Killing Spree: Jared Lee Loughner, Horror at the Mall

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      NARRATOR: In 2011, 22-year-old Jared Loughnerwould embark on a swift and brutal rampage thatwould make world headlines.

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      REPORTER: Congresswoman woman Gabrielle Giffordswas among those shot.

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      NARRATOR: Men--

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      SUBJECT: All of a sudden I heard a bang.

    • 00:22

      NARRATOR: --women--

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      REPORTER: There's multiple people shot.

    • 00:25

      NARRATOR: --and children--

    • 00:26

      WOMAN: Oh my god.

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      NARRATOR: --would die at his hand.As the seconds ticked, the body count rose.

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      SUBJECT: It was just an eerie scene of peopledead, taking their last breaths.

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      NARRATOR: And with it, the question-- whathad this youth from the Arizona suburbsto commit his deadly killing spree.

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      JARED LOUGHNER: This is my genocide school.[LAUGHS][MUSIC PLAYING]

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      NARRATOR: January, 2011, Tucson, Arizona-- a thriving city setamidst an arid landscape in the Southwestern cornerof the United States.In a downtown shopping mall, recentlyre-elected Senator Gabrielle Giffordswas about to begin a session of Congress

    • 01:46

      NARRATOR [continued]: on Your Corner, an opportunity for a meet and greetwith the local residents.

    • 01:52

      PATRICIA MAISCH: Gabby is my congresswoman.And she liked to make herself available to her constituents.People didn't have to come to her office.She would announce where she was going to be and invite peopleto come and talk with her.

    • 02:08

      NARRATOR: Many had been looking forward to the morning.And with an air of anticipation, a crowdgathered for the 10:00 AM start.

    • 02:15

      NANCY BOWMAN: It was a beautiful, crisp, clear, brightblue sky, Saturday morning.And we went out to the Safeway justto pick up a couple of small items.

    • 02:26

      BILL BADGER: I pulled into the parking lot,and I could see the big sign up there that said Gabby Giffords.

    • 02:34

      PATRICIA MAISCH: Everybody seemed to be pleasant,enjoying talking to each other.I was enjoying eavesdropping.

    • 02:41

      NARRATOR: Spirits were high.But unknown to those gathered, a danger lurked amongst them.

    • 02:48

      BILL BADGER: There were 12 chairs sitting in frontwith 12 people, mostly couples, sitting in those chairs.So I walked to the end of the 12 chairs.

    • 02:60

      NARRATOR: But just moments in, and the livesof those waiting in line was suddenly torn apart.

    • 03:07

      NANCY BOWMAN: Within seconds of us walkinginto the store the pop started.

    • 03:14

      BILL BADGER: I was standing there talking to this couple,and all of a sudden I heard a bang.

    • 03:19

      PATRICIA MAISCH: And then a seriesof pop, pop, pop, pop, pop.

    • 03:23

      BILL BADGER: Bang, bang, bang, just like that.

    • 03:26

      NANCY BOWMAN: People started runninginto the Safeway, bloodied, screaming,they shot the congresswoman, they shot the congresswoman.

    • 03:35

      PATRICIA MAISCH: I could see the shadow of the gunman walkingdown the sidewalk.

    • 03:42

      BILL BADGER: And at point blank rangehe was shooting everybody in the head.

    • 03:46

      NANCY BOWMAN: Pop, pop, pop.Pop, pop, pop.

    • 03:49

      BILL BADGER: And when I dropped to the sidewalk,I felt the bullet hit the back of my head.

    • 03:56

      OPERATOR: 9-1-1, what is your emergency?

    • 03:57

      MAN: 9-1-1, there was this shooting at Safewaywhere Gabrielle Giffords was.

    • 04:04

      OPERATOR: Was somebody shot, then, sir?

    • 04:06

      MAN: Yes, this guy-- it looked like a guy-- hada semiautomatic pistol.He went in.He just started firing.

    • 04:12

      OPERATOR: Is anybody injured?Did you say Gabrielle Giffords was hit?

    • 04:15

      MAN: She's hit.I do believe she's breathing.

    • 04:19

      OPERATOR: OK.And there's other people that are injured?

    • 04:21

      MAN: There's multiple people shot.

    • 04:23

      OPERATOR: OK.Oh my god.

    • 04:28

      OFFICER: 20584.

    • 04:30

      RYAN INGLETT: The call came out and weheard that there was a serious incident that was going on.And what I was told next was therewas a shooting at the Safeway.

    • 04:41

      OPERATOR: A caller's reporting a shooting involvinga semiautomatic weapon.He shot at people, and he was lastseen headed towards the Walgreens.He ran northbound out of the store wearinga black hoodie and blue jeans.And we have a caller who believesthat Gabrielle Giffords was shot [INAUDIBLE] multiple victims.[MUSIC PLAYING]

    • 05:02

      RYAN INGLETT: It was lights and sirens the entire way.

    • 05:05

      NARRATOR: In just 17 seconds, the shopping mallhad been transformed into a scene of bloody carnage.

