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Renée Spencer & Antoinette Basualdo-Delmonico

In: Handbook of Youth Mentoring

Chapter 32: Termination and Closure of Mentoring Relationships

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Termination and Closure of Mentoring Relationships
Termination and closure of mentoring relationships
Renée Spencer and Antoinette Basualdo-Delmonico

We live our lives, forever taking leave”—Rilke (1923/1939)

When do youth mentoring relationships end? Mentoring, by definition, evokes a sense of timelessness. Indeed, some mentoring relationships do last a lifetime—whether in the actuality of sustained interpersonal contact, however infrequent, or in the spirit of present-day successes being attributed to the influences of trusted guides from long ago. Perhaps it should not be surprising then that endings in youth mentoring relationships, whether natural or formal, have received little concerted attention in the empirical literature to date (Keller, 2005; Spencer, 2007). We seem to prefer to think of mentoring relationships as going well and continuing indefinitely in one form or another or simply ...

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