Washington Information Directory 2013–2014

Washington Information Directory 2013–2014



Washington Information Directory is the essential one-stop source for information on U.S. governmental and nongovernmental agencies and organizations. This thoroughly researched guide provides capsule descriptions that help users quickly and easily find the right person at the right organization. Washington Information Directory offers three easy ways to find information: by name, by organization, and through detailed subject indexes. It also includes dozens of resource boxes on particular topics and organization charts for federal agencies and NGOs.

With more than 10,000 listings, the 2013–2014 edition of Washington Information Directory features contact information for:

Congress and federal agencies; Nongovernmental organizations; Policy groups, foundations, and institutions; Governors and other state officials; U.S. ambassadors and foreign diplomats

Find what organizations are working on the topic of your interest in Washington, DC, within ...

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  • Subject Index
  • Part 1: Agriculture, Food, and Nutrition

    Part 2: Business and Economics

    Part 3: Communications and the Media

    Part 4: Culture and Religion

    Part 5: Education

    Part 6: Employment and Labor

    Part 7: Energy

    Part 8: Environment and Natural Resources

    Part 9: Government Operations

    Part 10: Health

    Part 11: Housing and Development

    Part 12: International Affairs

    Part 13: Law and Justice

    Part 14: Military Personnel and Veterans

    Part 15: National and Homeland Security

    Part 16: Science and Technology

    Part 17: Social Services and Disabilities

    Part 18: Transportation

    Part 19: U.S. Congress and Politics

  • Reference Boxes and Organization Charts

    Each chapter also features a box listing the relevant committee and subcommittee resources in Congress.

    Reference Boxes
    Organization Charts


    Since 1975, Washington Information Directory has been the essential resource for locating information on governmental and nongovernmental organizations in the national capital region. This trusted and user-friendly directory helps researchers find the right contact at the right organization, whether their interest is consumer product and food safety, equal employment opportunities, finance and investments, housing, immigration, terrorism, or a wealth of other timely topics. The directory allows the user to locate accurate, complete, and current information quickly and easily in a way that free Internet searches cannot.

    In updating Washington Information Directory every year, we research each existing organization entry to provide current addresses; phone, fax, TTY, and toll-free numbers; e-mail and Web addresses; and key officers and descriptions. Our team which obtains this information, led by Catherine Farley, calls each organization and speaks with a member of its Washington office. In directory listings, we include contacts' direct lines whenever possible (many organizations do not publish these numbers on their Web sites in an attempt to channel all calls through an operator or answering service). When a federal department reorganizes, we assess the new divisions and directorates and reorganize the book, along with providing updated organization charts. Each year we add new government agencies and new nongovernmental organizations, which comprise national organizations and international organizations with Washington offices. Entries are arranged by topic, subtopic, and organization type. The result is an indispensable reference engine that makes finding up-to-date information easy, whether you are using the print edition or navigating the online edition.

    Readers will find a comprehensive listing of the members of the 113th Congress. Readers will also find a handy “Resources in Congress” box at the beginning of each chapter, listing relevant committees and subcommittees for that chapter's topic, along with their Web site and phone number. Readers may also turn to the first appendix, which offers a complete listing of each 113th Congress committee for which information is available and includes full contact information, leadership, membership, and jurisdictions.

    Every new edition of the Washington Information Directory brings something altogether new. In the 2013–2014 edition, we have added new organization charts for the U.S. court system and on the Consumer Financial Protection Board. Every new Congress brings changes in the roster of congressional caucuses, and we have added more than a dozen new caucuses in this edition. Perhaps due to the looming sequester budget cuts, we have seen less organizational shifting in the federal government than in years past. New federal entries include the Business and Human Rights Team under the State Department's Multilateral and Global Affairs and the Minority Health office under Center for Medicare and Medical Services. Among NGOs, new entries include two organizations related to the high-profile issue of gays in the military: Outserve-SLDN, which seeks to secure equal opportunity, protection, and benefits for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender military service members and veterans; and the Chaplain Alliance for Religious Liberty, seeks to ensure that all chaplains and those they serve may exercise their religious liberties without fear of reprisal, particularly when upholding orthodox Christian doctrine on sexuality. On less controversial ground, users interested in small nonprofits are advised to consider looking up the Assn. of Small Foundations, which supports donors, trustees, consultants, and employees of philanthropic foundations that have few or no staff.

    The fully updated chapters of Washington Information Directory are supplemented by two appendixes comprising a guide to the members and committees of the 113th Congress; a directory of government Web sites; a list of governors and other state officials; a list of foreign diplomats and embassies, U.S. ambassadors, and State Department country offices; and current information on the Freedom of Information Act and legislation and recent Supreme Court cases related to privacy. Also in the congressional delegation section we have included Facebook and Twitter information in the members' profiles wherever available. Print readers can also search and cross-search across the edition in three ways: through the name index, the organization index, or the subject index.

    CQ Press seeks to continue Washington Information Directory's reputation as an invaluable, comprehensive, and authoritative reference of its kind. We welcome feedback related to the book's quality and functionality, as well as suggestions for future editions. We continue to strive to meet your needs not only as print readers but also as online users. Please share your comments at Washington mailto:informationdirectory@gmail.com.

    John B.Martino, Project Editor

    How to Use This Directory

    Washington Information Directory is designed to make your search for information quick and easy.

    Each chapter covers a broad topic, and within the chapters information is divided into more specific subject areas. This arrangement allows you to find in one place the departments and agencies of the federal government, congressional committees, and nongovernmental organizations that have the information you need.

    The directory divides information sources into three main categories: (1) agencies, (2) Congress, and (3) nongovernmental organizations. There is also a small international organizations category. Each entry includes the name, address, and telephone and fax numbers of the organization; the name and title of the director or the best person to contact for information; press, hotline, and TTY numbers and Internet addresses whenever available; and a description of the work performed by the organization. Congressional committees and subcommittees appear in a box at the beginning of each chapter; a full entry for each committee appears in the first appendix.

    How Information Is Presented

    The following examples represent the three main categories of entries and the other resources provided in the directory. The examples are drawn from the History and Preservation section in Chapter 4, Culture and Religion. (To read the mailing addresses, check the abbreviations at the end of this guide.)


    In the first category, government agencies are listed. For example, the National Park Service and its acronym appear in bold type. Next, in parentheses, is the name of its parent organization, the Interior Department. Entries may also include the name of an office within the agency, in this case the Office of Cultural Resources.

    National Park Service (NPS),(Interior Dept.), Cultural Resources,1849 C. St. N.W., #3128 20240-0001; (202) 208-7625. Fax, (202) 273-3237.

    Stephanie Toothman, Associate Director.

    Web, http://www.cr.nps.gov

    Oversees preservation of federal historic sites and administration of buildings programs. Programs include the National Register of Historic Places, National Historic and National Landmark Programs, Historic American Building Survey, Historic American Engineering Record, Archeology and Antiquities Act Program, and Technical Preservation Services. Gives grant and aid assistance and tax benefit information to properties listed in the National Register of Historic Places.


    Congressional committees and subcommittees relevant to each chapter are listed in a box in the beginning of each chapter. Each committee's phone number and Web site are listed here. For a complete listing of congressional committees, including their full contact information, leadership, memberships, and jurisdictions, please refer to the first appendix. Entries that appear under the “Congress” heading within each chapter are agencies under congressional authority, such as the Government Accountability Office or the Library of Congress. Each entry includes a description of the agency's activities relating to the section in which it appears.

    Senate Office of Conservation and Preservation,S416 CAP 20510; (202) 224-4550. Carl Fritter, Director.

    Develops and coordinates programs related to the conservation and preservation of Senate records and materials for the secretary of the Senate.


    Thousands of nongovernmental groups have headquarters or legislative offices in or near Washington. Their staffs are often excellent information sources, and these organizations frequently maintain special libraries or information centers. Here is an example of a group with an interest in the preservation of historic sites:

    Civil War Trust,1156 15th St. N.W., #900 20005; (202) 367-1861. Fax, (202) 367-1865.

    O. James Lighthizer, President.

    General e-mail, mailto:info@civilwar.org

    Web, http://www.civilwar.org

    Membership: preservation professionals, historians, conservation activists, and citizens. Preserves endangered Civil War battlefields throughout the United States. Conducts preservation conferences and workshops. Advises local preservation groups. Monitors legislation and regulations at the federal, state, and local levels.

    How Washington Information Directory Works
    Charts and Boxes

    This directory includes organization charts to make the hierarchy of federal departments and agencies easy to grasp, as well as reference boxes that provide essential agency contacts and other information. On the topic of historic sites, you can locate the National Park Service within the Interior Department (see chart on p. 276) or consult a list of sites administered by the National Park Service (see box on p. 135). The National Park Service's organization chart appears on p. 528. The general organization chart for the federal government appears on page 845.

    Reference Resources
    Tables of Contents

    The table of contents (p. v) lists the directory's chapters and their major subheadings. A list of reference boxes and organization charts within the chapters is provided on page vii. Each chapter opens with a detailed table of contents, including the boxes and charts that appear in the chapter.

    Congressional Information

    A section on the 113th Congress, beginning on page 722, provides extensive information about members and committees:

    State Delegations. Here (p. 723) you can locate senators, representatives, and delegates by state (or territory) and congressional district.

    Committees. These sections list the jurisdictions and memberships of committees and subcommittees of the House (p. 728) and Senate (p. 806), as well as the joint committees of Congress (p. 804). Also included are party leaderships and partisan committees of the House (p. 746) and Senate (p. 820).

    Members' Offices. For the House (p. 748) and Senate (p. 820), we provide each member's Capitol Hill office address, telephone and fax numbers, Internet address, social media (if available), key professional aide, committee assignments, and district office contact information.

    Map of Capitol Hill
    Ready Reference

    A section of reference lists, beginning on page 841, provides information on the following subjects:

    Government Information on the Internet. Organized by branch of government, this section (p. 842) lists Web addresses for locating information and social media on the White House, cabinet departments, Congress, and the judiciary.

    State Government. The list of state officials (p. 847) provides the name, address, and telephone number for each governor, lieutenant governor, secretary of state, attorney general, and state treasurer. It includes a press contact for the governor and, where applicable, the governor's office representative in Washington, DC.

    Diplomats. The foreign embassies section (p. 858) gives the names, official addresses, and telephone numbers of foreign diplomats in Washington; the names of ranking U.S. diplomatic officials abroad; and the phone numbers for State Department country desk offices.

    Federal Laws on Information. This section presents current information on the Freedom of Information Act (p. 871) and privacy legislation (p. 874).


    Use the name index (p. 877) to look up any person listed in the directory. Use the organization index (p. 915) to find a specific organization or agency. Use the subject index (p. 963) to locate a particular area of interest. If you need information on a specific topic but do not know a particular source, the index has entries for chapter subsections to help you find where that topic is covered. For example, on the subject of equal employment for women, you can find index entries under Equal Employment Opportunity as well as under Women.

    Reaching Your Information Source
    Phoning and Faxing

    Call information or toll-free numbers first. Often you can get the answer you need without searching any further. If not, an explanation of your query should put you in touch with the person who can answer your question. Rarely will you need to talk to the top administrator.

    Offer to fax your query if it is difficult to explain over the phone, but make sure that the person helping you knows to expect your fax. Faxing promptly and limiting your transmission to a single page brings the best results.

    Remember that publications and documents are often available from a special office (for federal agencies, see p. 94) and, increasingly, on Web sites. Ask what is the fastest way to receive the information you need.

    Keep in mind the agency or organization, not the name of the director. Personnel changes are common, but for most inquiries you will want to stay within the organization you call, rather than track down a person who may have moved on to a new job.

    Concerning congressional questions, first contact one of your members of Congress; representatives have staff assigned to answer questions from constituents. Contact a committee only if you have a technical question that cannot be answered elsewhere.


    Address letters to the director of an office or organization—the contact person listed. Your letter will be directed to the person who can answer your question. Be prepared to follow up by phone.

    Using the Internet

    Most agencies and governmental organizations have sites on the Internet (for federal departments and agencies, see pp. 99, 842–844) and an e-mail address for general inquiries. Information available from these sources is expanding and is usually free once you are online. However, this approach is not always faster or better than a phone call—Internet connections can be slow, site menus can be complex or confusing, and information can be incomplete or out of date. The office also may be able to alert you to any upcoming changes.

    As with faxing, reserve e-mail for inquiries that may be too complex for a phone call, but phone first to establish that someone is ready to help.

    Addresses and Area Codes

    Listings in the directory include full contact information, including telephone area code and, when available, room or suite number and nine-digit zip code. If an office prefers a mailing address that is different from the physical location, we provide both.

    Washington, D.C., Addresses

    For brevity, entries for agencies, organizations, and congressional offices in the District of Columbia (area code 202) do not include the city as part of the address. Here is the beginning of a typical Washington entry:

    Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC),131 M St., N.E. 20507; (202) 663-4001.

    To complete the mailing address, add “Washington, DC” before the zip code.

    Building Addresses

    Departments and agencies generally have their own zip codes. Updates to our directory reflect the increasing use of street addresses by the federal government. Federal offices at the following locations are listed by building name or abbreviation:

    The White House. Located at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. N.W. 20500.

    Dwight D. Eisenhower Executive Office Building. Located at 17th St. and Pennsylvania Ave. N.W. 20500.

    New Executive Office Building. Located at 725 17th St. N.W. 20503.

    Main State Department Building. Located at 2201 C. St. N.W. 20520.

    The Pentagon. Located in Arlington, Virginia, but has a Washington mailing address and different zip codes for each branch of the military.

    Navy Annex. Located at Columbia Pike and Southgate Rd., Arlington, VA 20370, but most offices use a Washington mailing address.

    U.S. Capitol. Abbreviated as CAP; the letters H and S before the room number indicate the House or Senate side of the building. Zip codes are 20510 for the Senate, 20515 for the House.

    Senate Office Buildings. Mail for delivery to Senate office buildings does not require a street address. The zip code is 20510. Abbreviations, building names, and street locations are as follows:

    SDOBDirksen Senate Office Bldg., Constitution Ave. between 1st and 2nd Sts. N.E.
    SHOBHart Senate Office Bldg., 2nd St. and Constitution Ave. N.E.
    SROBRussell Senate Office Bldg., Constitution Ave. between Delaware Ave. and 1st St. N.E.

    House Office Buildings. Mail for delivery to House office buildings does not require a street address. The zip code is 20515. Abbreviations, building names, and street locations are as follows:

    CHOBCannon House Office Bldg., Independence Ave. between New Jersey Ave. and 1st St. S.E.
    FHOBFord House Office Bldg., 2nd and D Sts. S.W.
    LHOBLongworth House Office Bldg., Independence Ave. between S. Capitol St. and New Jersey Ave. S.E.
    OHOBO'Neill House Office Bldg., 300 New Jersey Ave. S.E.
    RHOBRayburn House Office Bldg., Independence Ave. between S. Capitol and 1st Sts. S.W.

    John Adams Building. Abbreviated as Adams Bldg.; located at 110 2nd St. S.E.

  • Delegations to the 113th Congress

    Delegations to the 113th congress

    Following are the senators and representatives of state delegations for the 113th Congress. This information is current as of April 15, 2013. Senators are presented first and listed according to seniority. Representatives follow, listed by district. Freshman members appear in italics and “AL” indicates at-large members. # indicates new Senators who served in the House of Representatives in the 112th Congress. $ indicates members of the House of Representatives who were elected on Nov. 6, 2012 both to finish the 112th Congress and for a full term in the 113th Congress; they are italicized with the true freshmen members.


    Richard Shelby (R)

    Jeff A. Sessions (R)

    • Jo Bonner (R)
    • Martha Roby (R)
    • Mike Rogers (R)
    • Robert B. Aderholt (R)
    • Mo Brooks (R)
    • Spencer Bachus (R)
    • Terri A. Sewell (D)

    Lisa Murkowski (R)

    Mark Begich (D)

    AL Don A. Young (R)

    American Samoa (Non-Voting Delegate)

    AL Eni F. H. Faleomavaega (D)


    John McCain (R)

    Jeff Flake (R) #

    • Ann Kirkpatrick (D)
    • Ron Barber (D)
    • Raúl M. Grijalva (D)
    • Paul Gosar (R)
    • Matt Salmon (R)
    • David Schweikert (R)
    • Ed Pastor (D)
    • Trent Franks (R)
    • Krysten Sinema (D)

    Mark Pryor (D)

    John Boozman (R)

    • Rick Crawford (R)
    • Tim Griffin (R)
    • Steve Womack (R)
    • Tom Cotton (R)

    Dianne Feinstein (D)

    Barbara Boxer (D)

    • Doug LaMalfa (R)
    • Jared Huffman (D)
    • John Garamendi (D)
    • Tom McClintock (R)
    • Mike Thompson (D)
    • Doris Matsui (D)
    • Ami Bera (D)
    • Paul Cook (R)
    • Jerry McNerney (D)
    • Jeff Denham (R)
    • George Miller (D)
    • Nancy Pelosi (D)
    • Barbara Lee (D)
    • Jackie Speier (D)
    • Eric Swalwell (D)
    • Jim Costa (D)
    • Mike Honda (D)
    • Anna G. Eshoo (D)
    • Zoe Lofgren (D)
    • Sam Farr (D)
    • David Valadao (R)
    • Devin Nunes (R)
    • Kevin McCarthy (R)
    • Lois Capps (D)
    • Buck McKeon (R)
    • Julia Brownley (D)
    • Judy Chu (D)
    • Adam Schiff (D)
    • Tony Cardenas (D)
    • Brad Sherman (D)
    • Gary Miller (R)
    • Grace F. Napolitano (D)
    • Henry A. Waxman (D)
    • Xavier Becerra (D)
    • Gloria Negrete McLeod (D)
    • Raul Ruiz (D)
    • Karen Bass (D)
    • Linda Sánchez (D)
    • Ed Royce (R)
    • Lucille Roybal-Allard (D)
    • Mark Takano (D)
    • Ken Calvert (R)
    • Maxine Waters (D)
    • Janice Hahn (D)
    • John Campbell (R)
    • Loretta Sanchez (D)
    • Alan Lowenthal (D)
    • Dana Rohrabacher (R)
    • Darrell Issa (R)
    • Duncan Hunter (R)
    • Juan Vargas (D)
    • Scott H. Peters (D)
    • Susan Davis (D)

    Mark Udall (D)

    Michael F. Bennet (D)

    • Diana DeGette (D)
    • Jared Polis (D)
    • Scott Tipton (R)
    • Cory Gardner (R)
    • Doug Lamborn (R)
    • Mike Coffman (R)
    • Ed Perlmutter (D)

    Richard Blumenthal (D)

    Chris Murphy (D) #

    • John B. Larson (D)
    • Joe Courtney (D)
    • Rosa L. DeLauro (D)
    • Jim Himes (D)
    • Elizabeth Esty (D)

    Tom Carper (D)

    Christopher Coons (D)

    AL John Carney (D)

    District of Columbia (Non-Voting Delegate)

    AL Eleanor Holmes Norton (D)


    Bill J. Nelson (D)

    Marco Rubio (R)

    • Jeff Miller (R)
    • Steve Southerland (R)
    • Ted Yoho (R)
    • Ander Crenshaw (R)
    • Corrine Brown (D)
    • Ron DeSantis (R)
    • John Mica (R)
    • Bill Posey (R)
    • Alan Grayson (D)
    • Daniel Webster (R)
    • Richard Nugent (R)
    • Gus Bilirakis (R)
    • C. W. (Bill) Young (R)
    • Kathy Castor (D)
    • Dennis Ross (R)
    • Vern Buchanan (R)
    • Thomas J. Rooney (R)
    • Patrick Murphy (D)
    • Trey Radel (R)
    • Alcee L. Hastings (D)
    • Ted Deutch (D)
    • Lois Frankel (D)
    • Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D)
    • Frederica Wilson (D)
    • Mario Diaz-Balart (R)
    • Joe Garcia (D)
    • Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R)

    Saxby Chambliss (R)

    Johnny Isakson (R)

    • Jack Kingston (R)
    • Sanford D. Bishop Jr. (D)
    • Lynn A. Westmoreland (R)
    • Hank Johnson (D)
    • John Lewis (D)
    • Tom Price (R)
    • Rob Woodall (R)
    • Austin Scott (R)
    • Doug Collins (R)
    • Paul C. Broun (R)
    • Phil Gingrey (R)
    • John Barrow (D)
    • David Scott (D)
    • Tom Graves (R)
    Guam (Non-Voting Delegate)

    AL Madeleine Z. Bordallo (D)


    Brian Schatz (D)

    Mazie K. Hirono (D) #

    • Colleen Hanabusa (D)
    • Tulsi Gabbard (D)

    Mike Crapo (R)

    James E. Risch (R)

    • Rául Labrador (R)
    • Mike Simpson (R)

    Richard J. Durbin (D)

    Mark Kirk (R)

    • Bobby L. Rush (D)
    • Robin Kelly (D)
    • Daniel Lipinski (D)
    • Luis V. Gutierrez (D)
    • Mike Quigley (D)
    • Peter Roskam (R)
    • Danny K. Davis (D)
    • Tammy Duckworth (D)
    • Jan Schakowsky (D)
    • Brad Schneider (D)
    • Bill Foster (D)
    • Adam Kinzinger (R)
    • William Enyart (D)
    • Rodney L. Davis (R)
    • Randy Hultgren (R)
    • John Shimkus (R)
    • Adam Kinzinger (R)
    • Cheri Bustos (D)
    • Aaron Schock (R)

    Dan Coats (R)

    Joe Donnelly (D) #

    • Pete Visclosky (D)
    • Jackie Walorski (R)
    • Marlin Stutzman (R)
    • Todd Rokita (R)
    • Susan Brooks (R)
    • Luke Messer (R)
    • André Carson (D)
    • Larry Bucshon (R)
    • Todd Young (R)

    Chuck Grassley (R)

    Tom R. Harkin (D)

    • Bruce Braley (D)
    • Dave Loebsack (D)
    • Tom Latham (R)
    • Steve King (R)

    Pat Roberts (R)

    Jerry Moran (R)

    • Tim Huelskamp (R)
    • Lynn Jenkins (R)
    • Kevin Yoder (R)
    • Mike Pompeo (R)

    Mitch McConnell (R)

    Rand Paul (R)

    • Ed Whitfield (R)
    • Brett Guthrie (R)
    • John Yarmuth (D)
    • Thomas Massie (R) $
    • Hal Rogers (R)
    • Andy Barr (R)

    Mary Landrieu (D)

    David Vitter (R)

    • Steve Scalise (R)
    • Cedric Richmond (D)
    • Charles W. Boustany Jr. (R)
    • John Fleming (R)
    • Rodney Alexander (R)
    • Bill Cassidy (R)

    Susan Collins (R)

    Angus King (I)

    • Chellie Pingree (D)
    • Mike Michaud (D)

    Barbara Mikulski (D)

    Benjamin L. Cardin (D)

    • Andy Harris (R)
    • C. A. (Dutch) Ruppersberger (D)
    • John Sarbanes (D)
    • Donna F. Edwards (D)
    • Steny Hoyer (D)
    • John Delaney (D)
    • Elijah E. Cummings (D)
    • Chris Van Hollen (D)

    Elizabeth Warren (D)

    Mo Cowan (D)

    • Richard Neal (D)
    • Jim McGovern (D)
    • Niki Tsongas (D)
    • Joe Kennedy (D)
    • Edward J. Markey (D)
    • John F. Tierney (D)
    • Michael E. Capuano (D)
    • Stephen F. Lynch (D)
    • William Keating (D)

    Carl S. Levin (D)

    Debbie A. Stabenow (D)

    • Dan Benishek (R)
    • Bill Huizenga (R)
    • Justin Amash (R)
    • Dave Camp (R)
    • Dan E. Kildee (D)
    • Fred Upton (R)
    • Tim Walberg (R)
    • Mike Rogers (R)
    • Sander Levin (D)
    • Candice Miller (R)
    • Kerry Bentivolio (R)
    • John D. Dingell (D)
    • John Conyers Jr. (D)
    • Gary Peters (D)

    Amy Klobuchar (D)

    Al Franken (D)

    • Tim Walz (D)
    • John Kline (R)
    • Erik Paulsen (R)
    • Betty McCollum (D)
    • Keith Ellison (D)
    • Michele Bachmann (R)
    • Collin Peterson (D)
    • Rick Nolan (D)

    Thad A. Cochran (R)

    Roger Wicker (R)

    • Alan Nunnelee (R)
    • Bennie Thompson (D)
    • Gregg Harper (R)
    • Steven Palazzo (R)

    Claire McCaskill (D)

    Roy Blunt (R)

    • Wm. Lacy Clay (D)
    • Ann Wagner (R)
    • Blaine Luetkemeyer (R)
    • Vicky Hartzler (R)
    • Emanuel Cleaver II (D)
    • Sam Graves (R)
    • Billy Long (R)
    • Vacant

    Max Baucus (D)

    Jon Tester (D)

    AL Steve Daines (R)


    Mike Johanns (R)

    Deb Fischer (R)

    • Jeff Fortenberry (R)
    • Lee Terry (R)
    • Adrian Smith (R)

    Harry Reid (D)

    Dean Heller (R)

    • Dina Titus (D)
    • Mark Amodei (R)
    • Joe Heck (R)
    • Steven Horsford (D)
    New Hampshire

    Jeanne Shaheen (D)

    Kelly Ayotte (R)

    • Carol Shea-Porter (D)
    • Ann McLane Kuster (D)
    New Jersey

    Frank R. Lautenberg (D)

    Robert Menendez (D)

    • Robert E. Andrews (D)
    • Frank A. LoBiondo (R)
    • Jon Runyan (R)
    • Chris Smith (R)
    • Scott Garrett (R)
    • Frank Pallone Jr. (D)
    • Leonard Lance (R)
    • Albio Sires (D)
    • Bill Pascrell (D)
    • Donald Payne, Jr. (D)
    • Rodney Frelinghuysen (R)
    • Rush Holt (D)
    New Mexico

    Tom Udall (D)

    Martin Heinrich (D) #

    • Michelle Lujan Grisham (D)
    • Steve Pearce (R)
    • Ben Ray Luján (D)
    New York

    Charles E. Schumer (D)

    Kirsten Gillibrand (D)

    • Tim Bishop (D)
    • Pete King (R)
    • Steve Israel (D)
    • Carolyn McCarthy (D)
    • Gregory W. Meeks (D)
    • Grace Meng (D)
    • Nydia M. Velázquez (D)
    • Hakeem Jeffries (D)
    • Yvette D. Clarke (D)
    • Jerrold Nadler (D)
    • Michael Grimm (R)
    • Carolyn B. Maloney (D)
    • Charles B. Rangel (D)
    • Joseph Crowley (D)
    • José E. Serrano (D)
    • Eliot L. Engel (D)
    • Nita Lowey (D)
    • Sean Patrick Maloney (D)
    • Chris Gibson (R)
    • Paul D. Tonko (D)
    • Bill Owens (D)
    • Richard Hanna (R)
    • Tom Reed (R)
    • Dan Maffei (D)
    • Louise M. Slaughter (D)
    • Brian Higgins (D)
    • Chris Collins (R)
    North Carolina

    Richard Burr (R)

    Kay Hagan (D)

    • G. K. Butterfield (D)
    • Renee Ellmers (R)
    • Walter B. Jones (R)
    • David Price (D)
    • Virginia Foxx (R)
    • Howard Coble (R)
    • Mike McIntyre (D)
    • Richard Hudson (R)
    • Robert Pittenger (R)
    • Patrick McHenry (R)
    • Mark Meadows (R)
    • Mel Watt (D)
    • George Holding (R)
    North Dakota

    John Hoeven (R)

    Heidi Heitkamp (D)

    AL Kevin Cramer (R)

    Northern Mariana Islands (Non-Voting Delegate)

    AL Gregorio Kilili Camacho Sablan (I)


    Sherrod Brown (D)

    Rob Portman (R)

    • Steve Chabot (R)
    • Brad Wenstrup (R)
    • Joyce Beatty (D)
    • Jim Jordan (R)
    • Bob Latta (R)
    • Bill Johnson (R)
    • Bob Gibbs (R)
    • John Boehner (R)
    • Marcy Kaptur (D)
    • Michael Turner (R)
    • Marcia L. Fudge (D)
    • Patrick J. Tiberi (R)
    • Tim Ryan (D)
    • David Joyce (R)
    • Steve Stivers (R)
    • Jim Renacci (R)

    James M. Inhofe (R)

    Tom Coburn (R)

    • Jim Bridenstine (R)
    • Markwayne Mullin (R)
    • Frank Lucas (R)
    • Tom Cole (R)
    • James Lankford (R)

    Ron Wyden (D)

    Jeff Merkley (D)

    • Suzanne Bonamici (D)
    • Greg Walden (R)
    • Earl Blumenauer (D)
    • Peter DeFazio (D)
    • Kurt Schrader (D)

    Robert P. Casey Jr. (D)

    Pat Toomey (R)

    • Robert Brady (D)
    • Chaka Fattah (D)
    • Mike Kelly (R)
    • Scott Perry (R)
    • Glenn W. Thompson (R)
    • Jim Gerlach (R)
    • Pat Meehan (R)
    • Mike Fitzpatrick (R)
    • Bill Shuster (R)
    • Tom Marino (R)
    • Lou Barletta (R)
    • Keith Rothfus (R)
    • Allyson Y. Schwartz (D)
    • Mike Doyle (D)
    • Charlie Dent (R)
    • Joe Pitts (R)
    • Matthew Cartwright (D)
    • Tim Murphy (R)
    Puerto Rico (Non-Voting Delegate)

    AL Pedro Pierluisi (D)

    Rhode Island

    Jack D. Reed (D)

    Sheldon Whitehouse (D)

    • David Cicilline (D)
    • Jim Langevin (D)
    South Carolina

    Lindsey Graham (R)

    Tim Scott (R) #

    • Vacant
    • Joe Wilson (R)
    • Jeff Duncan (R)
    • Trey Gowdy (R)
    • Mick Mulvaney (R)
    • James E. Clyburn (D)
    • Tom Rice (R)
    South Dakota

    Tim Johnson (D)

    John P. Thune (R)

    AL Kristi Noem (R)


    Lamar Alexander (R)

    Bob Corker (R)

    • Phil Roe (R)
    • John J. Duncan Jr. (R)
    • Chuck Fleischmann (R)
    • Scott DesJarlais (R)
    • Jim Cooper (D)
    • Diane Black (R)
    • Marsha Blackburn (R)
    • Stephen Fincher (R)
    • Steve Cohen (D)

    John Cornyn (R)

    Ted Cruz (R)

    • Louie Gohmert (R)
    • Ted Poe (R)
    • Sam Johnson (R)
    • Ralph Hall (R)
    • Jeb Hensarling (R)
    • Joe Barton (R)
    • John Culberson (R)
    • Kevin Brady (R)
    • Al Green (D)
    • Michael McCaul (R)
    • Mike Conaway (R)
    • Kay Granger (R)
    • Mac Thornberry (R)
    • Randy Weber (R)
    • Rubén Hinojosa (D)
    • Beto O'Rourke (D)
    • Bill Flores (R)
    • Sheila Jackson Lee (D)
    • Randy Neugebauer (R)
    • Joaquin Castro (D)
    • Lamar Smith (R)
    • Pete Olson (R)
    • Pete Gallego (D)
    • Kenny Marchant (R)
    • Roger Williams (R)
    • Michael C. Burgess (R)
    • Blake Farenthold (R)
    • Henry Cuellar (D)
    • Gene Green (D)
    • Eddie Bernice Johnson (D)
    • John Carter (R)
    • Pete Sessions (R)
    • Marc Veasey (D)
    • Filemon Vela (D)
    • Lloyd Doggett (D)
    • Steve Stockman (R)

    Orrin G. Hatch (R)

    Mike Lee (R)

    • Rob Bishop (R)
    • Chris Stewart (R)
    • Jason Chaffetz (R)
    • Jim Matheson (D)

    Patrick P. Leahy (D)

    Bernie Sanders (I)

    AL Peter Welch (D)


    Mark R. Warner (D)

    Tim Kaine (D)

    • Rob Wittman (R)
    • Scott Rigell (R)
    • Bobby Scott (D)
    • J. Randy Forbes (R)
    • Robert Hurt (R)
    • Bob Goodlatte (R)
    • Eric Cantor (R)
    • Jim Moran (D)
    • H. Morgan Griffith (R)
    • Frank R. Wolf (R)
    • Gerald E. Connolly (D)
    Virgin Islands (Non-Voting Delegate)

    AL Donna M. Christensen (D)


    Patty Murray (D)

    Maria Cantwell (D)

    • DelBene, Suzan (D) $
    • Rick Larsen (D)
    • Jaime Herrera Beutler (R)
    • Doc Hastings (R)
    • Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R)
    • Derek Kilmer (D)
    • Jim McDermott (D)
    • Dave Reichert (R)
    • Adam Smith (D)
    • Dennis Heck (D)
    West Virginia

    Jay Rockefeller (D)

    Joe Manchin (D)

    • David R. McKinley (R)
    • Shelley Moore Capita (R)
    • Nick Rahall (D)

    Ron Johnson (R)

    Tammy Baldwin (D) #

    • Paul Ryan (R)
    • Mark Pocan (D)
    • Ron Kind (D)
    • Gwen Moore (D)
    • Jim Sensenbrenner (R)
    • Tom Petri (R)
    • Sean Duffy (R)
    • Reid Ribble (R)

    Mike Enzi (R)

    John Dan Barrasso (R)

    AL Cynthia Lummis (R)

    House Committees

    House committees

    The standing and select committees of the U.S. House of Representatives follow. Each listing includes the room number, office building, zip code, telephone and fax numbers, Web address, minority Web address if available, key majority and minority staff members, jurisdiction for each full committee, and party ratio. Subcommittees are listed under the full committees. Members are listed in order of seniority on the committee or subcommittee. Many committees and subcommittees may be contacted via Web-based e-mail forms found on their Web sites.

    Republicans, the current majority, are shown in roman type; Democrats, in the minority, appear in italic. The top name in the italicized list is the Ranking Minority Member. Vacancy indicates that a committee or subcommittee seat had not been filled as of April 15, 2013. The partisan committees of the House are listed on pages 746–747. The area code for all phone and fax numbers is (202). A phone number and/or office number next to either the Majority or Minority Staff Director indicates a change from the full committee's office number and/or phone number. If no numbers are listed, the individual's office number and phone number are the same as for the full committee.


    Office: 1301 LHOB 20515-6001

    Phone: 225-2171 Fax: 225-0917


    Minority Web:http://democrats.agriculture.house.gov

    Majority Staff Director: Nicole Scott

    Minority Staff Director: Rob Larew 225-0317 1305 LHOB

    Jurisdiction: (1) adulteration of seeds, insect pests, and protection of birds and animals in forest reserves; (2) agriculture generally; (3) agricultural and industrial chemistry; (4) agricultural colleges and experiment stations; (5) agricultural economics and research; (6) agricultural education extension services; (7) agricultural production and marketing, and stabilization of prices of agricultural products and commodities (not including distribution outside of the United States); (8) animal industry and diseases of animals; (9) commodities exchanges; (10) crop insurance and soil conservation; (11) dairy industry; (12) entomology and plant quarantine; (13) extension of farm credit and farm security; (14) livestock inspection, poultry inspection, meat and meat products inspection, and seafood and seafood products inspection; (15) forestry in general, and forest reserves other than those created from the public domain; (16) human nutrition and home economics; (17) plant industry, soils, and agricultural engineering; (18) rural electrification; (19) rural development; (20) water conservation related to activities of the Department of Agriculture.

    Party Ratio: R 25-D 21

    • Frank Lucas, Okla., Chair
    • Bob Goodlatte, Va.
    • Steve King, Iowa
    • Randy Neugebauer, Tex.
    • Mike Rogers, Ala.
    • Mike Conaway, Tex.
    • Glenn Thompson, Pa.
    • Bob Gibbs, Ohio
    • Austin Scott, Ga.
    • Scott R. Tipton, Colo.
    • Rick Crawford, Ark.
    • Martha Roby, Ala.
    • Scott DesJarlais, Tenn.
    • Chris Gibson, N.Y.
    • Vicky Hartzler, Mo.
    • Reid Ribble, Wisc.
    • Kristi Noem, S.D.
    • Dan Benishek, Mich.
    • Jeff Denham, Calif.
    • Stephen Lee Fincher, Tenn.
    • Doug LaMalfa, Calif.
    • Richard Hudson, N.C.
    • Rodney Davis, Ill.
    • Chris Collins, N.Y.
    • Ted Yoho, Fla.
    • Collin Peterson, Minn.
    • Mike McIntyre, N.C.
    • David Scott, Ga.
    • Jim Costa, Calif.
    • Tim Walz, Minn.
    • Kurt Schrader, Ore.
    • Marcia L. Fudge, Ohio
    • Jim McGovern, Mass.
    • Suzan DelBene, Wash.
    • Gloria Negrete McLeod, Calif.
    • Filemon Vela, Tex.
    • Michelle Lujan Grisham, N.M.
    • Ann Kuster, N.H.
    • Richard Nolan, Minn.
    • Pete Gallego, Tex.
    • William Enyart, Ill.
    • Juan Vargas, Calif.
    • Cheri Bustos, Ill.
    • Sean Patrick Maloney, N.Y.
    • Joe Courtney, Conn.
    • John Garamendi, Calif.


    Conservation, Energy, and Forestry

    Office: 1301 LHOB 20515 Phone: 225-2171

    Glenn Thompson (Chair), Mike Rogers, Bob Gibbs, Scott Tipton, Rick Crawford, Martha Roby, Reid Ribble, Kristi Noem, Dan Benishek

    Tim Walz (Ranking Minority Member), Gloria Negrete McLeod, Ann Kuster, Richard Nolan, Mike McIntyre, Kurt Schrader, Suzan DelBene

    Department Operations, Oversight, and Nutrition

    Office: 1301 LHOB 20515 Phone: 225-2171

    Steve King (Chair), Bob Goodlatte, Bob Gibbs, Austin Scott, Martha Roby, Stepehen Lee Fincher

    Marcia L. Fudge (Ranking Minority Member), Jim McGovern, Michelle Lujan Grisham, Gloria Negrete McLeod

    General Farm Commodities and Risk Management

    Office: 1301 LHOB 20515 Phone: 225-2171

    Mike Conaway (Chair), Randy Neugebauer, Mike Rogers, Bob Gibbs, Austin Scott, Rick Crawford, Martha Roby, Chris Gibson, Vicky Hartzler, Kristi Noem, Dan Benishek, Doug LaMalfa, Richard Hudson, Rodney Davis, Chris Collins

    David Scott (Ranking Minority Member), Filemon Vela, Pete Gallego, William Enyart, Juan Vargas, Cheri Bustos, Sean Patrick Maloney, Tim Walz, Gloria Negrete McLeod, Jim Costa, John Garamendi

    Horticulture, Research, Biotechnology, and ForeignAgriculture

    Office: 1301 LHOB 20515 Phone: 225-2171

    Austin Scott (Chair), Vicky Hartzler, Jeff Denham, Stephen Lee Fincher, Doug LaMalfa, Rodney Davis, Chris Collins, Ted Yoho

    Kurt Schrader (Ranking Minority Member), Suzan DelBene, Jim Costa, Marcia Fudge, Ann Kuster, Juan Vargas, Sean Patrick Moloney

    Livestock, Rural Development, and Credit

    Office: 1301 LHOB 20515 Phone: 225-2171

    Rick Crawford (Chair), Bob Goodlatte, Steve King, Randy Neugebauer, Mike Rogers, Mike Conaway, Glenn Thompson, Scott DesJarlais, Chris Gibson, Reid Ribble, Jeff Denham, Richard Hudson, Ted Yoho

    Jim Costa (Ranking Minority Member), Mike McIntyre, David Scott, Filemon Vela, Michelle Lujan Grisham, Pete Gallego, William Enyart, Cheri Bustos, Kurt Schrader, Richard Nolan, Joe Courtney


    Office: H-307 CAP 20515-6015

    Phone: 225-2771 Fax: 225-5078


    Minority Web:http://democrats.appropriations.house.gov

    Majority Staff Director: Will Smith

    Minority Staff Director: David Pomerantz 225-3481 1016 LHOB

    Jurisdiction: (1) appropriation of the revenue for the support of the Government; (2) rescissions of appropriations contained in appropriations acts; (3) transfers of unexpected balances; (4) Bills and Joint Resolutions reported by other Committees that provide new entitlement authority as defined in Section 3(9) of the Congressional Budget Act of 1974 and referred to the Committee under Clause 4(a)(2).

    Party Ratio: R 29-D 22

    • Hal Rogers, Ky., Chair
    • C. W. Young, Fla.
    • Frank R. Wolf, Va.
    • Jack Kingston, Ga.
    • Rodney Frelinghuysen, N.J.
    • Tom Latham, Iowa
    • Robert B. Aderholt, Ala.
    • Kay Granger, Tex.
    • Mike Simpson, Idaho
    • John Culberson, Tex.
    • Ander Crenshaw, Fla.
    • John Carter, Tex.
    • Rodney Alexander, La.
    • Ken Calvert, Calif.
    • Jo Bonner, Ala.
    • Tom Cole, Okla.
    • Mario Diaz-Balart, Fla.
    • Charlie Dent, Pa.
    • Tom Graves, Ga.
    • Kevin Yoder, Kans.
    • Steve Womack, Ark.
    • Alan Nunnelee, Miss.
    • Jeff Fortenberry, Neb.
    • Thomas J. Rooney, Fla.
    • Chuck Fleischmann, Tenn.
    • Jaime Herrera Beutler, Wash.
    • David Joyce, Ohio
    • David Valadao, Calif.
    • Andy Harris, Md.
    • Nita Lowey, N.Y.
    • Marcy Kaptur, Ohio
    • Pete Visclosky, Ind.
    • Jose E. Serrano, N.Y.
    • Rosa L. DeLauro, Conn.
    • Jim Moran, Va.
    • Ed Pastor, Ariz.
    • David Price, N. C.
    • Lucille Roybal-Allard, Calif.
    • Sam Fan, Calif.
    • Chaka Fattah, Pa.
    • Sanford D. Bishop, Ga.
    • Barbara Lee, Calif.
    • Adam Schiff, Calif.
    • Mike Honda, Calif.
    • Betty McCollum, Minn.
    • Tim Ryan, Ohio
    • Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Fla.
    • Henry Cuellar, Tex.
    • Chellie Pingree, Maine
    • Mike Quigley, Ill.
    • Bill Owens, N.Y.


    Agriculture, Rural Development, Food and Drug Administration, and Related Agencies

    Office: 2362A RHOB, 20515 Phone: 225-2638

    Robert B. Aderholt (Chair), Tom Latham, Alan Nunnelee, Kevin Yoder, Jeff Fortenberry, Thomas J. Rooney, David Valadao

    Sam Farr (Ranking Minority Member), Rosa L. DeLauro, Sanford D. Bishop, Chellie Pingree

    Commerce, Justice, Science, and Related Agencies

    Office: H-309 CAP, 20515 Phone: 225-3351

    Frank R. Wolf (Chair), John Culberson, Robert B. Aderholt, Jo Bonner, Tom Graves, Thomas J. Rooney, Andy Harris

    Chaka Fattah (Ranking Minority Member), Adam Schiff, Mike Honda, Jose E. Serrano


    Office: H-405 CAP, 20515 Phone: 225-2847

    C. W. Young (Chair), Rodney Frelinghuysen, Jack Kingston, Kay Granger, Ander Crenshaw, Ken Calvert, Jo Bonner, Tom Cole, Steve Womack

    Pete Visclosky (Ranking Minority Member), Jim Moran, Betty McCollum, Tim Ryan, Bill Owens, Marcy Kaptur

    Energy and Water Development, and Related Agencies

    Office: 2362B RHOB, 20515 Phone: 225-3421

    Rodney Frelinghuysen (Chair), Mike Simpson, Rodney Alexander, Alan Nunnelee, Ken Calvert, John Carter, Chuck Fleischmann

    Marcy Kaptur (Ranking Minority Member), Pete Visclosky, Ed Pastor, Chaka Fattah

    Financial Services and General Government

    Office: B300 RHOB, 20515 Phone: 225-7245

    Ander Crenshaw (Chair), Jo Bonner, Mario Diaz-Balart, Tom Graves, Kevin Yoder, Steve Womack, Jaime Herrera Beutler

    Jose E. Serrano (Ranking Minority Member), Mike Quigley, Marcy Kaptur, Ed Pastor

    Homeland Security

    Office: B307 RHOB, 20515 Phone: 225-5834

    John Carter (Chair), Robert B. Aderholt, John Culberson, Rodney Frelinghuysen, Tom Latham, Charlie Dent, Chuck Fleischmann

    David Price (Ranking Minority Member), Lucille Roybal-Allard, Henry Cuellar, Bill Owens

    Interior, Environment, and Related Agencies

    Office: B308 RHOB, 20515 Phone: 225-3081

    Mike Simpson (Chair), Ken Calvert, Tom Cole, Tom Graves, Jaime Herrera Beutler, David Joyce, David Valadao

    Jim Moran (Ranking Minority Member), Betty McCollum, Chellie Pingree, Jose E. Serrano

    Labor, Health and Human Services, Education, and Related Agencies

    Office: 2358B RHOB, 20515 Phone: 225-3508

    Jack Kingston (Chair), Rodney Alexander, Mike Simpson, Steve Womack, Chuck Fleischmann, David Joyce, Andy Harris

    Rosa L. DeLauro (Ranking Minority Member), Lucille Roybal-Allard, Barbara Lee, Mike Honda

    Legislative Branch

    Office: HT-2 CAP, 20515 Phone: 226-7252

    Rodney Alexander (Chair), C.W. Young, Jeff Fortenberry, David Valadao, Andy Harris

    Debbie Wasserman Schultz (Ranking Minority Member), James Moran, Sanford D. Bishop

    Military Construction, Veterans Affairs, and Related Agencies

    Office: HVC-227 CAP, 20515 Phone: 225-3047

    John Culberson (Chair), C. W. Young, John Carter (Chair), Alan Nunnelee, Mario Diaz-Balart, Jeff Fortenberry, Thomas J. Rooney

    Sanford D. Bishop (Ranking Minority Member), Sam Farr, David E. Price, Chaka Fattah

    State, Foreign Operations, and Related Programs

    Office: HT-2 CAP, 20515 Phone: 225-2041

    Kay Granger (Chair), Frank R. Wolf, Mario Diaz-Balart, Charlie Dent, Ander Crenshaw, Jack Kingston, Kevin Yoder

    Nita Lowey (Ranking Minority Member), Adam Schiff, Barbara Lee, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Henry Cuellar

    Transportation, Housing and Urban Development and Related Agencies

    Office: 2358A RHOB, 20515 Phone: 225-2141

    Tom Latham (Chair), Frank R. Wolf, Charlie Dent, Kay Granger, Tom Cole, Jaime Herrera Beutler, David Joyce

    Ed Pastor (Ranking Minority Member), David Price, Mike Quigley, Tim Ryan

    Armed Services

    Office: 2120 RHOB 20515-6035

    Phone: 225-4151 Fax: 225-9077


    Minority Web:http://democrats.armedservices.house.gov

    Majority Staff Director: Robert L. Simmons

    Minority Staff Director: Paul Arcangeli 225-4158 2120 RHOB

    Jurisdiction: (1) ammunition depots, forts, arsenals, Army, Navy and Air Force reservations and establishments; (2) common defense generally; (3) conservation, development, and use of naval petroleum reserves and oil shale reserves; (4) the Department of Defense generally, including the Departments of the Army, Navy, and Air Force generally; (5) interoceanic canals generally, including measures relating to the maintenance, operation, and administration of interoceanic canals; (6) Merchant Marine Academy and State Merchant Marine Academies; (7) military applications of nuclear energy; (8) tactical intelligence and intelligence-related activities of the Department of Defense; (9) national security aspects of the merchant marine, including financial assistance for the construction and operation of vessels, the maintenance of the United States shipbuilding and ship repair industrial base, cabotage (trade or transport in coastal waters or air space, or between two points within a country), cargo preference and merchant marine personnel as these matters relate to the national security; (10) pay, promotion, retirement, and other benefits and privileges of members of the armed services; (11) scientific research and development in support of the armed services; (12) selective service; (13) size and composition of the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, and Air Force; (14) soldiers' and sailors' homes; (15) strategic and critical materials necessary for the common defense. In addition to its legislative jurisdiction under the preceding provisions (and its general oversight functions under clause 2(b)(1), the committee has special oversight functions provided for in clause 3(a) with respect to international arms control and disarmament; and education of military dependents in school pursuant to clause 3(g) of Rule X of the Rules of the House of Representatives.

    Party Ratio: R 34-D 28

    • Buck McKeon, Calif, Chair
    • Mac Thornberry, Tex.
    • Walter B. Jones, N.C.
    • J. Randy Forbes, Va.
    • Jeff Miller, Fla.
    • Joe Wilson, S.C.
    • Frank A. LoBiondo, N.J.
    • Rob Bishop, Utah
    • Michael Turner, Ohio
    • John Kline, Minn.
    • Mike Rogers, Ala.
    • Trent Franks, Ariz.
    • Bill Shuster, Pa.
    • Mike Conaway, Tex.
    • Doug Lamborn, Colo.
    • Rob Wittman, Va.
    • Duncan Hunter, Calif.
    • John Fleming, La.
    • Mike Coffman, Colo.
    • Scott Rigell, Va.
    • Chris Gibson, N.Y.
    • Vicky Hartzler, Mo.
    • Joe Heck, Nev.
    • Jon Runyan, N.J.
    • Austin Scott, Ga.
    • Steven Palazzo, Miss.
    • Martha Roby, Ala.
    • Mo Brooks, Ala.
    • Richard Nugent, Fla.
    • Kristi Noem, S.D.
    • Paul Cook, Calif.
    • Jim Bridenstine, Okla.
    • Brad Wenstrup, Ohio
    • Jackie Walorski, Ind.
    • Adam Smith, Wash.
    • Loretta Sanchez, Calif.
    • Mike McIntyre, N.C.
    • Robert Brady, Pa.
    • Robert E. Andrews, N.J.
    • Susan Davis, Calif.
    • Jim Langevin, R.I.
    • Rick Larsen, Wash.
    • Jim Cooper, Tenn.
    • Madeleine Z. Bordallo, Guam
    • Joe Courtney, Conn.
    • Dave Loebsack, Iowa
    • Niki Tsongas, Mass.
    • John Garamendi, Calif.
    • Hank Johnson, Ga.
    • Colleen Hanabusa, Hawaii
    • Jackie Speier, Calif.
    • Ron Barber, Ariz.
    • André Carson, Ind.
    • Carol Shea-Porter, N.H.
    • Daniel Maffei, N.Y.
    • Derek Kilmer, Wash.
    • Joaquin Castro, Tex.
    • Tammy Duckworth, Ill.
    • Scott Peters, Calif.
    • William Enyart, Ill.
    • Pete Gallego, Tex.
    • Marc Veasey, Tex.


    Intelligence, Emerging Threats and Capabilities

    Office: 2120 RHOB, 20515 Phone: 225-4151

    Mac Thornberry (Chair), Jeff Miller, John Kline, Bill Shuster, Richard Nugent, Trent Franks, Duncan Hunter, Chris Gibson, Vicky Hartzler, Joe Heck

    Jim Langevin (Ranking Minority Member), Susan Davis, Hank Johnson, André Carson, Daniel Maffei, Derek Kilmer, Joaquin Castro, Scott Peters

    Military Personnel

    Office: 2120 RHOB, 20515 Phone: 225-4151

    Joe Wilson (Chair), Walter B. Jones, Joe Heck, Austin Scott, Brad Wenstrup, Jackie Walorski, Chris Gibson, Kristi Noem

    Susan Davis (Ranking Minority Member), Robert Brady, Madeleine Z. Bordallo, Dave Loebsack, Niki Tsongas, Carol Shea-Porter

    Oversight and Investigations

    Office: 2120 RHOB, 20515 Phone: 225-4151

    Martha Roby (Chair), Mike Conaway, Mo Brooks, Walter B. Jones, Austin Scott, Jim Bridenstine

    Niki Tsongas (Ranking Minority Member), Robert E. Andrews, Jackie Speier, Tammy Duckworth


    Office: 2120 RHOB, 20515 Phone: 225-4151

    Rob Wittman (Chair), Rob Bishop, Vicky Hartzler, Austin Scott, Kristi Noem, J. Randy Forbes, Frank A. LoBiondo, Mike Rogers, Doug Lamborn, Scott Rigell, Steven Palazzo

    Madeleine Z. Bordallo (Ranking Minority Member), Joe Courtney, Dave Loebsack, Colleen Hanabusa, Jackie Speier, Ron Barber, Carol Shea-Porter, William Enyart, Pete Gallego

    Seapower and Projection Forces

    Office: 2120 RHOB, 20515 Phone: 225-4151

    J. Randy Forbes (Chair), Mike Conaway, Duncan Hunter, Scott Rigell, Steven Palazzo, Rob Wittman, Mike Coffman, Jon Runyan, Kristi Noem, Paul Cook

    Mike McIntyre (Ranking Minority Member), Joe Courtney, James Langevin, Rick Larsen, Hank Johnson, Colleen Hanabusa, Derek Kilmer, Scott Peters

    Strategic Forces

    Office: 2120 RHOB, 20515 Phone: 225-4151

    Mike Rogers (Chair), Trent Franks, Doug Lamborn, Mike Coffman, Mo Brooks, Joe Wilson, Mike Turner, John Fleming, Richard Nugent, Jim Bridenstine

    Jim Cooper (Ranking Minority Member), Loretta Sanchez, James Langevin, Rick Larsen, John Garamendi, Hank Johnson, Andre Carson, Marc Veasey

    Tactical Air and Land Forces

    Office: 2120 RHOB, 20515 Phone: 225-4151

    Mike Turner (Chair), Frank A. LoBiondo, John Fleming, Chris Gibson, Jon Runyan, Martha Roby, Paul Cook, Jim Bridenstine, Brad Wenstrup, Jackie Walorski, Mac Thornberry, Walter Jones, Rob Bishop

    Loretta Sanchez (Ranking Minority Member), Mike McIntyre, Jim Cooper, John Garamendi, Ron Barber, Daniel Maffei, Joaquin Castro, Tammy Duckworth, William Enyart, Pete Gallego, Marc Veasey


    Office: 207 CHOB 20515-6065

    Phone: 226-7270 Fax: 226-7174


    Minority Web:http://democrats.budget.house.gov

    Majority Staff Director: Austin Smythe

    Minority Staff Director: Thomas S. Kahn 226-7200 B-71 CHOB

    Jurisdiction: (1) all concurrent resolutions on the budget (as defined in Section 3 of the Congressional Budget and Impoundment Control Act of 1974), other matters required to be referred to the committee under Titles III and IV of that Act, and other measures setting forth appropriate levels of budget totals for the United States Government; (2) measures relating to the budget process generally; (3) measures relating to the establishment, extension, and enforcement of special controls over the federal budget, including the budgetary treatment of off-budget federal agencies and measures providing exemption from reduction under any order issued under Part C of the Balanced Budget and Emergency Deficit Control Act of 1985; (4) the Committee shall have the duty: (A) to report the matters required to be reported by it under Titles III and IV of the Congressional Budget and Impoundment Control Act of 1974; (B) to make continuing studies of the effect on budget outlays of relevant existing and proposed legislation and to report the results of such studies to the House on a recurring basis; (C) to request and evaluate continuing studies of tax expenditures to devise methods of coordinating tax expenditures, policies, and programs with direct budget outlays, and to report the results of such studies to the House on a recurring basis; and (D) to review, on a continuing basis, the conduct by the Congressional Budget Office of its functions and duties. Membership: The Committee on the Budget shall consist of the following Members: (A) Members who are members of other standing committees, including five Members who are members of the Committee on Appropriations, and five Members who are members of the Committee on Ways and Means; (B) one Member from the leadership of the majority party; and (C) one Member from the leadership of the minority party. No Member other than a representative from the leadership of a party may serve as a member of the Committee on the Budget during more than four Congresses in any period of six successive Congresses (disregarding for this purpose any service performed as a member of such committee for less than a full session in any Congress), except that an incumbent chair or ranking minority member having served on the committee for four Congresses and having served as chair or ranking minority member of the committee for not more than one Congress shall be eligible for reelection to the committee as chair or ranking minority member for one additional Congress.

