AMA-TV: Hampton Creek, Online Events, and Credibility

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    • 00:04

      RANDELL MAURICIO: Hi, I'm Randell Mauricio.

    • 00:06

      EVA KOVACS: And I'm Eva Kovacs.You're watching AMA TV, the Marketing Channel.

    • 00:09

      RANDELL MAURICIO: Where marketersconnect with the people and resources they need to succeed.On today's show--

    • 00:14

      EVA KOVACS: The good egg.Hampton Creek Foods is on a missionto position it's plant-based egg substitutes as number onein the egg category.

    • 00:22

      RANDELL MAURICIO: Five steps for establishing credibilitywhile networking.

    • 00:25

      EVA KOVACS: And content marketing, cultivatingan effective and dynamic plan.

    • 00:30

      RANDELL MAURICIO: Launching a productand in a niche category certainly can afford youmore freedom but things can get complicatedwhen your product is also competingagainst one of the most basic products out there, the egg.Hampton Creek Foods has developed a plant-based eggsubstitute, Beyond Eggs, and an egg free mayonnaise, Just Mayo.But rather than just competing against other vegan

    • 00:51

      RANDELL MAURICIO [continued]: and plant-based substitutes, the company'spitting its products against eggs, in general,hoping to attract vegans, cholesterol watchers,and average Joes alike.Food marketing experts say that changing consumers egg buyinghabits will be difficult as low cholesterol and cage free eggshave many of the same properties as Hampton Creek's products.

    • 01:11

      RANDELL MAURICIO [continued]: The company's banking on a marketing strategyfocused on social media and storytellingto win over buyers.Hampton Creek touts its products as cheaper, disease free,cholesterol free, and more sustainablealternatives to the real thing.The company's also using a celebrity backerto get noticed, Microsoft founder and philanthropistextraordinaire, Bill Gates.

    • 01:33

      RANDELL MAURICIO [continued]: Gates has publicly endorsed Hampton Creekand included it in the Future of Food, a mini documentaryon his website.Hampton Creek founder and CEO Josh Tetrickis confident that the company's quest to be better than eggswill ring true with consumers.He says, "one of the top three reasonswe're going to win is that we're telling compelling,

    • 01:53

      RANDELL MAURICIO [continued]: emotional, authentic stories, storiesthat will cross the bridge from being a typical food companyinto something different.For the full story on Hampton Creek foods,check out the September 2013 issue of Marketing Newsat

    • 02:08

      EVA KOVACS: Webinars are effective lead generationprograms, but many don't reach their full potential.Remember, setting up the event is half the battle.The in webinar experience is just as important.Here are some tips to help you get the mostout of your live online event.Ditch the, PowerPoint at least some of the time.If your speaker only plans to show a PowerPoint presentation,

    • 02:32

      EVA KOVACS [continued]: you're in trouble.Try adding in polls, open-ended questions, and video files.If your audience isn't listening,all the work you did to get them there is wasted.Interact with your audience every five to seven minutes.Plan interactions ahead of time and use an engagement meterin your platform to keep tabs on the audience's engagement.

    • 02:53

      EVA KOVACS [continued]: Provide product information passively before and after.A demo is one thing, but if you'reaiming for thought leadership in educationtry providing product info in a file available for downloadat the start or end of the webinar.To read Adobe Connect's full list of webinar best practices,go to

    • 03:14

      RANDELL MAURICIO: Picture this, you're at a luncheonand you turn to the stranger next to you.Do you engage in conversation or smile and say nothing?This is an all too common situation.So career coach Randy Block shares these five stepsfor establishing credibility while networking.One, determine what you have in common.This can be as simple as asking what impresses you

    • 03:36

      RANDELL MAURICIO [continued]: about this speaker?Two, turn your antenna way up.Don't allow any distractions whenlistening when a person knows that they've been listened to,the establishment of your credibility is mostly there.Three, show intelligent curiosity about whatthey're talking about.Ask good questions, get clarification, but don'tinterview or grill them.

    • 03:58

      RANDELL MAURICIO [continued]: Four, as a relationship grows, the dialoguecan quickly and easily transitionto different subjects.And five, the engine that keeps all of this on trackis you being cognizant of your relevanceto what they're talking about.Being authentic and transparent meansthat you're willing to find common ground and sharedinterests.For more expert career tips, visit

    • 04:20

      EVA KOVACS: The AMA Collegiate Case Competitionis a year long event that brings together top marketing studentsto work on a marketing challenge submittedby a sponsoring organization.The case sponsor provided a detailed marketing problemfor which its looking to gain the perspective of AMA's beststudents, who will compete by developing a marketingstrategy in a nationally recognized competition.

    • 04:43

      EVA KOVACS [continued]: This year's case sponsor is the Hershey company,North America's largest producer of quality chocolate.The brand focus for this year's caseis the Take Five candy bar and the first 100 chaptersto submit the intent to participateform will receive a 124 count box of Hershey's Take Fivecandy bars to familiarize themselves with the product.

    • 05:05

      EVA KOVACS [continued]: The case competition is open to undergraduate teamsat schools that have an affiliated AMA collegiatechapter.For more information, go to

    • 05:15

      RANDELL MAURICIO: Today more than ever,content marketing is becoming a large partof the organizational strategy.However, a plan of action that isn'tbuilt on a solid foundation won'tengage prospects and customers no matterhow great your content may be.On November 7th, join the AMA for a Virtual Xchange eventand learn how to create a strategy thatwill achieve results, including deciphering what kind

    • 05:37

      RANDELL MAURICIO [continued]: of content will work best for your business,where to market the content you've created,and how to approach measurement.Speakers include content marketing evangelistand author Joe Pulizzi.Visit for more information and to register.

    • 05:52

      EVA KOVACS: Thanks for joining us today.Remember, watching AMA TV is great, empowering your industryis even better.

    • 05:58

      RANDELL MAURICIO: So share this videowith your fellow marketers, and we'll see you next time.[MUSIC PLAYING]

AMA-TV: Hampton Creek, Online Events, and Credibility

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This episode of AMA TV is all about food marketing opportunities. Learn about how one company plans to go to war against the egg, and about a marketing strategy competition that offers free chocolate to participants.

AMA-TV: Hampton Creek, Online Events, and Credibility

This episode of AMA TV is all about food marketing opportunities. Learn about how one company plans to go to war against the egg, and about a marketing strategy competition that offers free chocolate to participants.

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