Intercultural Communication

Major Works

Edited by: Deborah A. Cai

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    • Publisher: SAGE Publications Ltd |
    • Publication Year: 2010 |
    • Online Publication Date: April 03, 2013 |
    • DOI: 10.4135/9781446262054 |
    • Print ISBN: 9781848601208 |
    • Online ISBN: 9781446262054 |
    • Series: SAGE Benchmarks in Communication |
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Intercultural communication research finds its roots primarily in anthropology, psychology, and sociology. However, many intercultural communication scholars draw mostly from a relatively recent body of work. Intercultural Communication represents both the classic works that set the foundation for the field as well as the more recent influential works. The volumes examine a wider and more interdisciplinary range of literature that has influenced this field.

Volume I includes writings that provide the foundation for the emergent study of intercultural communication. The literature in this volume represents foundational works on culture and communication related to social structure, role, world view, meaning, interaction, and exchange. Although intercultural communication researchers use a variety of theories from various fields of study, in all only about 20 theories are associated specifically with ...

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  • Editor's Introduction: Intercultural Communication

    Intercultural communication, as a field of study, is relatively young. The body of research that makes up this area of study begins in the late 1950s but begins to grow into a field about 20 years later. As a result, many of the field's theories are also young, and in many cases are still being developed as scholars work to understand how culture influences communication. Nonetheless, it is a daunting task to select a relatively small body of intercultural communication research to represent all that has been produced. The variety of approaches and issues that can be studied under this label is vast; indeed, it covers a world of possibilities.

    Intercultural communication is the study of communication between and among people from ...

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