    • 05:13

      NANCY BOWMAN: I couldn't accept even then,even as I'm walking out, that there was actually somebodyout there shooting.

    • 05:20

      NARRATOR: In the immediate aftermath,the ruthless spree became a global news story.

    • 05:26

      REPORTER: We can tell you our team coverageon the mass shooting at a north side Safeway,Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords was among those shot.

    • 05:36

      NARRATOR: The gunman had injured 13 peopleand brutally murdered 6.

    • 05:41

      NANCY BOWMAN: Oh my god.There are dead people outside that door right in your grocerystore.

    • 05:49

      NARRATOR: And the world waited to hearwho was responsible for the unprecedented and ferociousrampage.

    • 05:56

      REPORTER: We will have some more informationon the person in custody connected to these shootings.The Associated Press has identifiedthe person, the suspected shooter,as 22-year-old Jared Loughner.

    • 06:09

      NARRATOR: But what had driven the young manfrom a peaceful Tuscon suburb to turnhis gun on his fellow residents and commitsuch a frenzied killing spree?[MUSIC PLAYING]10:10 AM, Saturday the 8th of January, 2011.

    • 06:33

      NARRATOR [continued]: Tucson, Arizona has just been rockedby the actions of one young man, 22-year-old Jared Lee Loughner.

    • 06:41

      BILL BADGER: And of a sudden I heard a bang.

    • 06:43

      NANCY BOWMAN: They've shot the congresswoman,they've shot the congresswoman.

    • 06:47

      NARRATOR: In a killing spree lasting just 17 seconds,Loughner had managed to end the lives of six peopleand wounded 13 more, including the critical shootingof Gabrielle Giffords.The Congresswoman appeared to have been his main target.[MUSIC PLAYING]

    • 07:11

      NARRATOR [continued]: Known to be one of the oldest cities in the United States,Tucson, Arizona is located just 60 miles from the Mexicoborder.

    • 07:19

      NANCY BOWMAN: The culture is veryinfluenced by the Mexican population,so we have a lot of the Hispanic culture here.You'll have a lot of great Mexican food,you'll see a lot of Spanish dancing, and then the music.It's beautiful, it's sunny.

    • 07:38

      SALLIE BADGER: People have no idea when theyhear about Tucson, Arizona.And they think that it's just a big desert wasteland.And they come here and see the beautiful mountainsand our fabulous weather.

    • 07:50

      NARRATOR: Despite its recent growth,the city is still renowned as a friendly, welcoming place.

    • 07:57

      NANCY BOWMAN: And we have a very small-town feeleven though there's probably about 100,000 people thatlive in the community.

    • 08:05

      LELA CHAVIS: just a nice, chill place--great place to raise a family.I loved that growing up just because I felt safe.

    • 08:14

      NARRATOR: One young resident's early years in Tucsonbegan no differently to anyone else.Born on the 10th of September, 1988,Jared Lee Loughner was raised an only childin a working-class area of the city.His mother was a respected and well-liked managerfor the Parks and Recreation Department of Pima County.

    • 08:37

      NARRATOR [continued]: And his father stayed at home restoring cars for money.

    • 08:41

      LELA CHAVIS: Growing up in Tuscon,it's nice just because it's very quiet.You get to the suburbs and it's just a nice, calm place.People-- they're still friendly, though.There's always something to do.There's never a boring time.

    • 08:56

      NARRATOR: During his early years,Loughner enjoyed a close-knit circle of friends.

    • 09:02

      LELA CHAVIS: Met Jared through a mutual friend.We were in middle school, about like 12, 13 at the time.And a common bond we had was music.At that time, I had just learned how to play the guitar.So I was like, I need to start a band.I need to go do something.And a mutual friend was like, hey, yeah, Jared.He plays bass.Like, go-- go talk to Jared.

    • 09:21

      TYLER ZUERN: The first time I met Jared--I believe it was at a party.Because we kind of all had the same friends.

    • 09:31

      NARRATOR: Although he demonstrateda rebellious streak in his early teenage years,Loughner was far from a concern to either his parents or thosearound him.

    • 09:41

      TYLER ZUERN: I think we were with Jared.We were in my neighborhood and we were going up and downthe streets and we're getting out and smashing allthe mailboxes on the street.Pretty much just getting into a lot of trouble--drink, go wreack havoc on neighborhoods, kind of stufflike that.

    • 09:60

      NARRATOR: Despite some episodes of delinquency,his friends didn't consider him unusual amongst his peers.

    • 10:07

      LELA CHAVIS: He was on the same page as everyone else.His conversations-- everything he was doingseemed absolutely normal.

    • 10:15

      NARRATOR: But as Jared Loughner reached his late teens,the friendly, relaxed musician that everyone likedbegan to change for the worse.[MUSIC PLAYING]

    • 10:27

      JOHN NEWPORT: It seems that a big, big turningpoint in his life was he had a crushon a classmate in high school.According to the gal, he had a much, much bigger crush on herthan she ever had on him.So she just gave him the door.You know, they broke up.And according to his high school male peers,that was when the guy just really

    • 10:49

      JOHN NEWPORT [continued]: kind of began to lose it.

