AMA-TV: The Customer Journey, Event Experiences, and Engagement

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      RANDELL MAURICIO: COMING UP-- Customer Data:Finding the Needle in the Haystack.

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      EVA KOVACS: How to Make Your Business Meeting Memorable.

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      RANDELL MAURICIO: And Mastering the Top 5 Interview Questions.You're watching AMA TV, The Marketing Channel.[AMA TV, AMERICAN MARKETING ASSOCIATION]David Krajicek, CEO of GFK Consumer Experiences NorthAmerica, says that too often, marketing and business tacticsbecome ends in themselves instead of pointing companiesback to their intended focus-- the customer.

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      RANDELL MAURICIO [continued]: While marketers are drowning in a sea of customer data,Krajicek says that getting a handle on customer dataisn't about cloud computing and massive storage farms.It's about business acumen.To find the signal in the noise of customer data,marketers need to understand the customer's path to purchase.Use the customer journey as the template

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      RANDELL MAURICIO [continued]: for where to start looking.According to Krajicek, you need to haveCLARITY about what the possible journeys are,and the various ways that customersare exposed to your brand, and how they'remaking decisions about it.He says, think about which channels or information sourcespeople will use or the types of experiencesthat drive engagement with your brand.

    • 01:10

      RANDELL MAURICIO [continued]: If you don't qualify and focus in on the marketingand experiential dynamics that are driving engagement,you're simply just fishing blindly in an oceanthat is too broad and too deep.For more insights about customer centricity,look for Krajicek's column in the fall issue of MarketingInsights at

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      RANDELL MAURICIO: Creating a memorable event experiencefor participants is at the top of every meeting plannersto do list, yet this can be a challenging task.Do you remember the last business meeting you attended?Industry expert and Vice Presidentof Sales for Rymax Marketing Services, Paul Gordon,shares key ideas to ensure your attendees answer that questionwith a resounding yes.

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      PAUL GORDON: So like many of you, I've been to a lota sale's meetings.Some are memorable, and a lot are mundane.And what really separates a good salesmeeting from the mundane ones is puttingin an element of engagement with all of the participants.We really stress the fact that youneed to have something going on within the sales meeting thatbuilds team, that communicates with the goals

    • 02:11

      PAUL GORDON [continued]: are, and then as a reward that has long lasting effectbeyond that.Everything from a race to the warehouse,to scavenger hunt through key cities,and even a shopping spree that's put together in a ballroom--it's very, very important to havethe right brands against the demographics that are in there.We stress that it really should be brandsare very, very aspirational.To make it most memorable, create

    • 02:33

      PAUL GORDON [continued]: an event within the event.Tie-in product-- this if for the residual value at the end thatlasts for quite some time.And give the participants the eventthey really are looking for.Long after the meeting is over, the next 5, maybe 10 years,whatever they received will remind themof what a great experience it is.And that's a memorable sales meeting.[RYMAX MARKETING SERVICES, INC. 866.RYMAX11]

    • 02:54

      RANDELL MAURICIO: Paul will also bespeaking about using merchandise rewardsto make business meetings memorable at Imax 2013in Las Vegas.Find out more at

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      EVA KOVACS: According to Stacie Garlieb, Presidentof Successful Impressions, there are 5 job interview questionsto prepare for in order to successfully navigatethe job search process regardless of industry.Put yourself to the test and see if you could secondlyanswer these questions.Number 1, why are you interested in this job?What the interviewer wants to know

    • 03:28

      EVA KOVACS [continued]: is do you know what you're signing up forand are you capable of handling it?So focus on the value you could provide the company overall.Number 2, why are you leaving your current job?If you're making a transition to a growth industry,then just say so.If you're leaving because of your boss, co-workers,or pending company changes resist the temptation

    • 03:49

      EVA KOVACS [continued]: to go into emotional details.Number 3, why should I hire you?Be careful not to overstate your qualifications.Since you don't know the level of expertiseof the other candidates, focus on the top two or three skillsyou have that you can speak about in detail.For Stacie Garlieb's full list of interview questionsand tips, visit

    • 04:11

      RANDELL MAURICIO: When it comes to web experiencestoday's consumer expects your brand to know who they are,what device they're on, and what messaging they want to hear.These new expectations mean customershave more reasons than ever to ignore your messaging.Here are three reasons why your web experience isn'tan engaging your customers and how to capture their attention.

    • 04:32

      RANDELL MAURICIO [continued]: 1, Your customer experience is disjointed.Be consistent with responsive design.As your customers move across devices and channels,make sure your users have consistent experiencesacross any device and platform.2, Your content is missing the mark.Engage your consumers through content marketingand tailor the content to be highly personalized.

    • 04:53

      RANDELL MAURICIO [continued]: Tailored content can anticipate the needs of each consumerto offer products or services at the most opportune momentsto buy.3, You're not where your customers are.Keep up with an omni-channel approach.Today, reaching consumers requiresa complex multifaceted approach across many channelsand devices.For more information on how to attract and retain customers,

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      RANDELL MAURICIO [continued]: visit

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      EVA KOVACS: Developing a social media presence is an art form.And once you mastered that first step,few roadmaps exist for what comes next.At the Advanced Social Media Training Series October29 and 30, in Boston, you'll learnhow to take social media beyond marketingand acquire the tools you'll needto deputize your employees for organization-wide social media

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      EVA KOVACS [continued]: engagement.You'll build a multi-channel social mediacampaign and social media metrics dashboardand engage in case-based problem solvingwith a group of marketing peers whoalso want to take their social media programs to a new level.Join Dana Vanden Heuvel of MARKETINGSAVANT and explorethe latest advanced strategies and tactics in social media.

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      EVA KOVACS [continued]: Visit to learn more and register.

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      RANDELL MAURICIO: AMA TV is great.But to truly elevate your game, youneed to become a member of the AMA.

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      EVA KOVACS: Let the AMA connect youwith the tools and the people youneed to succeed in your career.Register now by clicking the banner below or goto

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AMA-TV: The Customer Journey, Event Experiences, and Engagement

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This episode of AMA TV tries to prepare marketers for their next event. It includes tips and suggestions for the next meeting, the next social media campaign, and even the next job interview.

AMA-TV: The Customer Journey, Event Experiences, and Engagement

This episode of AMA TV tries to prepare marketers for their next event. It includes tips and suggestions for the next meeting, the next social media campaign, and even the next job interview.

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