thing as a non-thermal effect.That thermal effects were the only good science.And they had good science on their side.And anyone who said otherwise was either a crank

    • 42:55

      B. BLAKE LEVITT [continued]: or needed to be dismissed from the area altogether.

    • 43:00

      JOSH DEL SOL: One website in central Californiahas posted more than 300 letters received from those sufferingfunctional impairments since having their meter quote,"upgraded."The one thing all these people had in common?Their utility did not tell them the dangersassociated with the new meter.

    • 43:18

      DR. DAVID CARPENTER: Our concern isthat smart meters add to this multiple source exposureto radio frequency radiation.Radio frequency radiation that weknow causes a variety of biological effects,and where we have very strong evidencethat it causes disease, specifically brain

    • 43:40

      DR. DAVID CARPENTER [continued]: cancer and other diseases.[SMART HEALTH DAMAGE]

    • 43:48

      JOSH DEL SOL: There have now been more than 6,000 publishedscientific studies on the health effects of microwaveradiation since the 1930s.And with the vast majority showingthat there is some biological damage being done,the jury's no longer out on whether this is harmful.Even by 1972, we have the US Navy producing an unclassifiedreport of health effects on the human body observed

    • 44:11

      JOSH DEL SOL [continued]: from microwave radiation, summarizingmore than 2,300 studies.Five pages of observed human health effects in this reportinclude headaches and insomnia.

    • 44:23

      ANNA MAURER: I was walking by and Igot like a flash headache.It's painful.

    • 44:28

      INTERVIEWER: How many times has that happened?

    • 44:30

      ANNA MAURER: Every time I walked by it,which was a bunch of times.

    • 44:34

      JOSH DEL SOL: Vagomimetic or irregular action of the heart.

    • 44:37

      HAVEN COLGATE: They were installed in my house,and shortly after that I started experiencing prettysignificant heart palpitations.

    • 44:46

      JOSH DEL SOL: Anxiety.

    • 44:48

      SUBJECT 1: I was nervous a lot and I couldn't sleep.

    • 44:51

      JOSH DEL SOL: Chest pains.

    • 44:53

      SUBJECT 2 : I started getting this intense chest pain.

    • 44:56

      JOSH DEL SOL: And changes in the operationof implanted cardiac pacemakers.

    • 44:60

      LOUIS DONOVAN: Well, my heart would speed upto do about 170 beats a minute.And I could normally control any arrhythmiathat I would have before just by meditation and relaxing.And the smart meter, I couldn't, I couldn't, Icouldn't bring it down.

    • 45:16

      INTERVIEWER: And you found that whenyou were in that electromagnetic fieldyour heart was going to high rates of arrhythmia?

    • 45:23

      LOUIS DONOVAN: Yes.And it wouldn't happen all the time,but it happened the first time was eight monthsafter the meter was installed.And then the second time it occurredwas six months after that.And then it went four months after that.And then went two months after that.

    • 45:38

      INTERVIEWER: So you became more and more sensitive?

    • 45:40

      LOUIS DONOVAN: More and most sensitive as time went by.

    • 45:42

      INTERVIEWER: And you found that whenyou were able to remove the meter that you did recover?

    • 45:47

      LOUIS DONOVAN: Correct, yes.

    • 45:50

      JOSH DEL SOL: Another serious health complaintabout these devices is what's knownas dirty electricity caused by the converter between DC and ACcurrent.It appears that utilities do not wish this aspect of the healthissue to become widely known.

    • 46:03

      SAMUEL MILHAM: I can't tell you how many people have calledme who became dreadfully ill the minute one of thosegot put on their house. [Samuel Milham, Epidemiologist]Dirty electricity is the best synonymousis electrical pollution.We understand air pollution.There is clean air and there is polluted air.There's clean electricity and there's polluted electricity.Dirty electricity is the major pollutant

    • 46:25

      SAMUEL MILHAM [continued]: that comes into your house on your wiresriding piggyback on the 60 cycle.The really evil about the smart meter is everybody gets one.The whole neighborhood, every housein a development, every apartment in a buildinghas got one of these things.Each one's got a switching power supply in it.And they're all big generators of dirty electricity.

    • 46:49

      SAMUEL MILHAM [continued]: And I'm certain it's the device that changes the AC to DC.

    • 46:54

      JOSH DEL SOL: After having 12 upgraded meters installedon her bedroom wall, Rosa Peric began experiencingheadaches and insomnia.

    • 48:10

      INTERVIEWER: Do you ever have nosebleeds awayfrom your apartment?

    • 48:13

      BOARD MEMBER 1: I'm sorry, your time is up.

    • 48:16

      BOARD MEMBER 2: Thank you very much.

