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SAGE’s MARC Records Update 2019

We apologize for the delay this year in sharing the updated SAGE Knowledge MARC records. While preparing the updated files, an error was discovered in our metadata.  Wanting to provide the most accurate records, we have delayed the files until the metadata can be fixed.  Thank you for your patience, and we apologize for any inconvenience.  In the meantime, you may download a custom KBART file and upload it to your knowledge base.  Please contact SAGE Online Support if you need assistance. 

Download MARC Records

Subscription Sensitive

You can download MARC records specific to your owned content from your account in Secure Center.

To download subscription sensitive MARC records, select the "Purchased Content" box at the top of the page, then click on the links below (either All SAGE Knowledge or All SAGE Video). This will download a .mrc file which contains only titles that your institution owns.


SAGE’s MARC Records Policy

SAGE offers free-of-charge MARC records for customers to easily download for e-books and reference products, including video, datasets, and case studies, hosted on select SAGE platforms. Our MARC-21 compliant records include RDA elements and aim to drive discovery and usage of SAGE resources within libraries. MARC records are released in the first quarter of each year for the new packages sold for that calendar year (records are not provided for print books). Quarterly updates are then dispatched with new records for titles that published in the prior period, as well as any necessary corrections to existing records. SAGE MARC records are made available via a subscription-sensitive download feature as well as new export filters added in 2015 and 2016.

Please note: As of Jan. 2016, SAGE will not provide pre-publication (or CIP-level) MARC records. Instead, we will prepare quarterly updates to supply libraries with MARC records for newly published titles. For SAGE Knowledge, this policy is in place from the launch of the new SAGE Knowledge platform in November.

As of 2018, all SAGE MARC records feature OCLC numbers (035's). With the re-release of MARC records in 2018 we also standardized the character encoding across all batches – all records are now available in UTF-8. To download these records, visit SecureCenter and select the complete batch of MARC records for the desired product. We would also like to acknowledge that some previous SAGE Knowledge batches – Books & Reference and Video – included duplicates, which have been identified and removed.


Q: When are MARC records made available? 

A: SAGE releases MARC records in January of each year for new annual collections. Then, at the beginning of each successive quarter, new and updated records will be available for download. For email notifications of newly released titles and associated MARC records, please contact your sales representative. 

Q: Do the MARC records include all titles? 

A: The MARC records hosted on our platform represent only those titles that are live on the platform. Forthcoming titles yet to be published will be added as part of our quarterly update routines. 

Q: Do MARC records cost extra?

A: No, MARC records are provided to customers free of additional cost.

Q: Do I need to download new MARC records after SAGE Knowledge migrates to the new platform in Dec 2015?

A: Yes, it is recommended that you either download new MARC records or make use of our URL Mapping File to update your systems. SAGE will continue to support URL redirects from the old platform, but, to be sure your users have an optimum discovery and access experience, most libraries will want to update their catalogs, proxies, and other knowledgebases the new SAGE Knowledge URLs. So, updated MARC records are best practice, but we cannot ever force customers’ hands in using them or any other data we provide.

Q: Have there been any changes to the format of the SAGE Knowledge MARC records? 

A: No, SAGE Knowledge .mrc files continue to be provided in MARC-21 format with RDA, produced in partnership with BDS. The only change in the new records provided here is in the “856” URL field, which will now begin with the new domain: 

Q: What about MARC records for other products?

A: For other SAGE product MARC record information, please see our Indexing & Discoverability page,

Q: Where can I access MARC records for SAGE Knowledge collections?

A: Anyone is free to download MARC records by collection via the links below. Current customers have additional MARC export options in the Secure Center admin portal.

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