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This five-volume set is the first major collection on this core substantive policy field in international political inquiry. It serves not only to present the history of the field in the form of its most important earlier writings, but also to present the core theoretical texts of this sub-discipline of international relations as it stands today, addressing the current issues and controversies engaging this internationally vibrant community of scholars around the world.

Part One: Historical Development of Foreign Policy Analysis assembles scholarly contributions which have been seminal in the development of foreign policy analysis as an academic field by tracing the important historical pathways, junctures and formative moments in this policy domain.

Parts Two and Three: Current Theoretical Approaches to Foreign Policy Analysis shift the focus to ...

Editors' Introduction
WalterCarlsnaes and StefanoGuzzini

When faced with the daunting task of choosing a representative number of seminal contributions to the study of foreign policy, one is immediately faced with a question of principle: which criteria should be allowed to inform such a compilation? One such selective norm is to choose only articles which have advanced thinking within the discipline, and which have endured over time. The principle appealed to here is thus scholarly impact within the profession, which intuitively may seem both to be a straightforward criterion and an eminently sensible way to proceed. It does, however, have at least one major drawback: it may tend to favour mainstream thinking while often neglecting more foundational issues and theoretical developments not fully in tune with such ...

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