Washington Information Directory 2006–2007


Edited by: CQ Press

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  • Part 1: Agriculture, Food, and Nutrition

    Part 2: Business and Economics

    Part 3: Communications and the Media

    Part 4: Culture and Religion

    Part 5: Education

    Part 6: Employment and Labor

    Part 7: Energy

    Part 8: Environment and Natural Resources

    Part 9: Government Operations

    Part 10: Health

    Part 11: Housing and Development

    Part 12: International Affairs

    Part 13: Law and Justice

    Part 14: Military Personnel and Veterans

    Part 15: National and Homeland Security

    Part 16: Science and Technology

    Part 17: Social Services and Disabilities

    Part 18: Transportation

    Part 19: U.S. Congress and Politics

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    Since 1975, the Washington Information Directory has been an essential resource for locating information on governmental and nongovernmental organizations in the national capital region. This trusted and user-friendly directory helps you find the right contact at the right organization, whether your interest is cancer research, energy conservation, or the Freedom of Information Act. It leads you to the most accurate information available in a way that free Internet searches or a single phone call to a switchboard cannot.

    In updating the Washington Information Directory every year, we research each existing entry to provide current addresses; phone, fax, TTY, and toll-free numbers; e-mail and Web addresses; and key officers and descriptions. To get this information, we call each organization and speak with a member of its Washington office. We include contacts' direct lines whenever possible; many organizations do not publish these numbers on their Web sites in an attempt to channel all calls through an operator or answering service. When a federal department reorganizes, we untangle the divisions and directorates and revise the book accordingly. Along the way, we come across new government offices and nongovernmental organizations; we have added more than 200 such entries to this edition. We arrange the entries by topic, subtopic, and organization type. The result is an indispensable reference engine that makes finding the up-to-date information you seek easier, whether you choose the print or online edition.

    Among the reorganizations documented in this edition are changes made to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and the Homeland Security Department (DHS), which received intense scrutiny following the 2005 hurricane season. With their responsibilities now realigned, DHS oversees domestic disaster planning and preparation, and FEMA primarily controls response and recovery efforts. These distinctions were still being resolved when we went to press, and a Senate panel recently recommended that FEMA be entirely replaced.

    The spring of 2006 also brought about significant changes at the White House, beginning with the resignation of President George W. Bush's chief of staff, Andrew Card. His replacement, former Office of Management and Budget director Joshua Bolten, promised widespread changes in the executive offices; we have accounted for those made public through May 2006.

    The most notable structural change made to the Washington Information Directory this year was the integration of the entries from the previous edition's first chapter, Advocacy and Public Service, into other chapters in intuitive locations, to consolidate organizations doing similar work. For example, the sections on civil rights and public interest law are now part of the Law and Justice chapter, complementing its section on constitutional and civil liberties; the consumer protection section has moved to the Business and Economics chapter, but its subcategory on fire prevention can be found in the Housing chapter; religious organizations are in the chapter on culture; and the government hotlines box appears in the appendix.

    In addition to updating the entries, we enhance each edition of the Washington Information Directory by focusing on topics of new or renewed importance. Last year, in the aftermath of the Indian Ocean tsunami, we introduced a reference box highlighting international disaster relief organizations. In light of the devastation to the Gulf Coast region caused by Hurricane Katrina in August 2005, we added another box emphasizing groups that provide domestic disaster relief; you will find it in chapter 15, National and Homeland Security.

    Immigration reform and tax reform have also dominated the headlines, and the number of institutions dedicated to these issues has grown. Therefore, we have provided quick reference boxes to draw attention to the key players on all sides of the debates (chapters 15 and 13, respectively). The rising popularity of alternative medicine led us to create a new section in the Health chapter (chapter 10). To address enduring concerns about port security and general transportation safety, we have added new organization charts for the U.S. Coast Guard (chapter 15) and the Federal Aviation Administration and Transportation Security Administration (both chapter 18). In anticipation of the approaching 2006 midterm elections for representatives, senators, and state governors, we have provided resources on political participation and campaign volunteer opportunities at local and national levels (chapter 19).

    The fully updated chapters are, as always, supplemented by an appendix that includes a guide to the members and committees of the 109th Congress; a directory of government Web sites; a list of governors and other state officials; a section on foreign diplomats and embassies, U.S. ambassadors, and State Department country offices; and current information on legislation pertaining to the Freedom of Information Act and privacy, including the recently reauthorized provisions of the USA PATRIOT Act. Finally, this edition allows you to search the directory in three ways: by using the name index, the organization index, or the newly expanded subject index.

    CQ Press wants to maintain the Washington Information Directory's reputation as the most valuable, comprehensive, and authoritative reference of its kind. We welcome any user feedback, as it will help us continue to improve the book's quality and functionality. If you have general comments or suggestions for future editions, please share them by sending an e-mail to wideditor@cqpress.com.

    AnnaM.Schardt, Project Editor

    How to Use this Directory

    The Washington Information Directory is designed to make your search for information quick and easy.

    Each chapter covers a broad topic, and within the chapters information is grouped by more specific subject areas. This arrangement allows you to find in one place the departments and agencies of the federal government, congressional committees, and nongovernmental organizations that have the information you need.

    The directory divides information sources into three main categories: (1) agencies, (2) Congress, and (3) nongovernmental organizations. Each entry includes the name, address, and telephone and fax numbers of the organization; the name and title of the director or the best person to contact for information; press, hotline, and TTY numbers and Internet addresses whenever available; and a description of the work performed by the organization.

    How Information is Presented

    The following examples are of the three main categories of entries and of the other resources the directory provides. They are drawn from the History and Preservation section in chapter 4, Culture and Religion.


    One type of entry lists a government agency—the National Park Service—in bold type under its name and, where applicable, acronym. Next, in parentheses, is the name of its parent organization, the Interior Department. Entries may also include the name of an office within the agency, in this case the Office of Cultural Resources.

    National Park Service (NPS), (Interior Dept.), Cultural Resources, 1849 C St. N.W., #3128 20240-0001; (202) 208-7625. Fax, (202) 273-3237. Janet Matthews, Associate Director.

    Web, http://www.cr.s.gov

    Oversees preservation of federal historic sites and administration of buildings programs. Programs include the National Register of Historic Places, National Historic and National Landmark Programs, Historic American Building Survey, Historic American Engineering Record, Archeology and Antiquities Act Program, and Technical Preservation Services. Gives grant and aid assistance and tax benefit information to properties listed in the National Register of Historic Places.


    Most entries under the Congress heading are Senate or House committees. Also included are agencies under congressional jurisdiction, such as the Government Accountability Office and the Library of Congress. Committee entries include the chair and a key staff member. The descriptions state the committee's jurisdiction or its activities relating to the subject of the section in which it appears. Here is the entry for the Senate committee with jurisdiction over the preservation of historic sites:

    Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee, Subcommittee on National Parks, SD-364 20510; (202) 224-4971. Fax, (202) 228-0539. Sen. Craig Thomas, R-Wyo., Chair; Bruce M. Evans, Staff Director.

    Web, http://energy.senate.gov

    Jurisdiction over historic preservation legislation, including that on military parks, battlefields, prehistoric ruins, and objects of interest in the public domain.


    Thousands of nongovernmental groups have headquarters or legislative offices in or near Washington. Their staffs are often excellent information sources, and these organizations frequently maintain special libraries or information centers. Here is an example of a group with an interest in the preservation of historic sites:

    Civil War Preservation Trust, 1331 H St. N.W. 20005; (202) 367-1861. Fax, (202) 367-1865. O. James Lighthizer, President.

    General e-mail, info@civilwar.org

    Web, http://www.civilwar.org

    Membership: preservation professionals, historians, conservation activists, and citizens. Preserves endangered Civil War battlefields throughout the United States. Conducts preservation conferences and workshops. Advises local preservation groups. Monitors legislation and regulations at the federal, state, and local levels.

    Why and how the Washington Information Directory Work

    The Washington Information Directory (WID) directs your search more efficiently and effectively than any other print or online search. This resource does the hard work of pinpointing the information you need. Here is an example of how to use it to find information on the preservation of historic sites:

    Charts and Boxes

    This directory includes organization charts to make the hierarchy of federal departments and agencies easy to grasp, as well as reference boxes that provide essential agency contacts and other information. On the topic of historic sites, you can locate the National Park Service within the Interior Department (see chart on p. 293) or consult a list of sites administered by the National Park Service (see box on p. 144). A general organization chart for the federal government appears on page 893.

    Reference Resources
    Tables of Contents

    The table of contents (p. iii) lists the directory's chapters and their major subheadings. A list of reference boxes and organization charts within the chapters is provided on page v. Each chapter opens with a detailed table of contents; for convenience, here again we list the boxes and charts that appear in the chapter.

    Congressional Information

    A section on the 109th Congress, beginning on page 769, provides extensive information about members and committees:

    State Delegations. Here (p. 771) you can locate senators, representatives, and delegates by state (or territory) and congressional district.

    Committees. These sections list the jurisdictions and memberships of committees and subcommittees of the House (p. 776) and Senate (p. 853), as well as the joint committees of Congress (p. 851). Also included here are partisan committees and party leaderships of the House (p. 794) and Senate (p. 864).

    Map of Capitol Hill

    Members' Offices. For the House (p. 795) and Senate (p. 866), we provide each member's Capitol Hill office address, telephone and fax numbers, Internet address, key professional aide, committee assignments, and district office contact information.

    Ready Reference

    A section of reference lists, beginning on page 887, provides information on the following subjects:

    Government Information on the Internet. Organized by branch of government, this section (p. 889) lists Web addresses for locating information on the White House, cabinet departments, Congress, and the judiciary.

    State Government. The list of state officials (p. 894) provides the name, address, and telephone number for each governor, lieutenant governor, secretary of state, attorney general, and state treasurer.

    Diplomats. The foreign embassies section (p. 902) gives the names, official addresses, and telephone numbers of foreign diplomats in Washington; the names of ranking U.S. diplomatic officials abroad; and the phone numbers for State Department country desk offices.

    Federal Laws on Information. This section presents the most current information on the Freedom of Information Act (p. 915) and privacy legislation (p. 917).


    Use the name index (p. 919) to look up any person listed in the directory. Use the organization index (p. 962) to find a specific organization or agency. Use the subject index (p. 1019) to locate a particular area of interest. If you need information on a specific topic but do not know a particular source, the index has entries for chapter subsections to help you find where that topic is covered. For example, on the subject of equal employment for women, you can find index entries under Equal Employment Opportunity as well as Women.

    Reaching your Information Source
    Phoning and Faxing

    Call information or toll-free numbers first. Often you can get the answer you need without searching any further. If not, an explanation of your query should put you in touch with the person who can answer your question. Rarely will you need to talk to the top administrator.

    Offer to fax your query if it is difficult to explain over the phone, but make sure that the person helping you knows to expect your fax. Faxing promptly and limiting your transmission to a single page should bring the best results.

    Remember that publications and documents are often available from a special office (for federal agencies, see p. 99) and, increasingly, on Web sites. Ask whether there is a faster way than by mail to receive the information you need.

    Keep in mind the agency or organization, not the name of the director. Personnel changes are common, but for most inquiries you will want to stay within the organization you call, rather than track down a person who may have moved on to a new job.

    Concerning congressional questions, first contact one of your members of Congress; representatives have staff assigned to answer questions from constituents. Contact a committee only if you have a technical question that cannot be answered elsewhere.


    Address letters to the director of an office or organization—the contact person listed here. Your letter will be directed to the person who can answer your question. Be prepared to follow up by phone.

    Using the Internet

    Most agencies and governmental organizations have sites on the Internet (for federal departments and agencies, see pp. 106, 889–892) and an e-mail address for general inquiries. Information available from these sources is expanding rapidly and is usually free once you are online. If you have Internet access, try the Web site, but bear in mind that this approach is not always faster or better than a phone call: connections can be slow, menus can be complex or confusing, and information can be incomplete or out of date.

    As with faxing, reserve e-mail for inquiries that may be too complex for a phone call, but phone first to establish that someone is ready to help.

    Addresses and Area Codes

    Listings in the directory include full contact information, including telephone area code and, when available, room or suite number and nine-digit zip code. If an office prefers a mailing address that is different from the physical location, we provide both. Note that a few listings are not a local call from Washington—for example, the Social Security Administration headquarters in Baltimore and a small number of nonprofits in outlying suburbs.

    Washington, D.C., Addresses

    For brevity, entries for agencies, organizations, and congressional offices in the District of Columbia (area code 202) do not include the city as part of the address. Here is the beginning of a typical Washington entry:

    Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), 1801 L St. N.W. #10006 20507; (202) 663-4001.

    To complete the mailing address, add “Washington, DC” before the zip code.

    Building Addresses

    Departments and agencies generally have their own zip codes. Updates to our directory reflect the increasing use of street addresses by the federal government. Federal offices listed by building name or abbreviation are at the following locations:

    The White House. Located at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. N.W. 20500.

    Dwight D. Eisenhower Executive Office Building. Located at 17th St. and Pennsylvania Ave. N.W. 20500.

    New Executive Office Building. Located at 725 17th St. N.W. 20505.

    Main State Building. Located at 2201 C St. N.W. 20520.

    The Pentagon. Located in Arlington, Virginia, but has a Washington mailing address and different zip codes for each branch of the military.

    Navy Annex. Located at Columbia Pike and Southgate Rd., Arlington, VA 20370, but most offices use a Washington mailing address.

    U.S. Capitol. Abbreviated as CAP; the letters H and S before the room number indicate the House or Senate side of the building. Zip codes are 20510 for the Senate, 20515 for the House.

    Senate Office Buildings. Mail for delivery to Senate office buildings does not require a street address. The zip code is 20510. Abbreviations, building names, and street locations are as follows:

    SDDirksen Senate Office Bldg., Constitution Ave. between 1st and 2nd Sts. N.E.
    SHHart Senate Office Bldg., 2nd St. and Constitution Ave. N.E.
    SRRussell Senate Office Bldg., Constitution Ave. between Delaware Ave. and 1st St. N.E.

    House Office Buildings. Mail for delivery to House office buildings does not require a street address. The zip code is 20515. Abbreviations, building names, and street locations are as follows:

    CHOBCannon House Office Bldg., Independence Ave. between New Jersey Ave. and 1st St. S.E.
    FHOBFord House Office Bldg., 2nd and D Sts. S.W.
    LHOBLongworth House Office Bldg., Independence Ave. between S. Capitol St. and New Jersey Ave. S.E.
    OHOBO'Neill House Office Bldg., 300 New Jersey Ave. S.E.
    RHOBRayburn House Office Bldg., Independence Ave. between S. Capitol and 1st Sts. S.W.

    John Adams Building. Abbreviated as Adams Bldg.; located at 110 2nd St. S.E. For House Homeland Security Committee offices, use zip code 20515.

  • 109th Congress

    Delegations to the 109th Congress

    Following are the senators and representatives of state delegations for the 109th Congress as of early June 2006. Senators are presented first and listed according to seniority. Representatives follow, listed by district. Freshmen members appear in italics, and “AL” indicates at-large members.


