Children's Reading Development

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    • 00:00

      [This video shows how an adult can engage a childin the reading process and extend his understandingthrough the use of the principles of dialogicreading.]

    • 00:15

      RESEARCHER: OK, Christian, I have the bookthat I want to read to you.It's called Oonga Boonga, by Frieda Wishinsky.And it's illustrated by Carol--

    • 00:26

      CHRISTIAN: Look at those spiders!

    • 00:28

      RESEARCHER: Yeah, there's spiders!

    • 00:29

      CHRISTIAN: With Water.

    • 00:31

      RESEARCHER: You see spiders?

    • 00:33

      CHRISTIAN: Water.

    • 00:34

      RESEARCHER: Oh, water?Yeah.You know what?You'll see water in here, too.You'll see lots of water.Let's see.Who do you see on the cover?

    • 00:41

      CHRISTIAN: A baby and a daddy.

    • 00:44

      RESEARCHER: A baby, and maybe-- maybe a brother?

    • 00:47

      CHRISTIAN: A daddy.

    • 00:48

      RESEARCHER: A daddy?Well, let's see.Oonga Boonga.

    • 00:56

      CHRISTIAN: That's the baby.

    • 00:58

      RESEARCHER: This is the baby.Nobody could make--

    • 01:01

      CHRISTIAN: He's crying.

    • 01:02

      RESEARCHER: You're right.Nobody can make him stop crying.What do you see here?

    • 01:08

      CHRISTIAN: Wet.

    • 01:08

      RESEARCHER: Wet.Water, right?And they're coming from her face.They're tears.Does she look happy or sad?

    • 01:17

      CHRISTIAN: Sad.

    • 01:18

      RESEARCHER: Sad.She's crying.

    • 01:20

      CHRISTIAN: Yeah.

    • 01:22

      RESEARCHER: "Her mother tried.She held her close and sang a little lullaby.But that didn't help.Louise kept on crying until her tears ranlike rivers to the sea."See all this water?You saw the water.

    • 01:38

      CHRISTIAN: Yeah.

    • 01:39

      RESEARCHER: What do you see?

    • 01:41

      CHRISTIAN: The baby's crying to the water.

    • 01:43

      RESEARCHER: Mm-hm.She's crying so much, she made a river.And Mother tried to help, but did it help?

    • 01:52

      CHRISTIAN: No.

    • 01:53

      RESEARCHER: No.Let's see if anyone else could help."Her father tried.He rocked her gently in his arms."

    • 01:59

      CHRISTIAN: He's the daddy.

    • 02:00

      RESEARCHER: Yeah, this is Baby Louise's dad."And he whispered softly in his ear, but that didn't help.Louise kept on crying until her wails shookthe pictures off the walls!"Oh, no, what's happening to the pictures?

    • 02:17

      CHRISTIAN: Falling.

    • 02:18

      RESEARCHER: Yeah, they're falling.

    • 02:19

      CHRISTIAN: Why?

    • 02:21

      RESEARCHER: Maybe-- why do you think?think?

    • 02:23

      CHRISTIAN: Maybe her house fall down?

    • 02:28

      RESEARCHER: Yeah, pictures are falling, maybe because babyLouis is crying so hard.She's really sad.Grandma tried.She gave her a nice warm bottle.A bottle of mil and said eat, eat.But did that help?

    • 02:48

      CHRISTIAN: No.

    • 02:49

      RESEARCHER: No.Louise kept on crying until her sobs woke all the dogsand cats on the block.Do you see all the animals here?

    • 02:58

      CHRISTIAN: Yeah.

    • 02:59

      RESEARCHER: Do you see cats and dogs?

    • 03:01

      CHRISTIAN: Yeah.

    • 03:02

      RESEARCHER: Do you have any cats or dogs?

    • 03:04

      CHRISTIAN: I just have a dog.

    • 03:05

      RESEARCHER: Oh you just have a dog.What's his name?

    • 03:07

      CHRISTIAN: Supperbean.

    • 03:10

      RESEARCHER: Supperbean?

    • 03:11

      CHRISTIAN: Yeah.

    • 03:11

      RESEARCHER: Wow, that's a fun name.Let's see what happens.Grandpa tried.He played a happy tune on his harmonica and did a little jig.He did a dance.But did that help?No.Louise kept on crying till the birds flew out of the tree

    • 03:32

      RESEARCHER [continued]: and the squirrels scampered away.Do you remember what grandpa's playing in his mouth?

