Prostitution - What's the Harm?

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    • 00:30

      INTERVIEWER: What are you doing here?

    • 00:34

      SPEAKER 1: We're here for a [INAUDIBLE].

    • 00:35

      INTERVIEWER: How far did you go with the girls?Was it--

    • 00:37

      SPEAKER 2: All the way, mate.

    • 00:38

      INTERVIEWER: All the way.

    • 00:38

      SPEAKER 2: All the way.

    • 00:40

      INTERVIEWER: And good?Good review?You seem pretty satisfied.

    • 00:43

      SPEAKER 2: Yeah, yeah, [INAUDIBLE] for money.

    • 00:47

      INTERVIEWER: The sex business is booming.It's a global multi-billion pound industry.Hard to believe that this is a real place.It's like a really horny teenage boy has dreamt it up.And in Britain, prostitution is thriving,with an estimated 80,000 sex workers and growing.

    • 01:05

      SPEAKER 3: These are men in your life using these things.It's massive.It goes on everywhere.

    • 01:10

      INTERVIEWER: Today it seems many young people find nothing wrongwith the idea of buying and selling sex.

    • 01:16

      SPEAKER 4: I'm generally on the side of womenhaving the right to choose what they do with their bodies.

    • 01:19

      SPEAKER 5: Buying girls drinks.Having a one-night stand.I can't really see the difference between thatand paying for a prostitute.

    • 01:25

      INTERVIEWER: And the internet is making an easy transactionfor young men.

    • 01:29

      SPEAKER 6: And we just got on the internet,and found this girl.And it was easy as that.Within an hour, she was round.

    • 01:34

      INTERVIEWER: Prostitution is now a service industrylike any other.

    • 01:37

      SPEAKER 7: It's basically having a wank,but you're paying for her to come outyour laptop onto your sofa.

    • 01:42

      INTERVIEWER: And it can be equallysatisfying for the women offering the services.

    • 01:46

      SPEAKER 8: I've made about 1,250 pounds profit for [INAUDIBLE].

    • 01:50

      INTERVIEWER: But are young punditsaware of the risk to women?

    • 01:54

      SPEAKER 9: Why has the government seenfit to endanger women?It is utterly ridiculous.

    • 02:01

      INTERVIEWER: As I journey into the world of prostitution,I discover what the real everyday dangersof life as a sex worker are.How was she killed?

    • 02:09

      SPEAKER 10: She was beaten to death.

    • 02:12

      INTERVIEWER: And I bust the myths surrounding the industry.London's Soho, the country's premier red light district.What better place to start my journey

    • 02:32

      INTERVIEWER [continued]: into the world of prostitution?Hi.

    • 02:35

      CHRIS DANGERFIELD: Hi.How are you feeling?Good?

    • 02:36

      INTERVIEWER: Yes.I'm meeting entrepreneur and part-time comedian ChrisDangerfield

    • 02:42

      CHRIS DANGERFIELD: See those two fellows talking?They're [INAUDIBLE].So I suppose the nearest that comesto a pimp in the sort of traditional understandingof what a pimp is.

    • 02:49

      INTERVIEWER: Chris has made his home here,and has based an entire comedy routinearound his longstanding habit of paying for sex.[MUSIC PLAYING]Chris is the first man to put his hand upwhen it comes to using sex workers.

    • 03:05

      CHRIS DANGERFIELD: Who here uses prostitutes?OK, yeah, that's good.That's good.Boy, I do.I use them all the time.Who here uses porn?Well, you lying bastards.That is bullshit.

    • 03:20

      INTERVIEWER: Chris, who also has a history of drug addiction,claims he has spent over 150,000 pounds paying for sex,and I want to know why.So we're kind of approaching the prostitution mecca,I guess, of London now.Is that part of the reason that youchose to base yourself here?

    • 03:40

      CHRIS DANGERFIELD: I think I'd be lying if I [INAUDIBLE].I'd just come out of a rehab center,and I needed something to fill that void, really,and I didn't think it was going to be prostitution.I came down here.I had a massage.I was offered extras.The extras were fantastic.And so I've had extras and extras and extras and extras.

    • 04:01

      INTERVIEWER: Was that your first experience with prostitution--

    • 04:04

      CHRIS DANGERFIELD: No.- --you get a massage [INAUDIBLE] experience?

    • 04:07

      CHRIS DANGERFIELD: No, just that kindof rites of passage sort of teenage stuff.You come up to Soho, you have a few drinks,and someone says, come on, let's see a prostitute.Who's first?Who's first?I want to ask you again, who uses pornography?

    • 04:21

      AUDIENCE: Yes.

    • 04:21

      CHRIS DANGERFIELD: Yes!The way it went from laughing to, yay, porn.Yeah!Amazing.

    • 04:35

      BILLIE PORTER: What difference between a sexual experiencewith a prostitute and with someone that you love and know?

    • 04:40

      CHRIS: IT'S not better or worse.It's just different and what i do prefer is variety, you know.What I really like about prostitution isif you were not here, it could a night like tonight.I could be walking along, you know nothing much to do.And I think, I'd really like to [MUTED].And within five minutes I could be having it.You know, and I'm only 80 quid down,and that would usually be a night outat a club or something.

    • 05:01

      BILLIE PORTER: That's the thing, if it's so easy for peopleto get sex for free on a night out,why would anyone want to pay for it?

    • 05:09

      CHRIS: My experience of a lot of prostitutionis, it's a very wonderful, kind, giving, honest situation.Very opposite to my experience of meeting girls in barsand clubs, which tend to be very manipulative, a lot of lies.I think the prostitution situation isvery efficient, is very honest.

    • 05:31

      CHRIS [continued]: Yes, I like to have sex.You like to earn money.This can work together quite well, and it does.

    • 05:37

      COMEDIAN: Well, let me tell you a thing about porn.The people, the actors and actresses in porn,they're prostitutes.They're being paid to have sex.Yeah?The only difference between you lot and me, I [MUTED]pay for it.

    • 05:55

      BILLIE PORTER: Chris shows me that brothels, also knownas walk ups, are dotted around everywhere.

    • 06:00

      CHRIS: Models, now they're not models, are they?They're sex workers.This one is advertising two whole floors, more models.

    • 06:09

      BILLIE PORTER: It might be surprisingthat Chris likes to draw so much attention to it.

    • 06:13

      CHRIS: You know, it's like a theme park,and it's called sex world.

    • 06:16

      BILLIE PORTER: But he says, more men than I would expect,visit sex workers.

    • 06:21

      CHRIS: Who uses them?Lot's of people, these are men in your lifeusing these things.It's massive, it goes on everywhere.It is the only thing around here that seems to be succeeding.All the other shops are going out of business.

    • 06:38

      BILLIE PORTER: Chris was quite a character, wasn't he?[Billie Porter] I feel like he gets awaywith saying, quite a lot of stuffthat would infuriate people under normal circumstances,but there's something very, very charming about him.I think that when talking about people who use prostitutes,Chris might be a quite extreme case.

    • 06:59

      BILLIE PORTER [continued]: But he seems to think that everyone's at it.And I want to find out if that's actually true,and if it is true, then why.I'm starting with a trip abroad to try and findsome young British men to speak to,where they might be more relaxed and unguardedabout their sex lives.

