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    • 00:14

      SPEAKER 1: A few bad teenage boys,which is what you hear about on the news,is not what all, or most, teenage boys are like.

    • 00:22

      SPEAKER 2: Teachers and people say how most of usjust juvenile delinquents.We just want to run around and terrorize.It ain't really like that.

    • 00:31

      SPEAKER 3: It's harder now to try to make the right choices.There needs to be more things that will keep peoplemy age off the streets and off the drug0sellingand not always at like, working at the Dominoes,but giving us more opportunities.

    • 00:47

      SPEAKER 4: You walk one block, youcan see like 20 liquor stores.I mean, there should be a Boy's Club or a church or something,I mean, something educational.

    • 00:56

      SPEAKER 2: The kids ain't really getting an opportunityto get out of that environment.

    • 01:01

      SPEAKER 3: They keep all of us confined in one place,like the projects.Look at the word, project.What, we're an experiment or something?[MUSIC PLAYING]

    • 01:31

      THEME SONG: Holla!And the doctor said, you have a son.Ha ha.What does it take to go from a boy to a man?And a man is that adult male who gives and possess

    • 01:54

      THEME SONG [continued]: in high degree the qualities consented to be distinctiveof manhood.That's the quality and the state of being manly.Man, man.Boys to men, trying to figure it out has been tripping me out.I been living my life like I'm fighting a battle.

    • 02:14

      THEME SONG [continued]: Boys to Men.

    • 02:16

      CISCO: If you had the choice, whatwould you like me to be when I grow up?

    • 02:20

      ROSA: A girl.Three weeks ago.I woke up, really sick, really sick,and Cisco helped me get bathed, my son, Cisco.

    • 02:29

      CISCO: Don't remind me.Ah, man.

    • 02:33

      ROSA: Cisco.Cisco helped me.He helped me get dressed.He helped me put my underclothes on.He did my hair.He did everything for me everything.And Cisco's going to be my helper for life.My Cisco.

    • 02:47

      CISCO: Yes.Yes, I am.

    • 02:50

      ROSA: He will.He'll stay with me.He'll bring his-- get married and bringin his girlfriend and his wife or whoever, and stay with me.My Cisco.

    • 03:00

      CISCO: Yeah, right.She really does expect it.Mom, got news for you.When I'm 18, I'm going to leave the house.Bad enough she embarrasses me now,in front of my girlfriends.I walk down to the store for him.He'll tell me to go and take him to the bathroom.

    • 03:23

      CISCO [continued]: I know he's not going to live that much longer.So I want to get as much experienceas I can with him right now.Oh, Papi.[SPEAKING SPANISH]He'll tell me stuff about Puerto Rico,like how the palm trees will come out

    • 03:43

      CISCO [continued]: and how his garden use to be.[SPEAKING SPANISH]My grandma been sick for like a couple years already.She died April 18 of pneumonia.Since I can remember, she's always been sick.

    • 04:07

      CISCO [continued]: I had to take care of her on a 24 hour basis.From 6:30 in the morning, I had to help give her a sponge bath,help her move around on the bed, like roll her over.She always be in and out the hospitalgoing for new shots or tests and stuff.I helped change her.I helped feed her.Put my life on hold for a little while.

    • 04:28

      CISCO [continued]: I took care of her as much as I could.

    • 04:35

      ROSA: I just worry now because of my father.They were together for 52 years.And they always say, when one goes, the other one follows.

    • 04:47


    • 04:59

      CISCO: [SPEAKING SPANISH]I'll be able to take care of myselfbetter when I get my own place.I sweep, I clean, I cook, I know how to do laundryand how to iron.To become a man is to become unique, to be your own man,no to do what people says, do whatyou think is right in your heart.

    • 05:21

      CISCO [continued]: To become a leader, not a follower.

    • 05:33

      SPEAKER 5: Where's Puerto Rico?Where's Puerto Rico on there?

    • 05:37

      CISCO: That white spot right there.

    • 05:39

      SPEAKER 5: This?

    • 05:40

      SPEAKER 6: I told you.You said it wrong.This is Mexico.

    • 05:44

      CISCO: The most I'm interested in is children's psychiatry.because I like taking care of kids.I have fun and it pays well too.Who in here wants to eat breakfast, raise your hand.Those kids, go sit down.

