Social Psychology

Social Psychology

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Covering the entire scope of mainstream social psychology, this collection contains benchmark readings with an emphasis on recent key publications to complement older classic works. The readings are mainly empirical articles that not only cover the significant ideas and key debates in the field, but also show how social psychological knowledge is obtained through research. In addition to the 80 key original articles included in the collection, the set opens with an introductory editorial essay by Michael A. Hogg setting out the rationale behind the selections, and providing an illuminating discussion of the development of social psychology and its theoretical foundations.

Volume 1 covers topics in social cognition and social perception – including impression formation, attribution, schemas, categories and categorization, stereotyping, the self and self-related phenomena ...

Introducing Social Psychology

Social psychology is a relatively young discipline, which has gathered enormous momentum over the past 50 years, to produce a prodigious and fast growing scientific literature. Not surprisingly, the task of selecting about 70 key publications to characterize the entire field of social psychology was far from easy. In making my selection, I first divided the field into four broad levels of analysis that form the four volumes of this set of readings – what happens in the head of the individual person (Volume I), what happens between people (Volume II), what happens among people in groups (Volume III), and what happens between people from different groups (Volume IV). This is a very common segmentation of social psychology – for example, it ...

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