    • 07:21

      BILLIE PORTER [continued]: The Medieval city of Prague, is oneof Europe's tourist hot spots.And it's become a top destinationfor thousands of British stag parties each year.About to find out for myself now,what it is that brings all of these young guys to Prague.

    • 07:44

      BILLIE PORTER [continued]: One reason is obvious.

    • 07:47

      SPEAKER 1: You can get cheap flights from Edinboro.The hotels are now cheap.And the beer is cheap and good.

    • 07:53

      BILLIE PORTER: But the beer is not the only thing on tap.Strip clubs, girls, and bare flesh are all in good supply.Where better to find a stag?Prague's tolerant attitude to prostitution,gives me a chance to find out whyyoung men want to pay for sex.

    • 08:18

      BILLIE PORTER [continued]: How many of you have slept with prostitutessince you've been here?

    • 08:23

      SPEAKER 2: Since we've been here, out of 17, about five.

    • 08:29

      BILLIE PORTER: Is that what attractedyou to come here then, the fact it's really easy to get girls?

    • 08:35

      SPEAKER 2: I think so.I think that's why we came as a stag, as a party.

    • 08:51

      BILLIE PORTER: And he's not alone.I then found a few other guys willing to talk.What are you doing here?

    • 08:59

      SPEAKER 3: We're here for a stag of toilets here.

    • 09:01

      BILLIE PORTER: How far did you go with the girls?

    • 09:03

      SPEAKER 4: All the way, man.

    • 09:04

      BILLIE PORTER: All the way, and good reviews?You seem pretty satisfied.

    • 09:09

      SPEAKER 4: Yeah, yeah probably for money.

    • 09:11

      BILLIE PORTER: Cool.

    • 09:12

      SPEAKER 4: Without a doubt.

    • 09:13

      BILLIE PORTER: What brings you to Prague in particular?

    • 09:16

      SPEAKER 3: The best man picked it out.

    • 09:17

      BILLIE PORTER: Like, why do you think he chose this place?

    • 09:19

      SPEAKER 3: Because it's full of dirty whores.

    • 09:21

      BILLIE PORTER: Do you see prostitutes back in England?

    • 09:23

      SPEAKER 3: Now and again.

    • 09:24

      BILLIE PORTER: Now and again.

    • 09:25

      SPEAKER 3: Not as nice as over here, though.

    • 09:26

      BILLIE PORTER: Have you had any fun with them?

    • 09:28

      SPEAKER 3: No, I haven't myself because I've got a girlfriend.

    • 09:30

      BILLIE PORTER: You going to like tell your friends back homethat you've been hanging?

    • 09:32

      SPEAKER 3: No.

    • 09:32


    • 09:33

      SPEAKER 3: Like what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas,what happens in the [INAUDIBLE] stays in the [INAUDIBLE].That's it.

    • 09:45

      BILLIE PORTER: The next day I go to meetone of the main players in Prague's sex industry.I've been invited today to a gentleman's nightclub called K5and I have seen a flyer of this place.There are a couple dotted around the city last night,and it does look spectacular.So I decided on this glorious day,

    • 10:07

      BILLIE PORTER [continued]: to take up the owner on his offer of a sortof behind the scenes tour.And I want to grill him about his British clientele,if he's got any.I think this is it.Hi.

    • 10:24

      FABIO: Hello.

    • 10:25

      BILLIE PORTER: I'm Billie

    • 10:26

      FABIO: Hi Billie, nice to meet you.

    • 10:28

      BILLIE PORTER: Nice to meet you too.Thank you for having me.

    • 10:30

      FABIO: Welcome to K5 Relax.As you know K5 is a night club and I can show you nowwhat we have.

    • 10:37

      BILLIE PORTER: Cool, I'm excited.

    • 10:38

      FABIO: Behind this door this is you know, heaven for gentlemenhere in Prague.Please.

    • 10:44

      BILLIE PORTER: OK Fabio regularlygives TV crews the K5 tour.

    • 10:51

      FABIO: What is nice here at K5 is this touch screen,where all the customers can have a look at the girls thatare working tonight.So, look.

    • 11:04

      BILLIE PORTER: Customers select the girl of their choiceto spend time alone with."Behavior: Passionate"

    • 11:11

      FABIO: You can get even special, fantasy girls.I mean our girls can be--

    • 11:18

      BILLIE PORTER: Unbelievably

    • 11:19

      FABIO: --dressed as a--

    • 11:21

      BILLIE PORTER: --a lady bird.

    • 11:23

      FABIO: We have all this--

    • 11:24

      BILLIE PORTER: Good attention to detail, Fabio, I'm impressed.And in the next room, another of the clubsunique services that caters for many stag parties.

    • 11:37

      FABIO: As you can see, we preparedover there, one girl with food on top of her.They can eat on the girl.She's Paula.Hi, Paula.She's from Brazil.

    • 11:52

      BILLIE PORTER: Nice to meet you PaulaI'm guessing that the stags don't do hand to mouth,it's more of a sort of face--

    • 11:60

      FABIO: Yeah, they do it, they do it.

    • 12:01

      BILLIE PORTER: Yeah.

    • 12:03

      FABIO: Want to try?Instead of a--

    • 12:04

      BILLIE PORTER: Try What?

    • 12:05

      FABIO: Instead of Paula--

    • 12:06

      BILLIE PORTER: Dipping my face in?What?

    • 12:07

      FABIO: Instead of Paula, if you want I can--

    • 12:09

      BILLIE PORTER: I'm all right, actually.I'm OK.Thanks though.There seems no limit to what you can get up to at this club.

    • 12:17

      FABIO: Please, come with me.We have here maybe three, four, five guys and five girls.

    • 12:27

      BILLIE PORTER: A whole stag group, then potentially--

    • 12:29

      FABIO: Yeah.

    • 12:30

      BILLIE PORTER: --come in together.

    • 12:31

      FABIO: Yeah, look at this.Two or more girls waiting for the guys.

    • 12:38

      BILLIE PORTER: It almost feels like a sort of weird computergame OR something.Like a really horny teenage boy has dreamt it up.You know what I mean.

    • 12:47

      FABIO: I mean we make our customer dreama little bit and K5 can be the right place to do this.This is the Alaska room.

    • 13:00

      BILLIE PORTER: Oh my god.

    • 13:04

      FABIO: You can try it.

    • 13:05

      BILLIE PORTER: Is this an erotic fantasy of many people, Alaska?

    • 13:10

      FABIO: Yeah it can be.I mean, we try to create some different atmosphere,different rooms.

    • 13:19

      BILLIE PORTER: Amazing, Is it shoes off or is that fine?

    • 13:22

      FABIO: Oh, you can.

    • 13:31

      BILLIE PORTER: Yeah , this would never happen in England.

    • 13:35

      FABIO: Yeah, I know.

    • 13:36

      BILLIE PORTER: I didn't think it would happen anywhere,to be honest, maybe like Vegas but not Czech Republic.I can imagine British guys would be in their element here.

    • 13:46

      FABIO: Here we have as well sauna and steam bath.

    • 13:52

      BILLIE PORTER: You got it all.What's the average K5 customer like?Are they young, old?

