SAGE Recommends

What is SAGE Recommends?

SAGE Recommends discovers content that you might find interesting from other SAGE sites, based on what you’re currently reading. It’s a great way to discover relevant or interesting material that you might otherwise have missed, including journal articles, case studies, reports, podcasts, and even numerical data.

When can I use SAGE Recommends?

The tab appears on all book chapter, reference entry, debate and video pages. The tab doesn’t appear on book landing pages, but if you want to find content that’s relevant to a book as a whole just navigate to the introductory chapter and go from there.

How can I interact with the recommendations?

By default the recommendations are sorted by relevance, but you can also use the drop-down filter to show the most recent content first. Clicking on a link will take you to that content in a new tab so you don’t lose your place. If you’re not sure why something is relevant, just hover your mouse over the link and you’ll often see a tool-tip that tells you what concepts the link has in common with the material you’re currently reading.

How are the recommendations generated?

Recommendations are generated based on linguistic similarity between documents, supported by a bespoke, multi-disciplinary ontology that extracts the important concepts from the material and compares them to all of SAGE’s other online content.

A piece of content didn’t have any recommended content. Why is that?

If there is very little textual content then there often there is not enough material to use as the basis of comparison to other documents. This is most often seen with very short dictionary entries or encyclopedia stubs.

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