AMA-TV: CMA, Mobile Marketing, and Twitter

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      RANDELL MAURICIO: Hi, I'm Randell Mauricio.

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      EVA KOVACS: And I'm Eva Kovacs.Your watching AMA TV, The Marketing Channel.

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      RANDELL MAURICIO: Where marketersconnect with the people and resources they need to succeed.On today's show, the CMA Helps Brands "Go Country."

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      EVA KOVACS: Using Mobile Marketing Measuresto Improve Marketing Effectiveness.

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      RANDELL MAURICIO: And Four Steps to Successin the Digital World.

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      EVA KOVACS: Think all country music fans drivetrucks that live on farms?Well, think again.According to Angela Mendenhall, Senior Managerof Strategic Partnerships at the Country Music Association,more than one third of country music fans drive hybrid cars.And the majority are tech savvy.The CMA's digital fan base, she says, totals 1.3 million.

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      EVA KOVACS [continued]: Aside from promoting the genre, the CMAworks to break down stereotypes about country fansand forge relationships with brandslooking to connect with country's diverse fan base.

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      REBA MCENTIRE: Taylor Swift.

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      EVA KOVACS: The Association promotes country musicpartially through three annual televised events--the CMA Awards, the CMA Music Festival, and CMA CountryChristmas.All of which are sponsored regularly by up to 50 brands.The CMA believes its range of brand partnersreflects the diversity of country as a fan base.

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      EVA KOVACS [continued]: Mendenhall says there are 96 million people in Americawho describe themselves as a country music fan."No matter which way you slice it,this is a huge market to talk to.They mirror the general populationin every demographic; male, female, household income."For more on the CMA's brand partnerships,check out the March 15, issue of Marketing News exclusives

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      EVA KOVACS [continued]: at

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      RANDELL MAURICIO: In times of chaos, change, or challenge,company leaders need to be creative to pull through.So in case you ever find yourselfin the middle of a creativity crisis in the workplace,President of Careers Done Right, Deborah Wheatman,offers these tips for you to consider.Acknowledge that creativity is more than just a buzz word.Its as integral and necessary to a company as having solid

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      RANDELL MAURICIO [continued]: accounting controls.A chief executive that is less creativedoesn't necessarily need to be replaced.Instead, this may be an opportunityto supplement the leadership team with a creative thinker.Develop a culture of creative acceptance.That means encouraging openness to new ideas.If you feel judged for offering a new way to approacha problem, you're less likely to offer your ideas out of fear.

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      RANDELL MAURICIO [continued]: For more of Deborah's tips,

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      EVA KOVACS: Today's thought leader Omer Minkara, SeniorResearch Associate at Research Firm Aberdeen Group,shares a crucial factor in achieving your mobile marketinggoals.

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      OMER MINKARA: Hi, AMA members.My research over the past year has shown usthat the adoption of mobile marketinghas more than doubled across all the companies.That being said, 1 out of 3 companiesare still struggling with understandinghow their mobile initiatives help them attaintheir marking objectives.Best in class companies are able to solve this challenge

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      OMER MINKARA [continued]: by focusing on measurement.And here's two steps for you to replicate best in classstory when it comes to measurement.1, adopt a multichannel mindset.What that means is stop correlatingyour mobile initiatives with social marketing, emailmarketing, and online marketing.And number 2, have IT and marketing

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      OMER MINKARA [continued]: collaborate even closer.That will help you leverage the skill sets of your IT teamon capturing, managing, and measuring datato help you understand what mobile marketing doesfor your business.

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      EVA KOVACS: To learn more about the best in class stepsto success in mobile marketing, check out the new mobilemarketing imperative at

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      RANDELL MAURICIO: From Best Buy using Twitteras a customer service tool, to online portals like Airbnb,where homeowners compete with hotels and motelsas lodging providers, digitalizationhas become its own component of business strategy.According to strategic brand and marketing consultancy Prophet,digitalization can drastically change existing value chainsand even render them obsolete.

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      RANDELL MAURICIO [continued]: Just think of what happened to blockbuster.To find your way through the digital landscape,Prophet has outlined these four steps.Identify Potential-- can new media and technologiesadd value?Develop a Clear Point of View-- how shoulddigitalization be handled?Plan Activities-- how are successful ones developed?And lastly, Implement Strategy-- how

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      RANDELL MAURICIO [continued]: to create internal alignment and engagement.To learn the techniques behind these four steps,visit

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      EVA KOVACS: Your college or university's brandplays a critical role.It helps your institution secure funding, attract top faculty,and maintain strong community, government,and media relations.So stay competitive by attending Identity Imperative: Higher EdBranding April 24, and 25 in Washington DC.

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      EVA KOVACS [continued]: You'll cover internal branding, generating buy-in, qualitativeand quantitative research, positioning statements,and more.Join Elizabeth Scarborough, CEO and partnerat Simpson Scarborough, and other higher ad marketersto learn how to better develop your institution's brandstrategy.Visit

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      EVA KOVACS [continued]: to learn more and to register for the training intensive.

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      RANDELL MAURICIO: Well, thanks for joining us today.Don't forget about one of the AMA's latest member benefits.The AMA's Marketers Toolkit-- a one stop shop for tools,templates, and resources.

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AMA-TV: CMA, Mobile Marketing, and Twitter

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This episode of AMA TV looks at overlooked markets and under-researched opportunities. Country music fans represent a large community that spans across demographic categories, proving that preconceived notions can mean lost business.

AMA-TV: CMA, Mobile Marketing, and Twitter

This episode of AMA TV looks at overlooked markets and under-researched opportunities. Country music fans represent a large community that spans across demographic categories, proving that preconceived notions can mean lost business.

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