    • 13:57

      FABIO: Oh, we have basically everything.I mean we have customers from 18 years old to 70 years old.

    • 14:07

      BILLIE PORTER: Wow many Brits?

    • 14:09

      FABIO: Yeah we have a lot of British customers.Every week we have something like two,three stag parties here.And especially tonight should come a stag partiesfrom Ireland, Irish guys.

    • 14:25

      BILLIE PORTER: I wonder what it wouldbe like to work in a place like this.

    • 14:33

      FABIO: And we have here, waiting for you, Laura as well.

    • 14:35

      BILLIE PORTER: I've asked Fabio bea to introduce me to one of the women who works here.Thank you, I'm Billie.This room is beautiful.

    • 14:41

      FABIO: Yeah it's beautiful, very nice room.I let you alone, bye.

    • 14:47

      BILLIE PORTER: Thank you, bye.Do you get lots of people from Britain coming here,like young British guys?

    • 14:53

      LAURA: Yeah.

    • 14:55

      BILLIE PORTER: What do you think of them?

    • 14:57

      LAURA: Yes they are funny, drinks a lot.

    • 14:60

      BILLIE PORTER: Yeah.

    • 15:01

      LAURA: I think they are too much drunk,and always they cannot do nothing.

    • 15:05

      BILLIE PORTER: Oh, so you don't evenend up having to do anything because they're too wasted.How many guys do you maybe see in a day, or busy night?

    • 15:14

      LAURA: It depends, but I think like four, three, four, five.

    • 15:20

      BILLIE PORTER: Is it difficult to enjoy itwhen you're having to spend time with a guythat you think is really nasty?

    • 15:28

      LAURA: I cannot enjoy but you must be good escort to spendthe time with him and don't show to him, you don't like him.

    • 15:39

      BILLIE PORTER: Does that ever makeyou want to quit and do something else, havingto be intimate with people that you don't really like.

    • 15:47

      LAURA: No, because every work you make, you make for money.But I have a son and he get older and I don't know,one day he come here, like and maybe he'dsee me sitting there because he's now 13.

    • 16:03

      BILLIE PORTER: --and doesn't know.

    • 16:04

      LAURA: No

    • 16:05

      BILLIE PORTER: Where does he think you work?

    • 16:07

      LAURA: In bar with restaurant.

    • 16:09

      BILLIE PORTER: But maybe it's just a job for youat the end of the day.So you are able to sort of emotionallydetach yourself from it.

    • 16:19

      LAURA: I finished work here and I switch off and I go homeand I live my life.

    • 16:29

      BILLIE PORTER: Laura's work is not without its difficulties.And I think she's brave to do whatit takes to make a good living for her and her son.I have to say after visiting a place like K5it is really not difficult to understandwhy swarms of young British men want to come to Prague.

    • 16:50

      BILLIE PORTER [continued]: It's certainly a far cry from the basements in Sohowith little model signs.Young men can put their inhibitionsto one side paying for sex abroad.But is it giving them a taste for it when they get back home?

    • 17:13

      BILLIE PORTER [continued]: Back in London, I wanted to find young people willing to talkabout paying for sex.

    • 17:18

      MADDIE: Hello, can I take an order, please?

    • 17:20

      BILLIE PORTER: Kevin O'Flanigan is a 20-year-old student.He's meeting up with some of his friends--

    • 17:25

      MADDIE: Can I get both a margarita--

    • 17:27

      BILLIE PORTER: Emily, Jesse, and his girlfriend, Maddie,after the summer holidays.

    • 17:33

      MADDIE: So my friends went to Portugal recentlyand one of them paid to have sex and oneof them paid to have oral sex.

    • 17:41

      KEVIN: Last time I paid for sex was in Amsterdam,the red light district.When I was a bit greedy, have to pay for two of them.So it was like a threesome.

    • 17:50

      JESSE: Really?

    • 17:51

      MADDIE: How much you pay?

    • 17:52

      KEVIN: It was something like 120 euros or something.And then I was out with my friends in East London Casino,and we walked passed this dorm and my matewas like, oh yeah, by the way, that's a brotheland I'm quite horney.And then you go in, and they give you like a raffle ticket.And there's all these women sitting aroundand you got to the one you wanted and you hand it to her.

    • 18:13

      EMILY: Lucky girl.

    • 18:14

      KEVIN: Exactly then they take you to a room and--

    • 18:15

      MADDIE: Did the girls have a good time?

    • 18:16

      KEVIN: Yeah, of course they did.

    • 18:17

      MADDIE: Do you genuinely think they did or is that you?

    • 18:20

      KEVIN: The one in East London, yeah,I think she was enjoying it more than I was.The one in Amsterdam, the two in Amsterdam--

    • 18:26

      MADDIE: Golden plated--

    • 18:27

      KEVIN: Shut up, man.The one in Amsterdam, the two in Amsterdam was just so fake.

    • 18:33

      JESSE: Do you regret it?

    • 18:34

      KEVIN: I don't regret it because--

    • 18:36

      MADDIE: He had a great time.

    • 18:37

      KEVIN: It wasn't great.It's not like the best sex I've ever had or anything.It's just standard sex, I was horny at a time,that was my only option.

    • 18:43

      BILLIE PORTER: The guys are comfortable with the ideaof paying for sex.

    • 18:46

      KEVIN: You haven't have you?

    • 18:48

      JESSE: Man, no man.

    • 18:48

      KEVIN: Would you?

    • 18:49

      JESSE: Yeah.

    • 18:51

      KEVIN: Why haven't you already then?

    • 18:53

      JESSE: Haven't had the chance.Let's go to Amsterdam with some mates.

    • 18:55

      BILLIE PORTER: But it is not something the girls canso easily understand.

    • 18:58

      MADDIE: Why do you want to pay someone for sex?Why not just meet someone and then get-- knock it.

    • 19:02

      KEVIN: Why not do both?

    • 19:03

      MADDIE: But why would you pay, when you can get it for free?Why would you pay?

    • 19:07

      BILLIE PORTER: The friends might not share the same opinionon Kevin's exploits but they all agree that sexis a big part of their lives.

    • 19:13

      JESSE: Older people would frown upon it because of the waythey've been raised in a way.Because it's way more open for us, like you have TVshows about people going to have sex and such.

    • 19:21

      MADDIE: Sex is everywhere.

    • 19:22

      JESSE: Yeah, literally, it is promoted.

    • 19:24

      MADDIE: Our generation, we talk about sex openly.

    • 19:26

      KEVIN: Yeah definitely.

    • 19:27

      JESSE: It's like your playing a drinking game or somethinglike, have you ever, every single thing is like--

    • 19:30

      KEVIN: Sexually related.

    • 19:31

      JESSE: --like having a free [INAUDIBLE]

    • 19:37

      BILLIE PORTER: Kevin is not sure if he'll use sex rackets again,but for two friends in Cheshire, paying for sexhas become a part of the normal leisure time.Declan is 22 and a former soldier.His friend Adam is 23 and runs a news agency.

    • 19:58

      BILLIE PORTER [continued]: Thanks for having me.

    • 19:59

      DECLAN: No problem.

    • 19:60

      BILLIE PORTER: This is a very clean house for two boys.

    • 20:02

      DECLAN: His ex-girlfriend used to live here.

