AMA-TV: Mike Rowe, Labor Marketing, and Digital Asset Management

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      RANDELL MAURICIO: Coming up, Mike Rowe and Caterpillar teamup to promote trades,--

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      EVA KOVACS: -- tips on how to implement digital assetmanagement solutions--

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      RANDELL MAURICIO: -- and the next generation of dynamicmarketing.

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      EVA KOVACS: You're watching AMA TV, the marketing channel.While you can make a good living working in the trades,studies show fewer and fewer teens and 20 somethingschoose a trades career.Skilled trade careers need a marketing campaign.And that's where Mike Rowe comes in.As host of Discovery Channel's reality hit, Dirty Jobs,

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      EVA KOVACS [continued]: from 2005 to 2012, Rowe tackled various grimey tasks,including cleaning sewers and working on oil derricksand cattle ranches.In early 2013, Rowe and Caterpillar,Inc., a global manufacturer of construction and miningequipment, started a marketing campaign for skilled laborcalled Profoundly Disconnected.

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      EVA KOVACS [continued]: Profoundly Disconnected's websitetakes a cheeky, irreverent approachto promoting skilled tradeswork.It includes a video series, Lessons from the Dirt,in which Rowe discusses the benefits of skilled tradecareers.And a weekly auction dubbed, Collectibles Rare and Precious,or C.R.A.P., which puts autograph paraphernalia

    • 01:13

      EVA KOVACS [continued]: from Dirty Jobs up for sale on eBay.Proceeds go to the Mike Rowe Works scholarshipfund, and Skills USA, a national nonprofit organizationfor high school and college studentswho are preparing for careers in skilled service occupations.For the full story on Profoundly Disconnected,check out the October, 2013, issue of Marketing News

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      EVA KOVACS [continued]: at

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      RANDELL MAURICIO: Rich media and digital contentis pervasive and continues to grow exponentiallythroughout organizations.Best in class organizations consider digital assetmanagement solutions to be a key componentof intellectual property initiative.Connecting people, processes, amplifyingworkplace positivity, and increasingthe value of your organization.

    • 01:58

      RANDELL MAURICIO [continued]: Here are some keys to a successful digital assetmanagement implementation.Choose the right product for your organization.Consider your available infrastructure, and ITmanagement capabilities as well as your storage and usageneeds.Get leadership buy-in.Having the support of an executive teamwill help you get the budget you need,resolve interdepartmental issues,

    • 02:18

      RANDELL MAURICIO [continued]: and elevate the visibility of the projectin your organization.Build a project team.A well-managed digital asset management implementationtypically involves three main groups-- business, IT,and user communities.Include all three in your project team to ensure everyoneis in agreement.Implement in phases.

    • 02:39

      RANDELL MAURICIO [continued]: Implementations are complex and include integrationswith internal systems, data models, product master datasets, naming conventions, and existing processes.A phased implementation allows youto mitigate project risks, leverage a vendor,or partner with credible experience in implementation.The right expert can help you design, implement,

    • 02:59

      RANDELL MAURICIO [continued]: and deploy the system.For all 10 tips and to learn best practices for successfullyimplementing digital asset management in your enterprise,visit

    • 03:10

      EVA KOVACS: Do you ever feel like your resume is justtelling part of the story?Debra Wheatman, from Careers Done Write,suggests, for many occupations, such as consultants,creative directors, or project managers,showcasing three to five case studies in an addendumis the right solution.While the resume contains the candidate's top selling points,

    • 03:30

      EVA KOVACS [continued]: on addendum, maybe a closer look at key projects or programs.A case study is an excellent formatfor detailing programs or projects for an addendum.This way the candidate can sell himselfby showcasing measured results.Was the project delivered early or under budget?What was the savings achieved?What improvements in metrics can the candidate share?

    • 03:54

      EVA KOVACS [continued]: Numbers sell, so including numbers is important.Here's why addendums are effective.The case study addendum is a smart wayto expand on your accomplishments.It also shows that you are organized and havesharp marketing instincts.Don't wait until you are called for an interview, startbuilding your case study addendum today,so you have something to share with the company

    • 04:15

      EVA KOVACS [continued]: when the interview stage presents itself.For more resume tips and other career resources,visit

    • 04:23

      RANDELL MAURICIO: Imagine engagingwith customers, prospects, or partnersin a venue that's fully branded and customizedto your specifications, where you can interact directlywith each person, share presentations,and launch new products internationalor even global markets in only 24 hours.Now imagine all that without attendees everhaving to step outside their offices.They simply click on an url.

    • 04:44

      RANDELL MAURICIO [continued]: Many leading companies are now using dynamic marketingin virtual environments to connectwith target audiences, host conferences, customer forms,partner events, and product launches virtually.Virtual environments create a sense of excitement, urgency,and presence.They aren't just static web pages.Virtual environments are like physical environments,but better.They look like a conference center.

    • 05:06

      RANDELL MAURICIO [continued]: Attendees do the same things theydo in person, gather information, viewpresentations, interact with company reps, and network.Interactivity is built in through Chat, Skype,and Instant Meetings.For the organizer, virtual beats in person.Your reporting dashboard shows valuable informationon each attendee that enriches follow up,including what content they accessed, questions they asked,

    • 05:28

      RANDELL MAURICIO [continued]: and topics they discussed.You reap the benefits of better qualified leads, higher ROI,and uncover new opportunities that build the sales pipeline.To learn more about virtual environments and events,visit

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      EVA KOVACS: Introduce your colleaguesto the new ideas, expert insights,and progressive strategies on today'strending topics with a group membership to the AMA.

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      RANDELL MAURICIO: Organize your colleagues todayand take advantage of special group rates when you register.

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      EVA KOVACS: Go to groupmembership.ama.organd sign up today.We'll see you next time.

AMA-TV: Mike Rowe, Labor Marketing, and Digital Asset Management

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This episode of AMA TV addresses the job market. It begins with a marketing solution to attract workers to trade jobs, then it looks at helping executives build better resumes.

AMA-TV: Mike Rowe, Labor Marketing, and Digital Asset Management

This episode of AMA TV addresses the job market. It begins with a marketing solution to attract workers to trade jobs, then it looks at helping executives build better resumes.

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