    • 48:17

      BOARD MEMBER 1: I appreciate you coming, your time is up.

    • 48:20

      ROSA PERIC: Thank you.

    • 48:25

      MICHELE HERTZ: I made a call to a government agency.I started to talk about the problems with the meters.And he was getting agitated.And he said, they're just like cell phone,there's nothing wrong with these meters,they're just like cell phones.And I said no, it's not true.There's a problem with these meters and the switch modepower supply.And he said to me, how do you know about

    • 48:47

      MICHELE HERTZ [continued]: switch mode power supply?And I said to him, what is your name?And he hung up on me.And then about 10 minutes later he called me backon a different phone.And he told me there is a problem with the switch modepower supply time.He knows about this, but he can't talk.And I think that a lot of people are scared to talk.

    • 49:07

      MICHELE HERTZ [continued]: And a lot of people know what's going on here.Electrician's know.People at Con Edison know, but I don'tthink they know what to do.I would say that it's better to do the right thing.Because when people are silent a lot of people can die.

    • 49:30

      JOSH DEL SOL: All right, we're getting on the planego to Salt Spring for the day.I'm looking forward to it after a comedy of errorsthis morning.And here we are, beautiful day.Away from the city we wanted to track

    • 49:51

      JOSH DEL SOL [continued]: what was happening with this agenda in a small communitycalled Salt Spring Island where we were hearing that around 30%of the population had locked up their analog metersor otherwise made it clear in writing to their utilitythat they were choosing not to have a meter installed.I personally was glad to get on a plane, hopingto clear my head with a visit to one of the quieterparts in the world while still getting

    • 50:12

      JOSH DEL SOL [continued]: to the bottom of the story there.

    • 50:25

      STAN BOYCHUK: We know that you have refused a smart meter.[Stan Boychuk, Smart Metering Program Consultant]

    • 50:28


    • 50:28

      STAN BOYCHUK: The meter that willbe installed onto your premises herewill not be functioning as a smart meterbecause there are no receivers established.You get what everyone is calling a smart meter, none of whichare smart meters yet.

    • 50:41

      UTILITY CUSTOMER: You will guarantee methat we will not have it functioning as a smart meter?

    • 50:47

      STAN BOYCHUK: Because you're opt out.

    • 50:48

      UTILITY CUSTOMER: Because we're opt out.

    • 50:49

      STAN BOYCHUK: Yes.Yes, I guarantee.

    • 50:50

      UTILITY CUSTOMER: You will guarantee me that?

    • 50:52

      STAN BOYCHUK: And if you want, I will get BC Hydro,I will get Gary to write you a letter to that extentand he can send it registered mail.

    • 50:59

      JOSH DEL SOL: So Chris, are they goingto be running this as a smart meter or justas a regular meter?

    • 51:02

      CHRIS ANDERSON: They're going to be runningthis is a regular digital meter such as hasbeen put on houses since 2008.

    • 51:11

      JOSH DEL SOL: Chris has the meter of nowand he's going to test the meter.

    • 51:19

      CHRIS ANDERSON: OK, they're lying folks.This is emitting.

    • 51:22

      UTILITY CUSTOMER: Already?

    • 51:23

      CHRIS ANDERSON: Yeah, they're lying.

    • 51:24

      UTILITY CUSTOMER: Getting a reading?

    • 51:26

      CHRIS ANDERSON: OK, that's over 20,000 microwatts.And Hydro has officially lied, publicly liedin front of all these people, liedto the owners of this house to the effectthat this would not be emitting radio frequency radiation.It's emitting radio frequency radiation in spades.

    • 51:43

      UTILITY CUSTOMER: I feel like I have just been violated.

    • 51:45

      CHRIS ANDERSON: They have lied.Yeah, you have lied, you son of a bitch.

    • 51:48

      UTILITY CUSTOMER: That it is really, really, really bad.I'm so upset.I'm so upset.You lied to us.You lied to us.You said that there's not going to be any radiation coming offthat.So you're lying to us.

    • 52:03

      STAN BOYCHUK: I have no idea of the testing mechanism of this.I have no idea who you are.I'm a [INAUDIBLE] meter.

    • 52:10

      UTILITY CUSTOMER: How do you think I feel right now?I trusted you.I trusted you and that's how I honestly feel.I feel like I've been raped.

    • 52:19

      CHRIS ANDERSON: With this smart meter program,we're stepping across the line from democracyto corporatocracy.And that's scary. [Chris Anderson,Environmental Consultant] The personwho invented the word "corporatism" wasBenito Mussolini.It's also known as fascism.And everybody uses that term a little too loosely,but in this case it applies very, very succinctly.

