AMA-TV: Sustainability, Gamification, and Press Releases

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      RANDELL MAURICIO: Hi.I'm Randell Mauricio.

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      EVA KOVACS: And I'm Eva Kovacs.You're watching AMA TV, The Marketing Channel.

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      RANDELL MAURICIO: Where marketersconnect with the people and resources they need to succeed.On today's show--

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      EVA KOVACS: Patagonia works to blaze new trailsin sustainability.

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      RANDELL MAURICIO: Gamification-- is it the latest buzzor the newest breakthrough in survey engagement?

    • 00:23

      EVA KOVACS: And old dog learns new tricks-- using pressreleases for lead generation.

    • 00:30

      RANDELL MAURICIO: Last fall, on Cyber Monday,the busiest online shopping day of the year,Patagonia customers received a promotional emailfrom the outdoor retailer that read "Don't buy this jacket."The email describe the environmental impactof making and distributing one jacket-- that it takes135 liters of water, a daily supply for 45 people,

    • 00:51

      RANDELL MAURICIO [continued]: and that transporting the jacket from the factoryto Patagonia's warehouse in Reno produces about20 pounds of carbon dioxide.The message came on the heels of an ad campaigntelling consumers to reduce what you buy.The campaign got people talking aboutwhether the message would hurt Patagonia's salesor boost customer loyalty.Rob BonDurant, Vice President of Marketing and Communications

    • 01:12

      RANDELL MAURICIO [continued]: at Patagonia, Inc., says the campaigncan be considered a success based on the amount of interestit generated for the brand and its sustainability efforts.He admits the message is counterintuitive,but honesty is what the company's after.He says, "We only ran one ad in The New York Timesand that one ad has actually generated so much PR.So it has more than paid for itself in value

    • 01:34

      RANDELL MAURICIO [continued]: and it has gotten a dialogue going."For more insights from Patagonia's Rob BonDurant,check out the March 15 issue of Marketing Newsat marketingpower.c om/marketingnews.

    • 01:44

      EVA KOVACS: A lot of speakers get in front of peoplewithout knowing the basics of presenting.Don't sacrifice your message.Consider these pointers from Darryl Rosen,marketing and sales consultant with DRose Associatesto deliver an energetic and carefully planned presentation.Serve lighter fare.Heavy food will only artificially put

    • 02:05

      EVA KOVACS [continued]: people to sleep.Share the agenda.Tell people when the presentation will end and stickto it.Nothing is worse than a meeting that drags on.Get to the point, and get to it within 60 seconds.You only have 100% of the group's attentionat the very beginning.Tantalize with the title.Think of a name that will capture someone's attention,

    • 02:27

      EVA KOVACS [continued]: like "Five Reasons Why This Month's Incentive Will Give Usa Leg Up on the Competition."Be creative and a little provocative if you can.To read Darryl's full article, goto has caught on as the new buzzword,and it may be more than just a passing trend.Jackie Lorch, Vice President of Global Knowledge Management

    • 02:49

      EVA KOVACS [continued]: at SSI, shares how to incorporate gaming elementsinto your surveys to boost engagement without compromisingyour findings.

    • 02:57

      JACKIE LORCH: Gamification is a new buzzword in the marketresearch industry.But you don't have to create a new game in orderto add gamification to your survey.This isn't about adding fancy, flashy lights or animation.We can use elements of gaming theoryto improve the respondent experienceand get higher quality data.Here are some examples.Use a guess question in your survey,

    • 03:18

      JACKIE LORCH [continued]: like "What do you think other people think?"Get creative with your rewards.How about a reward for someone who's takensurveys on the widest variety of topics, for example?Use an avatar.Or, instead of fielding a plain vanilla question like "Whatare your favorite brands?" ask people to name their brandswithin a time limit.Use a countdown clock.

    • 03:38

      JACKIE LORCH [continued]: Research shows that this kind of creative approachgains richer data for us.We don't want to go overboard.We're not in the entertainment business.But, used the right way, gaming elementscan provide a better respondent experienceso people will want to come back and take more surveys with usagain in the future.

    • 03:55

      RANDELL MAURICIO: For more on gamification and other waysto improve the research experience,click the SSI banner and watch their recent webinar,"Getting Engaged with Your Research Respondents."

    • 04:06

      EVA KOVACS: Unless you're a Kardashian,it can be hard to distribute your news to your targetaudience.But, according to PR Newswire, there is one old school toolthat you can use to send news and even generate leads--the press release.Rachel Meranus, Vice President of Marketing and Communicationsfor PR Newswire, says press releases

    • 04:26

      EVA KOVACS [continued]: can be used to drive action, especially when they'reaccompanied by multimedia.In a recent study, PR Newswire foundadding a photo to a press releaseyielded 14% more responses than text-only releases.Adding a video showed a 20% increase.Adding a photo and video delivered a 48% jump.

    • 04:48

      EVA KOVACS [continued]: And adding a photo, video, plus additional documents,such as PDFs or PowerPoints, led to a 77% leap.For more on PR Newswire's findings,visit lead

    • 05:03

      RANDELL MAURICIO: The impact marketing has on public policyis an ever-growing discipline.In June, leaders in the area will gather at AMA's Marketingand Public Policy Conference to explore marketing's vital rolein addressing the needs of marginalized consumersand the importance of social justice in the marketplace.Join co-chairs Minette Drumwright,of the University of Texas at Austin, and Geraldine

    • 05:24

      RANDELL MAURICIO [continued]: Henderson and Jerome Williams, both from Rutgers BusinessSchool, Newark and New Brunswick,for an information and networking-rich eventthemed "The Confluence of Marketing, Public Policy,and Social Justice-- Changes, Challenges, and Charges."Visit learn more and register.

    • 05:42

      EVA KOVACS: Thanks for joining us today,and remember, your industry learning doesn't end here.

    • 05:47

      RANDELL MAURICIO: That's right.Check out more insights, tips, and to hear more from SSI.We'll see you next time.

AMA-TV: Sustainability, Gamification, and Press Releases

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Why would a company tell consumers not to buy their product? And when should research data become a game? This episode of AMA TV investigates when counter-intuitive strategies can pay off with big benefits.

AMA-TV: Sustainability, Gamification, and Press Releases

Why would a company tell consumers not to buy their product? And when should research data become a game? This episode of AMA TV investigates when counter-intuitive strategies can pay off with big benefits.

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