    • 06:06

      CISCO [continued]: I don't like to see people down on themselves, like sad.So I just make them laugh as much as I can.Make them smile.You've never been here?Most of them never been here.They're not shy.You don't have to be shy, OK?I'm your friend, OK?

    • 06:23

      EDWARD HERNANDEZ: One of the first youngstersthat we selected for the Newark Youth LeadershipProgram was Cisco.And I mean, he shocked me, He totally shocked me.Perhaps it was a challenge for him,too much of a challenge for him and hedeclined the opportunity.

    • 06:36

      CISCO: Who here likes Cisco?Raise your hand.Raise both hands.

    • 06:41

      EDWARD HERNANDEZ: He's a young manthat has tremendous potential.I think he needs some positive role model, but part of itis mentoring.Having a real steady mentor in his life.They're cleaning up the neighborhoodand we're trying to mentor them at the same time.

    • 07:02

      EDWARD HERNANDEZ [continued]: He's been offered many opportunities to be mentored,from myself to all of the people that work here.He just doesn't accept mentoring.

    • 07:14

      KEVIN ARROYO: Spray Paint 101.Your finger, a little bit back from the tip,because all that-- it's all in your wrist.When you paint, that's all wrist action right over the graffiti.

    • 07:27

      CISCO: Kevin, he's always there, like nagging me, nagging me.And Mr. Hernandez, always nagging me.I want to experience things by myselfI don't like people telling me what to do.Don't tell me not to do it.Then you know I'm definitely going to do it.It's a bother though.I just want them to leave me alone.

    • 07:53

      KEVIN ARROYO: What time you punch out, 4:30?

    • 07:55

      CISCO: Yeah, 4:30, 5:00.I leave at 5:30 though.I leave at 5:30.

    • 07:58

      KEVIN ARROYO: So we go back, you write your daily reportand you're going on home.It's going to take a little bit of strengthto pull him onto a track that's going the right way.We got to come and clean this up too.We start this Monday.I don't care if we let the girls do most of the work.

    • 08:21

      ROSA: What are you doing, Cisco?

    • 08:23

      CISCO: Putting Vaseline on it.

    • 08:26

      ROSA: Let me see, see, come.

    • 08:28

      CISCO: I babysit the kids in the morning.In the afternoon, I went out and cleaned with them.Yester-- the day before--

    • 08:34

      ROSA: What, the streets?

    • 08:34

      CISCO: Uh, huh.Spray paint, so we paint over graffiti.We work with Lower Broadway merchants.

    • 08:40

      ROSA: You don't have to go clean no streets.That's for people that has fines,that goes cleans streets.You know that, right?

    • 08:46

      CISCO: No, we got a teacher that explains the whole thing.

    • 08:49

      ROSA: Does the other staff go clean streets with you?

    • 08:52

      CISCO: Yeah.

    • 08:52

      ROSA: Mr. Hernandez--

    • 08:53

      CISCO: No.He said, no, they all go clean the streets.

    • 08:55

      ROSA: No, they all go clean.

    • 08:56

      CISCO: My supervisor, our two supervisorsgo to clean the streets with us, along with 10 other kids.I want to.That's the point.

    • 09:02

      ROSA: You don't clean streets.

    • 09:04

      CISCO: Oh well, that's what I want to do.

    • 09:05

      ROSA: OK.

    • 09:06

      CISCO: OK, I know.That's what I want to do.

    • 09:14

      GABY: Can't believe you're doing this, Cisco.You're going to be blonde.

    • 09:19

      CISCO: Most people call me like a fagbecause I know how to knit and hem clothes.But I really don't pay them attentionbecause I know I'm not.If they want to call me that, that's dumb.Don't know how to experience new things.One of my best friends is gay, Gaby.And I really don't care.We chill.I knew him since I was like in the fifth grade.He's proud of what he is.

    • 09:39

      CISCO [continued]: He has no shame in his life.Oh, my gosh, it burns.Are you putting more?

    • 09:51

      GABY: Damn.

    • 09:51

      CISCO: Why you going to put the dye now?

    • 09:53

      GABY: Because it's still too orange.

    • 09:55

      CISCO: Yo, guy, man, it hurts still.

    • 09:56

      GABY: You know, it goes away.The pain goes away.

    • 09:59

      CISCO: Actually it hurts.

    • 10:01

      SPEAKER 7: He's a dummy yo.

    • 10:03

      CISCO: What I say, Gaby, that's it, that's it, that's it.Yo, that's it.