    Party Ratio: R 22-D 17

    • Paul Ryan, Wisc., Chair
    • Scott Garrett, N.J.
    • John Campbell, Calif.
    • Ken Calvert, Calif.
    • Tom Cole, Okla.
    • Tom Price, Ga.
    • Tom McClintock, Calif.
    • James Lankford, Okla.
    • Diane Black, Tenn.
    • Reid Ribble, Wisc.
    • Bill Flores, Tex.
    • Todd Rokita, Ind.
    • Rob Woodall, Ga.
    • Marsha Blackburn, Tenn.
    • Alan Nunnelee, Miss.
    • Scott Rigell, Va.
    • Vicky Hartzler, Mo.
    • Jackie Walorski, Ind.
    • Luke Messer, Ind.
    • Tom Rice, S.C.
    • Roger Williams, Tex.
    • Sean Duffy, Wisc.
    • Chris Van Hollen, Md.
    • Allyson Y. Schwartz, Pa.
    • John Yarmuth, Ky.
    • Bill Pascrell, N.J.
    • Tim Ryan, Ohio
    • Gwen Moore, Wisc.
    • Kathy Castor, Via.
    • Jim McDermott, Wash.
    • Barbara Lee, Calif.
    • David Cicilline, R.I.
    • Hakeem Jeffries, N. Y.
    • Mark Pocan, Wisc.
    • Michelle Lujan Grisham, N.M.
    • Jared Huffman, Calif.
    • Tony Cardenas, Calif.
    • Earl Blumenauer, Ore.
    • Kurt Schrader, Ore.
    Education and the Workforce

    Office: 2181 RHOB 20515-6100

    Phone: 225-4527 Fax: 225-9571


    Minority Web:http://democrats.edworkforce.house.gov

    Majority Staff Director: Julianne Sullivan

    Minority Staff Director: Jody Calemine 225-3725 2101 RHOB

    Jurisdiction: (1) child labor; (2) Gallaudet University (Washington, D.C.), Howard University (Washington, D.C.), Howard University Hospital (Washington, D.C.); (3) convict labor and the entry of goods made by convicts into interstate commerce; (4) food programs for children in schools; (5) labor standards and labor statistics; (6) measures relating to education or labor generally; (7) mediation and arbitration of labor disputes; (8) regulation or prevention of importation of foreign laborers under contract; (9) Employees Compensation Appeals Board (Labor); (10) vocational rehabilitation; (11) wages and hours of labor; (12) welfare of miners; (13) work incentive programs. In addition to its legislative jurisdiction under the preceding provisions (and its general oversight function under clause 2 (b)(1), the Committee has the special oversight function provided for in clause 3 (c) with respect to domestic educational programs and institutions, and programs of student assistance, which are within the jurisdiction of other committees.

    Party Ratio: R 23-D 18

    • John Kline, Minn., Chair
    • Tom Petri, Wisc.
    • Buck McKeon, Calif.
    • Joe Wilson, S.C.
    • Virginia Foxx, N.C.
    • Tom Price, Ga.
    • Kenny Marchant, Tex.
    • Duncan Hunter, Calif.
    • David Roe, Tenn.
    • Glenn Thompson, Pa.
    • Tim Walberg, Mich.
    • Matt Salmon, Ariz.
    • Brett Guthrie, Ky.
    • Scott DesJarlais, Tenn.
    • Todd Rokita, Ind.
    • Larry Bucshon, Ind.
    • Trey Gowdy, S.C.
    • Lou Barletta, Penn.
    • Martha Roby, Ala.
    • Joe Heck, Nev.
    • Susan Brooks, Ind.
    • Richard Hudson, N.C.
    • Luke Messer, Ind.
    • George Miller, Calif.
    • Robert E. Andrews, N.J.
    • Bobby Scott, Va.
    • Ruben Hinojosa, Tex.
    • Carolyn McCarthy, N.Y.
    • John F. Tierney, Mass.
    • Rush Holt, N.J.
    • Susan Davis, Calif.
    • Raul M. Grijalva, Ariz.
    • Tim Bishop, N.Y.
    • Dave Loebsack, Iowa
    • Joe Courtney, Conn.
    • Marcia L. Fudge, Ohio
    • Jared Palis, Colo.
    • Gregorio Kilili Camacho
    • Sablan, Mariana Islands
    • John Yarmuth, Ky.
    • Frederica Wilson, Fla.
    • Suzanne Bonamici, Ore.


    Early Childhood, Elementary, and Secondary Education

    Office: 2181 RHOB, 20515 Phone: 225-4527

    Todd Rokita (Chair), John Kline, Tom Petri, Virginia Foxx, Kenny Marchant, Duncan Hunter, David Roe, Glenn Thompson, Martha Roby, Susan Brooks

    Carolyn McCarthy (Ranking Minority Member), Bobby Scott, Susan Davis, Raul M. Grijalva, Marcia Fudge, Jared Polis, Gregorio Kilili Camacho Sablan, Frederica Wilson

    Health, Employment, Labor, and Pensions

    Office: 2181 RHOB, 20515 Phone: 225-4527

    David Roe (Chair), Joe Wilson, Tom Price, Kenny Marchant, Matt Salmon, Brett Guthrie, Scott DesJarlais, Larry Bucshon, Trey Gowdy, Lou Barletta, Martha Roby, Joe Heck, Susan Brooks, Luke Messer

    Robert E. Andrews (Ranking Minority Member), Rush Holt, Dave Loebsack, Bobby Scott, Rubén Hinojosa, John Tierney, Raul M. Grijalva, Joe Courtney, Jared Polis, John A. Yarmuth, Frederica Wilson

    Higher Education and Workforce Training

    Office: 2181 RHOB, 20515 Phone: 225-4527

    Virginia Foxx (Chair), Tom Petri, Buck McKeon, Glenn Thompson, Tim Walberg, Matt Salmon, Brett Guthrie, Lou Barletta, Joe Heck, Susan Brooks, Richard Hudson, Luke Messer

    Ruben Hinojosa (Ranking Minority Member), John F. Tierney, Tim Bishop, John Yarmuth, Suzanne Bonamici, Carolyn McCarthy, Rush Holt, Susan Davis, David Loebsack

    Workforce Protections

    Office: 2181 RHOB, 20515 Phone: 225-4527

    Tim Walberg (Chair), John Kline, Tom Price, Duncan Hunter, Scott DesJarlais, Todd Rokita, Larry Bucshon, Richard Hudson

    Joe Courtney (Ranking Minority Member), Robert E. Andrews, Tim Bishop, Marcia Fudge, Gregorio Kilili Camacho Sablan, Suzanne Bonamici

    Energy and Commerce

    Office: 2125 FHOB 20515-6115

    Phone: 225-2927 Fax: 225-1919


    Minority Web:http://democrats.energycommerce.house.gov

    Majority Staff Director: Gary Andres

    Minority Staff Director: Phil Barnett, 225-3641, 2322-A RHOB

    Jurisdiction: (1) biomedical research and development; (2) consumer affairs and consumer protection; (3) health and health facilities (except health care supported by payroll deductions); (4) interstate energy compacts; (5) interstate and foreign commerce generally; (6) measures relating to the exploration, production, storage, supply, marketing, pricing, and regulation of energy resources, including all fossil fuels, solar energy, and other unconventional or renewable energy resources; (7) conservation of energy resources; (8) energy information generally; (9) the generation and marketing of power (except by federally chartered or Federal regional power marketing authorities); the reliability and interstate transmission of, and ratemaking for, all power, and siting of generation facilities, except the installation of inter-connections between Government water power projects; (10) measures relating to general management of the Department of Energy, and the management and all functions of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission; (11) national energy policy generally; (12) public health and quarantine; (13) regulation of the domestic nuclear energy industry, including regulation of research and development reactors and nuclear regulatory research; (14) regulation of interstate and foreign communications; (15) travel and tourism. The Committee has the same jurisdiction with respect to regulation of nuclear facilities and of use of nuclear energy as it has with respect to regulation of non-nuclear facilities and of use of non-nuclear energy. In addition to its legislative jurisdiction under the preceding provisions (and its general oversight functions under clause 2(b) (1)), the Committee has the special oversight function provided for in clause 3(e) with respect to all laws, programs, and government activities affecting nuclear and other energy, and non-military nuclear energy and research and development, including the disposal of nuclear waste.

    Party Ratio: R 30-D 24

    • Fred Upton, Mich., Chair
    • Ralph Hall, Tex.
    • Joe Barton, Tex.
    • Ed Whitfield, Ky.
    • John Shimkus, Ill.
    • Joe Pitts, Pa.
    • Greg Walden, Ore.
    • Lee Terry, Neb.
    • Mike Rogers, Mich.
    • Tim Murphy, Pa.
    • Michael C. Burgess, Tex.
    • Marsha Blackburn, Tenn.
    • Phil Gingrey, Ga.
    • Steve Scalise, La.
    • Bob Latta, Ohio
    • Cathy McMorris Rodgers, Wash.
    • Gregg Harper, Miss.
    • Leonard Lance, N.J.
    • Bill Cassidy, La.
    • Brett Guthrie, Ky.
    • Pete Olson, Tex.
    • David McKinley, W. Va.
    • Cory Gardner, Colo.
    • Mike Pompeo, Kans.
    • Adam Kinzinger, Ill.
    • H. Morgan Griffith, Va.
    • Gus Bilirakis, Fla.
    • Bill Johnson, Ohio
    • Billy Long, Mo.
    • Renee Ellmers, N.C.
    • Henry A. Waxman, Calif.
    • John D. Dingell, Mich.
    • Edward J. Markey, Mass.
    • Frank Pallone, N.J.
    • Bobby L. Rush, Ill.
    • Anna G. Eshoo, Calif.
    • Eliot L. Engel, N.Y.
    • Gene Green, Tex.
    • Diana DeGette, Colo.
    • Lois Capps, Calif.
    • Mike Doyle, Pa.
    • Jan Schakowsky, Ill.
    • Jim Matheson, Utah
    • G. K. Butterfield, N.C.
    • John Barrow, Ga.
    • Doris Matsui, Calif.
    • Donna M. Christensen, Virgin Is.
    • Kathy Castor, Fla.
    • John Sarbanes, Md.
    • Jerry McNerney, Calif.
    • Bruce Braley, Iowa
    • Peter Welch, Vt.
    • Ben Ray Lujan, N.M.
    • Paul Tonko, N.Y.


    Commerce, Manufacturing and Trade

    Office: 2125 RHOB, 20515 Phone: 225-2927

    Lee Terry (Chair), Leonard Lance, Marsha Blackburn, Gregg Harper, Brett Guthrie, Pete Olson, David McKinley, Mike Pompeo, Adam Kinzinger, Gus Bilirakis, Bill Johnson, Billy Long, Joe Barton, Fred Upton (ex oficio)

    Jan Schakowsky (Ranking Minority Member), G. K. Butterfield, John Sarbanes, Jerry McNerney, Peter Welch, John D. Dingell, Bobby L. Rush, Jim Matheson, John Barrow, Donna M. Christensen, Henry Waxman (ex oficio)

    Communications and Technology

    Office: 2125 RHOB, 20515 Phone: 225-2927

    Greg Walden (Chair), Bob Latta, John Shimkus, Lee Terry, Mike Rogers, Marsha Blackburn, Steve Scalise, Leonard Lance, Brett Guthrie, Cory Gardner, Mike Pompeo, Adam Kinzinger, Billy Long, Renee Ellmers, Joe Barton, Fred Upton (ex oficio)

    Anna G. Eshoo (Ranking Minority Member), Edward J. Markey, Mike Doyle, Doris Matsui, Bruce Braley, Peter Welch, Ben Ray Lujan, John D. Dingell, Frank Pallone, Bobby L. Rush, Diana DeGette, Jim Matheson, Henry Waxman (ex oficio)

    Energy and Power

    Office: 2125 RHOB, 20515 Phone: 225-2927

    Ed Whitfield (Chair), Steve Scalise, John Shimkus, Lee Terry, Michael C. Burgess, Bob Latta, Cathy McMorris Rodgers, Bill Cassidy, Pete Olson, David McKinley, Cory Gardner, Mike Pompeo, Adam Kinzinger, H. Morgan Griffith, Joe Barton, Fred Upton (ex oficio)

    Bobby L. Rush (Ranking Minority Member), Jerry McNerney, Paul Tonko, Edward J. Markey, Eliot L. Engel, Gene Green, Lois Capps, Mike Doyle, John Barrow, Doris Matsui, Donna M. Christensen, Kathy Castor, John D. Dingell (ex oficio), Henry Waxman (ex oficio)

    Environment and the Economy

    Office: 2125 RHOB, 20515 Phone: 225-2927

    John Shimkus (Chair), Phil Gingrey, Ralph Hall, Ed Whitfield, Joe Pitts, Tim Murphy, Bob Latta, Gregg Harper, Bill Cassidy, David McKinley, Gus Bilirakis, Bill Johnson, Joe Barton, Fred Upton (ex oficio)

    Paul Tonko (Ranking Minority Member), Frank Pallone, Gene Green, Diana DeGette, Lois Capps, Jerry McNerney, John D. Dingell, Jan Schakowsky, John Barrow, Doris Matsui, Henry Waxman (ex oficio)


    Office: 2125 RHOB, 20515 Phone: 225-2927

    Joe Pitts (Chair), Michael C. Burgess, Ralph Hall, Ed Whitfield, John Shimkus, Mike Rogers, Tim Murphy, Marsha Blackburn, Phil Gingrey, Leonard Lance, Bill Cassidy, Brett Guthrie, H. Morgan Griffith, Renee Ellmers, Joe Barton, Fred Upton (ex oficio)

    Frank Pallone (Ranking Minority Member), John D. Dingell, Eliot L. Engel, Lois Capps, Jan Schakowsky, Jim Matheson, Gene Green, G.K. Butterfield, John Barrow, Donna M. Christensen, Kathy Castor, John Sarbanes, Henry Waxman (ex oficio)

    Oversight and Investigations

    Office: 2125 RHOB, 20515 Phone: 225-2927

    Tim Murphy (Chair), Michael C. Burgess, Marsha Blackburn, Phil Gingrey, Steve Scalise, Gregg Harper, Pete Olson, Cory Gardner, H. Morgan Griffith, Bill Johnson, Billy Long, Renee Ellmers, Joe Barton, Fred Upton (ex oficio)

    Diana DeGette (Ranking Minority Member), Bruce Braley, Ben Ray Lujan, Edward J. Markey, Jan Schakowsky, G.K. Butterfield, Kathy Castor, Peter Welch, Paul Tonko, Gene Green, John D. Dingell (ex oficio), Henry Waxman (ex oficio)


    Office: 1015 LHOB 20515-6328

    Phone: 225-7103 Fax: 225-7392


    Majority Staff Director: Daniel A. Schwager

    Counsel to the Ranking Member: Dan Taylor

    Jurisdiction: all bills, resolutions and other matters relating to the Code of Official Conduct adopted under House Rule XXIV (Code of Official Conduct); with respect to Members, officers and employees of the U.S. House of Representatives, the Committee is the supervising ethics office for the U.S. House of Representatives, and is authorized to: (1) recommend administrative actions to establish or enforce standards of official conduct; (2) investigate violations of the Code of Official Conduct or of any applicable rules, laws, or regulations governing the performance of official duties or the discharge of official responsibilities; (3) report to appropriate federal or state authorities substantial evidence of a violation of any law applicable to the performance of official duties that may have been disclosed in a Committee investigation (such reports must be approved by the House or by an affirmative vote of two-thirds of the Committee); (4) render advisory opinions regarding the propriety of any current or proposed conduct of a Member, officer or employee, and issue general guidance on such matters as necessary; and (5) consider requests for written waivers of the gift rule (clause 5 of House Rule XXV).

    Party Ratio: R 5-D 5

    • Mike Conaway, Tex., Chair
    • Charlie Dent, Penn. Patrick Meehan, Penn.
    • Trey Gowdy, S.C.
    • Susan Brooks, Ind.
    • Linda Sanchez, Calif.
    • Pedro Pierluisi, P.R.
    • Michael E. Capuano, Mass.
    • Yvette D. Clark, N.Y.
    • Ted Deutch, Fla.


    Investigative Subcommittee Regarding Rep. Robert Andrews

    Office: 1015 LHOB, 20515 Phone: 225-7103

    Trey Gowdy (Chair), Tom Latham

    Pedro Pierluisi (Ranking Minority Member), Jackie Speier

    Investigative Subcommittee Regarding Rep. Don Young

    Office: 1015 LHOB, 20515 Phone: 225-7103

    Patrick Meehan (Chair), Mac Thornberry

    Michael E. Capuano (Ranking Minority Member), William Keating

    Financial Services

    Office: 2129 RHOB 20515-6050

    Phone: 225-7502 Fax: 226-4301


    Minority Web:http://democrats.financialservices.house.gov

    Majority Staff Director: Shannon McGahn

    Minority Deputy Staff Director: Kelly Larkin, 225-4247, B301C RHOB

    Jurisdiction: (1) banks and banking, including deposit insurance and federal monetary policy; (2) bank capital markets activities generally; (3) depository institution securities activities generally, including the activities of any affiliates, except for functional regulation under applicable securities laws not involving safety and soundness; (4) economic stabilization, defense production, renegotiation, and control of the price of commodities, rents, and services; (5) financial aid to commerce and industry (other than transportation); (6) international finance; (7) international financial and monetary organizations; (8) money and credit; including currency and the issuance of notes and redemption thereof; gold and silver, including the coinage thereof; valuation and revaluation of the dollar; (9) public and private housing; (10) urban development.

    Party Ratio: R 33-D 28

    • Jeb Hensarling, Tex., Chair
    • Spencer Bachus, Ala.
    • Pete King, N.Y.
    • Ed Royce, Calif.
    • Frank Lucas, Okla.
    • Gary Miller, Calif.
    • Shelley Moore Capito, W. Va.
    • Scott Garrett, N.J.
    • Randy Neugebauer, Tex.
    • Patrick McHenry, N.C.
    • John Campbell, Calif.
    • Michele Bachmann, Minn.
    • Kevin McCarthy, Calif.
    • Steve Pearce, N.M.
    • Bill Posey, Fla.
    • Mike Fitzpatrick, Pa.
    • Lynn A. Westmoreland, Ga.
    • Blaine Luetkemeyer, Mo.
    • Bill Huizenga, Mich.
    • Sean Duffy, Wisc.
    • Robert Hurt, Va.
    • Michael Grimm, N.Y.
    • Steve Stivers, Ohio
    • Stephen Fincher, Tenn.
    • Marlin Stutzman, Ind.
    • Mick Mulvaney, S.C.
    • Randy Hultgren, Ill.
    • Dennis Ross, Fla.
    • Robert Pittenger, N.C.
    • Ann Wagner, Mo.
    • Andy Barr, Ky.
    • Tom Cotton, Ark.
    • Keith Rothfus, Penn.
    • Maxine Waters, Calif.
    • Carolyn B. Maloney, N.Y.
    • Nydia M. Velazquez, N.Y.
    • Mel Watt, N.C.
    • Brad Sherman, Calif.
    • Gregory W. Meeks, N.Y.
    • Michael E. Capuano, Mass.
    • Rubén Hinojosa, Tex.
    • William Lacy Clay, Mo.
    • Carolyn McCarthy, N.Y.
    • Stephen F. Lynch, Mass.
    • David Scott, Ga.
    • Al Green, Tex.
    • Emanuel Cleaver, Mo.
    • Gwen Moore, Wisc.
    • Keith Ellison, Minn.
    • Ed Perlmutter, Colo.
    • Jim Himes, Conn.
    • Gary Peters, Mich.
    • John Carney, Del.
    • Terri Sewell, Ala.
    • Bill Foster, Ill.
    • Daniel Kildee, Mich.
    • Patrick Murphy, Fla.
    • John Delaney, Md.
    • Krysten Sinema, Ariz.
    • Joyce Beatty, Ohio
    • Denny Heck, Wash.


    Capital Markets and Government Sponsored Enterprises

    Office: 2129 RHOB, 20515 Phone: 225-7502

    Scott Garrett (Chair), Robert Hurt, Spencer Bachus, Pete King, Ed Royce, Frank Lucas, Randy Neugebauer, Michele Bachmann, Kevin McCarthy, Lynn Westmoreland, Bill Huizenga, Michael Grimm, Steve Stivers, Stephen Lee Fincher, Mick Mulvaney, Randy Hultgren, Dennis Ross, Ann Wagner

    Carolyn Maloney (Ranking Minority Member), Brad Sherman, Rubén Hinojosa, Stephen F. Lynch, Gwen Moore, Ed Perlmutter, David Scott, Jim Himes, Gary Peters, Keith Ellison, Melvin Watt, Bill Foster, John Carney, Terri Sewell, Daniel Kildee

    Financial Institutions and Consumer Credit

    Office: 2129 RHOB, 20515 Phone: 225-7502

    Shelley Moore Capito (Chair), Spencer Bachus, Gary Miller, Patrick McHenry, John Campbell, Kevin McCarthy, Steve Pearce, Bill Posey, Michael Fitzpatrick, Lynn Westmoreland, Blaine Luetkemeyer, Sean Duffy, Marlin Stutzman, Robert Pittenger, Andy Barr, Tom Cotton

    Gregory W. Meeks (Ranking Minority Member), Carolyn B. Maloney, Mel Watt, Ruben Hinojosa, Carolyn McCarthy, David Scott, Al Green, Keith Ellison, Nydia M. Velázquez, Stephen F. Lynch, Michael E. Capuano, Patrick Murphy, John K. Delaney, Denny Heck

    Housing and Insurance

    Office: 2129 RHOB, 20515 Phone: 225-7502

    Randy Neugebauer (Chair), Blaine Luetkemeyer, Ed Royce, Gary Miller, Shelley Moore Capito, Scott Garrett, Lynn A. Westmoreland, Sean Duffy, Robert Hurt, Steve Stivers

    Michael E. Capuano (Ranking Minority Member), Nydia M. Velázquez, Emanuel Cleaver, William Lacy Clay, Brad Sherman, Jim Himes, Carolyn McCarthy, Krysten Sinema, Joyce Beatty

    Monetary Policy and Trade

    Office: 2129 RHOB, 20515 Phone: 225-7502

    John Campbell (Chair), Bill Huizenga, Frank Lucas, Steve Pearce, Bill Posey, Michael Grimm, Stephen Lee Fincher, Marlin Stutzman, Mick Mulvaney, Robert Pittenger, Tom Cotton

    William Lacy Clay (Ranking Minority Member), Gwen Moore, Gary Peters, Ed Perlmutter, Bill Foster, John Carney, Terri Sewell, Daniel Kildee, Patrick Murphy

    Oversight and Investigations

    Office: 2129 RHOB, 20515 Phone: 225-7502

    Patrick McHenry (Chair), Mike Fitzpatrick, Pete King, Michele Bachmann, Sean Duffy, Michael Grimm, Stephen Lee Fincher, Randy Hultgren, Dennis Ross, Ann Wagner, Andy Barr

    Al Green (Ranking Minority Member), Emanuel Cleaver, Keith Ellison, Ed Perlmutter, Carolyn B. Maloney, John K. Delaney, Kyrsten Sinema, Joyce Beatty, Denny Heck

    Foreign Affairs

    Office: 2170 RHOB 20515-6050

    Phone: 225-5021 Fax: 226-7269


    Minority Web:http://democrats.foreignaffairs.house.gov

    Majority Chief of Staff: Amy Porter

    Minority Staff Director: Jason Steinbaum, 226-8467, B360 RHOB

    Jurisdiction: oversight and legislation relating to: (1) foreign assistance (including development assistance, Millennium Challenge Corporation, the Millennium Challenge Account, HIV/AIDS in foreign countries, security assistance, and Public Law 480 programs abroad); (2) the Peace Corps; (3) national security developments affecting foreign policy; (4) strategic planning and agreements; (5) war powers, treaties, executive agreements, and the deployment and use of United States Armed Forces; (5) peacekeeping, peace enforcement, and enforcement of United Nations or other international sanctions; (6) arms control and disarmament issues; (7) the United States Agency for International Development; (8) activities and policies of the State, Commerce and Defense Departments and other agencies related to the Arms Export Control Act, and the Foreign Assistance Act including export and licensing policy for munitions items and technology and dual-use equipment and technology; (9) international law; (10) promotion of democracy; (11) international law enforcement issues, including narcotics control programs and activities; (12) Broadcasting Board of Governors; (13) embassy security; (14) international broadcasting; (15) public diplomacy, including international communication, information policy, international education, and cultural programs; and all other matters not specifically assigned to a subcommittee; jurisdiction over legislation with respect to the administration of the Export Administration Act, including the export and licensing of dual-use equipment and technology and other matters related to international economic policy and trade not otherwise assigned to a subcommittee, and with respect to the United Nations, its affiliated agencies and other international organizations, including assessed and voluntary contributions to such organizations.

    Party Ratio: R 25-D 21

    • Ed Royce, Calif, Chair
    • Chris Smith, N.J.
    • Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, Fla.
    • Dana Rohrabacher, Calif.
    • Steve Chabot, Ohio
    • Joe Wilson, S.C.
    • Michael McCaul, Tex.
    • Ted Poe, Tex.
    • Matt Salmon, Ariz.
    • Tom Marino, Penn.
    • Jeff Duncan, S.C.
    • Adam Kinzinger, Ill.
    • Mo Brooks, Ala.
    • Tom Cotton, Ark.
    • Paul Cook, Calif.
    • George Holding, N.C.
    • Randy K. Weber, Tex.
    • Scott Perry, Penn.
    • Steve Stockman, Tex.
    • Ron DeSantis, Fla.
    • Trey Radel, Fla.
    • Doug Collins, Ga.
    • Mark Meadows, N.C.
    • Ted Yoho, Fla.
    • Luke Messer, Ind.
    • Eliot L. Engel, N.Y.
    • Eni F. H. Faleomavaega, Am. Samoa
    • Brad Sherman, Calif.
    • Gregory W. Meeks, N.Y.
    • Albio Sires, N.J.
    • Gerald E. Connolly, Va.
    • Ted Deutch, Fla.
    • Brian Higgins, N.Y.
    • Karen Bass, Calif.
    • William Keating, Mass.
    • David Cicilline, R.I.
    • Alan Grayson, Fla.
    • Juan Vargas, Calif.
    • Bradley Schneider, Ill.
    • Joseph Kennedy, Mass.
    • Ami Bera, Calif.
    • Alan Lowenthal, Calif.
    • Grace Meng, N. Y.
    • Lois Frankel, Fla.
    • Tulsi Gabbard, Hawaii
    • Joaquin Castro, Tex.


    Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission

    Office: 2170 RHOB, 20515 Phone: 225-3599

    Frank R. Wolf (Co-Chair)

    James P. McGovern (Co-Chair)

    Africa, Global Health, Global Human Rights, and International Organizations

    Office: 259 CHOB, 20515 Phone: 226-7812

    Chris Smith (Chair), Tom Marino, Randy K. Weber, Steve Stockman, Mark Meadows

    Karen Bass (Ranking Minority Member), David Cicilline, Ami Bera

    Asia and the Pacific

    Office: 255 FHOB, 20515 Phone: 226-7825

    Steve Chabot (Chair), Dana Rohrabacher, Matt Salmon, Mo Brooks, George Holding, Scott Perry, Doug Collins, Luke Messer

    Eni F. H. Faleomavaega (Ranking Minority Member), Ami Bera, Tulsi Gabbard, Brad Sherman, Gerald Connolly, William Keating

    Europe and Eurasia, and Emerging Threats

    Office: 256 FHOB, 20515 Phone: 226-6434

    Dana Rohrabacher (Chair), Ted Poe, Tom Marino, Jeff Duncan, Paul Cook, George Holding, Steve Stockman

    William Keating (Ranking Minority Member), Gregory W. Meeks, Albio Sires, Brian Higgins, Alan Lowenthal

    Middle East and North Africa

    Office: B358 RHOB, 20515 Phone: 225-3345

    Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (Chair), Steve Chabot, Joe Wilson, Adam Kinzinger, Tom Cotton, Randy K. Weber, Ron DeSantis, Trey Radel, Doug Collins, Mark Meadows, Ted Yoho, Luke Messer

    Ted Deutch (Ranking Minority Member), Gerald E. Connolly, Brian Higgins, David Cicilline, Alan Grayson, Juan Vargas, Bradley Schneider, Joseph Kennedy, Grace Meng, Lois Frankel

    Terrorism, Nonproliferation, and Trade

    Office: 340 FHOB, 20515 Phone: 226-1500

    Ted Poe (Chair), Joe Wilson, Adam Kinzinger, Mo Brooks, Tom Cotton, Paul Cook, Scott Perry, Ted Yoho

    Brad Sherman (Ranking Minority Member), Alan Lowenthal, Joaquin Castro, Juan Vargas, Bradley Schneider, Joseph Kennedy

    Western Hemisphere

    Office: 257 FHOB, 20515 Phone: 226-9980

    Matt Salmon (Chair), Chris Smith, Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, Michael McCaul, Jeff Duncan, Ron DeSantis, Trey Radel

    Albio Sires (Ranking Minority Member), Gregory W. Meeks, Eni F. H. Faleomavaega. Ted Deutch, Alan Grayson

    Homeland Security

    Office: H2-176 FHOB 20515-6480

    Phone: 226-8417 Fax: 226-3399


    Minority Web:http://chsdemocrats.house.gov

    Majority Staff Director: Greg Hill

    Minority Staff Director: I. Lanier Avant, 226-2616, H2-117 FHOB

    Jurisdiction: (1) Overall homeland security policy; (2) Organization and administration of the Department of Homeland Security; (3) Functions of the Department of Homeland Security relating to the following: (a) Border security (except immigration policy and non-border enforcement); (b) Customs (except customs revenue); (c) Integration, analysis, and dissemination of homeland security information; (d) Domestic preparedness for and collective response to terrorism; (e) Research and development; (f) Transportation security, including cargo screening and port security. The Committee shall review and study on a continuing basis all Government activities relating to homeland security, including the interaction of all departments and agencies with the Department of Homeland Security.

    Party Ratio: R 18-D 14

    • Michael McCaul, N.Y., Chair
    • Lamar Smith, Tex.
    • Pete King, Calif.
    • Mike Rogers, Ala.
    • Paul C. Broun, Ga.
    • Candice Miller, Mich.
    • Pat Meehan, Penn.
    • Jeff Duncan, S.C.
    • Tom Marino, Penn.
    • Jason Chaffetz, Utah
    • Steven Palazzo, Miss.
    • Lou Barletta, Penn.
    • Chris Stewart, Utah
    • Richard Hudson, N.C.
    • Steve Daines, Mont.
    • Susan Brooks, Ind.
    • Scott Perry, Penn.
    • Bennie Thompson, Miss.
    • Loretta Sanchez, Calif.
    • Sheila Jackson Lee, Tex.
    • Yvette D. Clarke, N.Y.
    • Brian Higgins, N. Y.
    • Cedric Richmond, La.
    • William Keating, Mass.
    • Ron Barber, Ariz.
    • Donald M. Payne, N.J.
    • Beta O'Rourke, Tex.
    • Tulsi Gabbard, Hawaii
    • Filemon Vela, Tex.
    • Steven Horsford, Nev.
    • Eric Swalwell, Calif.


    Border and Maritime Security

    Office: 176 FHOB, 20515 Phone: 226-8417

    Candice Miller (Chair), Jeff Duncan, Tom Marino, Steven Palazzo, Lou Barletta, Chris Stewart

    Sheila Jackson Lee (Ranking Minority Member), Loretta Sanchez, Beta O'Rourke, Tulsi Gabbard

    Counterterrorism and Intelligence

    Office: 176 FHOB, 20515 Phone: 226-8417

    Pete King (Chair), Paul C. Broun, Pat Meehan, Jason Chaffetz, Chris Stewart

    Brian Higgins (Ranking Minority Member), Loretta Sanchez, William Keating

    Cybersecurity, Infrastructure Protection, and Security Technologies

    Office: 176 FHOB, 20515 Phone: 226-8417

    Pat Meehan (Chair), Mike Rogers, Jason Chaffetz, Steve Daines, Scott Perry

    Yvette D. Clarke (Ranking Minority Member), William Keating, Filemon Vela, Steven Horsford

    Emergency Preparedness, Response, and Communications

    Office: 176 FHOB, 20515 Phone: 226-8417

    Susan Brooks (Chair), Pete King, Tom Marino, Steven Palazzo, Scott Perry

    Donald M. Payne (Ranking Minority Member), Yvette D. Clarke, Brian Higgins

    Oversight and Management Efficiency

    Office: 176 FHOB, 20515 Phone: 226-8417

    Jeff Duncan (Chair), Paul Broun, Richard Hudson, Steve Daines

    Ron Barber (Ranking Minority Member), Donald M. Payne, Beta O'Rourke

    Transportation Security

    Office: 176 FHOB, 20515 Phone: 226-8417

    Richard Hudson (Chair), Mike Rogers, Candice Miller, Lou Barletta, Susan Brooks

    Cedric Richmond (Ranking Minority Member), Sheila Jackson Lee, Eric Swalwell

    House Administration

    Office: 1309 LHOB 20515-6157

    Phone: 225-8281 Fax: 225-9957


    Minority Web:http://democrats.cha.house.gov

    Majority Staff Director: Kelly Craven

    Minority Staff Director: James P.D. Fleet II 225-2061 1316 LHOB

    Jurisdiction: (1) appropriations from accounts for committee salaries and expenses (except for the Committee on Appropriations), House Information Resources, and allowances and expenses of Members, House Officers and administrative offices of the House; (2) auditing and settling of all accounts described in (1), above; (3) employment of persons by the House, including clerks for Members and committees, and reporters of debates; (4) except as provided in clause 1(q)(11), matters relating to the Library of Congress and the House Library, statuary and pictures in the United States Capitol and House office buildings, acceptance or purchase of works of art for the United States Capitol and House office buildings, the United States Botanic Garden, management of the Library of Congress, purchase of books and manuscripts; (5) except as provided in clause 1(q)(11), matters relating to the Smithsonian Institution and the incorporation of similar institutions; (6) expenditure of accounts described in (1), above; (7) House Commission on Congressional Mailing Standards; (8) matters relating to printing and correction of the Congressional Record; (9) measures relating to accounts of the House generally; (10) measures relating to assignment of office space for Representatives and House committees; (11) measures relating to the disposition of useless executive papers; (12) measures relating to the election of the President, Vice President, and Members of the House of Representatives; corrupt practices, contested elections, credentials and qualifications of Members of the House, and federal elections generally; (13) Presidential Succession Act of 1947; (14) measures relating to services to the House, including the House Restaurant, parking facilities and administration of the House Office Buildings and of the House wing of the United States Capitol; (14) measures relating to the travel of Members of the House of Representatives; (15) measures relating to the raising, reporting and use of campaign contributions for candidates for office of Representative in the House of Representatives, Delegate to the House of Representatives, and of Resident Commissioner to the United States from Puerto Rico, as well as related provisions of the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act of 2002 and the Lobbying Disclosure Act of 1995; campaign finance reform; lobbying; (16) Measures relating to the compensation, retirement and other benefits of the Members, officers, and employees of the Congress. In addition to its legislative jurisdiction under the preceding provisions (and its general oversight function under clause 2(b)(1), the committee has the function of performing the duties which are provided for in clause 4(d).

    Party Ratio: R 6-D 3

    • Candice Miller, Calif, Chair
    • Gregg Harper, Miss.
    • Phil Gingrey, Ga.
    • Aaron Schock, Ill.
    • Todd Rokita, Ind.
    • Richard Nugent, Fla.
    • Robert Brady, Pa.
    • Zoe Lofgren, Calif.
    • Juan Vargas, Calif.

    Office: 2138 FHOB 20515-6216

    Phone: 225-3951 Fax: 225-7682


    Minority Web:http://democrats.judiciary.house.gov

    Majority Chief of Staff: Shelly Husband

    Minority Staff Director: Perry H. Apelbaum 225-6906 B351 RHOB

    Jurisdiction: (1) the judiciary and judicial proceedings, civil and criminal; (2) administrative practice and procedure; (3) apportionment of Representatives; (4) bankruptcy, mutiny, espionage, and counterfeiting; (5) civil liberties; (6) constitutional amendments; (7) federal courts and judges, and local courts in United States territories and possessions; (8) immigration and naturalization; (9) interstate compacts generally; (10) measures relating to claims against the United States; (11) meetings of Congress, attendance of Members and their acceptance of incompatible offices; (12) national penitentiaries; (13) patents, the Patent Office, copyrights, and trademarks; (14) copyright, patent and trademark law; (15) information technology; (16) tort liability, including medical malpractice and product liability; (17) legal reform generally; (18) presidential succession; (19) continuity of congressional representation; (20) protection of trade and commerce against unlawful restraints and monopolies; (21) revision and codification of the Statutes of the United States; (22) state and territorial boundaries; (23) subversive activities affecting the internal security of the United States.

    Party Ratio: R 23-D 17

    • Bob Goodlatte, Va., Chair
    • Jim Sensenbrenner, Wisc.
    • Howard Coble, N.C.
    • Lamar Smith, Tex.
    • Steve Chabot, Ohio
    • Spencer Bachus, Ala.
    • Darrell Issa, Calif.
    • J. Randy Forbes, Va.
    • Steve King, Iowa
    • Trent Franks, Ariz.
    • Louie Gohmert, Tex.
    • Jim Jordan, Ohio
    • Ted Poe, Tex.
    • Jason Chaffetz, Utah
    • Tom Marino, Pa.
    • Trey Gowdy, S.C.
    • Mark Amodei, Nev.
    • Rául Labrador, Idaho
    • Blake Farenthold, Tex.
    • George Holding, N.C.
    • Doug Collins, Ga.
    • Ron DeSantis, Fla.
    • Keith Rothfus, Penn.
    • John Conyers, Mich.
    • Jerrold Nadler, NY.
    • Bobby Scott, Va.
    • Mel Watt, N.C.
    • Zoe Lofgren, Calif.
    • Sheila Jackson Lee, Tex.
    • Steve Cohen, Tenn.
    • Hank Johnson, Ga.
    • Pedro Pierluisi, P.R.
    • Judy Chu, Calif.
    • Ted Deutch, Fla.
    • Luis Gutierrez, Ill.
    • Karen Bass, Calif.
    • Cedric Richmond, La.
    • Suzan DelBene, Wash.
    • Joe Garcia, Fla.
    • Hakeem Jeffries, N. Y.


    The Constitution and Civil Justice

    Office: H-2 362 FHOB, 20515 Phone: 225-2825

    Trent Franks (Chair), Jim Jordan, Steve Chabot, J. Randy Forbes, Steve King, Louie Gohmert, Ron DeSantis, Keith Rothfus

    Jerrold Nadler (Ranking Minority Member), John Conyers, Bobby Scott, Steve Cohen, Ted Deutch

    Courts, Intellectual Property, and the Internet

    Office: 517 CHOB, 20515 Phone: 225-7680

    Howard Coble (Chair), Tom Marino, Jim Sensenbrenner, Lamar Smith, Steve Chabot, Darrell Issa, Ted Poe, Jason Chaffetz, Mark Amodei, Blake Farenthold, George Holding, Doug Collins, Ron DeSantis, Keith Rothfus

    Mel Watt (Ranking Minority Member), John Conyers, Hank Johnson, Judy Chu, Ted Deutch, Karen Bass, Cedric Richmond, Suzan DelBene, Hakeem Jeffries, Jerrold Nadler, Zoe Lofgren, Sheila Jackson Lee

    Crime, Terrorism, Homeland Security, and Investigations

    Office: B370 RHOB, 20515 Phone: 225-5727

    Jim Sensenbrenner (Chair), Louie Gohmert, Howard Coble, Spencer Bachus, J. Randy Forbes, Trent Franks, Jason Chaffetz, Trey Gowdy, Rául Labrador

    Bobby Scott (Ranking Minority Member), Pedro Pierluisi, Judy Chu, Luis Gutierrez, Karen Bass, Cedric Richmond

    Immigration and Border Security

    Office: B353 RHOB, 20515 Phone: 225-3926

    Trey Gowdy (Chair), Ted Poe, Lamar Smith, Steve King, Jim Jordan, Mark Amodei, Rául Labrador, George Holding

    Zoe Lofgren (Ranking Minority Member), Sheila Jackson Lee, Luis Gutierrez, Joe Garcia, Pedro Pierluisi

    Regulatory Reform, Commercial and Antitrust Law

    Office: B352 RHOB, 20515 Phone: 225-5741

    Spencer Bachus (Chair), Blake Farenthold, Darrell Issa, Tom Marino, George Holding, Doug Collins, Keith Rothfus

    Steve Cohen (Ranking Minority Member), Hank Johnson, Suzan DelBene, Joe Garcia, Hakeem Jeffries

    Natural Resources

    Office: 1324 LHOB 20515-6201

    Phone: 225-2761 Fax: 225-5929


    Minority Web:http://democrats.naturalresources.house.gov

    Majority Staff Director: Todd Young

    Minority Staff Director: Jeff Duncan 225-6065 1329 LHOB

    Jurisdiction: (1) environmental and habitat measures and matters of general applicability; (2) measures relating to the welfare of Native Americans, including management of Native American lands in general and special measures relating to claims which are paid out of Native American funds; (3) all matters regarding the relations of the United States with Native Americans and Native American tribes, including special oversight functions under Rule X of the Rules of the House of Representatives; (4) all matters regarding Native Alaskans and Native Hawaiians; (5) all matters related to the Federal trust responsibility to Native Americans and the sovereignty of Native Americans; (6) all matters related to the National Indian Gaming Regulatory Act of 1988 and the National Indian Gaming Commission; (7) all matters regarding insular areas of the United States; (8) all measures or matters regarding the Freely Associated States of the Marshall Islands, Micronesia, and Palau; (9) all measures or matters regarding Antarctica; (10) cooperative efforts to encourage, enhance and improve international programs for the protection of the environment and the conservation of natural resources otherwise within the jurisdiction of the Full Committee; (11) all measures and matters retained by the Full Committee under Committee rule 6(e); (12) general and continuing oversight and investigative authority over activities, policies and programs within the jurisdiction of the Committee under House Rule X.

    Party Ratio: R 26-D 21

    • Doc Hastings, Wash., Chair
    • Don Young, Alaska
    • Louie Gohmert, Tex.
    • Rob Bishop, Utah
    • Doug Lamborn, Colo.
    • Rob Wittman, Va.
    • Paul C. Broun, Ga.
    • John Fleming, La.
    • Tom McClintock, Calif.
    • Glenn Thompson, Pa.
    • Cynthia Lummis, Wyo.
    • Dan Benishek, Mich.
    • Jeff Duncan, S.C.
    • Scott Tipton, Colo.
    • Paul Gosar, Ariz.
    • Raul Labrador, Idaho
    • Steve Southerland, Fla.
    • Bill Flores, Tex.
    • Jon Runyan, N.J.
    • Mark Amodei, Nev.
    • Markwayne Mullin, Okla.
    • Chris Stewart, Utah
    • Steve Daines, Mont.
    • Kevin Cramer, N.D.
    • Doug LaMalfa, Calif.
    • Edward J. Markey, Mass.
    • Peter DeFazio, Ore.
    • Eni F. H. Faleomavaega, Am. Samoa
    • Frank Pallone, N.J.
    • Grace F. Napolitano, Calif.
    • Rush Holt, N.J.
    • Raul M. Grijalva, Ariz.
    • Madeleine Z. Bordallo, Guam
    • Jim Costa, Calif.
    • Gregorio Kilili Camacho
    • Sablan, Mariana Islands
    • Niki Tsongas, Mass.
    • Pedro Pierluisi, P.R.
    • Colleen Hanabusa, Hawaii
    • Tony Cardenas, Calif.
    • Steven Horsford, Nev.
    • Jared Huffman, Calif.
    • Raul Ruiz, Calif.
    • Carol Shea-Porter, N.H.
    • Alan Lowenthal, Calif.
    • Joe Garcia, Fla.
    • Matt Cartwright, Penn.


    Energy and Mineral Resources

    Office: 1333 LHOB, 20515 Phone: 225-9297

    Doug Lamborn (Chair), Louie Gohmert, Rob Bishop, Robert Wittman, Paul C. Broun, John Fleming, Glenn Thompson, Cynthia Lummis, Dan Benishek, Jeff Duncan, Paul Gosar, Bill Flores, Mark Amodei, Steve Daines, Kevin Cramer

    Rush Holt (Ranking Minority Member), Steven Horsford, Matt Cartwright, Jim Costa, Niki Tsongas, Jared Huffman, Alan Lowenthal, Peter DeFazio, Tony Cardenas, Raul M. Grijalva, Colleen Hanabusa, Raul Ruiz, Joe Garcia

    Fisheries, Wildlife, Oceans, and Insular Affairs

    Office: 140 CHOB, 20515 Phone: 226-0200

    John Fleming (Chair), Don Young, Rob Wittman, Glenn Thompson, Jeff Duncan, Steve Southerland, Bill Flores, Jon Runyan

    Gregorio Kilili Camacho Sablan (Ranking Minority Member), Eni F. H. Faleomavaega, Frank Pallone, Madeleine Z. Bordallo, Pedro Pierluisi, Carol Shea-Porter, Alan Lowenthal, Joe Garcia

    Indian and Alaska Native Affairs

    Office: 1337 LHOB, 20515 Phone: 226-9275

    Don Young (Chair), Dan Benishek, Paul Gosar, Markwayne Mullin, Steve Daines, Kevin Cramer, Doug LaMalfa

    Colleen Hanabusa (Ranking Minority Member), Tony Cardenas, Raul Ruiz, Eni F.H. Faleomavaega, Raul M. Grijalva

    Public Lands and Environmental Regulation

    Office: 1017 LHOB, 20515 Phone: 226-7736

    Rob Bishop (Chair), Don Young, Louie Gohmert, Doug Lamborn, Paul C. Broun, Tom McClintock, Cynthia Lummis, Scott Tipton, Raul Labrador, Mark Amodei, Chris Stewart, Steve Daines, Kevin Cramer, Doug LaMalfa

    Raul M. Grijalva (Ranking Minority Member), Peter DeFazio, Niki Tsongas, Rush Holt, Madeleine Z. Bordallo, Gregorio Kilili Camacho Sablan, Pedro Pierluisi, Colleen Hanabusa, Steven Horsford, Carol Shea-Porter, Joe Garcia, Matt Cartwright

    Water and Power

    Office: 1522 LHOB, 20515 Phone: 225-8331

    Tom McClintock (Chair), Cynthia Lummis, Scott Tipton, Paul Gosar, Raul Labrador, Markwayne Mullin, Chris Stewart, Doug LaMalfa

    Grace F. Napolitano (Ranking Minority Member), Jim Costa, Jared Huffman, Peter DeFazio, Tony Cardenas, Raul Ruiz

    Oversight and Government Reform

    Office: 2157 FHOB 20515-6143

    Phone: 225-5074 Fax: 225-3974


    Minority Web:http://democrats.oversight.house.gov

    Majority Staff Director: Lawrence Brady

    Minority Staff Director: David Rapallo, 225-5051, 2471 RHOB

    Jurisdiction: The legislative jurisdiction of the Committee includes the following areas, as set forth in House Rule X, clause 1: (1) Federal civil service, including intergovernmental personnel; and the status of officers and employees of the United States, including their compensation, classification, and retirement; (2) Municipal affairs of the District of Columbia in general (other than appropriations); (3) Federal paperwork reduction; (4) Government management and accounting measures generally; (5) Holidays and celebrations; (6) Overall economy, efficiency, and management of government operations and activities, including federal procurement; (7) National archives; (8) Population and demography generally, including the Census; (9) Postal service generally, including transportation of the mails; (10) Public information and records; (11) Relationship of the federal government to the states and municipalities generally; and (12) Reorganizations in the executive branch of the government.

    Party Ratio: R 23-D 18

    • Darrell Issa, Calif, Chair
    • John Mica, Fla.
    • Michael Turner, Ohio
    • John J. Duncan, Tenn.
    • Patrick McHenry, N.C.
    • Jim Jordan, Ohio
    • Jason Chaffetz, Utah
    • Tim Walberg, Mich.
    • James Lankford, Okla.
    • Justin Amash, Mich.
    • Paul Gosar, Ariz.
    • Pat Meehan, Pa.
    • Scott DesJarlais, Tenn.
    • Trey Gowdy, S.C.
    • Blake Farenthold, Tex.
    • Doc Hastings, Wash.
    • Cynthia Lummis, Wyo.
    • Rob Woodall, Ga.
    • Thomas Massie, Ky.
    • Doug Collins, Ga.
    • Mark Meadows, N.C.
    • Kerry Bentivolio, Mich.
    • Ron DeSantis, Fla.
    • Elijah E. Cummings, Md.
    • Carolyn B. Maloney, N.Y.
    • Eleanor Holmes Norton, D.C.
    • John F. Tierney, Mass.
    • William Lacy Clay, Mo.
    • Stephen F. Lynch, Mass.
    • Jim Cooper, Tenn.
    • Gerald E. Connolly, Va.
    • Jackie Speier, Calif.
    • Matt Cartwright, Venn.
    • Mark Pocan, Wisc.
    • Tammy Duckworth, Ill.
    • Robin Kelly, Ill.
    • Danny K. Davis, Ill.
    • Peter Welch, Vt.
    • Tony Cárdenas, Calif.
    • Steven Horsford, Nev.
    • Michelle Lujan Grisham, N.M.


    Economic Growth, Job Creation and Regulatory Affairs

    Office: B349B RHOB, 20515 Phone: 225-5074

    Jim Jordan (Chair), Ron DeSantis, John J. Duncan, Patrick McHenry, Paul Gosar, Patrick Meehan, Scott DesJarlais, Doc Hastings, Cynthia Lummis, Doug Collins, Mark Meadows, Kerry Bentivolio

    Matt Cartwright (Ranking Minority Member), Tammy Duckworth, Gerald Connolly, Mark Pocan, Danny Davis, Steven Horsford, Michelle Lujan Grisham

    Energy Policy, Health Care, and Entitlements

    Office: B349C RHOB, 20515 Phone: 225-5074

    James Lankford (Chair), Paul Gosar, Patrick McHenry, Jim Jordan, Jason Chaffetz, Tim Walberg, Pat Meehan, Scott DesJarlais, Blake Farenthold, Doc Hastings, Rob Woodall, Thomas Massie

    Jackie Speier (Ranking Minority Member), Eleanor Holmes Norton, Jim Cooper, Matt Cartwright, Tammy Duckworth, Danny Davis, Tony Cardenas, Michelle Lujan Grisham, Steven Horsford

    Federal Workforce, U.S. Postal Service, and the Census

    Office: B349A RHOB, 20515 Phone: 225-5074

    Blake Farenthold (Chair), Tim Walberg, Trey Gowdy, Doug Collins, Ron DeSantis

    Stephen F. Lynch (Ranking Minority Member), Eleanor Holmes Norton, William Lacy Clay

    Government Operations

    Office: B349A RHOB, 20515 Phone: 225-5074

    John Mica (Chair), Mark Meadows, Michael Turner, Justin Amash, Thomas Massie

    Gerald Connolly (Ranking Minority Member), Jim Cooper, Mark Pocan

    National Security

    Office: B371C RHOB, 20515 Phone: 225-5074

    Jason Chaffetz (Chair), Cynthia Lummis, John Mica, John Duncan, Justin Amash, Paul Gosar, Trey Gowdy, Rob Woodall, Kerry Bentivolio

    John F. Tierney (Ranking Minority Member), Carolyn B. Maloney, Stephen F. Lynch, Jackie Speier, Peter Welch, Michelle Lujan Grishman


    Office: H-312 CAP 20515-6269

    Phone: 225-9191 Fax: 225-6763


    Minority Web:http://democrats.rules.house.gov

    Majority Staff Director: Hugh Halpern

    Minority Staff Director: Miles M. Lackey 225-9091 H-152 CAP

    Jurisdiction: (1) the rules and joint rules (other than rules or joint rules relating to the Code of Official Conduct), and order of business of the House; (2) recesses and final adjournments of Congress; (3) the Committee on Rules is authorized to sit and act whether or not the House is in session.

    Party Ratio: R 9-D 4

    • Pete Sessions, Tex., Chair
    • Virginia Foxx, N.C.
    • Rob Bishop, Utah
    • Tom Cole, Okla.
    • Rob Woodall, Ga.
    • Richard Nugent, Fla.
    • Daniel Webster, Fla.
    • Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, Fla.
    • Michael C. Burgess, Tex.
    • Louise M. Slaughter, N.Y.
    • Jim McGovern, Mass.
    • Alcee L. Hastings, Fla.
    • Jared Polis, Colo.


