Juvenile Offending and Victimization

Adrienne Freng & Terrance J. Taylor

In: Encyclopedia of Victimology and Crime Prevention

Juvenile Offending and Victimization

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  • Substantial research investigating offending and victimization has found that they may be intertwined. High rates of victimization and offending exist among juvenile populations, and studies have made clear that these categories are not mutually exclusive. Most of the research has focused on one or the other of these phenomena, however, rather than the relationship between delinquency and victimization.

    The Victim–Offender Connection

    The connection between juvenile offending and victimization has been established. What is less clear is how victimization and offending are linked. That is, does offending result in victimization, or does victimization lead to offending? And, are these relationships reciprocal, or are there other factors that explain both offending and victimization?

    There is strong support for the idea that participation in delinquency is ...

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