    • 52:43

      CHRIS ANDERSON [continued]: If you don't have the right to a healthy environment,you have basically lost all rights.People who haven't the faintest idea that theyhad a smart meter installed and aregetting very sick all of a sudden and wondering why.And suddenly it comes to them that oh, something'sdifferent about my electricity meter.

    • 52:60

      RICHARD COONEY: I'm a beekeeper, or it was beekeeper.For over 10 years I had two hives on my side porchoutside of the rain.About a year ago or so I had a smart meterinstalled outside of my knowledge with all the MF.This winter I've lost all my bees.I don't know if it's because of colony collapse disorderor I don't know if it's because of the EMFs

    • 53:22

      RICHARD COONEY [continued]: from the smart meter, but it is suspicious.

    • 53:35

      JOSH DEL SOL: The consequences of this developmenthave also been predicted by the critics for many decadesand can no longer be ignored.Bees and other insects disappear.Birds avoid certain areas and aredisoriented in other locations.Humans suffer from functional disorders and diseases.And those that are hereditary are passed onto the next generation as existing defects.

    • 54:01

      JOSH DEL SOL [continued]: Despite overwhelming evidence of biological harmfrom this type of electromagnetic radiation,the utility industry has assumed the safety of smart meterswithout doing any testing.For the past 29 years, Dr. De Kun Lihas conducted original research and epidemiologyfor Kaiser Permanente in Oakland, California.

    • 54:23

      DR. DE KUN LI: I'm not aware of any safety studies has beendone to examine the safety of smart meter.[Dr. De Kun Li, Research Epidemiologist] To me,a manufacturer wants to give a product to consumers,especially in this case to everybody,imposed on everybody, they are the ones whoshould carry the burden to prove it is safe before they

    • 54:44

      DR. DE KUN LI [continued]: can give to other people.It's not up to consumers to demonstrate they are unsafe.

    • 54:51

      DIETRICH KLINGHARDT: It's a technologydone by private companies, it's electric companies,private companies, that have the rightto install this on your house, destroy your health,and there's no accountability at all.[Dietrich Klinghardt, Found of Sophia Health Institute]

    • 55:03

      JOSH DEL SOL: While industry has failedto do any peer reviewed studies on smart meters and healtheffects, a growing body of independent researchis now starting to accumulate.

    • 55:11

      DIETRICH KLINGHARDT: It is our experience as physiciansthat everybody is equally electrosensitive.You install this thing, measurably certain thingsin your health go down.We are tracking certain sensitive parameters.One is an inflammatory marker calledTGF-Beta 1 goes way, way up as soon as the smart meter is

    • 55:32

      DIETRICH KLINGHARDT [continued]: installed.The MMP-9, these metallopeptidasego way, way up.These are inflammatory markers.The copper level in the serum goes upas a sign of chronic inflammation drivenby something that suddenly there.The hormones go way off.The neurotransmitters go way off.So we have lab tests that we can show.

    • 55:53

      DIETRICH KLINGHARDT [continued]: Here's a patient.We monitored him for 10 years before.He was completely normal.The smart meter was installed, six months laterthe patient looks like a dying patient from the lab work.And we find those changes even in people that say, well,my wife is sick since the smart meter has been there,but I'm totally healthy.But we look at the lab work and it looks just as bad.

    • 56:15

      DIETRICH KLINGHARDT [continued]: So some people have an awareness of health and goodness in themand other people don't.But from what our experience is, is that everybodyis affected by it.It's not just a few, 3% of electrosensitive people.

    • 56:29

      JOSH DEL SOL: Did you hear about peoplecoming to you as far as having complaints about illness?

    • 56:35

      DR. FRANK SPRINGOB: We were made aware of health complaintsfollowing installation of smart metersand we wanted to verify this using our field work.[Dr. Frank Springob, Chiropratic Physician]So I measured the field of about 30 different peoplewhile they stood one foot in front of the smart meter.And in every single case, the human energy fieldwas obliterated as they stood in front of the smart meter.

    • 56:58

      DR. FRANK SPRINGOB [continued]: We wanted to then verify this at the physical level usingdark field microscopy.And then we also did a control groupto find out if the old analog meters hadthe same effect on the blood as the smart meter.So in our first slides what we see is normal cells.And the structure of these cells is intact and sound.

    • 57:20

      DR. FRANK SPRINGOB [continued]: This is what we would expect from a normal sample.With the subjects standing one footin front of the analog meter, therewere no significant changes to these blood samplesin any of the three that we tested.In our second set of tests, we're using the smart meter.Before the exposure we see the same thingas we saw in the first samples, normal cell walls, fairly

    • 57:43

      DR. FRANK SPRINGOB [continued]: separated and looking healthy.So after two minutes of exposure in frontof the smart meter at about one foot awaywe see a totally different story.Sample one you can see a lot of degradation in the cells.The cell walls have been broken.And you see changes in the cells,which are called mycoplasma, shows a mutation to the cell.