    • 03:37

      CHRISTIAN: No.

    • 03:39

      RESEARCHER: A harmonica.What else is he holding?

    • 03:43

      CHRISTIAN: A baby bunny rabbit.

    • 03:45

      RESEARCHER: Yeah.A baby rabbit.Do you remember who's it belong to?

    • 03:49

      CHRISTIAN: No, no.No.

    • 03:52

      RESEARCHER: Maybe the baby?Baby Louise?

    • 03:55

      CHRISTIAN: Hm.

    • 03:58

      RESEARCHER: The neighbors came and offered advice.Turn her on her stomach.Turn he on her side.Play Mozart.Play rock and roll.But nothing helped.Louise kept on crying.What do you see here?Who do you see?

    • 04:15

      CHRISTIAN: The neighbors.

    • 04:16

      RESEARCHER: The neighbors.Yeah they came over.But did they help baby Louise stop crying?

    • 04:23

      CHRISTIAN: No.

    • 04:24


    • 04:25

      CHRISTIAN: Why?Why?

    • 04:26

      RESEARCHER: Why?I don't know We'll see.

    • 04:29

      CHRISTIAN: Maybe, maybe maybe the neighborswere mad at the baby.

    • 04:34

      RESEARCHER: Oh, why do you think they'd be mad?

    • 04:36

      CHRISTIAN: Because the baby, baby crying so loud.

    • 04:41

      RESEARCHER: Oh yeah.That's a good reason.Maybe, maybe they're going to tryto help the baby be more quiet.Yeah.Then her brother, Daniel came home from school.Oonga Boonga, he said to Louise.Louise looked up, tears streaming down her face.

    • 05:01

      RESEARCHER [continued]: Oonga Boonga, he repeated.Louise stopped sobbing and looked him straight in the eye.Oonga Boonga, said Daniel again.Louise broke into a smile.Is Louise still crying?

    • 05:16

      CHRISTIAN: No.

    • 05:17

      RESEARCHER: No, what happened?

    • 05:18

      CHRISTIAN: She's, she's happy.

    • 05:21

      RESEARCHER: She's happy.How do you know she's happy?

    • 05:24

      CHRISTIAN: [INAUDIBLE] the baby and the brother, they OongaBoonga then they say happy.

    • 05:32

      RESEARCHER: Yes, you're right.The brother said Oonga Boonga and then the babystopped crying.Let's see what happens.How did you do that, asked his mother.It's easy.You just say, Oonga Boonga said Daniel.Oonga Boonga said his mother.Oonga Boonga said his father.

    • 05:54

      RESEARCHER [continued]: Oonga Boonga said Grandma and Grandpa.See, said Daniel.She likes it.And sure enough she did.Louise was smiling from ear to ear.Oonga Boonga said everyone in unison.They said it together.And then what happened?

    • 06:12

      CHRISTIAN: They're happy now.

    • 06:14

      RESEARCHER: Yeah, they all look happy.See what happens.I'm going out to play said Daniel.Be back at 6:00 for dinner, said his mother.But as soon as he left, Louise's smile faded.Slowly, a tear rolled down her cheek,

    • 06:35

      RESEARCHER [continued]: followed by another, and then another,and soon she was crying as loudly as before.Why do you think she is crying again?

    • 06:44

      CHRISTIAN: Because her brother left.

    • 06:47

      RESEARCHER: Yeah, brother left.Do you think if he came back Baby Louise would stop crying?

    • 06:54

      CHRISTIAN: Um-hmm.If he says Oonga Boonga

    • 06:57

      RESEARCHER: Oh, maybe if he says Oonga Boonga again?

    • 06:60

      CHRISTIAN: Uh huh.

    • 07:01

      RESEARCHER: Maybe Oonga Boonga, if someone said it,maybe it will help.Oonga Boonga said her mother.Oonga Boonga, said her father.Oonga Boonga said Grandma and Grandpa.But nothing helped.Louise kept on crying.

    • 07:18

      CHRISTIAN: She wants, she wants her brother.

    • 07:21

      RESEARCHER: It was the bottle?

    • 07:23

      CHRISTIAN: Her bro-- her brother.

