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From the 1980s onwards, there has been what has frequently been described as an auto/biographical turn in the social sciences and also in the arts and humanities. Changes in conceptions of self, society and identity, post-modern, post-structural and post-colonial influences and sensibilities to name but a few have all played their part in focusing attention on to, and valorising the perceptions and experiences of the individual. Now, at a time of exciting development for the subject, this new four-volume set seeks to capture the important articles that have come out of the field over the past decades.

Framed by a newly-written introductory chapter, the collection includes work that spans disciplinary boundaries, bringing together a comprehensive resource taht will prove invaluable to scholars in the field.

Editor's Introduction: An Autoethnographic Preamble

Do you know that line from Mario Puzo's (1969) The Godfather that goes ‘I'll make him an offer he can't refuse?’, often corrupted to ‘I'm gonna make you an offer you can't refuse’ (my emphases)? Well, on the evening of January 22, 2010, returning to my hotel room after a day spent teaching on courses my university runs in the Caribbean, quite out of the blue, or so it seemed, I received an email which brought those words to mind. I read:

Sage is a major publisher of Sociology and Social Research methods. We have a series called SAGE BENCHMARKS IN SOCIAL RESEARCH. These consist of four-volume works (1664 pages) that present the best 80 published articles and book chapters in ...

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