Relationships in Prison

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      [MUSIC PLAYING][Relationships in Prison]

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      DR. CATHY MARCUM: Hello.My name's Dr. Cathy Marcum from Appalachian State University.[Dr. Cathy Marcum, Associate Professor,Department of Government and Justice Studies]I'm an associate professor of justicestudies in the Department of Government and Justice Studies.This is a tutorial on relationships in prison.I will be discussing the dynamicsof consensual relationships between male inmates,female inmates, and staff and inmates.

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      DR. CATHY MARCUM [continued]: I was also be discussing the government's reactionvia legislation and programs, dueto the consistently increasing rateof sexual assaults in prison.[Situational Homosexuality]When inmates are incarcerated, theyare deprived of liberties such as the abilityto choose what they eat, when they eat,

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      DR. CATHY MARCUM [continued]: who they have relationships with, amongst other things.And keep in mind that prisons are a sex segregated community.So in other words, sexes are kept separately.Males are incarcerated together and femalesare incarcerated together.So if an inmate chooses to participate in a sexuallygratifying relationship, it will have

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      DR. CATHY MARCUM [continued]: to be with someone of the same sex.Often, individuals who are incarceratedidentify themselves as heterosexual on the outside,but inside, they are termed "gay for the stay."In other words, they participate in homosexual relationshipsto satisfy their needs.However, upon release, if they are released,they revert to identifying themselves as heterosexual.

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      DR. CATHY MARCUM [continued]: While prison consensual or non-consensual relationshipsare not permitted, they are often overlooked.And due to prison overcrowding and the lack of supervisionand, really, high inmate to staff ratio,it's impossible to supervise inmates at all times.[Relationships in a Male Prison]

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      DR. CATHY MARCUM [continued]: Let's first look at male relationships in prison.Male relationships, sexual relationships,are generally established for dominance,and there is a hierarchy of males in regardsto what they perform and what theybring to that relationship.The first tier in the hierarchy are the wolves.Aggressive wolves are males who participate

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      DR. CATHY MARCUM [continued]: in dominant and violent aggressive relationshipsand often victimize other members of the relationships.Non-aggressive wolves are non-violent, but still continueto seek consensual and dominant relationships with other men.The second hierarchy are fish, whoare the feminine male inmates or closeted gays who

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      DR. CATHY MARCUM [continued]: are masculine male inmates.These individuals are not dominant,but are open to homosexual relationships while in prison.In turn, because of their openness,they are respected by the wolves and protected.The last category in male relationships in prisonare punks.These are individuals who refuse to identify themselves

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      DR. CATHY MARCUM [continued]: as homosexual, but are often victimizedby the wolves because of their inabilityto participate on a voluntary basis.[Relationships in a Female Prison]Relationships in a female prison, on the other hand,have a completely different basis.Females generally do not establish relationships

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      DR. CATHY MARCUM [continued]: for violence or aggression, but morefor emotion and companionship.In female prisons, pseudo-families are formed.And so there is a dominant masculine figure of the family,keep in mind, still a female, but assumes the role as uncle.The uncle dominates and dishes out the disciplineas well as protecting her pseudo-family.

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      DR. CATHY MARCUM [continued]: The uncle has other masculine inmateswho assume the roles of nephews or brothersand do a lot of the protection as well asthe gathering for the family.So in other words, they may hustlefor food or other different materials and contrabands.The feminine members of these pseudo-families, the sisters

    • 04:10

      DR. CATHY MARCUM [continued]: or nieces, perform more roles thatinvolve cleaning, preparing of the food,and other nurturing aspects of these pseudo-families.[Relationships between Staff and Inmates]Correctional officers and inmatesoften participate in sexual relationships, as well.

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      DR. CATHY MARCUM [continued]: However, the dynamic between the two can have dangerous effects.Correctional officers supervise inmates on a consistent basis,so consensual relationships between the twocan result in preferable treatmenttowards an inmate, more favors, extra food,and overlooking infractions.However, if the inmate chooses to break off

    • 04:51

      DR. CATHY MARCUM [continued]: the relationship with a correctional officer,the results can be detrimental to the inmate.The correctional officer may chooseto revoke privileges or goods, even if it's not justified,simply to get revenge on the inmate.[Sexual Victimization in Prison]Unfortunately, not all relationships in prison

    • 05:13

      DR. CATHY MARCUM [continued]: are consensual.Sexual victimization occurs at a rapid rateand is increasing steadily.Often times, sexual victimizationoccurs between inmates and so one inmate, such as a wolf,will dominate another inmate.And again, because of the overcrowding issue,it's difficult for all staff to supervise inmate behaviors

    • 05:34

      DR. CATHY MARCUM [continued]: on a constant basis.Staff-on-inmate victimization often occurs, as well.And so staff may manipulate other inmatesor threaten them with the revocation of privilegesshould they not participate in a sexual assault.In 2003, President George W. Bushsigned into act the Prison Rape Elimination Act,

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      DR. CATHY MARCUM [continued]: which essentially dominated a zero tolerancepolicy on all corrections facilitiesin the United States.The president, as well as government agencies,took a stand and said no longer will they toleratesexual assaults in prison.Because of this, punishments havebeen upgraded to staff members who participate in these acts,as in firing, and criminal charges may be pursued.

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      DR. CATHY MARCUM [continued]: Inmates who participate in sexual assaultscan be moved to different locations, placedin solitary confinement, and alsohave different privileges revoked.And lastly, the government is requiredto publish a report on a yearly basis in regardsto the sexual assaults that are reported and confirmedin prison facilities so the publicis aware of what is going on in our prison facilities.

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      DR. CATHY MARCUM [continued]: [MUSIC PLAYING]

Relationships in Prison

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Dr. Cathy Marcum discusses sexual and social relationships in prison, plus the different hierarchies and structures they follow. She highlights sexual assault in prison, staff-prisoner relationships, and the Prison Rape Elimination Act.

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Relationships in Prison

Dr. Cathy Marcum discusses sexual and social relationships in prison, plus the different hierarchies and structures they follow. She highlights sexual assault in prison, staff-prisoner relationships, and the Prison Rape Elimination Act.

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