    • 58:04

      DR. FRANK SPRINGOB [continued]: In the second sample we see the different types of degradationto the cell membranes.You can see a corrugation here.This is called bottle cap formation.And it's known that this occurs due to oxidation or exposureto free radicals.So this third subject, when we did her sample,she had to be pulled away from the meter after 45 seconds

    • 58:28

      DR. FRANK SPRINGOB [continued]: because she complained about a increasingly severe headache.And here you see a phenomenon called rouleauxwhere the red blood cells are stacking up,which makes it very difficult for the bloodto deliver oxygen to the tissues as theywould be their normal function.Every single one of these is a degradation.Every single one of these shows a trauma to the blood cells.

    • 58:50

      DR. FRANK SPRINGOB [continued]: And that came from something, and the only variablewas the smart meter.The good news in all this is the patientand the blood can return to normalonce they have been removed from the influencesof these stressors.

    • 59:04

      JOSH DEL SOL: So this thing about electrosensitive,3% or 5% of people are affected and everyone else is OK, whatdo you have to say about that?

    • 59:13

      DR. FRANK SPRINGOB: There are changes whether they feel themor not.Maybe they're not out there complaining about it or tryingto make other people aware of what it's doing to them,yet they're still being affected by it.

    • 59:24

      JOSH DEL SOL: While most of industrycontinues to use fine print and loopholes to evadeaccountability, there is a world wide paradigmshift steadily underway.60,000 doctors in the American Academy of Pediatricsare paying attention.

    • 59:50

      JOSH DEL SOL [continued]: And teachers unions, this one of 45,000,are beginning to speak out against Wi-Fi in the classroom.Some regions are taking steps to cut the power of cell phonemasts by 90%.And in many areas, towers are starting

    • 01:00:11

      JOSH DEL SOL [continued]: to come down all together.But governments such as the US want smart gridsand high powered Wi-Fi mesh networksto blanket everywhere and everything,as industry cleverly camouflages itself, concealingthe harm it is doing.

    • 01:00:34

      JOSH DEL SOL [continued]: Amazingly, our centers of medicineare seeking to bathe newborns in wireless.And this has continued on because the official line isthat microwave radiation is safe enough.

    • 01:00:47

      JERRY L. PHILLIPS: The radio frequency radiationwork that we did was supported by Motorola. [Jerry L.Phillips, Director of Excel Science Learning Center]The relationship was really very cordial and very stress free,but only up until we started generating data.These folks were very, very upsetand began to talk about how are they going to handle this.

    • 01:01:09

      JERRY L. PHILLIPS [continued]: What sort of spin can we put on this?What could we expect from this?And from that point on the relationship changed.What we saw was that Motorola beganto exert more and more control over the work,telling us what to do.Telling us how to write abstracts,what to say in the abstracts, what to say in the papers.

    • 01:01:29

      JERRY L. PHILLIPS [continued]: How to do the work.No, don't do this.Yes, do it this way.This was unacceptable.I had completed our study of DNA damageand I submitted the final report to Motorola.Point is, I kept getting nothing from these people.They simply weren't willing to accept

    • 01:01:52

      JERRY L. PHILLIPS [continued]: my interpretation of my study, my evaluation of my study,my knowledge of science at that point.And tried to urge me not to publish the study.They didn't tell me not to, they justsaid no, this isn't ready for publication.And they wanted me to do more work.

    • 01:02:12

      JERRY L. PHILLIPS [continued]: I think one has to exercise caution at this point.And what makes the cellular telephone researcharea so difficult right now is there is no money availablefor research other than that that's coming from industry.So what does this do?I don't have any say in what comes out.

    • 01:02:32

      JERRY L. PHILLIPS [continued]: I have absolutely none, not with my dealings with industryso far.

    • 01:02:36

      ELISA BOXER-COOK: When I filed my initial complaint,Central Maine Power responded with a 250 pagebasically rebuttal on why smart meters are so safe.And they hired Exponent, which is a science and consultingfirm that has represented the tobacco industry.They've represented the asbestos industry.So this is a firm that industry hires

    • 01:02:57

      ELISA BOXER-COOK [continued]: to prove that dangerous products are safe.[Doubt is our product, since it is the best means of competingwith the body of fact that existsin the mind of the general public.Brown & Wallace Tobacco Corporation, 1969]

    • 01:03:21

      CAMILLA REES: In 1996, Congress passed the TelecommunicationsAct, which included a provision called section 704 thattook away state and local governments' rightto resist antennas on health or environmental grounds.[Camilla Rees, Advisor to National Institute for Science,Law, and Public Policy]

    • 01:03:35

      B. BLAKE LEVITT: The legislation was actuallywritten by the industry.It was also the first time in historythat industries of all stripes were invitedinto congressional chambers and asked essentiallyfor their wish list.And the telecommunications industry,like other industries, just rushed right inand gave them their wish list.