    • 10:52

      TYLER ZUERN: I think he just really wantedto have friends and a girlfriendsand stuff like that.And I think that that never worked out for him, so Ithink he felt kind of alone.

    • 11:02

      TIM STELLER: He started acting outin a way that, in retrospect, looks like the early partof an onset of mental illness.He withdrew from school, he withdrew from friends.

    • 11:17

      NARRATOR: As an increasingly isolated teenager,Loughner eventually dropped out of high school in 2006.His slow retreat into a private worldwent relatively unnoticed.But five years later, he would grab the nation's attentionwith a vengeance.

    • 11:39

      NARRATOR [continued]: 29 minutes past midnight, the 8th of January, 2011.Motel 6, Tucson.10 hours before embarking on his killing spree,Jared Loughner checked into room 411.[MUSIC PLAYING]Throughout the night, Loughner carried outa series of movements that saw him putting

    • 11:60

      NARRATOR [continued]: into place the final preparationsfor an assassination attempt on Congresswoman GabrielleGiffords.

    • 12:11

      CRAIG JACKSON: Before the spree, Loughner was clearly very busy.He was no doubt suffering from what we would oftencall future foreshortening.He wasn't looking much beyond the next 24 hours.In fact, he may not have believedhe would survive the next 24 hours.[MUSIC PLAYING]

    • 12:29

      NARRATOR: As the night progressed,Loughner made several short tripsto a local convenience store.At 1:00 AM, he picked up a roll of newly developed filmcontaining photos he'd taken of himself only hours earlier.

    • 12:45

      CHARLES GARCIA: There were sort of pictures of Jared Loughner,one of him in female underwear.It was kind of odd.And there was a photograph of a 9 millimeter gunon top of a US textbook.

    • 12:59

      NARRATOR: Loughner made the final return to his roomat 4:12 AM with his newly-developed photographs.He logged on and entered into his familiar subversive worldwithin the internet and began posting the bizarre imagesonline.

    • 13:17

      JOHN NEWPORT: He spent into the wee hourson the computer sending emails out-- goodbye, dear friends.You know, stuff like that.

    • 13:29

      NARRATOR: Retreating into the online world was nothing new.In recent months, Loughner had been pushing awayfriends and family in the real world in favor of a communityonline where he hoped his increasingly irrational viewswould find a home.

    • 13:46

      CRAIG JACKSON: A lot of his Myspace records showthat he was into revolutionary literature,such as Fahrenheit 351 as well as Mein Kampf.He was well-read in a typical, standard teenage way.

    • 13:60

      NARRATOR: One particular site wasa gathering place for conspiracy theorists and skeptics.And here, Loughner hoped his old views would find recognition.

    • 14:09

      CRAIG JACKSON: He would often post long, rambling comments,often about currency, about the Constitution of America,how high schools were an illegal act,and how gold and silver were the only true currencyto believe in.

    • 14:25

      NARRATOR: Loughner's views began falling on deaf ears,some onliners even going so far as to suggesthe seek psychological help.

    • 14:35

      JOHN NEWPORT: A lot of his fellow students and professorsbecame really spooked, very freaked out,about a guy's very, very bizarre behavior.

    • 14:46

      LELA CHAVIS: He seemed kind of irrational, veryirritating, almost demanding certain things.Just not calm any more, just the total opposite.

    • 14:56

      JOHN NEWPORT: He was changing big time.He had a very, very bizarre temper.And I think he was starting to do drugswith the guys he was hanging out with at that time.

    • 15:08

      TYLER ZUERN: He didn't really seem-- alwaysbe like happy go lucky or anything.He seemed like he kind of had a dark sideto him or maybe a sadness.

    • 15:22

      SOM LISAIUS: While he was at Pima Community College,there are a couple of instances whenissues as difficult to talk about as abortion or warwould come up.And at the most unideal times, he would blurt out in laughter.

    • 15:40

      JOHN NEWPORT: One of his female classmateswas talking about her very, very traumatic experienceof having an abortion.And Loughner came up with this remarklike, oh my god, you're a baby killer.

    • 15:54

      SOM LISAIUS: And, of course, people in the classroomwould take exception to that and then would ask himwhat his problem was.What are you doing?Are you trying to make a mockery of what we're saying?And he would just always respond in kindby laughing and just saying, you're all idiots.You're all illiterate.You don't know anything that's going on here.

    • 16:11

      JOHN NEWPORT: Several of the studentswere very, very spooked by his behavior.In fact, one of the gals who was in her'50s, and she had been a mental health technician,she took a seat by the door and she emailed one of her friendssaying, you know, I just have a strong gut's feelingthat someday this guy's going to come in to class with a gun

    • 16:31

      JOHN NEWPORT [continued]: and start shooting.And I just want you to know I'll be the first one out the door.

    • 16:37

      INVESTIGATOR: We're examining the torture of students.

