Rogers Criminal Responsibility Assessment Scales (R–CRAS)

Richard Rogers

In: Encyclopedia of Psychology and Law

Rogers Criminal Responsibility Assessment Scales (R–CRAS)

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  • The Rogers Criminal Responsibility Assessment Scales (R–CRAS) is a structured decision model for quantifying relevant psychological variables that are salient for the retrospective evaluation of insanity. The R–CRAS was validated to address specifically the American Law Institute (ALI) insanity standard that requires an assessment of a defendant's cognitive and volitional impairment at the time of the alleged offense. In addition to the ALI standard, the R–CRAS provides clinical data relevant to the M'Naghten insanity standard and the Michigan-based guilty but mentally ill (GBMI) standard.

    The R–CRAS decision process combines an appraisal of general diagnostic categories with an assessment of cognitive and behavioral (i.e., volitional) abilities at the time of the offense. Three rationally constructed scales evaluate diagnostic issues: (1) Patient Reliability, which includes malingering or involuntary ...

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