    Richard C. Shelby (R)

    Jeff Sessions (R)

    • Jo Bonner (R)
    • Terry Everett (R)
    • Mike D. Rogers (R)
    • Robert B. Aderholt (R)
    • Robert E. “Bud” Cramer (D)
    • Spencer Bachus (R)
    • Artur Davis (D)

    Ted Stevens (R)

    Lisa Murkowski (R)

    AL Don Young (R)

    American Samoa

    AL Eni F. H. Faleomavaega (D)


    John McCain (R)

    Jon Kyl (R)

    • Rick Renzi (R)
    • Trent Franks (R)
    • John Shadegg (R)
    • Ed Pastor (D)
    • J. D. Hayworth (R)
    • Jeff Flake (R)
    • Raúl M. Grijalva (D)
    • Jim Kolbe (R)

    Blanche Lincoln (D)

    Mark Pryor (D)

    • Marion Berry (D)
    • Vic Snyder (D)
    • John Boozman (R)
    • Mike Ross (D)

    Dianne Feinstein (D)

    Barbara Boxer (D)

    • Mike Thompson (D)
    • Wally Herger (R)
    • Dan Lungren (R)
    • John T Doolittle (R)
    • Doris Matsui (D)
    • Lynn Woolsey (D)
    • George Miller (D)
    • Nancy Pelosi (D)
    • Barbara Lee (D)
    • Ellen O. Tauscher (D)
    • Richard W. Pombo (R)
    • Tom Lantos (D)
    • Pete Stark (D)
    • Anna G. Eshoo (D)
    • Michael M. Honda (D)
    • Zoe Lofgren (D)
    • Sam Farr (D)
    • Dennis Cardoza (D)
    • George P. Radanovich (R)
    • Jim Costa (D)
    • Devin Nunes (R)
    • Bill Thomas (R)
    • Lois Capps (D)
    • Elton Gallegly (R)
    • Howard P. “Buck” McKeon (R)
    • David Dreier (R)
    • Brad Sherman (D)
    • Howard L. Berman (D)
    • Adam B. Schiff (D)
    • Henry A. Waxman (D)
    • Xavier Becerra (D)
    • Hilda L. Solis (D)
    • Diane Watson (D)
    • Lucille Roybal-Allard (D)
    • Maxine Waters (D)
    • Jane Harman (D)
    • Juanita Millender-McDonald (D)
    • Grace F. Napolitano (D)
    • Linda T. Sánchez (D)
    • Ed Royce (R)
    • Jerry Lewis (R)
    • Gary G. Miller (R)
    • Joe Baca (D)
    • Ken Calvert (R)
    • Mary Bono (R)
    • Dana Rohrabacher (R)
    • Loretta Sanchez (D)
    • John Campbell (R)
    • Darrell Issa (R)
    • Vacant
    • Bob Filner (D)
    • Duncan Hunter (R)
    • Susan A. Davis (D)

    Wayne Allard (R)

    Ken Salazar (D)

    • Diana DeGette (D)
    • Mark Udall (D)
    • John Salazar (D)
    • Marilyn Musgrave (R)
    • Joel Hefley (R)
    • Tom Tancredo (R)
    • Bob Beauprez (R)

    Christopher J. Dodd (D)

    Joseph I. Lieberman (D)

    • John B. Larson (D)
    • Rob Simmons (R)
    • Rosa DeLauro (D)
    • Christopher Shays (R)
    • Nancy L. Johnson (R)

    Joseph R. Biden Jr. (D)

    Thomas R. Carper (D)

    AL Michael N. Castle (R)

    District of Columbia

    AL Eleanor Holmes Norton (D)


    Bill Nelson (D)

    Mel Martinez (R)

    • Jeff Miller (R)
    • Allen Boyd (D)
    • Corrine Brown (D)
    • Ander Crenshaw (R)
    • Ginny Brown-Waite (R)
    • Cliff Stearns (R)
    • John L. Mica (R)
    • Ric Keller (R)
    • Michael Bilirakis (R)
    • C. W. Bill Young (R)
    • Jim Davis (D)
    • Adam H. Putnam (R)
    • Katherine Harris (R)
    • Connie Mack (R)
    • Dave Weldon (R)
    • Mark Foley (R)
    • Kendrick B. Meek (D)
    • Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R)
    • Robert Wexler (D)
    • Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D)
    • Lincoln Diaz-Balart (R)
    • E. Clay Shaw Jr. (R)
    • Alcee L. Hastings (D)
    • Tom Feeney (R)
    • Mario Diaz-Balart (R)

    Saxby Chambliss (R)

    Johnny Isakson (R)

    • Jack Kingston (R)
    • Sanford D. Bishop Jr. (D)
    • Jim Marshall (D)
    • Cynthia A. McKinney (D)
    • John Lewis (D)
    • Tom Price (R)
    • John Linder (R)
    • Lynn Westmoreland (R)
    • Charlie Norwood (R)
    • Nathan Deal (R)
    • Phil Gingrey (R)
    • John Barrow (D)
    • David Scott (D)

    AL Madeleine Z. Bordallo (D)


    Daniel K. Inouye (D)

    Daniel K. Akaka (D)

    • Neil Abercrombie (D)
    • Ed Case (D)

    Larry E. Craig (R)

    Michael D. Crapo (R)

    • C. L. “Butch” Otter (R)
    • Mike Simpson (R)

    Richard J. Durbin (D)

    Barack Obama (D)

    • Bobby L. Rush (D)
    • Jesse L. Jackson Jr. (D)
    • Daniel Lipinski (D)
    • Luis V. Gutierrez (D)
    • Rahm Emanuel (D)
    • Henry J. Hyde (R)
    • Danny K. Davis (D)
    • Melissa Bean (D)
    • Jan Schakowsky (D)
    • Mark Steven Kirk (R)
    • Jerry Weller (R)
    • Jerry F. Costello (D)
    • Judy Biggert (R)
    • J. Dennis Hastert (R)
    • Timothy V. Johnson (R)
    • Donald Manzullo (R)
    • Lane Evans (D)
    • Ray LaHood (R)
    • John Shimkus (R)

    Richard G. Lugar (R)

    Evan Bayh (D)

    • Peter J. Visclosky (D)
    • Chris Chocola (R)
    • Mark Souder (R)
    • Steve Buyer (R)
    • Dan Burton (R)
    • Mike Pence (R)
    • Julia Carson (D)
    • John Hostettler (R)
    • Mike Sodrel (R)

    Charles E. Grassley (R)

    Tom Harkin (D)

    • Jim Nussle (R)
    • Jim Leach (R)
    • Leonard L. Boswell (D)
    • Tom Latham (R)
    • Steve King (R)

    Sam Brownback (R)

    Pat Roberts (R)

    • Jerry Moran (R)
    • Jim Ryun (R)
    • Dennis Moore (D)
    • Todd Tiahrt (R)

    Mitch McConnell (R)

    Jim Bunning (R)

    • Edward Whitfield (R)
    • Ron Lewis (R)
    • Anne M. Northup (R)
    • Geoff Davis (R)
    • Harold Rogers (R)
    • Ben Chandler (D)

    Mary L. Landrieu (D)

    David Vitter (R)

    • Bobby Jindal (R)
    • William J. Jefferson (D)
    • Charlie Melancon (D)
    • Jim McCrery (R)
    • Rodney Alexander (R)
    • Richard H. Baker (R)
    • Charles Boustany Jr. (R)

    Olympia J. Snowe (R)

    Susan Collins (R)

    • Tom Allen (D)
    • Michael H. Michaud (D)

    Paul S. Sarbanes (D)

    Barbara A. Mikulski (D)

    • Wayne T. Gilchrest (R)
    • C. A. Dutch Ruppersberger (D)
    • Benjamin L. Cardin (D)
    • Albert R. Wynn (D)
    • Steny H. Hoyer (D)
    • Roscoe G. Bartlett (R)
    • Elijah E. Cummings (D)
    • Chris Van Hollen (D)

    Edward M. Kennedy (D)

    John Kerry (D)

    • John W. Olver (D)
    • Richard E. Neal (D)
    • Jim McGovern (D)
    • Barney Frank (D)
    • Martin T. Meehan (D)
    • John F. Tierney (D)
    • Edward J. Markey (D)
    • Michael E. Capuano (D)
    • Stephen F. Lynch (D)
    • Bill Delahunt (D)

    Carl Levin (D)

    Debbie Stabenow (D)

    • Bart Stupak (D)
    • Peter Hoekstra (R)
    • Vernon J. Ehlers (R)
    • Dave Camp (R)
    • Dale E. Kildee (D)
    • Fred Upton (R)
    • Joe Schwarz (R)
    • Mike Rogers (R)
    • Joe Knollenberg (R)
    • Candice S. Miller (R)
    • Thaddeus McCotter (R)
    • Sander M. Levin (D)
    • Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick (D)
    • John Conyers Jr. (D)
    • John D. Dingell (D)

    Mark Dayton (D)

    Norm Coleman (R)

    • Gil Gutknecht (R)
    • John Kline (R)
    • Jim Ramstad (R)
    • Betty McCollum (D)
    • Martin Olav Sabo (D)
    • Mark Kennedy (R)
    • Collin C. Peterson (D)
    • James L. Oberstar (D)

    Thad Cochran (R)

    Trent Lott (R)

    • Roger Wicker (R)
    • Bennie Thompson (D)
    • Charles W. “Chip” Pickering Jr. (R)
    • Gene Taylor (D)

    Christopher S. Bond (R)

    Jim Talent (R)

    • William Lacy Clay (D)
    • Todd Akin (R)
    • Russ Carnahan (D)
    • Ike Skelton (D)
    • Emanuel Cleaver II (D)
    • Sam Graves (R)
    • Roy Blunt (R)
    • Jo Ann Emerson (R)
    • Kenny Hulshof (R)

    Max Baucus (D)

    Conrad Burns (R)

    AL Denny Rehberg (R)


    Chuck Hagel (R)

    Ben Nelson (D)

    • Jeff ‘ Fortenberry (R)
    • Lee Terry (R)
    • Tom Osborne (R)

    Harry Reid (D)

    John Ensign (R)

    • Shelley Berkley (D)
    • Jim Gibbons (R)
    • Jon Porter (R)
    New Hampshire

    Judd Gregg (R)

    John E. Sununu (R)

    • Jeb Bradley (R)
    • Charles Bass (R)
    New Jersey

    Robert Menendez (D)

    Frank R. Lautenberg (D)

    • Robert E. Andrews (D)
    • Frank A. LoBiondo (R)
    • H. James Saxton (R)
    • Christopher H. Smith (R)
    • Scott Garrett (R)
    • Frank Pallone Jr. (D)
    • Mike Ferguson (R)
    • Bill Pascrell Jr. (D)
    • Steven R. Rothman (D)
    • Donald M. Payne (D)
    • Rodney Frelinghuysen (R)
    • Rush D. Holt (D)
    • Vacant
    New Mexico

    Pete V Domenici (R)

    Jeff Bingaman (D)

    • Heather A. Wilson (R)
    • Steve Pearce (R)
    • Tom Udall (D)
    New York

    Charles E. Schumer (D)

    Hillary Rodham Clinton (D)

    • Timothy H. Bishop (D)
    • Steve Israel (D)
    • Peter T. King (R)
    • Carolyn McCarthy (D)
    • Gary L. Ackerman (D)
    • Gregory W. Meeks (D)
    • Joseph Crowley (D)
    • Jerrold Nadler (D)
    • Anthony Weiner (D)
    • Edolphus Towns (D)
    • Major R. Owens (D)
    • Nydia M. Velázquez (D)
    • Vito J. Fossella (R)
    • Carolyn B. Maloney (D)
    • Charles B. Rangel (D)
    • José E. Serrano (D)
    • Eliot L. Engel (D)
    • Nita M. Lowey (D)
    • Sue W Kelly (R)
    • John E. Sweeney (R)
    • Michael R. McNulty (D)
    • Maurice D. Hinchey (D)
    • John M. McHugh (R)
    • Sherwood Boehlert (R)
    • James T. Walsh (R)
    • Thomas M. Reynolds (R)
    • Brian Higgins (D)
    • Louise M. Slaughter (D)
    • John R. “Randy” Kuhl Jr. (R)
    North Carolina

    Elizabeth Dole (R)

    Richard M. Burr (R)

    • G. K. Butterfield (D)
    • Bob Etheridge (D)
    • Walter B. Jones (R)
    • David E. Price (D)
    • Virginia Foxx (R)
    • Howard Coble (R)
    • Mike McIntyre (D)
    • Robin Hayes (R)
    • Sue Myrick (R)
    • Patrick T. McHenry (R)
    • Charles H. Taylor (R)
    • Melvin Watt (D)
    • Brad Miller (D)
    North Dakota

    Kent Conrad (D)

    Byron L. Dorgan (D)

    AL Earl Pomeroy (D)


    Mike DeWine (R)

    George V. Voinovich (R)

    • Steve Chabot (R)
    • Jean Schmidt (R)
    • Michael R. Turner (R)
    • Michael G. Oxley (R)
    • Paul E. Gillmor (R)
    • Ted Strickland (D)
    • David L. Hobson (R)
    • John A. Boehner (R)
    • Marcy Kaptur (D)
    • Dennis J. Kucinich (D)
    • Stephanie Tubbs Jones (D)
    • Pat Tiberi (R)
    • Sherrod Brown (D)
    • Steven C. LaTourette (R)
    • Deborah Pryce (R)
    • Ralph Regula (R)
    • Tim Ryan (D)
    • Bob Ney (R)

    James M. Inhofe (R)

    Tom Coburn (R)

    • John Sullivan (R)
    • Dan Boren (D)
    • Frank D. Lucas (R)
    • Tom Cole (R)
    • Ernest Istook (R)

    Ron Wyden (D)

    Gordon H. Smith (R)

    • David Wu (D)
    • Greg Walden (R)
    • Earl Blumenauer (D)
    • Peter A. DeFazio (D)
    • Darlene Hooley (D)

    Arlen Specter (R)

    Rick Santorum (R)

    • Robert A. Brady (D)
    • Chaka Fattah (D)
    • Phil English (R)
    • Melissa A. Hart (R)
    • John E. Peterson (R)
    • Jim Gerlach (R)
    • Curt Weldon (R)
    • Michael G. Fitzpatrick (R)
    • Bill Shuster (R)
    • Don Sherwood (R)
    • Paul E. Kanjorski (D)
    • John P. Murtha (D)
    • Allyson Y. Schwartz (D)
    • Mike Doyle (D)
    • Charlie Dent (R)
    • Joe Pitts (R)
    • Tim Holden (D)
    • Tim Murphy (R)
    • Todd R. Platts (R)
    Puerto Rico

    AL Luis Fortuño (R)

    Rhode Island

    Jack Reed (D)

    Lincoln Chafee (R)

    • Patrick J. Kennedy (D)
    • Jim Langevin (D)
    South Carolina

    Lindsey Graham (R)

    Jim DeMint (R)

    • Henry E. Brown Jr. (R)
    • Joe Wilson (R)
    • J. Gresham Barrett (R)
    • Bob Inglis (R)
    • John M. Spratt Jr. (D)
    • James E. Clyburn (D)
    South Dakota

    Tim Johnson (D)

    John Thune (R)

    AL Stephanie Herseth (D)


    Bill Frist (R)

    Lamar Alexander (R)

    • Bill Jenkins (R)
    • John J. “Jimmy” Duncan Jr. (R)
    • Zach Wamp (R)
    • Lincoln Davis (D)
    • Jim Cooper (D)
    • Bart Gordon (D)
    • Marsha Blackburn (R)
    • John Tanner (D)
    • Harold E. Ford Jr. (D)

    Kay Bailey Hutchison (R)

    John Cornyn (R)

    • Louie Gohmert (R)
    • Ted Poe (R)
    • Sam Johnson (R)
    • Ralph M. Hall (R)
    • Jeb Hensarling (R)
    • Joe L. Barton (R)
    • John Culberson (R)
    • Kevin Brady (R)
    • Al Green (D)
    • Michael McCaul (R)
    • K. Michael Conaway (R)
    • Kay Granger (R)
    • William M. “Mac” Thornberry (R)
    • Ron Paul (R)
    • Rubén Hinojosa (D)
    • Silvestre Reyes (D)
    • Chet Edwards (D)
    • Sheila Jackson-Lee (D)
    • Randy Neugebauer (R)
    • Charlie Gonzalez (D)
    • Lamar Smith (R)
    • Vacant
    • Henry Bonilla (R)
    • Kenny Marchant (R)
    • Lloyd Doggett (D)
    • Michael C. Burgess (R)
    • Solomon P. Ortiz (D)
    • Henry Cuellar (D)
    • Gene Green (D)
    • Eddie Bernice Johnson (D)
    • John Carter (R)
    • Pete Sessions (R)

    Orrin G. Hatch (R)

    Robert F. Bennett (R)

    • Rob Bishop (R)
    • Jim Matheson (D)
    • Chris Cannon (R)

    Patrick J. Leahy (D)

    James M. Jeffords (I)

    AL Bernard Sanders (I)

    Virgin Islands

    AL Donna M. C.