    • 16:41

      NARRATOR: The final straw for college authoritiescame when Loughner posted a disturbing video online.

    • 16:47

      JARED LOUGHNER: This is my genocide schoolwhere I'm going to be homeless because of the school.

    • 16:54

      TIM STELLAR: The Pima Community College policediscovered a video he had made.

    • 16:59

      SOM LISAIUS: He took a handheld camera,and he walked around the campus of Pima Community College,and he basically talked about it being the biggest wasteof money in American education.

    • 17:09

      JARED LOUGHNER: This is Pima Community College,one of the biggest scams in America.

    • 17:15

      LELA CHAVIS: This is from Jared?Like, what?Like, this is creepy.It did not seem like anything-- itdidn't seem like any of his intereststhat he was previously aligned with.

    • 17:26

      JARED LOUGHNER: Here's the best part-- the bookstore.The bookstore, the bookstore, the bookstore.It was so illegal to sell this book under the Constitution.We are also censored by our freedom of speech.

    • 17:40

      TIM STELLAR: It was a rambling, psychotic videothat set off alarm bells in the Pima Community College policedepartment.

    • 17:51

      JARED LOUGHNER: If the student isunable to locate the external universe,when the student is unable to locate the internal universe,where is all my subjects?I could say something sound right now,but I don't feel like it.

    • 18:07

      JOHN NEWPORT: Finally, the authorities at Pima collegehad a meeting with Loughner and his parents and said,you know, enough is enough.We're kicking you out of college.

    • 18:21


    • 18:26

      TIM STELLAR: They gave him a letter.They said that he was suspended from schooland that he could not come back until he had a mental healthevaluation and an OK from a mental healthprofessional, a psychologist or a psychiatrist.

    • 18:43

      JOHN NEWPORT: He was never able to producethat letter, of course.

    • 18:47

      JARED LOUGHNER: Thank you.This is Jared, from Pima College.

    • 18:53

      NARRATOR: 7:04 AM, the 8th of January,2011-- just three hours before Loughneremarked on his killing spree.He again left his motel room and made yet another tripto a store.This time, he tried to buy ammunition for a recentlypurchased hand gun.

    • 19:12

      CHARLES D GARCIA JR: He had attempted to purchasenine millimeter ammunition.However, his behavior was so erraticthat the sales clerk denied him.Actually, told him, I'll go check the backto see if I can find any extra ammunition.

    • 19:26

      JOHN NEWPORT: The clerk was-- hey,something wrong with this guy.

    • 19:30

      CHARLES D GARCIA JR: Came back and lied to Jared Loughner,telling him he had no ammunition to sell.

    • 19:34

      NARRATOR: The gun Loughner was trying to buy ammunitionfor was a high capacity semiautomatic, legallypurchased by himself only a few weeks earlier.

    • 19:43

      TIM STELLER: He also developed an interestin firearms, which isn't that unusual,but did concern some of his friendswhen he showed up with a gun here or there.Some friends had some concerns about him owning a gun.

    • 20:02

      NARRATOR: At 7:31 AM, undeterred,[07:31] Loughner again attempted to purchase ammunition froma different store, this time, failing to raise anysuspicions.He succeeded in buying eight boxes,containing a total of 400 rounds.

    • 20:19

      JOHN NEWPORT: He already had his weaponry.He had the glock semiautomatic withseveral, several magazines, which nobody needs,unless you're in military combat.

    • 20:35

      NARRATOR: With only hours to go before the arrivalof his main target-- Congresswoman GabrielleGiffords-- Loughner was on the move once again.This time, he was making his way home.As Lougner approached the front door of his house,he was confronted by his father.

    • 20:53

      JOHN NEWPORT: His father said, what the hell are you doinghere with this big bag there?Where you going?

    • 20:60

      NARRATOR: In recent months, the relationshipbetween Loughner and his parents hadbecome increasingly strained.

    • 21:05

      SOM LISAIUS: His parents had actuallydisabled his vehicle and at one point,taken away the shotgun, just because they feared that Jaredmight be doing something or mightconsider doing something that wouldn'tbe safe for him or anyone else.

    • 21:19

      TIM STELLER: Both Randy and Amy Loughnerwere clearly concerned about their son's behavior.They tried to talk to him, and they justcouldn't make any headway.

    • 21:31

      SOM LISAIUS: But that too speaks volumes.It speaks to his parents being concerned justabout Jared's state of mind.They had no idea what he was about to embark upon.But they knew that their son was battling something.And he was certainly confused, to say the very least.

    • 21:51

      NARRATOR: Outside the front of the home,the standoff between father and son continued.

    • 21:57

      JOHN NEWPORT: Well, his dad was evidently very spooked,to the point where he prohibited him to go back and use the car.

    • 22:06

      NARRATOR: Grabbing a black bag from the boot of the car,Loughner turned and fled from his home.

    • 22:11

      JOHN NEWPORT: The guy ran several blocks away,calls for a cab on his cell.So a cab comes out to pick him up.