    Legislative and Budget Process

    Office: 2233 RHOB, 20515 Phone: 225-9191

    Rob Woodall (Chair), Virginia Foxx, Richard Nugent, Daniel Webster, Michael C. Burgess

    Alcee L. Hastings (Ranking Minority Member), Jared Polis

    Rules and the Organization of the House

    Office: 1517 LHOB, 20515 Phone: 225-9191

    Richard Nugent (Chair), Rob Bishop, Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, Daniel Webster, Pete Sessions

    Jim McGovern (Ranking Minority Member), Louise M. Slaughter

    Science, Space, and Technology

    Office: 2321 RHOB 20515-6301

    Phone: 225-6371 Fax: 226-0113


    Minority Web:http://sciencedems.house.gov

    Majority Chief of Staff: Jennifer Brown

    Minority Chief of Staff: Dick Obermann 225-6375 394 FHOB

    Jurisdiction: (1) all energy research, development, and demonstration, and projects therefor, and all federally owned or operated non-military energy laboratories; (2) astronautical research and development, including resources, personnel, equipment, and facilities; (3) civil aviation research and development; (4) environmental research and development; (5) marine research; (6) measures relating to the commercial application of energy technology; (7) standardization of weights and measures and the metric system; (8) the research and development programs of the Department of Energy, Environmental Protection Agency, Federal Aviation Administration, Federal Emergency Management Agency, National Aeronautics and Space Administration, National Institute of Standards and Technology, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, National Science Foundation, National Space Council, National Weather Service, and United States Fire Administration; (9) outer space, including exploration and control thereof; (10) science scholarships; (11) scientific research, development, and demonstration, and projects therefor. In addition to its legislative jurisdiction under the preceding provisions (and its general oversight function under clause 2(b)(1), the Committee has the special oversight function provided for in clause 3(f) with respect to all non-military research and development.

    Party Ratio: R 22-D 18

    • Lamar Smith, Tex., Chair
    • Jim Sensenbrenner, Wisc.
    • Ralph Hall, Tex.
    • Dana Rohrabacher, Calif.
    • Frank Lucas, Okla.
    • Randy Neugebauer, Tex.
    • Michael McCaul, Tex.
    • Paul C. Broun, Ga.
    • Steven Palazzo, Miss.
    • Mo Brooks, Ala.
    • Randy Hultgren, Ill.
    • Larry Bucshon, Ind.
    • Steve Stockman, Tex.
    • Bill Posey, Fla.
    • Cynthia Lummis, Wyo.
    • David Schweikert, Ariz.
    • Thomas Massie, Ky.
    • Kevin Cramer, N.D.
    • Jim Bridenstine, Okla.
    • Randy K. Weber, Tex.
    • Chris Stewart, Utah
    • Eddie Bernice Johnson, Tex.
    • Zoe Lofgren, Calif.
    • Daniel Lipinski, Ill.
    • Donna F. Edwards, Md.
    • Frederica Wilson, Fla.
    • Suzanne Bonamici, Ore.
    • Eric Swalwell, Calif.
    • Daniel Maffei, N.Y.
    • Alan Grayson, Fla.
    • Joseph Kennedy, Mass.
    • Scott Peters, Calif.
    • Derek Kilmer, Wash.
    • Ami Bera, Calif.
    • Elizabeth Esty, Conn.
    • Marc Veasey, Tex.
    • Julia Brownley, Calif.
    • Mark Takano, Calif.
    • Robin Kelly, Ill.



    Office: 2319 RHOB, 20515 Phone: 225-8844

    Cynthia Lummis (Chair), Randy K. Weber, Ralph Hall, Frank Lucas, Randy Neugebauer, Michael McCaul, Randy Hultgren, Thomas Massie, Kevin Cramer

    Eric Swalwell (Ranking Minority Member), Zoe Lofgren, Daniel Lipinski, Alan Grayson, Joseph Kennedy, Marc Veasey, Mark Takano


    Office: 2319 RHOB, 20515 Phone: 225-8844

    Chris Stewart (Chair), Jim Sensenbrenner, Dana Rohrabacher, Randy Neugebauer, Paul C. Broun, Randy K. Weber

    Suzanne Bonamici (Ranking Minority Member), Julia Brownley, Donna F. Edwards, Mark Takano, Alan Grayson


    Office: B374 RHOB, 20515 Phone: 225-8772

    Paul C. Broun (Chair), Jim Sensenbrenner, Bill Posey, David Schweikert, Kevin Cramer

    Daniel Maffei (Ranking Minority Member), Eric Swalwell, Scott Peters


    Office: B374 RHOB, 20515 Phone: 225-7858

    Larry Buchson (Chair), Steven Palazzo, Mo Brooks, Steve Stockman, Cynthia Lummis, Jim Bridenstine

    Daniel Lipinski (Ranking Minority Member), Zoe Lofgren, Ami Bera, Elizabeth Esty


    Office: B374 RHOB, 20515 Phone: 225-7858

    Steven Palazzo (Chair), Ralph Hall, Dana Rohrabacher, Frank Lucas, Michael McCaul, Mo Brooks, Larry Bucshon, Steve Stockman, Bill Posey, David Schweikert, Jim Bridenstine, Chris Stewart

    Donna F. Edwards (Ranking Minority Member), Suzanne Bonamici, Daniel Maffei, Joseph Kennedy, Derek Kilmer, Ami Bera, Marc Veasey, Julia Brownley, Frederica Wilson


    Office: 2321 RHOB, 20515 Phone: 225-9662

    Thomas Massie (Chair), Randy Hultgren, David Schweikert, Jim Bridenstine

    Frederica Wilson (Ranking Minority Member), Scott Peters, Derek Kilmer

    Small Business

    Office: 2361 RHOB 20515-6315

    Phone: 225-5821 Fax: 226-5276


    Minority Web:http://democrats.smbiz.house.gov

    Majority Staff Director: Lori Salley

    Minority Staff Director: Michael Day 225-4038 B343 RHOB

    Jurisdiction: (1) assistance to and protection of small business, including financial aid, regulatory flexibility and paperwork reduction; (2) participation of small business enterprises in federal procurement and government contracts. In addition to its legislative jurisdiction under the preceding provisions (and its general oversight function under clause 2(b)(1), the committee has the special oversight function provided for in clause 3(g) with respect to the problems of small business.

    Party Ratio: R 14-D 11

    • Sam Graves, Mo., Chair
    • Steve Chabot, Ohio
    • Steve King, Iowa
    • Mike Coffman, Colo.
    • Blaine Luetkemeyer, Mo.
    • Mick Mulvaney, S.C.
    • Scott Tipton, Colo.
    • Jaime Herrera Beutler, Wash.
    • Richard Hanna, N.Y.
    • Tim Huelskamp, Kans.
    • David Schweikert, Ariz.
    • Kerry Bentivolio, Mich.
    • Chris Collins, N.Y.
    • Tom Rice, S.C.
    • Nydia M. Velazquez, N.Y.
    • Kurt Schrader, Ore.
    • Yvette D. Clarke, N.Y.
    • Judy Chu, Calif.
    • Janice Hahn, Calif.
    • Donald Payne, N.J.
    • Grace Meng, N. Y.
    • Bradley Schneider, Calif.
    • Patrick Murphy, Fla.


    Agriculture, Energy and Trade

    Office: 2361 RHOB, 20515 Phone: 225-5821

    Scott Tipton (Chair), Steve King, Blaine Luetkemeyer, Mick Mulvaney, Richard Hanna, Tim Huelskamp

    Patrick Murphy (Ranking Minority Member), Kurt Schrader, Grace Meng, Ron Barber

    Contracting and Workforce

    Office: 2361 RHOB, 20515 Phone: 225-5821

    Richard Hanna (Chair), Steve King, Mick Mulvaney, Scott Tipton, Tim Huelskamp, Kerry Bentivolio

    Grace Meng (Ranking Minority Member), Yvette D. Clarke, Judy Chu

    Economic Growth, Tax, and Capital Access

    Office: 2361 RHOB, 20515 Phone: 225-5821

    Tom Rice (Chair), Steve Chabot, Steve King, Mike Coffman, Mick Mulvaney, David Schweikert

    Judy Chu (Ranking Minority Member), Donald Payne, Bradley Schneider, Ron Barber

    Health and Technology

    Office: 2361 RHOB, 20515 Phone: 225-5821

    Chris Collins (Chair), Steve King, Mike Coffman, Blaine Luetkemeyer, Jaime Herrera Beutler, Tim Huelskamp

    Janice Hahn (Ranking Minority Member), Kurt Schrader, Bradley Schneider

    Investigations, Oversight, and Regulations

    Office: 2361 RHOB, 20515 Phone: 225-5821

    David Schweikert (Chair), Steve Chabot, Jaime Herrera Beutler, Kerry Bentivolio, Chris Collins, Tom Rice

    Yvette D. Clarke (Ranking Minority Member), Judy Chu, Ann Kuster

    Transportation and Infrastructure

    Office: 2165 RHOB 20515-6256

    Phone: 225-9446 Fax: 225-6782


    Minority Web:http://democrats.transportation.house.gov

    Majority Chief of Staff: Chris Bertram

    Minority Staff Director: Jim Zoia 225-4472 2163 RHOB

    Jurisdiction: (1) Coast Guard, including lifesaving service, lighthouses, lightships, ocean derelicts, and the United States Coast Guard Academy (New London, Conn.); (2) federal management of emergencies and natural disasters; (3) flood control and improvement of rivers and harbors; (4) inland waterways; (5) inspection of merchant marine vessels, lights and signals, lifesaving equipment, and fire protection on such vessels; (6) navigation and the laws relating thereto, including pilotage; (7) registering and licensing of vessels and small boats; (8) rules and international arrangements to prevent collisions at sea; (9) measures relating to the United States Capitol building and the Senate and House office buildings; (10) measures relating to the construction or maintenance of roads and post roads, other than appropriations therefor; but it shall not be in order for any bill providing general legislation in relation to roads to contain any provision for any specific road, nor for any bill in relation to a specific road to embrace a provision in relation to any other specific road; (11) measures relating to the construction or reconstruction, maintenance, and care of the buildings and grounds of the United States Botanic Garden, the Library of Congress, and the Smithsonian Institution; (12) measures relating to merchant marine, except for national security aspects of merchant marine; (13) measures relating to the purchase of sites and construction of post offices, customhouses, federal courthouses, and government buildings within the District of Columbia; (14) oil pollution and other pollution of navigable waters, including inland waters, coastal waters, and ocean waters; (15) marine affairs (including coastal zone management) as they relate to oil and other pollution of navigable waters; (16) public buildings and grounds of the United States generally; (17) public works for the benefit of navigation, including bridges and dams (other than international bridges and dams); (18) related transportation regulatory agencies; (19) roads and the safety thereof; (20) transportation, including civil aviation, railroads, water transportation, transportation safety (except automobile safety), transportation infrastructure, transportation labor, and railroad retirement and railroad unemployment (except revenue measures related thereto); (21) water power.

    Party Ratio: R 33-D 27

    • Bill Shuster, Penn., Chair
    • Don Young, Alaska
    • Tom Petri, Wisc.
    • Howard Coble, N.C.
    • John J. Duncan, Tenn.
    • John Mica, Fla.
    • Frank A. LoBiondo, N.J.
    • Gary Miller, Calif.
    • Sam Graves, Mo.
    • Shelley Moore Capito, W. Va.
    • Candice Miller, Mich.
    • Duncan Hunter, Calif.
    • Rick Crawford, Ark.
    • Lou Barletta, Pa.
    • Blake Farenthold, Tex.
    • Larry Bucshon, Ind.
    • Bob Gibbs, Ohio
    • Pat Meehan, Pa.
    • Richard Hanna, N.Y.
    • Daniel Webster, Fla.
    • Steve Southerland, Fla.
    • Jeff Denham, Calif.
    • Reid Ribble, Wisc.
    • Thomas Massie, Ky.
    • Steve Daines, Mont.
    • Tom Rice, S.C.
    • Markwayne Mullin, Okla.
    • Roger Williams, Tex.
    • Trey Radel, Fla.
    • Mark Meadows, N.C.
    • Scott Perry, Penn.
    • Rodney Davis, Ill.
    • Nick Rahall, W. Va.
    • Peter DeFazio, Ore.
    • Eleanor Holmes Norton, D.C.
    • Jerrold Nadler, N.Y.
    • Conine Brown, Fla.
    • Eddie Bernice Johnson, Tex.
    • Elijah E. Cummings, Md.
    • Rick Larsen, Wash.
    • Michael E. Capuano, Mass.
    • Tim Bishop, N.Y.
    • Mike Michaud, Maine
    • Grace F. Napolitano, Calif.
    • Daniel Lipinski, Ill.
    • Tim Walz, Minn.
    • Steve Cohen, Tenn.
    • Albio Sires, N.J.
    • Donna F. Edwards, Md.
    • John Garamendi, Calif.
    • Andre Carson, Ind.
    • Janice Hahn, Calif.
    • Richard Nolan, Minn.
    • Ann Kirkpatrick, Ariz.
    • Dina Titus, Nev.
    • Sean Patrick Maloney, N.Y.
    • Elizabeth Esty, Conn.
    • Lois Frankel, Fla.
    • Cheri Bustos, Ill.



    Office: 2251 RHOB, 20515 Phone: 226-3220

    Frank A. LoBiondo (Chair), Tom Petri, Howard Coble, John J. Duncan, Sam Graves, Blake Farenthold, Larry Bucshon, Pat Meehan, Daniel Webster, Jeff Denham, Reid Ribble, Thomas Massie, Steve Daines, Roger Williams, Trey Radel, Mark Meadows, Rodney Davis

    Rick Larsen (Ranking Minority Member), Peter DeFazio, Eleanor Holmes Norton, Eddie Bernice Johnson, Michael E. Capuano, Daniel Lipinski, Steve Cohen, André Carson, Richard Nolan, Dina Titus, Sean Patrick Maloney, Cheri Bustos, Corrine Brown

    Coast Guard and Maritime Transportation

    Office: 507 FHOB, 20515 Phone: 226-3552

    Duncan Hunter (Chair), Don Young, Howard Coble, Frank LoBiondo, Pat Meehan, Steve Southerland, Tom Rice, Trey Radel

    John Garamendi (Ranking Minority Member), Elijah E. Cummings, Conine Brown, Rick Larsen, Timothy Bishop, Janice Hahn, Lois Frankel

    Economic Development, Public Buildings, and Emergency Management

    Office: 585 FHOB, 20515 Phone: 225-3014

    Lou Barletta (Chair), Tom Petri, John Mica, Rick Crawford, Blake Farenthold, Markwayne Mullin, Mark Meadows, Scott Perry

    Eleanor Holmes Norton (Ranking Minority Member), Mike Michaud, Donna F. Edwards, Richard Nolan, Ann Kirkpatrick, Dina Titus, Tim Walz

    Highways and Transit

    Office: B376 RHOB, 20515 Phone: 225-6715

    Tom Petri (Chair), Don Young, Howard Coble, John J. Duncan, John Mica, Frank A. LoBiondo, Gary Miller, Sam Graves, Shelley Moore Capito, Duncan Hunter, Rick Crawford, Lou Barletta, Blake Farenthold, Larry Bucshon, Bob Gibbs, Richard Hanna, Steve Southerland, Reid Ribble, Steve Daines, Tom Rice, Markwayne Mullin, Roger Williams, Scott Perry, Rodney Davis

    Peter DeFazio (Ranking Minority Member), Jerrold Nadler, Eddie Bernice Johnson, Michael E. Capuano, Mike Michaud, Grace F. Napolitano, Tim Walz, Steve Cohen, Albio Sires, Donna F. Edwards, Andre Carson, Janice Hahn, Richard Nolan, Ann Kirkpatrick, Dina Titus, Sean Patrick Maloney, Elizabeth Esty, Lois Frankel, Cheri Bustos

    Railroads, Pipelines, and Hazardous Materials

    Office: B376 RHOB, 20515 Phone: 226-0727

    Jeff Denham (Chair), John J. Duncan, John Mica, Gary Miller, Sam Graves, Shelley Moore Capito, Candice Miller, Lou Barletta, Larry Bucshon, Bob Gibbs, Pat Meehan, Richard Hanna, Daniel Webster, Thomas Massie, Roger Williams, Trey Radel, Scott Perry

    Conine Brown (Ranking Minority Member), Daniel Lipinski, Jerrold Nadler, Elijah Cummings, Mike Michaud, Grace F. Napolitano, Tim Walz, Albio Sires, Elizabeth Esty, Peter DeFazio, Michael E. Capuano, Steve Cohen, Dina Titus

    Water Resources and Environment

    Office: B370A RHOB, 20515 Phone: 225-4360

    Bob Gibbs (Chair), Don Young, Gary Miller, Shelley Moore Capito, Candice Miller, Rick Crawford, Richard Hanna, Jeff Denham, Reid Ribble, Daniel Webster, Thomas Massie, Steve Daines, Tom Rice, Markwayne Mullin, Rodney Davis, Mark Meadows

    Tim Bishop (Ranking Minority Member), Donna F. Edwards, John Garamendi, Ann Kirkpatrick, Lois Frankel, Eleanor Holmes Norton, Eddie Bernice Johnson, Grace F. Napolitano, Elizabeth Esty, Mike Michaud, Richard Nolan, Janice Hahn, Sean Patrick Moloney

    Veterans' Affairs

    Office: 335 CHOB 20515-6335

    Phone: 225-3527 Fax: 225-5486


    Minority Web:http://democrats.veterans.house.gov

    Majority Staff Director: Helen W. Tolar

    Minority Staff Director: Nancy Dolan 225-9756 333 CHOB

    Jurisdiction: (1) veterans measures generally; (2) cemeteries of the United States in which veterans of any war or conflict are or may be buried, whether in the United States or abroad, except cemeteries administered by the Secretary of the Interior; (3) compensation, vocational rehabilitation, and education of veterans; (4) life insurance issued by the government on account of service in the Armed Forces; (5) pensions of all the wars of the United States; (6) readjustment of service personnel to civil life; (7) soldiers' and sailors' civil relief, including oversight of and appropriate modifications to the Soldiers' and Sailors' Civil Relief Act of 1940; (8) veterans hospitals, medical care and treatment of veterans.

    Party Ratio: R 14-D 11

    • Jeff Miller, Fla., Chair.
    • Doug Lamborn, Colo.
    • Gus Bilirakis, Fla.
    • David Roe, Tenn.
    • Bill Flores, Tex.
    • Jeff Denham, Calif.
    • Jon Runyan, N.J.
    • Dan Benishek, Mich.
    • Tim Huelskamp, Kans.
    • Mark Amodei, Nev.
    • Mike Coffman, Colo.
    • Brad Wenstrup, Ohio
    • Paul Cook, Calif.
    • Jackie Walorski, Ind.
    • Mike Michaud, Maine.
    • Corrine Brown, Fla.
    • Mark Takano, Calif.
    • Julia Brownley, Calif.
    • Dina Titus, Nev.
    • Ann Kirkpatrick, Ariz.
    • Raul Ruiz, Calif.
    • Gloria Negrete McLeod, Calif.
    • Ann Kuster, N.H.
    • Beta O. Rourke, Tex.
    • Tim Walz, Minn.


    Disability Assistance and Memorial Affairs

    Office: 337 CHOB, 20515 Phone: 225-9164

    Jon Runyan (Chair), Doug Lamborn, Gus Bilirakis, Mark Amodei, Paul Cook

    Dina Titus (Ranking Minority Member), Beta O'Rourke, Raul Ruiz, Gloria Negrete McLeod

    Economic Opportunity

    Office: 335 CHOB, 20515 Phone: 226-5491

    Bill Flores (Chair), Jon Runyan, Mike Coffman, Paul Cook, Brad Wenstrup

    Mark Takano (Ranking Minority Member), Julia Brownley, Dina Titus, Ann Kirkpatrick


    Office: 338 CHOB, 20515 Phone: 225-9154

    Dan Benishek (Chair), David Roe, Jeff Dunham, Tim Huelskamp, Jackie Walorski, Brad Wenstrup

    Julia Brownley (Ranking Minority Member), Corrine Brown, Raul Ruiz, Gloria Negrete McLeod, Ann Kuster

    Oversight and Investigations

    Office: 337A CHOB, 20515 Phone: 225-3569

    Mike Coffman (Chair), Doug Lamborn, David Roe, Tim Huelskamp, Dan Benishek, Jackie Walorski

    Ann Kirkpatrick (Ranking Minority Member), Mark Takano, Ann Kuster, Beta O'Rourke, Tim Walz

    Ways and Means

    Office: 1102 LHOB 20515-6348

    Phone: 225-3625 Fax: 225-2610


    Minority Web:http://democrats.waysandmeans.house.gov

    Majority Staff Director: Jennifer M. Safavian

    Minority Chief Counsel: Janice A. Mays 225-4021 1139E LHOB

    Jurisdiction: (1) customs, collection districts, and ports of entry and delivery; (2) reciprocal trade agreements; (3) revenue measures generally; (4) revenue measures relating to the insular possessions; (5) the bonded debt of the United States (subject to the last sentence of clause 4(g) of rule X); (6) the deposit of public moneys; (7) transportation of dutiable goods; (8) tax exempt foundations and charitable trusts; (9) Social Security, except (A) health care and facilities programs that are supported from general revenues as opposed to payroll deductions and (B) work incentive programs.

    Party Ratio: R 23-D 16

    • Dave Camp, Mich., Chair
    • Sam Johnson, Tex.
    • Kevin Brady, Tex.
    • Paul Ryan, Wisc.
    • Devin Nunes, Calif.
    • Patrick J. Tiberi, Ohio
    • Dave Reichert, Wash.
    • Charles W. Boustany, La.
    • Peter Roskam, Ill.
    • Jim Gerlach, Penn.
    • Tom Price, Ga.
    • Vern Buchanan, Fla.
    • Adrian Smith, Neb.
    • Aaron Schock, Ill.
    • Lynn Jenkins, Kans.
    • Erik Paulsen, Minn.
    • Kenny Marchant, Tex.
    • Diane Black, Tenn.
    • Tom Reed, N.Y.
    • Todd Young, Ind.
    • Mike Kelly, Penn.
    • Tim Griffin, Ark.
    • James Renacci, Ohio
    • Sander Levin, Mich.
    • Charles B. Rangel, N.Y.
    • Jim McDermott, Wash.
    • John Lewis, Ga.
    • Richard Neal, Mass.
    • Xavier Becerra, Calif.
    • Lloyd Doggett, Tex.
    • Mike Thompson, Calif.
    • John B. Larson, Conn.
    • Earl Blumenauer, Ore.
    • Ron Kind, Wisc.
    • Bill Pascrell, N.J.
    • Joseph Crowley, N.Y.
    • Allyson Schwartz, Penn.
    • Danny Davis, Ill.
    • Linda Sanchez, Calif.



    Office: 1120 LHOB, 20515 Phone: 225-3943

    Kevin Brady (Chair), Sam Johnson, Paul Ryan, Devin Nunes, Peter Roskam, Jim Gerlach, Tom Price, Vern Buchanan, Adrian Smith

    Jim McDermott (Ranking Minority Member), Mike Thompson, Ron Kind, Earl Blumenauer, Bill Pascrell

    Human Resources

    Office: B317 RHOB, 20515 Phone: 225-1025

    David Reichert (Chair), Todd Young, Mike Kelly, Tim Griffin, James Renacci, Tom Reed, Charles W. Boustany

    Lloyd Doggett (Ranking Minority Member), John Lewis, Joseph Crowley, Danny Davis


    Office: 1136 LHOB, 20515 Phone: 225-5522

    Charles W. Boustany (Chair), Diane Black, Lynn Jenkins, Kenny Marchant, Tom Reed, Erik Paulsen, Mike Kelly

    John Lewis (Ranking Minority Member), Joseph Crowley, Danny Davis, Linda Sanchez

    Select Revenue Measures

    Office: 1136 LHOB, 20515 Phone: 225-5522

    Patrick J. Tiberi (Chair), Erik Paulsen, Kenny Marchant, Jim Gerlach, Aaron Schock, Tom Reed, Todd Young

    Richard Neal (Ranking Minority Member), John B. Larson, Allyson Schwartz, Linda Sanchez

    Social Security

    Office: B317 RHOB, 20515 Phone: 225-9263

    Sam Johnson (Chair), Patrick J. Tiberi, Tim Griffin, James Renacci, Aaron Schock, Mike Kelly, Kevin Brady

    Xavier Becerra (Ranking Minority Member), Lloyd Doggett, Mike Thompson, Allyson Schwartz


    Office: 1104 LHOB, 20515 Phone: 225-6649

    Devin Nunes (Chair), Kevin Brady, David Reichert, Vern Buchanan, Adrian Smith, Aaron Smith, Aaron Schock, Lynn Jenkins, Charles W. Boustany, Peter Roskam

    Charles B. Rangel (Ranking Minority Member), Richard Neal, John B. Larson, Earl Blumenauer, Ron Kind

    Permanent Select Intelligence

    Office: HVC-304 CAP 20515-6415

    Phone: 225-7690 Fax: 225-1991


    Minority Web:http://democrats.intelligence.house.gov

    Majority Staff Director: J. Michael Allen

    Minority Staff Director: Heather Molino 225-7690 304 CAP

    Jurisdiction: (1) the Central Intelligence Agency and the Director of Central Intelligence, and the National Foreign Intelligence Program as defined in section 3(6) of the National Security Act of 1947; (2) intelligence and intelligence-related activities of all other departments and agencies of the government, including but not limited to Air Force Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance, Defense Intelligence Agency, Federal Bureau of Investigation, National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (Defense), National Reconnaissance Office (Defense), National Security Agency (Defense), Office of Navy Intelligence, United States Army Intelligence and Security Command, United States Marine Corps Intelligence Department, and related provisions of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act of 1978 and the Provide Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism (PATRIOT) Act of 2001; (3) the organization or reorganization of any department or agency of the government to the extent that the organization or reorganization relates to a function or activity involving intelligence or intelligence-related activities; (4) authorizations for appropriations, both direct and indirect, for the following (A) the Central Intelligence Agency, Director of Central Intelligence, and the National Foreign Intelligence Program as defined in section 3(6) of the National Security Act of 1947; (B) intelligence and intelligence-related activities of all other departments and agencies of the government, including but not limited to, the tactical intelligence and intelligence-related activities of the government, including but not limited to, the tactical intelligence and intelligence-related activities of the Department of Defense. Membership: The select committee shall be composed of not more than 22 Members, of whom not more than 13 may be from the same party. The select committee shall include at least one Member from (1) the Committee on Appropriations; (2) the Committee on Armed Services; (3) the Committee on Foreign Affairs; and (4) the Committee on the Judiciary. The Speaker of the House and the Minority Leader of the House shall be ex officio members of the select committee, but shall have no vote in the committee and shall not be counted for purposes of determining a quorum. No Member of the House other than the Speaker and the Minority Leader may serve on the select committee during more than four Congresses in any period of six consecutive Congresses (disregarding for this purpose any service for less than a full session in any Congress), except that the incumbent chair or ranking minority member having served on the select committee for four Congresses and having served as chair or ranking minority member for not more than one Congress shall be eligible for reappointment to the select committee as chair or ranking minority member for one additional Congress.

    Party Ratio: R 12-D 9

    • Mike Rogers, Mich., Chair
    • Mac Thornberry, Tex.
    • Jeff Miller, Fla.
    • Mike Conaway, Tex.
    • Pete King, N.Y.
    • Frank A. LoBiondo, N.J.
    • Devin Nunes, Calif.
    • Lynn A. Westmoreland, Ga.
    • Michele Bachmann, Minn.
    • Thomas J. Rooney, Fla.
    • Joe Heck, Nev.
    • Mike Pompeo, Kans.
    • C. A. Ruppersberger, Md.
    • Mike Thompson, Calif.
    • Jan Schakowsky, Ill.
    • Jim Langevin, R.I.
    • Adam Schiff, Calif.
    • Luis V. Gutierrez, Ill.
    • Ed Pastor, Ariz.
    • Jim Himes, Conn.
    • Terri Sewell, Ala.



    Office: H-304 CAP, 20515 Phone: 225-7690

    Lynn A. Westmoreland (Chair), Jeff Miller, Devin Nunes, Michele Bachmann, Thomas J. Rooney

    Jan Schakowsky (Ranking Minority Member), Mike Thompson

    Technical and Tactical Intelligence

    Office: H-304 CAP, 20515 Phone: 225-7690

    Joe Heck (Chair), Mac Thornberry, Frank A. LoBiondo, Devin Nunes, Michele Bachmann

    Adam Schiff (Ranking Minority Member), Jim Langevin

    Terrorism, Human Intelligence, Analysis, and Counterintelligence

    Office: H-304 CAP, 20515 Phone: 225-7690

    Mike Conaway (Chair), Pete King, Frank A. LoBiondo, Thomas J. Rooney

    Mike Thompson (Ranking Minority Member), Luis V. Gutierrez

    House Leadership and Partisan Committees

    Republican Leaders

    Speaker of the House: John Boehner, Ohio

    Majority Leader: Eric Cantor, Va.

    Majority Whip: Kevin McCarthy, Calif.

    Senior Chief Deputy Majority Whip: Peter Roskam, Ill.

    Republican Partisan Committees

    National Republican Congressional Committee

    Office: 320 1st St. S.E. 20003-1838

    Phone: 479-7000 Fax: 863-0693



    Greg Walden, Ore., Chair

    Other Leadership (in alphabetical order)

    Jaime Herrera Beutler, Wash., Coalitions Vice Chair

    Jason Chaffetz, Utah, Digitial Vice Chair

    Cory Gardner, Colo., Patriot Program Vice Chair

    Tom Graves, Ga., Coalitions Vice Chair

    Tim Griffin, Ark., Communications and Strategy Vice Chair

    Tom Price, Ga., Policy Vice Chair

    Reid Ribble, Wisc., Patriot Program Vice Chair

    Steve Stivers, Ohio, Finance Vice Chair

    Republican Conference

    Office: 202A CHOB 20515

    Phone: 225-5107 Fax: 226-0154



    Cathy McMorris Rodgers, Wash., Chair

    Lynn Jenkins, Kans., Vice Chair

    Virginia Foxx, N.C., Secretary

    Republican Policy Committee

    Office: 403 CHOB 20515-6549

    Phone: 225-4501 Fax: 225-4656


    James Lankford, Okla., Chair

    Republican Select Earmark Committee

    Office: 1011 LHOB

    Phone: 225-2006 Fax: 225-4656


    Cathy McMorris Rodgers, Wash., Chair

    Republican Steering Committee

    Office: 1011 LHOB 20515-3508

    Phone: 225-6205 Fax: 225-0704


    John A. Boehner, Ohio, Speaker of the House

    Eric Cantor, Va., Majority Leader

    Democratic Leaders

    Minority Leader:Nancy Pelosi, Calif.

    Minority Whip:Steny Hoyer, Md.

    Assistant to the Democratic Leader:James E. Clyburn, S.C.

    Democratic Partisan Committees

    Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee

    Office: 430 S. Capitol St. S.E. 20003-4024

    Phone: 863-1500 Fax: 485-3412



    Steve Israel, N. Y., Chair Other Leadership

    James E. Clyburn, S.C, National Mobilization Chair

    Joe Crowley, N.Y., D.C. Finance Chair

    Donna Edwards, Recruitment Chair

    Jim Himes, Conn., National Finance Chair, Business Council Co-Chair

    Richard Neal, Mass., Business Council Co-Chair

    Gary Peters, Mich., Recruitment Chair

    Jared Polis, Colo. Candidate Services National Chair

    Terri Sewell, Ala., Business Council Co-Chair

    Tim Walz, Minn., Frontline Program Chair

    Democratic Caucus

    Office: 1420 LHOB 20515

    Phone: 225-1400 Fax: 226-4412



    Xavier Becerra, Calif., Chair

    Joe Crowley, N.Y., Vice Chair

    Democratic Steering and Policy Committee

    Office: 235 CHOB 20515

    Phone: 224-4965 Fax: 224-4188

    Rosa L. DeLauro, Conn., Co-Chair

    Rob Andrews, N.J., Co-Chair

    Karen Bass, Calif., Chair of Organization, Study, and Review

    House Members' Offices

    House members' offices

    Listed below are House members and their party, state, and district affiliation, followed by the address and telephone number for their Washington office. (The area code for all Washington, D.C., numbers is 202.) The top administrative aide, Web address, Facebook page, and Twitter account for each member are also provided, when available. (Most members may be contacted via the Web-based email forms found on their Web sites.) These are followed by the address, telephone and fax numbers, and name of a key aide in the member's district office(s). Each listing concludes with the representative's committee assignments. For partisan committee assignments, see page 746–747.

    As of April 15, 2013, there were 232 Republicans, 201 Democrats, 0 Independents, 2 vacancies (Missouri District 8 and South Carolina District 1), and 6 non-voting members in the House of Representatives.

    Aderholt, Robert B., R-Ala. (4)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 2369 RHOB 20515; 225-4876; Fax: 225-5587; Chief of Staff: Brian Rell
    • Web:http://aderholt.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/RobertAderholt
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/robert_aderholt
    • District Offices: 205 4th Ave., N.E., #104, Cullman, AL 35055-1965; 256-734-6043; Fax: 256-737-0885; Director of Constituent Services: Jennifer Butler-Taylor
    • Federal Bldg., 600 Broad St., #107, Gadsden, AL 35901-3745; 256-546-0201; Fax: 256-546-8778; Field Rep.:: Joseph Morgan
    • Carl Elliott Federal Bldg., 1710 Alabama Ave., #247, Jasper, AL 35501-5400; 205-221-2310; Fax: 205-221-9035; District Field Director: Paul Housel
    • 1011 George Wallace Blvd., #146, Tuscumbia, AL 35674; 256-381-3450; Fax: 256-381-7659; Field Rep.: Kreg Kennedy
    • Committee Assignments: Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe (Helsinki Commission); Appropriations

    Alexander, Rodney, R-La. (5)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 316 CHOB 20515-1805; 225-8490; Fax: 225-5639; Chief of Staff: Adam Terry
    • Web:http://alexander.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/RepRodneyAlexander
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/USRepAlexander
    • District Offices: 1412 Center Court, #402, Alexandria, LA 71301-3449; 318-445-0818; Fax: 318-445-3776; District Director: Tommie Seaton
    • 1900 Stubbs Ave., Suite B, Monroe, LA 71201-5751; 318-322-3500; Fax: 318-322-3577; State Director: Jonathan Johnson
    • Committee Assignments: Appropriations; Joint Library of Congress

    Amash, Justin, R-Mich. (3)

    Amodei, Mark, R-Nev. (2)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 222 CHOB 20515; 225-6155; Fax: 225-5679; Chief of Staff: Richard B. Goddard
    • Web:http://amodei.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/MarkAmodeiNV2
    • Twitter:https://twitter.com/markamodeinv2
    • District Offices: 905 Railroad St., #104 D, Elko, NV 89801; 775-777-7705; Fax: 775-753-9984; Rural Rep.: Meghan Brown
    • 5310 Kietzke Lane, #103, Reno, NV 89511; 775-686-5760; Fax: 775-686-5711; District Director: Stacy Parobek
    • Committee Assignments: Judiciary; Natural Resources; Veterans' Affairs

    Andrews, Robert E., D-N.J. (1)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 2265 RHOB 20515-3001; 225-6501; Fax: 225-6583; Legis. Director: Jonathan Golden
    • Web:http://house.gov/andrews/
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/RepAndrews
    • District Offices: 515 Grove St., 3rd Floor, #3C, Haddon Heights, NJ 08035-1734; 856-546-5100; Fax: 856-546-9529; Chief of Staff: Fran Tagmire
    • 63 N. Broad St., Woodbury, NJ 08096; 856-848-3900; District Rep.: Dominick Ferrante
    • Committee Assignments: Armed Services; Education and the Workforce

    Bachmann, Michele, R-Minn. (6)

    Bachus, Spencer, R-Ala. (6)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 2246 RHOB 20515-0106; 225-4921; Fax: 225-2082; Chief of Staff: Michael Staley
    • Web:http://bachus.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/SpencerBachus
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/BachusAL06
    • District Offices: 1900 International Park Dr., #107, Birmingham, AL 35243-4217; 205-969-2296; Fax: 205-969-3958; Field Rep.; Grant Coord.: Ethan Vice
    • 703 2nd Ave. N., P. O. Box 502, Clanton, AL 35046; 205-280-0704; Fax: 205-280-3060; Field Rep.: Betty Bennett
    • Committee Assignment: Financial Services, Chair

    Barber, Ron, D-Ariz. (2)

    Barletta, Lou, R-Pa. (11)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 115 CHOB 20515; 225-6511; Fax: 226-6250; Chief of Staff: Andrea Waldock
    • Web:http://barletta.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/CongressmanLouBarletta
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/reploubarletta
    • District Offices: 59 W. Louther St., Carlisle, PA 17013; 717-249-0190; Fax: 717-218-0190; Field Rep.: Jay Swisher
    • 4813 Jonestown Rd., #101, Harrisburg, PA 17109; 717-525-7002; Fax: 717-695-6794; Field Rep.: Bruce Krell 1 S. Church St., #100, Hazleton, PA 18201-6200; 570-751-0050; Fax: 570-751-0054; District Director: John Belcher
    • 106 Arch St., Sunbury, PA 17801; 570-988-7801; Fax: 570-988-7805; Field Rep.: Vincent Kundrick
    • Committee Assignments: Education and the Workforce; Homeland Security; Transportation and Infrastructure

    Barr, Andy, R-Ky. (6)

    Barrow, John, D-Ga. (12)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 2202 RHOB 20515-1012; 225-2823; Fax: 225-3377; Chief of Staff: Ashley Jones
    • Web:http://barrow.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/CongressmanJohnBarrow
    • Twitter:https://twitter.com/repjohnbarrow
    • District Offices: 1450 Greene St., Suite A, Augusta, GA 30901; 706-722-4494; Fax: 706-722-4496; District Director: Lynthia Ross
    • 107 Old Airport Rd., Suite A, Vidalia, GA 30474; 912-537-9301; Fax: 912-537-9266; Director of Constituent
    • Services: Kristen Fulford
    • Committee Assignment: Energy and Commerce

    Barton, Joe, R-Tex. (6)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 2107 RHOB 20515; 225-2002; Fax: 225-3052; Chief of Staff: Ryan Thompson
    • Web:http://joebarton.house.gov/
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/RepJoeBarton
    • Facebook:https://facebook.com/RepJoeBarton
    • District Offices: 6001 W. Ronald Reagan Memorial Hwy, #200, Arlington, TX 76017; 817-543-1000; Fax: 817-548-7029; Deputy District Director: Michael Taylor
    • 2106-A W. Ennis Ave., Ennis, TX 75119-3624; 972-875-8488; Fax: 972-875-1907; Deputy District Director: Dub Maines
    • Committee Assignment: Energy and Commerce, Chair Emeritus

    Bass, Karen, D-Calif. (37)

    Beatty, Joyce, D-Ohio (3)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 417 CHOB 20515; 225-4324; Fax: 225-1984; Chief of Staff: Kimberly Ross
    • Web:http://beatty.house.gov/
    • District Office: 471 E. Broad St., #1100, Columbus, OH 43215; 614-220-0003; Fax: 614-220-5640; Deputy District Director: Ron McGuire
    • Committee Assignment: Financial Services

    Becerra, Xavier, D-Calif. (34)

    Benishek, Dan, R-Mich. (1)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 514 CHOB 20515-2201; 225-4735; Fax: 225-4710; Chief of Staff: Jane Hayes
    • Web:http://benishek.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/CongressmanDan
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/congressmandan
    • District Offices: 1349 S. Otsego Ave., #7A, Gaylord, MI 49735; 877-376-5613; Fax: 877-504-0291; District Director: Brandon Darin
    • 500 S. Stephenson Ave., #500, Iron Mountain, MI 49801-3420; 906-828-1581; Fax: 906-828-1583; Constituent Services Rep.: Traci Jahnke
    • 307 S. Front St., #120, Marquette, MI 49855-4613; 906-273-1661; Fax: 906-273-1663; Special Asst.: Jennifer VanDeuren
    • 3301 Veterans Dr., #106, Traverse City, MI 49684; 977-376-5613; Fax: 877-504-0291; Constituent Services Rep.: Tom Hatfield
    • Committee Assignments: Agriculture; Natural Resources; Veterans' Affairs

    Bentivolio, Kerry, R-Mich. (11)

    Bera, Ami, D-Calif. (7)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 1408 LHOB 20515; 225-5716; Fax: 226-1298; Chief of Staff: Mini Timmaraju
    • Web:http://bera.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/RepAmiBera
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/RepBera
    • District Office: 11070 White Rock Rd., #195, Rancho Cordova, CA 95670; 916-635-0505; Fax: 916-635-0514; District Director: Faith Whitmore
    • Committee Assignments: Foreign Affairs; Science, Space, and Technology

    Bilirakis, Gus, R-Fla. (12)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 2313 RHOB 20515-0909; 225-5755; Fax: 225-4085; Chief of Staff. David Peluso
    • Web:http://bilirakis.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/GusBilirakis
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/RepGusBilirakis
    • District Offices: 36739 State Rd. 52, #212, Dade City, FL 33535
    • 7132 Little Rd., New Port Richey, FL 34654; 727-232-2921; Fax: 727-232-2923; District Director: Elizabeth Hittos
    • 600 Klosterman Rd., Room BB-038, Tarpon Springs, FL 34689-1299; 727-940-5860; Fax: 727-940-5861; Constituent Outreach Coord.: Summer Robertson
    • 5901 Argerian Dr., #102, Wesley Chapel, FL 33534-4220; 813-501-4942; Fax: 813-501-4944; Constituent Outreach Coord.: Summer Robertson
    • 110 W. Reynolds St., #101, Plant City, FL 33563-3377; 813-752-9849; Fax: 813-752-9017
    • Committee Assignments: Energy and Commerce; Veteran's Affairs

    Bishop, Rob, R-Utah (1)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 123 CHOB 20515-4401; 225-0453; Fax: 225-5857; Chief of Staff. Scott B. Parker
    • Web:http://robbishop.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/RepRobBishop
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/RepRobBishop
    • District Offices: 6 N. Main St., Brigham City, UT 84302-2116; 435-734-2270; Fax: 435-734-2290
    • Federal Bldg., 324 25th St., #1017, Ogden UT 84401; 801-625-0107; Fax: 801-625-0124; District Director: Peter Jenks
    • Committee Assignments: Armed Services; Natural Resources; Rules

    Bishop, Sanford D., Jr., D-Ga. (2)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 2429 RHOB 20515-1002; 225-3631; Fax: 225-2203; Chief of Staff: Tracey Thornton
    • Web:http://bishop.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/sanfordbishop
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/sanfordbishop
    • District Offices: Albany Towers, 235 Roosevelt Ave., #114, Albany, GA 31701-2662; 229-439-8067; Fax: 229-436-2099; District Director: Kenneth Cutts
    • 18 9th St., #201, Columbus, GA 31901-2778; 706-320-9477; Fax: 706-320-9479; Field Rep.: Elaine Gillespie
    • Committee Assignment: Appropriations

    Bishop, Tim, D-N.Y. (1)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 306 CHOB 20515-3201; 225-3826; Fax: 225-3143; Chief of Staff: Pete Spiro
    • Web:http://timbishop.house.gov/
    • Facebook:https://facebook.com/RepTimBishop
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/TimBishopNY
    • District Offices: 31 Oak St., #20, Patchogue, NY 11772-2841; 631-289-6500; Fax: 631-289-3181; District Director: Brian Beedendender
    • 137 Hampton Rd., Southampton, NY 11968-4923; 631-259-8450; Fax: 631-259-8451; Special Projects Director: Jane Finalborgo
    • Committee Assignments: Education and the Workforce; Transportation and Infrastructure

    Black, Diane, R-Tenn. (6)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 1531 LHOB 20515-4206; 225-4231; Fax: 225-6887; Chief of Staff: Annie Palisi
    • Web:http://black.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/DianeBlackTN06
    • Twitter:https://twitter.com/RepDianeBlack
    • District Offices: 321 E. Spring St., #301, Cookeville, TN 38501-4168; 931-854-0069; Fax: 615-206-8980; Caseworker: Bonny Warren
    • 29 Taylor Ave., #201, Crossville, TN 38555; 931-854-0069; Fax: 615-206-8980; Caseworker: Caroline Diaz-Barriga
    • 355 N. Belvedere Dr., #308, Gallatin, TN 37066-5410; 615-206-8204; Fax: 615-206-8980; District Director: Teresa Koeberlein
    • Committee Assignments: Budget; Ways and Means

    Blackburn, Marsha, R-Tenn. (7)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 217 CHOB 20515-4207; 225-2811; Fax: 225-3004; Chief of Staff: Michael R. Platt
    • Web:http://blackburn.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/marshablackburn
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/MarshaBlackburn
    • District Offices: 1850 Memorial Dr., Clarksville, TN 37043-4603; 931-503-0391; Fax: 931-503-0393; Sr. Case Manager: Woody Parker
    • 305 Public Square, #212, Franklin, TN 37062; 615-591-5161; Fax: 615-599-2916; District Director: Darcy Anderson
    • Committee Assignments: Budget; Energy and Commerce

    Blumenauer, Earl, D-Ore. (3)

    Boehner, John, R-Ohio (8)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 1011 LHOB 20515-3508; 225-6205; Fax: 225-0704; Chief of Staff: William C. Krieger
    • Web:http://johnboehner.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/OfficeofSpeakerBoehner
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/SpeakerBoehner
    • District Offices: 12 S. Plum St., Troy, OH 45373-3282; 937-339-1524; Fax: 937-339-1878; Field Rep.: Frank DeBrosse
    • 76 E. High St., 3rd Floor, Springfield, OH 45502; 937-322-1120; Field Rep.: Austin Bingham
    • 7969 Cincinnati-Dayton Rd., Suite B, West Chester, OH 45069-6637; 513-779-5400; Fax: 513-779-5315; District Chief of Staff: Ryan Day

    Bonamici, Suzanne, D-Ore. (1)

    Bonner, Jo, R-Ala. (1)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 2236 RHOB 20515-0101; 225-4931; Fax: 225-0562; Chief of Staff: Alan C. Spencer
    • Web:http://bonner.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/jobonner
    • Twitter:https://twitter.com/RepJoBonner
    • District Offices: 201 E. Section Ave., Foley, AL 36535; 251-972-8545; Fax: 251-972-8546; Field Rep.: Allison Clark
    • 11 N. Water St., #15290, Mobile, AL 36602; 251-690-2811; Fax: 251-690-2815; District Director; Deputy Chief of Staff: Eliska Morgan
    • Committee Assignment: Appropriations

    Bordallo, Madeleine Z., D-Guam (At Large)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 2441 RHOB 20515-5301; 225-1188; Fax: 226-0341; Chief of Staff: John Whitt
    • Web:http://house.gov/bordallo/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/madeleine.bordallo
    • District Office: 120 Father Duenas Ave., #107, Hagatna, GU 96910-5058; 671-477-4272; Fax: 671-477-2587; District Director: Andrew Tenorio
    • Committee Assignments: Armed Services; Natural Resources

    Boustany, Charles W., R-La. (3)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 1431 LHOB 20515-1807; 225-2031; Fax: 225-5724; Chief of Staff: Jeff Dobrozsi
    • Web:http://boustany.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/RepBoustany
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/Repboustany
    • District Offices: 800 Lafayette St., #1400, Lafayette, LA 70501-6800; 337-235-6322; Fax: 337-235-6072; District Director: Joan Finley
    • Capital One Tower, One Lakeshore Dr., #1775, Lake Charles, LA 70629-0114; 337-433-1747; Fax: 337-433-0974; Constituent Services Rep.: Theresa Martin
    • Committee Assignment: Ways and Means

    Brady, Kevin, R-Tex. (8)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 301 CHOB 20515-4308; 225-4901; Fax: 225-5524; Chief of Staff: Doug Centilli
    • Web:http://kevinbrady.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/kevinbrady?ref=mf
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/RepKevinBrady
    • District Offices: One Texas Commerce Plaza, 200 River Pointe Dr., #304, Conroe, TX 77304-2817; 936-441-5700; Fax: 936-441-5757; District Director: Sarah Stephens
    • 1300 11th St., #400, Huntsville, TX 77340; 936-439-9532; Fax: 936-439-9546; Field Rep.: Justin Davidson
    • Committee Assignment: Ways and Means

    Brady, Robert, D-Pa. (1)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 102 CHOB 20515-3801; 225-4731; Fax: 225-0088; Chief of Staff: Stanley V. White
    • Web:http://brady.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/RepRobertBrady?ref=ts
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/RepBrady
    • District Offices: 1350 Edgmont Ave., #2575, Chester, PA 19013; 610-874-7094; Fax: 484-816-0029; Office Manager: Susie Kirkland
    • 2637 E. Clearfield St., Philadelphia, PA 19134-5023; 267-519-2252; Fax: 267-519-2262; Community Liaison: Tom Johnson
    • 2630 Memphis St., Philadelphia, PA 19125-2344; 215-426-4616; Fax: 215-426-7741; Community Liaison: Peg Rzepski
    • 1907-09 S. Broad St., Philadelphia, PA 19148-2216; 215-389-4627; Fax: 215-389-4636; District Director: Shirley Gregory
    • Committee Assignments: Armed Services; House Administration, Ranking Minority Member; Joint Printing; Joint Library of Congress

    Braley, Bruce, D-lowa (1)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 2263 RHOB 20515; 225-2911; Fax: 225-6666; Chief of Staff: John Davis
    • Web:http://braley.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/RepBruceBraley
    • Twitter:https://twitter.com/BruceBraley
    • District Offices: 310 3rd St. S.E., Cedar Rapids, IA 52401; 319-364-2288; Fax: 319-364-2994; Caseworker: Jake Oweth
    • 1050 Main St., Dubuque, IA 52001-4723; 563-557-7789; Fax: 563-557-1324; Deputy District Director: John Murphy
    • 219 E. 4th St., Waterloo, IA 50703-4701; 319-287-3233; Fax: 319-287-5104; Caseworker: Ardie Blakeney
    • Committee Assignment: Energy and Commerce

    Bridenstine, Jim, R-Okla. (1)

    Brooks, Mo, R-Ala. (5)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 1230 LHOB 20515; 225-4801; Fax: 225-4392; Chief of Staff Legis. Director: Mark Pettitt
    • Web:http://brooks.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/pages/Congressman-Mo-Brooks/155220881193244
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/RepMoBrooks
    • District Offices: 302 Lee St., Room 86, Decatur, AL 35601-1926; 256-355-9400; Fax: 256-355-9406; Field Rep.: Johnny Turner
    • 102 S. Court St., #310, Florence, AL 35630; 256-718-5155; Fax: 256-718-5156; Field Rep.: Laura Smith
    • 2101 W. Clinton Ave., #302, Huntsville, AL 35805-3109; 256-551-0190; Fax: 256-551-0194; District Director: Tiffany Noel
    • Committee Assignments: Armed Services; Foreign Affairs; Science, Space, and Technology

    Brooks, Susan W., R-Ind. (5)

    Broun, Paul C, R-Ga. (10)

    Brown, Corrine, D-Fla. (5)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 2111 RHOB 20515; 225-0123; Fax: 225-2256; Chief of Staff: Ronnie Simmons
    • Web:http://corrinebrown.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/congresswomanbrown
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/RepCorrineBrown
    • District Offices: 101 Union St. East, #202, Jacksonville, FL 32202-6002; 904-354-1652; Fax: 904-354-2721; District Director: Glenel Bowden
    • 455 N. Garland Ave., #414, Orlando FL 32801; 407-872-2208; Fax: 407-872-5763; Area Director: Ronita Sanders
    • Committee Assignments: Transportation and Infrastructure; Veterans' Affairs

    Brownley, Julia, D-Calif. (26)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 1019 LHOB 20515; 225-5811; Fax: 225-1100; Chief of Staff: Lenny Young
    • Web:http://juliabrownley.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/RepJuliaBrownley
    • District Offices: 300 E. Esplanade Dr., #470, Oxnard, CA 93036; 805-379-1779; Fax: 805-379-1799; District Director: Carina Armenta
    • 223 E. Thousand Oaks Blvd., #411, Thousand Oaks, CA 91360; 805-379-1779; Fax: 805-379-1799; Field Rep.: Lauri Crane
    • Committee Assignments: Science, Space, and Technology; Veteran's Affairs

    Buchanan, Vern, R-Fla. (16)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 2104 RHOB 20515; 225-5015; Fax: 226-0828; Chief of Staff: Dave Karvelas
    • Web:http://buchanan.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/CongressmanBuchanan
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/vernbuchanan
    • District Offices: 1051 Manatee Ave. West, #305, Bradenton, FL 34205-4954; 941-747-9081; Fax: 941-748-1564; Field Rep.: Sydney Gruters
    • 111 S. Orange Ave., #202W, Sarasota, FL 34236-5806; 941-951-6643; Fax: 941-951-2972; District Director: Sally Tibbetts
    • Committee Assignment: Ways and Means

    Bucshon, Larry, R-Ind. (8)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 1005 LHOB 20515; 225-4636; Fax: 225-3284; Chief of Staff: Jonathan Causey
    • Web:http://bucshon.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/RepLarryBucshon?v=wall
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/RepLarryBucshon
    • District Offices: 101 N.W. Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd., Room 124, Evansville, IN 47708-1951; 812-465-6482; Fax: 812-422-4761; District Director; Deputy Chief of Staff Steven Reeves
    • 610 Main St., 2nd Floor, Jasper, IN 47547; 812-482-4255; Fax: 812-422-4761; Field Rep.: Kyi Kessler
    • 901 Wabash Ave., #140, Terre Haute, IN 47807-3232; 812-232-0523; Fax: 812-232-0526; Field Rep.: Matt Huckleby
    • 1500 N. Chestnut St., Vincennes, IN 47591; 855-519-1629
    • Committee Assignments: Education and the Workforce; Science, Space, and Technology; Transportation and Infrastructure

    Burgess, Michael C, R-Tex. (26)

    Bustos, Cheri, D-III. (17)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 1009 LHOB 20515; 225-5905; Fax: 225-5396; Chief of Staff: Allison Jaslow
    • Web:http://bustos.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/RepCheri
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/RepCheri
    • District Offices: 3100 N. Knoxville Ave., #205, Peoria, IL 61603; 309-966-1813; Constituent Advocate: Andy Colgan
    • 119 N. Church St., #207-208, Rockford, IL 61101; 815-968-8011; Constituent Advocate: Catherine Gray
    • 100 19th St., #101, Rock Island, IL 61201; 309-786-3406; Fax: 309-786-3720; District Director: Heidi Schultz
    • Committee Assignments: Agriculture; Transportation and Infrastructure

    Butterfield, G. K., D-N.C. (1)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 2305 RHOB 20515-3301; 225-3101; Fax: 225-3354; Chief of Staff: Troy G. Clair
    • Web:http://butterfield.house.gov/
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/GKButterfield
    • District Offices: 411 W. Chapel Hill St., #905, Durham, NC 27701; 919-908-0164; Fax: 919-908-0169; Field Rep.: Ray Rogers
    • 309 W. 3rd St., P.O. Box 836, Weldon, NC 27890-1413; 252-538-4123; Fax: 252-538-6516; Director of Constituent Affairs/Northwest District Outreach: Dollie Burwell
    • 216 N.E. Nash St., Suite B, Wilson, NC 27893-3802; 252-237-9816; Fax: 252-291-0356; District Director: Ray Rogers
    • Committee Assignment: Energy and Commerce