    Christensen (D)


    John W Warner (R)

    George Allen (R)

    • Jo Ann Davis (R)
    • Thelma Drake (R)
    • Robert C. Scott (D)
    • J. Randy Forbes (R)
    • Virgil H. Goode Jr. (R)
    • Robert W. Goodlatte (R)
    • Eric Cantor (R)
    • James P. Moran (D)
    • Rick Boucher (D)
    • Frank R. Wolf (R)
    • Thomas M. Davis III (R)

    Patty Murray (D)

    Maria Cantwell (D)

    • Jay Inslee (D)
    • Rick Larsen (D)
    • Brian Baird (D)
    • Doc Hastings (R)
    • Cathy McMorris (R)
    • Norm Dicks (D)
    • Jim McDermott (D)
    • Dave Reichert (R)
    • Adam Smith (D)
    West Virginia

    Robert C. Byrd (D)

    John D. Rockefeller IV (D)

    • Alan B. Mollohan (D)
    • Shelley Moore Capito (R)
    • Nick J. Rahall II (D)

    Herb Kohl (D)

    Russ Feingold (D)

    • Paul D. Ryan (R)
    • Tammy Baldwin (D)
    • Ron Kind (D)
    • Gwen Moore (D)
    • F. James Sensenbrenner Jr. (R)
    • Tom Petri (R)
    • David R. Obey (D)
    • Mark Green (R)

    Craig Thomas (R)

    Michael B. Enzi (R)

    AL Barbara Cubin (R)

    House Committees

    The standing and select committees of the U.S. House of Representatives follow. Each listing includes the room number, office building, zip code, telephone and fax numbers, Web address, e-mail address if available, key majority and minority staff members, jurisdiction for each full committee, and party ratio. Subcommittees are listed under the full committees. Members are listed in order of seniority on the committee or subcommittee.

    Republicans, the current majority, are shown in roman type; Democrats, in the minority, appear in italic. Bernard Sanders, I-Vt., caucuses with Democrats and accrues committee seniority with Democrats. Vacancy indicates that a committee or subcommittee seat had not been filled as of May 12, 2006. The partisan committees of the House are listed on page 794. The area code for all phone and fax numbers is (202).


    Office: 1301 LHOB 20515-6001

    Phone: 225-2171 Fax: 225-0917



    Majority Chief of Staff: William E. O'Conner

    Minority Staff Director: Rob Larew 225-0317 1305 LHOB

    Jurisdiction: agriculture generally; forestry in general, and forest reserves other than those created from the public domain; adulteration of seeds, insect pests, and protection of birds and animals in forest reserves; agricultural and industrial chemistry; agricultural colleges and experiment stations; agricultural economics and research; agricultural education extension services; agricultural production and marketing and stabilization of prices of agricultural products, and commodities (not including distribution outside of the United States); animal industry and diseases of animals; commodity exchanges; crop insurance and soil conservation; dairy industry; entomology and plant quarantine; extension of farm credit and farm security; inspection of livestock, poultry, meat products, seafood and seafood products; human nutrition and home economics; plant industry, soils, and agricultural engineering; rural electrification; rural development; water conservation related to activities of the Agriculture Dept. The chair and ranking minority member are voting members ex officio of all subcommittees of which they are not regular members.

    Robert W. Goodlatte, Va., ChairCollin C. Peterson, Minn., Ranking Minority
    Richard W. Pombo, Calif, Vice ChairMember Tim Holden, Pa.
    Terry Everett, Ala.Mike McIntyre, N. C.
    Frank D. Lucas, Okla.Bob Etheridge, N. C.
    Jerry Moran, Kan.Joe Baca, Calif.
    Bill Jenkins, Tenn.Ed Case, Hawaii
    Gil Gutknecht, Minn.Dennis A. Cardoza, Calif.
    Robin Hayes, N.C.David Scott, Ga.
    Timothy V. Johnson, Ill.Jim Marshall, Ga.
    Tom Osborne, Neb.Stephanie Herseth, S.D.
    Mike Pence, Ind.G. K. Butterfield, N.C.
    Sam Graves, Mo.Henry Cuellar, Texas
    Jo Bonner, Ala.Charlie Melancon, La.
    Mike D. Rogers, Ala.Jim Costa, Calif.
    Steve King, IowaJohn Salazar, Colo.
    Marilyn Musgrave, Colo.John Barrow, Ga.
    Randy Neugebauer, TexasEarl Pomeroy, N.D.
    Charles Boustany Jr., La.Leonard L. Boswell, Iowa
    Joe Schwarz, Mich.Rick Larsen, Wash.
    John R. “Randy” Kuhl Jr., N.Y.Lincoln Davis, Tenn. Ben Chandler, Ky.
    Virginia Foxx, N.C.
    K. Michael Conaway, Texas
    Jeff Fortenberry, Neb.
    Jean Schmidt, Ohio
    Mike Sodrel, Ind.

    Conservation, Credit, Rural Development, and Research

    Office: 1714P LHOB Phone: 225-2171

    Frank D. Lucas (Chair), Jerry Moran, Tom Osborne (Vice Chair), Sam Graves, Mike D. Rogers, Steve King, Charles Boustany Jr., Joe Schwarz, Jeff Fortenberry

    Tim Holden (Ranking Minority Member), Henry Cuellar, Mike Mclntyre, Bob Etheridge, Ed Case, Lincoln Davis, Stephanie Herseth, G. K. Butterfield

    Department Operations, Oversight, Dairy, Nutrition, and Forestry

    Office: 1407 LHOB Phone: 225-2171

    Gil Gutknecht (Chair), Richard W. Pombo, Jerry Moran, Jo Bonner (Vice Chair), Virginia Foxx, Jeff Fortenberry, Jean Schmidt

    Joe Baca (Ranking Minority Member), Dennis A. Cardoza, G. K. Butterfield, Tim Holden, Henry Cuellar, Jim Costa

    General Farm Commodities and Risk Management Office: 1407 LHOB Phone: 225-2171

    Jerry Moran (Chair), Terry Everett, Frank D. Lucas, Bill Jenkins, Timothy V. Johnson (Vice Chair), Mike Pence, Sam Graves, Jo Bonner, Steve King, Marilyn Musgrave, Randy Neugebauer, Charles Boustany Jr., K. Michael Conaway, Jeff Fortenberry, Mike Sodrel

    Bob Etheridge (Ranking Minority Member), John Salazar, Jim Marshall, Stephanie Herseth, G. K. Butterfield, Charlie Melancon, John Barrow, Earl Pomeroy, Leonard L. Boswell, Rick Larsen, Ben Chandler, David Scott, Jim Costa

    Livestock and Horticulture

    Office: 1336 LHOB Phone: 225-2171

    Robin Hayes (Chair), Richard W. Pombo, Tom Osborne, Mike Pence (Vice Chair), Mike D. Rogers, Steve King, Randy Neugebauer, John R. “Randy” Kuhl Jr., Virginia Foxx, K. Michael Conaway, Jean Schmidt, Mike Sodrel

    Ed Case (Ranking Minority Member), David Scott, Stephanie Herseth, Jim Costa, Dennis A. Cardoza, John Salazar, Leonard L. Boswell, Rick Larsen, Earl Pomeroy, John Barrow

    Specialty Crops and Foreign Agriculture Programs Office: 1336 LHOB Phone: 225-2171

    Bill Jenkins (Chair), Terry Everett (Vice Chair), Gil Gutknecht, Robin Hayes, Mike D. Rogers, Randy Neugebauer, Joe Schwarz, Virginia Foxx

    Mike McIntyre (Ranking Minority Member), Jim Marshall, Charlie Melancon, John Barrow, David Scott, Ben Chandler, Henry Cuellar


    Office: H-218 CAP 20515-6015

    Phone: 225-2771


    Majority Staff Director: Frank M. Cushing

    Minority Staff Director: Robert Nabors 225-3481 1016 LHOB

    Jurisdiction: appropriation of the revenue for the support of the government; rescissions of appropriations contained in appropriation acts; transfers of unexpended balances; new spending authority under the Congressional Budget Act. The chair and ranking minority member are voting members ex officio of all subcommittees of which they are not regular members. Party Ratio: R 36-D 29

    Jerry Lewis, Calif, ChairDavid R. Obey, Wis., Ranking Minority
    C. W. Bill Young, Fla.
    Ralph Regula, OhioMember
    Harold Rogers, Ky.John P. Murtha, Pa.
    Frank R. Wolf, Va.Norm Dicks, Wash.
    Jim Kolbe, Ariz.Martin Olav Sabo, Minn.
    James T. Walsh, N.Y.Steny H. Hoyer, Md.
    Charles H. Taylor, N.C.Alan B. Mollohan, W. Va.
    David L. Hobson, OhioMarcy Kaptur, Ohio
    Ernest Istook, Okla.Peter J. Visclosky, Ind.
    Henry Bonilla, TexasNita M. Lowey, N.Y.
    Joe Knollenberg, Mich.José E. Serrano, N. Y.
    Jack Kingston, Ga.Rosa DeLauro, Conn.
    Rodney Frelinghuysen, N.J.James P. Moran, Va.
    John W. Olver, Mass.
    Roger Wicker, Miss.Ed Pastor, Ariz.
    Todd Tiahrt, Kan.David E. Price, N.C.
    Zach Wamp, Tenn.Chet Edwards, Texas
    Tom Latham, IowaRobert E. “Bud” Cramer, Ala.
    Anne M. Northup, Ky.
    Robert B. Aderholt, Ala.Patrick J. Kennedy, R.I.
    Jo Ann Emerson, Mo.James E. Clyburn, S. C
    Kay Granger, TexasMaurice D. Hinchey, N. Y.
    John E. Peterson, Pa.Lucille Roybal-Allard, Calif.
    Virgil H. Goode, Va.
    John T. Doolittle, Calif.Sam Farr, Calif.
    Ray LaHood, Ill.Jesse L. Jackson Jr., Ill.
    John E. Sweeney, N.Y.Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick,
    Don Sherwood, Pa.Mich.
    Dave Weldon, Fla.Allen Boyd, Fla.
    Mike Simpson, IdahoChaka Fattah, Pa.
    John Culberson, TexasSteven R. Rothman, N.J.
    Mark Steven Kirk, III.Sanford D. Bishop, Ga.
    Ander Crenshaw, Fla.Marion Berry, Ark.
    Denny Rehberg, Mont.
    John Carter, Texas
    Rodney Alexander, La.

    Agriculture, Rural Development, FDA, and Related Agencies

    Office: 2362-A RHOB Phone: 225-2638

    Henry Bonilla (Chair), Jack Kingston, Tom Latham, Jo Ann Emerson, Virgil H. Goode, Ray LaHood (Vice Chair), John T. Doolittle, Rodney Alexander

    Rosa DeLauro (Ranking Minority Member), Maurice D. Hinchey, Sam Farr, Allen Boyd, Marcy Kaptur


    Office: H-149 CAP Phone: 225-2847

    C. W. Bill Young (Chair), David L. Hobson, Henry Bonilla, Rodney Frelinghuysen (Vice Chair), Todd Tiahrt, Roger Wicker, Jack Kingston, Kay Granger, Ray LaHood

    John P. Murtha (Ranking Minority Member), Norm Dicks, Martin Olav Sabo, Peter J. Visclosky, James P. Moran, Marcy Kaptur

    Energy and Water Development, and Related Agencies

    Office: 2362-B RHOB Phone: 225-3421

    David L. Hobson (Chair), Rodney Frelinghuysen, Tom Latham, Zach Wamp, Jo Ann Emerson, John T. Doolittle (Vice Chair), Mike Simpson, Denny Rehberg

    Peter J. Visclosky (Ranking Minority Member), Chet Edwards, Ed Pastor, James E. Clyburn, Marion Berry

    Foreign Operations, Export Financing and Related Programs

    Office: HB-26 CAP Phone: 225-2041

    Jim Kolbe (Chair), Joe Knollenberg, Mark Steven Kirk, Ander Crenshaw, Don Sherwood (Vice Chair), John E. Sweeney, Denny Rehberg, John Carter

    Nita M. Lowey (Ranking Minority Member), Jesse L. Jackson Jr., Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick, Steven R. Rothman, Chaka Fattah

    Homeland Security

    Office: B-307 RHOB Phone: 225-5834

    Harold Rogers (Chair), Zach Wamp, Tom Latham, Jo Ann Emerson, John E. Sweeney, Jim Kolbe, Ernest Istook (Vice Chair), Ander Crenshaw, John Carter

    Martin Olav Sabo (Ranking Minority Member), David E. Price, José E. Serrano, Lucille Roybal-Allard, Sanford D. Bishop Jr., Marion Berry, Chet Edwards

    Interior, Environment, and Related Agencies Office: B-308 RHOB Phone: 225-3081

    Charles H. Taylor (Chair), Zach Wamp, John E. Peterson, Don Sherwood, Ernest Istook, Robert B. Aderholt, John T. Doolittle, Mike Simpson (Vice Chair)

    Norm Dicks, (Ranking Minority Member) James P. Moran, Maurice D. Hinchey, John W. Olver, Alan B. Mollohan

    Labor, Health and Human Services, Education, and Related Agencies

    Office: 2358 RHOB Phone: 225-3508

    Ralph Regula (Chair), Ernest Istook, Roger Wicker, Anne M. Northup (Vice Chair), Kay Granger, John E. Peterson, Don Sherwood, Dave Weldon, James Walsh, Mike Simpson

    David R. Obey (Ranking Minority Member), Steny H. Hoyer, Nita M. Lowey, Rosa DeLauro, Jesse L. Jackson Jr., Patrick J. Kennedy, Lucille Roybal-Allard

    Military Quality of Life and Veterans Affairs, and Related Agencies

    Office: H-143 CAP Phone: 225-3047

    James T. Walsh (Chair), Robert B. Aderholt (Vice Chair), Anne M. Northup, Ander Crenshaw, C. W. Bill Young, Mark Steven Kirk, Denny Rehberg, John Carter, Rodney Alexander

    Chet Edwards (Ranking Minority Member), Sam Farr, Allen Boyd, Sanford D. Bishop, David E. Price, Robert E. “Bud” Cramer

    Science, State, Justice, and Commerce, and Related Agencies

    Office: H-309 CAP Phone:225-3351

    Frank R. Wolf (Chair), Charles H. Taylor, Mark Steven Kirk, Dave Weldon (Vice Chair), Virgil H. Goode, John Culberson, Rodney Alexander

    Alan B. Mollohan (Ranking Minority Member), José E. Serrano, Robert E. “Bud” Cramer, Patrick J. Kennedy, Chaka Fattah

    Transportation, Treasury, HUD, the Judiciary, District of Columbia, and Related Agencies

    Office: 2358 RHOB Phone: 225-2141

    Joe Knollenberg (Chair), Frank R. Wolf, Harold Rogers, Todd Tiahrt, Anne M. Northup, Robert B. Aderholt, John E. Sweeney (Vice Chair), John Culberson, Ralph Regula

    John W. Olver (Ranking Minority Member), Steny H. Hoyer, Ed Pastor, Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick, James E. Clyburn, Steven R. Rothman

    Armed Services

    Office: 2120 RHOB 20515-6035

    Phone:225-4151 Fax: 225-9077


    Majority Staff Director: Robert L. Simmons

    Minority Democratic Counsel: Erin Conaton 225-4151 2340 RHOB

    Jurisdiction: ammunition depots; forts; arsenals; Army, Navy, and Air Force reservations and establishments; common defense generally; conservation, development, and use of naval petroleum and oil shale reserves; Defense Dept., including the Army, Navy, and Air Force Depts. generally; interoceanic canals generally, including measures relating to the maintenance, operation, and administration of interoceanic canals; Merchant Marine Academy, and State Maritime Academies; military applications of nuclear energy; tactical intelligence and intelligence-related activities of the Defense Dept.; national security aspects of merchant marine, including financial assistance for the construction and operation of vessels, the maintenance of the U.S. shipbuilding and ship repair industrial base, cabotage, cargo preference and merchant marine officers and seamen as these matters relate to the national security; pay, promotion, retirement, and other benefits and privileges of members of the armed forces; scientific research and development in support of the armed services; selective service; size and composition of the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, and Air Force; soldiers' and sailors' homes; strategic and critical materials necessary for the common defense.