    • 10:07

      GABY: You gotta do something after this.You go play baseball or something.

    • 10:14

      CISCO: Why are you talking when I'm in pain?

    • 10:16

      SPEAKER 7: I didn't think he would cry.What the hell?[LAUGHING]

    • 10:27

      CISCO: I can't scratch my scalp, right?

    • 10:29

      GABY: No.Oh, God.

    • 10:34

      CISCO: Oh, Gaby, you buggin' yo.[LAUGHING]I always want to be my own person.That's why I'm like dying my hair, tattoos.[INAUDIBLE] was like, a bad ass.

    • 10:60

      CISCO [continued]: It was my fault that I messed up,that I choose not to go to the books.Barringer is all about the streets,it's all street knowledge in that school.So I can't go in there acting like a punk.I can't go into my head now.Getting ready to learn, acting like a geek.

    • 11:21

      CISCO [continued]: You're going to get picked on.People are going to knock your tray over at lunch time.You're going to get run out of that school.I just never was that confident.I was always scared.I didn't do work.I really didn't want to do work cause of my reputation.I'm going to start a new reputation whenI go back to school next year.Having my mom putting me in a Catholic schooljust because I think I'll do better there.

    • 11:43

      ROSA: So he's going back to Catholic school.He's going to go take a test and Good Counsel.It's like more stricter.It'll be better off.

    • 11:50

      CISCO: Yeah, I want go to college.

    • 11:59

      EDWARD HERNANDEZ: I just found outthat he hasn't taken the entrance exam for the schoolthat he's interested in attending this fall.

    • 12:06

      CISCO: I put the test off for about three months.I was scare that I was going to fail it.Then my mom would have been mad.

    • 12:14

      ROSA: I have to pay for the test.You know?And I can't do it now.I can't.Because that money I'm going to pay for the test,I could use it on my dad.$150.It's expensive.I wish it could be both.I wish I could put it in there.Send my dad to Puerto Rico.

    • 12:41

      SPEAKER 8: Have the scorpion here with the tail going aroundhere.That's be phat, right?

    • 12:46

      SPEAKER 9: Cause you to keep it all in proportion.You can't just have this big long-tailed scorpion.You know?Yeah, not a problem.You're probably looking at about 150.

    • 12:54

      CISCO: I'm going to give him some money, Mom.somebody's going to give me 30, he's going to lend me 30and I'll pay him back next week.That looks phat.Mom, don't say that.Mr. Hernandez is going to kill me.

    • 13:15

      ROSA: That's it, no more.

    • 13:16

      CISCO: I got to do one more, on the other arm for Grandma.

    • 13:19

      ROSA: And then that's it, no more.

    • 13:20

      CISCO: I said, after that one.If I like overcame the fear of taking a test,I think I would have took it already.But I just didn't want to let nobody down.

    • 13:30

      ROSA: If he can't make it this year to that Catholic school,he could make it to another public school and stay there.

    • 13:47

      SPEAKER 8: [INAUDIBLE].Cause I know most of that stuff you're notgoing to use in the future.

    • 13:56

      CISCO: It hurts back there now.I just say, have fun.

    • 14:09

      EDWARD HERNANDEZ: We've been tryingto talk to your mom for the last couple of days.If your mom can't come to us, then we'll go to your mom.But we need to start this process today.I mean to find out exactly what school you're going to go toand what do we need to do to help you guys?We're talking about seven days away from school starting.And do you realize the severity of this?

    • 14:29

      CISCO: If I don't go back to school,I know my mom could get locked up.Because I'm not over the age of 18.

    • 14:34

      EDWARD HERNANDEZ: What efforts are youputting into it to get back into school?

    • 14:38

      CISCO: Really none.

    • 14:39

      EDWARD HERNANDEZ: Excuse me?

    • 14:40

      CISCO: None.

    • 14:42

      EDWARD HERNANDEZ: How much you want to go back to school?

    • 14:45

      CISCO: A lot.

    • 14:46

      EDWARD HERNANDEZ: You're contradicting yourself there.All right.Walk up to your house, speak to your mom.If she needs a ride, we could pick her up.All right?I'll be waiting for you.

    • 14:55

      CISCO: OK.

    • 14:56

      EDWARD HERNANDEZ: We got to at least start talking today.Motivation, motivation.

    • 15:16

      ROSA: You tell Mr. Hernandez I won't come up.Because I'm sick.I'm sick.No.Another day.I don't feel good.What part of senseless don't they understand?Do I have to walk the 10 blocks?