    Calvert, Ken, R-Calif. (42)

    Camp, Dave, R-Mich. (4)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 341 CHOB 20515-2204; 225-3561; Fax: 225-9679; Chief of Staff: Jim Brandell
    • Web:http://camp.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/repdavecamp
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/RepDaveCamp
    • District Offices: 112 Spruce St., Suite A, Cadillac, MI 49601; 231-876-9205; Fax: 231-876-9252; District Director: Ryan Tarrant
    • 135 Ashman St., Midland, MI 48640-5103; 989-631-2552; Fax: 989-631-6271; Communications Director: Allie Walker
    • Committee Assignment: Ways and Means, Chair

    Campbell, John, R-Calif. (45)

    Cantor, Eric, R-Va. (7)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 303 CHOB 20515-4607; 225-2815; Fax: 225-0011; Chief of Staff: Kristi Way
    • Web:http://cantor.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/ericcantor
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/EricCantor
    • District Offices: 763 Madison Rd., #207, Culpeper, VA 22701; 540-825-8960; Fax: 540-825-8964; District Rep.: Chris Snider
    • 4201 Dominion Blvd., #110, Glen Allen, VA 23060-6149; 804-747-4073; Fax: 804-747-5308; District Director: Jennifer Nolen
    • Majority Leader

    Capito, Shelley Moore, R-W. Va. (2)

    Capps, Lois, D-Calif. (24)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 2231 RHOB 20515-0523; 225-3601; Fax: 225-5632; Chief of Staff: Randolph Harrison
    • Web:http://capps.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/loiscapps
    • Twitter:https://twitter.com/RepLoisCapps
    • District Offices: 1411 Marsh St., #205, San Luis Obispo, CA 93401-2923; 805-546-8348; Fax: 805-546-8368; District Rep.: Greg Haas
    • 301 E. Carrillo St., Suite A, Santa Barbara, CA 93101-1410; 805-730-1710; Fax: 805-730-9153; District Director: Sharon Siegel
    • 1101 S. Broadway St., Suite A, Santa Maria, CA 93454; 805-349-3832
    • Committee Assignment: Energy and Commerce

    Capuano, Michael E., D-Mass. (7)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 1414 LHOB 20515-2108; 225-5111; Fax: 225-9322; Chief of Staff; Admin. Asst.: Robert E. Primus
    • Web:http://house.gov/capuano/
    • Facebook:https://facebook.com/RepMichaelCapuano
    • Twitter:https://twitter.com/mikecapuano
    • District Offices: 110 1st St., Cambridge, MA 02141-2109; 617-621-6208; Fax: 617-621-8628; District Director: Jon Lenicheck
    • Roxbury Community College, Campus Library, Room 211, Boston, MA 02120; 617-621-6208; Fax: 617-621-8628; District Rep.: Kate Chang
    • Committee Assignments: Ethics; Financial Services; Transportation and Infrastructure

    Cardenas, Tony, D-Calif. (29)

    Carney, John, D-Del. (At Large)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 1406 LHOB 20515; 225-4165; Fax: 225-2291; Chief of Staff: Elizabeth Hart
    • Web:http://johncarney.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/JohnCarneyDE
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/johncarneyde
    • District Offices: 33 The Circle, Georgetown, DE 19947; 302-854-0667; Fax: 302-854-0669; Kent and Sussex County Coord.: Drew Slater
    • 233 N. King St., #200, Wilmington, DE19801-2521; 302-691-7333; Fax: 302-428-1950; State Director: Doug Gramiak
    • Committee Assignment: Financial Services

    Carson, André, D-Ind. (7)

    Carter, John, R-Tex. (31)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 409 CHOB 20515-4331; 225-3864; Fax: 225-5886; Chief of Staff: John Stone
    • Web:http://carter.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/judgecarter
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/JudgeCarter
    • District Offices: One Financial Centre, 1717 N. Hwy. 35, #303, Round Rock, TX 78664; 512-246-1600; Fax: 512-246-1620; Texas Chief of Staff: Jonas Miller
    • 6544 S. General Bruce Dr., Suite B, Temple, TX 76502-5811; 254-933-1392; Fax: 254-933-1650; Constituent Liaison: Cheryl Hassmann
    • Committee Assignment: Appropriations

    Cartwright, Matthew, D-Pa. (17)

    Cassidy, Bill, R-La. (6)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 1131 LHOB 20515; 225-3901; Fax: 225-7313; Chief of Staff: James Quinn
    • Web:http://cassidy.house.gov/
    • Facebook:https://facebook.com/billcassidy?fref=ts
    • Twitter:https://twitter.com/BillCassidy
    • District Offices: 5555 Hilton Ave., #100, Baton Rouge, LA 70808-2597; 225-929-7711; Fax: 225-929-7688; District Director: Brian McNabb
    • 29261 S. Frost Rd., Livingston, LA 70754; 225-686-4413; Fax: 225-929-7688; Outreach Coord.: Brian McNabb
    • 200 W. 1st St., Thibodaux, LA 70301; Office Director: David Cabell
    • Committee Assignment: Energy and Commerce

    Castor, Kathy, D-Fla. (14)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 205 CHOB 20515-0911; 225-3376; Fax: 225-5652; Chief of Staff: Clay Phillips
    • Web:http://castor.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/USRepKathyCastor
    • District Office: 4144 N. Armenia Ave., #300, Tampa, FL 33607-6435; 813-871-2817; Fax: 813-871-2864; Press Secy.: Marcia Mejia
    • Committee Assignments: Budget; Energy and Commerce

    Castro, Joaquin, D-Tex. (20)

    Chabot, Steve, R-Ohio (1)

    Chaffetz, Jason, R-Utah (3)

    Christensen, Donna M., D-Virgin Is. (At Large)

    Chu, Judy, D-Calif. (27)

    Cicilline, David, D-R.I. (1)

    Clarke, Yvette D., D-N.Y. (9)

    Clay, Wm. Lacy, D-Mo. (1)

    Cleaver, Emanuel, D-Mo. (5)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 2335 RHOB 20515; 225-4535; Fax: 225-4403; Acting Chief of Staff: Geoff Jolley
    • Web:http://cleaver.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/emanuelcleaverii
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/repcleaver
    • District Offices: 211 W. Maple Ave., Independence, MO 64050-2815; 816-833-4545; Fax: 816-833-2991; Community Affairs Liaison: Nicki Cardwell
    • 101 W. 31st St., Kansas City, MO 64108-3318; 816-842-4545; Fax: 816-471-5215; District Director: Geoff Jolley
    • Committee Assignment: Financial Services

    Clyburn, James E., D-S.C. (6)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 242 CHOB 20515; 225-3315; Fax: 225-2313; Chief of Staff Ethics; Telecommunications: Yelberton R. Watkins
    • Web:http://clyburn.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/jameseclyburn
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/clyburn
    • District Offices: 1225 Lady St., #200, Columbia, SC 29201-3210; 803-799-1100; Fax: 803-799-9060; District Director: Robert Nance
    • 130 W. Main St., Kingstree, SC 29556; 843-355-1211; Fax: 843-355-1232
    • 176 Brooks Blvd., Santee, SC 29142; 803-854-4700; Fax: 803-854-4900

    Coble, Howard, R-N.C. (6)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 2188 RHOB 20515-3306; 225-3065; Fax: 225-8611; Chief of Staff; Press Secy.: Ed McDonald
    • Web:http://coble.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/HowardCoble6
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/HowardCoble
    • District Offices: P.O. Box 812, 124 W. Elm St., Graham, NC 27253-2802; 336-229-0159; Fax: 336-228-7974; District Rep.: Janine Osborne
    • 2102 N. Elm St., Suite B, Greensboro, NC 27408-5100; 336-333-5005; Fax: 336-333-5048; District Rep.: Brad Langston
    • 1634 N. Main St., #101, High Point, NC 27262-2644; 336-886-5106; Fax: 336-886-8740; District Rep.: Nancy Mazza
    • 107 Midtown Commons, Madison, NC 27025; 336-427-0044; Fax: 336-427-0480; District Rep.: Lindsay Morris
    • Committee Assignments: Judiciary; Transportation and Infrastructure

    Coffman, Mike, R-Colo. (6)

    Cohen, Steve, D-Tenn. (9)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 2402 RHOB 20515; 225-3265; Fax: 225-5663; Chief of Staff: Marilyn Dillihay
    • Web:http://cohen.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/CongressmanSteveCohen?ref=ts
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/repcohen
    • District Office: Clifford Davis/Odell Horton Federal Bldg., 167 N. Main St., #369, Memphis, TN 38103-1822; 901-544-4131; Fax: 901-544-4329; District Director: Marzie Thomas
    • Committee Assignments: Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe (Helsinki Commission); Judiciary; Transportation and Infrastructure

    Cole, Tom, R-Okla. (4)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 2458 RHOB 20515-3604; 225-6165; Fax: 225-3512; Chief of Staff: Sean P. Murphy
    • Web:http://cole.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/TomColeOK04
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/tomcoleok04
    • District Offices: 100 E. 13th St., #213, Ada, OK 74820-6548; 580-436-5375; Fax: 580-436-5451; Field Rep.: Amber Savage
    • 711 S.W. D Ave., #201, Lawton, OK 73501-4561; 580-357-2131; Fax: 580-357-7477; Field Rep.: Jessica Willis
    • 2420 Springer Dr., #201, Norman, OK 73069-3965; 405-329-6500; Fax: 405-321-7369; District Director: Joshua Grogis
    • Committee Assignments: Appropriations; Budget; Rules

    Collins, Chris, R-N.Y. (27)

    Collins, Doug, R-Ga. (9)

    Conaway, Mike, R-Tex. (11)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 2430 RHOB 20515-4311; 225-3605; Fax: 225-1783; Chief of Staff: Scott Graves
    • Web:http://conaway.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/mike.conaway
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/ConawayTX11
    • District Offices: Brownwood City Hall, 501 Center Ave., Brownwood, TX 76801-2809; 325-646-1950; Fax: 325-646-2979; Field Rep.: Hilary Stegemoller
    • County Annex, 104 W. Sandstone St., Llano, TX 78643-2319; 325-247-2826; Fax: 325-247-2676; Field Rep.: Nancy Watson
    • 6 Desta Dr., #2000, Midland, TX 79705-5520; 432-687-2390; Fax: 432-687-0277; District Director: Evan Thomas
    • City Hall, 411 W. 8th St., 5th Floor, Odessa, TX 79761-4422; 432-331-9667; Fax: 432-332-6538; Field Rep.: Evan Thomas
    • O.C. Fisher Federal Bldg., 33 E. Twohig Ave., #307, San Angelo, TX 76903-6451; 325-659-4010; Fax: 325-659-4014; Regional Director: Joanne Powell
    • Committee Assignments: Agriculture; Armed Services; Ethics, Chair; Permanent Select Intelligence

    Connolly, Gerald E., D-Va. (11)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 424 CHOB 20515-4611; 225-1492; Fax: 225-3071; Chief of Staff: James Walkinshaw
    • Web:http://connolly.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/CongressmanGerryConnolly
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/gerryconnolly
    • District Offices: 4115 Annandale Rd., #103, Annandale, VA 22003-2500; 703-256-3071; Fax: 703-354-1284; District Director: Sharon Stark
    • 4308 Ridgewood Center Dr., Woodbridge, VA 22192-5307; 703-670-4989; Fax: 703-670-6042; Prince William County Director: Collin Davenport
    • Committee Assignments: Foreign Affairs; Oversight and Government Reform

    Conyers, John, D-Mich. (13)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 2426 RHOB 20515-2214; 225-5126; Fax: 225-0072; Chief of Staff; Legis. Counsel, Black Caucus, Korean Caucus: Cynthia Martin
    • Web:http://conyers.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/CongressmanConyers
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/repjohnconyers
    • District Offices: Theodore Levin U.S. Courthouse, 231 W. Lafayette Blvd., Room 669, Detroit, MI 48226-2766; 313-961-5670; Fax: 313-226-2085; District Director: Yolonda Lipsey
    • 33300 Warren Rd., #13, Westland, MI 48185-9620; 734-675-4084; Fax: 734-675-4218; Caseworker: Jane Mackey
    • Committee Assignment: Judiciary, Ranking Minority Member

    Cook, Paul, R-Calif. (8)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 1222 LHOB 20515; 225-5861; Fax: 225-6498; Chief of Staff: John Sobel
    • Web:http://cook.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/RepPaulCook
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/RepPaulCook
    • District Office: Apple Valley Town Hall, 14955 Dale Evans Pkwy., Apple Valley, CA 92307; 760-247-1815; Fax: 760-247-8073; District Director: Matt Knox
    • Committee Assignments: Armed Services; Foreign Affairs; Veterans' Affairs
    • Cooper, Jim, D-Tenn. (5)

    Costa, Jim, D-Calif. (16)

    Cotton, Tom, R-Ark. (4)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 415 CHOB 20515; 225-3772; Fax: 225-1314; Chief of Staff: Doug Coutts
    • Web:http://ross.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/RepTomCotton
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/RepTomCotton
    • District Offices: Johnson County Courthouse, 215 W. Main St., Room 300, Clarksville, AR 72830; 479-754-2120; Field Rep.: Trey Rosenbaum
    • Union County Courthouse, 101 N. Washington Ave., #406, El Dorado, AR 71730-5669; 870-881-0681; Fax: 870-881-0683; Constituent Advocate: Patricia Herring
    • Federal Bldg., 100 Reserve St., #307, Hot Springs, AR 71901-4144; 501-520-5892; Fax: 501-520-5873; District Director: Lesley Nelms
    • George Howard, Jr. Federal Bldg., 100 E. 8th Ave., Room 2521, Pine Bluff, AR 71601-5070; 870-536-3376; Fax: 870-536-4058; Field Rep.: Vannessa Moody
    • Committee Assignments: Financial Services; Foreign Affairs

    Courtney, Joe, D-Conn. (2)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 2348 RHOB 20515; 225-2076; Fax: 225-4977; Chief of Staff: Jason J. Gross
    • Web:http://courtney.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/joecourtney
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/repjoecourtney
    • District Offices: 77 Hazard Ave., Unit J, Enfield, CT 06082-3890; 860-741-6011; Fax: 860-741-6036; Field Rep.: Dorothy Grady
    • 55 Main St., #250, Norwich, CT 06360; 860-886-0139; Fax: 860-886-2974; District Director: Jenny Contois
    • Committee Assignments: Agriculture; Armed Services; Education and Workforce

    Cramer, Kevin, R-N.D. (At Large)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 323 1032 LHOB 20515; 225-2611; Fax: 226-0893; Chief of Staff: Kim Badenhop
    • Web:http://cramer.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/CongressmanKevinCramer
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/RepKevinCramer
    • District Offices: Federal Bldg., 220 E. Rosser Ave., Room 328, Bismarck, ND 58501-3869; 701-224-0355; Fax: 701-224-0431; Deputy State Director: Larry Jahnke
    • 3217 Fiechtner Dr., Suite D, Fargo, ND 58103; 701-356-2216; Fax: 701-356-2217; State Director: Lisa Gibbens
    • 4200 James Ray Dr., #600, Grand Forks, ND 58202; 701-738-4880; Field Rep.: Randy Richards
    • 315 Main St., #203, Minot, ND 58701; 701-839-0255; Field Rep.: Daryl Lies
    • Committee Assignments: Natural Resources; Science, Space, and Technology

    Crawford, Rick, R-Ark. (1)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 1711 LHOB 20515; 225-4076; Fax: 225-5602; Chief of Staff: Jonah Shumate
    • Web:http://crawford.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/RepRickCrawford
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/reprickcrawford
    • District Offices: 112 S. 1st St., Cabot, AR 72023-3007; 501-843-3043; Fax: 501-843-4955; Field Rep.: Jay Sherrod
    • 2400 E. Highland Dr., #300, Jonesboro, AR 72401-6229; 870-203-0540; Fax: 870-203-0542; District Director: Andrea Allen
    • 1001 Hwy. 62 E., #9, Mountain Home, AR 72653; 870-424-2075; Fax: 870-424-3149; Field Rep.: Joseph Didden
    • Committee Assignments: Agriculture; Transportation and Infrastructure

    Crenshaw, Ander, R-Fla. (4)

    Crowley, Joseph, D-N.Y. (14)

    Cuellar, Henry, D-Tex. (28)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 2431 RHOB 20515; 225-1640; Fax: 225-1641; Chief of Staff: Cynthia Gaona
    • Web:http://cuellar.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://.facebook.com/pages/USCongressman-Henry-Cuellar-TX-28/152569121550
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/RepCuellar
    • District Offices: 602 E. Calton Rd., #2, Laredo, TX 78041-3693; 956-725-0639; Fax: 956-725-2647; Grants Coord.: Juan Sanchez
    • 117 E. Tom Landry St., Mission, TX 78572-4160; 956-424-3942; Fax: 956-424-3936; Area I Outreach Coord.: Alexis Gallegos
    • 100 N. F.M. 3167, Rio Grande City, TX 78582; 956-487-5603; Fax: 956-488-0952; Constituent Services Rep. / Outreach: Phillip Farias
    • 615 E. Houston St., #563, San Antonio, TX 78205-2048; 210-271-2851; Fax: 210-277-6671; Outreach Coord.: Gilbert La Fuente
    • Committee Assignment: Appropriations

    Culberson, John, R-Tex. (7)

    Cummings, Elijah E., D-Md. (7)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 2235 RHOB 20515-2007; 225-4741; Fax: 225-3178; Chief of Staff: Vernon Simms
    • Web:http://cummings.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/elijahcummings
    • Twitter:https://twitter.com/ElijahECummings
    • District Offices: 1010 Park Ave., Baltimore, MD 21201-5600; 410-685-9199; Fax: 410-685-9399; District Director: Francine Allen
    • 754 Frederick Rd., Catonsville, MD 21228-4504; 410-719-8777; Fax: 410-455-0110; Special Asst. Military Immigration: Katie Malone
    • 8267 Main St., Room 102, Ellicott City, MD 21043-9903; 410-465-8259; Fax: 410-465-8740; Special Asst: Amy Stratton
    • Committee Assignments: Oversight and Government Reform, Ranking Minority Member; Transportation and Infrastructure

    Daines, Steve, R-Mont. (At Large)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 206 CHOB 20515; 225-3211; Fax: 225-5687; Chief of Staff: Jason Thielman
    • Web:http://daines.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/SteveDainesMT
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/stevedaines
    • District Offices: 222 N. 32nd St., #900, Billings, MT 59101; 406-969-1736; Fax: 406-702-1182; Casework Manager: Sheila Rath
    • 104 2nd St. South, #103, Great Falls, MT 59401; 406-315-3860; Fax: 406-315-3862; Regional Director: Cari Kent
    • 950 N. Montana Ave., #2, Helena, MT 59601-3858; 406-502-1435; Fax: 406-502-1436; Staff Asst: Ethan Heverly
    • 110 W. Front St., Missoula, MT 59802; 406-926-2122; Fax: 406-926-2125; Regional Director: Erin Garbrian
    • Committee Assignments: Homeland Security; Natural Resources; Transportation and Infrastructure

    Davis, Danny K., D-Ill. (7)

    Davis, Rodney L, R-Ill. (13)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 1740 LHOB 20515; 225-2371; Fax: 226-0791; Chief of Staff: Jen Daulby
    • Web:http://rodneydavis.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/RepRodneyDavis
    • Twitter:https://twitter.com/RodneyDavis
    • District Office: 2004 Fox Dr., Champaign, IL 61820; 217-403-4690; Fax: 217-403-4691; District Director: Tim Butler
    • 243 S. Water St., #100, Decatur, IL 62523; 217-791-6224; Fax: 217-791-6168; Chief of Staff: Tim Butler
    • Committee Assignments: Agriculture; Transportation and Infrastructure

    Davis, Susan, D-Calif. (53)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 1526 LHOB 20515-0553; 225-2040; Fax: 225-2948; Chief of Staff: Lisa Sherman
    • Web:http://house.gov/susandavis/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/RepSusanDavis
    • District Office: 2700 Adams Ave., #102, San Diego, CA 92116; 619-280-5353; Fax: 619-280-5311; District Director: Jessica Poole
    • Committee Assignments: Armed Services; Education and the Workforce

    DeFazio, Peter, D-Ore. (4)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 2134 RHOB 20515-3704; 225-6416; Fax: 226-3493; Chief of Staff Homeland Security; Gun Control: Penny Dodge
    • Web:http://defazio.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/pages/PeterDeFazio/943243648ll?ref=ts
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/RepPeterDeFazio
    • District Offices: 125 Central Ave., #350, Coos Bay, OR 97420-2342; 541-269-2609; Fax: 541-269-5760; Coastal Field Rep.; Projects Director: Kathy Erickson
    • 405 E. 8th Ave., #2030, Eugene, OR 97401-2706; 541-465-6732; Fax: 541-465-6458; District Director: Karmen Fore
    • 612 S.E. Jackson St., Room 9, Roseburg, OR 97470-4956; 541-440-3523; Fax: 541-440-3525; Field Rep.: Chris Conroy
    • Committee Assignments: Natural Resources; Transportation and Infrastructure

    DeGette, Diana, D-Colo. (1)

    Delaney, John, D-Md. (6)

    DeLauro, Rosa L, D-Conn. (3)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 2413 RHOB 20515-0703; 225-3661; Fax: 225-4890; Chief of Staff: Beverly Aimaro Pheto
    • Web:http://delauro.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/CongresswomanRosaDeLauro
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/rosadelauro
    • District Offices: Valley Regional Planning Agency, Conference Room, 12 Main St., Derby, CT 06418-1931; 203-735-5005
    • Municipal Bldg., 245 DeKoven Dr., Room B-20, Middletown, CT 06457-3460; 860-344-1159
    • Municipal Bldg., 229 Church St., Mayors Conference Room, 4th Floor, Naugatuck, CT 06770-4145; 203-729-0204
    • 59 Elm St., #205, New Haven, CT 06510-2036; 203-562-3718; Fax: 203-772-2260; District Director: Jennifer Lamb
    • Committee Assignment: Appropriations

    DelBene, Suzan, D-Wash. (1)

    Denham, Jeff, R-Calif. (10)

    Dent, Charlie, R-Pa. (15)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 2455 RHOB 20515; 225-6411; Fax: 226-0778; Chief of Staff: George S. McElwee
    • Web:http://dent.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/congressmandent
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/DentforCongress
    • District Offices: 3900 Hamilton Blvd., #207, Allentown, PA 18103-6122; 610-770-3490; Fax: 610-770-3498; District Director: Vincent O'Domski
    • 250 W. Chocolate Ave., #3, Hershey, PA 17033; 717-533-3959; Community Outreach Director; Constituent Services Rep.: Victoria Wood
    • Committee Assignments: Appropriations; Ethics

    DeSantis, Ron, R-Fla. (6)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 427 CHOB 20515; 225-2706; Fax: 226-6299; Chief of Staff: Justin Roth
    • Web:http://desantis.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/RepDeSantis
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/RepDeSantis
    • District Offices: 1000 City Center Circle, Port Orange, FL 32129; 386-756-9798; Fax: 386-756-9903; District Rep.: Robert Mons
    • 3940 Lewis Speedway, #2104, St. Augustine, FL 32084; 904-827-1101; Fax: 904-827-1104; District Rep.: Roy Alaimo
    • Committee Assignments: Foreign Affairs; Judiciary; Oversight and Government Reform

    DesJarlais, Scott, R-Tenn. (4)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 413 CHOB 20515-4204; 225-6831; Fax: 226-5172; Chief of Staff: Richard Vaughn
    • Web:http://desJarlais.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/ScottDesJarlaisTN04
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/DesJarlaisTN04
    • District Offices: 301 Keith St., #212, Cleveland, TN 37311; 423-472-7500; Fax: 423-472-7800; Field Rep.: Shirley Pond
    • 807 S. Garden St., Columbia, TN 38401-3262; 931-381-9920; Fax: 931-381-9945; Constituent Services Coord.: Becky Moon
    • 305 W. Main St., Murfreesboro, TN 37130; 625-896-1986; Fax: 615-896-8218; Field Rep.: Brandon Lewis
    • Federal Bldg., 200 S. Jefferson St., #311, Winchester, TN 37398; 931-962-3180; Fax: 931-962-3435; District Director: Jeff Lewis
    • Committee Assignments: Agriculture; Education and the Workforce; Oversight and Government Reform

    Deutch, Ted, D-Fla. (21)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 1024 LHOB 20515-0919; 225-3001; Fax: 225-5974; Chief of Staff: Joshua Rogin
    • Web:http://deutch.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/CongressmanTedDeutch
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/repteddeutch
    • District Offices: 8177 Glades Rd., #211, Boca Raton, FL 33434; 561-470-5440; Fax: 561-470-5446; District Director: Wendi Lipsich
    • Margate City Hall, 5790 Margate Blvd., Margate, FL 33063-3614; 954-972-6454; Fax: 954-974-3191; District Rep.: Theresa Brier
    • Committee Assignments: Ethics; Foreign Affairs; Judiciary

    Diaz-Balart, Mario, R-Fla. (25)

    Dingell, John D., D-Mich. (12)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 2328 RHOB 20515-2215; 225-4071; Fax: 226-0371; Chief of Staff: Katie Murtha
    • Web:http://dingell.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/johndingell
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/john_dingell
    • District Offices: 19855 W. Outer Dr., #103-E, Dearborn, MI 48124-2028; 313-278-2936; Fax: 313-278-3914; District Director: Derek Dobies
    • 301 W. Michigan Ave., #400, Ypsilanti, MI 48197; 734-481-1100; Field Rep.: Travis Gonyou
    • Committee Assignment: Energy and Commerce

    Doggett, Lloyd, D-Tex. (35)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 201 CHOB 20515-4325; 225-4865; Fax: 225-3073; Chief of Staff: Michael J. Mucchetti
    • Web:http://doggett.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/lloyddoggett
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/replloyddoggett
    • District Offices: Federal Bldg., 300 E. 8th St., #763, Austin, TX 78701-3224; 512-916-5921; Fax: 512-916-5108; District Director; Counsel: Sarah Holland
    • 217 W. Travis St., San Antonio, TX 78205; 210-704-1080; Fax: 210-299-1442; District Director: Lisa Marie Gomez Committee Assignment: Ways and Means

    Doyle, Mike, D-Pa. (14)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 239 CHOB 20515; 225-2135; Fax: 225-3084; Chief of Staff: David G. Lucas
    • Web:http://doyle.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/usrepmikedoyle
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/usrepmikedoyle
    • District Offices: 1350 5th Ave., Coraopolis, PA 15108-2024; 412-264-3460; 627 Lysle Blvd., McKeesport, PA 15132; 412-664-4049; Fax: 412-664-4053; Economic Development Rep.: Jeffrey Schaffer
    • 11 Duff Rd., Penn Hills, PA 15235; 412-241-6055; Fax: 412-241-6820; Caseworker: John Jones
    • 2637 E. Carson St., Pittsburgh, PA 15203-5109; 412-390-1499; Fax: 412-390-2118; District Director: Paul D'Alesandro
    • Committee Assignment: Energy and Commerce

    Duckworth, Tammy, D-Ill. (8)

    Duffy, Sean, R-Wisc. (7)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 1208 LHOB 20515-4907; 225-3365; Fax: 225-3240; Chief of Staff: Pete Meachum
    • Web:http://duffy.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/RepSeanDuffy
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/RepSeanDuffy
    • District Offices: 823 Belknap St., #225, Superior, WI 54880-2974; 715-392-3984; Fax: 715-392-3999; Regional Rep.: Mary Willett
    • 208 Grand Ave., Wausau, WI 54403-6217; 715-298-9344; Fax: 715-298-9348; District Director: David Anderson
    • Committee Assignments: Budget; Financial Services

    Duncan, Jeff, R-S.C. (3)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 116 CHOB 20515-4003; 225-5301; Fax: 225-3216; Chief of Staff: Lance Williams
    • Web:http://jeffduncan.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/RepJeffDuncan
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/RepJeffDuncan
    • District Offices: 303 W. Beltline Blvd., Anderson, SC 29625-1505; 864-224-7401; Fax: 864-225-7049; District Director: Rick Adkins
    • 200 Courthouse Public Square, P.O. Box 471, Laurens, SC 29360; 864-681-1028; Fax: 864-681-1030; Deputy District Director: Janice McCord
    • Committee Assignments: Foreign Affairs; Homeland Security; Natural Resources

    Duncan, John J., Jr., R-Tenn. (2)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 2207 RHOB 20515-4202; 225-5435; Fax: 225-6440; Deputy Chief of Staff; Transportation and Infrastructure Committee: Don Walker
    • Web:http://duncan.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/CongressmanDuncan
    • District Offices: Howard H. Baker, Jr. U.S. Courthouse, 800 Market St., #110, Knoxville, TN 37902-2303; 865-523-3772; Fax: 865-544-0728; Chief of Staff: Bob Griffitts
    • Blount County Courthouse, 331 Court St., Maryville, TN 37804; 865-984-5464; Fax: 865-984-0521; Office Manager: Vickie Flynn
    • Committee Assignments: Oversight and Government Reform; Transportation and Infrastructure

    Edwards, Donna F., D-Md. (4)

    Ellison, Keith, D-Minn. (5)

    Ellmers, Renee, R-N.C. (2)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 426 CHOB 20515; 225-4531; Fax: 225-5662; Chief of Staff: Al Lytton
    • Web:http://ellmers.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/reneeellmers
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/RepReneeEllmers
    • District Offices: 222 Sunset Ave., #101, Asheboro, NC 27203; 336-626-3060; Fax: 336-629-7819; Field Rep.: Cindy Wilkins
    • 406 W. Broad St., Dunn, NC 28334-4808; 910-230-1910; Fax: 910-230-1940; District Director: Pat Fitzgerald
    • Committee Assignment: Energy and Commerce

    Engel, Eliot L, D-N.Y. (16)

    Enyart, William, D-Ill. (12)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 1722 LHOB 20515; 225-5661; Fax: 225-0285; Chief of Staff: Jason Bresler
    • Web:http://enyart.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/pages/Congressman-Bill-Enyart/527281100637880?ref=ts&fref=ts
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/repbillenyartw
    • District Offices: 23 Public Square, #404, Belleville, IL 62220; 618-233-8026; Fax: 628-233-8765; District Director: Mary Shalapin
    • 250 W. Cherry St., Carbondale, IL 62901-2856; 618-529-3791; Fax: 618-549-3768; Staff Asst: Randi Bradley
    • 1330 Swanwick St., Chester, IL 62233-1314; 618-826-3043; Fax: 618-826-1923; Staff Asst: Patsy Hopkins
    • 2060 Delmar Ave., Suite B, Granite City, IL 62040-4511; 618-451-7065; Fax: 618-451-2126; Staff Asst: David Cueto
    • 201 E. Nolen St., West Frankfort, IL 62896-2437; 618-937-6402; Fax: 618-937-3307; Staff Asst: Karl Maple
    • Committee Assignments: Agriculture; Armed Services

    Eshoo, Anna G., D-Calif. (18)

    Esty, Elizabeth, D-Conn. (5)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 509 CHOB 20515; 225-4476; Fax: 225-5933; Chief of Staff: Julie Sweet
    • Web:http://esty.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/RepEsty
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/RepEsty
    • District Offices: 114 W. Main St., Old Post Office Plaza, LLC, New Britain, CT 06051-4223; 860-223-8412; Fax: 860-225-7289; Director of Operations: Russell Griffin
    • Committee Assignments: Science, Space, and Technology; Transportation and Infrastructure

    Faleomavaega, Eni F. H., D-Am. Samoa (At Large)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 2422 RHOB 20515-5201; 225-8577; Fax: 225-8757; D.C. Chief of Staff; Staff Director Subcommittee on Asia, the Pacific and the Global Environment, Appropriations, International Relations: Lisa Williams
    • Web:http://house.gov/faleomavaega/
    • District Office: P.O. Drawer X, Pago Pago, AS 96799; 684-633-1372; Fax: 684-633-2680; Chief of Staff: Alexander Godinet
    • Committee Assignments: Foreign Affairs; Natural Resources

    Farenthold, Blake, R-Tex. (27)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 117 CHOB 20515; 225-7742; Fax: 226-1134; Chief of Staff: Beau Rothschild
    • Web:http://farenthold.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/BlakeFarenthold
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/farenthold
    • District Offices: 101 N. Shoreline Blvd., #300, Corpus Christi, TX 78401-2837; 361-884-2222; Fax: 361-884-2223; District Director: Bob Haueter
    • 5606 N. Navarro St., #203, Victoria, TX 77904; 361-894-6446; Fax: 361-894-6460; Constituent Liaison: Michelle Gloor
    • Committee Assignments: Judiciary; Oversight and Government Reform; Transportation and Infrastructure

    Farr, Sam, D-Calif. (20)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 1126 LHOB 20515-0517; 225-2861; Fax: 225-6791; Chief of Staff: Rochelle S. Dornatt
    • Web:http://farr.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/RepSamFarr
    • Twitter:https://twitter.com/repsamfarr
    • District Offices: 100 W. Alisal St., Salinas, CA 93901; 831-424-2229; Fax: 831-424-7099; District Director: Alec Arago
    • 701 Ocean St., Room 318C, Santa Cruz, CA 95060-4027; 831-429-1976; Fax: 831-429-1458; Congressional Aide: Julian Chacon
    • Committee Assignment: Appropriations

    Fattah, Chaka, D-Pa. (2)

    Fincher, Stephen, R-Tenn. (8)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 1118 LHOB 20515-4208; 225-4714; Fax: 225-1765; Chief of Staff: Jessica Carter
    • Web:http://fincher.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/representativestephenfincher
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/repfinchertn08
    • District Offices: 100 S. Main St., #1, Dyersburg, TN 38024-4662; 731-285-0910; Fax: 731-285-5008; Field Rep.: Hannah Wade-Powell
    • 117 N. Liberty St., Jackson, TN 38301-6205; 731-423-4848; Fax: 731-427-1537; Deputy Chief of Staff: Scott Golden
    • 406 Lindell St. South, Suite C, Martin, TN 38237-2481; 731-588-5190; Field Rep.: Heather Yarboro
    • Committee Assignments: Agriculture; Financial Services

    Fitzpatrick, Mike, R-Pa. (8)

    Fleischmann, Chuck, R-Tenn. (3)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 230 CHOB 20515; 225-3271; Fax: 225-3494; Chief of Staff: Jim Hippe
    • Web:http://fleischmann.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/repchuck
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/repchuck
    • District Offices: 6 E. Madison Ave., Athens, TN 37303; 423-745-4671; Fax: 423-745-6025; Field Rep.: Maxine O'Dell-Gernert
    • 900 Georgia Ave., #126, Chattanooga, TN 37402-2282; 423-756-2342; Fax: 423-756-6613; District Director: Bob White
    • 200 Administration Rd., #100, Oak Ridge, TN 37830-8823; 865-576-1976; Fax: 865-576-3221; Policy Advisor: Helen Hardin
    • Committee Assignment: Appropriations

    Fleming, John, R-La. (4)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 416 CHOB 20515-1804; 225-2777; Fax: 225-8039; Chief of Staff: Dana G. Gartzke
    • Web:http://fleming.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/RepJohnFleming
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/RepFleming
    • District Offices: 700 Benton Rd., Bossier City, LA 71111-3705; 318-549-1712; Field Rep.: Stephanie McKenzie
    • 103 N. 3rd St., Leesville, LA 71446-4013; 337-238-0778; Fax: 337-238-0566; District Director, Southern Region: Lee Turner
    • 6425 Youree Dr., #350, Shreveport, LA 71105-4634; 318-798-2254; Fax: 318-798-2063; District Director: Stephanie McKenzie
    • Committee Assignments: Armed Services; Natural Resources

    Flores, Bill, R-Tex. (17)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 1030 LHOB 20515; 225-6105; Fax: 225-0350; Chief of Staff: Jeff Morhouse
    • Web:http://flores.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/RepBillFlores
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/RepBillFlores
    • District Offices: 14205 Burnet Rd., #230, Austin, TX 78728; 512-373-3378; Fax: 512-373-3511; Field Rep.: Andrew Gordon
    • 3000 Briarcrest Dr., #406, Bryan, TX 77802; 979-703-4037; Fax: 979-703-8845; Deputy District Director: James Edge
    • 400 Austin Ave., #302, Waco, TX 76701-2139; 254-732-0748; Fax: 254-732-1755; District Director: Tim Head
    • Committee Assignments: Budget; Natural Resources; Veterans' Affairs

    Forbes, J. Randy, R-Va. (4)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 2135 RHOB 20515; 225-6365; Fax: 226-1170; Chief of Staff: Dee Gilmore
    • Web:http://forbes.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/randyforbes
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/randy_forbes
    • District Offices: 505 Independence Pkwy., Lake Center II, #104, Chesapeake, VA 23320-5178; 757-382-0080; Fax: 757-382-0780; District Chief of Staff: Dee Gilmore
    • 9401 Courthouse Rd., #201, Chesterfield, VA 23832; 804-318-1363; Fax: 804-318-1013; Field Rep.: Ron White
    • Committee Assignments: Armed Services; Judiciary

    Fortenberry, Jeff, R-Neb. (1)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 1514 LHOB 20515-2701; 225-4806; Fax: 225-5686; Chief of Staff: Margo Matter
    • Web:http://fortenberry.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/jefffortenberry
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/JeffFortenberry
    • District Offices: 629 Broad St., P.O. Box 377, Fremont, NE 68025-4932; 402-727-0888; Fax: 402-727-9130; Field Rep.: Louis Pofhahl
    • 301 S. 13th St., #100, Lincoln, NE 68508-2532; 402-438-1598; Fax: 402-438-1604; Field Rep.: Nate Blum
    • 125 S. 4th St., #101, Norfolk, NE 68701-5200; 402-379-2064; Fax: 402-379-2101; District Director: Josh Moenning
    • Committee Assignment: Appropriations

    Foster, Bill, D-Ill. (11)

    Foxx, Virginia, R-N.C. (5)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 2350 RHOB 20515; 225-2071; Fax: 225-2995; Chief of Staff: Brandon Renz
    • Web:http://foxx.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/RepVirginiaFoxx
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/virginiafoxx
    • District Offices: 240 Hwy. 105 Extension, #200, Boone, NC 28607-4291; 828-265-0240; Fax: 828-265-0390; Field Rep.: Andrew Duncan
    • 3540 Clemmons Rd., #125, Clemmons, NC 27012-8775; 336-778-0211; Fax: 336-778-2290; Chief of Staff: Aaron Whitener
    • Committee Assignments: Education and the Workforce; Rules

    Frankel, Lois, D-Fla. (22)

    Franks, Trent, R-Ariz. (8)

    Frelinghuysen, Rodney, R-N.J. (11)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 2306 RHOB 20515-3011; 225-5034; Fax: 225-3186; Chief of Staff: Nancy Fox
    • Web:http://frelinghuysen.house.gov/
    • District Office: 30 Schuyler Pl., 2nd Floor, Morristown, NJ 07960-5128; 973-984-0711; Fax: 973-292-1569; District Director: Pam Thievon
    • Committee Assignment: Appropriations

    Fudge, Marcia L, D-Ohio (11)

    Gabbard, Tulsi, D-Hawaii (2)

    Gallego, Pete, D-Tex. (23)

    Garamendi, John, D-Calif. (3)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 2438 RHOB 20515; 225-1880; Fax: 225-5914; Acting Chief of Staff: Chris Austin
    • Web:http://garamendi.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/repgaramendi
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/RepGaramendi
    • District Offices: 412 G. St., Davis, CA 95616; 530-753-5301; Fax: 530-753-5614; District Rep.: Elly Fairclough
    • 609 Jefferson St., Fairfield, CA 94533-6293; 707-438-1822; Fax: 707-438-0523; District Rep.: Andrew Kim
    • 990 Klamath Lane, #4, Yuba City, CA 95991; 530-329-8865; Fax: 530-763-4248; District Director: Karen Tedford
    • Committee Assignments: Agriculture; Armed Services; Natural Resources; Transportation and Infrastructure

    Garcia, Joe, D-Fla. (26)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 1440 LHOB 201515; 225-2778; Fax: 226-2346; Chief of Staff: Jeffrey Garcia
    • Web:http://garcia.house.gov/
    • Facebook:https://facebook.com/joegarciaforcongress
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/JoeGarcia
    • District Offices: 1100 Simonton St., #1-213, Key West, FL 33040; 305-292-4485; Fax: 305-292-4486; County Director: Jennifer George-Nichol
    • 12851 S.W. 42nd St., #131, Miami, FL 33175; 305-222-0160; 305-228-9397; District Director: Raul Martinez
    • Committee Assignments: Judiciary; Natural Resources

    Gardner, Cory, R-Colo. (4)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 213 CHOB 20515-0604; 225-4676; Fax: 225-5870; Chief of Staff: Chris Hansen
    • Web:http://gardner.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/CongressmanGardner
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/repcorygardner
    • District Offices: 7505 Village Square Dr., #207, Castle Rock, CO 80108; 720-508-3937; Fax: 720-583-0973; District Director: Mike Bennett
    • 2425 35th Ave., #202, Greeley, CO 80631-3930; 970-351-6007; Fax: 970-351-6068; Field Rep.: Maria Secrest
    • 408 N. Main St., Suite F, P.O. Box 104, Rocky Ford, CO 81067; 719-316-1101; Fax: 719-316-1103; Field Rep.: Doris Morgan
    • 529 N. Albany, #1220, Yuma, CO 80759; 970-848-2846; Fax: 970-848-2835; Field Rep.: Alan Soutz
    • Committee Assignment: Energy and Commerce

    Garrett, Scott, R-N.J. (5)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 2232 RHOB 20515-3005; 225-4465; Fax: 225-9048; Chief of Staff: Amy Smith
    • Web:http://garrett.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/repscottgarrett
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/RepGarrett
    • District Offices: 266 Harristown Rd., #104, Glen Rock, NJ 07452-3321; 201-444-5454; Fax: 201-444-5488; District Director: Gina Diorio
    • 83 Spring St., #302A, Newton, NJ 07860-2080; 973-300-2000; Fax: 973-300-1051; Constituent Services Rep.: Amy Nittolo
    • Committee Assignments: Budget; Financial Services

    Gerlach, Jim, R-Pa. (6)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 2442 RHOB 20515-3806; 225-4315; Fax: 225-8440; Chief of Staff: Annie Dutton
    • Web:http://gerlach.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/repjimgerlach
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/JimGerlach
    • District Offices: 111 E. Uwchlan Ave., Exton, PA 19341-1206; 610-594-1415; Fax: 610-594-1419; District Director; Press Secy.: Kori Walter
    • 580 Main St., #4, Trappe, PA 19426; 610-409-2780; Fax: 610-409-7988; Director of Constituent Services: Jason Carver
    • 840 N. Park Rd., Wyomissing, PA 19610-2919; 610-376-7630; Fax: 610-376-7633; District Rep.: Rachael Gaydos
    • Committee Assignment: Ways and Means

    Gibbs, Bob, R-Ohio (7)

    Gibson, Chris, R-N.Y. (19)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 1708 LHOB 20515; 225-5614; Fax: 225-1168; Chief of Staff: Steve J. Stallmer
    • Web:http://gibson.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/RepChrisGibson
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/repchrisgibson
    • District Offices: 25 Chestnut St., Cooperstown, NY 13326; 607-282-4002; Field Rep.: Rich Harris
    • 111 Main St., Delhi, NY 13753-1233; 607-746-9537; Field Rep.: Paula Brown
    • 4328 Albany Post Rd., Route 9, Hyde Park, NY 12538; 845-698-0132; Field Rep.: Patty Hohmann
    • 2 Hudson St., Kinderhook, NY 12106; 518-610-8133; Office Manager: Ann Mueller
    • 721 Broadway, Kingston, NY 12401; 845-514-2322; Field Rep.: George Christian
    • 92 Sullivan Ave., P.O. Box 578, Ferndale, NY 12754; 845-747-9261; Field Rep.: Christine Schiff
    • 513 Broadway, Saratoga Springs, NY 12866-6730; 518-306-5450; Fax: 518-306-5446; District Director: Steve Bulger
    • Committee Assignments: Agriculture; Armed Services

    Gingrey, Phil, R-Ga. (11)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 442 CHOB 20515-1011; 225-2931; Fax: 225-2944; Chief of Staff: David Sours
    • Web:http://gingrey.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/RepPhilGingrey
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/RepPhilGingrey
    • District Offices: 135 W. Cherokee Ave., Cartersville, GA 30120; 678-721-2509; Fax: 678-721-7995; District Director: Janet Byington
    • 100 North St., #150, Canton, GA 30114; 770-345-2931; Fax: 770-345-2930; Field Rep.: John Wallace
    • 219 Roswell St., Marietta, GA 30060-2063; 770-429-1776; Fax: 770-795-9551; Deputy District Director; Special Projects Manager: John O'Keefe
    • Committee Assignments: Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe (Helsinki Commission); Energy and Commerce; House Administration

    Gohmert, Louie, R-Tex. (1)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 2443 RHOB 20515-4301; 225-3035; Fax: 226-1230; Chief of Staff: Connie Hair
    • Web:http://gohmert.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/pages/Louie-Gohmert/50375006903
    • Twitter:https://twitter.com/replouiegohmert
    • District Offices: Gregg County Courthouse, 101 E. Methvin St., #302, Longview, TX 75601-7277; 903-236-8597; Fax: 903-561-7110
    • 300 E. Shepherd Ave., #210, Lufkin, TX 75901-3252; 936-632-3180; Fax: 903-561-7110
    • 102 W. Houston St., Marshall, TX 75670-4038; 903-938-8386; Fax: 903-561-7110
    • 101 W. Main St., #160, Nacogdoches, TX 75961-4830; 936-715-9514; Fax: 903-561-7110
    • 1121 E.S.E. Loop 323, #206, Tyler, TX 75701-9637; 903-561-6349; Fax: 903-561-7110; District Director: Jonna Fitzgerald
    • Committee Assignments: Judiciary; Natural Resources

    Goodlatte, Bob, R-Va. (6)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 2309 RHOB 20515-4606; 225-5431; Fax: 225-9681; Chief of Staff Internet Caucus;International Anti-Piracy Caucus: Peter Larkin
    • Web:http://house.gov/goodlatte/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/BobGoodlatte
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/RepGoodlatte
    • District Offices: 70 N. Mason St., Harrisonburg, VA 22801; 540-432-2391; Fax: 540-432-6593; District Rep.: Eric Bagwell
    • 916 Main St., #300, Lynchburg, VA 24504; 434-845-8306; Fax: 434-845-8245; District Rep.: Clarkie Eppes
    • 10 Franklin Rd., S.E., #540, Roanoke, VA 24011; 540-857-2672; Fax: 540-857-2675; District Director: Peter Larkin
    • 117 S. Lewis St., Staunton, VA 24401; 540-885-3861; Fax: 540-885-3930; District Rep.: Debbie Garrett
    • Committee Assignments: Agriculture, Vice Chair; Judiciary, Chair

    Gosar, Paul, R-Ariz. (4)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 504 CHOB 20515-0301; 225-2315; Fax: 226-9739; Chief of Staff: Tom Van Flein
    • Web:http://gosar.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/repgosar
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/repgosar
    • District Offices: 220 N. 4th St., Kingman, AZ 86401 122 N. Cortez St., #104, Prescott, AZ 86301; 928-445-1683; Fax: 928-445-3414; Office Manager: Julie Schriener
    • 270 E. Hunt Hwy., #12, San Tran Valley, AZ 85143; 480-882-2697; Fax: 480-882-2698; District Director: Penny Pew
    • Committee Assignments: Natural Resources; Oversight and Government Reform

    Gowdy, Trey, R-S.C. (4)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 1404 LHOB 20515; 225-6030; Fax: 226-1177; Chief of Staff: Matthew Van Patton
    • Web:http://gowdy.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/pages/Trey-Gowdy/143059759084016
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/tgowdysc
    • District Offices: 104 S. Main St., Greenville, SC 29601-2742; 864-241-0175; Fax: 864-241-0982; District Director: Cindy Crick Spartan Centre,
    • 101 W. St. John St., Spartanburg, SC 29306-5179; 864-583-3264; Fax: 864-583-3926; Office Manager: Missy House
    • Committee Assignments: Education and the Workforce; Ethics; Judiciary; Oversight and Government Reform

    Granger, Kay, R-Tex. (12)

    Graves, Sam, R-Mo. (6)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 1415 LHOB 20515-2506; 225-7041; Fax: 225-8221; Chief of Staff: Tom Brown
    • Web:http://graves.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/pages/Sam-Graves/118514606128
    • District Offices: 11724 N.W. Plaza Circle, #900, Kansas City, MO 64153; 816-792-3976; Fax: 816-792-0694; District Director: Melissa Roe
    • 411 Jules St., Room 111, St. Joseph, MO 64501-2275; 816-749-0800; Fax: 816-749-0801; Field Rep.: Matt Barry
    • Committee Assignments: Small Business, Chair; Transportation and Infrastructure

    Graves, Tom, R-Ga. (14)

    Grayson, Alan, D-Fla. (9)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 430 CHOB 20515; 225-9889; Fax: 225-9742; Chief of Staff: Julie Tagen
    • Web:http://grayson.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/alangrayson
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/AlanGrayson
    • District Offices: 101 N. Church St., #550, Kissimme, FL 34741; 407-518-4983; Fax: 407-846-2087; Field Rep.: Viviana Rodriguez
    • 5842 S. Semoran Blvd., Orlando, FL 32822; 407-615-8889; Fax: 407-615-8890; District Director: Susannah Randolph
    • Committee Assignments: Foreign Affairs; Science, Space, and Technology

    Green, Al, D-Tex. (9)

    Green, Gene, D-Tex. (29)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 2470 RHOB 20515-4329; 225-1688; Fax: 225-9903; Chief of Staff; Ethics; Election Reform;Campaign Reform: Rhonda Jackson
    • Web:http://green.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/RepGeneGreen
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/RepGeneGreen
    • District Offices: 11811 I-10 E., #430, East Houston, TX 77029-1974; 713-330-0761; Fax: 713-330-0807; District Scheduler; Caseworker: Sophia Gutierrez
    • 256 N. Sam Houston Pkwy. E., #29, Houston, TX 77060-2028; 281-999-5879; Fax: 281-999-5716; Caseworker: Yuroba Harris
    • Committee Assignment: Energy and Commerce

    Griffin, Tim, R-Ark. (2)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 1232 LHOB 20515-0402; 225-2506; Fax: 225-5903; Chief of Staff: D. Clayton Hall
    • Web:http://griffin.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/reptimgriffin
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/reptimgriffin
    • District Offices: 1105 Deer St., #12, Conway, AR 72032; 501-358-3481; Fax: 501-358-3494; Field Rep.: Phil Jarvis
    • 1501 N. University Ave., #150, Little Rock, AR 72207-5230; 501-324-5941; Fax: 501-324-6029; District Director: Carl Vogelpohl
    • Committee Assignment: Ways and Means

    Griffith, H. Morgan, R-Va. (9)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 1108 LHOB 20515-4609; 225-3861; Fax: 225-0076; Chief of Staff: Kelly Lungren McCollum
    • Web:http://morgangriffith.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/RepMorganGriffith
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/RepMGriffith
    • District Offices: 323 W. Main St., Abingdon, VA 24210-2605; 276-525-1405; Fax: 276-525-1444; District Director: K. Jenkins Federal Courthouse,
    • Big Stone Gap, VA 24219; 276-525-1405 17 W. Main St., Christiansburg, VA 24073-3055; 540-381-5671; Fax: 540-381-5675; Constituent Rep.: Barbara Stafford
    • Committee Assignment: Energy and Commerce

    Grijalva, Raul M., D-Ariz. (3)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 1511 LHOB 20515-0307; 225-2435; Fax: 225-1541; Chief of Staff: Amy Emerick
    • Web:http://grijalva.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/Rep.Grijalva
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/RepRaulGrijalva
    • District Offices: Rancho Santa Fe Center, 13065 W. McDowell Rd., #C-123, Avondale, AZ 85392; 623-536-3388; Fax: 623-748-0451; District Rep.: Jose Miranda
    • 130 N. State Ave., P.O. Box 4105, Somerton, AZ 85350; 928-343-7933; Fax: 928-343-7949; District Aide;Caseworker: Martha Garcia
    • 738 N. 5th Ave., #110, Tucson, AZ 85705-8485; 520-622-6788; Fax: 520-622-0198; District Director: Rubén Reyes
    • Committee Assignments: Education and the Workforce; Natural Resources

    Grimm, Michael, R-N.Y. (11)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 512 CHOB 20515-3213; 225-3371; Fax: 226-1272; Chief of Staff: Chris Berardini
    • Web:http://grimm.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/repmichaelgrimm
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/repmichaelgrimm
    • District Offices: 7308 13th Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11228-2011; 718-630-5277; Fax: 718-630-5388; Brooklyn Staff Director: Fran Vella-Marrone
    • 265 New Dorp Lane, 2nd Floor, Staten Island, NY 10306-3005; 718-351-1062; Fax: 718-980-0768; District Director: Nick Curran
    • Committee Assignment: Financial Services

    Guthrie, Brett, R-Ky. (2)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 308 CHOB 20515-1702; 225-3501; Fax: 226-2019; Chief of Staff: Eric Bergren
    • Web:http://guthrie.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/pages/Brett-Guthrie/21836146886
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/RepGuthrie
    • District Offices: 1001 Center St., #300, Bowling Green, KY 42101-2192; 270-842-9896; Fax: 270-842-9081; District Director: Mark Lord
    • 411 W. Lincoln Trail Blvd., Radcliff, KY 40160; Field Rep.: Brian Smith
    • 2200 Airport Rd., Owensboro, KY 42301; Field Rep: Susanne Miles
    • Committee Assignment: Education and the Workforce; Energy and Commerce

    Gutierrez, Luis V., D-Ill. (4)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 2408 RHOB 20515; 225-8203; Fax: 225-7810; Chief of Staff; Oversight of Committees Appropriations Oversight House Administration Standards of Official Conduct Transportation: Susan Collins
    • Web:http://gutierrez.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/RepGutierrez
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/LuisGutierrez
    • District Offices: 3210 W. North Ave., Chicago, IL 60647-5429; 773-342-0774; Fax: 773-342-0776; District Director Citizenship and Immigration EEOC/Labor Issues Immigrant Advocacy Issues Letters of Support Casework Management: Teresa Reyes
    • 5531 W. Cermak Rd., Cicero, IL 60804; 708-652-5180; Fax: 708-652-5118; Field Rep.: Theresa Paucar
    • Committee Assignments: Judiciary; Permanent Select Intelligence

    Hahn, Janice, D-Calif. (44)