    • 01:03:52

      CAMILLA REES: It took away your state and local government'sability to protect you, to protectchildren, schools, every environmentfrom this kind of radiation.

    • 01:04:02

      DAVID CARPENTER: I mean this is ludicrous.This is unconstitutional.But this reflects the power that the communications industryhas with our Congress.

    • 01:04:16

      JOSH DEL SOL: And now there's a new bill called the Smart GridAdvancement Act of 2013.This bill would grant the federal governmentunprecedented powers to forcibly deploy this smart microwaveand surveillance program upon all states, regions,and everyone in the nation.

    • 01:04:32

      JEFFREY ARMSTRONG: What's going on here?This is a wireless device which is unproven scientifically.Which all the evidence so far provesis dangerous or questionable, which should thereforebe studied intensely before it's released to the public.Clever people called the technologysmart to make it seem intimidatingso no one would question it.

    • 01:04:53

      JEFFREY ARMSTRONG [continued]: Some "smart" ad man came up with thatand got paid $300,000 to call it a smart meterso you would feel less knowledgeable, whichthey know we feel.And then you wouldn't question the "smart" people putting itin your house.So I call them not smart meters, dangerous meters.

    • 01:05:13

      JOSH DEL SOL: I started wonderinghow were our future generations being affectedby this unprecedented increase in electromagnetic radiation?

    • 01:05:25

      VIRGINIA FARVER: I had a son thatwas going to school at San Diego State University.And he called me and he said mom,I've got the worst headache.He says I'm projectile vomiting all over my apartment.And I said get to the hospital.And the emergency room doctor at Sharp's Memorial Hospitalin San Diego called me and he said your son has

    • 01:05:48

      VIRGINIA FARVER [continued]: bleeding in the brain.And I said we'll be there immediately.And my son had surgery that evening.When he got out, Dr. [INAUDIBLE] told usthat my son had brain cancer and it was either the very worstor the second worst type of brain cancer you could have.It was nothing but chaos for seven months.

    • 01:06:09

      VIRGINIA FARVER [continued]: We moved him back home and had to pack everythingthat he owned in California and brought him homeand he only survived just shy of seven months.And he died October 11 of 2008.August 7 of 2009 I typed in cancer clusters

    • 01:06:32

      VIRGINIA FARVER [continued]: and I saw SDSU, San Diego State University brain cancercluster.And I read this, I read this article over and over.And I just, I think I just it put me in shock.And I ended up on the floor for the rest of day.

    • 01:06:54

      VIRGINIA FARVER [continued]: Sorry.I realized they were talking about my son.So I immediately started contacting SDSU administrationand I felt myself just being bounced around.

    • 01:07:15

      VIRGINIA FARVER [continued]: Nobody wanted to deal with me.So I got in the car and I drove outto San Diego for the whole month of October of 2009.And I went over into the campus.In these articles they talked about a cell tower.And I went over there and there's this huge cell towerthat's outside of this building, which

    • 01:07:36

      VIRGINIA FARVER [continued]: towers above Nasatir Hall and room 131where all these kids and people come down with brain cancer.My son, Rich Farver, died October 11 of 2008

    • 01:07:56

      VIRGINIA FARVER [continued]: and he was in Nasatir Hall room 131.Professor Charles Cutter died June 19, 2008,Nasatir Hall room 131.Lou Terrell diagnosed with primary lymphoma brain cancerin 2008.He was in the room right next to room 131.

    • 01:08:17

      VIRGINIA FARVER [continued]: Dwight Anderson died in 2008, Nasatir Hall.Miss Laurel Amtower died August 29 of 2010.Richard Funston died, and he was also locatedin Nasatir Hall room 131.I just think that this wireless stuff,we just need to get a handle on it and warn the public.

    • 01:08:40

      VIRGINIA FARVER [continued]: But I just want parents to know.And I want kids to know that these are very dangerous.And these are on many, many college campuses.A reporter from the San Diego Tribunethat I had contacted actually called me at homeand he said this story will never get out of San Diego.And I said, why?And he said because of money.

    • 01:09:11

      JOSH DEL SOL: After having interviewed more than 70 peoplefrom four countries, witnessing the profound emotion from thosewhose lives have been ruined, I felt myselfwondering if I could ever really makea difference against corporationsthat are so powerful and so willing to put moneybefore life itself.