    Party Ratio: R 34-D 28

    Duncan Hunter, Calif., ChairIke Skelton, Mo., Ranking Minority Member
    Curt Weldon, Pa.John M. Spratt, S.C.
    Joel Hefley, Colo.Solomon P. Ortiz, Texas
    H. James Saxton, N.J.Lane Evans, Ill.
    John M. McHugh, N.Y.Gene Taylor, Miss.
    Terry Everett, Ala.Neil Äbercrombie, Hawaii
    Roscoe G. Bartlett, Md.Martin T. Meehan, Mass.
    Howard P. “Buck”Silvestre Reyes, Texas
    McKeon, Calif.Vic Snyder, Ariz.
    William M. “Mac”Adam Smith, Wash.
    Thornberry, TexasLoretta Sanchez, Calif.
    John Hostettler, Ind.Mike McIntyre, N. C.
    Walter B. Jones, N.C.Ellen O. Tauscher, Calif.
    Jim Ryun, Kan.Robert A. Brady, Pa.
    Jim Gibbons, Nev.Robert E. Andrews, N.J.
    Robin Hayes, N.C.Susan A. Davis, Calif.
    Ken Calvert, Calif.Jim Langevin, R.I.
    Rob Simmons, Conn.Steve Israel, N. Y.
    Jo Ann Davis, Va.Rick Larsen, Wash.
    Todd Akin, Mo.Jim Cooper, Tenn.
    J. Randy Forbes, Va.Jim Marshall, Ga.
    Jeff Miller, Fla.Kendrick B. Meek, Fla.
    Joe Wilson, S.C.Madeleine Z. Bordallo, Guam
    Frank A. LoBiondo, N.J.
    Jeb Bradley, N.H.Tim Ryan, Ohio
    Michael R. Turner, OhioMark Udall, Colo.
    John Kline, Minn.G. K. Butterfield, N.C.
    Candice S. Miller, Mich.Cynthia A. McKinney, Ga.
    Mike D. Rogers, Ala.Dan Boren, Okla.
    Trent Franks, Ariz.
    Bill Shuster, Pa.
    Thelma Drake, Va.
    Joe Schwarz, Mich.
    Cathy McMorris, Wash.
    K. Michael Conaway, Texas
    Geoff Davis, Ky.

    Military Personnel

    Office: 2340 RHOB Phone: 225-7560

    John M. McHugh (Chair), Jo Ann Davis, John Kline, Thelma Drake, K. Michael Conaway, H. James Saxton, Walter B. Jones, Jim Ryun, Robin Hayes

    Vic Snyder (Ranking Minority Member), Martin T. Meehan, Loretta Sanchez, Robert E. Andrews, Susan A. Davis, Mark Udall, Cynthia A. McKinney

    Projection Forces

    Office: 2340 RHOB Phone: 225-1967

    Roscoe G. Bartlett (Chair), Rob Simmons, Jo Ann Davis, Candice S. Miller, Thelma Drake, Curt Weldon, H. James Saxton, John Hostettler, Ken Calvert

    Gene Taylor (Ranking Minority Member), Ellen O. Tauscher, Jim Langevin, Steve Israel, Jim Marshall, Madeleine Z. Bordallo, Dan Boren


    Office: 2117 RHOB Phone: 226-8979

    Joel Hefley (Chair), John Hostettler, Walter B. Jones, Jim Ryun, J. Randy Forbes, Jeff Miller, Mike D. Rogers, Joe Schwarz, Cathy McMorris, John M. McHugh, Howard P. “Buck” McKeon, Robin Hayes, Rob Simmons, Jeb Bradley, Candice S. Miller, Trent Franks

    Solomon P. Ortiz (Ranking Minority Member), Lane Evans, Gene Taylor, Neil Abercrombie, Silvestre Reyes, Vic Snyder, Robert A. Brady, Susan A. Davis, Jim Marshall, Kendrick B. Meek, Madeleine Z. Bordallo, Tim Ryan, Mark Udall, G. K. Butterfield

    Strategic Forces

    Office: 2340 RHOB Phone: 226-7173

    Terry Everett (Chair), William M. “Mac” Thornberry, Trent Franks, Michael R. Turner, Mike D. Rogers, Joe Schwarz, Cathy McMorris, Geoff Davis

    Silvestre Reyes (Ranking Minority Member), John M. Spratt, Loretta Sanchez, Ellen O. Tauscher, Rick Larsen, Jim Cooper

    Tactical Air and Land Forces

    Office: 2340 RHOB Phone: 225-4440

    Curt Weldon (Chair), Howard P. “Buck” McKeon, Jim Gibbons, Ken Calvert, Frank A. LoBiondo, Jeb Bradley, Michael R. Turner, K. Michael Conaway, Terry Everett, Roscoe G. Bartlett, Walter B. Jones, Jim Ryun, Todd Akin, J. Randy Forbes, Joe Wilson, Bill Shuster

    Neil Abercrombie (Ranking Minority Member), Ike Skelton, John M. Spratt, Solomon P. Ortiz, Lane Evans, Adam Smith, Mike McIntyre, Robert A. Brady, Steve Israel, Jim Cooper, Kendrick B. Meek, Tim Ryan, G. K. Butterfield, Dan Boren

    Terrorism, Unconventional Threats and Capabilities Office: 2340 RHOB Phone: 226-2843

    H. James Saxton (Chair), Robin Hayes, Todd Akin, Joe Wilson, John Kline, Bill Shuster, Geoff Davis, Joel Hefley, William M. “Mac” Thornberry, Jim Gibbons, Jeff Miller, Frank A. LoBiondo

    Martin T. Meehan (Ranking Minority Member), Adam Smith, Mike McIntyre, Ellen O. Tauscher, Robert E. Andrews, Jim Langevin, Rick Larsen, Jim Cooper, Jim Marshall, Cynthia A. McKinney


    Office: 309 CHOB 20515-6065

    Phone:226-7270 Fax: 226-7174



    Majority Chief of Staff: James T. Bates

    Minority Staff Director and Chief Counsel: Thomas S. Kahn 226-7200 B-71 CHOB

    Jurisdiction: congressional budget process generally; concurrent budget resolutions; measures relating to special controls over the federal budget; Congressional Budget Office.

    Party Ratio: R 22-D 17

    Jim Nussle, Iowa, ChairJohn M. Spratt, S.C., Ranking Minority
    Jim Ryun, Kan.
    Ander Crenshaw, Fla.Member
    Adam H. Putnam, Fla.Dennis Moore, Kan.
    Roger Wicker, Miss.Richard E. Neal, Mass.
    Kenny Hulshof, Mo.Rosa DeLauro, Conn.
    Jo Bonner, Ala.Chet Edwards, Texas
    Scott Garrett, N.J.Harold E. Ford Jr., Tenn.
    J. Gresham Barrett, S.C.Lois Capps, Calif.
    Thaddeus McCotter, Mich.Brian Baird, Wash.
    Mario Diaz-Balart, Fla.Jim Cooper, Tenn.
    Jeb Hensarling, TexasArtur Davis, Ala.
    Dan Lungren, Calif.William J. Jefferson, La.
    Pete Sessions, TexasTom Allen, Maine
    Paul D. Ryan, Wis.Ed Case, Hawaii
    Mike Simpson, IdahoCynthia A. McKinney, Ga.
    Jeb Bradley, N.H.Henry Cuellar, Texas
    Patrick T. McHenry, N.C.Allyson Y. Schwartz, Pa.
    Connie Mack, Fla.Ron Kind, Wis.
    K. Michael Conaway, Texas
    Chris Chocala, Ind.
    John Campbell, Calif.
    Education and the Workforce

    Office: 2181 RHOB 20515-6100

    Phone: 225-4527 Fax: 225-9571


    Majority Staff Director: Victor F. Klatt III

    Minority Staff Director: Mark Zuckerman 225-3725 2101 RHOB

    Jurisdiction: measures relating to education or labor generally; child labor; Gallaudet University; Howard University and hospital; convict labor and the entry of goods made by convicts into interstate commerce; food programs for children in schools; labor standards and statistics; mediation and arbitration of labor disputes; regulation or prevention of importation of foreign laborers under contract; workers' compensation; vocational rehabilitation; wages and hours of labor; welfare of minors; work incentive programs. The chair and ranking minority member are non-voting members ex officio of all subcommittees of which they are not regular members.

    Party Ratio: R26-D 21

    Howard P. “Buck” McKeon, Calif, ChairGeorge Miller, Calif., Ranking Minority Member
    Tom Petri, Wis., Vice ChairDale E. Kildee, Mich.
    Michael N. Castle, Del.Major R. Owens, N. Y.
    Sam Johnson, TexasDonald M. Payne, N.J.
    Mark Souder, Ind.Robert E. Andrews, N.J.
    Charlie Norwood, Ga.Robert C. Scott, Va.
    Vernon J. Ehlers, Mich.Lynn Woolsey, Calif.
    Judy Biggert, Ill.Rubén Hinojosa, Texas
    Todd R. Platts, Pa.Carolyn McCarthy, N. Y.
    Pat Tiberi, OhioJohn F. Tierney, Mass.
    Ric Keller, Fla.Ron Kind, Wis.
    Tom Osborne, Neb.Dennis J. Kucinich, Ohio
    Joe Wilson, S.C.David Wu, Ore.
    Jon Porter, Nev.Rush D. Holt, N.J.
    John Kline, Minn.Susan A. Davis, Calif.
    Marilyn Musgrave, Colo.Betty McCollum, Minn.
    Bob Inglis, S.C.Danny K. Davis, Ill.
    Cathy McMorris, Wash.Raúl M. Grijalva, Ariz.
    Kenny Marchant, TexasChris Van Hollen, Md.
    Tom Price, Ga.Tim Ryan, Ohio
    Luis Fortufio, PR.Timothy H. Bishop, N. Y.
    Bobby Jindal, La.Vacancy
    Charles Boustany Jr., La.
    Virginia Foxx, N.C.
    Thelma Drake, Va.
    John R. “Randy” Kuhl Jr., N.Y.

    Education Reform

    Office: 2181 RHOB Phone: 224-4527

    Michael N. Castle (Chair), Tom Osborne (Vice Chair), Mark Souder, Vernon J. Ehlers, Judy Biggert, Todd R. Platts, Ric Keller, Joe Wilson, Marilyn Musgrave, Bobby Jindal, John R. “Randy” Kuhl Jr.

    Lynn Woolsey (Ranking Minority Member), Danny K. Davis, Raúl M. Grijalva, Robert E. Andrews, Robert C. Scott, Rubén Hinojosa, Ron Kind, Dennis J. Kucinich, Susan A. Davis

    Employer-Employee Relations

    Office: 2181 RHOB Phone: 224-4527

    Sam Johnson (Chair), John Kline (Vice Chair), Howard P. “Buck” McKeon, Todd R. Platts, Pat Tiberi, Joe Wilson, Marilyn Musgrave, Kenny Marchant, Bobby Jindal, Charles Boustany Jr., Virginia Foxx, Vacancy

    Robert E. Andrews (Ranking Minority Member), Dale E. Kildee, Donald M. Payne, Carolyn McCarthy, John F. Tierney, David Wu, Rush D. Holt, Betty McCollum, Raúl M. Grijalva

    Select Education

    Office: 2181 RHOB Phone: 224-4527

    Pat Tiberi (Chair), Cathy McMorris (Vice Chair), Mark Souder, Jon Porter, Bob Inglis, Luis Fortufio

    Rubén Hinojosa (Ranking Minority Member), Danny K. Davis, Chris Van Hollen, Tim Ryan

    21st Century Competitiveness

    Office: 2181 RHOB Phone: 224-4527

    Ric Keller (Chair), Howard P. “Buck” McKeon, Jon Porter (Vice Chair), Tom Petri, Michael N. Castle, Sam Johnson, Vernon J. Ehlers, Pat Tiberi, Tom Osborne, Bob Inglis, Cathy McMorris, Tom Price, Luis Fortufio, Charles Boustany Jr., Virginia Foxx, Thelma Drake, John R. “Randy” Kuhl Jr., Vacancy

    Dale E. Kildee (Ranking Minority Member), Donald M. Payne, Carolyn McCarthy, John F. Tierney, Ron Kind, David Wu, Rush D. Holt, Betty McCollum, Chris Van Hollen, Tim Ryan, Robert C. Scott, Susan A. Davis, Timothy H. Bishop, Major R. Owens, Vacancy

    Workforce Protections

    Office: 2181 RHOB Phone: 224-4527

    Charlie Norwood (Chair), Judy Biggert (Vice Chair), Ric Keller, John Kline, Kenny Marchant, Tom Price, Thelma Drake

    Major R. Owens (Ranking Minority Member), Dennis J. Kucinich, Lynn Woolsey, Timothy H. Bishop, Vacancy

    Energy and Commerce

    Office: 2125 RHOB 20515-6115

    Phone:225-2927 Fax:225-1919



    Majority Staff Director: Bud Albright

    Minority Staff Director: Reid Stuntz 225-3641 2322 RHOB

    Jurisdiction: interstate and foreign commerce generally; biomedical research and development; consumer affairs and consumer protection; health and health facilities, except health care supported by payroll deductions; interstate energy compacts; measures relating to the exploration, production, storage, supply, marketing, pricing, and regulation of energy resources, including all fossil fuels, solar energy, and other unconventional or renewable energy resources; measures relating to the conservation of energy resources; measures relating to energy information generally; measures relating to (A) the generation and marketing of power (except by federally chartered or federal regional power marketing authorities), (B) the reliability and interstate transmission of, and ratemaking for, all power, and (C) the siting of generation facilities, except the installation of interconnections between government water power projects; measures relating to general management of the Energy Dept., and the management and all functions of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission; national energy policy generally; public health and quarantine; regulation of the domestic nuclear energy industry, including regulation of research and development reactors and nuclear regulatory research; regulation of interstate and foreign communications; travel and tourism; nuclear and other energy; and homeland security-related aspects of the foregoing, including cybersecurity. The chair and ranking minority member are voting members ex officio of all subcommittees of which they are not regular members.

    Party Ratio: R31-D 26

    Joe L. Barton, Texas, ChairJohn D. Dingell, Mich., Ranking Minority Member
    Ralph M. Hall, Texas
    Michael Bilirakis, Fla., Vice Chair
    Henry A. Waxman, Calif.
    Fred Upton, Miss.Edward J. Markey, Mass.
    Cliff Stearns, Fla.Rick Boucher, Va.
    Paul E. Gillmor, OhioEdolphus Towns, N. Y.
    Nathan Deal, Ga.Frank Pallone, N.J.
    Edward Whitfield, Ky.Sherrod Brown, Ohio
    Charlie Norwood, Ga.Bart Gordon, Tenn.
    Barbara Cubin, Wyo.Bobby L. Rush, Ill.
    John Shimkus, Ill.Anna G. Eshoo, Calif.
    Heather A. Wilson, N.M.Bart Stupak, Mich.
    John Shadegg, Ariz.Eliot L. Engel, N.Y.
    Charles W. “Chip”Albert R. Wynn, Md.
    Pickering Jr., Miss., ViceGene Green, Texas
    ChairTed Strickland, Ohio
    Vito J. Fossella, N.Y.Diana DeGette, Colo.
    Roy Blunt, Mo.Lois Capps, Calif.
    Steve Buyer, Ind.Mike Doyle, Pa.
    George P. Radanovich,Tom Allen, Maine
    Calif.Jim Davis, Fla.
    Charles Bass, N.H.Jan Schakowsky, Ill.
    Joe Pitts, Pa.Hilda L. Solis, Calif.
    Mary Bono, Calif.Charlie Gonzalez, Texas
    Greg Walden, Ore.Jay Inslee, Wash.
    Lee Terry, Neb.Tammy Baldwin, Wis.
    Mike Ferguson, N.J.Mike Ross, Ariz.
    Mike Rogers, Mich.
    C. L. “Butch” Otter, Idaho
    Sue Myrick, N.C.
    John Sullivan, Okla.
    Tim Murphy, Pa.
    Michael C. Burgess, Texas
    Marsha Blackburn, Tenn.