    • 22:19

      NARRATOR: In just a matter of minutes,Loughner would embark on a killing spree that wouldshock the nation to its core.[Killing Spree] At around 10:10 AM on Saturday the 8thof January 2011, [8 JANUARY 2011,10:10] one

    • 22:41

      NARRATOR [continued]: of America's oldest cities was devastated by a brutal killingspree, carried out by 22-year-old Jared Lee Loughner.[09:10, 08 JAN 2011] Just one hour earlier, Tucson, Arizona.And the sun-drenched morning appearedto be as any other for the local residents.

    • 23:05

      SOM LISAIUS: It was a beautiful Saturday morning, earlyJanuary.It's a time of year that people who live in southern Arizonacherish, because it's usually 70 degrees or so.It's sunny, it's a beautiful day to be outside.

    • 23:17

      PATRICIA MAISCH: It was an absolutely normal day for me.It was [PATRICIA MAISCH, TUCSON RESIDENT] a relaxed Saturday.I didn't have to work.I was going to do some grocery shopping, go visit my mother.

    • 23:26

      NANCY BOWMAN: Sunny, warm, [NANCY BOWMAN, TUCSON RESIDENT]just a glorious day.And my husband and I went out on a walk.

    • 23:32

      TYLER ZUERN: I had woken up fairly early that day,I was [TYLER ZUERN, FORMER FRIEND OF LOUGHNER]cleaning, doing various things.And I had gone to the gym.

    • 23:38

      CHARLES D GARCIA JR: January [DET CHARLES D GARCIAJR, PIMA COUNTY SHERIFF'S DEPT] was a day off for me.It was a Saturday, and I was at home with my family.And enjoying the time that I had to bewith my wife and my daughters.

    • 23:47

      NARRATOR: For these residents, their liveswere about to become unintentionallyentwined with the arrival of Senator Gabrielle Giffords.

    • 23:56

      CHARLES D GARCIA JR: What was supposedto happening at the Safeway that day was what's calleda Congress On The Corner.And it's a program that Congresswoman Giffordshad installed in which she would meet on occasionwith her constituents.There were telephone calls made out to the constituentsthe previous day, informing them of the event.

    • 24:18

      CHARLES D GARCIA JR [continued]: And it was just an opportunity for herto interact with the people of Tucsonand get a feel for what some of the items,or some of the political issues they had on their mind.

    • 24:27

      PATRICIA MAISCH: I got a robocallfrom Gabby Giffords, saying that shewas going to have a Congress On Your Corner event Saturday,January 8th.And I wanted to thank her for her hard workthat she does for us.

    • 24:43

      NARRATOR: Unbeknownst to Gabrielle Giffordsand her team, what was supposed to be a very low keyrelaxed gathering had in fact, a very real and present threatattached.Jared Lee Loughner had a burning hatred for the Congresswomanthat could be traced back to an incident years previously.

    • 25:03

      CRAIG JACKSON: Loughner had actuallymet Gabrielle Giffords at a rally similar to the one wherehe committed his spree.

    • 25:11

      SOM LISAIUS: He had actually been to a prior talkthat our Congresswoman gave.And he raised his hand, he had a question.And he basically asked quote, "what is governmentif words don't have meaning?"Congressman Giffords obviously didn't reallyknow how to answer that question, because it's

    • 25:31

      SOM LISAIUS [continued]: sort of without any context.How would you answer that?

    • 25:34

      JOHN NEWPORT: This was something he used to always say,words have no meaning.And she was kind of like nonplussed by that,said well, thank you.And let's move onto the next question.

    • 25:45

      SOM LISAIUS: He took that slight very personally.And it's something that grew on him over the monthsand years that followed.And it became not only a curiosity,but it became a very directed hatred toward CongresswomanGabby Giffords.

    • 26:03

      NARRATOR: A later exchange would compoundthe hatred he felt towards her.

    • 26:09

      CRAIG JACKSON: He also wrote to her office.And her office wrote back to him,but they made the mistake of addressing the letter to a Mr.Loughnie, rather than Loughner.And this angered him and proved that he was clearlyintellectually superior to the people who were in power.So he had no respect for politicians, state, teachers,

    • 26:29

      CRAIG JACKSON [continued]: or authority.

    • 26:31

      JACK LEVIN: This kind of killing spree is not political.It comes out of psychopathology, not politics.And Jared Loughner would have opened fireunder these circumstances, even if he had nevermet Congressman Giffords.

    • 26:55

      NARRATOR: At 9:54 AM, [09:54] Loughner arrived by taxioutside the Safeway store.

    • 27:03

      CRAIG JACKSON: Lots of small behavioral cluesfrom Loughner's behavior before the spreeshow that he was completely lucid and coherent.He took a taxi to the supermarketwhere Giffords was speaking.He had the money on him to pay, hegave a bill to the taxi driver and insisted on the change.So he clearly knew what he was doing and where he was.

    • 27:25

      NARRATOR: Just yards away, Loughner's intended targetwas about to greet those who had been queuing to meet her.