    • 01:09:36

      NEIGHBOR: So here's UPA installerscrossing over locked fences.

    • 01:09:41

      HOMEOWNER: I just told you my medical situation.

    • 01:09:43

      NEIGHBOR: And against consent.

    • 01:09:46

      SPEAKER: On January 23, with premeditated maliceand forethought, our city manager,in collusion with our city's administrative police chief,ordered an all out assault on many of the citizens'personal property by cutting locks, illegally trespassing,

    • 01:10:10

      SPEAKER [continued]: threatening tax paying citizens, mostly women and elderly,and actually arrested two of our stay-at-home moms ontrumped up charges for refusing installation of smart meters.

    • 01:10:29

      HOMEOWNER: Get off my property right now.No!No!

    • 01:10:33

      SPEAKER: When the full force of the city's police departmentis turned on its own people, it'stime for our radical and immediate change.

    • 01:10:45

      REPORTER: Now I just spoke with Naperville's city managera few minutes ago who says the city is within its legal rightsto enter private property and install those smart meters,the meters they say are their property.He also says that the meters are safe.He also says the women deserve to be arrestedif they violated the law.But exactly what those misdemeanor charges are

    • 01:11:07

      REPORTER [continued]: we still don't exactly know.[On February 18, 2014, the City of Napervilledropped charges against Kim Bendis.She was charged with "attempted eavesdropping."The arrests made international headlines,spreading fear of non-compliance,and the illusion that "smart" meters are mandatory.]

    • 01:11:27

      JERRY SCHILLING: I'm one of the homeowners who had his propertyrights violated, even though by certified mailI notified the city manager I would not participatein this federally sponsored voluntary programand would not accept the extortionary alternatives

    • 01:11:50

      JERRY SCHILLING [continued]: provided.As a result, I'm asking for city councilto fire the city manager, the acting police chief, the policeofficers who participated in this travesty,and any city employee who advised them that they

    • 01:12:12

      JERRY SCHILLING [continued]: had the right to do so.As far as I know, we still live in the United States of Americaand not communist China.[CHEERING]

    • 01:12:28

      BOARD MEMBER: There will be a five minute recessuntil you settle down and obey the rules,or we won't continue.We have a five minute recess.

    • 01:12:40

      JOSH DEL SOL: This is thankfully a contrastto the behavior of most city councilswho are made aware of the facts.One of the first US states where these devices were deployedwas California where dozens of local governmentshave issued moratoriums against the rollout.

    • 01:12:56

      CHARLES MCGLASHAN: I vigorously support this action today.I'll be voting in the affirmativeboth on the moratorium and on supervisor Kinsey's proposalto send letters to the governor.

    • 01:13:06

      JUDY ARNOLD: This action that we'retaking today and one that I support is a political action.And don't be deceived that political actions don't work.Think about the American Revolution.

    • 01:13:17


    • 01:13:19

      MS. WOLF: Aye.

    • 01:13:20


    • 01:13:20

      MS. FARB: Aye.

    • 01:13:21


    • 01:13:22

      MR. LAVAGNINO: Aye.

    • 01:13:22


    • 01:13:22

      MR. CARBAJAL: Aye.

    • 01:13:23


    • 01:13:24

      MISS GREY: Aye.

    • 01:13:24

      GREG CAPUT: We represent people.And they can get pushed so far, and then theysay we've had enough.And I think that that's what's going to happen.

    • 01:13:34

      JOSH DEL SOL: Many have now criminalized installationand are fining the utility for every device theyattempt to install.As a result of a grassroots movement to spread awareness,the vast majority of US states and Canadian provinceshave active groups who are fighting back.And worldwide, the trend continues.Many are asserting their rights for the first time

    • 01:13:55

      JOSH DEL SOL [continued]: in their lives.But utilities still are not yielding.And in many areas they're attemptingto impose fees for those who do notwant their so-called upgrades.

    • 01:14:06

      JERRY DAY: An opt out is an agreementto pay to not be harmed.An opt out is volunteering into extortion.An opt out says that if I don't pay you,you have the right to harm me.So that doesn't work.[SMART EXTORTION]

    • 01:14:24

      LEN MILLER: They are embarking on a monstrous actof deception. [Len Miller, Retired Police Officer]They are saying one thing, but you're getting something else.And I see that as a form of extortion.You either take our energy the way we want to give it youor we're going to cut it off.That's extortion.That's a criminal offense.As a fraud cop, I'm just wondering when

    • 01:14:50

      LEN MILLER [continued]: the world's going to wake up.You put a story out there, it's wrong, but what the heck,we're going to go with it.We're going to look you straight in the eyeand we're going to lie to you.What are you going to do about it?