    Commerce, Trade, and Consumer Protection Office: 2125 RHOB Phone: 225-2927

    Cliff Stearns (Chair), Fred Upton, Nathan Deal, Barbara Cubin, George P. Radanovich, Charles Bass, Joe Pitts, Mary Bono, Lee Terry, Mike Ferguson, Mike Rogers, C. L. “Butch” Otter, Sue Myrick, Tim Murphy, Marsha Blackburn

    Jan Schakowsky (Ranking Minority Member), Mike Ross, Edward J. Markey, Edolphus Towns, Sherrod Brown, Bobby L. Rush, Gene Green, Ted Strickland, Diana DeGette, Jim Davis, Charlie Gonzalez, Tammy Baldwin

    Energy and Air Quality

    Office: 2125 RHOB Phone: 225-2927

    Ralph M. Hall (Chair), Michael Bilirakis, Edward Whitfield, Charlie Norwood, John Shimkus, Heather A. Wilson, John Shadegg, Charles W. “Chip” Pickering Jr., Vito J. Fossella, George P. Radanovich, Mary Bono, Greg Walden, Mike Rogers, C. L. “Butch” Otter, John Sullivan, Tim Murphy, Michael C. Burgess

    Rick Boucher (Ranking Minority Member), Mike Ross, Henry A. Waxman, Edward J. Markey, Eliot L. Engel, Albert R. Wynn, Gene Green, Ted Strickland, Lois Capps, Mike Doyle, Tom Allen, Jim Davis, Hilda L. Solis, Charlie Gonzalez

    Environment and Hazardous Materials Office: 2125 RHOB Phone: 225-2927

    Paul E. Gillmor (Chair), Ralph M. Hall, Nathan Deal, Heather A. Wilson, John Shadegg, Vito J. Fossella, Charles Bass, Joe Pitts, Mary Bono, Lee Terry, Mike Rogers, C. L. “Butch” Otter, Sue Myrick, John Sullivan, Tim Murphy

    Hilda L. Solis (Ranking Minority Member), Frank Pallone, Bart Stupak, Albert R. Wynn, Lois Capps, Mike Doyle, Tom Allen, Jan Schakowsky, Jay Inslee, Gene Green, Charlie Gonzalez, Tammy Baldwin


    Office: 2125 RHOB Phone: 225-2927

    Nathan Deal (Chair), Ralph M. Hall, Michael Bilirakis, Fred Upton, Paul E. Gillmor, Charlie Norwood, Barbara Cubin, John Shimkus, John Shadegg, Charles W. “Chip” Pickering, Steve Buyer, Joe Pitts, Mary Bono, Mike Ferguson, Mike Rogers, Sue Myrick, Michael C. Burgess

    Sherrod Brown (Ranking Minority Member), Henry A. Waxman, Edolphus Towns, Frank Pallone, Bart Gordon, Bobby L. Rush, Anna G. Eshoo, Gene Green, Ted Strickland, Diana DeGette, Lois Capps, Tom Allen, Jim Davis, Tammy Baldwin

    Oversight and Investigations Office: 2125 RHOB Phone: 225-2927

    Edward Whitfield (Chair), Cliff Stearns, Charles W. “Chip” Pickering, Charles Bass, Greg Walden, Mike Ferguson, Michael C. Burgess, Marsha Blackburn

    Bart Stupak (Ranking Minority Member), Diana DeGette, Jan Schakowsky, Jay Inslee, Tammy Baldwin, Henry A. Waxman

    Telecommunications and the Internet

    Office: 2125 RHOB Phone: 225-2927

    Fred Upton (Chair), Michael Bilirakis, Cliff Stearns, Paul E. Gillmor, Edward Whitfield, Barbara Cubin, John Shimkus, Heather A. Wilson, Charles W. “Chip” Pickering Jr., Vito J. Fossella, George P. Radanovich, Charles Bass, Greg Walden, Lee Terry, Mike Ferguson, John Sullivan, Marsha Blackburn

    Edward J. Markey (Ranking Minority Member), Eliot L. Engel, Albert R. Wynn, Mike Doyle, Charlie Gonzalez, Jay Inslee, Rick Boucher, Edolphus Towns, Frank Pallone, Sherrod Brown, Bart Gordon, Bobby L. Rush, Anna G. Eshoo, Bart Stupak

    Financial Services

    Office: 2129 RHOB 20515-6050

    Phone:225-7502 Fax: 226-0682


    Majority Chief of Staff: Robert Foster

    Minority Staff Director: Jeanne Roslanowick 225-4247 B-301C RHOB

    Jurisdiction: banks and banking, including deposit insurance and federal monetary policy; economic stabilization, defense production, renegotiation, and control of the price of commodities, rents, and services; financial aid to commerce and industry (other than transportation); insurance generally; international finance; international financial and monetary organizations; money and credit, including currency and the issuance of notes and redemption thereof; gold and silver, including the coinage thereof; valuation and revaluation of the dollar; public and private housing; securities and exchanges; and urban development. The chair and ranking minority member are non-voting members ex officio of all subcommittees of which they are not regular members.

    Party Ratio: R 37-D 33

    Michael G. Oxley, Ohio,Barney Frank, Ranking
    ChairMinority Member
    Jim Leach, IowaPaul E. Kanjorski, Pa.
    Richard H. Baker, La.Maxine Waters, Calif.
    Deborah Pryce, OhioBernard Sanders, Vt.
    Spencer Bachus, Ala.Carolyn B. Moloney, N. Y.
    Michael N. Castle, Del.Luis V. Gutierrez, Ill.
    Ed Royce, Calif.Nydia M. Velázquez, N. Y.
    Frank D. Lucas, Okla.Melvin Watt, N.C.
    Bob Ney, OhioGary L. Ackerman, N. Y.
    Sue W. Kelly, N.Y., ViceDarlene Hooley, Ore.
    ChairJulia Carson, Ind.
    Ron Paul, TexasBrad Sherman, Calif.
    Paul E. Gillmor, OhioGregory W. Meeks, N.Y.
    Jim Ryun, Kan.Barbara Lee, Calif.
    Steven C. LaTourette, OhioDennis Moore, Kan.
    Donald Manzullo, Ill.Michael E. Capuano, Mass.
    Walter B. Jones, N.C.Harold E. Ford Jr., Tenn.
    Judy Biggert, Ill.Rubén Hinojosa, Texas
    Christopher Shays, Conn.Joseph Crowley, N. Y.
    Vito J. Fossella, N.Y.William Lacy Clay, Mo.
    Gary G. Miller, Calif.Steve Israel, N. Y.
    Pat Tiberi, OhioCarolyn McCarthy, N. Y.
    Mark Kennedy, Minn.Joe Baca, Calif.
    Tom Feeney, Fla.Jim Matheson, Utah
    Jeb Hensarling, TexasStephen F. Lynch, Mass.
    Scott Garrett, N.J.Brad Miller, N.C.
    Ginny Brown-Waite, Fla.David Scott, Ga.
    J. Gresham Barrett, S.C.Artur Davis, Ala.
    Katherine Harris, Fla.Al Green, Texas
    Rick Renzi, Ariz.Emanuel Cleaver II, Mo.
    Jim Gerlach, Pa.Melissa Bean, Ill.
    Steve Pearce, N.M.Debbie Wasserman-
    Randy Neugebauer, TexasSchultz, Fla.
    Tom Price, Ga.Gwen Moore, Wis.
    Michael G. Fitzpatrick, Pa.
    Geoff Davis, Ky.
    Patrick T. McHenry, N.C.
    John Campbell, Calif.

    Capital Markets, Insurance and Government Sponsored Enterprises

    Office: 2129 RHOB Phone: 225-7502

    Richard H. Baker (Chair), Jim Ryun (Vice Chair), Christopher Shays, Paul E. Gillmor, Spencer Bachus, Michael N. Castle, Frank D. Lucas, Donald Manzullo, Ed Royce, Sue W. Kelly, Bob Ney, Vito J. Fossella, Judy Biggert, Gary G. Miller, Mark Kennedy, Pat Tiberi, J. Gresham Barrett, Ginny Brown-Waite, Tom Feeney, Jim Gerlach, Katherine Harris, Jeb Hensarling, Rick Renzi, Geoff Davis, Michael G. Fitzpatrick, John Campbell

    Paul E. Kanjorski (Ranking Minority Member), Gary L. Ackerman, Darlene Hooley, Brad Sherman, Gregory W. Meeks, Dennis Moore, Michael E. Capuano, Harold E. Ford Jr., Rubén Hinojosa, Joseph Crowley, Steve Israel, William Lacy Clay, Carolyn McCarthy, Joe Baca, Jim Matheson, Stephen F. Lynch, Brad Miller, David Scott, Nydia M. Velázquez, Melvin Watt, Artur Davis, Melissa Bean, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz

    Domestic and International Monetary Policy, Trade, and Technology

    Office: 2129 RHOB Phone: 225-7502

    Deborah Pryce (Chair), Judy Biggert (Vice Chair), Jim Leach, Michael N. Castle, Frank D. Lucas, Ron Paul, Steven C. LaTourette, Donald Manzullo, Mark Kennedy, Katherine Harris, Jim Gerlach, Randy Neugebauer, Tom Price, Patrick T. McHenry

    Carolyn B. Moloney (Ranking Minority Member), Bernard Sanders, Melvin Watt, Maxine Waters, Barbara Lee, Paul E. Kanjorski, Brad Sherman, Luis V. Gutierrez, Melissa Bean, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, Gwen Moore, Joseph Crowley

    Financial Institutions and Consumer Credit Office: 2129 RHOB Phone: 225-7502

    Spencer Bachus (Chair), Walter B. Jones (Vice Chair), Richard H. Baker, Michael N. Castle, Ed Royce, Frank D. Lucas, Sue W. Kelly, Ron Paul, Paul E. Gillmor, Jim Ryun, Steven C. LaTourette, Judy Biggert, Vito J. Fossella, Gary G. Miller, Pat Tiberi, Tom Feeney, Jeb Hensarling, Scott Garrett, Ginny Brown-Waite, J. Gresham Barrett, Rick Renzi, Steve Pearce, Randy Neugebauer, Tom Price, Patrick T. McHenry

    Bernard Sanders (Ranking Minority Member), Carolyn B. Moloney, Melvin Watt, Gary L. Ackerman, Brad Sherman, Gregory W. Meeks, Luis V. Gutierrez, Dennis Moore, Paul E. Kanjorski, Maxine Waters, Darlene Hooley, Julia Carson, Harold E. Ford Jr., Rubén Hinojosa, Joseph Crowley, Steve Israel, Carolyn McCarthy, Joe Baca, Al Green, Gwen Moore, William Lacy Clay, Jim Matheson

    Housing and Community Opportunity Office: 2129 RHOB Phone: 225-7502

    Bob Ney (Chair), Gary G. Miller (Vice Chair), Richard H. Baker, Walter B. Jones, Christopher Shays, Pat Tiberi, Ginny Brown-Waite, Katherine Harris, Rick Renzi, Randy Neugebauer, Michael G. Fitzpatrick, Geoff Davis, John Campbell

    Maxine Waters (Ranking Minority Member), Nydia M. Velázquez, Julia Carson, Barbara Lee, Michael E. Capuano, Bernard Sanders, Stephen F. Lynch, Brad Miller, David Scott, Artur Davis, Emanuel Cleaver II, Al Green

    Oversight and Investigations

    Office: 2129 RHOB Phone: 225-7502

    Sue W. Kelly (Chair), Ron Paul (Vice Chair), Ed Royce, Steven C. LaTourette, Mark Kennedy, Scott Garrett, J. Gresham Barrett, Tom Price, Michael G. Fitzpatrick, Geoff Davis, Patrick T. McHenry

    Luis V. Gutierrez (Ranking Minority Member), Dennis Moore, Carolyn B. Moloney, Stephen F. Lynch, Artur Davis, Emanuel Cleaver II, David Scott, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, Gwen Moore

    Government Reform

    Office: 2127 RHOB 20515-6143

    Phone: 225-5074 Fax: 225-3974


    Majority Staff Director: David L. Marin

    Minority Staff Director: Phil Barnett 225-5051 B-350-A RHOB

    Jurisdiction: civil service, including intergovernmental personnel; the status of officers and employees of the United States, including their compensation, classification, and retirement; measures relating to the municipal affairs of the District of Columbia in general, other than appropriations; federal paperwork reduction; budget and accounting measures generally; holidays and celebrations; overall economy, efficiency and management of government operations and activities, including federal procurement; National Archives; population and demography generally, including the census; Postal Service generally, including the transportation of mail; public information and records; relationship of the federal government to the states and municipalities generally; reorganizations in the executive branch of the government. The chair and ranking minority member are voting members ex officio of all subcommittees of which they are not regular members.

    Party Ratio: R 23-D 18

    Thomas M. Davis III, Va.,Henry A. Waxman, Calif.,
    ChairRanking Minority
    Christopher Shays, Conn.,Member
    Vice ChairTom Lantos, Calif.
    Dan Burton, Ind.Major R. Owens, N.Y.
    Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, Fla.Edolphus Towns, N. Y.
    John M. McHugh, N.Y.Paul E. Kanjorski, Pa.
    John L. Mica, Fla.Bernard Sanders, Vt.
    Gil Gutknecht, Minn.Carolyn B. Moloney, N. Y.
    Mark Souder, Ind.Elijah E. Cummings, Md.
    Steven C. LaTourette, OhioDennis J. Kucinich, Ohio
    Todd R. Platts, Pa.Danny K. Davis, Ill.
    Chris Cannon, UtahWilliam Lacy Clay, Mo.
    John J. “Jimmy” DuncanDiane Watson, Calif.
    Jr., Tenn.Stephen F. Lynch, Mass.
    Candice S. Miller, Mich.Chris Van Hollen, Md.
    Michael R. Turner, OhioLinda T. Sánchez, Calif.
    Darrell Issa, Calif.C A. Dutch Ruppersberger,
    Jon Porter, Nev.Md.
    Kenny Marchant, TexasBrian Higgins, N. Y.
    Lynn Westmoreland, Ga.Eleanor Holmes Norton,
    Patrick T. McHenry, N.C.D.C.
    Charlie Dent, Pa.
    Virginia Foxx, N.C.
    Jean Schmidt, Ohio

    Criminal Justice, Drug Policy, and Human Resources Office: B377 RHOB Phone: 225-2577

    Mark Souder (Chair), Patrick T. McHenry (Vice Chair), Dan Burton, John L. Mica, Gil Gutknecht, Steven C. LaTourette, Chris Cannon, Candice S. Miller, Virginia Foxx, Jean Schmidt

    Elijah E. Cummings (Ranking Minority Member), Bernard Sanders, Danny K. Davis, Diane Watson, Linda T. Sánchez, C. A. Dutch Ruppersberger, Major R. Owens, Eleanor Holmes Norton

    Energy and Resources

    Office: B349C RHOB Phone: 225-6427

    Darrell Issa (Chair), Lynn Westmoreland (Vice Chair), Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, John M. McHugh, Patrick T. McHenry, Kenny Marchant

    Diane Watson (Ranking Minority Member), Brian Higgins, Tom Lantos, Dennis J. Kucinich

    Federal Workforce and Agency Organization Office: B373A RHOB Phone: 225-5147

    Jon Porter (Chair), John L. Mica (Vice Chair), Thomas M. Davis III, Darrell Issa, Kenny Marchant, Patrick T. McHenry, Jean Schmidt

    Danny K. Davis (Ranking Minority Member), Major R. Owens, Eleanor Holmes Norton, Elijah E. Cummings, Chris Van Hollen

    Federalism and the Census

    Office: B349A RHOB Phone: 225-6751

    Michael R. Turner (Chair), Charlie Dent (Vice Chair), Christopher Shays, Virginia Foxx, Vacancy

    William Lacy Clay (Ranking Minority Member), Paul E. Kanjorski, Carolyn B. Moloney

    Government Management, Finance, and Accountability

    Office: B371C RHOB Phone: 225-3471

    Todd R. Platts (Chair), Virginia Foxx (Vice Chair), Thomas M. Davis III, Gil Gutknecht, Mark Souder, John J. “Jimmy” Duncan Jr.