    • 20:04

      BILLIE PORTER: I've come to find outwhat's behind their decision to pay for sex.

    • 20:09

      DECLAN: I met my girlfriend and two, three months later, shetold me she was an escort.

    • 20:14

      BILLIE PORTER: So she was sleeping with other guyswhile you two were in a relationship.

    • 20:16

      DECLAN: Yeah and I didn't know for a few months.

    • 20:19

      BILLIE PORTER: Did It bother you?

    • 20:20

      DECLAN: At first.but then.not so much because she had quite a lot of moneyand I was younger than her.It was quite a nice little touch.

    • 20:27

      BILLIE PORTER: What's the first experience with an escort,other than your girlfriend who you didn't know was an escort?

    • 20:33

      DECLAN: About six months in, we'd split up.We are still friends even now but it wasn't going to work.And her friend, who I've met, who also did it.That was the first time that I paid for it.Yeah, and she don't know that, so that'll go down well.

    • 20:49

      BILLIE PORTER: And what about you?Is he the one who got you in it and then herecommended that you tried it?

    • 20:53

      ADAM: I've had a few times before,but he was the one that got me into it seriously.

    • 20:58

      BILLIE PORTER: How regularly do you both see prostitutes?

    • 21:02

      DECLAN: Every three or four months,It's not like an every week thing.It's If there's money there to do it, I think.

    • 21:07

      BILLIE PORTER: Do you guys like brothels or have escorts cometo your house ?

    • 21:12

      DECLAN: I have done both.I'd rather them do out calls and come to me because you justfeel a bit more comfortable.

    • 21:20

      ADAM: If they come to you, it's like they're trustingyou to be in your house.So you've got to trust them.If you go to these brothels, anything can happen.

    • 21:29

      BILLIE PORTER: Declan and Adam can make surethey get what they want--

    • 21:32

      ADAM: Question is if it's got what you want.

    • 21:34

      BILLIE PORTER: --by using websitesthat list sex workers and the services they provide.

    • 21:37

      ADAM: You can see how quick it is.You go to female, escort, county area:Cheshire, search and there's one within seconds.

    • 21:44

      DECLAN: You can pretty much find anythingthat you're looking for and you can alwaysscan through and look at the picturesand-- hello, hello busy later, madame?

    • 21:55

      ADAM: No.

    • 21:56

      DECLAN: And she could be porn star stunningand have a reading think, no thanks, I'llcarry on searching.Because something might put you off.

    • 22:05

      BILLIE PORTER: What would put you off?

    • 22:09

      DECLAN: Unprotected sex, oral without, things like that.Things that make you sort of think she's-- yeah I don't wantto wake up syphilis.

    • 22:17

      ADAM: Has a nice face but--

    • 22:19

      DECLAN: Aw, see beautiful, you know,I mean you can't get women like that,can you.

    • 22:23

      ADAM: Now I've seen that, I'm going to message her.

    • 22:25

      DECLAN: Out at pubs, you know you're notgoing to get that, are you, big plump fakeboobs like that, you know.It's basically having a wife, but you'repaying for that to come out your laptop on to you, so brilliant.

    • 22:36

      BILLIE PORTER: Do you think that it's something that peopleare becoming less ashamed of?

    • 22:41

      DECLAN: Yeah, I think porn's got a big part to play in it.You watch a porno, you are not going to get that.Down the tongue, you're just not,you're not going to get a woman that'sgoing to do that sort of stuff.

    • 22:52

      BILLIE PORTER: The internet has brought the top shelfto life for Adam and Declan, bringing fantasy womeninto their homes.The sex industry has been revolutionized by going online.And it's the biggest factor in opening upthe world of buying and selling sex to us all.Everyone knows that porn is really easy to find on the net

    • 23:14

      BILLIE PORTER [continued]: and a lot of it's free.But what I've realized is that online pornis the gateway for many young peopleto find sex and sell sex.So, if you want more than virtual sex,it's just another click away.Readers type in say, escort in Leeds,loads and loads of sites come up.

    • 23:34

      BILLIE PORTER [continued]: The site Adam in Declan use is one of the most popular,adult work.It has over 20,000 members to temptyou catering for all budgets.There's an ex porn star here, who is1,000 pounds for an overnight.There is a girl here who offers a 30 pound quickie hand relief.

    • 23:57

      BILLIE PORTER [continued]: You guys have no problems like picking up girlsat bars or whatever, you just sometimes find the experiencewith escorts preferable to that.

    • 24:03

      DECLAN: Yeah, exactly, yeah, if youwant to go and sleep with a bird who looks like she's come outof a nuts magazine.Then if you go in on a night out,you've got like a one in a million chance of runninginto someone, don't you.If you're paying for it, she drives down to your houseand there she is, so.

    • 24:19

      ADAM: Four nights out a month, spending like 50 quid a night,or just have one night and spend 150.Save yourself money, get yourself a girl.

    • 24:27

      BILLIE PORTER: But the guys admitthat sleeping with escorts affects my relationships.Has that been a problem for you in your relationships,that you can't get the porn star experiencefrom all of your girls?Well at least, not all the time.

    • 24:39

      ADAM: Yeah it's once in a blue moon, I find.And--

    • 24:42

      DECLAN: When she's drunk.

    • 24:44

      ADAM: When they do it, they're good.But then you think, why not all the time?

    • 24:48

      DECLAN: I think I push my luck all the time,then you feel like a right wankerafterwards, because you don't want your girlfriendto feel like pressured into doing things, do you.

    • 24:58

      ADAM: It puts you off, it really puts you off, because it'slike, when you're with prostitutes they can do it downand they do it every night.And then when you're with your girlfriend, who supposedlyloves you, will never cheat on you,they can't do it every night.It's like, what you doing wrong?You know what I'm saying?

    • 25:16

      BILLIE PORTER: I think that young people do speak openlyabout sex.I speak openly about sex with my friends,but it's surprising to see that men don't feel like it'sgoing to bruise their ego, the fact they're openlyadmitting paying for sex.I assume that many people would take that

    • 25:38

      BILLIE PORTER [continued]: as meaning that they can't get sex unless they pay for it.But they, you know, were very black and white about the factthat they can, they just prefer to.They find it easier and cheaper quite often.I know the guys' side of the story now,but what's in it for the girls?

    • 25:60

      BILLIE PORTER [continued]: Well, the internet's also made it easy and convenientfor young women to offer their services.Charlotte is a 27-year-old sex workerwho's exploiting the internet to the full.Thanks for having me.I've come to meet to find out more.How did you get into all of it?

    • 26:21

      CHARLOTTE: I've been in the adult industrysince I was eighteen, as a lap dancing.And I worked for an insurance companyas well at the same time.And, I was getting kind of bored of itwhen I got to age of twenty-two.And then I kind of discovered the web camming, and the factthat I could work from home and things like that,but I could work when I wanted.

    • 26:42

      CHARLOTTE [continued]: On a normal day, I do like ten to two.And then I do a couple of in the afternoon, and then maybe atnight, if I'm free as well.As long as I got an internet connection,i can work where ever.

    • 26:53

      BILLIE PORTER: Charlotte is one of the thousands operatingthrough the adult work website.

    • 26:57

      CHARLOTTE: See, that's-- I'm all logged on now.