    • 01:15:05

      INTERVIEWER: What would you recommend from your experiencethat people may not understand or that you've gone through,what they should do or what they should know?

    • 01:15:12

      LOUIS DONOVAN: They should know that they can change that meterand they should do that.That is the most important part out of itis to change that meter over.

    • 01:15:21

      CHRIS ANDERSON: The utilities have something called,a legal mechanism called implied consent.Whereby our silence is golden to them.We've given them consent by being quiet.We can't afford to be quiet on this.We have to take action.This is a game changer.

    • 01:15:38

      MIKE MITCHAM: These companies arebetting on you saying nothing.They're betting on you quietly complying with their wishesto install these smart meters on your property.You have the right to refuse a smart meter on whatever groundsyou deem appropriate.

    • 01:16:00

      RUSSELL IRWIN: They put the smart meterin without informing us or asking us if we wanted it.So we just told them to get the smart meter out and putthe old meter back or we wouldn't pay.

    • 01:16:15

      DWAYNE HUXTED: What's important for people to realize here isthat you're in a contract with A utility company.[Dwayne Huxted, paralegal] As soon as they change the termsof that contract they have to get consent.That's so important.You have to agree to those new terms or the contract is void.We wrote them a letter immediately,formal letter stating that we did not consent to the meter

    • 01:16:38

      DWAYNE HUXTED [continued]: installation.We do not consent to the new terms.In our view, that voids the contract.They did threaten to terminate the power.They did threaten to disconnect.They've sent two notices in the last year and couple of monthsthat they would terminate or disconnectthe power if somebody in this house would not pay the bill.

    • 01:16:58

      DWAYNE HUXTED [continued]: And we sent them a letter back that we're not paying the bill.And they haven't disconnected the power.There's no law on the books that sayyou have to take a smart meter.None.

    • 01:17:11

      JOSH DEL SOL: What about if thousands and tensof thousands and millions of people all did this?

    • 01:17:15

      JERRY DAY: Oh, it would collapse in a day.You can't have radiation emitting surveillance deviceson everyone's home if people want to assert their rights.So we're in a very strange time in historywhere your power company that's supposedto be this innocent provider of electrical servicehas become your assailant.

    • 01:17:37

      JERRY DAY [continued]: And you are required, in order to protect yourself,you are required to fight back.You're required to stand up and say no.This is wrong, and I'm not going to permit it.

    • 01:17:58

      JEFFREY ARMSTRONG: It's that a device thatis broadcasting and receiving wireless signalspermanently has been surreptitiously placedin your home unnecessarily and without your permission,and without proving itself scientifically.This is a test case for technological democracyif I've ever seen one.

    • 01:18:21

      JOSH DEL SOL: Dear Big Brother,

    • 01:18:23

      READER 1: I wish I could say you're acting like a brother,but unfortunately an Orwellian Big Brotheris what you have become.The problem is you have presumed you had the rightto make decisions that are harming the quality of allof our lives, our health, and children,

    • 01:18:45

      READER 1 [continued]: simply because you've been in chargeof the distribution of a necessary resourcein our lives.

    • 01:18:51

      READER 2: It does not matter why you have done this.There is no right way to force unproven and dangeroustechnology upon the world.And history has shown that being sorry after the factfor harming people through unproven medicines,technologies, is of no help.

    • 01:19:11

      READER 2 [continued]: You do not have enough money to repay the harmthat you are doing to all life.

    • 01:19:18

      READER 3: From the acknowledged dangers of genetically modifiedfoods, to preventing new ways for people to generate energy,to invasive, untested devices for monitoring and control,you have created problems and forced false solutionsin the name of saving the planet,

    • 01:19:38

      READER 3 [continued]: fighting terrorism, or increasingcorporate efficiency.

    • 01:19:48

      READER 4: You have even blatantly placedcareer lobbyists as your corporate yes-men as headof the very agencies that are supposed to protect the people.Now you are deploying wireless digital surveillanceand broadcast devices upon everyone without disclosure.This is a peremptory attack against the principles

    • 01:20:10

      READER 4 [continued]: of a free society and a taking away of our rightsto make decisions.It is not your place to make these choices apart.

    • 01:20:19

      READER 5: By behaving this way, youhave gone from an asset to societyto a tyrant acting behind the cover of corporate freedom.You have gone from the brotherhood of manto the Orwellian Big Brother who treadsupon our trust and good will for profit and control only.

    • 01:20:37

      READER 6: This is no longer acceptable.You and your agents will be held financiallyand criminally liable for your actionsas corporations and as individuals.The excuse of "just following orders" will be of no availto those going along with this.

    • 01:20:53

      READER 1: We're now at a turning pointwhen great numbers of people, even those on your payroll,those most subject to your campaigns of half truthsand skewed science, are beginning to be higher,are being inspired to speak out and bring downyour dreams of dictatorship and are courageouslycreating solutions.