    Edolphus Towns (Ranking Minority Member), Major R. Owens, Paul E. Kanjorski, Carolyn B. Moloney

    National Security, Emerging Threats and International Relations

    Office: B372 RHOB Phone: 225-2548

    Christopher Shays (Chair), Kenny Marchant (Vice Chair), Dan Burton, Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, John M. McHugh, Steven C. LaTourette, Todd R. Platts, John J. “Jimmy” Duncan Jr., Michael R. Turner, Jon Porter, Charlie Dent

    Dennis J. Kucinich (Ranking Minority Member), Tom Pantos, Bernard Sanders, Carolyn B. Moloney, Chris Van Hollen, Linda T. Sánchez, C. A. Dutch Ruppersberger, Stephen F. Pynch, Brian Higgins

    Regulatory Affairs

    Office: B373B RHOB Phone: 225-4407

    Candice S. Miller (Chair), Chris Cannon (Vice Chair), Michael R. Turner, Lynn Westmoreland, Jean Schmidt

    Stephen F. Pynch (Ranking Minority Member), William Pacy Clay, Chris Van Hollen

    Homeland Security

    Office: 202 Adams Bldg. 20515-6480

    Phone:226-8417 Fax: 226-3399



    Majority Staff Director: Robert O'Connor

    Minority Staff Director: Jessica Herrera-Flanigan 226-2616 228 Adams Bldg.

    Jurisdiction: overall homeland security policy; organization and administration of the Homeland Security Dept.; functions of the Homeland Security Dept.; interaction of all departments and agencies with the Homeland Security Dept.; border and port security (except immigration policy and non-border enforcement); customs (except customs revenue); integration, analysis, and dissemination of homeland security information; domestic preparedness for and collective response to terrorism; research and development; transportation security. The chair and ranking minority member are ex officio members of all subcommittees.

    Party Ratio: R 19-D 15

    Peter T. King, N.Y., ChairBennie Phompson, Miss.,
    Don Young, AlaskaRanking Minority
    Lamar Smith, TexasMember
    Curt Weldon, Pa., ViceLoretta Sanchez, Calif.
    ChairEdward J. Markey, Mass.
    Christopher Shays, Conn.Norm Dicks, Wash.
    John Linder, Ga.Jane Harman, Calif.
    Mark Souder, Ind.Peter A. DePazio, Ore.
    Thomas M. Davis III, Va.Nita M. Powey, N. Y.
    Dan Lungren, Calif.Eleanor Holmes Norton,
    Jim Gibbons, Nev.D.C.
    Rob Simmons, Conn.Zoe Lofgren, Calif.
    Mike D. Rogers, Ala.Sheila Jackson-Lee, Texas
    Steve Pearce, N.M.Bill Pascrell Jr., N.J.
    Katherine Harris, Fla.Donna M. C. Christensen,
    Bobby Jindal, La.Virgin Is.
    Dave Reichert, Wash.Bob Etheridge, N. C.
    Michael McCaul, TexasJim Pangevin, R.I.
    Charlie Dent, Pa.Kendrick B. Meek, Fla.
    Ginny Brown-Waite, Fla.

    Economic Security, Infrastructure Protection, and Cybersecurity

    Office: 202 Adams Bldg. Phone: 226-8417

    Dan Lungren (Chair), Don Young, Lamar Smith, John Linder, Mark Souder, Mike D. Rogers, Steve Pearce, Katherine Harris, Bobby Jindal

    Loretta Sanchez (Ranking Minority Member), Edward J. Markey, Norm Dicks, Peter A. DePazio, Zoe Pofgren, Sheila Jackson-Pee, Jim Langevin

    Emergency Preparedness, Science, and Technology

    Office: 202 Adams Bldg. Phone: 226-8417

    Dave Reichert (Chair), Lamar Smith, Curt Weldon, Rob Simmons, Mike D. Rogers, Steve Pearce, Katherine Harris, Michael McCaul, Ginny Brown-Waite, Charlie Dent

    Bill Pascrell Jr. (Ranking Minority Member), Loretta Sanchez, Norm Dicks, Jane Harman, Nita M. Powey, Eleanor Holmes Norton, Donna M. C. Christensen, Bob Etheridge

    Intelligence, Information Sharing and Terrorism Risk Assessment

    Office: 202 Adams Bldg. Phone: 226-8417

    Rob Simmons (Chair), Curt Weldon, Mark Souder, Dan Lungren, Jim Gibbons, Steve Pearce, Bobby Jindal, Charlie Dent, Vacancy

    Zoe Pofgren (Ranking Minority Member), Loretta Sanchez, Jane Harman, Nita M. Powey, Sheila Jackson-Pee, Jim Pangevin, Kendrick B. Meek


    Office: 202 Adams Bldg. Phone: 226-8417

    Michael McCaul (Chair), Christopher Shays, Dan Lungren, Dave Reichert, Ginny Brown-Waite

    Bob Etheridge (Ranking Minority Member), Bill Pascrell Jr., Donna M. Christensen.

    Management, Integration, and Oversight

    Office: 202 Adams Bldg. Phone: 226-8417

    Mike D. Rogers (Chair), John Linder, Marc Souder, Thomas M. Davis III, Katherine Harris, Dave Reichert, Michael McCaul

    Kendrick B. Meek (Ranking Minority Member), Edward J. Markey, Zoe Lofgren, Sheila Jackson-Lee, Bill Pascrell Jr.

    Prevention of Nuclear and Biological Attack

    Office: 202 Adams Bldg. Phone: 226-8417

    John Linder (Chair), Don Young, Christopher Shays, Dan Lungren, Jim Gibbons, Rob Simmons, Bobby Jindal

    Jim Langevin (Ranking Minority Member), Edward J. Markey, Norman Dicks, Jane Harman, Eleanor Holmes Norton, Donna M. C. Christensen

    House Administration

    Office: 1309 LHOB 20515-6157

    Phone:225-8281 Fax: 225-9957


    Majority Staff Director: Will Plaster

    Minority Staff Director: George Felix Shevlin 225-2061 1216 LHOB

    Jurisdiction: accounts of the house generally; assignment of office space for members and committees; disposition of useless executive papers; matters relating to the election of the president, vice president, or members of Congress; corrupt practices; contested elections; credentials and qualifications; federal elections generally; appropriations from accounts for committee salaries and expenses (except for the Appropriations Committee), House information resources, and allowances and expenses of members, House officers and administrative offices of the House; auditing and settling of all such accounts; expenditure of such accounts; employment of persons by the House, including clerks for members and committees, and reporters of debates; Library of Congress and the House Library; statuary and pictures; acceptance or purchase of works of art for the Capitol; the Botanic Garden; purchase of books and manuscripts; Smithsonian Institution and the incorporation of similar institutions; Franking Commission; printing and correction of the Congressional Record; services to the House, including the House restaurant, parking facilities and administration of the House office buildings and of the House wing of the Capitol; travel of members of the House; raising, reporting and use of campaign contributions for candidates for office of representative in the House of Representatives, of delegate, and of resident commissioner to the United States from Puerto Rico; compensation, retirement and other benefits of the members, officers and employees of Congress.

    Party Ratio: R 6-D 3

    Vernon J. Ehlers, Mich.,Juanita Millender-
    ChairMcDonald, Calif.,
    Bob Ney, OhioRanking Minority
    John L. Mica, Fla.Member
    John T. Doolittle, Calif.Robert A. Brady, Pa.
    Thomas M. Reynolds, N.Y.Zoe Lofgren, Calif.
    Candice S. Miller, Mich.
    International Relations

    Office: 2170 RHOB 20515-6128

    Phone:225-5021 Fax: 225-2035



    Majority Staff Director: Thomas E. Mooney

    Minority (Democratic) Staff Director: Robert R. King 225-6735 B-360 RHOB

    Jurisdiction: relations of the United States with foreign nations generally; acquisition of land and buildings for embassies and legations in foreign countries; establishment of boundary lines between the United States and foreign nations; export controls, including nonproliferation of nuclear technology and nuclear hardware; foreign loans; international commodity agreements (other than those involving sugar), including all agreements for cooperation in the export of nuclear technology and nuclear hardware; international conferences and congresses; international education; intervention abroad and declarations of war; measures relating to the diplomatic service; measures to foster commercial intercourse with foreign nations and to safeguard American business interests abroad; measures relating to international economic policy; neutrality; protection of American citizens abroad and expatriation; American National Red Cross; trading with the enemy; UN organizations. The chair and ranking minority member are non-voting members ex officio of all subcommittees of which they are not regular members.

    Party Ratio: R 27-D 23

    Henry J. Hyde, Ill., ChairTom Lantos, Calif,
    Jim Leach, IowaRanking Minority
    Christopher H. Smith,Member
    N.J., Vice ChairHoward L. Berman, Calif.
    Dan Burton, Ind.Gary L. Ackerman, N. Y.
    Elton Gallegly, Calif.Eni F. H. Faleomavaega,
    Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, Fla.Am. Samoa
    Dana Rohrabacher, Calif.Donald M. Fayne, N.J.
    Ed Royce, Calif.Sherrod Brown, Ohio
    Peter T. King, N.Y.Brad Sherman, Calif.
    Steve Chabot, OhioRobert Wexler, Fla.
    Tom Tancredo, Colo.Eliot L. Engel, N.Y.
    Ron Paul, TexasBill Delahunt, Mass.
    Darrell Issa, Calif.Gregory W. Meeks, N. Y.
    Jeff Flake, Ariz.Barbara Lee, Calif.
    Jo Ann Davis, Va.Joseph Crowley, N. Y.
    Mark Green, Wis.Earl Blumenauer, Ore.
    Jerry Weller, Ill.Shelley Berkley, Nev.
    Mike Pence, Ind.Grace F. Napolitano, Calif.
    Thaddeus McCotter, Mich.Adam B. Schiff, Calif.
    Katherine Harris, Fla.Diane Watson, Calif.
    Joe Wilson, S.C.Adam Smith, Wash.
    John Boozman, Ark.Betty McCollum, Minn.
    J. Gresham Barrett, S.C.Ben Chandler, Ky.
    Connie Mack, Fla.Dennis A. Cardoza, Calif.
    Jeff Fortenberry, Neb.Russ Carnahan, Mo.
    Michael McCaul, Texas
    Ted Poe, Texas

    Africa, Global Human Rights and International Operations

    Office: 255 FHOB Phone: 226-7812

    Christopher H. Smith (Chair), Tom Tancredo, Jeff Flake, Mark Green, John Boozman, Jeff Fortenberry, Ed Royce (Vice Chair)

    Donald M. Payne (Ranking Minority Member), Barbara Lee, Betty McCollum, Gregory W. Meeks, Diane Watson, Earl Blumenauer

    Asia and the Pacific

    Office: B358 RHOB Phone: 226-7825

    Jim Leach (Chair), Dan Burton (Vice Chair), Elton Gallegly, Dana Rohrabacher, Steve Chabot, Ron Paul, Joe Wilson

    Eni F. H. Faleomavaega (Ranking Minority Member), Sherrod Brown, Earl Blumenauer, Adam Smith, Gary L. Ackerman, Brad Sherman

    Europe and Emerging Threats

    Office: 2401A RHOB Phone: 226-7820

    Elton Gallegly (Chair), Jo Ann Davis, Peter T. King (Vice Chair), Thaddeus McCotter, Darrell Issa, Ted Poe, J. Gresham Barrett

    Robert Wexler (Ranking Minority Member), Eliot L. Engel, Joseph Crowley, Shelley Berkley, Grace F. Napolitano, Adam B. Schiff

    International Terrorism and Nonproliferation

    Office: 256 FHOB Phone: 226-1500

    Ed Royce (Chair), Peter T. King, Tom Tancredo, Darrell Issa (Vice Chair), Michael McCaul, Ted Poe, Jerry Weller, J. Gresham Barrett

    Brad Sherman (Ranking Minority Member), Robert Wexler, Dennis A. Cardoza, Diane Watson, Adam Smith, Ben Chandler, Russ Carnahan

    Middle East and Central Asia

    Office: 257 FHOB Phone: 225-3345

    Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (Chair), Steve Chabot (Vice Chair), Thaddeus McCotter, John Boozman, Connie Mack, Jeff Fortenberry, Jo Ann Davis, Mike Pence, Katherine Harris, Darrell Issa

    Gary L. Ackerman (Ranking Minority Member), Howard L. Berman, Joseph Crowley, Shelley Berkley, Adam B. Schiff, Ben Chandler, Dennis A. Cardoza, Russ Carnahan

    Oversight and Investigations

    Office: 253 FHOB Phone: 226-6434

    Dana Rohrabacher (Chair), Ed Royce, Jeff Flake (Vice Chair), Mark Green, Mike Pence, Joe Wilson

    Bill Delahunt (Ranking Minority Member), Howard L. Berman, Betty McCollum, Adam B. Schiff

    Western Hemisphere

    Office: 259A FHOB Phone: 226-9980

    Dan Burton (Chair), Ron Paul, Jerry Weller (Vice Chair), Katherine Harris, Jim Leach, Christopher H. Smith, Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, Connie Mack, Michael McCaul

    Eliot L. Engel (Ranking Minority Member), Grace F. Napolitano, Gregory W. Meeks, Eni F. H. Faleomavaega, Donald M. Payne, Bill Delahunt, Barbara Lee


    Office: 2138 RHOB 20515-6216

    Phone:225-3951 Fax: 225-7682



    Majority General Counsel: Philip G. Kiko

    Minority Chief Counsel: Perry Apelbaum 225-6906 2142 RHOB

    Jurisdiction: the judiciary and judicial proceedings, civil and criminal; administrative practice and procedure; apportionment of representatives; bankruptcy, mutiny, espionage, and counterfeiting; civil liberties; constitutional amendments; federal courts and judges, and local courts in the territories and possessions; immigration and naturalization; interstate compacts, generally; measures relating to claims against the United States; meetings of Congress, attendance of members and their acceptance of incompatible offices; national penitentiaries; patents, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, copyrights, and trademarks; presidential succession; protection of trade and commerce against unlawful restraints and monopolies; revision and codification of the Statutes of the United States; state and territorial boundaries; subversive activities affecting the internal security of the United States. The chair and ranking minority member are non-voting members ex officio of all subcommittees of which they are not regular members.

    Party Ratio: R 23-D 17

    F. James Sensenbrenner Jr.,John Conyers Jr., Mich.,
    Wis., ChairRanking Minority
    Henry J. Hyde, Ill.Member
    Howard Coble, N.C.Howard L. Berman, Calif.
    Lamar Smith, TexasRick Boucher, Va.
    Elton Gallegly, Calif.Jerrold Nadler, N. Y.
    Robert W. Goodlatte, Va.Robert C. Scott, Va.
    Steve Chabot, OhioMelvin Watt, N.C.
    Dan Lungren, Calif.Zoe Lofgren, Calif.
    Bill Jenkins, Tenn.Sheila Jackson-Lee, Texas
    Chris Cannon, UtahMaxine Waters, Calif.
    Spencer Bachus, Ala.Martin T. Meehan, Mass.
    Bob Inglis, S.C.Bill Delahunt, Mass.
    John Hostettler, Ind.Robert Wexler, Fla.
    Mark Green, Wis.Anthony Weiner, N. Y.
    Ric Keller, Fla.Adam B. Schiff, Calif.
    Darrell Issa, Calif.Linda T. Sánchez, Calif.
    Jeff Flake, Ariz.Chris Van Hollen, Md.
    Mike Pence, Ind.Debbie Wasserman-
    J. Randy Forbes, Va.Schultz, Fla
    Steve King, Iowa

    Tom Feeney, Fla.

    Trent Franks, Ariz.