    • 26:59

      BILLIE PORTER: She just waits for the men to get in touch.

    • 27:02

      CHARLOTTE: Doing what I do, I need to look after myself.So, the better I look, the more I am going to make.

    • 27:08

      BILLIE PORTER: And lunch time it's a good time to business.For about the price of a pint, mencan log on for a sexual kick.

    • 27:15

      CHARLOTTE: Oh, that was my favorite guy.Hello, hello there.What's your name?I Can't hear the people, but they're typing,so every time it beeps like they're saying something.So I just reply.It's Jordon and where are you from Jordon?I look amazing?Oh, thank you.

    • 27:35

      CHARLOTTE [continued]: Should i show you what I've got on?Look, I thought I'd go a bit casual today,just my shorts and that.

    • 27:45

      BILLIE PORTER: Normally Charlottewill do a full strip for a customer,but Jordan checks out early.

    • 27:51

      CHARLOTTE: You can't take things that personally really.Because sometimes you gotta think, I can't see him,so his wife might have walked in,his girlfriend might've walked in.

    • 28:00

      BILLIE PORTER: Not all Charlotte's customersare prepared to go face to face with her.

    • 28:04

      CHARLOTTE: I always ask them if they've got webcam.It's a lot easier, and it's a lot more fun for meto be able to see them.Because I can be dancing around, doing whateverand I don't know if they're enjoying it.At least if I can see them wanking, I know.I find it quite interesting.I mean, I have a guy on here as well who like,puts golf balls up his ass.And really, so that sometimes it can be really

    • 28:26

      CHARLOTTE [continued]: fun to watch them.Hello, how have you been?It's been a while.We have fun on webcam.I know, are we going to have some fun today?I haven't seen you do anything naughty for ages.That was the guy, he puts golf balls up his ass.It's hilarious.

    • 28:46

      BILLIE PORTER: The user friendly nature of the sitehas made it easy for Charlotte to take the next step.What about the sort of leap from doing stuff on webcamto actually escorting.

    • 28:58

      CHARLOTTE: I started doing boy girl webcam charlies.And I was working with a guy and it wasn't reallythat profitable.Now if I'm going to sleep with other people,I want to maximize what I'm making.The website that I webcam on, you can escort for as well.So I just did a blog site, I was thinking about it.Got quite a lot of interest, so gone from thereand I'm really enjoying it.

    • 29:26

      CHARLOTTE [continued]: What perv?I've got a menesco booking in a while today.It's predominantly like a foot fetish booking,so I'm kind of looking forward to it.Should be good fun.He wants me to sort of work on a secretary kind of thing.

    • 29:47

      CHARLOTTE [continued]: So, I've got a few things upstairs I'm going to bring.

    • 29:50

      BILLIE PORTER: Charlotte has worked as an escort sellingsex for a year.

    • 29:54

      CHARLOTTE: I limit myself, bookings wise,to normally three, maybe four a purge.Because then I want everyone to get 100% out of me as well.I don't want any of the guys to sort of tell that I'm tiredor anything like that.So, I mean, I know girls who see like, some ten people in a day.And think that's not my, that's not like ten hours.

    • 30:17

      CHARLOTTE [continued]: That would be 50 minutes of half an hour bookings.But yeah, as much as obviously I do this for the money,I'm not going to spread myself out.

    • 30:29

      BILLIE PORTER: Have you had friends and familyor, you know, boyfriends who havehad an issue with what you do?

    • 30:35

      CHARLOTTE: Not really, I mean my family obviously don'tparticularly like what I do.I mean, I'm not--

    • 30:41

      BILLIE PORTER: What do you mean?Like--

    • 30:43

      CHARLOTTE: They just can't understand why I can't justuse my brain and work in an office, but I've done thatand I didn't like it.So, they just don't think it's kind of-- Idon't know that they think it's acceptable to do.But my friends and that, they just like, I can't believe it,you don't overwork and you make all this money.A lot of my job as well.a lot of it is twitter.

    • 31:04

      BILLIE PORTER: Charlotte uses a different name for her sex workand social media is a key part of my business strategy.

    • 31:11

      CHARLOTTE: This morning, when I was getting ready,I just took a picture of my bum.It means people are looking and interested.And then everyone who's looking and interestedis a potential customer.You know, that someone who might wantto come and actually see me.

    • 31:25

      BILLIE PORTER: How much do you earn then?

    • 31:27

      CHARLOTTE: It depends really.

    • 31:29

      BILLIE PORTER: A good month.

    • 31:30

      CHARLOTTE: On a good month, OK, web camming,I try to make 1000 pound a week.And then when I escort, around two grand on top of that.So, like six grand, I guess.That's a good month.You know, it could be anything from four to seven,just depends.But not bad, I get by.

    • 31:49

      BILLIE PORTER: Four grand a month is a lot.So, I'm sitting in, I guess, a room that lots of menhave paid to see.

    • 31:59

      CHARLOTTE: Yes I don't like my wallpaper.So yeah, otherwise this is where I work.So I advertise it here too.

    • 32:06

      BILLIE PORTER: I want to know more abouthow Charlotte uses the website.

    • 32:09

      CHARLOTTE: these can slide over.

    • 32:12

      BILLIE PORTER: So it's kind of like a social networkingsite for sex workers.Let me see your profile.All natural, I'm impressed.I thought your boobs must be fake.And they are perky.

    • 32:28

      CHARLOTTE: No, no, it's a good bra.

    • 32:29

      BILLIE PORTER: I was wrong.

    • 32:31

      CHARLOTTE: See with my profile, I'mgoing to freak out already, part of the gallery theyhave to pay to view it.

    • 32:37

      BILLIE PORTER: Charlotte also takes her business outon the road.She arranges hotels and apartments and mencan book a time to see her.

    • 32:45

      CHARLOTTE: I have them all here.So everyone knows where I'm going to be.

    • 32:49

      BILLIE PORTER: So it's like a tour date.

    • 32:50

      CHARLOTTE: Yeah, it's kind of like a tour, yeah.I am going to there bookings, so come.So they submit--

    • 32:56

      BILLIE PORTER: Wait, some of it's 400,oh wait, 300 pounds per hour.

    • 33:00

      CHARLOTTE: Yeah, that's because he's having like the porn starexperience.It's just a little bit different,the girlfriend experience is a lot more relaxed,for as that'll be more sex and more than everyday, so,yes more money.

    • 33:15

      BILLIE PORTER: Have you had young hot guyscome and see you?

    • 33:18

      CHARLOTTE: No, I've had a couple of younger guys,but generally, the best types arethe older guys, because they're nicer and more respectful.When the younger guys will just want to treat you like you'rea whore.And it specifically says in my page,don't see me if you're going to thinkyou can spend a whole hour plowing through me.It doesn't work like that, I'm a human, I'm not a machine.

    • 33:39

      BILLIE PORTER: Is it something that you'd recommend to people,do you think?

    • 33:42

      CHARLOTTE: It's not for everyone.Because not everyone can mentally deal with it.You know, you do sit there and I think, having sexwith these people for money and, you know,people see me naked for money but I can deal with it.I love it.I enjoy it.But I know a lot of people who have come in the industryand left because they can't, they just can't deal with it.So it's only for a particular type of person.

