Organization Development from the View of the Experts: Summary Results

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These are times of dynamic change, fierce competition, and organization revolution and transformation, when organizations must do more with less and do everything faster, better, and smarter. It is a time when the best-led, best-prepared, best-run organizations with the best skills in adapting to change and managing change are likely to thrive, and the rest will have difficulty surviving. The need to build organizations that can succeed in these changing times and the urgency to learn as much as possible about the change process makes this prime time for organization development. However, the field or organization development is also going through a period of dynamic change as academicians and practitioners are struggling to define and communicate what OD is and how it can help meet today's challenges and to align their theories and practices with changing times while adhering to the traditions and values of OD and find the balance between the new and the old, timeless wisdom and legitimate new approaches. With these tensions between the urgent need for what OD has to offer and yet a lack of clarity about the field, the timing seemed right to survey experts in the field to find out what their thoughts…

Organization Development from the View of the Experts: Summary Results’, D.D.WarrickW.J.Rothwell and R.Sullivan (eds), Practicing Organization Development (San Francisco: Pfeiffer, 2005), pp. 164–187. Reproduced with permission of John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
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