    Louie Gohmert, Texas


    Commercial and Administrative Law

    Office: B353 RHOB Phone: 225-2825

    Chris Cannon (Chair), Howard Coble, Trent Franks, Steve Chabot, Mark Green, J. Randy Forbes, Louie Gohmert

    Melvin Watt (Ranking Minority Member), Bill Delahunt, Chris Van Hollen, Jerrold Nadler, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz


    Office: 362 FHOB Phone: 226-7680

    Steve Chabot (Chair), Trent Franks, Bill Jenkins, Spencer Bachus, John Hostettler, Mark Green, Steve King, Tom Feeney

    Jerrold Nadler (Ranking Minority Member), John Conyers Jr., Robert C. Scott, Melvin Watt, Chris Van Holler

    Courts, the Internet, and Intellectual Property

    Office: B351A RHOB Phone: 225-5741

    Lamar Smith (Chair), Henry J. Hyde, Elton Gallegly, Robert W. Goodlatte, Bill Jenkins, Spencer Bachus, Bob Inglis, Ric Keller, Darrell Issa, Chris Cannon, Mike Pence, J. Randy Forbes

    Howard L. Berman (Ranking Minority Member), John Conyers Jr., Rick Boucher, Zoe Lofgren, Maxine Waters, Martin T. Meehan, Robert Wexler, Anthony Weiner, Adam B. Schiff, Linda T. Sánchez

    Crime, Terrorism and Homeland Security

    Office: 207 CHOB Phone: 225-3926

    Howard Coble (Chair), Dan Lungren, Mark Green, Tom Feeney, Steve Chabot, Ric Keller, Jeff Flake, Mike Pence, J. Randy Forbes, Louie Gohmert

    Robert C. Scott (Ranking Minority Member), Sheila Jackson-Lee, Maxine Waters, Martin T. Meehan, Bill Delahunt, Anthony Weiner

    Immigration, Border Security, and Claims

    Office: B370B RHOB Phone: 225-5727

    John Hostettler (Chair), Steve King, Louie Gohmert, Lamar Smith, Elton Gallegly, Robert W. Goodlatte, Dan Lungren, Jeff Flake, Bob Inglis, Darrell Issa

    Sheila Jackson-Lee (Ranking Minority Member), Howard L. Berman, Zoe Lofgren, Linda T. Sánchez, Maxine Waters, Martin T. Meehan


    Office: 1324 LHOB 20515-6201 Phone: 225-2761

    Fax: 225-5929



    Majority Chief of Staff: Steve J. Ding

    Minority Staff Director: James H. Zoia 225-6065 1329 LHOB

    Jurisdiction: public lands generally, including entry, easements, and grazing thereon; fisheries and wildlife, including research, restoration, refuges, and conservation; forest reserves and national parks created from the public domain; forfeiture of land grants and alien ownership, including alien ownership of mineral lands; Geological Survey; international fishing agreements; interstate compacts relating to apportionment of waters for irrigation purposes; irrigation and reclamation, including water supply for reclamation projects, and easements of public lands for irrigation projects, and acquisition of private lands when necessary to complete irrigation projects; Native Americans generally, including the care and allotment of Native American lands and general and special measures relating to claims that are paid out of Native American funds; insular possessions of the United States generally, except those affecting the revenue and appropriations; military parks and battlefields, national cemeteries administered by the secretary of the Interior, parks within the District of Columbia, and the erection of monuments to the memory of individuals; mineral land laws and claims and entries thereunder; mineral resources of the public lands; mining interests generally; mining schools and experimental stations; marine affairs (including coastal zone management), except for measures relating to oil and other pollution of navigable waters; oceanography; petroleum conservation on the public lands and conservation of the radium supply in the United States; preservation of prehistoric ruins and objects of interest on the public domain; relations of the United States with the Native Americans and Native American tribes; Trans-Alaska Oil Pipeline, except rate-making. The chair and ranking minority member are non-voting members ex officio of all subcommittees of which they are not regular members.

    Party Ratio: R 26-D 22

    Richard W. Pombo, Calif,Nick J. Rahall II, W. Va.,
    ChairRanking Minority
    Don Young, AlaskaMember
    H. James Saxton, N.J.Dale E. Kildee, Mich.
    Elton Gallegly, Calif.Eni F. H. Faleomavaega,
    John J. “Jimmy” DuncanAm. Samoa
    Jr., Tenn.Neil Abercrombie, Hawaii
    Wayne T. Gilchrest, Md.Solomon P. Ortiz, Texas
    Ken Calvert, Calif.Frank Pallone, N.J.
    Barbara Cubin, Vice Chair,Donna M. C. Christensen,
    Wyo.Virgin Is.
    George P. Radanovich,Ron Kind, Wis.
    Calif.Grace F. Napolitano, Calif.
    Walter B. Jones, N.C.Tom Udall, N.M.
    Chris Cannon, UtahRaúl M. Grijalva, Ariz.
    John E. Peterson, Pa.Madeleine Z. Bordallo,
    Jim Gibbons, Nev.Guam
    Greg Walden, Ore.Jim Costa, Calif.
    Tom Tancredo, Colo.Charlie Melancon, La.
    J. D. Hayworth, Ariz.Dan Boren, Okla.
    Jeff Flake, Ariz.George Miller, Calif.
    Rick Renzi, Ariz.Edward J. Markey, Mass.
    Steve Pearce, N.M.Peter A. DeFazio, Ore.
    Henry E. Brown, S.C.Jay Inslee, Wash.
    Thelma Drake, Va.Mark Udall, Colo.
    Luis Fortuño, P.R.Dennis A. Cardoza, Calif.
    Cathy McMorris, Wash.Stephanie Herseth, S.D.
    Bobby Jindal, La.
    Louie Gohmert, Texas
    Marilyn Musgrave, Colo.

    Energy and Mineral Resources

    Office: 1626 LHOB Phone: 225-9297

    Jim Gibbons (Chair), Don Young, Barbara Cubin, Chris Cannon, John E. Peterson, Steve Pearce, Thelma Drake, Bobby Jindal, Louie Gohmert

    Raúl M. Grijalva (Ranking Minority Member), Eni F. H. Faleomavaega, Solomon P. Ortiz, Jim Costa, Charlie Melancon, Dan Boren, Edward J. Markey

    Fisheries Conservation, Wildlife, and Oceans

    Office: H2-188 FHOB Phone: 226-0200

    Wayne T. Gilchrest (Chair), Don Young, H. James Saxton, Walter B. Jones, Thelma Drake, Luis Fortuflo, Bobby Jindal, Marilyn Musgrave

    Frank Pallone (Ranking Minority Member), Eni F. H. Faleomavaega, Neil Abercrombie, Solomon P. Ortiz, Ron Kind, Madeleine Z. Bordallo

    Forests and Forest Health

    Office: 1337 LHOB Phone: 225-0691

    Greg Walden (Chair), John J. “Jimmy” Duncan Jr., Wayne T. Gilchrest, Chris Cannon, John E. Peterson, Tom Tancredo, J. D. Hayworth, Jeff Flake, Rick Renzi, Henry E. Brown, Cathy McMorris

    Tom Udall (Ranking Minority Member), Dale E. Kildee, Neil Abercrombie, Dan Boren, Peter A. DeFazio, Jay Inslee, Mark Udall, Dennis A. Cardoza, Stephanie Herseth

    National Parks, Recreation, and Public Lands

    Office: H2-187 FHOB Phone: 226-7736

    Steve Pearce (Chair), H. James Saxton, Elton Gallegly, John J. “Jimmy” Duncan Jr., George P. Radanovich, Walter B. Jones, Henry E. Brown, Luis Fortuflo, Marilyn Musgrave

    Donna M. C. Christensen (Ranking Minority Member), Dale E. Kildee, Neil Abercrombie, Ron Kind, Tom Udall, Madeleine Z. Bordallo, Charlie Melancon

    Water and Power

    Office: 1522 LHOB Phone: 225-8331

    George P. Radanovich (Chair), Ken Calvert, Barbara Cubin, Greg Walden, Tom Tancredo, J. D. Hayworth, Steve Pearce, Cathy McMorris, Louie Gohmert, Vacancy

    Grace F. Napolitano (Ranking Minority Member), Raúl M. Grijalva, Jim Costa, George Miller, Mark Udall, Dennis A. Cardoza, Vacancy, Vacancy


    Office: H-312 CAP 20515-6269


    Fax: 225-6763



    Majority Staff Director: Hugh N. Halpern

    Minority Staff Director: John A. Daniel 225-9091 H-152 CAP

    Jurisdiction: rules and joint rules (other than rules or joint rules relating to the Code of Official Conduct), and order of business of the House; recesses and final adjournments of Congress.

    Party Ratio: R 9-D 4

    David Dreier, Calif, ChairLouise M. Slaughter, N. Y.,
    Lincoln Diaz-Balart, Fla.Ranking Minority
    Doc Hastings, Wash.Member
    Pete Sessions, TexasJim McGovern, Mass.
    Adam H. Putnam, Fla.Alcee L. Hastings, Fla.
    Shelley Moore Capito,Doris Matsui, Calif.
    W. Va.
    Tom Cole, Okla.
    Rob Bishop, Utah
    Phil Gingrey, Ga.

    Legislative and Budget Process

    Office: 2244 RHOB Phone: 225-4211

    Lincoln Diaz-Balart (Chair), Pete Sessions (Vice Chair), Rob Bishop, Phil Gingrey, David Dreier

    Alcee L. Hastings (Ranking Minority Member), Louise M. Slaughter

    Rules and the Organization of the House

    Office: 1323 LHOB Phone: 225-5816

    Doc Hastings (Chair), Adam H. Putnam (Vice Chair), Shelley Moore Capito, Tom Cole, David Dreier

    Jim McGovern (Ranking Minority Member), Louise M. Slaughter


    Office: 2320 RHOB 20515-6301

    Phone:225-6371 Fax: 226-0113



    Majority Chief of Staff: David Goldston

    Minority Staff Director: E. Charles Atkins 225-6375-394 FHOB

    Jurisdiction: all energy research, development, and demonstration, and projects therefor, and all federally owned or operated nonmilitary energy laboratories; astronautical research and development, including resources, personnel, equipment, and facilities; civil aviation research and development; environmental research and development; marine research; measures relating to the commercial application of energy technology; National Institute of Standards and Technology, standardization of weights and measures and the metric system; National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA); National Space Council; National Science Foundation; National Weather Service; outer space, including exploration and control thereof; science scholarships; scientific research, development, and demonstration, and projects therefor. The chair and ranking minority member are members ex officio of all subcommittees of which they are not regular members.

    Party Ratio: R 24-D 20

    Sherwood Boehlert, N.Y.,Bart Gordon, Tenn.,
    ChairRanking Minority
    Ralph M. Hall, TexasMember
    Lamar Smith, TexasJerry F. Costello, Ill.
    Curt Weldon, Pa.Eddie Bernice Johnson,
    Dana Rohrabacher, Calif.Texas
    Ken Calvert, Calif.Lynn Woolsey, Calif.
    Roscoe G. Bartlett, Md.Darlene Hooley, Ore.
    Vernon J. Ehlers, Mich.Mark Udall, Colo.
    Gil Gutknecht, Minn.David Wu, Ore.
    Frank D. Lucas, Okla.Michael M. Honda, Calif.
    Judy Biggert, Ill.Brad Miller, N.C.
    Wayne T. Gilchrest, Md.Lincoln Davis, Tenn.
    Todd Akin, Mo.Daniel Lipinski, Ill.
    Timothy V. Johnson, Ill.Sheila Jackson-Lee, Texas
    J. Randy Forbes, Va.Brad Sherman, Calif.
    Jo Bonner, Ala.Brian Baird, Wash.
    Tom Feeney, Fla.Jim Matheson, Utah
    Randy Neugebauer, TexasJim Costa, Calif.
    Bob Inglis, S.C.Al Green, Texas
    Dave Reichert, Wash.Charlie Melancon, La.
    Mike Sodrel, Ind.Dennis Moore, Kan.
    Joe Schwarz, Mich.Doris Matsui, Calif.
    Michael McCaul, Texas
    Mario Diaz-Balart, Fla.


    Office: 389 FHOB Phone: 225-9662

    Judy Biggert (Chair), Ralph M. Hall, Curt Weldon, Roscoe G. Bartlett, Vernon J. Ehlers, Todd Akin, Jo Bonner, Bob Inglis, Dave Reichert, Mike Sodrel, Joe Schwarz, Vacancy

    Michael M. Honda (Ranking Minority Member), Lynn Woolsey, Lincoln Davis, Jerry F. Costello, Eddie Bernice Johnson, Daniel Lipinski, Jim Matheson, Sheila Jackson-Lee, Brad Sherman, Al Green

    Environment, Technology, and Standards

    Office: 2319 RHOB Phone: 225-8844

    Vernon J. Ehlers (Chair), Gil Gutknecht, Judy Biggert, Wayne T. Gilchrest, Timothy V. Johnson, Dave Reichert, Joe Schwarz, Vacancy

    David Wu (Ranking Minority Member), Brad Miller, Mark Udall, Lincoln Davis, Brian Baird, Jim Matheson


    Office: B374 RHOB Phone: 225-7858

    Bob Inglis (Chair), Lamar Smith, Curt Weldon, Dana Rohrabacher, Gil Gutknecht, Frank D. Lucas, Todd Akin, Timothy V. Johnson, Dave Reichert, Mike Sodrel, Michael McCaul, Vacancy

    Darlene Hooley (Ranking Minority Member), Daniel Lipinski, Brian Baird, Charlie Melancon, Eddie Bernice Johnson, Brad Miller, Dennis Moore, Vacancy, Vacancy, Vacancy

    Space and Aeronautics

    Office: B374 RHOB Phone: 225-7858

    Ken Calvert (Chair), Ralph M. Hall, Lamar Smith, Dana Rohrabacher, Roscoe G. Bartlett, Frank D. Lucas, J. Randy Forbes, Jo Bonner, Tom Feeney, Michael McCaul, Vacancy

    Mark Udall (Ranking Minority Member), David Wu, Michael M. Honda, Brad Miller, Sheila Jackson-Lee, Brad Sherman, Jim Costa, Al Green, Charlie Melancon

    Select Intelligence

    Office: H-405 CAP 20515-6415

    Phone:225-4121 Fax: 225-1991


    Majority Staff Director and General Counsel: Michael C. Meermans

    Minority Staff Director: David B. Buckley 225-7690 H-404 CAP

    Jurisdiction: legislative and budget authority over the National Security Agency, the director of central intelligence, the Defense Intelligence Agency, the National Security Agency, the National Foreign Intelligence Program, and intelligence activities of the Federal Bureau of Investigation and other components of the federal intelligence community. The Speaker of the House and minority leader are non-voting members ex officio of the full committee, as are the committee chair and ranking member.

    Party Ratio: R 12-D 9

    Peter Hoekstra, Mich.,Jane Harman, Calif.,
    ChairRanking Minority
    Ray LaHood, Ill.Member
    Terry Everett, Ala.Alcee L. Hastings, Fla.
    Elton Gallegly, Calif.Silvestre Reyes, Texas
    Heather A. Wilson, N.M.Leonard L. Boswell, Iowa
    Jo Ann Davis, Va.Robert E. “Bud” Cramer,
    William M. “Mac”Ala.
    Thornberry, TexasAnna G. Eshoo, Calif.
    John M. McHugh, N.Y.Rush D. Holt, N.J.
    Todd Tiahrt, Kan.C A. Dutch Ruppersberger,
    Mike Rogers, Mich.Md.
    Rick Renzi, Ariz.John F. Tierney, Mass.
    Darrell Issa, Calif.