    • 15:30

      CISCO: They say they would come here and pick you up.

    • 15:33

      ROSA: No, I don't feel good.No, I don't feel good.That's why I'm laying on the sofa.No.Another day I'll go.I'll go tomorrow.That's it.Final.Finished.That's what I want.I think on my own.

    • 15:47

      CISCO: She said we could pick her up in half an hour.

    • 15:49

      EDWARD HERNANDEZ: She wants us to pick her up?

    • 15:50

      CISCO: Uh, huh.She didn't want to come at first.I persuaded her to come.

    • 15:55

      EDWARD HERNANDEZ: How did you persuade her?

    • 15:57

      CISCO: I said it was better, it was good for me.And that it was going to help me get back in school faster.

    • 16:03

      EDWARD HERNANDEZ: OK.Thank you.That wasn't too hard, was it?

    • 16:07

      CISCO: Yeah, in a way it was.

    • 16:08

      EDWARD HERNANDEZ: It was, why?

    • 16:09

      CISCO: She was grouchy.

    • 16:10

      EDWARD HERNANDEZ: Well, what else is new?

    • 16:12

      CISCO: Not really, not really.

    • 16:13

      EDWARD HERNANDEZ: OK, then I know what to expect then later.An unhappy parent.Great.

    • 16:25

      ROSA: It's not funny, Cisco.I have a humongous attitude.I [INAUDIBLE] curse him out.I'm sick.

    • 16:38

      EDWARD HERNANDEZ: All right. [INAUDIBLE]He hasn't been able to provide uswith any information about what schoolhe's going to go to so we needed to get clearfrom you exactly what's happening.

    • 16:53

      ROSA: Well, he's going back to school.

    • 16:55

      EDWARD HERNANDEZ: What school is he going to go back to?

    • 16:56

      ROSA: I don't know.I have to find out on the 6th, when I go register him.

    • 17:02

      EDWARD HERNANDEZ: I mean, because if there's anythingthat we can do ahead of time to try and--

    • 17:07

      ROSA: [INAUDIBLE] don't want to give him three years of pay.

    • 17:10

      EDWARD HERNANDEZ: That would be great.We don't provide those types of scholarships.If we would have known earlier, thoseare things he could've been working onthroughout the summer, trying to write some letters maybeto some foundation.All I've been hearing from him isthat he was going to Good Counsel.Then this week, he tells us, no, he's not.

    • 17:24

      ROSA: But what's happened is that my mom passed away.My father's 80 years ago, and he's dying.He's gonna get his last wish and go to Puerto Rico.So Cisco, I'm going to most likely put himin another public school cause I can't afford tuitionto Good Counsel.

    • 17:43

      EDWARD HERNANDEZ: So what school areyou going to try for, because Barringers is a zoning school.

    • 17:47

      ROSA: Will you help him?

    • 17:48

      CISCO: I'll go to Barringers.I don't care.

    • 17:49

      ROSA: Please, Barringers is a waste of time.Barrings is no good.That's overcrowded.

    • 17:53

      EDWARD HERNANDEZ: Barringers is a schoolthat you felt you disliked very much.Why would he even settle for that?

    • 17:59

      CISCO: With my grades, it's goingto be hard to get into any high school right now.

    • 18:02

      EDWARD HERNANDEZ: Last year, you were so frustrated it that--

    • 18:04

      ROSA: He wants to finish school.

    • 18:06

      CISCO: Because I was always hanging out with my friends.Now most of my friends ain't going there.

    • 18:10

      ROSA: That was always the report.He's the clown of the class.

    • 18:13

      EDWARD HERNANDEZ: So this Cisco, hewants to be the clown here also.

    • 18:16

      ROSA: Yep, the clown He's the clown of everything.Wherever you go, Cisco is the clown.He ain't going to get nowhere like that.You gonna waste my time and everybody's time around you.

    • 18:27

      EDWARD HERNANDEZ: We're looking at Cisco in a positive way now.I mean he does a good job.He's well liked.We have seen some maturity in him.It's time that he starts taking some responsibilityfor his actions.I mean, the guy even has a mustache nowadays.All right, what are we going to do?

    • 18:49

      ROSA: Comes worse to worse, I'll put himsomewhere to get his GED and that's it.

    • 18:54

      EDWARD HERNANDEZ: Is this something that you want to do?