    • 27:33

      BILL BADGER: When I went down there that day,I pulled into the parking lot.And I could see the big sign up there that said Gabby Giffords.[BILL BADGER, TUCSON RESIDENT] And so I parked the carand walked up there.

    • 27:44

      PATRICIA MAISCH: Now, there was probably 25 people in line.There was a number of elderly women and menwho appeared to be couples, some not.There was a woman just slightly older than mewith a little girl with her.

    • 28:01

      BILL BADGER: And when I got about six feet from Gabby,one of her aides, Gabe Zimmerman, who I had nevermet before, came out and talked to me and told meI had to get to the end of the line and sign in.

    • 28:14

      NANCY BOWMAN: Gabrielle Giffords is there, just aboutready to start her Congress On The Corner.And I turned to my husband.I said, you know, you're lucky that I'm not more politicalor I would make you stop right now while I shake her hand.And he's like, let's get inside and get the Brusselssprouts and the milk and get out of herebefore it gets too crowded.

    • 28:35

      NANCY BOWMAN [continued]: So we are walking in, the shooter'swalking out at the exact same time.

    • 28:47

      NARRATOR: At 10:10 AM, Loughner's killing spree began.

    • 28:51

      SPEAKER 1: All of a sudden, this crazed guy comescharging, barging his way through this line,way, way up to the front.Takes out this pistol and bang.

    • 29:04

      NARRATOR: He opened fire, shooting Gabrielle Giffordsdirectly in the head.

    • 29:09

      JOHN NEWPORT: Gabe Zimmerman, whowas one of Gabrielle Giffords leading aides,he immediately ran up to her aid.And he took a bullet in his head,which immediately killed him.

    • 29:22

      NANCY BOWMAN: Within seconds of us walking into the store,the pops started.

    • 29:28

      PATRICIA MAISCH: I knew immediately it was a gun.

    • 29:31

      BILL BADGER: I was standing there talking to this couple.And all of a sudden, I heard a bang.

    • 29:36

      NANCY BOWMAN: I had no idea what that was.I had never heard a gun fire before.And it wasn't until people startedrunning into the Safeway screaming,they've shot the Congresswoman!They've shot the Congresswoman, that my brain woke up and went,oh my gosh.

    • 29:56

      PATRICIA MAISCH: I say him just as a figure walking,as a shadow.

    • 30:03

      NARRATOR: Turning to his left, facing the queuingline of now shocked attendees, he rapidly opened fire again.

    • 30:09

      BILL BADGER: He pulled the gun up,and he aimed it right at my head.And then he brought this hand up to grab the gun.

    • 30:17

      PATRICIA MAISCH: If I ran to the north or ran to the west,I might make myself a target.So I laid down on the sidewalk, hopingthat he would not notice me.

    • 30:30

      BILL BADGER: And when he brought this hand up to grab the gun,I dropped to the sidewalk.And when I dropped to the sidewalk,I felt the bullet hit the back of my head.And I went right on down and laid on the sidewalk.

    • 30:44

      NARRATOR: As the frenzied attack continued,Loughner turned his gun on the then district director RonBarber.Another attendee, Judge John Roll leapt in between the twoin a moment of sheer bravery.John Roll pushed him under the table, jumped on top of himand took a fatal, fatal wound in the back.

    • 31:04

      NANCY BOWMAN: I walked out, and the first body that I came towas Judge John Roll.I couldn't tell where he was shot.And I kept asking.There were a few people crawling around, where is he shot?Where is he shot?I just started doing CPR.It was futile.

    • 31:25

      NANCY BOWMAN [continued]: I mean, he was just gone.He saved Ron Barber's life, but at lost his.

    • 31:35

      NARRATOR: After emptying his first magazine,Loughner attempted to reload his gun to continue his spree.In the seconds that followed, a bystander sees the opportunityand picked up the nearest chair, hittingLoughner across the back.

    • 31:50

      BILL BADGER: And when this person triedto hit him with the folding chair, his left arm flew out,and that gave me a chance to grab his wrist.And I grabbed his left wrist just like this.And stuck my foot in front of his feet,and I hit him just as hard as I could with my right hand.

    • 32:09

      NARRATOR: During the struggle that followed,Loughner fell to the ground.

    • 32:13

      PATRICIA MAISCH: I hear, get the gun, get the magazine.And I knelt up.And as I knelt up, I'm right at the smallof the back of the shooter.

    • 32:23

      BILL BADGER: I took my hand, that I had his left wrist with,and I slid it right up to his throat like that.

    • 32:31

      NARRATOR: Loughner again attemptedto grab another fully loaded magazine outof his back pocket.

    • 32:37

      PATRICIA MAISCH: And in his haste, he dropped the magazine.And I was able to grab it before he could pick it up.

    • 32:47

      BILL BADGER: And I told him if he moved, I'd choke him.And he went to move and I choked him.And he went ow, ow, ow, ow.

    • 32:57

      NARRATOR: In the heat of the moment, with Loughner subdued,one of the victims grabbed his gun.