    • 34:04

      CHARLOTTE [continued]: It's really, really quite crazy what youmake in a short amount of time.

    • 34:09

      BILLIE PORTER: Charlotte's business is legitimate.She's got an accountant and she pays tax too.Inspired--

    • 34:15

      CHARLOTTE: Girl why'd you do it, loot at that.

    • 34:19

      BILLIE PORTER: Oh my God, It was incredibly eyeopening to meet Charlotte and justto hear how much money there is to be made in this industry.Charlotte has made 90 grand from web camming alonein the past two years, which just blew my mind.And I think that, that figure speaksfor itself, in that, it's not hard to seewhy so many girls would get into this industry,

    • 34:42

      BILLIE PORTER [continued]: just because it can be so, so lucrative.There's no law stopping Charlottefrom earning a living selling her body,but not all aspects of prostitution are legal.I want to know exactly what the laws are on buying and sellingsex in Britain.I've been looking at the law on prostitution.and it's pretty complex.It is legal to sell sex.

    • 35:02

      BILLIE PORTER [continued]: But it's illegal to do it on the street in public.And with brothels, it's really complicated.They're illegal, at least it's illegal to run one.It says here it's actually not illegal to work in one.Is it just me that finds the law complex, contradictory,

    • 35:23

      BILLIE PORTER [continued]: and hard to understand?I want to know how much other people knowin the laws on prostitution and whether they think they work.Here we are.So this is the venue for my pop quiz today.

    • 35:45

      BILLIE PORTER [continued]: I've invited a group of 20 people, including Kevin,to take part in my quiz on the very complicated law regardingprosecution.and it's an issue some of them are very comfortable with.

    • 35:58

      SPEAKER 5: I'm generally on the side of womenhaving the right to choose what they do with their bodies.

    • 36:02

      SPEAKER 6: A lot of people, when they go outand they're drinking in the club and they're getting blinddrunk, buying girls drinks, having a one night stand,not even remembering her name, for a guys point of view, Ican't really see the difference between thatand just cutting the chase and paying for a prostitute.

    • 36:17

      BILLIE PORTER: But how much do they know about the law?So, welcome to our prostitution pop quiz.Can I hear blue buzzer [BUZZER] and red.[BUZZER] OK, so first scenario, itis a guy paying a girl for sex.

    • 36:40

      BILLIE PORTER [continued]: Is it legal or illegal?[BUZZER]

    • 36:44

      SPEAKER 6: Illegal.

    • 36:46

      BILLIE PORTER: It's actually illegal.

    • 36:48

      SPEAKER 6: Really?

    • 36:49

      BILLIE PORTER: Yeah, the law does allow one personto pay another for sex.So, you're surprised by that, aren't you.

    • 36:56

      SPEAKER 6: Well yeah, I get obviously youcan give someone money.But I just think, when you first think about paying for it,the thing that springs to mind is illegal but yeah.

    • 37:04

      BILLIE PORTER: And what now, you--

    • 37:06

      SPEAKER 6: My mind is blank, my mind is blank.

    • 37:06

      BILLIE PORTER: --go out and celebrate.OK how many people knew the answer to that, honestly?So, like half and half.I didn't know.OK, next up a prostitute and a dude in a car.One person--

    • 37:25

      SPEAKER 7: That's illegal because that'swhat curb pooling is, curb pooling is illegal.

    • 37:28

      BILLIE PORTER: Correct It's against the law for a manto solicit sex and for women to loiter in public selling sex.The next scenario, a sex worker is advertisingher services [BUZZER] online.I have finished the question.Go on then.

    • 37:46

      SPEAKER 8: I think it's illegal.

    • 37:47


    • 37:48

      SPEAKER 6: No, no I think it is illegal.

    • 37:49

      BILLIE PORTER: You have to decide as a group.Wait, give me an answer.

    • 37:55

      SPEAKER 6: Illegal.

    • 37:56

      BILLIE PORTER: It's legal.It's legal to advertise sexual services in newspapersor online, as long as the service itself is not illegal.For a bonus point, is there anywherethat's illegal to advertise?Yeah, go on then.

    • 38:15

      SPEAKER 9: Telephone boxes and public places.

    • 38:17

      BILLIE PORTER: Yes, final scenario,it's a prostitute with the guy, and there'sanother prostitute with a guy next door as well,legal or illegal?

    • 38:28

      MULTIPLE SPEAKERS: Legal.Legal.Legal.

    • 38:30

      SPEAKER 10: It's illegal like if thereis one prostitute in a household,being paid for sex, that's legal.But as soon as more the one are in the same buildingor the same house, then it is classes as a brothel.So, that is illegal.

    • 38:43

      BILLIE PORTER: It's illegal to run or to help run a brothel,but as I found out earlier, it's not actuallyillegal to work in one.

    • 38:50

      SPEAKER 5: I understand why they are illegal,because they don't want it to be like big businessand have pimps and madams and stuff,but I think it's a really vulnerable position to be in.You could be a victim of violence or like rape.So, it'd be really important, I think,to allow people to live in brothels as long as itwas like regulated so that it wasn't exploitative maybe.

    • 39:10

      BILLIE PORTER: OK, does anyone know who'sat fault in that situation?[BUZZER] Yes, go on.

    • 39:17

      SPEAKER 8: It's the bloak.Bloaks get caught going to these brothels.They are the ones in the wrong, and they will get prosecuted.

    • 39:24

      BILLIE PORTER: Actually, men are only committing a crimeif the woman they have sex with has been forced or trafficked.Otherwise, they're off the hook.The person at fault is the one running the brothel.That's the end of the quiz.So, applause, did you enjoy it?

    • 39:44


    • 39:46

      BILLIE PORTER: But many of the quizzersseem unhappy with the way the law works at the moment.

    • 39:50

      SPEAKER 6: All of us are confused about laws.Not one person here got everything correct.And I'm sure the whole British public is like that.So, I think should be cleared up and kind of set straight.The laws rather than it contradict itself.

    • 40:02

      SPEAKER 10: The law does need to be reviewed,it's a two way thing, they're both participating in this act.Why should the woman be victimized and they made outto be the criminal and let the male get away with it.

    • 40:11

      SPEAKER 11: I think that change the law with prostitution, Ithink, and give more rights to prostitutes,I think it's going to promoted itand more women will go to prostitution, whichI completely disagree with.

    • 40:25

      BILLIE PORTER: We found reports of 93 raids on brothelsby police in 2013.I want to know more about brothels to understandwhy they're illegal.But it's proved impossible to get into one.Madam Becky Adams, though, has agreed to help me out.She ran several brothels in the home counties for 25 years,until she retired in 2009.

    • 40:48

      BILLIE PORTER [continued]: Becky is going to show me what's really involvedin running a brothel.So we've come to an apartment I've hired on her advice.So here we are

    • 41:02

      MADAM BECKY: Excellent.

    • 41:03

      BILLIE PORTER: Where the magic is about to happen.Is this all right, though?

    • 41:10

      MADAM BECKY: Yeah, i think this is perfect, really.

    • 41:13

      BILLIE PORTER: So why is it good to rent an apartment like this?