    Hall, Ralph, R-Tex. (4)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 2405 RHOB 20515-4304; 225-6673; Fax: 225-3332; Chief of Staff and Science Committee Republican Chief of Staff: Janet Poppleton
    • Web:http://ralphhall.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/pages/Ralph-Hall/6311458773
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/RalphHallPress
    • District Offices: Bowie County Courthouse, 710 James Bowie Dr., New Boston, TX 75570-2328; 903-628-8309; Fax: 903-628-8320; District Asst: Eric Cain
    • 104 N. San Jacinto St., Rockwall, TX 75087-2508; 972-771-9118; Fax: 972-722-0907; District Asst: Thomas Hughes
    • 101 E. Pecan St., #119, Sherman, TX 75090-5989; 903-892-1112; Fax: 903-868-0264; District Asst.: Jennyne Reeves
    • 4303 Texas Blvd., #2, Texarkana, TX 75503-3094; 903-794-4445; Fax: 903-794-5577; District Asst: Marjorie Chandler
    • Committee Assignments: Energy, and Commerce; Science, Space, and Technology

    Hanabusa, Colleen, D-Hawaii (1)

    Hanna, Richard, R-N.Y. (22)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 319 CHOB 20515-3224; 225-3665; Fax: 225-1891; Chief of Staff: Justin Stokes
    • Web:http://hanna.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/reprichardhanna?ref=sgm
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/reprichardhanna
    • District Offices: 49 Court St., #230, Binghamton, NY 13901; 607-723-0212; Fax: 607-723-0215; Regional Director: Terre Dennis
    • 258 Genesee St., 1st Floor, Utica, NY 13502; 315-724-9740; Fax: 315-724-9746; Regional Director: Linda Lambe
    • Committee Assignments: Small Business; Transportation and Infrastructure

    Harper, Gregg, R-Miss. (3)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 307 CHOB 20515-2403; 225-5031; Fax: 225-5797; Chief of Staff: Michael J. Cravens
    • Web:http://harper.house.gov/
    • Facebook:https://facebook.com/GreggHarper
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/GreggHarper
    • District Offices: 230 S. Whitworth Ave., Brookhaven, MS 39601-3343; 601-823-3400; Fax: 601-823-5512; Field Rep.: Evan Gardner
    • 1901 Front St., Suite A, Meridian, MS 39301-5206; 601-693-6681; Fax: 601-693-1801; Special Asst. Constituent Services: Francis White
    • 2507-A Old Brandon Rd., Pearl, MS 39208; 601-932-2410; Fax: 601-932-4647; District Director: Chip Reynolds
    • 1 Research Blvd., #206, Starkville, MS 39759-8749; 662-324-0007; Fax: 662-324-0033; Special Asst. Constituent Services: Kyle Jordan
    • Committee Assignments: Energy and Commerce; House Administration; Joint Printing, Chair; Joint Library of Congress, Vice-Chair

    Harris, Andy, R-Md. (1)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 1533 LHOB 20515; 225-5311; Fax: 225-0254; Chief of Staff: Kevin C. Reigrut
    • Web:http://harris.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/AndyHarrisMD
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/repandyharrismd
    • District Offices: 15 E. Churchville Rd., #102B, Bel Air, MD 21014-3837; 410-588-5670; Fax: 410-588-5673; Community Liaison: Joe Sliwka
    • 100 Olde Point Village, #101, Chester, MD 21619; 410-643-5425; Fax: 410-643-5429; Community Liaison: Denise Lovelady
    • 212 W. Main St., #204B, Salisbury, MD 21801-5026; 443-944-8624; Fax: 443-944-8625; Constituent Liaison: Heather Duma
    • Committee Assignments: Appropriations; Natural Resources;

    Hartzler, Vicky, R-Mo. (4)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 1023 LHOB 20515-2504; 225-2876; Fax: 225-0148; Chief of Staff: Eric Bohl
    • Web:http://hartzler.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/Congresswoman.Hartzler
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/rephartzler
    • District Offices: 2415 Carter Lane, #4, Columbia, MO 65201; 573-442-9311; Fax: 573-442-9309; District Director: Donna Spickert
    • 1909 N. Commercial St., Harrisonville, MO 64701-1252; 816-884-3411; Fax: 816-884-3163; Field Rep.: Zack Brown
    • 219 N. Adams Ave., Lebanon, MO 65536-3029; 417-532-5582; Fax: 417-532-3886; Field Rep.: Levi Mitchell
    • 415 S. Ohio Ave., #212B, Sedalia, MO 65301-4445; 573-634-4884
    • Committee Assignments: Agriculture; Armed Services; Budget

    Hastings, Alcee L., D-Fla. (20)

    Hastings, Doc, R-Wash. (4)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 1203 LHOB 20515-4704; 225-5816; Fax: 225-3251; Chief of Staff: Jenny Gorski
    • Web:http://hastings.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/RepDocHastings
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/DocHastings
    • District Offices: 2715 St. Andrews Loop, Suite D, Pasco, WA 99301-3386; 509-543-9396; Fax: 509-545-1972; District Director: Barbara Lisk
    • 402 E. Yakima Ave., #760, Yakima, WA 98901-5410; 509-452-3243; Fax: 509-452-3438; Field Rep.: Ryan Rodruck
    • Committee Assignments: Natural Resources, Chair; Oversight and Government Reform

    Heck, Dennis, D-Wash. (10)

    Heck, Joe, R-Nev. (3)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 132 CHOB 20515-2803; 225-3252; Fax: 225-2185; Chief of Staff: Greg Facchiano
    • Web:http://heck.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/RepJoeHeck
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/RepJoeHeck
    • District Office: 2480 E. Pebble Rd., #220, Henderson, NV 89074; 702-387-4941; Fax: 702-837-0728; District Director: Keith Hughes
    • Committee Assignments: Armed Services; Education and the Workforce; Permanent Select Intelligence

    Hensarling, Jeb, R-Tex. (5)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 2228 RHOB 20515; 225-3484; Fax: 226-4888; Chief of Staff: Andrew Duke
    • Web:http://hensarling.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/RepHensarling
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/RepHensarling
    • District Offices: 810 E. Corsicana St., Suite C, Athens, TX 75751-2629; 903-675-8288; Fax: 903-675-8351; Regional Director: Phillip Smith
    • 6510 Abrams Rd., #243, Dallas, TX 75231-7278; 214-349-9996; Fax: 214-349-0738; District Director: Mike Garcia
    • Committee Assignment: Financial Services, Chair

    Holding, George, R-N.C. (13)

    Hudson, Richard, R-N.C. (8)

    Huffman, Jared, D-Calif. (2)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 1630 LHOB 20515; 225-5161; Fax: 225-5163; Chief of Staff: Ben Miller
    • Web:http://huffman.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/RepHuffman
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/RepHuffman
    • District Offices: 317 3rd St., #1, Eureka, CA 95501; 707-407-3585; Fax: 707-407-3559; District Director: Jenny Callaway
    • 430 N. Franklin St., P.O. Box 2208, Fort Bragg, CA 95437; 707-962-0933; Fax: 707-962-0905; Field Rep.: Heidi Dickerson
    • 999 5th Ave., #290, San Rafael, CA 94901; 415-258-9657; Fax: 415-258-9913; Field Rep.: Val Cartwright
    • Committee Assignments: Budget; Natural Resources

    Herrera Beutler, Jaime, R-Wash. (3)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 1130 LHOB 20515-4703; 225-3536; Fax: 225-3478; Chief of Staff: Casy Bowman
    • Web:http://herrerabeutler.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/herrerabeutler
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/herrerabeutler
    • District Offices: Chehalis City Hall Bldg., 350 N. Market Blvd., Chehalis, WA 98532; Field Rep.: Julie Balmelli-Powe
    • O.O. Howard House, 750 Anderson St., Suite B, Vancouver, WA 98661-3853; 360-695-6292; Fax: 360-695-6197; District Director: Ryan Hart
    • Committee Assignments: Appropriations; Small Business

    Higgins, Brian, D-N.Y. (26)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 2459 RHOB 20515-3227; 225-3306; Fax: 226-0347; Chief of Staff; Legis. Director: Andrew Tantillo
    • Web:http://higgins.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/RepBrianHiggins
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/RepBrianHiggins
    • District Offices: Larkin Bldg., 726 Exchange St., #601, Buffalo, NY 14210-1484; 716-852-3501; Fax: 716-852-3929; District Chief of Staff: Chuck Eaton
    • 640 Park PL, Niagara Falls, NY 14301; 716-282-1274; Fax: 716-282-2479; Field Rep.: Donna Coughlin
    • Committee Assignments: Foreign Affairs; Homeland Security

    Himes, Jim, D-Conn. (4)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 119 CHOB 20515-0704; 225-5541; Fax: 225-9629; Chief of Staff: Jason Cole
    • Web:http://himes.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/CongressmanJimHimes
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/jahimes
    • District Offices: Court Exchange, 211 State St., 2nd Floor, Bridgeport, CT 06604-4808; 866-453-0028; Fax: 203-333-6655; District Director: Mark Henson
    • 888 Washington Blvd., 10th Floor, Stamford, CT 06901-2902; 866-453-0028; Fax: 203-333-6655; Constituent Services Rep.: Gloria DePina
    • Committee Assignments: Financial Services; Permanent Select Intelligence

    Hinojosa, Ruben, D-Tex. (15)

    Holt, Rush, D-N.J. (12)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 1214 LHOB 20515-3012; 225-5801; Fax: 225-6025; Chief of Staff: Christopher Hartmann
    • Web:http://holt.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/RushHolt
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/RushHolt
    • District Office: 50 Washington Rd., West Windsor, NJ 08550-1012; 609-750-9365; Fax: 609-750-0618; District Director: Sarah Steward
    • Committee Assignments: Education and the Workforce; Natural Resources

    Honda, Mike, D-Calif. (17)

    Horsford, Steven, D-Nev. (4)

    Hoyer, Steny, D-Md. (5)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 1705 LHOB 20515-2005; 225-4131; Fax: 225-4300; Chief of Staff: Alexis Covey-Brandt
    • Web:http://hoyer.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/WhipHoyer
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/WhipHoyer
    • District Offices: U.S. District Courthouse, 6500 Cherrywood Lane, #310, Greenbelt, MD 20770-1287; 301-474-0119; Fax: 301-474-4697; Deputy District Director: Terrance Taylor
    • 401 Post Office Rd., #202, Waldorf, MD 20602-2738; 301-843-1577; Fax: 301-843-1331; District Director: Betsy Bossart

    Huelskamp, Tim, R-Kans. (1)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 129 CHOB 20515-1601; 225-2715; Fax: 225-5124; Chief of Staff: Jim Pfaff
    • Web:http://huelskamp.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/congressmanhuelskamp
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/conghuelskamp
    • District Offices: 100 Military Ave., #205, Dodge City, KS 67801-4945; 620-225-0172; Fax: 620-225-0297; Constituent Services Rep.: Lynn Ballinger
    • 1 N. Main St., #525, Hutchinson, KS 67501-5228; 620-665-6138; Fax: 620-665-6360; Constituent Services Rep.: Nathan Cox
    • 717 Poyntz Ave., #10, Manhattan, KS 66502; 785-309-0572; Fax: 785-827-6957; Constituent Services Rep.: Ashley Myers
    • 119 W. Iron Ave., Suite A, Salina, KS 67402; 785-309-0572; Fax: 785-827-6957; Deputy District Director: Steven Howe
    • Committee Assignments: Small Business; Veterans' Affairs

    Huizenga, Bill, R-Mich. (2)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 1217 LHOB 20515-2202; 225-4401; Fax: 226-0779; Chief of Staff: Jon DeWitte
    • Web:http://huizenga.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/rephuizenga
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/rephuizenga
    • District Offices: 1 S. Harbor Ave., #6B, Grand Haven, MI 49417; 616-414-5516; Fax: 616-414-5521; District Director: Greg Van Woerkom
    • 4555 Wilson Ave. S.W., #3, Grandville, MI 49418; 616-570-0917; Fax: 616-570-0934
    • Committee Assignment: Financial Services

    Hultgren, Randy, R-Ill. (14)

    Hunter, Duncan, R-Calif. (50)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 223 CHOB 20515-0552; 225-5672; Fax: 225-0235; Chief of Staff: Victoria J. Middleton
    • Web:http://hunter.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/DuncanHunter
    • District Offices: 1611 N. Magnolia Ave., #310, El Cajon, CA 92020; 619-448-5201; Fax: 619-449-2251; District Chief of Staff: Rick Terrazas
    • 333 S. Juniper St., #110, Escondido, CA 92027; 760-743-3260; 41000 Main St., Temecula, CA 92590; 951-695-5108
    • Committee Assignments: Armed Services; Education and the Workforce; Transportation and Infrastructure

    Hurt, Robert, R-Va. (5)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 125 CHOB; 225-4711; Fax: 225-5681; Chief of staff: Kelly Simpsom
    • Web:http://hurt.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/RepRobertHurt
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/reproberthurt
    • District Offices: 686 Berkmar Circle, Charlottesville, VA 22901-1464; 434-973-9631; Fax: 434-973-9635; Outreach and Coalitions Director: Scott Leake
    • 308 Craghead St., #102-D, Danville, VA 24541-1470; 434-791-2596; Fax: 434-791-4619; District Director: Linda Green
    • 515 S. Main St., P.O. Box 0, Farmville, VA 23901; 434-395-0120; Fax: 434-395-1248; Field Rep.: Paul Hoffman
    • Committee Assignment: Financial Services

    Israel, Steve, D-N.Y. (3)

    Issa, Darrell, R-Calif. (49)

    Jackson Lee, Sheila, D-Tex. (18)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 2160 RHOB 20515-4318; 225-3816; Fax: 225-3317; Chief of Staff: Glenn Rushing
    • Web:http://jacksonlee.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/pages/Congresswoman-Sheila-Jackson-Lee/169479190984
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/JacksonLeeTX18
    • District Offices: Mickey Leland Federal Bldg., 1919 Smith St., #1180, Houston, TX 77002-8098; 713-655-0050; Fax: 713-655-1612; District Director: Deidre Rasheed
    • 6719 W. Montgomery Rd., #204, Houston, TX 77091-3105; 713-691-4882; Fax: 713-699-8292
    • 420 W. 19th St., Houston, TX 77008-3914; 713-861-4070; Fax: 713-861-4323
    • 4300 Lyons Ave., Houston, TX 77020; 713-227-7740; Fax: 713-227-7707
    • Committee Assignments: Homeland Security; Judiciary

    Jeffries, Hakeem, D-N.Y. (8)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 1339 LHOB 20515; 225-5936; Fax: 225-1018; Chief of Staff: Cedric Grant
    • Web:http://jeffries.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://jeffries.house.gov/
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/RepJeffries
    • District Offices: 445 Neptune Ave., 1st Floor, Brooklyn, NY 11224; 718-373-0033; Fax: 718-373-1333; Community Rep.: Lee Church
    • 55 Hanson Pl., #603, Brooklyn, NY 11217; 718-237-2211; Fax: 718-237-2273; District Director: Stina Skewes-Cox
    • Committee Assignments: Budget; Judiciary

    Jenkins, Lynn, R-Kans. (2)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 1027 LHOB 20515; 225-6601; Fax: 225-7986; Chief of Staff: Pat Leopold
    • Web:http://lynnjenkins.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/replynnjenkins
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/replynnjenkins
    • District Offices: 1001 N. Broadway St., Suite C, Pittsburg, KS 66762-3944; 620-231-5966; Fax: 620-531-5972; Chief of Staff; District Director: Bill Roe
    • 3550 S.W. 5th St., Topeka, KS 66606-1998; 785-234-5966; Fax: 785-234-5967; Chief of Staff, District Director: Bill Roe
    • Committee Assignment: Ways and Means

    Johnson, Bill, R-Ohio (6)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 1710 LHOB 20515; 225-5705; Fax: 225-5907; Chief of Staff. Mike Smullen
    • Web:http://billjohnson.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/RepBillJohnson
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/repbilljohnson
    • District Offices: 116 Southgate Pkwy., Cambridge, OH 43725; 740-432-2366; Fax: 740-432-2587; Field Rep.: Anthony Adornetto
    • 202 Park Ave., Suite C, Ironton, OH 45638-1595; 740-534-9431; Fax: 740-534-9482; Field Rep.: Alexander Scharfetter
    • 246 Front St., Marietta, OH 45750-2908; 740-376-0868; Fax: 740-376-0886; Field Rep: Dan Halliburton
    • 192 E. State St., Salem, OH 44460-2843; 330-337-6951; Fax: 330-337-7125; District Director: Jacquelyn Stewart
    • Committee Assignment: Energy and Commerce

    Johnson, Eddie Bernice, D-Tex. (30)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 2468 CHOB 20515-4330; 225-8885; Fax: 226-1477; Chief of Staff Texas Democratic Delegation: Murat T. Gokcigdem
    • Web:http://ebjohnson.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/CongresswomanEBJtx30
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/RepEBJ
    • District Office: 3102 Maple Ave., #600, Dallas, TX 75201-1236; 214-922-8885; Fax: 214-922-7028; District Director: Rod Givens
    • Committee Assignments: Science, Space, and Technology, Ranking Minority Member; Transportation and Infrastructure

    Johnson, Hank, D-Ga. (4)

    Johnson, Sam, R-Tex. (3)

    Jones, Walter B., R-N.C. (3)

    Jordan, Jim, R-Ohio (4)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 1524 LHOB 20515-3504; 225-2676; Fax: 226-0577; Chief of Staff: Ray Yonkura
    • Web:http://jordan.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/repjimjordan
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/Jim_Jordan
    • District Offices: 3121 W. Elm Plaza, Lima, OH 45805-2516; 419-999-6455; Fax: 419-999-4238; Deputy District Director: Neil Lynch
    • 13 B E. Main St., Norwalk, OH 44857; 419-663-1426; Fax: 419-668-3015; District Director: Cameron Warner
    • Committee Assignments: Judiciary; Oversight and Government Reform

    Joyce, David, R-Ohio (14)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 1535 LHOB 20515; 225-5731; Fax: 225-3307; Chief of Staff: Dino DiSanto
    • Web:http://joyce.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/RepDaveJoyce
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/RepDaveJoyce
    • District Offices: 1 Victoria PL, Room 320, Painesville, OH 44077; 440-352-3939; Fax: 440-352-3622; District Director: Nick Ciofani
    • 10075 Ravenna Rd., Twinsburg, OH 44087-1718; 330-425-9291; Fax: 330-425-7071
    • Committee Assignment: Appropriations

    Kaptur, Marcy, D-Ohio (9)

    Keating, William, D-Mass. (9)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 315 CHOB 20515-2110; 225-3111; Fax: 225-5658; Chief of Staff: Garrett Donovan
    • Web:http://keating.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/Congressman.Keating
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/USRepKeating
    • District Offices: 297 North St., #312, Hyannis, MA 02601-5134; 508-771-0666; Fax: 508-790-1959; District Rep.: Stefanie Coxe
    • 558 Pleasant St., #309, New Bedford, MA 02740; 508-999-6462; Fax: 508-999-6468; District Rep.: Jim Quigley
    • 2 Court St., Plymouth, MA 02360; 508-746-9000; Fax: 508-732-0072; District Director: Michael Jackman
    • Committee Assignments: Foreign Affairs; Homeland Security

    Kelly, Mike, R-Pa. (3)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 1519 LHOB 20515; 225-5406; Fax: 225-3103; Chief of Staff: Matthew Stroia
    • Web:http://kelly.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/pages/Representative-Mike-Kelly/191056827594903
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/MikeKellyPA
    • District Offices: 101 E. Diamond St., #218, Butler, PA 16001; 724-282-2557; Fax: 724-282-3682; Office Manager: Marci Mustello
    • 208 E. Bayfront Pkwy., #102, Erie, PA 16507-2405; 814-454-8190; Fax: 814-454-8197; District Director: Brad Moore
    • 33 Chestnut Ave., Sharon, PA 16146; 724-342-7170; Fax: 724-342-7242; Outreach Director: Samuel Breene
    • Committee Assignment: Ways and Means

    Kelly, Robin, D-Ill. (2)

    Kennedy, Joe, D-Mass. (4)

    Kildee, Dan, D-Mich. (5)

    Kilmer, Derek, D-Wash (6)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 1429 LHOB 20515; 225-5916; Fax: 226-3575; Chief of Staff: Jonathon Smith
    • Web:http://kilmer.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/derek.kilmer
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/@RepDerekKilmer
    • District Offices: 345 6th St., #500, Bremerton, WA 98337; 360-373-9725; Deputy District Director: Joe Dacca
    • 950 Pacific Ave., #1230, Tacoma, WA 98402; 253-272-3515; District Director: Meadow Johnson
    • Committee Assignments: Armed Services; Science, Space, and Technology

    Kind, Ron, D-Wisc. (3)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 1502 LHOB 20515; 225-5506; Fax: 225-5739; Chief of Staff: Erik Robert Olson
    • Web:http://kind.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/repronkind?ref=nf
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/repronkind
    • District Offices: 131 S. Barstow St., #301, Eau Claire, WI 54701-2625; 715-831-9214; Fax: 715-831-9272; Congressional Aide: Mark Aumann
    • 205 5th Ave. South, #400, La Crosse, WI 54601-4059; 608-782-2558; Fax: 608-782-4588; District Chief of Staff: Loren Kannenberg
    • Committee Assignment: Ways and Means

    King, Pete, R-N.Y. (2)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 339 CHOB 20515-3203; 225-7896; Fax: 226-2279; Chief of Staff Press Secy.: Kevin C. Fogarty
    • Web:http://peteking.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/reppeteking
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/reppeteking
    • District Office: 1003 Park Blvd., Massapequa Park, NY 11762-2758; 516-541-4225; Fax: 516-541-6602; District Director: Anne Rosenfeld
    • Committee Assignments: Financial Services; Homeland Security; Permanent Select Intelligence

    King, Steve, R-lowa (4)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 2210 RHOB 20515; 225-4426; Fax: 225-3193; Special Asst.; Scheduler: Aynsley Harrison
    • Web:http://steveking.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/SteveKingIA
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/SteveKingIA
    • District Offices: 1421 S. Bell Ave., #102, Ames, Iowa 50010; 515-232-2885; Fax: 515-232-2844; District Rep.: Jeremy Davis
    • 723 Central Ave., Fort Dodge, Iowa 50501; 515-573-2738; Fax: 515-576-7141; District Rep.: Jim Oberhelman
    • 202-lst St. S.E., #126, Mason Ciy, Iowa, 50401; 641-201-1624; Fax: 641-201-1523; District Rep.: Merlin Bartz
    • 526 Nebraska St., Sioux City, IA 51101-1313; 712-224-4692; Fax: 712-224-4693; District Director: Wayne Brincks
    • 306 N. Grand Ave., P.O. Box 650, Spencer, IA 51301-4141; 712-580-7754; Fax: 712-580-3354; District Rep.: Andrea Easter
    • Committee Assignments: Agriculture; Judiciary; Small Business

    Kingston, Jack, R-Ga. (1)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 2372 RHOB 20515-1001; 225-5831; Fax: 226-2269; Chief of Staff: Adam Sullivan
    • Web:http://kingston.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/JackKingston
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/JackKingston
    • District Offices: 1510 Newcastle St., Brunswick, GA 31520-6826; 912-265-9010; Fax: 912-265-9013; Caseworker; Field Rep.: Charles Wilson
    • 1 Diamond Causeway, #7, Savannah, GA 31406-7434; 912-352-0101; Fax: 912-352-0105; Deputy District Director; Scheduler: Brianna Foran
    • Committee Assignment: Appropriations

    Kinzinger, Adam, R-Ill. (16)

    Kirkpatrick, Ann, D-Ariz. (1)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 330 CHOB 20515; 225-3361; Fax: 225-3462; Chief of Staff: Carmen Gallus
    • Web:http://kirkpatrick.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/RepKirkpatrick
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/RepKirkpatrick
    • District Offices: 211 N. Florence St., #1, Casa Grande, AZ 85122; 520-316-0839; Fax: 520-316-0842; Community Outreach Rep.: Blanca Rubio-Varela
    • 405 N. Beaver St., #6, Flagstaff, AZ 86001; 928-213-9977; Fax: 928-213-9981; District Director: Ron Lee
    • 1400 E. Ash, Globe, AZ 85501; 928-425-3231; Fax: 928-402-4363; Community Outreach Rep.: Carmen Casillas
    • 11555 W. Civic Center Dr., #104A, Marana, AZ 85653; 520-382-2663; Fax: 520-382-2664; Caseworker: Zak Royse
    • 550 N. 9th PL, Show Low, AZ 85901; 928-537-5657
    • Committee Assignments: Transportation and Infrastructure; Veterans' Affairs

    Kline, John, R-Minn. (2)

    Kuster, Ann McLane, D-N.H. (2)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 137 CHOB 20515; 225-5206; Fax: 225-2946; Chief of Staff: Abby Curran
    • Web:http://kuster.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/CongresswomanAnnieKuster
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/@RepAnnieKuster
    • District Offices: 18 N. Main St., 4th Floor, Concord, NH 03301; 603-226-1002; Fax: 603-226-1010; District Director: Sean Downey
    • 70 E. Pearl St., Nashua, NH 03060; 603-595-2006; Fax: 603-595-2016; Constituent Services Coord.: Collin Lever
    • Committee Assignments: Agriculture; Small Business; Veterans' Affairs

    Labrador, Raul, R-Idaho (1)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 1523 LHOB 20515-1201; 225-6611; Fax: 225-3029; Chief of Staff: Jason Bohrer
    • Web:http://labrador.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/raul.r.labrador
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/Raul_Labrador
    • District Offices: 1250 W. Ironwood Dr., #243, Coeur d'Alene, ID 83814-2682; 208-667-0127; Fax: 208-667-0310; Regional Director: Aaron Calkins
    • 313 D St., #107, Lewiston, ID 83501-1894; 208-743-1388; Fax: 208-743-0247; Regional Director: Scott Carlton
    • 33 E. Broadway Ave., #251, Meridian, ID 83642-2619; 208-888-3188; Fax: 208-888-0894; District Director: Jake Ball
    • Committee Assignments: Judiciary; Natural Resources

    LaMalfa, Doug, R-Calif. (1)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 506 CHOB 20515; 225-3076; Fax: 226-0852; Chief of Staff: Mark Spannagel
    • Web:http://lamalfa.house.gov/
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/RepLaMalfa
    • District Offices: 1453 Downer St., Suite A, Oroville, CA 95965; 530-534-7100; Fax: 530-534-7800; District Director: Lisa Buescher
    • 2885 Churn Creek Rd., Suite C, Redding, CA 96002; 530-223-5898; Fax: 530-605-4342; District Rep.: Stephanie White
    • Committee Assignments: Agriculture; Natural Resources

    Lamborn, Doug, R-Colo. (5)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 2402 RHOB 20515; 225-4422; Fax: 226-2638; Chief of Staff: Adam Magary
    • Web:http://lamborn.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/CongressmanDougLamborn
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/RepDLamborn
    • District Offices: 415 Main St., Buena Vista, CO 81211; 719-520-0055; Fax: 719-520-0840; Field Director.: Robin Coran
    • 1271 Kelly Johnson Blvd., #110, Colorado Springs, CO 80920-3965; 719-520-0055; Fax: 719-520-0840; District Director: Neal Schuerer
    • Committee Assignments: Armed Services; Natural Resources; Veterans' Affairs

    Lance, Leonard, R-N.J. (7)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 133 CHOB 20515; 225-5361; Fax: 225-9460; Chief of Staff. Todd Mitchell
    • Web:http://lance.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/CongressmanLance
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/RepLanceNJ7
    • District Offices: 361 Route 31, #1400, Flemington, NJ 08822; 908-788-6900; Fax: 908-788-2869; Community Affairs Manager: Whitt Hance
    • 425 North Ave. East, Westfield, NJ 07090-1443; 908-518-7733; Fax: 908-518-7751; District Director: Amanda Woloshen
    • Committee Assignment: Energy and Commerce

    Langevin, Jim, D-R.I. (2)

    Lankford, James, R-Okla. (5)

    Larsen, Rick, D-Wash. (2)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 2113 RHOB 20515; 225-2605; Fax: 225-4420; Chief of Staff: Kimberly Johnston
    • Web:http://larsen.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/RepRickLarsen
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/RepRickLarsen
    • District Offices: 119 N. Commercial St., #1350, Bellingham, WA 98225-4452; 360-733-4500; Fax: 360-733-5144; Community Liaison: Thomas Boucher
    • Wall Street Bldg., 2930 Wetmore Ave., #9F, Everett, WA 98201-4070; 425-252-3188; Fax: 425-252-6606; District Director: Jill McKinnie
    • Committee Assignments: Armed Services; Transportation and Infrastructure

    Larson, John B., D-Conn. (1)

    Latham, Tom, R-Iowa (3)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 2217 RHOB 20515-1504; 225-5476; Fax: 225-3301; Chief of staff: James D. Carstensen
    • Web:http://latham.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/tom.latham.733
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/TomLatham
    • District Offices: 116 W. Broadway St., Council Bluffs, IA 51503; 712-325-1404; Fax: 712-325-1405; Regional Rep.: Emily Clark
    • 208 W. Taylor St., Creston, Iowa 50801; 641-782-2495; Fax: 641-782-249; Regional Rep.: Laura Hartman
    • 2700 Grand Ave., #109, Des Moines, IA 50312; 515-282-1909; Fax: 515-0282-1785; District Director: Clarke Scanlon
    • Committee Assignment: Appropriations

    Latta, Bob, R-Ohio (5)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 2448 RHOB 20515; 225-6405; Fax: 225-1985; Chief of Staff: Ryan Walker
    • Web:http://latta.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/boblatta?ref=name
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/boblatta
    • District Offices: 1045 N. Main St., #6, Bowling Green, OH 43402-1361; 419-354-8700; Fax: 419-354-8702; District Director: Andrew Lorenz
    • 101 Clinton St., #1200, Defiance, OH 43512-2165; 419-782-1996; Fax: 419-784-9808; Sr. District Rep.: Kathy Shaver
    • Committee Assignment: Energy and Commerce

    Lee, Barbara, D-Calif. (13)

    Levin, Sander, D-Mich. (9)

    Lewis, John, D-Ga. (5)

    Lipinski, Daniel, D-Ill. (3)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 1717 LHOB 20515-1303; 225-5701; Fax: 225-1012; Co-Chief of staff: Eric L. Lausten
    • Web:http://lipinski.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/repdanlipinski
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/RepLipinski
    • District Offices: 6245 S. Archer Ave., Chicago, IL 60638-2609; 312-886-0481; Fax: 773-767-9395; Co-Chief of Staff: Jerry Hurckes
    • Central Square Bldg., 222 E. 9th St., #109, Lockport, IL 60441; 815-838-1990; Communications Director: Guy Tridgell
    • 5309 W. 95th St., Oak Lawn, IL 60453-2444; 708-424-0853; Fax: 708-424-1855; Congressional Aide: Jerry Mulvihill
    • Orland Park Village Hall, 14700 S. Ravinia Ave., Orland Park, IL 60462; 708-403-4379; Congressional Aide: Marianne Chmela
    • Committee Assignments: Science, Space, and Technology; Transportation and Infrastructure

    LoBiondo, Frank A., R-N.J. (2)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 2427 RHOB 20515-3002; 225-6572; Fax: 225-3318; Chief of Staff: Mary Annie Harper
    • Web:http://lobiondo.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/FrankLoBiondo
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/RepLoBiondo
    • District Office: 5914 Main St., #103, Mays Landing, NJ 08330-1746; 609-625-5008; Fax: 609-625-5071; Director of Constituent Services: Joan Dermanoski
    • Committee Assignments: Armed Services; Transportation and Infrastructure; Permanent Select Intelligence

    Loebsack, Dave, D-Iowa (2)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 1527 LHOB 20515-1502; 225-6576; Fax: 226-0757; Chief of Staff: Eric Witte
    • Web:http://loebsack.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/DaveLoebsack
    • Twitter:https://twitter.com/daveloebsack
    • District Offices: 209 W. 4th St., #104, Davenport, IA 52801; 563-323-5988; Fax: 563-323-5231; District Director: Robert Sueppel
    • 125 S. Dubuque St., Iowa City, IA 52240-4000; 319-351-0789; Fax: 319-351-5789; District Rep.: Jared Hershberger
    • Committee Assignments: Armed Services; Education and the Workforce

    Lofgren, Zoe, D-Calif. (19)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 1401 LHOB 20515-0516; 225-3072; Fax: 225-3336; Chief of Staff: Stacey Leavandosky
    • Web:http://lofgren.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/zoelofgren
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/RepZoeLofgren
    • District Office: 635 N. 1st St., Suite B, San Jose, CA 95112-5110; 408-271-8700; Fax: 408-271-8714; District Chief of Staff: Sandra Soto
    • Committee Assignments: House Administration; Judiciary; Science, Space, and Technology; Joint Library of Congress

    Long, Billy, R-Mo. (7)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 1541 LHOB 20515-2507; 225-6536; Fax: 225-5604; Chief of Staff: Joe Lillis
    • Web:http://long.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/Rep.Billy.Long
    • Twitter:https://twitter.com/auctnrl
    • District Offices: 2727 E. 32nd St., #2, Joplin, MO 64804-3155; 417-781-1041; Fax: 417-781-2832; Field Rep.: Jacob Heisten
    • 3232 E. Ridgeview St., Springfield, MO 65804-4076; 417-889-1800; Fax: 417-889-4915; District Director: Royce Reding
    • Committee Assignment: Energy and Commerce

    Lowenthal, Alan, D-Calif. (47)

    Lowey, Nita, D-N.Y. (17)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 2365 RHOB 20515-3218; 225-6506; Fax: 225-0546; Chief of Staff: Elizabeth Stanley
    • Web:http://lowey.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/RepLowey
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/NitaLowey
    • District Offices: 67 N. Main St., #101, New City, NY 10956; 845-639-3485; Fax: 845-634-4079; Field Rep.: Elijah Reichlin-Melnick
    • 222 Mamaroneck Ave., #312, White Plains, NY 10605; 914-428-1707; Fax: 914-328-1505; District Director: Patricia Keegan
    • Committee Assignment: Appropriations, Ranking Minority Member

    Lucas, Frank, R-Okla. (3)

    Luetkemeyer, Blaine, R-Mo. (3)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 2440 RHOB 20515; 225-2956; Fax: 225-5712; Chief of Staff; Legis. Director: Seth Appleton
    • Web:http://luetkemeyer.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/BlaineLuetkemeyer
    • District Offices: 2117 Missouri Blvd., Jefferson City, MO 65109; 573-635-7232; Fax: 573-635-8347; Deputy District Director: Jeremy Ketterer
    • 113 E. Pearce Blvd., Wentzville, MO 63385; 636-327-7055; Fax: 636-327-3254; Deputy District Director: Tanner Smith
    • 516 Jefferson St., Washington, MO 63090-2706; 636-239-2276; Fax: 636-239-0478; Deputy District Director: Dan Engemann
    • Committee Assignments: Financial Services; Small Business

    Luján, Ben Ray, D-N.M. (3)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 2446 RHOB 20515; 225-6190; Fax: 226-1528; Chief of Staff: Angela K. Ramirez
    • Web:http://lujan.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/RepBenRayLujan?ref=ts
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/repbenraylujan
    • District Offices: 800 Municipal Dr., Farmington, NM 87401-2663; 505-324-1005; Fax: 505-324-1026; Field Rep.: Pete Valencia
    • 110 W. Aztec Ave., Gallup, NM 87301-6202; 505-863-0582; Fax: 505-863-0678; Field Rep.; Navajo Nation Advisor: Brian Lee
    • 903 University Ave., P.O. Box 1368, Las Vegas, NM 87701; 505-454-3038; Fax: 505-454-3265; Constituent Liaison: Pam Garcia
    • 3200 Civic Center Circle N.E., #330, Rio Rancho, NM 87144-4503; 505-994-0499; Fax: 505-994-0550; Constituent Liaison: Joseph Casados
    • 811 St. Michael's Dr., #104, Santa Fe, NM 87505-7640; 505-984-8950; Fax: 505-986-5047; District Director: Jennifer Conn-Catechis
    • 404 W. Route 66 Blvd., Tucumcari, NM 88401-3279; 575-461-3029; Fax: 575-461-3192; Field Rep.: Ron Wilmot
    • Committee Assignment: Energy and Commerce

    Lujan Grisham, Michelle, D-N.M. (1)

    Lummis, Cynthia, R-Wyo. (At Large)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 113 CHOB 20515-5001; 225-2311; Fax: 225-3057; Chief of Staff. Tom Wiblemo
    • Web:http://lummis.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/cynthia.lummis
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/CynthiaLummis
    • District Offices: 100 E. B St., #4003, Casper, WY 82602-1969; 307-261-6595; Fax: 307-261-6597; Field Rep.: Jackie King
    • 2120 Capitol Ave., #8005, Cheyenne, WY 82001-3631; 307-772-2595; Fax: 307-772-2597; Chief of Staff: Tucker Fagan
    • 404 N St., #204, Rock Springs, WY 82901-5474; 307-362-4095; Fax: 307-362-4097; Field Rep.: Pat Aullman
    • 45 E. Loucks St., #300F, Sheridan, WY 82801-6331; 307-673-4608; Fax: 307-673-4982; Field Rep.: Matt Jones
    • Committee Assignments: Natural Resources; Oversight and Government Reform; Science, Space, and Technology

    Lynch, Stephen F., D-Mass. (8)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 2133 RHOB 20515; 225-8273; Fax: 225-3984; Chief of Staff: Kevin Ryan
    • Web:http://lynch.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/repstephenlynch
    • Twitter:https://twitter.com/RepStephenLynch
    • District Offices: 88 Black Falcon Ave., #340, Boston, MA 02210-2433; 617-428-2000; Fax: 617-428-2011; District Director: Bob Fowkes
    • Plymouth County Registry of Deeds, 155 W. Elm St., #200, Brockton, MA 02301-4326; 508-586-5555; Fax: 508-580-4692; District Rep.: Shaynah Barnes
    • 1245 Hancock St., #16, Quincy, MA 02169; 617-657-6305; Fax: 617-773-0955; District Rep.: Catherine Shea
    • Committee Assignments: Financial Services; Oversight and Government Reform

    Maffei, Dan, D-N.Y. (24)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 422 CHOB 20515; 225-3701; Fax: 225-4042; Chief of Staff: Charles Kelly
    • Web:http://buerkle.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/DanMaffei2012
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/RepDanMaffei
    • District Offices: 17 E. Genesee St., Auburn NY 13021; Field Rep.: Ian Phillips 100 N. Salina St., 1 Clinton Square, Syracuse, NY 13202; 315-423-5657; District Director: Laurie Black
    • Committee Assignments: Armed Services; Science, Space, and Technology

    Maloney, Carolyn B., D-N.Y. (12)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 2308 RHOB 20515; 225-7944; Fax: 225-4709; Chief of Staff: Michael Iger
    • Web:http://maloney.house.gov/
    • Facebook:https://facebook.com/RepCarolynMaloney
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/RepMaloney
    • District Offices: 21-77 31st St., Astoria, NY 11102; 718-932-1804; Fax: 718-932-1805; District Rep.: Edward Babor
    • 1651 3rd Ave., #311, New York, NY 10128-3679; 212-860-0606; Fax: 212-860-0704; New York Chief of Staff: Minna Elias
    • Committee Assignments: Financial Services; Oversight and Government Reform

    Maloney, Sean Patrick, D-N.Y. (18)

    Marchant, Kenny, R-Tex. (24)

    Marino, Tom, R-Pa. (10)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 410 CHOB 20515-3810; 225-3731; Fax: 225-9594; Chief of Staff: William Tighe
    • Web:http://marino.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/CongressmanMarino
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/RepTomMarino
    • District Offices: 543 Easton Tunpike, #101, Lake Ariel, PA 18436, 570-689-6024; Fax: 570-689-6028; District Director: David Weber
    • 30 S. Market St., #1A, Selinsgrove, PA 17870; 570-374-9469; Fax: 570-374-9589; District Rep.: Aimee Snyder
    • 1020 Commerce Park Dr., #1A, Williamsport, PA 17701-5434; 570-322-3961; Fax: 570-322-3965; Constituent Services Rep.: Jacque Bell
    • Committee Assignments: Foreign Affairs; Homeland Security; Judiciary

    Markey, Edward J., D-Mass. (5)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 2108 RHOB 20515-2107; 225-2836; Fax: 226-0092; Chief of Staff: Mark Bayer
    • Web:http://markey.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/EdJMarkey
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/markeymemo
    • District Offices: 188 Concord St., #102, Framingham, MA 01702-8315; 508-875-2900; Congressional Aide: Patrick Lally
    • 5 High St., #101, Medford, MA 02155-3800; 781-396-2900; Fax: 781-396-3220; District Director: Rocco DiRico
    • Committee Assignments: Energy and Commerce; Natural Resources, Ranking Minority Member

    Massie, Thomas R-Ky. (4)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 314 CHOB 20515; 225-3465; Fax: 225-0003; Chief of Staff: Hans Hoge
    • Web:http://massie.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/RepThomasMassie
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/RepThomasMassie
    • District Offices: 1405 Greenup Ave., #236, Ashland, KY 41101-7573; 606-324-9898; Fax: 606-325-9866; Field Rep.: J.R. Reed
    • 300 Buttermilk Pike, #101, Ft. Mitchell, KY 41017-3924; 859-426-0080; Fax: 859-426-0061; District Director: Chris McCane
    • Committee Assignments: Oversight and Government Reform; Science, Space, and Technology; Transportation and Infrastructure

    Matheson, Jim, D-Utah (4)

    Matsui, Doris, D-Calif. (6)

    McCarthy, Carolyn, D-N.Y. (4)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 2346 RHOB 20515-3204; 225-5516; Fax: 225-5758; Chief of Staff: Stuart Chapman
    • Web:http://carolynmccarthy.house.gov/
    • Twitter:https://twitter.com/RepMcCarthyNY
    • District Office: 300 Garden City Plaza, #200, Garden City, NY 11530-3338; 516-739-3008; Fax: 516-739-2973; District Director: Chris Chaffee
    • Committee Assignments: Education and the Workforce; Financial Services

    McCarthy, Kevin, R-Calif. (23)

    McCaul, Michael, R-Tex. (10)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 131 CHOB 20515-4310; 225-2401; Fax: 225-5955; Chief of Staff: Hans Klingler
    • Web:http://mccaul.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/michaeltmccaul
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/McCaulPressShop
    • District Offices: 9009 Mountain Ridge Dr., Austin Bldg., #230, Austin, TX 78759; 512-473-2357; Fax: 512-473-0514; District Director: Mary Elen Williams
    • 2000 S. Market St., #303, Brenham, TX 77833-5800; 979-830-8497; Fax: 979-830-1984; Caseworker: Marita Mikeska
    • Rosewood Professional Bldg., 990 Village Square Dr., Suite B, Tomball, TX 77375-4269; 281-255-8372; Fax: 281-255-0034; Constituent Liaison: Sherrie Meicher
    • Committee Assignments: Foreign Affairs; Homeland Security, Chair; Science, Space, and Technology

    McClintock, Tom, R-Calif. (4)

    McCollum, Betty, D-Minn. (4)

    McDermott, Jim, D-Wash. (7)

    McGovern, Jim, D-Mass. (2)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 438 CHOB 20515-2103; 225-6101; Fax: 225-5759; Chief of Staff: Christopher R. Philbin
    • Web:http://mcgovern.house.gov/
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/RepMcGovern
    • Facebook:https://facebook.com/McGovernForCongress
    • District Offices: 24 Church St., Room 29, Leominster, MA 01453; 978-466-3552; Fax: 978-466-3973; District Rep.: Eladia Romero
    • 94 Pleasant St., Northhampton, MA 01060; 413-341-8700; Fax: 413-584-1216; District Rep.: Keith Barnacle
    • 34 Mechanic St., Worcester, MA 01608-2424; 508-831-7356; Fax: 508-754-0982; District Director: Kathleen Polanowicz
    • Committee Assignments: Agriculture; Rules

    McHenry, Patrick, R-N.C. (10)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 2334 RHOB 20515; 225-2576; Fax: 225-0316; Chief of Staff: Parker Poling
    • Web:http://mchenry.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/CongressmanMcHenry
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/PatrickMcHenry
    • District Offices: 160 Midland Ave., Black Mountain, NC 28711; 828-669-0600; Regional Director: Roger Kumpf
    • 128 W. Main Ave., Gaston County Administrative Bldg., #115, P.O. Box 2394, Gastonia, NC 28053; 704-833-0096; Fax: 704-833-0887; Regional Director.: Brett Keeter
    • 87 4th St., N.W., Suite A, P.O. Box 1830, Hickory, NC 28601-6142; 828-327-6100; Fax: 828-327-0316; District Director: Mark Fleming
    • Committee Assignments: Financial Services; Oversight and Government Reform

    McIntyre, Mike, D-N.C. (7)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 2428 RHOB 20515; 225-2731; Fax: 225-5773; Chief of Staff; Press Secy. Native American Issues Speech Writing Congressional Fatherhood Caucus: Dean M. Mitchell
    • Web:http://mcintyre.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/mikemcintyre
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/RepMikeMcIntyre
    • District Offices: Benson Town Hall, 303 E. Church St., Benson, NC 27504; 919-894-3553; Field Rep.: Billy Barker
    • Clayton Town Hall, 111 E. 2nd St., Clayton, NC 27522; 910-977-7792; Fax: 910-316-6552; Field Rep.: Billy Barker
    • 497 Olde Waterford Way, #206, Leland, NC 28451; 910-399-1134; Fax: 910-399-4172; Constituent Services Asst: Pamela Dereef
    • 119 Courthouse Dr., P.O. Box 2107, Elizabethtown, NC 28337; 910-862-1437; Fax: 910-862-2286; District Chief of staff: Marie Thompson
    • Smithfield Town Hall, 350 E. Market St., P.O. Box 761, Smithfield, NC 27577; 919-934-2116; Fax: 919-209-0216; Constituent Services Asst: Emily Farnell
    • Committee Assignments: Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe (Helsinki Commission); Agriculture; Armed Services

    McKeon, Buck, R-Calif. (25)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 2310 RHOB 20515; 225-1956; Fax: 226-0683; Chief of Staff: Alan Tennille
    • Web:http://mckeon.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/BuckMcKeon
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/BuckMcKeon
    • District Offices: 1008 W. Ave. M-14, #E-1, Palmdale, CA 93551-1441; 661-274-9688; Fax: 661-274-8744; Field Rep.: J. D. Kennedy
    • 26650 The Old Road, #203, Santa Clarita, CA 91381-0750; 661-254-2111; Fax: 661-254-2380; District Director: Morris Thomas
    • Committee Assignments: Armed Services, Chair; Education and the Workforce

    McKinley, David, R-W. Va. (1)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 412 CHOB 20515; 225-4172; Fax: 225-7564; Chief of Staff: Mike Hamilton
    • Web:http://mckinley.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/RepMcKinley
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/RepMcKinley
    • District Offices: 709 Beechurst Ave., #14B, Morgantown, WV 26505-4689; 304-284-8506; District Director: Richie Parsons
    • 425 Juliana St., #1004, Parkersburg, WV 26101-5323; 604-422-5972; Constituent Services Rep.: Robert Villers
    • Home Bldg., 1100 Main St., #101, Wheeling, WV 26003; 304-232-3801; Fax: 304-232-3813; Constituent Services Rep: Chelsea Wright-Saus
    • Committee Assignment: Energy and Commerce

    McLeod, Gloria Negrete, D-Calif. (35)

    McMoiris Rodgers, Cathy, R-Wash. (5)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 203 CHOB 20515; 225-2006; Fax: 225-3392; Chief of staff: George Poulios
    • Web:http://mcmorris.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/mcmorrisrodgers
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/cathymcmorris
    • District Offices: 555 S. Main St., Colville, WA 99114-2503; 509-684-3481; Fax: 509-684-3482; Deputy District Director: Sheila Stalp
    • 10 N. Post St., #625, Spokane, WA 99201-0706; 509-353-2374; Fax: 509-353-2412; District Director: Richard Leland
    • 29 S. Palouse St., Walla Walla, WA 99362-1925; 509-529-9358; Fax: 509-529-9379; Constituent Relations Liaison: Amanda Fleming
    • Committee Assignment: Energy and Commerce

    McNerney, Jerry, D-Calif. (9)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 1210 LHOB 20515-0511; 225-1947; Fax: 225-4060; Chief of Staff: Nick Holder
    • Web:http://mcnerney.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/jerrymcnerney
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/RepMcNerney
    • District Offices: Antioch Community Center, 4703 Lone Tree Way, Antioch, CA 94531; 925-754-0716; Fax: 925-754-0728; District Director: Nicole Alioto
    • 2222 Grand Canal Blvd., #7, Stockton, CA 95207-6671; 209-476-8552; Fax: 209-476-8587; District Scheduler: Alisa Alva
    • Committee Assignment: Energy and Commerce

    Meadows, Mark, R-N.C. (11)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 1516 LHOB 20515; 225-6401; Fax: 226-6422; Chief of Staff: Kenneth West
    • Web:http://meadows.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/Repmarkmeadows
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/RepMarkMeadows
    • District Offices: 200 N. Grove St., Henderson, NC 28792; 828-693-5660; Fax: 828-693-5603; District Director;Office Manager: Pamela Ward
    • 2345 Morgantown Blvd., Lenoir, NC 28645; 828-426-8701; Field Rep.: Doug Crosby
    • 11 Crystal St., Spruce Pine, NC 28777; 828-765-0573; Field Rep.: Martha Peterson
    • 285 N. Main St., Waynesville, NC 28786; 828-452-6022; Field Rep.: Beverly Elliott
    • Committee Assignments: Foreign Affairs; Oversight and Government Reform; Transportation and Infrastructure

    Meehan, Pat, R-Pa. (7)

    Meeks, Gregory W., D-N.Y. (5)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 2234 RHOB 20515; 225-3461; Fax: 226-4169; Chief of Staff: Sofia Lafargue
    • Web:http://meeks.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/gregory.meeks
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/GregoryMeeks
    • District Offices: 67-12 Rockaway Beach Blvd., Arvene, NY 11692; 347-230-4032; Fax: 347-230-4045; District Director: Robert Simmons
    • 153-01 Jamaica Ave., 2nd Floor, Jamaica, NY 11432; 718-725-6000; Fax: 718-725-9868; Executive Director: Jason Hilliard
    • Committee Assignments: Financial Services; Foreign Affairs

    Meng, Grace, D-N.Y. (6)

    Messer, Luke, R-Ind. (6)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 508 CHOB 20515; 225-3021; Fax: 225-3382; Chief of Staff: Doug Menorca
    • Web:http://messer.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/RepLukeMesser
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/RepLukeMesser
    • District Offices: 107 W. Charles St., Munice, IN 47305-2420; 765-747-5566; Fax: 765-747-5586; District Director: Mike Lynch
    • 50 N. 5th St., Richmond, IN 47374-4247; 765-962-2883; Fax: 765-962-3225; Constituent Services Rep.: Debbie Berry
    • Committee Assignments: Budget; Education and the Workforce; Foreign Affairs

    Mica, John, R-Fla. (7)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 2187 RHOB 20515; 225-4035; Fax: 226-0821; Chief of Staff: Wiley Deck
    • Web:http://mica.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/JohnMica
    • District Offices: 840 Deltona Blvd., Suite G, Deltona, FL 32725; 386-860-1499; Fax: 386-860-5730; District Rep.: John Booker
    • 100 E. Sybelia Ave., #340, Maitland, FL 32751-4495; 407-657-8080; Fax: 407-657-5353; District Rep.: Dick Harkey
    • 95 E. Mitchell Hammock Rd., #202, Oviedo, FL 32765; 407-366-0833; Fax: 407-366-0839; District Rep.: Patrick Kelly
    • Committee Assignments: Oversight and Government Reform; Transportation and Infrastructure

    Michaud, Mike, D-Maine (2)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 1724 LHOB 20515-1902; 225-6306; Fax: 225-2943; Chief of Staff: Peter H. Chandler
    • Web:http://michaud.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/RepMikeMichaud
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/RepMikeMichaud
    • District Offices: 6 State St., #101, Bangor, ME 04401-5124; 207-942-6935; Fax: 207-942-5907; Deputy Chief of Staff John Graham
    • 179 Lisbon St., Lewiston, ME 04240-7248; 207-782-3704; Fax: 207-782-5330; District Rep: Andrea Quaid
    • 445 Main St., Presque Isle, ME 04769-2651; 207-764-1036; Fax: 207-764-1060; District Rep.: Barbara Hayslett
    • Committee Assignments: Transportation and Infrastructure; Veterans' Affairs, Ranking Minority Member

    Miller, Candice, R-Mich. (10)

    Miller, Gary, R-Calif. (31)

    Miller, George, D-Calif. (11)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 2205 RHOB 20515-0507; 225-2095; Fax: 225-5609; Chief of Staff: Daniel Weiss
    • Web:http://georgemiller.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/repgeorgemiller
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/askgeorge
    • District Offices: 1333 Willow Pass Rd., #203, Concord, CA 94520-7931; 925-602-1880; Fax: 925-674-0983; District Director: Barbara Johnson
    • 3220 Blume Dr., #160, Richmond, CA 94806-5741; 510-262-6500; Fax: 510-222-1306; Field Rep.; Caseworker: Damian Alarcon
    • Committee Assignment: Education and the Workforce, Ranking Minority Member

    Miller, Jeff, R-Fla. (1)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 336 CHOB 20515; 225-4136; Fax: 225-3414; Chief of Staff: Daniel F. McFaul
    • Web:http://jeffmiller.house.gov/
    • Facebook:https://facebook.com/RepJeffMiller
    • District Offices: 348 Miracle Strip Pkwy. S.W., #24, Fort Walton Beach, FL 32548-5263; 850-664-1266; Fax: 850-664-0851; Field Rep.: Bob Black
    • 4300 Bayou Blvd., #13, Pensacola, FL 32503-2671; 850-479-1183; Fax: 850-479-9394; District Director: Sheilah Bowman
    • Committee Assignments: Armed Services; Veterans' Affairs, Chair; Permanent Select Intelligence

    Moore, Gwen, D-Wisc. (4)

    Moran, Jim, D-Va. (8)

    Mullin, Markwayne, R-Okla. (2)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 1113 LHOB 20515; 225-2701; Fax: 225-3038; Chief of Staff: Karl Ahlgren
    • Web:http://mullin.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/CongressmanMarkwayneMullin
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/RepMullin
    • District Offices: 104 S. Muskogee Ave., Claremore, OK 74017; 918-341-9336; Fax: 918-342-4806; Field Rep.: Debbie Dooley
    • 112 N. 12th Ave., Durant, OK 74701-4718; 580-931-0333; Fax: 580-920-0041; Field Rep.: Johnny Moyer
    • 101 Airport Rd., McAlester, OK 74501; 918-423-5951; Fax: 918-423-1940; Field Rep.: Betty Ford
    • 431 W. Broadway St., Muskogee, OK 74401-6614; 918-687-2533; Fax: 918-686-0128; Field Rep.: Dwane Thompson
    • Committee Assignments: Natural Resources; Transportation and Infrastructure

