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Interpersonal communication is inexorable, irrevocable, complex, and relative but ultimately necessary. Understanding this type of communication gives us a framework for successful and effective interaction with others in everyday situations. In this multivolume reference collection, subject specialists Mark L. Knapp and John A. Daly, explore the dimensions, dynamics, and implications of interpersonal communication.

Volume I covers the history and status of the field to various communicator characteristics that influence communication. This volume includes articles on personality and how personality, traits and states affect interpersonal behavior. Volume II looks at the messages and processes of interpersonal communication. Articles covering various types of interpersonal messages – equivocal, defensive, incongruous to name a few are followed by discussions on the various interpersonal process such as reciprocity, matching, and interpersonal ...

Editors’ Introduction: Interpersonal Communication
MarkL.Knapp and JohnA.Daly

Today the study of interpersonal communication is one of the largest and most respected areas of study in both the International Communication Association and the National Communication Association. Interpersonal communication research regularly appears in the communication profession's best journals such as Human Communication Research, Communication Monographs, Communication Research, the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, Personal Relationships, the Journal of Communication, the Journal of Language and Social Psychology, and others. In these four volumes we have selected sixty-six articles that illustrate the breadth and quality of this research. Although there are many significant articles that space limitations prevented us from including, the articles included in these four volumes address issues that are central to a full understanding of interpersonal ...

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