    • 41:15

      MADAM BECKY: A service departmentis a mixture between a very smart hotel roomand renting your own apartment.But it's serviced like a hotel.It's not always a good idea to have somewhere that you'rerenting on a six months lease.You know you could be shut down tomorrow.So at least with the service department,it means we can take our bits and pieces,we can set up for the day, and then

    • 41:38

      MADAM BECKY [continued]: we can go be somewhere else tomorrow.

    • 41:43

      BILLIE PORTER: Here we are.Becky checks over the apartment--

    • 41:46

      MADAM BECKY: Good, brilliant, perfect.

    • 41:48

      BILLIE PORTER: --that will become my brothel.

    • 41:49

      MADAM BECKY: Got some kinky mirrors.Oh, that's really nice, isn't it. thank you room.

    • 41:54

      BILLIE PORTER: It turns out the action starts in the bathroom.

    • 41:57

      MADAM BECKY: So you don't have to have a smelly customer,we offer them an assisted bubble bath.And you will give him a nice wash.

    • 42:05

      BILLIE PORTER: So just a wash nothing else?

    • 42:07

      MADAM BECKY: Normally what would happen, was you'd wash his backand have a game hide the soap, if you see what I mean.And then I will come in with a tray of tea.And put the tray of tea on the loo seat,so he can have a little drink of tea or cold beer or somethingwhile he's lying in his bath.We always had a tray of biscuits, ginger nuts

    • 42:28

      MADAM BECKY [continued]: or a nice bit of short bread.

    • 42:29

      BILLIE PORTER: But I'm not saying that I wouldn'tgo with some ginger nuts but--

    • 42:33

      MADAM BECKY: Oh you have to, you can't have a good brothelwithout a ginger nut, dear.We'll have to get some ginger nuts.

    • 42:38

      BILLIE PORTER: Learning so much.

    • 42:40

      MADAM BECKY: It's all these little essentials, you see.You thought it was all about the sex,but it's all about the biscuits.

    • 42:47

      BILLIE PORTER: Becky then takes me through the essentials--

    • 42:50

      MADAM BECKY: Like Christmas, isn't it?

    • 42:52

      BILLIE PORTER: --that every self-respecting madam needs.

    • 42:56

      MADAM BECKY: You can never ever haveenough towels in a brothel.But they do their activities on top of the bed,on top of towels.Baby wipes are an essential part of massage parlors and workingflats.So they'll help clean the customerswhen they've finished.Obviously condoms, you know, always, always, always

    • 43:18

      MADAM BECKY [continued]: safe sex.So to use a condom for sex and oral sex as well.So eighteen won't last very long.

    • 43:27

      BILLIE PORTER: Next, Becky wants to show mehow to get the bedroom ready for action.

    • 43:34

      MADAM BECKY: So I'll just show you reallyquickly how to fold the towels.

    • 43:39

      BILLIE PORTER: Does it always start with a massage,or do they ever just go straight into sex.

    • 43:43

      MADAM BECKY: Normally the customer would be front down,so he going to have a nice back massage and then whenthe customer is ready, he sort of turns overand then it can be a front massageand then moving into sex.So kind of by now, you're probably half an hourinto your hour's booking.And although gentleman might thinkthat they are paying for an hour's booking

    • 44:06

      MADAM BECKY [continued]: and they going to have an hour of sex.And people have this perception, you know, that prostitutionis all about sex.I think we all know, that gentleman normallycan't last that long.So out of an hour's booking, probably about 30 seconds of itwould be sex.And then it's all done, and then it's all finished.

    • 44:23

      BILLIE PORTER: By running brothels,Becky was breaking the law.She was raided and closed down by the policesix times, though never prosecuted.

    • 44:32

      MADAM BECKY: If you obey the unwritten rules, whichare no drugs, no under-aged girls, no alcohol, no coercion,and the girls are paying they're sortof tax and national insurance, then the police alwaysknew where we were.They always kept an eye on us, and as longas we weren't making, and being a nuisance, or causing trouble,

    • 44:54

      MADAM BECKY [continued]: then they sort of left us alone.I was always aware that we were breaking the law,but to me, I didn't feel as if I was doing anything wrong,my moral sense.I was just helping girls and helpingcustomers stay safe and in a sort of controlled environment.

    • 45:16

      MADAM BECKY [continued]: Set the ambiance there, dear.

    • 45:17

      BILLIE PORTER: Becky believes that brothels providethe safest place for sex workers and campaignsfor them to be decriminalized.Why do you feel that the law has ignored, then the fact,that lots of girls will be putting themselves at risk,if they do abide by it.

    • 45:35

      MADAM BECKY: The law is ridiculous.But sex workers don't really have a voiceand they certainly don't have a voice that anybody particularlylistens to.So, I don't know the answer to that.Why has the government seen fit to endanger women?It is utterly ridiculous.

    • 45:57

      MADAM BECKY [continued]: I!Really do fail to properly equipped to run a brothelnow, considering it.Just talking to someone who is affected first hand makesit all so much more real, than just hearing about brothelsare illegal.And, it just makes me confused about why they are.

    • 46:18

      MADAM BECKY [continued]: Because someone like Becky running a brothel justseems like it would be such a safe, smooth running business.Around 10% of the sex industry is street prostitution.It is the smallest section of the industry,but it's the one that grabs all the headlines.

    • 46:40

      MADAM BECKY [continued]: Many street workers start before the age of 18.

    • 46:43

      SHELLY STOOPS: We do regular outreach sessionsthree or four nights a week.

    • 46:47

      BILLIE PORTER: I've come to Liverpool,to spend the evening with Shelley Stoops ,who works for the local NHS Trust.She regularly visits the city's 200 street sex workers.

    • 46:57

      SHELLY STOOPS: We would go around, see the women,giving them condoms.We operate a needle exchange, and a listening earif there are any problems they need help with.We might be the only person who stops and spokento like a human being.

    • 47:13

      BILLIE PORTER: Most street workersare coping with addiction.Out here they're also selling sexwhere the risks and dangers are highest.

    • 47:23

      SHELLY STOOPS: We've often actually been on outreachand come across with them being attacked.People throwing eggs and throwing stones at the women.And people attacking them when they can't, you know,follow through on the act.

    • 47:38

      BILLIE PORTER: 140 sex workers have been murdered in Britainsince 1990.Shelly's brought me to one of the main areas favoredby Liverpool street workers.But it's also the site of a murder.

    • 47:51

      SHELLY STOOPS: So, this is where Anne MarieFoy was murdered in 2005.And Anne Marie was just, you know, doing a normal businessand working as normal.What happened was, the next day, one of our other clientsfound her, just propped up against the tree there.

    • 48:11

      BILLIE PORTER: Anne Marie was a 46-year-old motherand grandmother.How was she killed?

    • 48:17

      SHELLY STOOPS: She was beaten to death.

    • 48:22

      BILLIE PORTER: It;s heart breaking.

    • 48:27

      SHELLY STOOPS: We're talking about people here, notabout headlines.Anne Marie was a woman, and she was someone we cared about.So it's about that and everybody belonging to somebody.

    • 48:38

      BILLIE PORTER: It's weird to think that they're stillworking around her.It all must just be a constant reminder of the dangerthat they're in.