    • 01:21:14

      READER 1 [continued]: This is just the beginning.

    • 01:21:20

      JACK MOORE: But as we begin to peel back the layers,we begin to realize that the smart meter issue isreally more a symptom rather than a disease.[Jack Moore, Business Executive] And now we get it.And now we see behind the curtain.

    • 01:21:38

      IAN R. CRANE: Millions of people are starting to wakeup to what's occurring.The game is on.The ball is very much in our court.We have a tremendous opportunity,but we have to engage in that game.

    • 01:21:52

      JOSH DEL SOL: While making this film,there was a part of me that just wanted to look the other wayand put the lid back on the box I'd opened.But once I saw the magnitude of this issue,I thought of all the people in my life that I care aboutand I knew that I had to share it as widely as I could.Whatever your political party or belief system,

    • 01:22:13

      JOSH DEL SOL [continued]: we're all in this together.And whether you came into this because of the riskto rights or privacy or health or security or costor something else, it doesn't matter.What matters at this point is that we set our differencesaside and we stop the deployment of this technology wherewe live.

    • 01:22:34

      JOSH DEL SOL [continued]: The only people I've come across who want this programare either misinformed or benefiting from the deployment.Instead of so-called smart meters and a smart grid,we need wise people who see what's going onand who realize that we all have the powerto change our situation.Change happens when you make a decision

    • 01:22:56

      JOSH DEL SOL [continued]: and say I will not have one of these devices on my home.[The most common way people give uptheir power is by thinking they don't have any.Alice Walker]

    • 01:23:08

      JOSH DEL SOL: There is no legal requirement for youto have one of these meters, even though utilitiesare trying to intimidate people into accepting itas if it was the law.To assert your choice and protectyour foundational rights and health,you need to notify your utility, otherwise the choicewill be made for you.

    • 01:23:30

      JOSH DEL SOL [continued]: Share this film online with everyone you know.You can also host a screening in your communityor for your city council.It starts with us, but we are not alone.All around the world, this is a time of social awakening.

    • 01:23:51

      JOSH DEL SOL [continued]: A wave is sweeping the planet inspiring millions of peopleto stand up to corrupt corporate governments.The veil of the illusion is liftingand we are all finding our voice.Because this agenda is being implemented as we speak,we all have to act now.Not only can we make a difference, but we must.Together we will build a safer and more abundant

    • 01:24:14

      JOSH DEL SOL [continued]: world for us, our children, and all future generations.[MUSIC - THEDA PHOENIX, "LIGHT IN YOU"]

    • 01:24:45

      JOSH DEL SOL [continued]: (SINGING) I know you're scared to be yourself sometimes.This world can be so blind.But if you take the chance to trust, start to open up,

    • 01:25:05

      JOSH DEL SOL [continued]: you just might find that you are loved.And I can see the light in you, shiningwith everything you do Don't try to hide it no more.Can you hear it knocking at your door?

    • 01:25:31

      JOSH DEL SOL [continued]: The light in you.Show me what you really want.Tell me what you really need.Reveal all you feel.You will be received.

    • 01:25:51

      JOSH DEL SOL [continued]: You don't have to hide away all the things you reallywant to say.There are others who have felt this way.You're not alone, I feel your pain.Yeah, and I see the light in you, shining with everything

    • 01:26:12

      JOSH DEL SOL [continued]: you do.Don't try to hide it no more.Can you hear it knocking at your door?The light in you shining.

    • 01:26:34

      JOSH DEL SOL [continued]: Sometimes it's dark and cold.Sometimes you're feeling all alone.Sometimes you don't know where to go.Oh, everybody needs to belong.

    • 01:27:00

      JOSH DEL SOL [continued]: Yeah, and I see the light in you, shining with everythingyou do.Don't try to hide it no more.Can you hear it knocking at your door?Oh, the light in you shining.

    • 01:27:27

      JOSH DEL SOL [continued]: I see the light in you shining with everything you do.Don't try to hide it no more.Can you hear it knocking at your door?

Take Back Your Power

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After a friend grew ill because of her smart power meter, Josh del Sol decided to investigate. What he found was a wireless technology that emits high levels of radiation, that was never tested for safety, and that is being forced on an unwilling public. The fight against smart meters encompasses issues of privacy, health, financial, influence, and corporatism.

Take Back Your Power

After a friend grew ill because of her smart power meter, Josh del Sol decided to investigate. What he found was a wireless technology that emits high levels of radiation, that was never tested for safety, and that is being forced on an unwilling public. The fight against smart meters encompasses issues of privacy, health, financial, influence, and corporatism.

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