    • 18:57

      CISCO: No.

    • 18:57

      EDWARD HERNANDEZ: OK.So you see, it's really in your hands.Your mother is your guardian.But I mean, regardless what she decides, if you're notgoing to comply with it, it's not going to work.I'm thinking of some vocational schools for Cisco.You understand?Because I know some of the people there.If they call us, and you have to be at 7:00 in the morning,you've got to be there at 7:00.

    • 19:14

      ROSA: That takes maturity.

    • 19:15

      EDWARD HERNANDEZ: That's the idea.Otherwise, again, we're going to havehim laying around the house.

    • 19:19

      ROSA: No, he's not.Not this year.Can't.He has to go to school.

    • 19:26

      CISCO: It was true, Mr. Hernandez was saying,that if I would have came to him earlier,I could have applied for a scholarshipto go to Good Counsel.But since I was a knucklehead, time just went by.I know Mr. Hernandez knows a lot of people.And my mom like to throw herself around.They'll find somewhere for me to go.

    • 19:47

      CISCO [continued]: But I really don't care where I go.Tomorrow I'm hopefully going to try to get back into Barringer.

    • 20:07

      CISCO [continued]: But it will be tough to transfer.I know my mom.My mom's going to get me into Barringer.She's going to get me into it.

    • 20:19

      ROSA: Cisco put his leg in today.Mr. How-you-call-it.I had that man already thinking that Cisco was in the computerand scheduled and Cisco goes oh, Ithink I have got to the night program.I hit Cisco, like what do you-- oh!

    • 20:33

      SPEAKER 10: He's stupid knowledge.And he'd be like, I'm in night school.

    • 20:39

      ROSA: He opened his mouth.I think I got to go to the night school program.I want to kick his ass.He just fucked everything up for me.

    • 20:48

      SPEAKER 10: That's stupid knowledge for you.

    • 20:50

      ROSA: If he would have shut up and didn't say nothing,Cisco won't say no.[LAUGHING]That's exactly what he did.He wrote his name in the bottom.[SPEAKING SPANISH]

    • 21:33

      CISCO: Mr. Hernandez, he cool sometimes, then sometimes hejust camera talks.Could try to show off like, oh, I know these people here,and I know these people there.If I don't get into school this year,no way Mr. Hernandez is blaming my mom.But my mom wasn't there telling me not to cut school.I cut school because I wanted to cut school.I know my mom's doing better than what he did.

    • 21:56

      CISCO [continued]: My mom [INAUDIBLE] nobody.She is doing what she has to do.She's doing what a mom's supposed to do.

    • 22:03

      ALAN ALVAREZ: Did you see his report card last year?

    • 22:06

      ROSA: Yes I did.But he came out of school like four monthsbefore school finished.It was my fault that I took him out.

    • 22:16

      ALAN ALVAREZ: When did you take him out?

    • 22:17

      ROSA: I took him out like four or five monthsbefore school finished.

    • 22:20

      ALAN ALVAREZ: OK, first cycle he was out.First cycle he was out.That's before you took him out.He was out 17 days out of 45.

    • 22:27

      ROSA: He has excuses.

    • 22:31

      ALAN ALVAREZ: It doesn't matter whether he has excuses or not.

    • 22:33

      ROSA: I know.

    • 22:34

      ALAN ALVAREZ: He's starting to run out of time.He's going to be 17 years old.

    • 22:38

      ROSA: Yes.

    • 22:39

      ALAN ALVAREZ: He has absolutely no credits.He is technically a freshman.People do not graduate from here when they're 21 or 22.Don't do it.So there's going to be a point whereyou want to make a living.You want money in your pocket and this schooldoes not allow you to do that.I have an alternative program herefrom 3:00 to 7:30 where kids can make up

    • 22:60

      ALAN ALVAREZ [continued]: as much as two years in one year.

    • 23:02

      ROSA: Yes, I know.He don't want to come to night schoolbecause he's going to miss out on other programsthat he started.

    • 23:07

      ALAN ALVAREZ: The program is not giving you a high schooldiploma.Casa de Pedro.

    • 23:11

      ROSA: Casa de Pedro.

    • 23:12

      ALAN ALVAREZ: It's easy for me to say, hey, accept you.

    • 23:16

      ROSA: Can you do that?

    • 23:17

      ALAN ALVAREZ: No, right now, he's the one.He's a man.He has to make his decisions.