    • 48:44

      SHELLY STOOPS: Yeah, I mean, and the women come hereto kind of remember Anne Marie.You'll often see them popping up and putting flowers there.Her children come here.So, very much a reminder of all the womenwe've lost here in Liverpool, far too many lives, far toomany.

    • 49:09

      BILLIE PORTER: The next day I go to the Armistead centerin Liverpool, a place that supports street sex workers.Shelley has arranged for me to meeta woman who worked in street prostitutionfrom the age of 24.Like many street workers, she was driven by a need for moneyto fund addictions.Thanks so much for coming to talk to me.Liz is 33 and a mom of two children.

    • 49:32

      BILLIE PORTER [continued]: She doesn't want to reveal her identity.Tell me a bit about your story, youused to be a sex worker, right?

    • 49:38

      LIZ: Yeah, I come from a loving family, no problems at all.But I have a serious drug addiction,serious alcohol problem, the desperation, am I at.Soon as I open my eyes and morning,to get out, get dressed, and get out on the streetwhen a few bump for my alcohol and my drugs.

    • 50:03

      BILLIE PORTER: What was your life like?This is something that's quite difficult for meto get my head around, what it's actually like,the act of being paid to do somethinglike that, or like how you can deal with it?

    • 50:12

      LIZ: It's just a nightmare.Times like I'd wake up crying, in the middle of the night.I'd be screaming in my sleep.I'd wake up in cold sweats.I see the faces of these men who absolutely violated me.The flashbacks on the mental damageof being left with, even now, nearly three years clean sober,

    • 50:37

      LIZ [continued]: is untold.There was a lot of anger, rage, self hating, self loathing,this belief that I was worthless.

    • 50:50

      BILLIE PORTER: Despite her anguish with the job,it took a series of attacks for Liz to leave the streets.

    • 50:56

      LIZ: I got to a point where I'd been seriouslysexually assaulted, once by four puntersand then I've been seriously assaulted by anotherand left for dead.I had all my teeth kicked out of my mouth.And then I was held in a flat for eight hourson and basically raped and beaten by another punter.

    • 51:22

      LIZ [continued]: I said, you know what I need, I need out.I need to get out.

    • 51:25

      BILLIE PORTER: Shelly organized for Lizto enter a rehab program two years ago.Where any of the people that attacked you arrested?

    • 51:33

      LIZ: Yeah.

    • 51:34

      BILLIE PORTER: They were?

    • 51:35

      LIZ: Yeah, of course they were.In one case, the fella got three years for beating me upand the same with the guy who kept me imprisoned.

    • 51:50

      BILLIE PORTER: I've had friends and family who havestruggled with drug addiction.And it's always heartbreaking to seehow much it can change people.You know, it's horrible to hear about these stories of peoplebeing beaten up and left for dead on the street and drugs

    • 52:11

      BILLIE PORTER [continued]: and violence but hearing that sort of mademe realize that it's not this like polarized world of maybeglamor high class escorts and then drug addictedprostitutes on the street.I think that they both put themselvesat risk in the same areas.

    • 52:36

      BILLIE PORTER [continued]: Given the high risk involved in prostitution,I want to know what the police are doing to protect women.If brothels can provide greater safety but remain illegal,what should the police do?I've come to Merseyside police headquartersto meet the senior officer who takesa leading role in national police policy on prostitution.

    • 52:59

      BILLIE PORTER [continued]: I've read up a bit on the law and I found it a bit confusing.It's not particularly hard to spot a brothel.Are police going and raiding them or shutting them down?What's happening?

    • 53:10

      CHRIS ARMITT: Where concerns are raisedor we believe is organized criminalitysitting behind this, then yes, we will raid them.[Chris Armitt: Assistant Cheif Constable, Mersyside Police]And we will take enforcement action,but it's about prioritizing our resources.In the majority of cases, the individualsworking within those brothels are doing soof their own choice.In many ways they're safer perhaps than somebodyworking out on the streets.

    • 53:31

      BILLIE PORTER: I mean, would the legalization of brothelsnot make a lot of girls work safer?

    • 53:36

      CHRIS ARMITT: It's a difficult debateand it does polarized opinions because a community might be,quite rightly, fairly outraged if they thoughtthere was going to be a legalized brothel sittingon their high streets.But you do see Australia or New Zealand at the moment,there are some regulated and licensed brothels operating.

    • 53:57

      CHRIS ARMITT [continued]: The early signs of that are that, ithas reduced both dependency issues, violent attack,and they're operating in areas thatdon't appear to be provoking community backlash.

    • 54:15

      BILLIE PORTER: Last time we saw Charlotte,she was preparing her tour dates across the country.Her London leg is now over.She has been selling sex from an apartmentshe's hired with a friend.

    • 54:29

      CHARLOTTE: Now I'll just let them through the front door.And either It is my time, or my friend's time,my friend's bedroom.It's the smaller one, I got the bigger one.She was in that room.And so she would take them through thereand would offer them some water.And then my clients would come over to this room.I do to the money first, business first,pleasure second.

    • 54:52

      BILLIE PORTER: She's packing to leave after a lucrative threedays.

    • 54:57

      CHARLOTTE: I made 1,750 while out going about 500 pounds.So, I made about 1,250 pounds profit, very happy with that.

    • 55:08

      BILLIE PORTER: But in the process,Charlotte risks falling short of the law.

    • 55:12

      CHARLOTTE: I'm working with one of my friends,but that technically means that we've turnedthe apartment into a brothel.This is one of the safest tours I'vedone, because I'm with someone.And the law is telling me, no, you shouldn't be safe,you should be working by yourself.Doesn't even cross my mind, that what I'm doing is wrong.We're not in here trashing the place, we're not taking drugs,

    • 55:32

      CHARLOTTE [continued]: we're not doing anything really that illegal.I mean, it is a real job.And I make far more than most peopleand it should be treated like a normal job.And there should be things in place to make it safer,to make it better for us to work.

    • 55:45

      BILLIE PORTER: Despite her concerns on the law,Charlotte has no regrets about the life she's chosen.

    • 55:51

      CHARLOTTE: The only real thing that Idon't like about it is, with my personal life,with relationships.But, I mean, my financial stability,my financial securities, is worth way morethan being with someone.It is one of the things you do sacrifice.But, I think I enjoy money more right now.

    • 56:20

      BILLIE PORTER: I've been surprised by many of the thingsI've learned about prostitution, how ordinary and every day itis a month a lot of young people, just howmuch money there is to be made in sex work,and that it's a positive choice for so many women,rather than a desperate one.But whether you're a high class escort, or on the street

    • 56:41

      BILLIE PORTER [continued]: funding an addiction, the risks of selling sexfrom the obvious physical danger,to the longer term effect on emotional health, are high.

Prostitution - What's the Harm?

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Prostitution is becoming more and more acceptable to British men--but do women feel the same? Billie Porter explores the world of sex work, from high-class escorts to international stag parties. She finds that women enter sex work for many different reasons, and the laws regulating prostitution are full of inconsistencies.

Prostitution - What's the Harm?

Prostitution is becoming more and more acceptable to British men--but do women feel the same? Billie Porter explores the world of sex work, from high-class escorts to international stag parties. She finds that women enter sex work for many different reasons, and the laws regulating prostitution are full of inconsistencies.

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