International Relations of China

International Relations of China

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To say that the rise of China has captured the popular attention is something of an understatement. Hardly a day goes by without the publication of a new study that confidently predicts China's future – be that a focus on internal challenges and potential collapse, or China's rise to inevitable global dominance. The aim of this eight-volume collection is to provide, in a single resource, an overarching view of the totality of China's place in the world.

In this new major work, the international team of editors have created a carefully balanced collection of seminal publications from leading scholars from both inside and outside of China, introduced by a newly-written chapter contextualizing the diverse perspectives on China's changing global role they represent.

Volume One: Theoretical Perspectives

Volume Two: ...

Introduction to Volume 1: Theoretical Perspectives

In the preface to this collection, we noted that the separation of the analysis into eight different and separate volumes creates artificially clear distinctions between what are in reality inextricably linked avenues of enquiry. This volume on theorising China's rise is an excellent case in point. Taking the body of work on theorising China's rise as a whole, then the English language material has been dominated by external views of what is driving China, and what type of rising power China might become – for some will become. And most of it has been written from the perspective of what this means for relations with China's traditional partners (covered in detail in Volume III) and perhaps more important what ...

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