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In 2019, SAGE launched Global Marketing, a new teaching case series within SAGE Business Cases.

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The Global Marketing series is edited by: 

  • Professor of Marketing Maria Kniazeva, University of San Diego School of Business
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    Professor of Marketing Maria Kniazeva joined the University of San Diego School of Business in 2003. Two major streams of research mark her academic activity: cross-cultural consumption in the global marketplace and storytelling on food packages and beverage bottles. Moving in the first direction, she centers her research on the theme of the Easternization of the West. In particular, Kniazeva is interested in the concept of authenticity. With her second stream of research, she explores how marketing stories, like those on bottled water affect and reflect consumer behavior. A qualitative researcher, Kniazeva has also been mastering videography as a research method and has produced and presented at international consumer research conferences in Brazil, Japan and the United Kingdom two documentary films.

    Kniazeva has published in the Journal of Business Research, Journal of Consumer Behavior, Journal of Food Products Marketing and Consumption, Markets and Culture Journal. Her academic publications also include two book chapters. Kniazeva spent her sabbatical year of 2010-2011 collecting data and doing fieldwork in France, Russia, India, Kenya and Tibet/China, having visited for the purpose of her research a total of 16 countries.

    Prior to USD, she worked as a visiting professor at Georgetown University, McDonough School of Business in Washington D.C. and also taught a marketing course at the University of California, Irvine, the Paul Merage School of Business.

    Kniazeva serves on the editorial boards of three international journals: the Journal of Global Academy of Marketing Science and the Journal of Global Fashion Marketing headquartered in Seoul, South Korea, and the International Journal of Consumer Research. She is an invited associate of the Research Centre “Wine, Place, and Value” at Reims Management School, France.

    An ethnic Russian, Kniazeva formerly lived in Estonia where she worked as an executive editor of a newspaper and a freelance business consultant to foreign investors. She authored a book published in English and Russian, titled America Through the Eyes of a Russian Woman. The English version was published on the grant Kniazeva was awarded by the United States Information Agency. Kniazeva was awarded the Edmund Muskie fellowship (1994-95) and American Association of University Women International fellowship (1997-98).  

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    SAGE Publishing continues to grow its teaching case collection, SAGE Business Cases, across the business and management discipline while also focusing in on key areas. The Global Marketing collection within SAGE Business Cases will highlight the rich and interdisciplinary topics of consumer behavior, branding, advertising, and social media marketing in international contexts.

    SAGE is pleased to offer case authors:

    • Double-blind peer review of your case and teaching notes
    • A thorough editorial process, working to develop your ideas and prepare cases for successful publication
    • Freedom to include your students in the case research and writing process
    • Copyright in your name and final PDF for ease of use in your classroom
    • $500 when your case is published
    • An international audience for your work

    Have you written a case that you currently use in your classroom? Do you have an idea or a rough draft of a case? Bring it to SAGE and we’ll work with you to develop your idea and ready it for the global classroom.


    • We look for cases between 1,000 and 5,000 words.
    • Please include discussion questions and teaching notes.
    • Guidelines and templates may be found here
    • Manuscripts are accepted through our ScholarOne portal
    • Authors receive decisions within 6-8 weeks of submission.

    For questions and sample cases, contact: Rebecca Frankel, Associate Editor,

    Cases from the Global Marketing Series

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    BELLO Expanding to the International Market: The Search for the Right Business Model for Handcrafted Shoes
    Casa Cuadrau: Yoga, Art, and Nature in the Spanish Pyrenees
    Coca-Cola Brews a Hot Acquisition: Costa Coffee
    Didi Chuxing: Expansion and Risk Management
    Hong Kong FarmFest Social Media Marketing Campaign
    Mama Needs to Rest: Marketing the Postpartum Experience
    Marketing a New Route: Norwegian Flies London–Singapore
    Of Mice, Men, and Women: Sex-Based Pharmaceutical Marketing Strategies
    Paris Baguette From Korea
    PASHA Bank Turkey: An International Marketing Strategy for an Investment and Corporate Bank
    Plastic Surgeons: Beauty Doctors or Merchants of Beauty?
    Renault Duster in India: Creating a Market Segment
    Sleep Cafés: Nap and Go
    Toilet Cult in Bollywood: Marketing Toto in India
    Tough Love: When Social Media Influencers’ Digital Detox Goes Wrong
    Xpert Eye: “See What I See”

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