    • 33:03

      TIM STELLER: Another man actually took Loughner's gunand pointed it at him, and threatened to shoot him.

    • 33:10

      NANCY BOWMAN: And Bill Badger said, put the gun downand step on it right now.Put it on the ground and step on it.And so he did.

    • 33:21

      NARRATOR: With Loughner unable to escape,police raced to the scene.

    • 33:25

      OFFICER 1: Requesting additional units,shall I ask the other frequencies?There are

    • 33:30

      OFFICER 2: There are multiple victims.We'll need a lot more units here.

    • 33:33

      DISPATCHER: Fire is sending everything they have.

    • 33:36

      RYAN INLGETT: As I was heading there,the dispatchers were giving us more information.When the initial call came out, and Iheard those audible tones, the only information I was givenwas that there was a shooting.And as I was responding, was when the updated informationwas given.

    • 33:52

      DISPATCHER: Customers have tackled the suspect.They are holding him down at the Safeway.

    • 33:60

      NARRATOR: With the gunman restrained,he was soon in police custody.And news of his identity began to filter out.

    • 34:07

      LELA CHAVIS: One of my close girlfriends, she calls me.And I answer this time.I'm like, where are you?What's going on?She's like, I'm at Safeway.And I'm like, OK let me know.Are you all right?And she's like, I don't know what happened.She's like, but it's weird.I saw this young kid and he looked familiar.And he had a gun, just point blank shooting people.

    • 34:24

      TYLER ZUERN: I remember getting out of the gym, and my phone,I had like 20 missed calls, all these different text messages.Have you heard?Have you heard?

    • 34:33

      LELA CHAVIS: It's Jared.And I was like, was he shot?Like I know there's going to be fatalities.Like, was he one of them?She's like, no, he was the person who shot everyone.

    • 34:43

      TYLER ZUERN: And I was just beyond shocked.

    • 34:46

      NARRATOR: But what drove this lifelong resident of Tucsonto commit such a devastating rampage?A ruthless spree that shook his local community to the core.[Killing Spree] [8 JANUARY 2011, 10:10]At around 10:10 AM on the 8th of January, 2011,

    • 35:10

      NARRATOR [continued]: Jared Loughner committed a deadly killing spreein Tucson, Arizona.In just 17 seconds, he emptied a 33 round magazineof its bullets into a waiting crowd.The ruthless attack would ultimatelyleave 6 dead and 30 wounded.

    • 35:28

      DISPATCHER: Customers have tackled the subject.They are holding him down at the Safeway.

    • 35:33

      NARRATOR: In an act of heroism, bystanderssubdued the shooter, ending the killing spreeas quickly as it had begun.

    • 35:45

      NANCY BOWMAN: It was just an eerie sceneof [NANCY BOWMAN, TUCSON RESIDENT] peopledead, taking their last breaths.

    • 35:56

      PATRICIA MAISCH: There was some [PATRICIA MAISCH, TUCSONRESIDENT] cries of panic, nothing loud.And then nothing.

    • 36:07

      NARRATOR: Five minutes after the last bulletwas fired, police arrived on the scene,where Loughner was immediately placed in handcuffsand removed from the devastating aftermath of his killing spree.

    • 36:18

      SOM LISAIUS: The first thing he said to law enforcementis, I want everyone to know that there was no one else involved.He wanted everyone to know that this was him and him alone.

    • 36:28

      NARRATOR: With Loughner safely in custody,people began to take stock of themselvesand those around them.

    • 36:34

      RYAN INGLETT: Jared Loughner at this time,was in the back of the car, of one of the police cars.[RYAN INGLETT, DEPUTY SHERIFF] To be honest,I didn't pay him any mind at that point.Because we needed to render aid to the victims.There wasn't that mass chaos, a mass

    • 36:55

      RYAN INGLETT [continued]: of people running like you would almost expect.It's almost like they came together and beganto help each other.

    • 37:03

      NANCY BOWMAN: I had my blinders on,and I was taking care of the people that were right here.

    • 37:10

      BILL BADGER: I'm laying there, my glasses are broken.I grabbed my cell phone out of my pocket,[BILL BADGER, TUCSON RESIDENT] and I clicked my number hereat the house, and Sally answered the phone.And I said, Sally, I've been shot, but I'm OK.But I need you here right away.

    • 37:27

      SALLY BADGER: And I actually said to him, what do you mean?I thought maybe there had been a robbery, I simply didn't know.He told me where he was, and when I got off the phone,I immediately forgot.I was just absolutely in shock.

    • 37:42

      NARRATOR: A 9-year-old child was also amongst the victimsthat morning.

    • 37:50

      NANCY BOWMAN: Well, the one memorythat I don't think I will ever be able to purge from my brainis looking over and seeing one-handed CPR beingdone on a tiny little nine-year-old girl.

    • 38:07

      PATRICIA MAISCH: I realized how desperate it was when somebodycame up to me and said, there's a little girl,And it doesn't look like she's going to make it.