    • 07:26

      RESEARCHER: Oh her brother.It was her brother.What about her brother?

    • 07:30

      CHRISTIAN: He say Oonga Boonga.

    • 07:32

      RESEARCHER: Oh, you mean baby Louise only stopscrying when brother says it?

    • 07:37

      CHRISTIAN: Uh huh.

    • 07:38

      RESEARCHER: Yeah?Well let's see.Maybe he'll come back.Do you think he'll come back?

    • 07:43

      CHRISTIAN: Um hmm.

    • 07:44

      RESEARCHER: Hmm?Let's see.So he's coming back.What's wrong, said Daniel.Oonga Boonga doesn't work anymore they said.And what's happening here?

    • 07:57

      CHRISTIAN: She's still crying.

    • 07:58

      RESEARCHER: She's still crying.She's rolling to her side.And she looks even more sad because whatdoesn't work anymore?

    • 08:08

      CHRISTIAN: Oonga Boonga.

    • 08:09

      RESEARCHER: Oonga Boonga Do you thinkbaby Louise will stop crying if they tried something else?

    • 08:16

      CHRISTIAN: Yeah.

    • 08:17

      RESEARCHER: Yeah.What do you think they should try?

    • 08:20

      CHRISTIAN: I don't know

    • 08:21

      RESEARCHER: Hmm, let's see they have any ideas.Daniel leaned over Louise and whispered in her ear,bunka wonka, Louise.So Daniel didn't say Oonga Boonga anymore.He said?

    • 08:40

      CHRISTIAN: What?

    • 08:42

      RESEARCHER: Bunka wonka.And what happened?What does Louise--

    • 08:46

      CHRISTIAN: She's happy.

    • 08:48

      RESEARCHER: She's happy.How do you know she's happy?

    • 08:51

      CHRISTIAN: I just know.

    • 08:52

      RESEARCHER: Oh, you just know?Maybe because there's no more tears.And what do you see here?A big smile on her face.

    • 09:04

      CHRISTIAN: No.What are those red things?

    • 09:07

      RESEARCHER: What do you see?Red things?

    • 09:08

      CHRISTIAN: Yeah red things--

    • 09:09

      RESEARCHER: Those are her cheeks and they are really red.That's why.Her cheeks became red.

    • 09:15

      CHRISTIAN: Why?

    • 09:16

      RESEARCHER: Why?Because she's so happy.She's so happy her cheeks turn red.And see, Louise stopped crying.

    • 09:26

      CHRISTIAN: Look, her cheeks are not red anymoreand her cheeks turning red.

    • 09:31

      RESEARCHER: You're right.Baby Louise is turning red after she stopped crying.So maybe when she's happy, she turns red.

    • 09:41

      CHRISTIAN: But I have, but my cheeks are red.

    • 09:43

      RESEARCHER: Oh your cheeks are red?Does that mean you're happy?

    • 09:45

      CHRISTIAN: No.

    • 09:46


    • 09:47

      CHRISTIAN: Yeah.

    • 09:48

      RESEARCHER: Are my cheeks red?

    • 09:49

      CHRISTIAN: But my cheeks are not red either.

    • 09:52

      RESEARCHER: My cheeks aren't red?

    • 09:53


    • 09:57

      RESEARCHER: Oh.So Louise stopped crying.

    • 10:01

      CHRISTIAN: But my mommy has red cheeks.

    • 10:04

      RESEARCHER: Your mommy has red cheeks?

    • 10:06

      CHRISTIAN: Yeah.

    • 10:06

      RESEARCHER: Well, she must be very happy then.

    • 10:08

      CHRISTIAN: Hmm.

    • 10:09

      RESEARCHER: The end.Did you like that book?

    • 10:13

      CHRISTIAN: No.I didn't.

    • 10:15

      RESEARCHER: You didn't?Was there a favorite part that you liked?The water?

    • 10:22

      CHRISTIAN: Yeah.I liked--

    • 10:23

      RESEARCHER: The water?

Children's Reading Development

View Segments Segment :


In this demonstration of dialogic reading using a children's storybook, 3-year-old Christian participates in the reading and response with an instructor.

Children's Reading Development

In this demonstration of dialogic reading using a children's storybook, 3-year-old Christian participates in the reading and response with an instructor.

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