    Mulvaney, Mick, R-S.C. (5)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 1207 LHOB 20515-4005; 225-5501; Fax: 225-0464; Chief of Staff: Al Simpson
    • Web:http://mulvaney.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/MulvaneySC5
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/RepMickMulvaney
    • District Offices: 110 Railroad Ave., Gaffney, DC 29340; 864-206-6004; Fax: 864-206-6005; Constituent ServicesDirector: Park Gillespie
    • 1456 Ebenezer Rd., Rock Hill, SC 29732-2339; 803-327-1114; Fax: 803-327-4330; District Director: Jeffery Sligh
    • 531-A Oxford Dr., Sumter, SC 29150; 803-774-0186; Fax: 803-774-0188; Field Rep.: Bobbie Williams
    • Committee Assignments: Financial Services; Small Business

    Murphy, Patrick, D-Fla. (18)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 1517 LHOB 20515; 225-3026; Fax: 225-8398; Chief of Staff: Eric Johnson
    • Web:http://patrickmurphy.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/CongressmanPatrickMurphy
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/RepMurphyFL
    • District Offices: 2000 PGA Blvd., #A3220, Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33408; 561-253-8433; Fax: 561-253-8436; District Director: Michael Kenny
    • 121 S.W. Port St. Lucie Blvd., Room 187, Port St. Lucie, FL 34984; 772-336-2877; Fax: 772-336-2899; Constituent Services Rep.: Candance Walls
    • 171 S.W. Flagler Ave., Stuart, FL 349941 772-781-3266; Fax: 772-781-3267; Constituent Services Rep.: Victoria Winslett
    • Committee Assignments: Financial Services; Small Business

    Murphy, Tim, R-Pa. (18)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 2332 RHOB 20515; 225-2301; Fax: 225-1844; Chief of Staff: Susan Mosychuk
    • Web:http://murphy.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/reptimmurphy
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/RepTimMurphy
    • District Offices: 2040 Frederickson Pl., Greensburg, PA 15601-9688; 724-850-7312; Fax: 724-850-7315; Deputy Chief of staff: Lou Lazzaro
    • 504 Washington Rd., Mt. Lebanon, PA 15228-2817; 412-344-5583; Fax: 412-429-5092; Field Director: Nate Nevala
    • Committee Assignment: Energy and Commerce

    Nadler, Jerrold, D-N.Y. (10)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 2110 RHOB 20515; 225-5635; Fax: 225-6923; Washington Director; Administrative Asst: John Doty
    • Web:http://nadler.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/CongressmanNadler
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/RepJerryNadler
    • District Offices: 6605 Fort Hamilton Pkwy., Brooklyn, NY 11219; 718-373-3198; Fax: 718-996-0039; Brooklyn Director: Maya Kremen
    • 201 Varick St., #669, New York, NY 10014-7069; 212-367-7350; Fax: 212-367-7356; Chief of Staff: Amy Rutkin
    • Committee Assignments: Judiciary; Transportation and Infrastructure

    Napolitano, Grace F., D-Calif. (32)

    Neal, Richard, D-Mass. (1)

    Neugebauer, Randy, R-Tex. (19)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 1424 LHOB 20515-4319; 225-4005; Fax: 225-9615; Chief of Staff: Jeanette Whitener
    • Web:http://randy.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/rep.randy.neugebauer
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/RandyNeugebauer
    • District Offices: 500 Chestnut St., #819, Abilene, TX 79602-1453; 325-675-9779; Fax: 325-675-5038; District Rep.: Marci Braden
    • 1510 Scurry St., Suite B, Big Spring, TX 79720-4441; 432-264-0722; Fax: 432-264-1838; District Rep.: Lisa Brooks
    • 611 University Ave., #220, Lubbock, TX 79401-2206; 806-763-1611; Fax: 806-767-9168; District Director: Mitch Barnett
    • Committee Assignments: Agriculture; Financial Services; Science, Space, and Technology

    Noem, Kristi, R-S.D. (At Large)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 1323 LHOB 20515; 225-2801; Fax: 225-5823; Chief of Staff: Jordan Stoick
    • Web:http://noem.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/kristiforcongress
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/RepKristiNoem
    • District Offices: 415 S. Main St., #203, Aberdeen, SD 57401; 605-262-2862; Fax: 605-262-2869; Northeast Director, Aberdeen: Mary Beth Hollatz
    • 343 Quincy St., Rapid City, SD 57701-3797; 605-791-4673; Fax: 605-791-4679; West River Director: Brad Otten
    • 2310 W. 41st St., #101, Sioux Falls, SD 57105-6139; 605-275-2868; Fax: 605-275-2875; Constituent Services Rep.: Kelly German
    • 505 12th St., S.E., Watertown, SD 57201-4973; 605-878-2868; Fax: 605-878-2871; Northeast Director,Watertown: Beth Hollatz
    • Committee Assignments: Agriculture; Armed Services

    Nolan, Rick, D-Minn. (8)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 2447 RHOB 20515; 225-6211; Fax: 225-0699; Chief of Staff: Mike Misterek
    • Web:http://nolan.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/UsRepRickNolan
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/usrepricknolan
    • District Offices: Brainerd City Hall, 501 Laurel St., Brainerd, MN 56401-3595; 218-454-4078; Fax: 218-454-4096; Field Rep.: Mark Privratsky
    • Chisago County Government Center, 313 N. Main St., Center City, MN 55012; 218-491-3131
    • Duluth Technology Village, HE. Superior St., #125, Duluth, MN 55802; 218-464-5095; Fax: 218-464-5098; District Director: Jeff Anderson
    • Committee Assignments: Agriculture; Transportation and Infrastructure

    Norton, Eleanor Holmes, D-D.C. (At Large)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 2136 RHOB 20515-5101; 225-8050; Fax: 225-3002; Chief of Staff. Gwen Benson-Walker
    • Web:http://norton.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/CongresswomanNorton
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/eleanornorton
    • District Offices: 2041 Martin Luther King Jr. Ave., S.E., #238, Washington, DC 20020-7005; 202-678-8900; Fax: 202-678-8844
    • National Press Bldg., 529 14th St., N.W., #900, Washington, DC 20045-1928; 202-783-5065; Fax: 202-783-5211; District Director: Raven Reeder
    • Committee Assignments: Oversight and Government Reform; Transportation and Infrastructure

    Nugent, Richard, R-Fla. (11)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 1727 LHOB 20515; 225-1002; Fax: 226-6559; Chief of Staff. Justin Grabelle
    • Web:http://nugent.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/RepRichNugent
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/RepRichNugent
    • District Offices: 212 W. Main St., #204, Inverness, FL 34450; 352-341-2354; Fax: 352-341-2316; Outreach Coord.: Jeanne McInTosh
    • 115 S.E. 25th Ave., Ocala, FL 34471; 352-351-1670; Fax: 352-351-1674; Constituent Services Rep.: Nick Catroppo
    • 11035 Spring Hill Dr., Spring Hill, FL 34608; 352-684-4446; Fax: 352-684-4484; Constituent Services Rep.: Kathy Mansfield
    • 8015 E. CR-466, The Villages, FL 32162; 352-689-4684; Constituent Services Rep.: Al Harrison
    • Committee Assignments: Armed Services; House Administration; Rules; Joint Printing

    Nunes, Devin, R-Calif. (22)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 1013 LHOB 20515-0521; 225-2523; Fax: 225-3404; Chief of Staff. Johnny Amaral
    • Web:http://nunes.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/pages/Devin-Nunes/376470350795
    • Twitter:https://twitter.com/DevinNunes
    • District Offices: 264 Clovis Ave., #206, Clovis, CA 93612-1115; 559-323-5235; Fax: 559-323-5528; Field Rep.: Anthony Ratekin
    • 113 N. Church St., #208, Visalia, CA 93291-6300; 559-733-3861; Fax: 559-733-3865; Constituent Liaison: Melissa Mederos
    • Committee Assignments: Ways and Means; Permanent Select Intelligence

    Nunnelee, Alan, R-Miss. (1)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 1427 LHOB 20515-2401; 225-4306; Fax: 225-3549; Chief of Staff. Ted Maness
    • Web:http://nunnelee.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/CongressmanNunnelee
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/RepAlanNunnelee
    • District Offices: P.O. Box 1012, Columbus, MS 39701-4680; 662-327-0748; Fax: 662-328-5982; Field Rep.;Caseworker: Kelli Jackson
    • 133 E. Commerce St., P.O. Box 218, Hernando, MS 38632-2343; 662-449-3090; Fax: 662-449-4836; Field Rep.;Caseworker: Walt Starr
    • 431 W. Main St., #450, Tupelo, MS 38804-4025; 662-841-8808; Fax: 662-841-8845; District Director: Mabel Murphree
    • Committee Assignments: Appropriations; Budget

    Olson, Pete, R-Tex. (22)

    O'Rourke, Beto, D-Tex. (16)

    Owens, Bill, D-N.Y. (21)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 405 CHOB 20515; 225-4611; Fax: 226-0621; Chief of Staff: Bradley Katz
    • Web:http://owens.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/repbillowens
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/BillOwensNY
    • District Offices: 136 Glen St., Glen Falls, NY 12801; 518-743-0964; Fax: 518-743-1391; Constituent Liaison: Mark Luciano
    • 3 Frontage Rd., Gloversville, NY 12078; 518-773-4568; Constituent Liaison: Matthew Scollin
    • 14 Durkee St., #320, Plattsburgh, NY 12901-2998; 518-563-1406; Fax: 518-561-9723; Constituent Liaison: Scott Matthew
    • 120 Washington St., #200, Watertown, NY 13601-3370; 315-782-3150; Fax: 315-782-1291; District Director: Steve Hunt
    • Committee Assignment: Appropriations

    Palazzo, Steven, R-Miss. (4)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 331 CHOB 20515-2404; 225-5772; Fax: 225-7074; Chief of Staff: Casey Street
    • Web:http://palazzo.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/stevenpalazzo
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/congpalazzo
    • District Offices: 1325 25th Ave., Gulfport, MS 39501; 228-864-7670; Fax: 228-864-3099; Deputy Chief of Staff;District Director: Hunter Lipscomb
    • 641 Main St., #215, Hattiesburg, MS 39401-3478; 601-582-3246; Office Manager: Anita Bourn
    • 3118 Pascagoula St., #181, Pascagoula, MS 39567-4215; 228-202-8104; Fax: 228-202-8105; Constituent Liaison: Debora Nelson
    • Committee Assignments: Armed Services; Homeland Security; Science, Space, and Technology

    Pallone, Frank, D-N.J. (6)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 237 CHOB 20515-3006; 225-4671; Fax: 225-9665; Chief of Staff: Jeffrey C. Carroll
    • Web:http://pallone.house.gov/
    • Facebook:https://facebook.com/RepFrankPallone
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/FrankPallone
    • District Offices: 504 Broadway, Long Branch, NJ 07740-5951; 732-571-1140; Fax: 732-870-3890; District Director: Janice Fuller
    • Kilmer Square, 67-69 Church St., New Brunswick, NJ 08901; 732-249-8892; Fax: 732-249-1335; Constituent Services Director: Alexandra Maldonado
    • Committee Assignments: Energy and Commerce; Natural Resources

    Pascrell, Bill, D-N.J. (9)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 2370 RHOB 20515-3008; 225-5751; Fax: 225-5782; Chief of Staff: Benjamin Rich
    • Web:http://pascrell.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/pascrell
    • Twitter:https://twitter.com/BillPascrell
    • District Offices: Passaic City Hall, 330 Passaic St., 1st Floor, Passaic, NJ 07055-5815; 973-472-4510; Fax: 973-472-0852; Field Rep.: Celia Anderson
    • Robert A. Roe Federal Bldg., 200 Federal Plaza, #500, Paterson, NJ 07505-1999; 973-523-5152; Fax: 973-523-0637; Deputy Chief of Staff: Assad Akhter
    • Committee Assignments: Budget; Ways and Means

    Pastor, Ed, D-Ariz. (7)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 2465 RHOB 20515-0304; 225-4065; Fax: 225-1655; Exec. Asst., Scheduler, Office Manager: Laura Campos
    • Web:http://pastor.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/edpastor04
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/PastorForAZ
    • District Office: 411 N. Central Ave., #150, Phoenix, AZ 85004-2120; 602-256-0551; Fax: 602-257-9103; District Director: Elisa de la Vara
    • Committee Assignments: Appropriations; Permanent Select Intelligence

    Paulsen, Erik, R-Minn. (3)

    Payne, Jr., Donald, D-N.J. (10)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 103 CHOB 20515; 225-3436; Fax: 225-4160; Chief of Staff: LaVerne Alexander
    • Web:http://payne.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/DonaldPayneJr
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/RepDonaldPayne
    • District Offices: 253 Martin Luther King, Jr. Dr., Jersey City, NJ 07305-3427; 201-369-0392; Fax: 201-362-0395
    • LeRoy F. Smith, Jr. Public Safety Bldg., 60 Nelson Pl., 14th Floor, Newark, NJ 07102; 973-645-3213; Fax: 973-645-5902; District Director: Sarah Jones
    • Committee Assignments: Homeland Security; Small Business

    Pearce, Steve, R-N.M. (2)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 2432 RHOB 20515-3102; 225-2365; Fax: 225-9599; Chief of Staff: Todd D. Willens
    • Web:http://pearce.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/RepStevePearce
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/repstevepearce
    • District Offices: 1101 New York Ave., Room 115, Alamogordo, NM 88310-6923; 855-473-2723
    • 200 E. Broadway St., #200, Hobbs, NM 88240-8425; 575-522-0771; Press Secy.: Eric Layer
    • 570 N. Telshor Blvd., Las Cruces, NM 88011-8223; 575-522-0771; Constituent Services Rep.: Mary Morris
    • 3445 Lambros Loop, N.E., Los Lunas, NM 87031-6472; 575-522-0771; Field Rep.: Joe Martinez
    • 1717 W. 2nd St., #100, Roswell, NM 88201-2029; 575-622-6200; District Director: Tim Keithley
    • 111 School of Mines Rd., Socorro, NM 87801-4533; 855-473-2723; Deputy District Director: Barbara Romero
    • Committee Assignment: Financial Services

    Pelosi, Nancy, D-Calif. (12)

    Perlmutter, Ed, D-Colo. (7)

    Perry, Scott, R-Pa. (4)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 126 CHOB 20515; 225-5836; Fax: 226-1000; Chief of Staff: Lauren Muglia
    • Web:http://perry.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/repscottperry
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/RepScottPerry
    • District Offices: 22 Chambersburg St., Gettysburg, PA 17325; 717-338-1919; Fax: 717-334-6314; District Director:
    • 730 N. Front St., Wormleysburg, PA 17043; 717-635-9504; Fax: 717-635-9861; Deputy Chief of Staff: Bob Riley
    • 2209 E. Market St., York, PA 17402; 717-600-1919; Fax: 717-757-5001; District Rep.: Bob Riley
    • Committee Assignments: Foreign Affairs; Homeland Security; Transportation and Infrastructure

    Peters, Gary, D-Mich. (14)

    Peters, Scott H., D-Calif. (52)

    Peterson, Collin, D-Minn. (7)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 2109 RHOB 20515-2307; 225-2165; Fax: 225-1593; Chief of Staff: Cherie Slayton
    • Web:http://collinpeterson.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/pages/Collin-Peterson/6595227967
    • District Offices: 714 Lake Ave., #107, Detroit Lakes, MN 56501-3057; 218-847-5056; Fax: 218-847-5109; Communications Director: Allison Myhre
    • 1420 E. College Dr. S.W. / WC, Marshall, MN 56258-2065; 507-537-2299; Fax: 507-537-2298; Staff Asst.: Meg Louwagie
    • 100 N. 1st St., Montevideo, MN 56265, Montevideo, MN 56265; 320-235-1061; Staff Asst: Al Loehr
    • Minnesota Wheat Growers Bldg., 2603 Wheat Dr., Red Lake Falls, MN 56750-4800; 218-253-4356; Fax: 218-253-4373; Staff Asst: Wally Sparby
    • 230 E. 3rd St., P.O. Box 50, Redwood Falls, MN 56283; 507-637-2270; Staff Asst: Meg Louwagie
    • 324 3rd St., S.W., #4, Willmar, MN 56201-3696; 320-235-1061; Fax: 320-235-2651; Staff Asst: Mary Bertram
    • Committee Assignment: Agriculture, Ranking Minority Member

    Petri, Tom, R-Wisc. (6)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 2462 RHOB 20515-4906; 225-2476; Fax: 225-2356; Chief of Staff; Legis. Director: Debra Gebhardt
    • Web:http://petri.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/ThomasPetri
    • District Offices: 490 W. Rolling Meadows Dr., Suite B, Fond du Lac, WI 54937; 920-922-1180; Fax: 920-922-4498; District Director: Tyler Vorpagel
    • 2390 State Rd. 44, Suite B, Oshkosh, WI 54904-6438; 920-231-6333; Fax: 920-231-0464; Field Rep. / Senior Citizen Liaison: Gregg Underheim
    • Committee Assignments: Education and the Workforce; Transportation and Infrastructure

    Pierluisi, Pedro, D-P.R. (At Large)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 1218 LHOB 20515-5401; 225-2615; Fax: 225-2154; Chief of Staff Puerto Rico Federal Affairs Administration Liaison Municipalities /Puerto Rico Legislature Appropriations Overview: Carmen M. Feliciano
    • Web:http://pierluisi.house.gov/
    • Facebookhttps://facebook.com/pedropierluisi
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/pedropierluisi
    • District Office: 157 Constitution Ave., Old Bldg., Tropical Medicine, 2nd Floor, Puerta de Tierra, San Juan, Puerto Rico, 00901; 787-723-6333; Fax: 787-729-7738; District Director: Rosemarie Vizcarrondo
    • Committee Assignments: Ethics; Judiciary; Natural Resources

    Pingree, Chellie, D-Maine (1)

    Pittenger, Robert, R-N.C. (9)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 223 CHOB 20515; 225-1976; Fax: 225-3389; Chief of Staff: Brad Jones
    • Web:http://pittenger.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/congressmanpittenger
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/@RepPittenger
    • District Offices: 2701 Coltsgate Rd., #105, Charlotte, NC 28211; 704-362-1060; Fax: 704-365-6384; District Director: Robert Becker
    • 116 Morlake Dr., #101A, Mooresville, NC 28117; 704-696-8188; Fax: 704-696-8190; Regional Constituent Rep.: Preston Curtis
    • Committee Assignment: Financial Services

    Pitts, Joe, R-Pa. (16)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 420 CHOB 20515-3816; 225-2411; Fax: 225-2013; D.C. Chief of Staff: Gabe Neville
    • Web:http://pitts.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/pages/Congressman-Joe-Pitts/94156528752
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/RepJoePitts
    • District Offices: 150 N. Queen St., #716, Lancaster, PA 17603-3562; 717-393-0667; Fax: 717-393-0924; District Chief of staff: Thomas Tillett
    • Reading City Hall, 815 Washington St., Room 2-36, Reading, PA 19601; 610-374-3637; Fax: 610-444-5750; Outreach Coord.: Bob Kane
    • P.O. Box 837, Unionville, PA 19375; 610-444-4581; Fax: 610-444-5750; Outreach Coord.: Bob Kane
    • Committee Assignments: Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe (Helsinki Commission); Energy and Commerce

    Pocan, Mark, D-Wisc. (2)

    Poe, Ted, R-Tex. (2)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 2412 RHOB 20515; 225-6565; Fax: 225-5547; Chief of Staff: Gina Santucci
    • Web:http://poe.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/pages/Ted-Poe/106631626049851
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/JudgeTedPoe
    • District Offices: 710 N. Post Oak Rd., #510, Houston, TX 77024; 713-681-8763; Fax: 713-681-1150; Executive Asst: Heather Ramsey-Cook
    • 1801 Kingwood Dr., #240, Kingwood, TX 77339-3058; 281-446-0242; Fax: 281-446-0252; Constituent Services Rep.: Whitney Rahim
    • Committee Assignments: Foreign Affairs; Judiciary

    Polis, Jared, D-Colo. (2)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 1433 LHOB 20515; 225-2161; Fax: 226-7840; Chief of Staff: Brian Branton
    • Web:http://polis.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/jaredpolis
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/RepPolisPress
    • District Offices: 4770 Baseline Rd., #220, Boulder, CO 80303-2668; 303-484-9596; Fax: 303-568-9007; District Director: Andy Schultheiss
    • 101 W. Main St., #101G, P.O. Box 1453, Frisco, CO 80443; 970-668-3240; Fax: 970-668-9679; Constituent Advocate: Nissa Erickson
    • 300 E. Horsetooth Rd., #103, Fort Collins, CO 80525; 970-226-1239; Fax: 970-226-8597; Constituent Advocate: Mara Brosy-Wiwecher
    • Committee Assignments: Education and the Workforce; Rules

    Pompeo, Mike, R-Kans. (4)

    Posey, Bill, R-Fla. (8)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 120 CHOB 20515-0915; 225-3671; Fax: 225-3516; Chief of Staff: Stuart Burns
    • Web:http://posey.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/bill.poseyl5
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/CongBillPosey
    • District Office: 2725 Judge Fran Jamieson Way, Bldg. C, Melbourne, FL 32940-6605; 321-632-1776; Fax: 321-639-8595; Scheduler; Community Relations Director: Patrick Gavin
    • Committee Assignments: Financial Services; Science, Space, and Technology

    Price, David, D-N.C. (4)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 2162 RHOB 20515-3304; 225-1784; Fax: 225-2014; Chief of Staff: Jean-Louise Beard
    • Web:http://price.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/pages/David-Price/8338225975
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/RepDavidEPrice
    • District Offices: 1777 Fordham Blvd., #204, Chapel Hill, NC 27514; 919-967-3004; Fax: 919-967-8324; Constituent Services Liaison: Dave Russell
    • 301 Green St., #315, Fayetteville, NC 28301; 910-339-9798; Fax: 910-339-0159; Constituent Services Liaison: William Munn
    • 436 N. Harrington St., #100, Raleigh, NC 27603; 919-859-5999; Fax: 919-859-5998; District Director: Beau Mills
    • Committee Assignment: Appropriations

    Price, Tom, R-Ga. (6)

    Quigley, Mike, D-Ill. (5)

    Radel, Trey, R-Fla. (19)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 1123 LHOB 20515; 225-2536; Fax: 226-0439; Chief of Staff: Jason Moon
    • Web:http://radel.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/RepTreyRadel
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/treyradel
    • District Offices: 804 Nicholas Pkwy. E., #1, Cape Coral, FL 33990; 239-573-5837; Fax: 239-573-9125; District Director: Matt Pusateri
    • 3299 Tamiami Trail, #105, Naples, FL 34112; 239-252-6225; Fax: 239-252-8065; Constituent Services Rep.: Shari Monetta
    • Committee Assignments: Foreign Affairs; Transportation and Infrastructure

    Rahall, Nick, D-W. Va. (3)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 2307 RHOB 20515-4803; 225-3452; Fax: 225-9061; Chief of Staff: David McMaster
    • Web:http://rahall.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/NickRahall
    • District Offices: 109 Main St., Beckley, WV 25801-4610; 304-252-5000; Fax: 304-252-9803; District Director: Kelly Dyke
    • Federal Bldg., 601 Federal St., Room 1005, Bluefield, WV 24701-3033; 304-325-6222; Fax: 304-325-0552; Community Relations Asst: Deborah Stevens
    • Sidney L. Christie Federal Bldg. and Post Office, 845 5th Ave., Room 152, Huntington, WV 25701-2031; 304-522-6425; Fax: 304-529-5716; Community Relation Asst: Teri Booth
    • 220 Dingess St., Logan, WV 25601-3626; 304-752-4934; Fax: 304-752-8797; Community Relations Asst: Debrina Workman
    • Committee Assignment: Transportation and Infrastructure, Ranking Minority Member

    Rangel, Charles B., D-N.Y. (13)

    Reed, Tom, R-N.Y. (23)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 1504 LHOB 20515; 225-3161; Fax: 226-6599; Chief of Staff: Tim Kolpien
    • Web:http://reed.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/RepTomReed
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/RepTomReed
    • District Offices: 89 W. Market St., Corning, NY 14830-2526; 607-654-7566; Fax: 607-654-7568; District Director: Joe Sempolinski
    • 433 Exchange St., Geneva, NY 14456; 315-759-5229; Fax: 315-325-4045; Regional Director: James Smith
    • 2 E. 2nd St., #300, Jamestown, NY 14701; 716-708-6369; Regional Director: Jacqueline Chiarot
    • One Bluebird Square, Olean, NY 14760-2500; 716-379-8434; Fax: 716-806-1069; Constituent Services Specialist: Lee James
    • Committee Assignment: Ways and Means

    Reichert, Dave, R-Wash. (8)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 1127 LHOB 20515; 225-7761; Fax: 225-4282; Chief of Staff: Jeff Harvey
    • Web:http://reichert.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/repdavereichert
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/davereichert
    • District Offices: 2 1st St. S.E., Auburn, WA 98001; 206-498-8103; Sr. Outreach Coord.: Zach Guill
    • 22605 S.E. 56th St., #130, Issaquah, WA 98029-5297; 425-677-7414; Fax: 425-270-3589; District Director: Sue Foy
    • 200 Palouse St., #201-1, Wenatchee, WA 98801; 509-342-8772; Constituent Services Liaison: Tyler McKay
    • Committee Assignment: Ways and Means

    Renacci, Jim, R-Ohio (16)

    Ribble, Reid, R-Wisc. (8)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 1513 LHOB 20515-4908; 225-5665; Fax: 225-5729; Chief of Staff: McKay Daniels
    • Web:http://ribble.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/CongressmanReidRibble
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/RepRibble/
    • District Offices: Radisson Paper Valley Hotel, 333 W. College Ave., Appleton, WI 54911-5898; 920-380-0061; Fax: 920-380-0051; District Chief of Staff: Rick Sense
    • 550 N. Military Ave., #4B, Green Bay, WI 54303-4569; 920-471-1950; Constituent Services Rep.: Kerry Niemcek-Druecke
    • Committee Assignments: Agriculture; Budget; Transportation and Infrastructure

    Rice, Tom, R-S.C. (7)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 325 CHOB 20515; 225-9895; Fax: 225-9690; Chief of Staff: Tyler Grassmeyer
    • Web:http://rice.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/reptomrice
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/RepTomRice
    • District Offices: 1831 W. Evans St., #300, Florence, SC 29501; 843-679-9781; Fax: 843-679-9783; Regional Director: Stefanie Rawlingson
    • 2411 N. Oak St., #405, Myrtle Beach, SC 29577; 843-445-6459; 843-445-6418; District Director: Jennifer Watson
    • Committee Assignments: Budget; Small Business; Transportation and Infrastructure

    Richmond, Cedric, D-La. (2)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 240 CHOB 20515; 225-6636; Fax: 225-1988; Chief of Staff: Virgil A. Miller
    • Web:http://richmond.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/RepRichmond
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/reprichmond
    • District Offices: 200 Derbigny St., #3200, Gretna, LA 70053-5876; 504-365-0390; Deputy District Director: DeShannon Cobb-Russell
    • 2021 Lakeshore Dr., #309, New Orleans, LA 70122-3501; 504-288-3777; Fax: 504-288-4090; District Director: Enix Smith
    • Committee Assignments: Homeland Security; Judiciary

    Rigell, Scott, R-Va. (2)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 418 CHOB 20515; 225-4215; Fax: 225-4218; Chief of Staff: Chris Connelly
    • Web:http://rigell.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/RepScottRigell
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/RepScottRigell
    • District Offices: 23386 Front St., Accomac, VA 23301; 757-789-5172; Fax: 757-789-5175; Eastern Shore Caseworker: Sylvia Parks
    • 4772 Euclid Rd., Suite E, Virginia Beach, VA 23462-3800; 757-687-8290; Fax: 757-687-8298; District Director: Shannon Kendrick
    • Committee Assignments: Armed Services; Budget

    Roby, Martha, R-Ala. (2)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 428 CHOB 20515-0102; 225-2901; Fax: 225-8913; Chief of Staff: Stephen Boyd
    • Web:http://roby.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/Representative.Martha.Roby
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/RepMarthaRoby
    • District Offices: City Hall, 505 E. 3 Notch St., No. 322, Andalusia, AL 36420-3129; 334-428-1129; Fax: 334-222-3342; Constituent Services Rep.: Frances Spurlin
    • 217 Graceland Dr., #5, Dothan, AL 36305-7376; 334-794-9680; Fax: 334-671-1480; District Director: Joe Williams
    • 401 Adams Ave., #160, Montgomery, AL 36104-4340; 334-277-9113; Fax: 334-277-8534; Constituent Services Rep.: Charlotte Bent
    • Committee Assignments: Agriculture; Armed Services; Education and the Workforce

    Roe, Phil, R-Tenn. (1)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 407 CHOB 20515-4201; 225-6356; Fax: 225-5714; Chief of Staff: Matthew Meyer
    • Web:http://roe.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/DrPhilRoe
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/drphilroe
    • District Offices: P.O. Box 1728, Kingsport, TN 37662; 423-247-8161; Fax: 423-247-0119; District Director: Bill Snodgrass
    • 1609 College Park Dr., #4, Morristown, TN 37813-1659; 423-254-1400; Fax: 423-254-1403; Caseworker: Cheryl Bennett
    • Committee Assignments: Education and the Workforce; Veterans' Affairs

    Rogers, Hal, R-Ky. (5)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 2406 RHOB 20515-1705; 225-4601; Fax: 225-0940; Chief of Staff: Michael R. Higdon
    • Web:http://halrogers.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/CongressmanHalRogers
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/RepHalRogers
    • District Offices: 48 S. KY Hwy., Hazard, KY 41701; 606-439-0794; Fax: 606-439-4647; Field Rep.: Pat Wooton
    • 110 Resource Court, Suite A, Prestonsburg, KY 41653-7851; 606-886-0844; Fax: 606-889-0371; Field Rep.: Grayson Smith
    • 551 Clifty St., Somerset, KY 42503; 800-632-8588; Fax: 606-678-4856; District Director: Chris Girdler
    • Committee Assignment: Appropriations, Chair

    Rogers, Mike, R-Ala. (3)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 324 CHOB 20515-0103; 225-3261; Fax: 226-8485; Chief of Staff: Marshall C. Macomber
    • Web:http://mike-rogers.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/CongressmanMikeDRogers
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/RepMikeRogersAL
    • District Offices: Federal Bldg., 1129 Noble St., #104, Anniston, AL 36201-4674; 256-236-5655; Fax: 256-237-9203; District Director: Sheri Rollins
    • 1819 Pepperell Pkwy., #203, Opelika, AL 36801-5476; 334-745-6221; Fax: 334-742-0109; Field Rep.: Cheryl Cunningham
    • Committee Assignments: Agriculture; Armed Services; Homeland Security

    Rogers, Mike, R-Mich. (8)

    Rohrabacher, Dana, R-Calif. (48)

    Rokita, Todd, R-Ind. (4)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 236 CHOB 20515-1404; 225-5037; Fax: 226-0544; Chief of Staff: Michael J. Ward
    • Web:http://rokita.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/RepToddRokita
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/toddrokita
    • District Offices: 355 S. Washington St., 2nd Floor, Danville, IN 46122-1779; 317-718-0404; Fax: 317-718-0405; District Director; Deputy Chief of staff: Joe McClaine
    • 337 Columbia St., Lafayette, IN 47901-1315; 765-838-3930; Fax: 765-838-3931; Field Rep.: Penny Titus
    • Committee Assignments: Budget; Education and the Workforce; House Administration

    Rooney, Thomas J., R-Fla. (17)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 221 CHOB 20515; 225-5792; Fax: 225-3132; Chief of Staff: Brian Crawford
    • Web:http://rooney.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/reptomrooney
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/TomRooney
    • District Offices: 226 Taylor St., #230, Punta Gorda, FL 33950-4422; 941-575-9101; Fax: 941-575-9103 District Director: Leah Valenti
    • Summerfield Shoppes, 11345 Big Bend Rd., Riverview, FL 33579; 813-677-8646; Fax: 813-677-8698; Constituent Services Rep.: Dianne Robbins
    • 4507 George Blvd., Sebring, FL 33875; 863-402-9082; Fax: 863-402-9084; Constituent Services Rep.: Dana Goulet
    • Committee Assignments: Appropriations; Permanent Select Intelligence

    Roskam, Peter, R-Ill. (6)

    Ros-Lehtinen, Ileana, R-Fla. (27)

    Ross, Dennis, R-Fla. (15)

    Rothfus, Keith, R-Pa. (12)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 503 CHOB 20515; 225-2065; Fax: 225-5709; Chief of staff: Armstrong Robinson
    • Web:http://rothfus.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/keithrothfus
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/@KeithRothfus
    • District Offices: 250 Insurance St., #203, Beaver, PA 15009; 724-359-1626; Fax: 412-593-2022; Field Rep.: Jerry Gogolin
    • Cambria County Complex, 110 Franklin St., #150, Johnstown, PA 15901; 814-619-3659; Fax: 412-593-2022; Field Rep.: Tim Rigby
    • 6000 Babcock Blvd., #104, Pittsburgh, PA 15237; 412-837-1361; Fax: 412-593-2022; District Director: Jonathon Raso
    • Committee Assignments: Homeland Security; Judiciary

    Roybal-Allard, Lucille, D-Calif. (40)

    Royce, Ed, R-Calif. (39)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 2185 RHOB 20515-0540; 225-4111; Fax: 226-0335; Chief of Staff: Amy Porter
    • Web:http://royce.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/EdRoyce
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/RepEdRoyce
    • District Offices: 210 W. Birch St., 201, Brea, CA 92821; 714-255-0101; Fax: 714-255-0109; District Director: Sara Catalan
    • 1380 S. Fullerton Rd., #205, Rowland Heights, CA 91748; 626-964-5123; Fax: 626-810-3891; Caseworker: Laura Kung
    • Committee Assignments: Financial Services; Foreign Affairs, Chair

    Ruiz, Raul, D-Calif. (36)

    Runyan, Jon, R-N.J. (3)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 1239 LHOB 20515-3003; 225-4765; Fax: 225-0778; Chief of Staff: Stacy Palmer-Barton
    • Web:http://runyan.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/CongressmanJonRunyan
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/RepJonRunyan
    • District Offices: 4167 Church Rd., Mount Laurel, NJ 08054-2220; 856-780-6436; Fax: 856-780-6440; District Director: Kristin Antonello
    • 600 Mule Rd., Unit 6, Toms River, NJ 08757; 732-279-6013; Fax: 732-279-6062; Constituent Services Liaison: Mariella Kuchenbrod
    • Committee Assignments: Armed Services; Natural Resources; Veterans' Affairs

    Ruppersberger, C. A., D-Md. (2)

    Rush, Bobby L., D-Ill. (1)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 2268 RHOB 20515-1301; 225-4372; Fax: 226-0333; Chief of Staff Appropriations Budget Census Transportation Housing: Stanley Watkins
    • Web:http://rush.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/congressmanbobbyrush
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/RepBobbyRush
    • District Offices: 700 E. 79th St., Chicago, IL 60619-3102; 773-224-6500; Fax: 773-224-9624; Deputy Chief of Staff District Director Appropriations Commerce Manufacturing Trade District Outreach Energy and Power Subcommittee Grants Labor Minimum Wage: Robyn Grange
    • 3235 147th St., Midlothian, IL 60445-3656; 708-385-9550; Fax: 708-385-3860; Deputy District Director Contracts Procurement Immigration Passports Customs Tourism Trade Visas: Younus Suleman
    • Committee Assignment: Energy and Commerce

    Ryan, Paul, R-Wisc. (1)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 1233 LHOB 20515-4901; 225-3031; Fax: 225-3393; Washington, D.C. Chief of Staff; Admin. Asst: Joyce Yamat Meyer
    • Web:http://paulryan.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/reppaulryan
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/reppaulryan
    • District Offices: 20 S. Main St., #10, Janesville, WI 53545-3959; 608-752-4050; Fax: 608-752-4711; Chief of Staff: Andy Speth
    • 5455 Sheridan Rd., #125, Kenosha, WI 53140-4129; 262-654-1901; Fax: 262-654-2156; Field Rep.: Nathan Schacht
    • 216 6th St., Racine, WI 53403; 262-637-0510; Fax: 262-637-5689; Field Rep.: Teresa Mora
    • Committee Assignments: Budget, Chair; Ways and Means

    Ryan, Tim, D-Ohio (13)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 1421 LHOB 20515-3517; 225-5261; Fax: 225-3719; Chief of Staff: Ron Grimes
    • Web:http://timryan.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/timryan
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/RepTimRyan
    • District Offices: 1030 E. Tallmadge Ave., Akron, OH 44310-3563; 330-630-7311; Fax: 330-630-7314; Economic Development Coord.: Chris Cupples
    • Mahoning Bldg., 197 W. Market St., Warren, OH 44481-1024; 800-856-4152; Fax: 330-373-0098; District Director: Rick Leonard
    • 241 W. Federal St., Youngstown, OH 44503-1207; 330-740-0193; Fax: 330-740-0182; Constituent Liaison: Matthew Vadas
    • Committee Assignments: Appropriations; Budget

    Sablan, Gregorio Kilili Camacho, D-M.P.(At Large)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 423 CHOB 20515-5601; 225-2646; Fax: 226-4249; Chief of Staff: Robert J. Schwalbach
    • Web:http://sablan.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/pages/Gregorio-Kilili-Camacho-Sablan/153423912663
    • District Offices: P.O. Box 1361, Rota, MP 96951; 670-532-2647; Fax: 670-532-2649; Staff Asst: Harry Masga
    • P.O. Box 504879, Saipan, MP 96950; 670-323-2647; Fax: 670-323-2649; District Director: Peter Tenorio
    • General Delivery, Tinian, MP 96952; 670-433-2647; Fax: 670-433-2648; Staff Asst: Jose Kiyoshi
    • Committee Assignments: Education and the Workforce; Natural Resources

    Salmon, Matt, R-Ariz. (5)

    Sanchez, Linda, D-Calif. (38)

    Sanchez, Loretta, D-Calif. (46)

    Sarbanes, John, D-Md. (3)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 2444 RHOB 20515-2003; 225-4016; Fax: 225-9219; Chief of staff: Jason Gleason
    • Web:http://sarbanes.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/JSarbanes
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/JohnSarbanes
    • District Offices: Arundel Center, 44 Calvert St., #349, Annapolis, MD 21401-1930; 410-295-1679; Fax: 410-295-1682; Community Relations Specialist: Robert Beans
    • 600 Baltimore Ave., #303, Towson, MD 21204-4022; 410-832-8890; Fax: 410-832-8898; Office Administrator: Cyndy Clausen
    • 3901 National Dr., #220, Burtonsville, MD 20866; 301-421-4078; Fax: 301-421-4079; Community Outreach Specialist: Alexis Reed
    • Committee Assignment: Energy and Commerce

    Scalise, Steve, R-La. (1)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 2338 RHOB 20515; 225-3015; Fax: 226-0386; Chief of Staff: Lynnel Ruckert
    • Web:http://scalise.house.gov/
    • Facebookhttp://facebook.com/RepSteveScalise
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/SteveScalise
    • District Offices: 1514 Martens Dr., #10, Hammond, LA 70401; 985-340-2185; Fax: 985-340-3122; Regional Director: Justin Crossie
    • 8026 Main St., #700, Houma, LA 70360; 985-879-2300; Fax: 985-879-2306; Field Rep.: Jerry Theriot
    • 21454 Koop Rd., #1-E, Mandeville, LA 70471-7513; 985-893-9064; Fax: 985-893-9707; Field Rep.: Danielle Evans
    • 110 Veterans Memorial Blvd., #500, Metairie, LA 70005-4970; 504-837-1259; Fax: 504-837-4239; Deputy Chief of Staff: Charles Henry
    • Committee Assignment: Energy and Commerce

    Schakowsky, Jan, D-Ill. (9)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 2367 RHOB 20515-1309; 225-2111; Fax: 226-6890; Chief of Staff Labor Legis. Asst: Cathy Hurwit
    • Web:http://schakowsky.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/janschakowsky
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/janschakowsky
    • District Offices: 5533 N. Broadway St., Chicago, IL 60640-1405; 773-506-7100; Fax: 773-506-9202; District Director; Scheduler: Leslie Combs
    • 820 Davis St., #105, Evanston, IL 60201-4400; 847-328-3399; Fax: 847-328-3425; Grants Coord.; Constituent Advocate: Dave Davis
    • Committee Assignments: Energy and Commerce; Permanent Select Intelligence

    Schiff, Adam, D-Calif. (28)

    Schneider, Brad, D-Ill. (10)

    Schock, Aaron, R-lll. (18)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 328 CHOB 20515-1318; 225-6201; Fax: 225-9249; Chief of Staff: Steven Shearer
    • Web:http://schock.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/RepAaronSchock
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/repaaronschock
    • District Offices: 209 W. State St., Jacksonville, IL 62650-2001; 217-245-1431; Fax: 217-243-6852; Constituent Services Specialist: Barbara Baker
    • 100 N.E. Monroe St., Room 100, Peoria, IL 61602-1047; 309-671-7027; Fax: 309-671-7309; District Chief of Staff Carol Merna
    • 235 S. 6th St., Springfield, IL 62701-1502; 217-670-1653; Fax: 217-670-1806
    • Committee Assignments: House Administration; Ways and Means

    Schrader, Kurt, D-Ore. (5)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 108 CHOB 20515; 225-5711; Fax: 225-5699; Chief of Staff: Paul Gage
    • Web:http://schrader.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/repschrader
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/repschrader
    • District Offices: 621 High St., Oregon City, OR 97045-2240; 503-557-1324; Fax: 503-557-1981; District Director: Suzanne Kunse
    • 544 Ferry St. S.E., #2, Salem, OR 97301-3830; 503-588-9100; Fax: 503-588-5517; District Aide: Dana Baugher
    • Committee Assignments: Agriculture; Budget; Small Business

    Schwartz, Allyson Y., D-Pa. (13)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 1227 LHOB 20515-3813; 225-6111; Fax: 226-0611; Chief of Staff: Rachel Magnuson
    • Web:http://schwartz.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/RepAllysonSchwartz
    • District Offices: 801 Old York Rd., #212, Jenkintown, PA 19046-2710; 215-517-6572; Fax: 215-517-6575; Deputy Chief of staff: Craig Kwiecinski
    • 7712 Castor Ave., Philadelphia, PA 19152; 215-335-3355; Fax: 215-333-4508; Sr. Constituent Services Rep.: Annamarie Feeney
    • Committee Assignments: Budget; Ways and Means

    Schweikert, David, R-Ariz. (6)

    Scott, Austin, R-Ga. (8)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 516 CHOB 20515-1008; 225-6531; Fax: 225-3013; Chief of Staff: Joby Young
    • Web:http://austinscott.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/RepAustinScott
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/AustinScottGA08
    • District Offices: 127-B N. Central Ave., Tifton, GA 31794-4087; 229-396-5175; Fax: 229-396-5179; Constituent Services Rep.: Alice Johnson
    • 230 Margie Dr., #500, Warner Robins, GA 31088; 478-971-1776; Fax: 478-971-1778; District Director: Stone Workman
    • Committee Assignments: Agriculture; Armed Services

    Scott, Bobby, D-Va. (3)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 1201 LHOB 20515-4603; 225-8351; Fax: 225-8354; Chief of Staff: Joni L. Ivey
    • Web:http://bobbyscott.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/CongressmanBobbyScott
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/repbobbyscott
    • District Offices: 2600 Washington Ave., #1010, Newport News, VA 23607-4333; 757-380-1000; Fax: 757-928-6694; District Manager: Gisele Russell
    • 400 N. 8th St., #430, Richmond, VA 23219-4815; 804-644-4845; Fax: 804-644-6026; Legis. Asst.; District Scheduler: Nkechi Winkler
    • Committee Assignments: Education and the Workforce; Judiciary

    Scott, David, D-Ga. (13)

    Sensenbrenner, Jim, R-Wisc. (5)

    Serrano, José E., D-N.Y. (15)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 2227 RHOB 20515-3216; 225-4361; Fax: 225-6001; DC Office Deputy Chief of Staff;Communications Director Transportation Issues Health Medicare Medicaid Environment Natural Resources: Philip Schmidt
    • Web:http://serrano.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/RepJoseSerrano
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/RepJoseSerrano
    • District Office: 1231 Lafayette Ave., 4th Floor, Bronx, NY 10474-5331; 718-620-0084; Fax: 718-620-0658; District Director: Javier Lopez
    • Committee Assignment: Appropriations

    Sessions, Pete, R-Tex. (32)

    Sewell, Terri A., D-Ala. (7)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 1133 LHOB 20515-0107; 225-2665; Fax: 226-9567; Chief of staff: Nichole Francis Reynolds
    • Web:http://sewell.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/RepSewell
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/RepTerriSewell
    • District Offices: Two 20th St. N., #1130, Birmingham, AL 35203-4014; 205-254-1960; Fax: 205-254-1974; District Director: Chasseny Lewis
    • 186 Field of Dreams Dr., Demopolis, AL 36732; 334-287-0860; Fax: 334-877-4489; Outreach Coord.: Dianna Johnson
    • 205 N. Washington St., University of West Alabama, Station 40, Webb Hall 236-237, Livingston, AL 35470-2099; 205-652-5834; Fax: 205-652-5935; Constituent Services Rep.: Kay Presley
    • Perry County Courthouse, 300 Washington St., Marion, AL 36756-2336; 334-683-2157; Fax: 334-683-2201; Constituent Services Rep.: Dianna Johnson
    • 101 S. Lawrence St., Montgomery, AL 36104; 334-262-1919; Fax: 334-262-1921; Constituent Services Rep.: Kay Presley
    • 908 Alabama Ave., Federal Bldg., #112, Selma, AL 36701-4660; 334-877-4414; Fax: 334-877-4489; Constituent Services Rep.: Dianna Johnson
    • Committee Assignments: Financial Services; Permanent Select Intelligence

    Shea-Porter, Carol, D-N.H. (1)

    Sherman, Brad, D-Calif. (30)

    Shimkus, John, R-lll. (15)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 2452 RHOB 20515; 225-5271; Fax: 225-5880; Chief of Staff: Craig A. Roberts
    • Web:http://shimkus.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/repshimkus
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/RepShimkus
    • District Offices: 201 N. Vermilion St., #218, Danville, IL 61832; 217-446-0664; District Aide: Kate Holloway 101 N. 4th St., #303, Effingham, IL 62401; 217-347-7947; Fax: 217-342-1219; District Aide: Michael Hall
    • 110 E. Locust St., Room 12, Harrisburg, IL 62946-1557; 618-252-8271; Fax: 618-252-8317; District Aide: Holly Healy
    • 15 Professional Park Dr., Maryville, IL 62062; 618-288-7190; Fax: 618-288-7219; District Director: Deb Detmers
    • Committee Assignment: Energy and Commerce

    Shuster, Bill, R-Pa. (9)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 2209 RHOB 20515; 225-2431; Fax: 225-2486; Chief of Staff: Eric Burgeson
    • Web:http://shuster.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/Rep.Shuster
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/repbillshuster
    • District Offices: 100 Lincoln Way E., Suite B, Chambersburg, PA 17201-2274; 717-264-8308; Fax: 717-264-0269; Constituent Services Rep.: Nancy Bull
    • 310 Penn St., #200, Hollidaysburg, PA 16648-2044; 814-696-6318; Fax: 814-696-6726; District Director: Jim Frank
    • 827 Water St., #3, Indiana, PA 15701; 724-463-0516; Fax: 724-463-0518; Constituent Services Rep.: Ron Nocco
    • Committee Assignments: Armed Services; Transportation and Infrastructure, Chair

    Simpson, Mike, R-ldaho (2)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 2312 RHOB 20515-1202; 225-5531; Fax: 225-8216; Chief of Staff: Lindsay J. Slater
    • Web:http://simpson.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/pages/Mike-Simpson/96007744606
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/CongMikeSimpson
    • District Offices: 802 W. Bannock St., #600, Boise, ID 83702-5843; 208-334-1953; Fax: 208-334-9533; Deputy Chief of staff: John Revier
    • 410 Memorial Dr., #203, Idaho Falls, ID 83402-3600; 208-523-6701; Fax: 208-523-2384; Regional Director: Ethan Huffman
    • 275 S. 5th Ave., #275, Pocatello, ID 83201-6400; 208-233-2222; Fax: 208-233-2095; Regional Director: Steve Brown
    • 1341 Filmore St., #202, Twin Falls, ID 83301-3392; 208-734-7219; Fax: 208-734-7244; Regional Director: Linda Culver
    • Committee Assignment: Appropriations

    Sinema, Kyrsten, D-Ariz. (9)

    Sires, Albio, D-N.J. (8)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 2342 RHOB 20515-3013; 225-7919; Fax: 226-0792; Chief of Staff: Gene Martorony
    • Web:http://sires.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/pages/Albio-Sires/81058818750
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/Rep_Albio_Sires
    • District Offices: 630 Ave. C, Room Nine, Bayonne, NJ 07002-3878; 201-823-2900; Fax: 201-858-7139; Congressional Aide: Janis Demellier
    • 800 Anna St., Elizabeth, NJ 07201; 908-820-0692; Fax: 908-820-0694; Congressional Aide: Ada Morell
    • 121 Newark Ave., #200, Jersey City, NJ 07302; 201-309-0384; Fax: 201-309-0384; District Director: Richard Turner
    • 5500 Palisade Ave., Suite A, West New York, NJ 07093-2124; 201-558-0800; Fax: 201-617-2809; Constituent Services Director: Danita Torres
    • Committee Assignments: Foreign Affairs; Transportation and Infrastructure

    Slaughter, Louise M., D-N.Y. (25)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 2469 RHOB 20515-3228; 225-3615; Fax: 225-7822; Chief of Staff: Liam Fitzsimmons
    • Web:http://louise.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/RepLouiseSlaughter
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/louiseslaughter
    • District Office: Federal Bldg., 100 State St., Room 3120, Rochester, NY 14614-1309; 585-232-4850; Fax: 585-232-1954; District Director: Patricia Larke
    • Committee Assignments: Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe (Helsinki Commission); Rules, Ranking Minority Member

    Smith, Adam, D-Wash. (9)

    Smith, Adrian, R-Neb. (3)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 2241 RHOB 20515; 225-6435; Fax: 225-0207; Chief of Staff: Monica Jirik
    • Web:http://adriansmith.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/AdrianSmithNE
    • Twitter:https://twitter.com/RepAdrianSmith
    • District Offices: 1811 W. 2nd St., #275, Grand Island, NE 68803-5400; 308-384-3900; Fax: 308-384-3902; Director of Constituent Services: Todd Crawford
    • Northern Heights Professional Plaza, 416 Valley View Dr., #600, Scottsbluff, NE 69361-1486; 308-633-6333; Fax: 308-633-6335; Office Coord.: Lenora Brotzman
    • Committee Assignment: Ways and Means

    Smith, Chris, R-N.J. (4)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 2373 RHOB 20515-3004; 225-3765; Fax: 225-7768; Chief of Staff: Mary McDermott Noonan
    • Web:http://chrissmith.house.gov/
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/RepChrisSmith
    • District Offices: 1540 Kuser Rd., #A-9, Hamilton, NJ 08619-3828; 609-585-7878; Fax: 609-585-9155; District Director for Casework: Pidge Carroll
    • Whiting Shopping Center, 108 Lacey Rd., #38-A, Whiting, NJ 08759-1331; 732-350-2300; Fax: 732-350-6260; District Director for Public Policy; Press Secy.: Jeff Sagnip
    • Committee Assignments: Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe (Helsinki Commission), Co-Chair; Foreign Affairs; Congressional-Executive Commission on China, Co-Chair

    Smith, Lamar, R-Tex. (21)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 2409 RHOB 20515-4321; 225-4236; Fax: 225-8628; Chief of staff: Jennifer Young Brown
    • Web:http://lamarsmith.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/LamarSmithTX21
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/LamarSmithTX21
    • District Offices: 2211 S. IH-35, #106, Austin, TX 78741; 512-912-7508; Fax: 512-912-7519; Constituent Services Liaison: Morgan McFall
    • 301 Junction Hwy., #346C, Kerrville, TX 78028-4247; 830-896-0154; Fax: 830-896-0168; Constituent Services Liaison; Service Academy Liaison: Anne Overby
    • Guaranty Federal Bldg., 1100 N.E. Loop 410, #640, San Antonio, TX 78209; 210-821-5024; Fax: 210-821-5947; District Director: Mike Asmus
    • Committee Assignments: Homeland Security; Judiciary; Science, Space, and Technology, Chair

    Southerland, Steve, R-Fla. (2)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 1229 LHOB 20515-0902; 225-5235; Fax: 225-5615; Chief of staff: Jonathan Hayes
    • Web:http://southerland.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/RepSteveSoutherland
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/Rep_Southerland
    • District Offices: 840 W. 11th St., #2250, Panama City, FL 32401-2336; 850-785-0812; Fax: 850-763-3764; Deputy District Director: Melissa Thompson
    • 3116 Capital Circle N.E., #9, Tallahassee, FL 32308-7791; 850-561-3979; Fax: 850-681-2902; Deputy District Director: Lori Hutto
    • Committee Assignments: Natural Resources; Transportation and Infrastructure

    Speier, Jackie, D-Calif. (14)

    Stewart, Chris, R-Utah (2)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 323 CHOB 20515; 225-9730; Fax: 225-9627; Chief of Staff: Brian Steed
    • Web:http://stewart.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/RepChrisStewart
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/repchrisstewart
    • District Offices: Wallace F. Bennett Federal Bldg., 125 S. State St., #5420, Salt Lake City, UT 84138; 801-364-5550; Fax: 801-364-5551; District Director: Dell Smith
    • 253 W. St. George Blvd., #100, St. George, UT 84770; 435-627-1500; Fax: 435-627-1911; Office Manager: Randy Minson
    • Committee Assignments: Homeland Security; Natural Resources; Science, Space, and Technology

    Stivers, Steve, R-Ohio (15)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 1022 LHOB 20515-3515; 225-2015; Fax: 225-3529; Chief of Staff: Adam Kuhn
    • Web:http://stivers.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/pages/Rep-Steve-Stivers/116058275133542
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/RepSteveStivers
    • District Office: 3790 Municipal Way, Hilliard, OH 43026-1620; 614-771-4968; Fax: 614-771-3990; District Director: Grant Shaffer
    • 123 S. Broad St., #235, Lancaster, OH 43130; 740-654-2654; Fax: 740-654-2482; Field Rep.: Emily Schmidbauer
    • 69 N. South St., Wilmington, OH 45177; 937-283-7049; Fax: 937-283-7052; Field Rep.: Sherry Stuckert
    • Committee Assignment: Financial Services

