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In 2019, SAGE Business Cases launched Sustainability, a new teaching case series within SAGE Business Cases.

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The Sustainability series is edited by: 

  • Professor Kathy Hipple, Bard’s MBA for Sustainability and founding partner of Noosphere Marketing

    Kathy Hipple is a founding partner of Noosphere Marketing, and an adjunct professor at Bard’s MBA for Sustainability, where she teaches Finance through a sustainability lens. At Noosphere, she works with mission-driven organizations, financial services and tech firms to advance – and communicate - their environmental, social and governance (ESG) initiatives. Prior to launching her firm, Kathy had an extensive background on Wall Street, working with international institutional clients at Merrill Lynch, and in local search, where she ran a NYC-based media company with nearly 200 employees and $35 million in revenues, and served on the national board of the Local Search Association. 

    Call for Papers

    Partner with SAGE to develop your SUSTAINABILITY teaching case. For further details on submissions, Click here

    SAGE Publishing continues to grow its teaching case collection, SAGE Business Cases, across the business and management discipline while also focusing in on key areas we care deeply about. The Sustainability collection within SAGE Business Cases will highlight the operational intersection between the private sector, public sector, and natural world, exploring how organizations can shape and be shaped by their physical and regulatory environment. We invite cases that explore challenges to responsible long-term development, and aim to build a collection with a variety of perspectives on environmental, social, and economic sustainability.

    SAGE is pleased to offer case authors:

    • Double-blind peer review of your case and teaching notes
    • A thorough editorial process, working to develop your ideas and prepare cases for successful publication
    • Freedom to include your students in the case research and writing process
    • Copyright in your name and final PDF for ease of use in your classroom
    • $500 when your case is published
    • An international audience for your work

    Have you written a case that you currently use in your classroom? Do you have an idea or a rough draft of a case? Bring it to SAGE and we’ll work with you to develop your idea and ready it for the global classroom.


    • We look for cases between 1,000 and 5,000 words.
    • Please include discussion questions and teaching notes.
    • Guidelines and templates may be found here
    • Manuscripts are accepted through our ScholarOne portal
    • Authors receive decisions within 6-8 weeks of submission.

    For questions and sample cases, contact: Rebecca Frankel, Associate Editor,

  • Cases from the Sustainability Series

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    AEC Computer: Adopting a Circular Business Model for Used Electronics
    Air Pollution in Delhi and Six Blind Men
    Building the Fashion Business of the Future: Everlane and Its Radical Transparency
    Business Model Innovation of a Social Enterprise in the Scandinavian Electricity Retail Market
    Climate Change Adaptation, Stakeholder Relations, and Corporate Environmental Responsibility: The Case of a Hydropower-Producing Company in Russia
    Clisol Agro: An Island in a Plastic Sea
    Creating a Water Market in California: What Will It Take?
    Development of Mass Transit Railway Systems in Hong Kong: Rail Plus Property Model of MTR Corporation
    Eating Bugs on Purpose: Challenges and Opportunities in Adapting Insects as a Sustainable Protein
    Environmental Sustainability, Sugar Consumption, and SodaStream
    Ethanol Subsidies: Corny Economics?
    Financial Management Framework for the Save Our Species Project: A World Bank-Financed Global Conservation Effort
    Food For Free: From Food Waste to Healthy Meals
    Green Ride: Tax Incentives to Promote Sustainability
    How to Pursue the Right Growth Strategy in a Changing Market: The Case of Organic Valley
    Mondelēz India: Creating Differentiation Through CSR
    Namasté Solar's Approach to Corporate Sustainability: Is It Sustainable?
    Project Selection: Picking the Best Option
    Puente Power Plant Crisis: Lessons in Planning for Local Administration
    Rana Plaza Collapse, Its Aftermath, and Future Implications for Sustainability
    Recycled Milk Jugs Become Chairs for Lollygaggers: Loll Designs Walks the Talk
    RISE Products Inc.: Transforming Organic Waste Into Healthy Food
    Sustainability Case Competition: From Idea to Project
    Sustainability CoLab: Scaling Local Impact
    Sustainability: Collective Action Problems and a Potential Market-like Solution
    Sustainable Agriculture in Bali: Environmental Justice and Social Equality
    Sustainable Development in International Markets: A Metrics-Based Case Study
    The Hurricane Maria Crisis: Defining and Responding to the Disaster in Puerto Rico
    The Northern Gateway Pipeline: Seeking Consensus Is a Slippery Business
    Water, Water, Everywhere? The Flint Water Crisis

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