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Edited by: Paul F. Diehl

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    • Publisher: SAGE Publications Ltd |
    • Publication Year: 2005 |
    • Online Publication Date: April 03, 2013 |
    • DOI: 10.4135/9781446263761 |
    • Print ISBN: 9781412903738 |
    • Online ISBN: 9781446263761 |
    • Series: SAGE Library of International Relations |
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This collection is the first to bring together the world's seminal writings on war. Edited and introduced by Paul F. Diehl, the volumes constitute eighty-seven selections thematically organised across six volumes:

Concepts, Measurement and Patterns; General Theoretical Approaches and Domestic Factors; National, Dyadic and Systemic Correlates of Conflict; The Moderation and Outcomes of Conflict.

Part 1: Introduces and reviews the key conceptual and definitional issues, identifies the major historical patterns, and signals future trends.

Part 2: Reviews the major theoretical approaches to conflict together with the key decision-making models, and provides an overview of the domestic political influences on war, such as military technology, gender and environmental conditions.

Part 3: Focuses on the correlates of conflict at three levels: within individual states; between pairs of states; and at a ...

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  • Editor's Introduction

    In the history of humankind, there is a strong case to be made for the central importance of war, perhaps paramount to all other social and political phenomena. Although disease has claimed more lives in human history than anything else, that loss of life has not been purposive and a wide variety of diseases, some now eradicated, have been responsible. In contrast, deaths from war have been very high. In the 20th century alone, over 35 million people died directly from interstate and civil wars (Small and Singer, 1982); these were purposive, battle-related fatalities and don't even include civilian deaths directly or indirectly from war. From the perspective of protecting people's lives, solving the problem of war is perhaps the most important priority.

    Yet, ...

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