    • 23:21

      ROSA: Well, Cisco, talk.

    • 23:22

      CISCO: I don't want night school.

    • 23:23

      ROSA: He don't want to, night.He don't want to make up two years.

    • 23:25

      ALAN ALVAREZ: No, but now you have West Kennedy Alternativeduring the day, during the day.

    • 23:30

      CISCO: I don't want to go to West Kennedy.

    • 23:32

      ROSA: He don't want to go to West Kennedy.I already spoke to him before we came.He has to do it for himself.And if he mess up, he's out of here.

    • 23:41

      ALAN ALVAREZ: Everybody has all the words.I'm putting you under contract.I'll let you in.You're out five days a cycle, that means you fail.

    • 23:47

      ROSA: You fail, that's right.

    • 23:48

      ALAN ALVAREZ: You understand what I'm saying?

    • 23:49

      ROSA: You heard him.

    • 23:49

      ALAN ALVAREZ: If you cut your classes,I'm going to find out about it.

    • 23:53

      ROSA: That's right.This is your chance and you better take it half open.Cause if you screw, you out.I want to do something for yourself.But if you're going to make me look now stupidand like a fool, you let me know now.For like that, you don't even needto sign your name on that paper.If you have a cold and you're running a fever,

    • 24:15

      ROSA [continued]: you have to come to school.Forget about all your friends until 2:30.When you're walk in to the school,you make believe that you're here by yourself.Because this is it.This is the last time.No more.Now you're going have to show everybody they're wrong.Please show me that I'm wrong.Prove me wrong.

    • 24:35

      ALAN ALVAREZ: Good luck, my friend.

    • 24:37

      CISCO: Thank you.

    • 24:37

      ALAN ALVAREZ: You're welcome.

    • 24:40

      ROSA: Have a nice day.

    • 24:41

      ALAN ALVAREZ: You too.He's a 16-year-old man.Somewhere along the line we come up with 18 years old,and we say that that's one of the legal definitions of beingan adult.In this environment, kids from 13 years oldare making adult decisions but she was doing the talking.

    • 25:06

      ALAN ALVAREZ [continued]: This was not Cisco.And he may felt the same way.But he's the one who's going to have to work out these issues.It's his life.It's not as moms life.It's his life.

    • 25:22

      CISCO: Cisco did it.I'll take the blame for everybody.I take the blame for everything, most things that happens,it's me, it gots to be me.

    • 25:47

      CISCO [continued]: Mr. Hernandez, I was talking to him yesterday.And he was upset.He was mad.Looked like he was about to start crying.If I would have the grades, I wouldhave been able to work during the school year.But since I didn't, he couldn't hire me.

    • 25:58

      EDWARD HERNANDEZ: He's a young man that has the potential.He's falling through the cracks.It's going to take some devoted individual.It's very difficult to get those volunteers these days,very difficult.[SPEAKING SPANISH]

    • 26:19

      EDWARD HERNANDEZ [continued]: I think we'll have to stay on his caseuntil he's about 20 something years old.He's not a closed case yes.A lot of his growing up is just beginning.Nobody can't be there 24 hours.Telling me not to cut class, do your homework, study,pass your tests.

    • 26:41

      EDWARD HERNANDEZ [continued]: All that's up to me now.

    • 26:43

      CISCO: Yep, it's a big that nobody can really help me with, but myself.

    • 26:53

      ROSA: They love their life.Why should they get married?Why should they move?I mean, they have it all here.I give them all I could.They got their freedom.The only one who's going to stay with me, I know.

    • 27:07

      CISCO: I was always trying to make somebody laugh whenthey came and sat.I was always playing around with the little kidswhen they was crying.I always try and make everybody else happy.I just never like seeing people sad.Always like to see people with smiles on their face.

    • 28:21

      CISCO [continued]: [MUSIC PLAYING]

Boys to Men: Cisco

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At seventeen, Cisco has dropped out of school. Kind and caring Cisco takes care of his sick family, and works at a youth and family service center. The adults in his life want to see Cisco back in school, but he won’t commit to a plan of action. Time is running out for this young man who is full of potential, but who resists mentorship.

Boys to Men: Cisco

At seventeen, Cisco has dropped out of school. Kind and caring Cisco takes care of his sick family, and works at a youth and family service center. The adults in his life want to see Cisco back in school, but he won’t commit to a plan of action. Time is running out for this young man who is full of potential, but who resists mentorship.

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