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Andrea Tapia, Rosalie Ocker, Mary Beth Rosson, Bridget Blodgett & Tim Ryan

In: Leadership in Science and Technology: A ReferenceHandbook

Chapter 68: Computer Tomography Virtual Organization

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Computer Tomography Virtual Organization
Computer tomography virtual organization

In modern science, powerful technological tools are often prohibitively expensiveand thus far rarer than the scholars who seek their use. Groups of diversescientists form complex relationships around these rare, powerful tools with theintention of mutual gain through common tool use. But without clear mechanismsfor governing tool use, the data produced by the tool, access to the data, anddissemination of the data, collaborative research that depends on shared use ofthe tool are stymied. Leadership must create and manage operation of the tool,develop these mechanisms, and constantly improve them on the basis ofexperience.

In this chapter, we examine a scientific setting that revolves around such atool: the virtual organization that has emerged around a high-resolutioncomputed tomography (HRCT) scanner at Pennsylvania State ...

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