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SAGE Video Discoverability Checklist

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SAGE Knowledge Help

Information for librarians on SAGE Knowledge can be found in the following documents:

SAGE Knowledge User Guide

Technical FAQs Document

SAGE Knowledge Customer Checklist

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SAGE Knowledge Discoverability Checklist

Information and instructions for subscription sensitivity 

Further information can be found here

A mapping file showing URLs for both the old and new platform.

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Q: What will happen to my COUNTER reports during the dual access period for SAGE Knowledge?

A: You can find answers in our Technical Support Information.

Q. What COUNTER 4 reports are available for SAGE Knowledge?

A. We are offering the following COUNTER 4 reports:

Book Report 2 (BR2): Successful Section Requests by Month and Title
Book Report 3 (BR3): Access Denied to Content Items by Month, Title and Category
Platform Report 1 (PR1): Total searches, result clicks, and record views, by month and platform (Across SK)
Multimedia Report 1(MR1)
Q: What is the difference between COUNTER 3 and COUNTER 4?

A: COUNTER 4 is the newest standard in usage reporting for journals, databases, books, and multimedia content. It is the most significant release since v.2 and includes changes to existing reports, as well as introducing new reports:

Gold Open Access Report
Access Denied Reports
Year-of-Publication (YOP) Reports
SUSHI Performance Guidelines
Select Time Range for Reports (Month / Year)
For a complete list of all new reports and required changes for publishers, please refer to the COUNTER website and documentation.  

Q: Are COUNTER 4 reports subscription-sensitive?

A: Yes, all reports are subscription-sensitive. If you are trialing a resource during the time period of the report, that resource will appear in your report.  

Q: Where can I learn more about COUNTER 4 reports and terminology?


Q: Why are some of my COUNTER 4 reports returning zeroes?

A: Fields should only contain zeroes if there was no usage during that time period. You may be seeing zeroes because your access to the title expired at some point during the time period (or if your free trial period ended), or if usage occurred the day the report was pulled (reports refresh with new data each day). If you believe there are errors on your report, please contact us.

If your question is not answered above, please contact us:

MARC Records

For more information about SAGE's MARC Record policy, please visit our MARC Record Help Page.

You can download subscription sensitive MARC records from your account admin Secure Center. More information can be found on the MARC Record Help Page.

SAGE Video

Select the links below to download a full set of MARC records for all of SAGE Video, or at discipline collection level.

Full collection


Counseling and Psychotherapy

Media, Communications & Cultural Studies

SAGE Knowledge

Select the links below to download the full set of MARC records for SAGE Knowledge content (book and reference works).

SAGE Knowledge MARC Records (book and reference)


For information about SAGE Knowledge accessibility resources visit SAGE Knowledge accessibility Statement.

To request a VPAT or for general enquiries please contact

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