    Stockman, Steve, R-Tex. (36)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 326 CHOB 20515; 225-1555; Fax: 226-0396; Chief of Staff: Kirk Clinkenbeard
    • Web:http://stockman.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/congressmanstockman
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/SteveWorks4You
    • District Offices: 420 Green Ave., Orange, TX 77630; 409-883-8075; Fax: 409-886-9918; District Rep.: David Covey
    • 8060 Spencer Hwy., San Jacinto College, Bldg. 1, Room 108, Pasadena, TX 77505; 281-478-2799; District Director: Bonnie Norman
    • Committee Assignments: Foreign Affairs; Science, Space, and Technology

    Stutzman, Marlin, R-Ind. (3)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 1728 LHOB 20515-1403; 225-4436; Fax: 226-9870; Deputy Chief of Staff; Legis. Director: John Hammond
    • Web:http://stutzman.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/CongressmanMarlinStutzman
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/RepStutzman
    • District Offices: E. Ross Adair Federal Bldg., 1300 S. Harrison St., #3105, Fort Wayne, IN 46802-3492; 260-424-3041; Fax: 260-424-4042; Chief of Staff: Matt Lloyd
    • The Boathouse, 700 Park Ave., Suite D, Winona Lake, IN 46590-1066; 574-269-1940; Fax: 574-269-3112; Constituent Liaison: Allison McSherry
    • Committee Assignment: Financial Services

    Swalwell, Eric, D-Calif. (15)

    Takano, Mark, D-Calif. (41)

    Terry, Lee, R-Neb. (2)

    Thompson, Bennie, D-Miss. (2)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 2466 RHOB 20515-2402; 225-5876; Fax: 225-5898; Chief of Staff: I. Lanier Avant
    • Web:http://benniethompson.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/pages/BennieGThompson/7259193379
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/BennieGThompson
    • District Offices: 107 W. Madison St., Bolton, MS 39041; 601-866-9003; Fax: 601-866-9036; District Director: Charlie Horhn
    • 910 Courthouse Lane, Greenville, MS 38701-3764; 662-335-9003; Fax: 662-334-1304; Community Development Coord.: Timla Washington
    • 509 Hwy. 82 W., Greenwood, MS 38930-5030; 662-455-9003; Fax: 662-453-0118; Caseworker: Alonzo Evans
    • 3607 Medgar Evers Blvd., Jackson, MS 39213-6364; 601-946-9003; Fax: 601-982-5337; Caseworker; Field Rep.: Steven Gavin
    • 263 E. Main St., P.O. Box 356, Marks, MS 38646; 662-326-9003; Caseworker: Sam McCray
    • City Hall, 106 W. Green Ave., #106, Mound Bayou, MS 38762-9594; 662-741-9003; Fax: 662-741-9002; Caseworker: Geri Adams
    • Committee Assignment: Homeland Security, Ranking Minority Member

    Thompson, Glenn, R-Pa. (5)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 124 CHOB 20515-3805; 225-5121; Fax: 225-5796; Chief of Staff: Jordan Clark
    • Web:http://thompson.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/CongressmanGT
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/CongressmanGT
    • District Offices: 3555 Benner Pike, #101, Bellefonte, PA 16823-8474; 814-355-0215; Fax: 814-353-0218; Field Rep.: Mike Glazer
    • 127 W. Spring St., Suite C, Titusville, PA 16354-1727; 814-827-3985; Fax: 814-827-7307; District Director: Peter Winkler
    • Committee Assignments: Agriculture; Education and the Workforce; Natural Resources

    Thompson, Mike, D-Calif. (5)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 231 CHOB 20515-0501; 225-3311; Fax: 225-4335; Chief of Staff: Melanie Rhinehart Van Tassell
    • Web:http://mikethompson.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/RepMikeThompson
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/RepThompson
    • District Offices: 1040 Main St., #101, Napa, CA 94559-2605; 707-226-9898; Fax: 707-251-9800; District Rep.: Brad Onorato
    • 2300 County Center Dr., #A100, Santa Rosa, CA 95403; 707-542-7182; Fax: 707-542-2745; District Rep.: Cheryl Diehm 985 Walnut Ave., Vallejo, CA 94592; 707-645-1888; Fax: 707-645-1870; District Rep.: Brian Bottari
    • Committee Assignments: Ways and Means; Permanent Select Intelligence

    Thornberry, Mac, R-Tex. (13)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 2329 RHOB 20515-4313; 225-3706; Fax: 225-3486; Chief of Staff: Josh Martin
    • Web:http://thornberry.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/repmacthornberry
    • Twitter:https://twitter.com/MacTXPress
    • District Offices: 905 S. Fillmore St., #520, Amarillo, TX 79101-3541; 806-371-8844; Fax: 806-371-7044; District Director: Sandra Ross
    • 2525 Kell Blvd., #406, Wichita Falls, TX 76308; 940-692-1700; Fax: 940-692-0539; Deputy District Director: Paul Simpson
    • Committee Assignments: Armed Services, Vice Chair; Permanent Select Intelligence

    Tiberi, Patrick J., R-Ohio (12)

    Tierney, John F., D-Mass. (6)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 2238 RHOB 20515-2106; 225-8020; Fax: 225-5915; Chief of Staff: Betsy Arnold Marr
    • Web:http://tierney.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/CongressmanJohnTierney
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/RepTierney
    • District Offices: Lynn City Hall, Three City Hall Square, #412, Lynn, MA 01902; 781-595-7375; Fax: 781-595-7492; Outreach Coord.: Drew Russo
    • 17 Peabody Square, Peabody, MA 01960-5646; 978-531-1669; Fax: 978-531-1996; District Scheduler: Sarah Jackson
    • Committee Assignments: Education and the Workforce; Oversight and Government Reform

    Tipton, Scott, R-Colo. (3)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 218 CHOB 20515-0603; 225-4761; Fax: 226-9669; Chief of staff: Nicholas Zupancic
    • Web:http://tipton.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/CongressmanScottTipton
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/reptipton
    • District Offices: 609 Main St., #105 Box 11, Alamosa, CO 81101-2557; 719-587-5105; Fax: 719-587-5137; Field Rep.: Brenda Felmlee
    • 835 E. 2nd Ave., #230, Durango, CO 81301-5474; 970-259-1490; Fax: 970-259-1563; Field Rep.: Darlene Marcus
    • 225 N. 5th St., #702, Grand Junction, CO 81501-2658; 970-241-2499; Fax: 970-241-3053; District Director; Sr. Advisor: Scott Streit
    • 503 N. Main St., #658, Pueblo, CO 81003-3132; 719-542-1073; Fax: 719-542-1127; Deputy District Director: Dustin Sherer
    • Committee Assignments: Agriculture; Natural Resources; Small Business

    Titus, Dina, D-Nev. (1)

    Tonko, Paul D., D-N.Y. (20)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 2463 RHOB 20515; 225-5076; Fax: 225-5077; Chief of Staff: Clinton Britt
    • Web:http://tonko.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/reppaultonko
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/paultonko
    • District Offices: 61 Columbia St., 4th Floor, Albany, NY 12210; 518-465-0700; Fax: 518-427-5107; District Director: Sean Shortell
    • 61 Church St., Room 309, Amsterdam, NY 12010-4424; 518-843-3400; Fax: 518-843-8874; Constituent Rep.: Terri Jasewicz
    • 105 Jay St., Room 15, Schenectady, NY 12305-1970; 518-374-4547; Fax: 518-374-7908; Constituent Rep.: Cora Schroeter
    • Committee Assignments: Energy and Commerce

    Tsongas, Niki, D-Mass. (3)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 1607 LHOB 20515-2105; 225-3411; Fax: 226-0771; Communications Director: Michael Hartigan
    • Web:http://tsongas.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/RepTsongas
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/nikiinthehouse
    • District Offices: 15 Union St., #401, Lawrence, MA 01840; 978-681-6200; Fax: 978-682-6070; Regional Coord.; Constituent Services Director: June Black
    • 11 Kearney Square, 3rd Floor, Lowell, MA 01852; 978-459-0101; Fax: 978-459-1907; Chief of Staff: Katie Enos
    • Committee Assignments: Armed Services; Natural Resources

    Turner, Michael, R-Ohio (10)

    Upton, Fred, R-Mich. (6)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 2183 RHOB 20515-2206; 225-3761; Fax: 225-4986; Chief of Staff; Press Secretary: Joan Hillebrands
    • Web:http://upton.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/RepFredUpton
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/RepFredUpton
    • District Offices: 157 S. Kalamazoo Mall, #180, Kalamazoo, MI 49007-4861; 269-385-0039; Fax: 269-385-2888; District Director: Clay McCausland
    • 800 Ship St., #106, St. Joseph, MI 49085-2182; 269-982-1986; Fax: 269-982-0237; Sr. Constituent Services Rep.: Janet Zielke
    • Committee Assignment: Energy and Commerce, Chair

    Valadao, David, R-Calif. (21)

    Van Hollen, Chris, D-Md. (8)

    Vargas, Juan, D-Calif. (51)

    Veasey, Marc, D-Tex. (33)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 414 CHOB 20515; 225-9897; Fax: 225-9702; Chief of Staff: Jane Hamilton
    • Web:http://veasey.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/CongressmanMarcVeasey
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/RepVeasey
    • District Offices: JP Morgan Chase Bldg., 1881 Sylvan Ave., #108, Dallas, TX 75208; 214-741-1387; Fax: 214-741-2026; District Director: Anne Hagan
    • La Gran Plaza Office Tower, 4200 S. Freeway, #412, Fort Worth, TX 76115; 817-920-9086; Fax: 817-920-9324; Director of Constituent Services: Jennifer Wood
    • Committee Assignments: Armed Services; Science, Space, and Technology

    Vela, Filemon, D-Tex. (34)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 437 CHOB 20515; 225-9901; Fax: 225-9770; Chief of Staff: Perry Brody
    • Web:http://vela.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/UsCongressmanFilemonVela
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/RepFilemonVela
    • District Offices: 500 E. Main, Alice, TX 78332; 956-544-8352; District Director: Trey Lewis
    • 333 Ebony Ave., Brownsville, TX 78520; 956-544-8352; Cameron County District Director: Marisela Cortez
    • 1390 W. Expressway 83, San Benito, TX 78586; 956-544-8352; Hidalgo County District Director: Humberto Garza
    • Committee Assignments: Agriculture; Homeland Security

    Velázquez, Nydia M., D-N.Y. (7)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 2302 RHOB 20515-3212; 225-2361; Fax: 226-0327; Chief of Staff: Michael Day
    • Web:http://velazquez.house.gov/index.shtml
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/pages/Nydia-Velazquez/8037068318
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/NydiaVelazquez
    • District Offices: 266 Broadway, #201, Brooklyn, NY 11211-6215; 718-599-3658; Fax: 718-599-4537; Exec. Asst: Lucy Morcelo
    • 16 Court St., #1006, Brooklyn, NY 11241-1010; 718-222-5819; Fax: 718-222-5830; Community Coord.: Daniel Wiley
    • 173 Ave. B, New York, NY 10009-4656; 212-673-3997; Fax: 212-473-5242; Community Liaison: Iris Quiñones
    • Committee Assignments: Financial Services; Small Business, Ranking Minority Member

    Visclosky, Pete, D-Ind. (1)

    Wagner, Ann, R-Mo. (2)

    Walberg, Tim, R-Mich. (7)

    Walden, Greg, R-Ore. (2)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 2182 RHOB 20515-3702; 225-6730; Fax: 225-5774; Chief of Staff: Brian C. MacDonald
    • Web:http://walden.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/repgregwalden
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/repgregwalden
    • District Offices: 1051 N.W. Bond St., #400, Bend, OR 97701-2061; 541-389-4408; Fax: 541-389-4452; Director, Central Oregon Office: Nick Strader
    • 1211 Washington Ave., La Grande, OR 97850-2535; 541-624-2400; Fax: 541-624-6402; Field Rep.: Riley Bushue
    • 14 N. Central Ave., #112, Medford, OR 97501-5912; 541-776-4646; Fax: 541-779-0204; District Director;General Counsel: Dave Henderson
    • Committee Assignment: Energy and Commerce

    Walorski, Jackie, R-Ind. (2)

    Walz, Tim, D-Minn. (1)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 1034 LHOB 20515; 225-2472; Fax: 225-3433; Deputy Chief of Staff Legis. Director: Elizabeth Glidden
    • Web:http://walz.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/TimWalz4Congress
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/Tim_Walz
    • District Offices: 227 E. Main St., #220, Mankato, MN 56001-3573; 507-388-2149; Chief of Staff: Josh Syrjamaki
    • 1130 1/2 7th St., N.W., #208, Rochester, MN 55901-1732; 507-206-0643; District Director: Marcus Schmit
    • Committee Assignments: Agriculture; Transportation and Infrastructure; Veterans' Affairs; Congressional-Executive Commission on China

    Wasserman Schultz, Debbie, D-Fla. (23)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 118 CHOB 20515-0920; 225-7931; Fax: 226-2052; Chief of Staff: Tracie Pough
    • Web:http://wassermanschultz.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/RepDWS
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/DWStweets
    • District Offices: 19200 W. Country Club Dr., Aventura, FL 33180-2403; 305-936-5724; Fax: 305-932-9664; Deputy District Director: Laurie Flink
    • 10100 Pines Blvd., Pembroke Pines, FL 33026-6040; 954-437-3936; Fax: 954-437-4776; District Director: Jodi Davidson
    • Committee Assignment: Appropriations

    Waters, Maxine, D-Calif. (43)

    Watt, Mel, D-N.C. (12)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 2304 RHOB 20515-3312; 225-1510; Fax: 225-1512; Chief of Staff: Danielle Owen
    • Web:http://watt.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/CongressmanMelWatt
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/MelWattNC12
    • District Offices: 1230 W. Morehead St., #306, Charlotte, NC 28208-5214; 704-344-9950; Fax: 704-344-9971; District Director: Torre Jessup
    • 301 S. Greene St., #203, Greensboro, NC 27401-2615; 336-275-9950; Fax: 336-379-9951; District Liaison: Regina Ford
    • Committee Assignments: Financial Services; Judiciary

    Waxman, Henry A., D-Calif. (33)

    Weber, Randy, R-Tex. (14)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 510 CHOB 20515; 225-2831; Fax: 225-0271; Chief of Staff: Chara McMichael
    • Web:http://weber.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/TXRandy14
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/TXRandy14
    • District Offices: Deputy District Director: 505 Orleans St., #103, Beaumont, TX 77701; 409-835-0108; Fax: 409-835-0578; District Director: Blake Hopper
    • 122 W. Way, #301, Lake Jackson, TX 77566-5245; 979-285-0231; Fax: 979-285-0271; Deputy District Director: Jon Watts
    • 174 Calder Rd., League City, TX 77573; 281-316-0231; Fax: 281-316-0271; Deputy District Director: Dianna Kile
    • Committee Assignments: Foreign Affairs; Science, Space, and Technology

    Webster, Daniel, R-Fla. (10)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 1039 LHOB 20515-0908; 225-2176; Fax: 225-0999; Chief of Staff: Frank Walker
    • Web:http://webster.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/RepWebster
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/RepWebster
    • District Offices: 685 W. Montrose St., Clermont, FL 34711; 352-383-3552; Fax: 407-654-5814; Constituent Services Rep.: Melissa Rogers
    • 122 E. Main St., Tavares, FL 32778-3806; 352-383-3552; Fax: 407-654-5814; Constituent Services Rep.: Ann Drawdy
    • 451 3rd St. N.W., Winter Haven, FL 33881; 352-453-0273; Fax: 407-654-5814; Constituent Services Rep.: Debbie Warren
    • 300 W. Plant St., Winter Garden, FL 34787-3009; 407-654-5705; Fax: 407-654-5814; Constituent Services Director: Abigail Tyrrell
    • Committee Assignments: Rules; Transportation and Infrastructure

    Welch, Peter, D-Vt. (At Large)

    Wenstrup, Brad, R-Ohio (2)

    Westmoreland, Lynn A., R-Ga. (3)

    Whitfield, Ed, R-Ky. (1)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 2184 RHOB 20515; 225-3115; Fax: 225-3547; Chief of Staff: Cory Hicks
    • Web:http://whitfield.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/RepEdWhitfield
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/repedwhitfield
    • District Offices: Municipal Bldg., 222 1st St., #224, Henderson, KY 42420-3181; 270-826-4180; Fax: 270-826-6783; Field Rep.: Ed West
    • 1403 S. Main St., Hopkinsville, KY 42240-2017; 270-885-8079; Fax: 270-885-8598; District Director: Michael Pape
    • Century Bldg., 100 Fountain Ave., #104, Paducah, KY 42001-2771; 270-442-6901; Fax: 270-442-6805; Field Rep.: Janece Everett
    • 200 N. Main St., Suite F, Tompkinsville, KY 42167; 270-487-9509; Fax: 270-487-0019; Field Rep.: Sandy Simpson
    • Committee Assignment: Energy and Commerce

    Williams, Roger, R-Tex. (25)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 1122 LHOB 20515; 225-9896; Fax: 225-9692; Chief of Staff: Colby Hale
    • Web:http://williams.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/RepRogerWilliams
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/@RepRWilliams
    • District Offices: 1005 Congress Ave., #925, Austin, TX 78701; 512-473-8910; Fax: 512-473-8946; District Director: John Etue
    • 1 Walnut St., #145, Cleburne, TX 76033; 817-774-2575; Fax: 817-774-2576; District Rep.: Robert Camacho
    • Committee Assignments: Budget; Transportation and Infrastructure

    Wilson, Frederica, D-Fla. (24)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 208 CHOB 20515-0917; 225-4506; Fax: 226-0777; Chief of Staff: Kim Bowman
    • Web:http://wilson.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/RepWilson
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/RepWilson
    • District Offices: 18425 N.W. 2nd Ave., Miami Gardens, FL 33169-4534; 305-690-5905; Fax: 305-690-5951; District Chief of staff: Alexis Snyder
    • Pembroke Pine City Hall, 10100 Pines Blvd., Bldg. B, 3rd Floor, Pembroke Pines, FL 33025; 954-450-6767
    • West Park City Hall, 1965 S. State Rd. 7, West Park, FL 33023; 954-989-2688
    • Committee Assignments: Education and the Workforce; Science, Space, and Technology

    Wilson, Joe, R-S.C. (2)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 2229 RHOB 20515-4002; 225-2452; Fax: 225-2455; Chief of Staff: Jonathan Day
    • Web:http://joewilson.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/JoeWilson
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/USRepJoeWilson
    • District Offices: 828 Richland Ave. West, #300, P.O. Box 104, Aiken, SC 29801; 803-642-6416; 803-642-6418; Field Rep.: Ted Felder
    • 1700 Sunset Blvd. (U.S. 378), #1, West Columbia, SC 29169; 803-939-0041; Fax: 803-939-0078; District Director: Butch Wallace
    • Committee Assignments: Armed Services; Education and the Workforce; Foreign Affairs

    Wittman, Rob, R-Va. (1)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 2454 RHOB 20515; 225-4261; Fax: 225-4382; Chief of Staff: Mary Springer
    • Web:http://wittman.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/RepRobWittman
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/RobWittman
    • District Offices: 3504 Plank Rd., #203, Fredericksburg, VA 22407-6896; 540-548-1086; Fax: 540-548-1658; District Rep.: Heather Young
    • 508 Church Lane, P.O. Box 3106, Tappahannock, VA 22560; 804-443-0668; Fax: 804-443-0671; District Rep.: Chris Jones
    • 401 Main St., P.O. Box 494, Yorktown, VA 23690; 757-874-6687; Fax: 757-874-7164; District Director: Joe Schumacher
    • Committee Assignments: Armed Services; Natural Resources

    Wolf, Frank R., R-Va. (10)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 233 CHOB 20515-4610; 225-5136; Fax: 225-0437; Chief of Staff Press Secy.: Daniel F. Scandling
    • Web:http://wolf.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/RepFrankWolf
    • Twitter:https://twitter.com/RepWOLFPress
    • District Offices: 13873 Park Center Rd., #130, Herndon, VA 20171-3248; 703-709-5800; Fax: 703-709-5802; Director of Constituent Services: Judy McCary 110 N. Cameron St., Winchester, VA 22601-4730; 540-667-0990; Fax: 540-678-0402; Constituent Services Asst: Donna Crowley Committee Assignment: Appropriations

    Womack, Steve, R-Ark. (3)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 1119 LHOB 20515; 225-4301; Fax: 225-5713; Chief of Staff: Beau T. Walker
    • Web:http://womack.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/RepSteveWomack
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/rep_stevewomack
    • District Offices: 423 N. 6th St., Ft. Smith, AR 72902; 479-424-1146; Fax: 479-424-2737; Field Rep.: Bob Moody
    • 303 N. Main St., #102, Harrison, AR 72601-3508; 870-741-6900; Fax: 870-741-7741; Field Rep.: Teri Garrett
    • 3333 Pinnacle Hills Pkwy., #120, Rogers, AR 72758-9100; 479-464-0446; Fax: 479-464-0063; District Director: Bootsie Ackerman
    • Committee Assignment: Appropriations

    Woodall, Rob, R-Ga. (7)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 1725 LHOB 20515-1007; 225-4272; Fax: 225-4696; Chief of Staff District Director: Derick Corbett
    • Web:http://woodall.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/RepRobWoodall
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/votewoodall
    • District Office: Gwinnett Justice and Administration Center, 75 Langley Dr., Lawrenceville, GA 30046-6935; 770-232-3005; Fax: 770-232-2909; Chief of Staff; District Director: Derick Corbett
    • Committee Assignments: Budget; Oversight and Government Reform; Rules

    Yarmuth, John, D-Ky. (3)

    Yoder, Kevin, R-Kans. (3)

    Yoho, Ted, R-Fla. (3)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 511 CHOB 20515; 225-5744; Fax: 225-3973; Chief of Staff: Kat Cammack
    • Web:http://yoho.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/CongressmanTedYoho
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/RepTedYoho
    • District Offices: 5000 N.W. 27th Court, Suite E, Gainesville, FL 32606; 352-505-0838; Fax: 352-505-3511; Deputy District Director: Clay Martin
    • 1213 Blanding Blvd., Orange Park, FL 32065; 904-276-9626; Fax: 904-276-9336; Deputy District Director: Lucy Hoover
    • Committee Assignments: Agriculture; Foreign Affairs

    Young, C. W., R-Fla. (13)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 2407 RHOB 20515-0910; 225-5961; Fax: 225-9764; Chief of Staff Press Secy.: Harry J. Glenn
    • Web:http://young.house.gov/
    • District Office: 9210 113th St., Seminole, FL 33772-2800; 727-392-4100; Fax: 727-392-4989; Field Rep.: Shirley Miaoulis
    • Committee Assignment: Appropriations, Chair Emeritus

    Young, Don A., R-Alaska (At Large)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 2314 RHOB 20515-0201; 225-5765; Fax: 225-0425; Chief of Staff: Pamela A. Day
    • Web:http://donyoung.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/RepDonYoung
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/RepDonYoung
    • District Offices: 4241 B St., #203, Anchorage, AK 99503-5920; 907-271-5978; Fax: 907-271-5950; State Director: Chad Padgett
    • 100 Cushman St., #307, Key Bank Bldg., Fairbanks, AK 99701-4673; 907-456-0210; Fax: 907-456-0279; Special Asst: Rhonda Boyle
    • 612 W. Willoughby Ave., Suite B, P.O. Box 21247, Juneau, AK 99802-1732; 907-586-7400; Fax: 907-586-8922; Special Asst: Connie McKenzie
    • 805 Frontage Rd., #110, Kenai, AK 99611-9104; 907-283-7701
    • Committee Assignments: Natural Resources; Transportation and Infrastructure

    Young, Todd, R-Ind. (9)

    • Capitol Hill Office: 1007 LHOB 20515; 225-5315; Fax: 226-6866; Chief of Staff: John Connell
    • Web:http://toddyoung.house.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/RepToddYoungTwitter:
    • District Offices: 320 W. 8th St., #114, Bloomington, IN 47404-3700; 812-336-3000; Fax: 812-336-3355; Office Manager: Harold Turner
    • 2 N. Madison Ave., Greenwood, IN 46142; 317-661-0696; Office Manager: Ben Bauer
    • 279 Quartermaster Court, Jeffersonville, IN 47130-3669; 812-288-3999; Fax: 812-288-3873; District Director: Deb Johannes
    • Committee Assignment: Ways and Means

    Joint Committees of Congress

    Joint committees of congress

    The joint committees of Congress follow. Each listing includes room number, office building, zip code, telephone number, Web address(es), key staffers, committee jurisdiction, and membership (in order of seniority) for each committee. Members are drawn from the Senate and House and from both parties. As of April 15, 2013, there were no vacancies.

    Senate Democrats, the current majority in that chamber, are shown in roman type; Republicans, in the minority, appear in italic. On the other hand, House Republicans are shown in roman type due to their majority in that chamber; while House Democrats appear in italics. When a senator serves as chair, the vice chair usually is a representative, and vice versa. The location of the chair usually rotates from one chamber to the other at the beginning of each Congress. The area code for all phone and fax numbers is (202). A phone number and/or office number next to either the Majority or Minority Staff Director indicates a change from the full committee's office number and/or phone number. If no numbers are listed, the individual's office number and phone number are the same as for the full committee.

    Joint Economic Committee

    Office: G-01 SDOB 20515-6432 Phone: 224-5171


    Minority Web:http://jec.senate.gov/republicans

    Majority Staff Director: Niles Codes

    Minority Staff Director: Robert O'Quinn 433 CHOB 226-4065

    Jurisdiction: (1) make a continuing study of matters relating to the Economic Report of the President; (2) study means of coordinating programs in order to further the policy of this Act; and (3) as a guide to the several committees of the Congress dealing with legislation relating to the Economic Report, not later than March 1 of each year (beginning with the year 1947) to file a report with the Senate and the House of Representatives containing its findings and recommendations with respect to each of the main recommendations made by the President in the Economic Report, and from time to time to make other reports and recommendations to the Senate and the House of Representatives as it deems advisable.

    Senate Members

    • Amy Klobuchar, Minn., Vice-Chair
    • Robert P. Casey, Pa.
    • Mark R. Warner, Va.
    • Bernie Sanders, Vt. (I)
    • Chris Murphy, Conn.
    • Martin Heinrich, N.M.
    • Dan Coats, Ind.
    • Mike Lee, Utah
    • Roger Wicker, Miss.
    • Pat Toomey, Pa.

    House Members

    • Kevin Brady, Tex., Vice-Chair
    • Sean Duffy, Wisc.
    • Justin Amash, Mich.
    • Erik Paulsen, Minn.
    • Richard Hanna, N.Y.
    • Carolyn B. Moloney, N.Y.
    • Loretta Sanchez, Calif.
    • Elijah E. Cummings, Md.
    • John Delaney, Md.
    Joint on the Library of Congress

    Office: 1309 LHOB 20515

    Phone: 225-8281 Fax: 225-9957


    Majority Staff Director: Kelly Craven (Senate)

    Minority Staff Director: Jamie Fleet (House) 225-8281 1309 LHOB

    Jurisdiction: considers proposals concerning the management and expansion of the Library of Congress, the development and maintenance of the United States Botanic Garden, the receipt of gifts for the benefit of the Library, and certain matters relating to placing of statues and other works of art in the United States Capitol.

    Senate Members

    • Charles E. Schumer, N.Y., Chair
    • Richard J. Durbin, Ill.
    • Patrick Leahy, Vt.
    • Pat Roberts, Kans.
    • Roy Blunt, Mo.

    House Members

    • Gregg Harper, Miss., Vice-Chair
    • Candice Miller, Mich.
    • Rodney Alexander, (La.)
    • Robert Brady, Pa.
    • Zoe Lofgren, Calif.
    Joint Printing

    Office: 1309 LHOB 20515

    Phone: 225-8281 Fax: 225-9957


    Majority Professional Staff Member: Dominic A. Storelli

    Minority Professional Staff Member: Michael L. Harrison 225-2061 1307 LHOB

    Jurisdiction: oversight of (1) the functions of the Government Printing Office and general printing procedures of the federal government; and (2) compliance by federal entities with Title 44 of the U.S. Code, and the Government Printing and Binding Regulations.

    Senate Members

    • Charles E. Schumer, N.Y., Vice-Chair
    • Tom Udall, N.M.
    • Mark Warner, Va.
    • Pat Roberts, Kans.
    • Saxby Chambliss, Ga.

    House Members

    • Gregg Harper, Miss., Chair
    • Candice Miller, Mich.
    • Richard Nugent, Fla.
    • Robert Brady, Pa.
    • Juan Vargas, Calif.
    Joint Taxation

    Office: 1625 LHOB 20515-6453

    Phone: 225-3621

    Fax: 225-0832

    Web:http://www.jct.govChief of Staff: Thomas A. Barthold

    Jurisdiction: investigates the operation and effects of the federal system of taxation and the administration of such taxes by the Internal Revenue Service or any executive department, establishment or agency charged with their administration, and studies and reports on methods for simplification of the tax laws.

    Senate Members

    Jay Rockefeller, W. Va., Chair

    Ron Wyden, Ore.

    • Orrin G. Hatch, Utah
    • Chuck Grassley, Iowa

    House Members

    • Sam Johnson, Tex.
    • Kevin Brady, Tex.
    • Sander Levin, Mich.
    • Charles B. Rangel, N. Y.
    Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe (Helsinki Commission)

    Office: 234 FHOB 20515-6460

    Phone: 225-1901

    Fax: 226-4199


    Chief of Staff: Fred Turner

    Counsel for International Law: Erika B. Schlager

    Jurisdiction: Established in 1976 to monitor and encourage compliance with the Final Act of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), concluded at Helsinki, Finland on August 1, 1975. The Commission responds to the changing nature of the Helsinki process by: convening public hearings with expert witnesses to discuss issues affecting the OSCE community; organizing official delegations to OSCE states to assess political, economic and human rights developments; providing accurate and relevant information on the OSCE to the Congress and the public; furnishing Congress and the public with reports on the current diplomatic initiatives in the OSCE; participating in training seminars and conferences on human rights and the rule of law for official and non-governmental representatives; bringing the OSCE-related concerns of private citizens and groups to the attention of U.S. Government officials, the U.S. Congress, and other OSCE participating States; and providing an important base of technical and political analysis for policy-makers at home and abroad.

    Senate Members

    • Benjamin L. Cardin, Md., Co-Chair
    • Sheldon Whitehouse, R.I.
    • Tom Udall, N.M.
    • Jeanne Shaheen, N.H.
    • Richard Blumenthal, Conn.
    • Roger Wicker, Miss.
    • Saxby Chambliss, Ga.
    • Marco Rubio, Fla.
    • Kelly Ayotte, N.H.

    House Members

    • Chris Smith, N.J., Chair
    • Joe Pitts, Pa.
    • Robert B. Aderholt, Ala.
    • Phil Gingrey, Ga.
    • Michael C. Burgess, Tex.
    • Alcee L. Hastings, Fla.
    • Louise M. Slaughter, N. Y.
    • Mike McIntyre, N.C.
    • Steve Cohen, Tenn.
    Congressional-Executive Commission on China

    Office: 243 FHOB 20515-0001

    Phone: 226-3766 Fax: 226-3804


    CECC Political Prisoner Database:http://www.cecc.gov/pages/victims

    Staff Director: Lawrence Liu

    Jurisdiction: Monitor China's compliance with international human rights standards, encourage the development of the rule of law in the People's Republic of China, and establish and maintain a list of victims of human rights abuses in China. The Commission's professional staff is made up of U.S. experts on China specializing in religious freedom, labor affairs, Tibet and ethnic minorities, the Internet and free-flow of broadcast and print information, and law and legal reform, including commercial law reform. The Commission submits an annual report to the Congressional leadership and the President. To gather information for the report, the Commission holds formal hearings and informal issues roundtables that bring together academics, activists, government officials, business representatives, and other experts on issues related to the Commission's mandate. Staff members also make frequent trips to China to gather information, meet Chinese officials, scholars, and analysts, and consult about the human rights situation and the development of the rule of law in China with U.S. diplomats and others.

    Senate Members

    • Sherrod Brown, Ohio, Co-Chair
    • Max Baucus, Mont.
    • Carl Levin, Mich.
    • Dianne Feinstein, Calif.
    • Jeff Merkley, Ore.

    House Members

    Chris Smith, N.J., Co-ChairTim Walz, Minn.

    Senate Committees

    Senate committees

    The standing and select committees of the U.S. Senate follow. This information is current as of April 15, 2013. Each listing includes room number, office building, zip code, telephone and fax numbers, Web address, minority Web address if available, key majority and minority staff members, jurisdiction for the full committee, and party ratio. Subcommittees are listed under the full committees. Members are listed in order of seniority on the committee or subcommittee. Many committees and subcommittees may be contacted via Web-based e-mail forms found on their Web sites. A phone number and/or office number next to either the Majority or Minority Staff Director indicates a change from the full committee's office number and/or phone number. If no numbers are listed, the individual's office number and phone number are the same as for the full committee.

    Democrats, the current majority, are shown in roman type; Republicans, in the minority, appear in italic. The top name in the italicized list is the Ranking Minority Member. Joseph I. Lieberman, I-Conn., and Bernard Sanders, I-Vt, caucus with Democrats and accrue committee seniority with Democrats; thus, they are counted with the Democrats in the party ratio, although (I) appears after their name. The partisan committees of the Senate are listed on page 819. The area code for all phone and fax numbers is (202).

    Agriculture, Nutrition, and Forestry

    Office: 328A SROB 20510-6000

    Phone: 224-2035 Fax: 228-2125


    Minority Web:http://ag.senate.gov/newsroom/minority-news

    Majority Staff Director: Chris Adamo

    Minority Staff Director: T.A. Hawks 224-2035 328A SROB

    Jurisdiction: (1) agricultural economics and agricultural research; (2) agricultural extension services and agricultural experiment stations; (3) agricultural production, agricultural marketing, and stabilization of prices; (4) agriculture and agricultural commodities; (5) animal industry and animal diseases; (6) crop insurance and soil conservation; (7) farm credit and farm security; (8) food from fresh waters; (9) food stamp programs; (10) forestry and forest reserves and wilderness areas other than those created from the public domain; (11) home economics; (12) human nutrition; (13) inspection of livestock, meat, and agricultural products and commodities; (14) pests and pesticides; (15) plant industry, soils, and agricultural engineering; (16) rural development, rural electrification, and watersheds; (17) school nutrition programs. The committee shall also study and review, on a comprehensive basis, matters relating to food, nutrition, and hunger, both in the United States and in foreign countries, and rural affairs.

    Party Ratio: D 11-R9

    • Debbie Stabenow, Mich., Chair
    • Patrick Leahy, Vt.
    • Tom Harkin, Iowa
    • Max Baucus, Mont.
    • Sherrod Brown, Ohio
    • Amy Klobuchar, Minn.
    • Michael F. Bennet, Colo.
    • Kirsten Gillibrand, N.Y.
    • Joe Donnelly, Ind.
    • Heidi Heitkamp, N.D.
    • Mo Cowan, Mass.
    • Thad Cochran, Miss.
    • Mitch McConnell, Ky.
    • Pat Roberts, Kans.
    • Saxby Chambliss, Ga.
    • John Boozman, Ark.
    • John Hoeven, N.D.
    • Mike Johanns, Neb.
    • Chuck Grassley, Iowa
    • John Thune, S.D.


    Commodities, Markets, Trade and Risk Management

    Office: 328A SROB, 20510 Phone: 224-2035

    Joe Donnelly (Chair), Tom Harkin, Max Baucus, Sherrod Brown, Kirsten Gillibrand, Heidi Heitkamp

    Saxby Chambliss (Ranking Minority Member), Pat Roberts, John Boozman, John Hoeven, Mike Johanns

    Conservation, Forestry and Natural Resources

    Office: 328A SROB, 20510 Phone: 224-2035

    Michael F. Bennet (Chair), Patrick Leahy, Tom Harkin, Max Baucus, Amy Klobuchar, Heidi Heitkamp

    John Boozman (Ranking Minority Member), Mitch McConnell, Pat Roberts, Saxby Chambliss, John Thune

    Jobs, Rural Economic Growth and Energy Innovation

    Office: 328A SROB, 20510 Phone: 224-2035

    Heidi Heitkamp (Chair), Sherrod Brown, Amy Klobuchar, Michael F. Bennet, Joe Donnelly, Mo Cowan

    Mike Johanns (Ranking Minority Member), John Boozman, John Hoeven, Charles Grassley, John Thune

    Livestock, Dairy, Poultry, Marketing and Agriculture Security

    Office: 328A SROB, 20510 Phone: 224-2035

    Kirsten Gillibrand (Chair), Patrick Leahy, Max Baucus, Amy Klobuchar, Joe Donnelly, Mo Cowan

    Pat Roberts (Ranking Minority Member), Mitch McConnell, John Boozman, Mike Johanns, Chuck Grassley

    Nutrition, Specialty Crops, Food and Agricultural Research

    Office: 328A SROB, 20510 Phone: 224-2035

    Mo Cowan (Chair), Patrick Leahy, Tom Harkin, Sherrod Brown, Michael F. Bennet, Kirsten Gillibrand

    John Hoeven (Ranking Minority Member), Mitch McConnell, Saxby Chambliss, Chuck Grassley, John Thune


    Office: S-128 CAP 20510-6025

    Phone: 224-7363 Fax: 224-2100


    Minority Web:http://appropriations.senate.gov/republican.cfm

    Majority Staff Director: Charles Kieffer

    Minority Staff Director: William D. Duhnke 224-7257 S-146A CAP

    Jurisdiction: (1) appropriation of the revenue for the support of the government, except as provided in subparagraph (e); (2) rescission of appropriations contained in appropriation acts (referred to in section 105 of title 1, United States Code); (3) the amount of new spending authority described in section 401 (c) (2) (A) and (B) of the Congressional Budget and Impoundment Control Act of 1974 which is to be effective for a fiscal year; (4) new spending authority described in section 401 (c) (2) (C) of the Congressional Budget and Impoundment Control Act of 1974 provided in bills and resolutions referred to the committee under section 401 (b) (2) of that Act.

    Party Ratio: D 16-R 14

    • Barbara Mikulski, Md., Chair
    • Patrick Leahy, Vt.
    • Tom Harkin, Iowa
    • Patty Murray, Wash.
    • Dianne Feinstein, Calif.
    • Richard J. Durbin, Ill.
    • Tim Johnson, S.D.
    • Mary Landrieu, La.
    • Jack Reed, R.I.
    • Frank R. Lautenberg, N.J.
    • Mark Pryor, Ark.
    • Jon Tester, Mont.
    • Tom Udall, N.M.
    • Jeanne Shaheen, N.H.
    • Jeff Merkley, Ore.
    • Mark Begich, Alaska
    • Richard Shelby, Ala.
    • Thad Cochran, Miss.
    • Mitch McConnell, Ky.
    • Lamar Alexander, Tenn.
    • Susan Collins, Maine
    • Lisa Murkowski, Alaska
    • Lindsey Graham, S.C.
    • Mark Kirk, Ill.
    • Dan Coats, Ind.
    • Roy Blunt, Mo.
    • Jerry Moran, Kans.
    • John Hoeven, N.D.
    • Mike Johanns, Neb.
    • John Boozman, Ark.


    Agriculture, Rural Development, Food and Drug Administration, and Related Agencies

    Office: 129 SDOB, 20510 Phone: 224-8090

    Mark Pryor (Chair), Tom Harkin, Dianne Feinstein, Tim Johnson, John Tester, Tom Udall, Jeff Merkley

    Roy Blunt (Ranking Minority Member), Thad Cochran, Mitch McConnell, Susan Collins, Jerry Moran, John Hoeven

    Commerce, Justice, Science, and Related Agencies

    Office: 142 SDOB, 20510 Phone: 224-5202

    Barbara Mikulski (Chair), Patrick Leahy, Dianne Feinstein, Jack Reed, Frank Lautenberg, Mark Pryor, Mary Landrieu, Jeanne Shaheen, Jeff Merkley

    Richard Shelby, Mitch McConnell, Lamar Alexander, Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski, Lindsey Graham, Mark Kirk, John Boozman


    Office: 122 SDOB, 20510 Phone: 224-6688

    Dick Durbin (Chair), Patrick Leahy, Tom Harkin, Dianne Feinstein, Barbara Mikulski, Patty Murray, Tim Johnson, Jack Reed, Mary Landreiu, Mark Pryor

    Thad Cochran (Ranking Minority Member), Mitch McConnell, Richard Shelby, Lamar Alexander, Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski, Lindsey Graham, Dan Coats, Roy Blunt

    Energy and Water Development

    Office: 184 SDOB, 20510 Phone: 224-8119

    Dianne Feinstein (Chair), Patty Murray, Tim Johnson, Mary Landrieu, Frank R. Lautenberg, Tom Harkin, Jon Tester, Richard J. Durbin, Tom Udall

    Lamar Alexander (Ranking Minority Member), Thad Cochran, Mitch McConnell, Richard Shelby, Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski, Lindsey Graha, John Hoeven

    Financial Services and General Government

    Office: 133 SDOB, 20510 Phone: 224-1133

    Frank R. Lautenberg (Chair), Richard J. Durbin, Tom Udall

    Mike Johanns (Ranking Minority Member), Jerry Moran

    Homeland Security

    Office: 135 SDOB, 20510 Phone: 224-8244

    Mary Landrieu (Chair), Patrick Leahy, Patty Murray, Frank R. Lautenberg, Jon Tester, Mark Begich

    Dan Coats (Ranking Minority Member), Thad Cochran, Richard Shelby, Lisa Murkowski, Jerry Moran

    Interior, Environment, and Related AgenciesOffice: 131 SDOB, 20510 Phone: 228-0774

    Jack Reed (Chair), Dianne Feinstein, Patrick Leahy, Tim Johnson, Jon Tester, Tom Udall, Jeff Merkley, Mark Begich

    Lisa Murkowski (Ranking Minority Member), Thad Cochran, Lamar Alexander, Roy Blunt, John Hoeven, Mike Johanns

    Labor, Health and Human Services, Education, and Related Agencies

    Office: 131 SDOB, 20510 Phone: 224-9145

    Tom Harkin (Chair), Patty Murray, Mary Landrieu, Richard J. Durbin, Jack Reed, Mark Pryor, Barbara Mikulski, Jon Tester, Jeanne Shaheen, Jeff Merkley

    Jerry Moran (Ranking Minority Member), Thad Cochran, Richard Shelby, Lamar Alexander, Lindsey Graham, Mark Kirk, Mike Johanns, John Boozman

    Legislative Branch

    Office: 134 SDOB, 20510 Phone: 224-7271

    Jeanne Shaheen (Chair), Jeff Merkley, Mark Begich John Hoeven (Ranking Minority Member), John Boozman

    Military Construction, Veterans Affairs, and Related Agencies

    Office: 125 SDOB, 20510 Phone: 224-8224

    Tim Johnson (Chair), Patty Murray, Jack Reed, Mark Proyor, Jon Tester, Tom Udall, Jeanne Shaheen, Mark Begich

    Mark Kirk (Ranking Minority Member), Mitch McConnell, Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski, Dan Coats, John Hoeven, Mike Johanns

    State, Foreign Operations, and Related Programs

    Office: 127 SDOB, 20510 Phone: 224-4242

    Patrick Leahy (Chair), Tom Harkin, Barbara Mikulski, Richard J. Durbin, Mary Landrieu, Frank R. Lautenberg, Jeanne Shaheen, Mark Begich

    Lindsey Graham (Ranking Minority Member), Mitch McConnell, Mark Kirk, Dan Coats, Roy Blunt, Mike Johanns, John Boozman

    Transportation, Housing and Urban Development, and Related Agencies

    Office: 142 SDOB, 20510 Phone: 224-7281

    Patty Murray (Chair), Barbara Mikulski, Richard J. Durbin, Patrick Leahy, Tom Harkin, Dianne Feinstein, Tim Johnson, Frank R. Lautenberg, Mark Pryor, Jack Reed

    Susan Collins (Ranking Minority Member), Richard Shelby, Lamar Alexander, Lindsey Graham, Mark Kirk, Dan Coats, Jerry Moran, John Boozman

    Armed Services

    Office: 228 SROB 20510-6050

    Phone: 224-3871


    Majority Staff Director: Peter Levine

    Minority Staff Director: John Bonsell 224-4928 228 SROB

    Jurisdiction: (1) aeronautical and space activities peculiar to or primarily associated with the development of weapons systems or military operations; (2) common defense; (3) Department of Defense, the Department of the Army, the Department of the Navy, and the Department of the Air Force, generally; (4) military research and development; (5) national security aspects of nuclear energy; (6) naval petroleum reserves, except those in Alaska; (7) pay, promotion, retirement, and other benefits and privileges of members of the armed forces, including overseas education of civilian and military dependents; (8) Selective Service System; (9) strategic and critical materials necessary for the common defense. The committee shall also study and review, on a comprehensive basis, matters relating to the common defense policy of the United States.

    Party Ratio: D 14-R 12

    • Carl Levin, Mich., Chair
    • Jack Reed, R.I.
    • Bill Nelson, Fla.
    • Claire McCaskill, Mo.
    • Mark Udall, Colo.
    • Kay Hagan, N.C.
    • Joe Manchin, W. Va.
    • Jeanne Shaheen, N.H.
    • Kirsten Gillibrand, N.Y.
    • Richard Blumenthal, Conn.
    • Joe Donnellu, Ind.
    • Mazie K. Hirono, Hawaii
    • Tim Kaine, Va.
    • Angus King, Maine (I)
    • James M. Inhofe, Okla.
    • John McCain, Ariz.
    • Jeff Sessions, Ala.
    • Saxby Chambliss, Ga.
    • Roger Wicker, Miss.
    • Kelly Ayotte, N.H.
    • Deb Fischer, Neb.
    • Lindsey Graham, S.C.
    • David Vitter, La.
    • Roy Blunt, Mo.
    • Mike Lee, Utah
    • Ted Cruz, Tex.



    Office: 228 SROB, 20510 Phone: 224-3871

    Joe Manchin (Chair), Bill Nelson, Claire McCaskill, Kirsten Gillibrand, Richard Blumenthal, Joe Donnelly

    Roger Wicker (Ranking Minority Member), John McCain, Jeff Sessions, Saxby Chambliss, Roy Blunt

    Emerging Threats and Capabilities

    Office: 228 SROB, 20510 Phone: 224-3871

    Kay Hagan (Chair), Jack Reed, Ben Nelson, Mark Udall, Joe Manchin, Jeanne Shaheen, Kirsten Gillibrand

    Deb Fischer (Ranking Minority Member), John McCain, Roger Wicker, Lindsey Graham, David Vitter, Ted Cruz


    Office: 228 SROB, 20510 Phone: 224-3871

    Kirsten Gillibrand (Chair), Kay Hagan, Richard Blumenthal, Mazie K. Hirono, Tim Kaine, Angus King

    Lindsey Graham (Ranking Minority Member), Saxby Chambliss, Kelly Ayotte, Roy Blunt, Mike Lee

    Readiness and Management Support

    Office: 228 SROB, 20510 Phone: 224-3871

    Jeanne Shaheen (Chair), Claire McCaskill, Mark Udall, Joe Manchin, Joe Donnelly, Mazie K. Hirono, Tim Kaine

    Kelly Ayotte (Ranking Minority Member), Saxby Chambliss, Deb Fischer, Roy Blunt, Mike Lee, Ted Cruz


    Office: 228 SROB, 20510 Phone: 224-3871

    Jack Reed (Chair), Bill Nelson, Kay Hagan, Jeanne Shaheen, Richard Blumenthal, Mazie K. Hirono, Tim Kaine, Angus King

    John McCain (Ranking Minority Member), Jeff Sessions, Roger Wicker, Kelly Ayotte, Lindsey Graham, David Vitter, Ted Cruz

    Strategic Forces

    Office: 228 SROB, 20510 Phone: 224-3871

    Mark Udall (Chair), Jack Reed, Claire McCaskill, Joe Donnelly, Angus King

    Jeff Sessions (Ranking Minority Member), Deb Fischer, David Vitter, Mike Lee

    Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs

    Office: 534 SDOB 20510-6075

    Phone: 224-7391 Fax: 224-5137


    Majority Staff Director: Charles Yi

    Minority Staff Director: Gregg Richard 224-7391 534 SDOB

    Jurisdiction: (1) banks, banking, and financial institutions; (2) financial aid to commerce and industry; (3) deposit insurance; (4) public and private housing; (5) federal monetary policy (including the Federal Reserve System); (6) money and credit, including currency and coinage; (7) issuance and redemption of notes; (8) commodity price controls; (9) rent controls; (10) urban development and urban mass transit; (11) economic stabilization and defense production; (12) export controls; (13) export and foreign trade promotion; (14) nursing home construction; (15) renegotiation of government contracts. In addition, the committee is mandated to study and review all matters relating to international economic policy as it affects U.S. monetary affairs, credit, and financial institutions, economic growth, and urban affairs.

    Party Ratio: D 12-R 10

    • Tim Johnson, S.D., Chair
    • Jack Reed, R.I.
    • Charles E. Schumer, N.Y.
    • Robert Menendez, N.J.
    • Sherrod Brown, Ohio
    • Jon Tester, Mont.
    • Mark R. Warner, Va.
    • Jeff Merkley, Ore.
    • Kay Hagan, N.C.
    • Joe Manchin, W. Va.
    • Elizabeth Warren, Mass.
    • Heidi Heitkamp, N.D.
    • Mike Crapo, Idaho
    • Richard Shelby, Ala.
    • Bob Corker, Tenn.
    • David Vitter, La.
    • Mike Johanns, Neb.
    • Pat Toomey, Pa.
    • Mark Kirk, Ill.
    • Jerry Moran, Kans.
    • Tom Coburn, Okla.
    • Dean Heller, Nev.


    Economic Policy

    Office: 313 SROB, 20510 Phone: 224-3753

    Jeff Merkley (Chair), Jon Tester, Mark R. Warner, Kay Hagan, Joe Manchin, Heidi Heitkamp

    Dean Heller (Ranking Minority Member), Tom Coburn, David Vitter, Mike Johanns, Mike Crapo

    Financial Institutions and Consumer Protection

    Office: 713 SHOB, 20510 Phone: 224-2315

    Sherrod Brown (Chair), Jack Reed, Charles E. Schumer, Robert Menendez, Jon Tester, Jeff Merkley, Kay Hagan, Elizabeth Warren

    Pat Toomey (Ranking Minority Member), Richard Shelby, David Vitter, Mike Johanns, Jerry Moran, Dean Heller, Bob Corker

    Housing, Transportation, and Community Development

    Office: 528 SHOB, 20510 Phone: 224-4744

    Robert Menendez (Chair), Jack Reed, Charles E. Schumer, Sherrod Brown, Jeff Merkley, Joe Manchin, Elizabeth Warren, Heidi Heitkamp

    Jerry Moran (Ranking Minority Member), Bob Corker, Pat Toomey, Mark Kirk, Tom Coburn, Dean Heller, Richard Shelby

    National Security and International Trade and Finance

    Office: 475 SROB, 20510 Phone: 224-2023

    Mark R. Warner (Chair), Sherrod Brown, Joe Manchin

    Mark Kirk (Ranking Minority Member), Jerry Moran

    Securities, Insurance, and Investment

    Office: 728 SHOB, 20510 Phone: 224-4642

    John Tester (Chair), Jack Reed, Charles E. Schumer, Robert Menendez, Mark R. Warner, Kay Hagan, Elizabeth Warren, Heidi Heitkamp

    Mike Johanns (Ranking Minority Member), Bob Corker, Richard Shelby, David Vitter, Pat Toomey, Mark Kirk, Tom Coburn


    Office: 624 SDOB 20510-6100

    Phone: 224-0642 Fax: 228-2007


    Minority Web:http://budget.senate.gov/republican

    Majority Staff Director: Evan Schatz

    Minority Staff Director: Marcus C. Peacock 224-0642 624 SDOB

    Jurisdiction: (1) all concurrent resolutions on the budget (as defined in Section 3 (a) (4) of the Congressional Budget Act of 1974) and all other matters required to be referred to that committee under Titles III and IV of that Act, and messages, petitions, memorials, and other matters relating thereto. (2) The committee shall have the duty (A) to report the matters required to be reported by it under Titles III and IV of the Congressional Budget and Impoundment Control Act of 1974; (B) to make continuing studies of the effect on budget outlays of relevant existing and proposed legislation and to report the results of such studies to the Senate on a recurring basis; (C) to request and evaluate continuing studies of tax expenditures, policies, and programs with direct budget outlays, and to report the results of such studies to the Senate on a recurring basis; and (D) to review, on a continuing basis, the conduct by the Congressional Budget Office of its functions and duties.

    Party Ratio: D 12-R 10

    • Patty Murray, Wash., Chair
    • Ron Wyden, Ore.
    • Bill Nelson, Fla.
    • Debbie Stabenow, Mich.
    • Bernie Sanders, Vt. (I)
    • Sheldon Whitehouse, R.I.
    • Mark R. Warner, Va.
    • Jeff Merkley, Ore.
    • Christopher Coons, Del.
    • Tammy Baldwin, Wisc.
    • Tim Kaine, Va.
    • Angus King, Maine (I)
    • Jeff Sessions, Ala.
    • Chuck Grassley, Iowa
    • Mike Enzi, Wyo.
    • Mike Crapo, Idaho
    • Lindsey Graham, S.C.
    • Rob Portman, Ohio
    • Pat Toomey, Pa.
    • Ron Johnson, Wisc.
    • Kelly Ayotte, N.H.
    • Roger Wicker, Miss.
    Commerce, Science, and Transportation

    Office: 254 SDOB 20510-6125

    Phone: 224-0411 Fax: 228-0303


    Minority Web:http://commerce.senate.gov/public/index.cfm?p=Minority

    Majority Staff Director: Ellen Doneski

    Minority Staff Director: David Schwietert 224-1251 560 SHOB

    Jurisdiction: (1) United States Coast Guard (Homeland Security); (2) coastal zone management; (3) communications; (4) highway safety; (5) inland waterways, except construction; (6) interstate commerce; (7) marine and ocean navigation, marine and ocean safety, and marine and ocean transportation, including navigational aspects of deepwater ports; (8) marine fisheries; (9) United States Merchant Marine and navigation; (10) non-military aeronautical and space sciences; (11) oceans, weather, and atmospheric activities; (12) Panama Canal and interoceanic canals generally, except as provided in subparagraph (c); (13) regulation of consumer products and services, including testing related to toxic substances, other than pesticides, and except for credit, financial services, and housing; (14) regulation of interstate common carriers, including railroads, buses, trucks, vessels, pipelines, and civil aviation; (15) science research, development, and policy, engineering research, development, and policy, and technology research, development, and policy; (16) sports; (17) standards and measurement; (18) transportation; (19) transportation and commerce aspects of Outer Continental Shelf land. The committee shall also study and review, on a comprehensive basis, all matters relating to science and technology, oceans policy, transportation, communications, and consumer affairs.