    • 38:25

      NARRATOR: Tragically, on the way to hospital, she died.Amongst those critically wounded was Congresswoman GabrielleGiffords, with a serious gunshot wound to the head.Jared Loughner's bloody rampage hadleft 13 people seriously wounded, and 6 dead.

    • 38:46

      SALLY BADGER: Bill did what he didby knocking this man to the ground and holding him there,was of absolutely no surprise to mewhatsoever, because that's Bill's character.That's how Bill's made.

    • 39:03

      NARRATOR: Along with the young child,five adults were also victims of the brutal spree: DorothyMorris, Judge John Roll, Phyllis Scheck, Dorwin Studdard,and Gabe Zimmerman all lost their lives at the hands of oneman, Jared Lee Loughner.

    • 39:28

      NARRATOR [continued]: The 9th of March, 2011.Arizona Superior Court.Jared Lee Loughner was initially charged on 49 counts.If he was found guilty, he would face the death sentence.

    • 39:46

      TIM STELLER: At his first court hearingin May 2011, [TIM STELLER, JOURNALIST, ARIZONA DAILY STAR]he had an outburst.He was disconnected from what was going on.

    • 39:57

      SOM LISAIUS: I think Jared Loughnerwas a very confused young man who was spiraling into madness.

    • 40:04

      NARRATOR: Throughout the proceedings,Loughner's behavior deteriorated.And he had to be forcibly removed from court.Deemed unfit to stand trial, he was remanded in custodywhere his mental health declined further.

    • 40:19

      TIM STELLER: He was in just terrible shape.He was psychotic, he was having hallucinations.At one point, he paced for 50 hours in his cellliterally, for 50 hours straight.He got open sores on his feet, those became infected.

    • 40:39

      NARRATOR: 26th of June, 2011.Diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia,the trial judge ruled that Loughner should be forciblymedicated with anti-psychotics.

    • 40:54

      JACK LEVIN: There is a possibilitythat Loughner believed he was killing evil people.He was doing us a big favor, ridding the world of evil.And this was just an act that he knew he had to fulfill,because these were very bad forces working on our society.

    • 41:18

      JACK LEVIN [continued]: And he was doing us a favor.

    • 41:22

      NARRATOR: After 14 months, he wasdeemed competent to stand trial, where the prosecution wasseeking the death penalty.

    • 41:28

      SOM LISAIUS: I think he and his representationsaw the writing on the wall.He would have been executed.

    • 41:33

      NARRATOR: In an eventual plea bargain,Loughner admitted guilt to 19 of the 49 original charges,including attempted assassinationof a Congresswoman, the murder of 2 federal employees,causing the death of 4 others, attempted murder of 2federal employees, and injuring 10 othersthrough the use of a pistol.

    • 41:56

      TIM STELLER: The shooting really shook this town.People reacted with grief, mourning, just utter shock.

    • 42:04

      RYAN INGLETT: I've always known that I was going to see thingsthat most people don't see.But never to the magnitude of this incident.

    • 42:14

      NANCY BOWMAN: We survived, so we tryto be a voice for the people who will no longer have a voice.

    • 42:23

      NARRATOR: By admitting his guilt,Loughner avoided the death penalty.

    • 42:29

      PATRICIA MAISCH: That day will be forever emblazonedon my mind and in my heart, and on my soul,as the very worst day of my life.

    • 42:43

      NARRATOR: Jared Lee Loughner was given seven consecutive lifeterms plus 140 years, meaning under current law,he will never be released.

    • 42:54

      JOHN NEWPORT: Now this guy has gotto spend the rest of his life livingwith the consequences of what he did.

    • 43:03

      NARRATOR: Since the shooting spree,mental health and gun control lawshave again become the focus of fierce debatethroughout America.

    • 43:11

      BILL BADGER: I think for our people whohave mental problems, we need to help them.We can't push them out there and letthem do something like this.

    • 43:23

      LELA CHAVIS: It kind of drew a liningof who do you really know.You say you know someone, but do you really know them?

    • 43:32

      JACK LEVIN: You're not going to findthe red flags in his childhood.And that's because he had a genetically determined illness,schizophrenia, that doesn't appear in terms of symptoms,until an individual is in his late teens or early 20's.

    • 43:55

      JACK LEVIN [continued]: You get a different Jared Loughner at that point.And this one turned out to be extremely violent.[MUSIC PLAYING]

Killing Spree: Jared Lee Loughner, Horror at the Mall

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In 2011, Jared Lee Loughner embarked on a shooting spree that would kill six people. The most notable person injured in the shooting was Congresswoman Gabrielle Gifford, who was critically injured by a shot to the head. This documentary examines Loughner's motives, his history of mental illness, and the shooting itself.

Killing Spree: Jared Lee Loughner, Horror at the Mall

In 2011, Jared Lee Loughner embarked on a shooting spree that would kill six people. The most notable person injured in the shooting was Congresswoman Gabrielle Gifford, who was critically injured by a shot to the head. This documentary examines Loughner's motives, his history of mental illness, and the shooting itself.

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