    Party Ratio: D 13-R 12

    • Jay Rockefeller, W. Va., Chair
    • Barbara Boxer, Calif.
    • Bill Nelson, Fla.
    • Maria Cantwell, Wash.
    • Frank R. Lautenberg, N.J.
    • Mark Pryor, Ark.
    • Claire McCaskill, Mo.
    • Amy Klobuchar, Minn.
    • Mark R. Warner, Va.
    • Mark Begich, Alaska
    • Richard Blumenthal, Conn.
    • Brian Schatz, Hawaii
    • William Cowen, Mass.
    • John Thune, S.D.
    • Roger Wicker, Miss.
    • Roy Blunt, Mo.
    • Marco Rubio, Fla.
    • Kelly Ayotte, N.H.
    • Dean Heller, Nev.
    • Dan Coats, Ind.
    • Tim Scott, S.C.
    • Ted Cruz, Tex.
    • Deb Fischer, Neb.
    • Ron Johnson, Wisc.


    Aviation Operations, Safety and Security

    Office: 427 SHOB, 20510 Phone: 224-9000

    Maria Cantwell (Chair), Barbara Boxer, Bill Nelson, Frank R. Lautenberg, Mark Pryor, Amy Klobuchar, Mark R. Warner, Mark Begich, Brian Schatz, William Cowan

    Kelly Ayotte (Ranking Minority Member), Roger Wicker, Roy Blunt, Marco Rubio, Dean Heller, Tim Scott, Ted Cruz, Deb Fischer, Ron Johnson

    Communications, Technology, and the Internet

    Office: 428 SHOB, 20510 Phone: 224-9340

    Mark Pryor (Chair), Barbara Boxer, Bill Nelson, Maria Cantwell, Frank R. Lautenberg, Claire McCaskill, Amy Klobuchar, Mark R. Warner, Mark Begich, Richard Blumenthal, Brian Schatz, William Cowan

    Roger Wicker (Ranking Minority Member), Roy Blunt, Marco Rubio, Kelly Ayotte, Dean Heller, Dan Coats, Tim Scott, Ted Cruz, Deb Fischer, Ron Johnson

    Competitiveness, Innovation, and Export Promotion

    Office: 428 SHOB, 20510 Phone: 224-1270

    Amy Klobuchar (Chair), Mark Pryor, Mark R. Warner, Mark Begich, Richard Blumenthal, William Cowan

    Tim Scott (Ranking Minority Member), Roy Blunt, Dan Coats, Deb Fischer, Ron Johnson

    Consumer Protection, Product Safety, and Insurance

    Office: 428 SHOB, 20510 Phone: 224-1270

    Claire McCaskill (Chair), Barbara Boxer, Mark Pryor, Amy Klobuchar, Richard Blumenthal, Brian Schatz, William Cowan

    Dean Heller (Ranking Minority Member), Roy Blunt, Kelly Ayotte, Dan Coats, Ted Cruz, Deb Fischer

    Oceans, Atmosphere, Fisheries, and Coast Guard

    Office: 425 SHOB, 20510 Phone: 224-4912

    Mark Begich (Chair), Bill Nelson, Maria Cantwell, Frank R. Lautenberg, Richard Blumenthal, Brian Schatz, William Cowan

    Marco Rubio (Ranking Minority Member), Roger Wicker, Kelly Ayotte, Dan Coats, Tim Scott, Ted Cruz

    Science and Space

    Office: 427 SHOB, 20510 Phone: 224-0415

    Bill Nelson (Chair), Barbara Boxer, Mark Pryor, Amy Klobuchar, Mark Warner, Richard Blumenthal, William Cowan

    Ted Cruz (Ranking Minority Member), Roger Wicker, Marco Rubio, Dean Heller, Dan Coats, Ron Johnson

    Surface Transportation and Merchant Marine Infrastructure, Safety, and Security

    Office: 427 SHOB, 20510 Phone: 224-9000

    Frank R. Lautenberg (Chair), Barbara Boxer, Maria Cantwell, Mark Pryor, Claire McCaskill, Amy Klobuchar, Mark R. Warner, Mark Begich, Richard Blumenthal, Brian Schatz, William Cowan

    Roy Blunt (Ranking Minority Member), Roger Wicker, Marco Rubio, Kelly Ayotte, Dean Heller, Dan Coats, Tim Scott, Ted Cruz, Deb Fischer, Ron Johnson

    Energy and Natural Resources

    Office: 304 SDOB 20510-6150

    Phone: 224-4971 Fax: 224-6163


    Majority Staff Director: Joshua Sheinkman

    Minority Staff Director: Karen Billups 224-4971 304 SDOB

    Jurisdiction: (1) coal production, distribution, and utilization; (2) energy policy; (3) energy regulation and energy conservation; (4) energy related aspects of deepwater ports; (5) energy research and development; (6) extraction of minerals from oceans and Outer Continental Shelf lands; (7) hydroelectric power, irrigation, and reclamation; (8) mining education and research; (9) mining, mineral lands, mining claims, and mineral conservation; (10) national parks, recreation areas, wilderness areas, wild and scenic rivers, historic sites, military parks and battlefields, and on the public domain, preservation of prehistoric ruins and objects of interest; (11) naval petroleum reserves in Alaska; (12) non-military development of nuclear energy; (13) oil and gas production and distribution; (14) public lands and forests, including farming and grazing thereon, and mineral extraction therefrom; (15) solar energy systems; (16) territorial possessions of the United States, including trusteeships; international energy affairs and emergency preparedness; nuclear waste policy; privatization of federal assets; Trans-Alaska Pipeline System and other oil or gas pipeline transportation systems within Alaska; Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act of 1971; Alaska National Interest Lands Conservation Act of 1980; Antarctic research and energy development; Arctic research and energy development; Native Hawaiian matters. The Committee shall also study and review, on a comprehensive basis, matters relating to energy and resources development.

    Party Ratio: D 12-R 10

    • Ron Wyden, Ore., Chair
    • Tim Johnson, S.D.
    • Mary Landrieu, La.
    • Maria Cantwell, Wash.
    • Bernie Sanders, Vt. (I)
    • Debbie Stabenow, Mich.
    • Mark Udall, Colo.
    • Al Franken, Minn.
    • Joe Manchin, W. Va.
    • Christopher Coons, Del.
    • Brian Schatz, Hawaii
    • Martin Heinrich, N.M.
    • Lisa Murkowski, Alaska
    • John Barrasso, Wyo.
    • James E. Risch, Idaho
    • Mike Lee, Utah
    • Dean Heller, Nev.
    • Jeff Flake, Ariz.
    • Tim Scott, S.C.
    • Lamar Alexander, Tenn.
    • Rob Portman, Ohio
    • John Hoeven, N.D.



    Office: 304 SDOB, 20510 Phone: 224-4971

    Al Franken (Chair), Tim Johnson, Mary Landrieu, Maria Cantwell, Bernie Sanders, Debbie Stabenow, Mark Udall, Joe Manchin, Christopher Coons, Martin Heinrich

    James E. Risch (Ranking Minority Member), Dean Heller, Jeff Flake, Lamar Alexander, Rob Portman, John Hoeven

    National Parks

    Office: 304 SDOB, 20510 Phone: 224-4971

    Mark Udall (Chair), Mary Landrieu, Bernie Sanders, Debbie Stabenow, Christopher Coons, Brian Schatz, Martin Heinrich

    Rob Portman (Ranking Minority Member), John Barrasso, Mike Lee, Lamar Alexander, John Hoeven

    Public Lands, Forests, and Mining

    Office: 304 SDOB, 20510 Phone: 224-4971

    Joe Manchin (Chair), Tim Johnson, Mary Landrieu, Maria Cantwell, Mark Udall, Al Franken, Christopher Coons, Brian Schatz, Martin Heinrich

    John Barrasso (Ranking Minority Member), James E. Risch, Mike Lee, Dean Heller, Jeff Flake, Tim Scott, Lamar Alexander, John Hoeven

    Water and Power

    Office: 304 SDOB, 20510 Phone: 224-4971

    Brian Schatz (Chair), Tim Johnson, Maria Cantwell, Bernie Sanders, Debbie Stabenow, Joe Manchin, Al Franken

    Mike Lee (Ranking Minority Member), John Barrasso, James E. Risch, Dean Heller, Jeff Flake, Tim Scott

    Environment and Public Works

    Office: 410 SDOB 20510-6175

    Phone: 224-8832 Fax: 224-1273


    Minority Web:http://epw.senate.gov/public/index.cfm?FuseAction=Minority.WelcomeMessage

    Majority Staff Director: Bettina M. Poirier

    Minority Staff Director: Zak Baig 224-6176 456 SDOB

    Jurisdiction: (1) air pollution; (2) construction and maintenance of highways; (3) environmental aspects of Outer Continental Shelf lands; (4) environmental effects of toxic substances, other than pesticides; (5) environmental policy; (6) environmental research and development; (7) fisheries and wildlife; (8) flood control and improvements of rivers and harbors, including environmental aspects of deepwater ports; (9) noise pollution; (10) non-military environmental regulation and control of nuclear energy; (11) ocean dumping; (12) public buildings and improved grounds of the United States generally, including Federal buildings in the District of Columbia; (13) public works, bridges, and dams; (14) regional economic development; (15) solid waste disposal and recycling; (16) water pollution; (17) water resources. The committee shall also study and review, on a comprehensive basis, matters relating to environmental protection and resource utilization and conservation.

    Party Ratio: D 10-R 8

    • Barbara Boxer, Calif, Chair
    • Max Baucus, Mont.
    • Tom Carper, Del.
    • Frank R. Lautenberg, N.J.
    • Benjamin L. Cardin, Md.
    • Bernie Sanders, Vt. (I)
    • Sheldon Whitehouse, R.I.
    • Tom Udall, N.M.
    • Jeff Merkley, Ore.
    • Kirsten Gillibrand, N.Y.
    • David Vitter, La.
    • James M. Inhofe, Okla.
    • John Barrasso, Wyo.
    • Jeff Sessions, Ala.
    • Mike Crapo, Idaho
    • Roger Wicker, Miss.
    • John Boozman, Ark.
    • Deb Fischer, Neb.


    Clean Air and Nuclear Safety

    Office: 410 SDOB, 20510 Phone: 224-8832

    Tom Carper (Chair), Max Baucus, Benjamin L. Cardin, Bernie Sanders, Sheldon Whitehouse, Tom Udall

    Jeff Sessions (Ranking Minority Member), John Barrasso, Mike Crapo, Roger Wicker, John Boozman

    Green Jobs and the New Economy

    Office: 410 SDOB, 20510 Phone: 224-8832

    Jeff Merkley (Chair), Tom Carper, Bernie Sanders

    Roger Wicker (Ranking Minority Member), Jeff Sessions


    Office: 410 SDOB, 20510 Phone: 224-8832

    Sheldon Whitehouse (Chair), Max Baucus, Frank R. Lautenberg

    James M. Inhofe (Ranking Minority Member), John Boozman

    Superfund, Toxics and Environmental Health

    Office: Phone:

    Tom Udall (Chair), Max Baucus, Frank R. Lautenberg, Jeff Merkley, Kirsten Gillibrand

    Mike Crapo (Ranking Minority Member), James M. Inhofe, Roger Wicker, Deb Fischer

    Transportation and Infrastructure

    Office: 410 SDOB, 20510 Phone: 224-8832

    Max Baucus (Chair), Tom Carper, Frank R. Lautenberg, Benjamin L. Cardin, Bernie Sanders, Tom Udall, Kirsten Gillibrand

    John Barrasso (Ranking Minority Member), James M. Inhofe, Jeff Sessions, Mike Crapo, Roger Wicker, Deb Fischer

    Water and Wildlife

    Office: 410 SDOB, 20510 Phone: 224-8832

    Benjamin L. Cardin (Chair), Tom Carper, Frank R. Lautenberg, Sheldon Whitehouse, Jeff Merkley, Kirsten Gillibrand

    John Boozman (Ranking Minority Member), James M. Inhofe, John Barrasso, Jeff Sessions, Deb Fischer


    Office: 219 SDOB 20510-6200

    Phone: 224-4515

    Fax: 228-0554


    Majority Staff Director: Amber Cottle

    Minority Staff Director: Christopher Campbell 224-4515 219 SDOB

    Jurisdiction: (1) bonded debt of the United States, except as provided in the Congressional Budget and Impoundment Control Act of 1974; (2) customs, collection districts, and ports of entry and delivery; (3) deposit of public moneys; (4) general revenue sharing; (5) health programs under the Social Security Act and health programs financed by a specific tax or trust fund; (6) Social Security; (7) reciprocal trade agreements; (8) revenue measures generally, except as provided in the Congressional Budget and Impoundment Control Act of 1974; (9) revenue measures relating to the insular possessions; (10) tariffs and import quotas, and matters related thereto; (11) transportation of dutiable goods.

    Party Ratio: D 13-R 11

    • Max Baucus, Mont., Chair
    • Jay Rockefeller, W. Va.
    • Ron Wyden, Ore.
    • Charles E. Schumer, N.Y.
    • Debbie Stabenow, Mich.
    • Maria Cantwell, Wash.
    • Bill Nelson, Fla.
    • Robert Menendez, N.J.
    • Tom Carper, Del.
    • Benjamin L. Cardin, Md.
    • Sherrod Brown, Ohio
    • Michael Bennet, Colo.
    • Robert P. Casey, Penn.
    • Orrin G. Hatch, Utah
    • Chuck Grassley, Iowa
    • Mike Crapo, Idaho
    • Pat Roberts, Kans.
    • Mike Enzi, Wyo.
    • John Cornyn, Tex.
    • John Thune, S.D.
    • Richard Burr, N.C.
    • Johnny Isakson, Ga.
    • Rob Portman, Ohio
    • Pat Toomey, Penn.


    Energy, Natural Resources, and Infrastructure

    Office: 219 SDOB, 20510 Phone: 224-4515

    Debbie Stabenow (Chair), Max Baucus, Jay Rockefeller, Ron Wyden, Maria Cantwell, Bill Nelson, Tom Carper, Michael F. Bennet

    John Cornyn (Ranking Minority Member), Chuck Grassley, Mike Crapo, Mike Enzi, John Thune, Richard Burr, Johnny Isakson

    Fiscal Responsibility and Economic Growth

    Office: 219 SDOB, 20510 Phone: 224-4515

    Robert P. Casey (Chair), Max Baucus, Sherrod Brown

    Rob Portman (Ranking Minority Member), Richard Burr

    Health Care

    Office: 219 SDOB, 20510 Phone: 224-4515

    Jay Rockefeller (Chair), Debbie Stabenow, Maria Cantwell, Bill Nelson, Robert Menendez, Tom Carper, Benjamin L. Cardin, Robert P. Casey

    Pat Roberts (Ranking Minority Member), Orrin G. Hatch, Chuck Grassley, Mike Enzi, John Cornyn, Richard Burr, Pat Toomey

    International Trade, Customs, and Global Competitiveness

    Office: 219 SDOB, 20510 Phone: 224-4515

    Ron Wyden (Chair), Jay Rockefeller, Charles E. Schumer, Debbie Stabenow, Maria Cantwell, Robert Menendez, Sherrod Brown, Michaael F. Bennet

    Johnny Isakson (Ranking Minority Member), Orrin G. Hatch, Chuck Grassley, Pat Robert, John Thune, Rob Portman

    Social Security, Pensions, and Family Policy

    Office: 219 SDOB, 20510 Phone: 224-4515

    Sherrod Brown (Chair), Jay Rockefeller, Charles E. Schumer, Bill Nelson, Benjamin L. Cardin

    Pat Toomey (Ranking Minority Member), Mike Crapo, Johnny Isakson, Rob Portman

    Taxation and IRS Oversight

    Office: 219 SDOB, 20510 Phone: 224-4515

    Michael F. Bennet (Chair), Max Baucus, Ron Wyden, Charles E. Schumer, Robert Menendez, Tom Carper, Benjamin L. Cardin, Robert P. Casey

    Mike Enzi (Ranking Minority Member), Orrin G. Hatch, Mike Crapo, Pat Roberts, John Cornyn, John Thune, Pat Toomey

    Foreign Relations

    Office: 444 SDOB 20510-6225

    Phone: 224-4651 Fax: 228-3612


    Minority Web:http://foreign.senate.gov/press/ranking

    Acting Majority Staff Director: Daniel O'Brien

    Minority Staff Director: Lester Munster 224-6797 444 SDOB

    Jurisdiction: (1) acquisition of land and buildings for embassies and legations in foreign countries; (2) boundaries of the United States; (3) diplomatic service; (4) foreign economic, military, technical, and humanitarian assistance; (5) foreign loans; (6) international activities of the American National Red Cross, and the International Committee of the Red Cross; (7) international aspects of nuclear energy, including nuclear transfer policy; (8) international conferences and congresses; (9) international law as it relates to foreign policy; (10) International Monetary Fund and other international organizations established primarily for international monetary purposes (except that, at the request of the Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs, any proposed legislation relating to such subjects reported by the Committee on Foreign Relations shall be referred to the Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs); (11) intervention abroad and declarations of war; (12) measures to foster commercial intercourse with foreign nations and to safeguard United States business interests abroad; (13) national security and international aspects of trusteeships of the United States; (14) oceans and international environmental and scientific affairs as they relate to foreign policy; (15) protection of United States citizens abroad and expatriation; (16) relations of the United States with foreign nations generally; (17) treaties, conventions, and international agreements, and executive agreements, except reciprocal trade agreements; (18) the United Nations and its affiliated organizations; (19) World Bank group, the regional development banks, and other international organizations established primarily for development assistance purposes. The committee shall also study and review, on a comprehensive basis, matters relating to national security policy, foreign policy, and international economic policy as they relate to the foreign policy of the United States, and matters relating to food, hunger and nutrition in foreign countries.

    Party Ratio: D 10-R 8

    • Robert Menendez, N.J., Chair
    • Barbara Boxer, Calif.
    • Benjamin L. Cardin, Md.
    • Robert P. Casey, Pa.
    • Jeanne Shaheen, N.H.
    • Christopher Coons, Del.
    • Richard J. Durbin, Ill.
    • Tom Udall, N.M.
    • Chris Murphy, Conn.
    • Tim Kaine, Va.
    • Bob Corker, Tenn.
    • James E. Risch, Idaho
    • Marco Rubio, Fla.
    • Ron Johnson, Wisc.
    • Jeff Flake, Ariz.
    • John McCain, Ariz.
    • John Barrasso, Wyo.
    • Rand Paul, Ky.


    African Affairs

    Office: 446 SDOB, 20510 Phone: 224-4651

    Christopher Coons (Chair), Benjamin L. Cardin, Jeanne Shaheen, Richard J. Durbin, Tom Udall

    Jeff Flake (Ranking Minority Member), John McCain, John Barrasso, Rand Paul

    East Asian and Pacific Affairs

    Office: 446 SDOB, 20510 Phone: 224-4651

    Benjamin L. Cardin (Chair), Barbara Boxer, Robert P. Casey, Tom Udall, Christopher Coons

    Marco Rubio (Ranking Minority Member), Ron Johnson, Jeff Flake, John McCain

    European Affairs

    Office: 446 SDOB, 20510 Phone: 224-4651

    Chris Murphy (Chair), Robert P. Casey, Jeanne Shaheen, Christopher Coons, Richard J. Durbin

    Ron Johnson (Ranking Minority Member), James E. Risch, Jeff Flake, John Barrasso

    International Development and Foreign Assistance, Economic Affairs, International Environmental Protection, and Peace Corps

    Office: 446 SDOB, 20510 Phone: 224-4651

    Tim Kaine (Chair), Christopher Coons, Richard J. Durbin, Tom Udall, Chris Murphy

    John Barrasso (Ranking Minority Member), James E. Risch, Jeff Flake, Rand Paul

    International Operations and Organizations, Human Rights, Democracy, and Global Women's Issues

    Office: 446 SDOB, 20510 Phone: 224-4651

    Barbara Boxer (Chair), Robert P. Casey, Jeanne Shaheen, Richard J. Durbin, Tim Kaine

    Rand Paul (Ranking Minority Member), Marco Rubio, James E. Risch, Ron Johnson

    Near Eastern and South and Central Asian Affairs

    Office: 446 SDOB, 20510

    Phone: 224-4651

    Robert P. Casey (Chair), Barbara Boxer, Benjamin L. Cardin, Jeanne Shaheen, Christopher Coons

    James E. Risch (Ranking Minority Member), Marco Rubio, Ron Johnson, John McCain

    Western Hemisphere and Global Narcotics Affairs

    Office: 446 SDOB, 20510 Phone: 224-4651

    Tom Udall (Chair), Barbara Boxer, Chris Murphy, Tim Kaine

    John McCain (Ranking Minority Member), Marco Rubio, John Barrasso, Rand Paul

    Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions

    Office: 644 SDOB 20510-6300

    Phone: 224-5375 Fax: 228-5044


    Majority Staff Director: Pamela Smith 224-0767

    Minority Staff Director: David Cleary 224-6770 833 SHOB

    Jurisdiction: (1) measures relating to education, labor, health, and public welfare; (2) aging; (3) agricultural colleges; (4) arts and humanities; (5) biomedical research and development, including cloning and stem cell research; (6) dietary supplements and non-prescription drugs; (7) Project Bioshield initiative (funding for research and production of vaccines against smallpox, anthrax and botulism toxin); (8) managed care; (9) medical privacy regulation; (10) patients' rights; (11) child labor; (12) convict labor and the entry of goods made by convicts into interstate commerce; (13) domestic activities of the American National Red Cross; (14) equal employment opportunity; (15) Gallaudet University (Washington, D.C.), Howard University (Washington, D.C.), and St. Elizabeths Hospital (Washington, D.C.); (16) handicapped individuals; (17) labor standards and labor statistics; (18) mediation and arbitration of labor disputes; (19) occupational safety and health, including the welfare of miners; (20) private pension plans; (21) public health; (22) railway labor and railway retirement; (23) regulation of foreign laborers; (24) student loans; (25) wages and hours of labor. The committee shall also study and review, on a comprehensive basis, matters relating to health, education, and training, and public welfare.

    Party Ratio: D 12-R 10

    • Tom Harkin, Iowa, Chair
    • Barbara Mikulski, Md.
    • Patty Murray, Wash.
    • Bernie Sanders, Vt. (I)
    • Robert P. Casey, Pa.
    • Kay Hagan, N.C.
    • Al Franken, Minn.
    • Michael F. Bennet, Colo., #
    • Sheldon Whitehouse, R.I.
    • Tammy Baldwin, Wisc.
    • Chris Murphy, Conn.
    • Elizabeth Warren, Mass.
    • Lamar Alexander, Tenn.
    • Mike Enzi, Wyo.
    • Richard Burr, N.C.
    • Johnny Isakson, Ga.
    • Rand Paul, Ky.
    • Orrin G. Hatch, Utah
    • Pat Roberts, Kans.
    • Lisa Murkowski, Alaska
    • Mark Kirk, Ill.
    • Tim Scott, S.C.


    Children and Families

    Office: 627 SHOB, 20510 Phone: 224-5630

    Kay Hagan (Chair), Barbara Mikulski, Patty Murray, Bernie Sanders, Robert P. Casey, Al Franken, Michael F. Bennet, Chris Murphy, Elizabeth Warren

    Mike Enzi (Ranking Minority Member), Mark Kirk, Richard Burr, Johnny Isakson, Rand Paul, Orrin G. Hatch, Pat Roberts

    Employment and Workplace Safety

    Office: 113 SHOB, 20510 Phone: 224-1455

    Robert P. Casey (Chair), Patty Murray, Al Franken, Michael F. Bennet, Sheldon Whitehouse, Tammy Baldwin, Tom Harkin

    Johnny Isakson (Ranking Minority Member), Rand Paul, Orrin G. Hatch, Tim Scott

    Primary Health and Aging

    Office: 648 SDOB, 20510 Phone: 224-5480

    Bernie Sanders (Chair), Barbara Mikulski, Kay Hagan, Sheldon Whitehouse, Tammy Baldwin, Chris Murphy, Elizabeth Warren

    Richard Burr (Ranking Minority Member), Pat Roberts, Lisa Murkowski, Mike Enzi, Mark Kirk

    Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs

    Office: 340 SDOB 20510-6250

    Phone: 224-2627 Fax: 228-4469


    Minority Web:http://hsgac.senate.gov/media/minority-media

    Majority Staff Director: Richard Kessler

    Minority Staff Director: Keith Ashdown 224-4751 344 SDOB

    Jurisdiction: (1) Department of Homeland Security, except matters relating to: the Coast Guard, the Transportation Security Administration, the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, or the Secret Service; and the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service; or the immigration functions of the United States Customs and Border Protection or the United States Immigration and Custom Enforcement or the Directorate of Border and Transportation Security; and the following functions performed by any employee of the Department of Homeland Security: any customs revenue function, including any function provided for in Section 415 of the Homeland Security Act of 2002; any commercial function or commercial operation of the Bureau of Customs and Border Protection or Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement, including matters relating to trade facilitation and trade regulation; or any other function related to the above items that was exercised by the United States Customs Service on the day before the effective date of the Homeland Security Act of 2002; (2) archives of the United States; (3) budget and accounting measures, other than appropriations, except as provided in the Congressional Budget and Impoundment Control Act of 1974; (4) census and collection of statistics, including economic and social statistics; (5) congressional organization, except for any part of the matter that amends the rules or orders of the Senate; (6) federal civil service; (7) government information; (8) intergovernmental relations; (9) municipal affairs of the District of Columbia, except appropriations therefor; (10) organization and management of United States nuclear export policy; (11) organization and reorganization of the executive branch of the Government; (12) United States Postal Service; (13) status of officers and employees of the United States, including their classification, compensation, and benefits. The committee shall have the duty of (A) receiving and examining reports of the Comptroller General of the United States and of submitting such recommendations to the Senate as it deems necessary or desirable in connection with the subject matter of such reports; (B) studying the efficiency, economy, and effectiveness of all agencies and departments of the Government; (C) evaluating laws enacted to effect the reorganization of the legislative and executive branches of the Government; and (D) studying the intergovernmental relationships between the United States and the states and municipalities, and between the United States and international organizations of which the United States is a member.

    Party Ratio: D 9-R 7

    • Tom Carper, Del., Chair
    • Carl Levin, Mich.
    • Mark Pryor, Ark.
    • Mary Landrieu, La.
    • Claire McCaskill, Mo.
    • Jon Tester, Mont.
    • Mark Begich, Alaska
    • Tammy Baldwin, Wisc.
    • Heidi Heitkamp, N.D.
    • Tom Coburn, Okla.
    • John McCain, Ariz.
    • Ron Johnson, Wisc.
    • Rob Portman, Ohio
    • Rand Paul, Ky.
    • Mike Enzi, Wyo.
    • Kelly Ayotte, N.H.


    Efficiency and Effectiveness of Federal Programs and the Federal Workforce

    Office: 432 SHOB, 20510 Phone: 224-4551

    Jon Tester (Chair), Mark Pryor, Claire McCaskill, Mark Begich, Tammy Baldwin, Heidi Heitkamp

    Rob Portman (Ranking Minority Member), Ron Johnson, Rand Paul, Mike Enzi

    Emergency Management, Intergovernmental Relations, and the District of Columbia

    Office: 601 SHOB, 20510 Phone: 224-4462

    Mark Begich (Chair), Carl Levin, Mark Pryor, Mary Landrieu, Jon Tester, Heidi Heitkamp

    Rand Paul (Ranking Minority Member), John McCain, Rob Portman, Mike Enzi

    Permanent Investigations

    Office: 199 SROB, 20510 Phone: 224-9505

    Carl Levin (Chair), Mark Pryor, Mary Landrieu, Claire McCaskill, Jon Tester, Tammy Baldwin, Heidi Heitkamp, Tom Carper

    John McCain (Ranking Minority Member), Ron Johnson, Rob Portman, Rand Paul, Kelly Ayotte

    Financial and Contracting Oversight

    Office: 432 SROB, 20510 Phone: 224-7155

    Claire McCaskill (Chair), Carl Levin, Mark Pryor, Mary Landrieu, Mark Begich, Tammy Baldwin

    Ron Johnson (Ranking Minority Member), John McCain, Mike Enzi, Kelly Ayotte

    Indian Affairs

    Office: 838 SHOB 20510-6450

    Phone: 224-2251 Fax: 228-2589


    Minority Web:

    Majority Staff Director: Mary Pavel

    Minority Staff Director: David A. Million Jr. 224-2251 838 SHOB

    Jurisdiction: (1) all proposed legislation, messages, petitions, memorials, and other matters relating to Indian affairs shall be referred to the committee; (2) study any and all matters pertaining to problems and opportunities of Indians, including but not limited to, Indian land management and trust responsibilities, Indian education, Indian health, special services, and Indian loan programs, the National Indian Gaming Regulatory Act of 1988, the National Indian Gaming Commission, and Indian claims against the United States.

    Party Ratio: D 8-R 6

    • Maria Cantwell, Wash., Chair
    • Tim Johnson, S.D.
    • Jon Tester, Mont.
    • Tom Udall, N.M.
    • Al Franken, Minn.
    • Mark Begich, Alaska
    • Brian Schatz, Hawaii
    • Heidi Heitkamp, N.D.
    • John Barrasso, Wyo.
    • John McCain, Ariz.
    • Lisa Murkowski, Alaska
    • John Hoeven, N.D.
    • Mike Crapo, Idaho
    • Deb Fischer, Neb.

    Office: 224 SDOB 20510-6275

    Phone: 224-7703 Fax: 224-9516


    Majority Staff Director: Brace A. Cohen

    Minority Staff Director: Kolan L. Davis 224-5225 152 SDOB

    Jurisdiction: (1) apportionment of Representatives; (2) bankruptcy, mutiny, espionage, and counterfeiting; (3) civil liberties; (4) constitutional amendments; (5) federal courts and federal judges; (6) government information; (7) presidential succession; (8) continuity of congressional representation; (9) holidays and celebrations; (10) immigration and naturalization; (11) interstate compacts generally; (12) judicial proceedings, civil and criminal, generally; (13) local courts in United States territories and possessions; (14) measures relating to claims against the United States; (15) national penitentiaries; (16) United States Patent and Trademark Office (Commerce); (17) patents, copyrights, and trademarks; (18) protection of trade and commerce against unlawful restraints and monopolies; (19) revision and codification of the statutes of the United States; (20) state and territorial boundary lines.

    Party Ratio: D 10-R 8

    • Patrick Leahy, Vt., Chair
    • Dianne Feinstein, Calif.
    • Charles E. Schumer, N.Y.
    • Richard J. Durbin, Ill.
    • Sheldon Whitehouse, R.I.
    • Amy Klobuchar, Minn.
    • Al Franken, Minn.
    • Christopher Coons, Del.
    • Richard Blumenthal, Conn.
    • Mazie Hirono, Hawaii
    • Chuck Grassley, Iowa
    • Orrín G. Hatch, Utah
    • Jeff Sessions, Ala.
    • Lindsey Graham, S.C.
    • John Cornyn, Tex.
    • Mike Lee, Utah
    • Ted Cruz, Tex.
    • Jeff Flake, Ariz.
    • Subcommittees

    Antitrust, Competition Policy and Consumer Rights

    Office: 308 SDOB, 20510 Phone: 224-3406

    Amy Klobuchar (Chair), Charles E. Schumer, Al Franken, Christopher Coons, Richard Blumenthal

    Mike Lee (Ranking Minority Member), Lindsey Graham, Chuck Grassley, Jeff Flake

    Bankruptcy and the Courts

    Office: 807 SHOB, 20510 Phone: 224-3244

    Christopher Coons (Chair), Richard J. Durbin, Sheldon Whitehouse, Amy Klobuchar, Al Franken

    Jeff Sessions (Ranking Minority Member), Chuck Grassley, Jeff Flake, Ted Cruz

    The Constitution, Civil Rights and Human Rights

    Office: 224 SDOB, 20510 Phone: 224-1158

    Richard J. Durbin (Chair), Al Franken, Christopher Coons, Richard Blumenthal, Mazie Hirono

    Ted Cruz (Ranking Minority Member), Lindsey Graham, John Cornyn, Orrin G. Hatch

    Crime and Terrorism

    Office: 325 SDOB, 20510 Phone: 224-6791

    Sheldon Whitehouse (Chair), Dianne Feinstein, Charles E. Schumer, Richard J. Durbin, Amy Klobuchar

    Lindsey Graham (Ranking Minority Member), Ted Cruz, Jeff Sessions, Mike Lee

    Immigration, Refugees and Border Security

    Office: 224 SDOB, 20510 Phone: 224-6498 224-7703

    Charles E. Schumer (Chair), Patrick Leahy, Dianne Feinstein, Richard J. Durbin, Amy Klobuchar, Richard Blumenthal, Mazie Hirono

    John Cornyn (Ranking Minority Member), Chuck Grassley, Orrin G. Hatch, Jeff Sessions, Jeff Flake, Ted Cruz

    Oversight, Federal Rights, and Agency Actions

    Office: 702 SHOB, 20510 Phone: 224-2823

    Richard Blumenthal (Chair), Patrick Leahy, Amy Klobuchar

    Orrin G. Hatch (Ranking Minority Member), Jeff Flake Privacy, Technology and the Law

    Office: 223 SDOB, 20510 Phone: 228-3177

    Al Franken (Chair), Dianne Feinstein, Charles E. Schumer, Sheldon Whitehouse, Christopher Coons, Mazie Hirono

    Jeff Flake (Ranking Minority Member), Orrin G. Hatch, Mike Lee, John Cornyn, Lindsey Graham

    Rules and Administration

    Office: 305 SROB 20510-6325

    Phone: 224-6352 Fax: 224-1912


    Majority Staff Director: Jean Bordewich

    Minority Staff Director: Mary Suit Jones 224-6352 479 SROB

    Jurisdiction: (1) administration of the Senate office buildings and the Senate wing of the United States Capitol, including the assignment of office space for Senators and Senate Committees; (2) Senate organization relative to rules and procedures, and Senate rules and regulations, including Senate floor rules and Senate gallery rules; (3) corrupt practices; (4) related provisions of the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act of 2002 and the Lobbying Disclosure Act of 1995; campaign finance reform; lobbying; (5) credentials and qualifications of Members of the Senate, contested elections, and acceptance of incompatible offices; (6) federal elections generally, including the election of the President, Vice President, and Members of the Senate; (7) Government Printing Office, and the printing and correction of the Congressional Record, as well as those matters provided for under Rule XI; (8) meetings of the Congress and attendance of Members; (9) payment of money out of the contingent fund of the Senate or creating a charge upon the same (except that any resolution relating to substantive matter within the jurisdiction of any other standing committee of the Senate shall be first referred to such committee); (10) Presidential Succession Act of 1947; (11) purchase of books and manuscripts and erection of monuments to the memory of individuals; (12) Senate Library and statuary, art, and pictures in the United States Capitol and Senate office buildings; (13) services to the Senate, including the Senate restaurant; (14) measures relating to the travel of Members of the Senate; (15) United States Capitol and Senate office buildings, the Library of Congress, the Smithsonian Institution (and the incorporation of similar institutions), and the United States Botanic Garden. The committee shall also (A) make a continuing study of the organization and operation of the Congress of the United States and shall recommend improvements in such organization and operation with a view toward strengthening the Congress, simplifying its operations, improving its relationships with other branches of the United States Government, and enabling it better to meet its responsibilities under the Constitution of the United States; and (B) identify any court proceeding or action which, in the opinion of the Committee, is of vital interest to the Congress as a constitutionally established institution of the Federal Government and call such proceeding or action to the attention of the Senate.

    Party Ratio: D 10-R 8

    • Charles E. Schumer, N.Y., Chair
    • Dianne Feinstein, Calif.
    • Richard J. Durbin, Ill.
    • Patty Murray, Wash.
    • Mark Pryor, Ark.
    • Tom Udall, N.M.
    • Mark R. Warner, Va.
    • Patrick Leahy, Vt.
    • Amy Klobuchar, Minn.
    • Angus King, Maine
    • Pat Roberts, Kans.
    • Mitch McConnell, Ky.
    • Thad Cochran, Miss.
    • Saxby Chambliss, Ga.
    • Lamar Alexander, Tenn.
    • Richard Shelby, Ala.
    • Roy Blunt, Mo.
    • Ted Cruz, Tex.
    Small Business and Entrepreneurship

    Office: 428A SROB 20510-6350

    Phone: 224-5175 Fax: 224-5619


    Minority Web:http://sbc.senate.gov/republican

    Majority Staff Director: Jane Campbell

    Minority Staff Director: Skiffington Holderness 224-7884 428A SROB

    Jurisdiction: (1) all proposed legislation, messages, petitions, memorials and other matters relating to the Small Business Administration; (2) any proposed legislation reported by such committee which relates to matters other than the functions of the Small Business Administration shall, at the request of the chair of any standing committee having jurisdiction over the subject matter extraneous to the functions of the Small Business Administration, be considered and reported by such standing committee prior to its consideration by the Senate; and likewise measures reported by other committees directly relating to the Small Business Administration shall, at the request of the chair of the Committee on Small Business and Entrepreneurship, be referred to the Committee on Small Business and Entrepreneurship for its consideration of any portions of the measure dealing with the Small Business Administration, and be reported by this Committee prior to its consideration by the Senate; (3) study and survey by means of research and investigation all problems of small business enterprises.

    Party Ratio: D 10-R 8

    • Mary Landrieu, La., Chair
    • Carl Levin, Mich.
    • Tom Harkin, Iowa
    • Maria Cantwell, Wash.
    • Mark Pryor, Ark.
    • Benjamin L. Cardin, Md.
    • Jeanne Shaheen, N.H.
    • Kay Hagan, N.C.
    • Heidi Heitkamp, N.D.
    • William Cowan, Mass.
    • James E. Risch, Idaho
    • David Vitter, La.
    • Marco Rubio, Fla.
    • Rand Paul, Ky.
    • Tim Scot, S.C.
    • Deb Fischer, Neb.
    • Mike Enzi, Wyo.
    • Ron Johnson, Wisc.
    Veterans' Affairs

    Office: 412 SROB 20510-6375

    Phone: 224-9126 Fax: 224-9575


    Minority Web:http://veterans.senate.gov/public/index.cfm?page=ranking_member

    Majority Staff Director: Steve Robertson

    Minority Staff Director: Marie Guadalupe Wissel 224-2074 825A SHOB

    Jurisdiction: (1) compensation of veterans; (2) life insurance issued by the government on account of service in the Armed Forces; (3) national cemeteries; (4) pensions of all the wars of the United States; (5) readjustment of service personnel to civil life; (6) soldiers' and sailors' civil relief, including oversight of and appropriate modifications to the Soldiers' and Sailors' Civil Relief Act of 1940; (7) veterans' hospitals, medical care and treatment of veterans; (8) veterans' measures generally; (9) vocational rehabilitation and education of veterans.

    Party Ratio: D 8-R 6

    • Bernie Sanders, Vt. (I), Chair
    • Jay Rockefeller, W. Va.
    • Patty Murray, Wash.
    • Sherrod Brown, Ohio
    • Jon Tester, Mont.
    • Mark Begich, Alaska
    • Richard Blumenthal, Conn.
    • Mazie Hirono, Hawaii
    • Richard Burr, N.C.
    • Johnny Isakson, Ga.
    • Mike Johanns, Neb.
    • Jerry Moran, Kans.
    • John Boozman, Ark.
    • Dean Heller, Nev.
    Select Ethics

    Office: 220 SHOB 20510-6425

    Phone: 224-2981 Fax: 224-7416


    Staff Director: John C. Sassaman Jr. Minority Staff Director: N/A

    Jurisdiction: (1) receive complaints and investigate allegations of improper conduct which may reflect upon the Senate, violations of law, violations of the Senate Code of Official Conduct, and violations of rules and regulations of the Senate, relating to the conduct of individuals in the performance of their duties as Members of the Senate, or as officers or employees of the Senate, and to make appropriate findings of fact and conclusions with respect thereto; (2) recommend, when appropriate, disciplinary action against Members and staff; (3) recommend rules or regulations necessary to insure appropriate Senate standards of conduct; (4) report violations of any law to the proper Federal and State authorities; (5) regulate the use of the franking privilege in the Senate; (6) investigate unauthorized disclosures of intelligence information; (7) implement the Senate public financial disclosure requirements of the Ethics in Government Act of 1978; (8) regulate the receipt and disposition of gifts from foreign governments received by Members, officers, and employees of the Senate; and (9) render advisory opinions on the application of Senate rules and laws to Members, officers, and employees.

    Party Ratio: D 3-R 3

    • Barbara Boxer, Calif, Chair
    • Mark Pryor, Ark.
    • Sherrod Brown, Ohio
    • Johnny Isakson, Ga.
    • Pat Roberts, Kans.
    • James E. Risch, Idaho
    Select Intelligence

    Office: 211 SHOB 20510-6475

    Phone: 224-1700 Fax: 224-1772


    Majority Staff Director: David Grannis

    Minority Staff Director: Martha Scott Poindexter

    Jurisdiction: (1) oversee and make continuing studies of the intelligence activities and programs of the United States Government, including, but not limited to, the Central Intelligence Agency Act of 1949, Classified Information Procedures Act of 1980, classified national security information, foreign intelligence electronic surveillance, Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act of 1978, National Security Act of 1947, National Security Agency Act of 1959, national security information, President's Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board (Executive Office of the President), Provide Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism (PATRIOT) Act of 2001, security requirements for government employment; (2) submit to the Senate appropriate proposals for legislation; (3) report to the Senate concerning such intelligence activities and programs.

    Party Ratio: D 8-R 7

    • Dianne Feinstein, Calif, Chair
    • Jay Rockefeller, W. Va.
    • Ron Wyden, Ore.
    • Barbara Mikulski, Md.
    • Mark Udall, Colo.
    • Mark R Warner, Va.
    • Martin Heinrich, N.M.
    • Angus King, Maine.
    • Saxby Chambliss, Ga.
    • Richard Burr, N.C.
    • James E. Risch, Idaho
    • Dan Coats, Ind.
    • Marco Rubio, Via.
    • Susan Collins, Maine
    • Tom Coburn, Okla.

    Note: Party ratio does not include ex. oficio members: Harry Reid, D-Nev.; Sen. Mitch McConnell, R-Ky.; Carl Levin, D-Mich.; and John McCain R-Ariz.

    Special Aging

    Office: G-31 SDOB 20510-6400

    Phone: 224-5364

    Fax: 224-9926


    Minority Web:http://aging.senate.gov/minority

    Majority Staff Director: Kin Lipsky

    Minority Staff Director: Priscilla Hanley 224-5364 628 SHOB

    Jurisdiction: (1) conduct a continuing study of any and all matters pertaining to problems and opportunities of older people, including, but not limited to, assisted living, elder abuse, health care, identity theft, long-term care, Medicare, Older Americans Act, prescription drugs, retirement income security, retirement pensions, rural health care, Social Security, telemedicine, problems and opportunities of maintaining health, of assuring adequate income, of finding employment, of engaging in productive and rewarding activity, of securing proper housing, and when necessary, of obtaining care or assistance. No proposed legislation shall be referred to such committee, and such committee shall not have power to report by bill, or otherwise have legislative jurisdiction. (2) The special committee shall, from time to time (but not less often than once each year), report to the Senate the results of the study conducted pursuant to paragraph (1), together with such recommendation as it considers appropriate.

    Party Ratio: D 11-R9

    • Bill Nelson, Fla., Chair
    • Ron Wyden, Ore.
    • Robert P. Casey, Pa.
    • Claire McCaskill, Mo.
    • Sheldon Whitehouse, R.I.
    • Kirsten Gillibrand, N.Y.
    • Joe Manchin, W. Va.
    • Richard Blumenthal, Conn.
    • Tammy Baldwin, Wisc.
    • Joe Donnelly, Ind.
    • Elizabeth Warren, Mass.
    • Susan Collins, Maine
    • Bob Corker, Tenn.
    • Orrin G. Hatch, Utah
    • Mark Kirk, Ill.
    • Dean Heller, Nev.
    • Jeff Flake, Ariz.
    • Kelly Ayotte, N.H.
    • Tim Scott, S.C.
    • Ted Cruz, Tex.
    Senate Leadership and Partisan Committees

    Democratic Leaders

    Majority Floor Leader: Harry M. Reid, Nev.

    Assistant Floor Leader: Richard J. Durbin, Ill.

    Chief Deputy Whip: Barbara Boxer, Calif.

    Democratic Partisan Committees

    Democratic Policy and Communications Center

    Office: S-318 CAP 20510

    Phone: 224-2939

    Fax: 228-5576


    Charles E. Schumer, N.Y., Chair

    Debbie Stabenow, Mich., Vice Chair

    Regional Chairs (in alphabetical order)

    Mary L. Landrieu, La.

    Patty Murray, Wash.

    Jack Reed, N.H.

    Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee

    Office: 120 Maryland Ave. N.E. 20002-5610

    Phone: 224-2447

    Fax: 969-0354



    Patty Murray, Wash., Chair

    Democratic Steering and Outreach Committee

    Office: 712 SHOB 20510

    Phone: 224-9048

    Fax: 224-5476


    Mark Begich, Ark., Chair

    Jeanne Shaheen, N.H., Vice Chair

    Republican Leaders

    Minority Floor Leader: Mitch McConnell, Ky.

    Minority Whip:John Cornyn, Tex.

    Republican Partisan Committees

    National Republican Senatorial Committee

    Office: 425 2nd St. N.E. 20002-4914

    Phone: 675-6000

    Fax: 675-4730


    Jerry Moran, Kans., Chair

    Ted Cruz, Tex., Vice Chair

    Rob Portman, Ohio, National Finance Chair

    Republican Conference

    Office: 405 SHOB 20510-7060

    Phone: 224-2764

    Fax: 224-6984


    John Thune, S.D., Chair

    Roy Blunt, Mo., Vice Chair

    Republican Policy Committee

    Office: 347 SROB 20510-7064

    Phone: 224-2946

    Fax: 224-1235


    John Barrasso, Wyo., Chair

    Senate Members' Offices

    Senate members' offices

    The following list gives Senate members and their party and state affiliation, followed by the address and telephone and fax numbers for their Washington office. (The area code for all Washington, D.C., numbers is 202.) A top administrative aide, a Web address, a Facebook page, and a Twitter account for each senator are also provided, when available. (Most members may be contacted via the Web-based e-mail forms found on their Web sites.) These are followed by the address, telephone and fax numbers, and name of a key aide for the senator's district office(s). Each listing concludes with the senator's Committee Assignments:. For partisan Committee Assignments:, see page 819.

    As of April 15, 2013, there were 53 Democrats, 45 Republicans, and 2 Independents who caucus with the Democrats in the Senate.

    Alexander, Lamar, R-Tenn.

    • Capitol Hill Office: 455 SDOB 20510-4206; 224-4944; Fax: 228-3398; Chief of Staff: Ryan Loskarn
    • Web:http://alexander.senate.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/lamaralexander
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/senalexander
    • District Offices: Tri-Cities Regional Airport, 2525 Hwy. 75, Terminal Bldg. #101, P.O. Box 1113, Blountville, TN 37617-6366; 423-325-6240; Fax: 423-325-6236; Field Rep.: Lana Moore
    • Joel E. Soloman Federal Bldg., 900 Georgia Ave., #260, Chattanooga, TN 37402-2240; 423-752-5337; Fax: 423-752-5342; Field Rep.: Evann Freeman
    • Federal Bldg., 109 S. Highland St., Room #B-9, Jackson, TN 38301-6149; 731-423-9344; Fax: 731-423-8918; Field Rep.: Matt Varino
    • Howard H. Baker, Jr. U.S. Courthouse, 800 Market St., #112, Knoxville, TN 37902-2303; 865-545-4253; Fax: 865-545-4252; State Director; Deputy Chief of Staff Patrick Jaynes
    • Clifford Davis and Odell Horton Federal Bldg., 167 N. Main St., #1068, Memphis, TN 38103-1858; 901-544-4224; Fax: 901-544-4227; Field Rep.: Lora Jobe
    • 3322 West End Ave., #120, Nashville, TN 37203-6821; 615-736-5129; Fax: 615-269-4803; State Scheduler and Office Manager: Faye Head
    • Committee Assignments: Appropriations; Environment and Public Works; Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions; Rules and Administration

    Ayotte, Kelly, R-N.H.

    • Capitol Hill Office: 144 SROB 20510-2907; 224-3324; Fax: 224-4952; Chief of Staff. John R. Easton
    • Web:http://ayotte.senate.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/kellyayottenh
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/SenatorAyotte
    • District Offices: 19 Pleasant St., #13B, Berlin, NH 03570-1917; 603-752-7702; Fax: 603-752-7704; Special Asst. for Casework and Projects: Michael Scala
    • 1200 Elm St. #2, Manchester, NH 03101-2503; 603-622-7979; Fax: 603-622-0422; State Director: Orville Fitch
    • 144 Main St., Nashua, NH 03060-2702; 603-880-3335; Outreach Manager: Andy Leach
    • 14 Manchester Square, #140, Portsmouth, NH 03801-7866; 603-436-7161; Caseworker: Kate Pyle
    • Committee Assignments: Armed Services; Budget; Commerce, Science, and Transportation; Homeland Security and Government Affairs; Special Aging

    Baldwin, Tammy, D-Wisc.

    • Capitol Hill Office: 1 Russell Courtyard SROB 20510; 202-224-5653; Fax: 224-9787; Chief of Staff: Bill Murat
    • Web:http://baldwin.senate.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/TammyBaldwin
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/tammybaldwin
    • District Offices: 205 5th Ave. South, Room 216, La Crosse, WI 54601; 608-796-0045; Fax: 608-796-0089; Regional Coord.: John Medinger
    • 14 W. Mifflin St., #207, Madison, WI 53703-2568; 608-264-5338; Fax: 608-264-5473; State Director: Doug Hill
    • 310 W. Wisconsin Ave., #950, Milwaukee, WI 53203-2205; 414-297-4451; Fax: 414-297-4455; Field Rep.: Tiffany Henry
    • Committee Assignments: Budget; Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions; Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs; Special Aging

    Barrasso, John Dan, R-Wyo.

    • Capitol Hill Office: 307 SDOB 20510-5005; 224-6441; Fax: 224-1724; Chief of Staff: J. Dan Kunsman
    • Web:http://barrasso.senate.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/johnbarrasso
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/senjohnbarrasso
    • District Offices: 100 E. B St., #2201, Casper, WY 82601-7021; 307-261-6413; Fax: 307-265-6706; Field Rep.: Marci Schlup
    • 2120 Capitol Ave., #2013, Cheyenne, WY 82001-3631; 307-772-2451; Fax: 307-638-3512; State Director: Kristi Wallin
    • 324 E. Washington Ave., Riverton, WY 82501-4342; 307-856-6642; Fax: 307-856-5901; Field Rep.: Pam Buline
    • 1575 Dewar Dr., #218, Rock Springs, WY 82901-5972; 307-362-5012; Fax: 307-362-5129; Field Rep.: Sandy DaRif Two N. Main St., #206, Sheridan, WY 82801-6322; 307-672-6456; Fax: 307-672-6456; Field Rep.: Denise Canfield
    • Committee Assignments: Energy and Natural Resources; Environment and Public Works; Foreign Relations; Indian Affairs, Vice-Chair, Ranking Minority Member

    Baucus, Max, D-Mont.

    • Capitol Hill Office: 511 SHOB 20510-2602; 224-2651; Fax: 224-9412; Chief of Staff: Paul Wilkins
    • Web:http://baucus.senate.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/SenatorBaucus
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/MaxBaucus
    • District Offices: 222 N. 32nd St., #100, Billings, MT 59101-1954; 406-657-6790; Fax: 406-657-6793; Montana Press Secy.: Kathy Weber
    • 220 W. Lamme St., #1D, Bozeman, MT 59715-3552; 406-586-6104; Fax: 406-587-9177; Deputy State Director: Brianne Dugan
    • 245 E. Park St. LL E, Butte, MT 59701-1829; 406-782-8700; Fax: 406-782-6553; Field Director: Kim Krueger
    • 122 W. Towne St., Glendive, MT 59330-1735; 406-365-7002; Fax: 406-365-7040; Field Rep.: Cathy Kirkpatrick
    • 113 3rd St., North, Great Falls, MT 59401-2525; 406-761-1574; Field Rep.: Bonnie Keller
    • 30 W. 14th St., #206, Helena, MT 59601-3390; 406-449-5480; Fax: 406-449-5484; State Director: John Lewis
    • 8 3rd St. East, Kalispell, MT 59901-4573; 406-756-1150; Fax: 406-756-1152; Field Director: Kirby Campbell-Rierson
    • 280 E. Front St., #100, Missoula, MT 59802-4404; 406-329-3123; Fax: 406-728-7610; National Economic Director: Joseph Adams
    • Committee Assignments: Agriculture, Nutrition, and Forestry; Congressional-Executive Commission on China; Environment and Public Works; Finance, Chair; Joint Taxation, Vice-Chair

    Begich, Mark, D-Alaska

    • Capitol Hill Office: 111 SROB 20510-0204; 224-3004; Fax: 224-2354; Chief of Staff; Foreign Affairs: David S. Ramseur
    • Web:http://begich.senate.gov/
    • Facebook:http://facebook.com/Begich
    • Twitter:http://twitter.com/SenatorBegich
    • District Offices: Peterson Tower, 510 L St., #750, Anchorage, AK 99501-1959; 907-271-5915; Fax: 907-258-9305; State Director: Susanne Fleek-Green
    • Federal Bldg., 101 12th Ave., Room 328, Fairbanks, AK 99701-6237; 907-456-0261; Fax: 907-451-7290; Regional Director: Tom Moyer
    • One Sealaska Plaza, #308, Juneau, AK 99801-1245; 907-586-7700; Fax: 907-586-7702; Field Rep., Juneau: Sally Smith
    • Benco Bldg., 805 Frontage Rd., #101, Kenai, AK 99611-9104; 907-283-4000; Fax: 907-283-4401; Field Rep., Kenai: Kim Howard
    • Whitecliff Bldg., 1900 1st Ave., #230, Ketchikan, AK 99901-6059; 907-225-3000; Fax: 907-247-3000; Field Rep., Ketchikan: Bob Weinstein
    • 851 E. Westpoint Dr., #309, Wasilla, AK 99654-7183; 907-357-9956; Fax: 907-357-9964; Field Rep., Mat-Su: Casey Estinau
    • Committee Assignments: Appropriations; Commerce, Science, and Transportation; Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs; Indian Affairs; Veterans' Affairs

    Bennet, Michael F., D-Colo.