    Intelligence Policy

    Office: H-405 CAP Phone: 225-1991

    Mike Rogers (Chair), Heather A. Wilson (Vice Chair), John M. McHugh, Rick Renzi, Darrell Issa

    Rush D. Holt (Ranking Minority Member), Anna G. Eshoo, John F. Tierney


    Office: H-405 CAP Phone: 225-1991

    William M. “Mac” Thornberry (Chair), Ray LaHood (Vice Chair), Terry Everett, Heather A. Wilson, JoAnn Davis, Mike Rogers, Rick Renzi

    Robert E. “Bud” Cramer (Ranking Minority Member), Alcee L. Hastings, Silvestre Reyes, C. A. Dutch Ruppersberger, John F. Tierney

    Technical and Tactical Intelligence

    Office: H-405 CAP Phone: 225-1991

    Heather A. Wilson (Chair), Terry Everett (Vice Chair), Elton Gallegly, William M. “Mac” Thornberry, John M. McHugh

    Anna G. Eshoo (Ranking Minority Member), Robert E. “Bud” Cramer, Rush D. Holt, C. A. Dutch Ruppersberger

    Terrorism, Human Intelligence, Analysis, and Counterintelligence

    Office: H-405 CAP Phone: 225-1991

    Jo Ann Davis (Chair), Ray LaHood (Vice Chair), Elton Gallegly, John M. McHugh, Todd Tiahrt, Rick Renzi, Darrell Issa

    Leonard L. Boswell (Ranking Minority Member), Alcee L. Hastings, Silvestre Reyes, C. A. Dutch Ruppersberger

    Small Business

    Office: 2361 RHOB 20515-6315

    Phone:225-5821 Fax: 225-3587



    Majority Chief of Staff and Chief Counsel: J. Matthew Szymanski

    Minority Staff Director: Michael Day 225-4038 B-343C RHOB

    Jurisdiction: assistance to and protection of small business, including financial aid, regulatory flexibility, and paperwork reduction; participation of small business enterprises in federal procurement and government contracts. The chair and ranking minority member are voting members ex officio of all subcommittees.

    Party Ratio: R18-D 15

    Donald Manzullo, Ill.,Nydia M. Velázquez, N. Y.,
    ChairRanking Minority
    Roscoe G. Bartlett, Md.Member
    Sue W. Kelly, N.Y.Juanita Millender
    Steve Chabot, OhioMcDonald, Calif.
    Sam Graves, Mo.Tom Udall, N.M.
    Todd Akin, Mo.Daniel Lipinski, Ill.
    Bill Shuster, Pa.Em F. H. Faleomavaega,
    Marilyn Musgrave, Colo.Am. Samoa
    Jeb Bradley, N.H.Danny K. Davis, Ill.
    Steve King, IowaDonna M. C. Christensen,
    Thaddeus McCotter, Mich.Virgin Is.
    Ric Keller, Fla.Ed Case, Hawaii
    Ted Poe, TexasMadeleine Z. Bordallo,
    Mike Sodrel, Ind.Guam
    Jeff Fortenberry, Neb.Raúl M. Grijalva, Ariz.
    Michael G. Fitzpatrick, Pa.Michael H. Michaud,
    Lynn Westmoreland, Ga.Maine
    Louie Gohmert, TexasLinda T. Sánchez, Calif.
    John Barrow, Ga.
    Melissa Bean, Ill.
    Gwen Moore, Wis.

    Regulatory Reform and Oversight

    Office: B363 RHOB Phone: 226-2630

    Todd Akin (Chair), Mike Sodrel, Lynn Westmoreland, Louie Gohmert, Sue W. Kelly, Steve King, Ted Poe

    Madeleine Z. Bordallo (Ranking Minority Member), Eni F. H. Faleomavaega, Donna M. C. Christensen, Ed Case, Linda T. Sánchez, Gwen Moore

    Rural Enterprises, Agriculture, and Technology

    Office: B363 RHOB Phone: 226-2630

    Sam Graves (Chair), Steve King, Roscoe G. Bartlett, Mike Sodrel, Jeff Fortenberry, Marilyn Musgrave

    John Barrow (Ranking Minority Member), Tom Udall, Michael H. Michaud, Ed Case, Raúl M. Grijalva

    Tax, Finance, and Exports

    Office: B363 RHOB Phone: 226-2630

    Jeb Bradley (Chair), Sue W. Kelly, Steve Chabot, Thaddeus McCotter, Ric Keller, Ted Poe, Jeff Fortenberry, Michael G. Fitzpatrick

    Juanita Millender-McDonald (Ranking Minority Member), Daniel Lipinski, Eni F. H. Faleomavaega, Danny K. Davis, Ed Case, Michael H. Michaud, Melissa Bean

    Workforce, Empowerment, and Government


    Office: B363 RHOB Phone: 226-2630

    Marilyn Musgrave (Chair), Roscoe G. Bartlett, Bill Shuster, Michael G. Fitzpatrick, Lynn Westmoreland, Thaddeus McCotter, Vacancy, Vacancy

    Daniel Lipinski (Ranking Minority Member), Tom Udall, Danny K. Davis, Raúl M. Grijalva, John Barrow, Melissa Bean, Gwen Moore

    Standards of Official Conduct

    Office: HT-2 CAP 20515-6328

    Phone: 225-7103 Fax: 225-7392


    Chief Counsel: William V. O'Reilly

    Jurisdiction: all bills, resolutions and other matters relating to the Code of Official Conduct adopted under House Rule XXIV (Code of Official Conduct); with respect to members, officers, and employees of the U.S. House of Representatives, the committee is the supervising ethics office for the U.S. House of Representatives, and is authorized to (1) recommend administrative actions to establish or enforce standards of official conduct; (2) investigate violations of the Code of Official Conduct or of any applicable rules, laws, or regulations governing the performance of official duties or the discharge of official responsibilities; (3) report to appropriate federal or state authorities substantial evidence of a violation of any law applicable to the performance of official duties that may have been disclosed in a committee investigation (such reports must be approved by the House or by an affirmative vote of two-thirds of the committee); (4) render advisory opinions regarding the propriety of any current or proposed conduct of a member, officer or employee, and issue general guidance on such matters as necessary; and (5) consider requests for written waivers of the gift rule.

    Party Ratio: R 5-D 5

    Doc Hastings, Wash.,Howard L. Berman, Calif.,
    ChairRanking Minority
    Lamar Smith, TexasMember
    Judy Biggert, Ill.Stephanie Tubbs Jones,
    Melissa A. Hart, Pa.Ohio
    Tom Cole, Okla.Gene Green, Texas
    Lucille Roybal-Allard,
    Mike Doyle, Pa.
    Transportation and Infrastructure

    Office: 2165 RHOB 20515-6256

    Phone: 225-9446 Fax:225-6782



    Majority Chief of Staff: Lloyd Jones

    Minority Staff Director: David A. Heymsfeld 225-4472 2163 RHOB

    Jurisdiction: Coast Guard, including lifesaving service, lighthouses, lightships, ocean derelicts, and the United States Coast Guard Academy; federal management of emergencies and natural disasters; flood control and improvement of rivers and harbors; inland waterways; inspection of merchant marine vessels; navigation and related laws, including pilotage; registering and licensing of vessels and small boats; rules and international arrangements to prevent collisions at sea; measures relating to the United States Capitol building and the Senate and House office buildings; measures (other than appropriations) that relate to construction, maintenance and safety of roads; the buildings and grounds of the United States Botanic Garden, the Library of Congress, and the Smithsonian Institution; the merchant marine (except for national security aspects) measures relating to the purchase of sites and construction of post offices, customhouses, federal courthouses, and government buildings within the District of Columbia; oil pollution and other pollution of navigable waters, including inland waters, coastal waters, and ocean waters; marine affairs (including coastal zone management) as they relate to oil and other pollution of navigable waters; public buildings and grounds of the United States generally; public works for the benefit of navigation, including bridges and dams (other than international bridges and dams); transportation regulatory agencies; road safety; transportation, including civil aviation, railroads, water transportation, transportation safety (except automobile safety), transportation infrastructure, transportation labor, and railroad retirement and railroad unemployment (except revenue measures); and water power. The chair and ranking minority member are voting members ex officio of all subcommittees of which they are not regular members.

    Party Ratio: R 42-D 34

    Don Young, Alaska, ChairJames L. Oberstar, Minn.,
    Tom Petri, Wis.Ranking Minority
    Sherwood Boehlert, N.Y.Member
    Howard Coble, N.C.Nick J. Rahall II, W. Va.
    John J. “Jimmy” DuncanPeter A. DeFazio, Ore.
    Jr., Tenn.Jerry F. Costello, Ill.
    Wayne T. Gilchrest, Md.Eleanor Holmes Norton,
    John L. Mica, Fla.D.C.
    Peter Hoekstra, Mich.Jerrold Nadler, N. Y.
    Vernon J. Ehlers, Mich.Corrine Brown, Fla.
    Spencer Bachus, Ala.Bob Filner, Calif.
    Steven C. LaTourette, OhioEddie Bernice Johnson,
    Sue W. Kelly, N.Y.Texas
    Richard H. Baker, La.Gene Taylor, Miss.
    Bob Ney, OhioJuanita Millender-
    Frank A. LoBiondo, N.J.McDonald, Calif.
    Jerry Moran, Kan.Elijah E. Cummings, Md.
    Gary G. Miller, Calif.Earl Blumenauer, Ore.
    Robin Hayes, N.C.Ellen 0. Tauscher, Calif.
    Rob Simmons, Conn.Bill Pascrell Jr., N.J.
    Henry E. Brown, S.C.Leonard L. Boswell, Iowa
    Timothy V. Johnson, Ill.Tim Holden, Pa.
    Todd R. Platts, Pa.Brian Baird, Wash.
    Sam Graves, Mo.Shelley Berkley, Nev.
    Mark Kennedy, Minn.Jim Matheson, Utah
    Bill Shuster, Pa.Michael M. Honda, Calif.
    John Boozman, Ark.Rick Larsen, Wash.
    Jim Gerlach, Pa.Michael E. Capuano,
    Mario Diaz-Balart, Fla.Mass,.
    Jon Porter, Nev.Anthony Weiner, N. Y.
    Tom Osborne, Neb.Julia Carson, Ind.
    Kenny Marchant, TexasTimothy H. Bishop, N. Y.
    Mike Sodrel, Ind.Michael H. Michaud,
    Charlie Dent, Pa.Maine
    Ted Poe, TexasLincoln Davis, Tenn.
    Dave Reichert, Wash.Ben Chandler, Ky.
    Connie Mack, Fla.Brian Higgins, N. Y.
    John R. “Randy” Kuhl Jr.,Russ Carnahan, Mo.
    N.Y.Allyson Y. Schwartz, Pa.
    Luis Fortufio, PR.John Salazar, Colo.
    Lynn Westmoreland, Ga.John Barrow, Ga.
    Charles Boustany Jr., La.
    Jean Schmidt, Ohio


    Office: 2251 RHOB Phone: 226-3220

    John L. Mica (Chair), Tom Petri, Howard Coble, John J. “Jimmy” Duncan Jr., Vernon J. Ehlers, Spencer Bachus, Sue W. Kelly, Richard H. Baker, Bob Ney, Frank A. LoBiondo, Jerry Moran, Robin Hayes, Henry E. Brown, Timothy V. Johnson, Sam Graves, Mark Kennedy, John Boozman, Jim Gerlach, Mario Diaz-Balart, Jon Porter, Kenny Marchant, Charlie Dent, Ted Poe, John R. “Randy” Kuhl Jr., Lynn Westmoreland

    Jerry F. Costello (Ranking Minority Member), Leonard L. Boswell, Peter A. DeFazio, Eleanor Holmes Norton, Corrine Brown, Eddie Bernice Johnson, Juanita Millender-McDonald, Ellen O. Tauscher, Bill Pascrell Jr., Tim Holden, Shelley Berkley, Jim Matheson, Michael M. Honda, Rick Larsen, Michael E. Capuano, Anthony Weiner, Ben Chandler, Russ Carnahan, John Salazar, Nick J. Rahall II, Bob Filner

    Coast Guard and Maritime Transportation

    Office: 507 FHOB Phone: 226-3552

    Frank A. LoBiondo (Chair), Howard Coble, Wayne T. Gilchrest, Peter Hoekstra, Rob Simmons, Mario Diaz-Balart, Dave Reichert, Connie Mack, Luis Fortuflo, Charles Boustany Jr.

    Bob Filner (Ranking Minority Member), Corrine Brown, Gene Taylor, Juanita Millender-McDonald, Michael M. Honda, Anthony Weiner, Brian Higgins, Brian Baird

    Economic Development, Public Buildings, and Emergency Management

    Office: 591 FHOB Phone: 225-3014

    Bill Shuster (Chair), Jim Gerlach, Kenny Marchant, Charlie Dent, John R. “Randy” Kuhl Jr.

    Eleanor Holmes Norton (Ranking Minority Member), Michael H. Michaud, Lincoln Davis, Julia Carson

    Highways, Transit, and Pipelines

    Office: B370A RHOB Phone: 225-6715

    Tom Petri (Chair), Sherwood Boehlert, Howard Coble, John J. “Jimmy” Duncan Jr., John L. Mica, Peter Hoekstra, Spencer Bachus, Steven C. LaTourette, Sue W. Kelly, Richard H. Baker, Bob Ney, Frank A. LoBiondo, Jerry Moran, Gary G. Miller, Robin Hayes, Rob Simmons, Henry E. Brown, Timothy V. Johnson, Todd R. Platts, Sam Graves, Mark Kennedy, Bill Shuster, John Boozman, Mario Diaz-Balart, Jon Porter, Tom Osborne, Kenny Marchant, Mike Sodrel, Dave Reichert, Jean Schmidt

    Peter A. DeFazio (Ranking Minority Member), Nick J. Rahall II, Jerrold Nadler, Gene Taylor, Juanita Millender-McDonald, Elijah E. Cummings, Earl Blumenauer, Ellen O. Tauscher, Bill Pascrell Jr., Tim Holden, Brian Baird, Shelley Berkley, Jim Matheson, Michael M. Honda, Rick Larsen, Michael E. Capuano, Anthony Weiner, Julia Carson, Timothy H. Bishop, Michael H. Michaud, Lincoln Davis, Ben Chandler, Brian Higgins, Russ Carnahan, Allyson Y. Schwartz


    Office: 589 FHOB Phone: 226-0727

    Steven C. LaTourette (Chair), Tom Petri, Sherwood Boehlert, John L. Mica, Spencer Bachus, Jerry Moran, Gary G. Miller, Rob Simmons, Todd R. Platts, Sam Graves, Jon Porter, Tom Osborne, Mike Sodrel, Lynn Westmoreland

    Corrine Brown (Ranking Minority Member), Nick J. Rahall II, Jerrold Nadler, Bob Filner, Elijah E. Cummings, Earl Blumenauer, Leonard L. Boswell, Julia Carson, Peter A. DeFazio, Jerry F. Costello, Eddie Bernice Johnson, Vacancy

    Water Resources and Environment

    Office: B376 RHOB Phone: 225-4360

    John J. “Jimmy” Duncan Jr. (Chair), Sherwood Boehlert, Wayne T. Gilchrest, Vernon J. Ehlers, Steven C. LaTourette, Sue W. Kelly, Richard H. Baker, Bob Ney, Gary G. Miller, Henry E. Brown, Bill Shuster, John Boozman, Jim Gerlach, Tom Osborne, Ted Poe, Connie Mack, Luis Fortuflo, Charles Boustany Jr., Jean Schmidt

    Eddie Bernice Johnson (Ranking Minority Member), John Salazar, Jerry F. Costello, Gene Taylor, Brian Baird, Timothy H. Bishop, Brian Higgins, Allyson Y. Schwartz, Earl Blumenauer, Ellen O. Tauscher, Bill Pascrell Jr., Russ Carnahan, Nick J. Rahall II, Eleanor Holmes Norton


    Office: 335 CHOB 20515-6335

    Phone: 225-3527 Fax: 225-5486


    Majority Staff Director: Mike Copher

    Minority Staff Director: Jim Holley 225-9756 333 CHOB

    Jurisdiction: veterans measures generally; cemeteries of the United States in which veterans of any war or conflict are or may be buried, whether in the United States or abroad, except cemeteries administered by the secretary of the Interior; compensation, vocational rehabilitation, and education of veterans; life insurance issued by the government on account of service in the Armed Forces; pensions of all the wars of the United States; readjustment of service personnel to civilian life; soldiers' and sailors' civil relief; veterans' hospitals, medical care and treatment of veterans. The chair is a voting member ex officio of all subcommittees of which he is not a regular member.

    Party Ratio: R 16-D 12

    Steve Buyer, Ind., ChairLane Evans, Ill, Ranking
    Michael Bilirakis, Fla., ViceMinority Member
    ChairBob Filner, Calif.
    Terry Everett, Ala.Luis V. Gutierrez, Ill.
    Cliff Stearns, Fla.Corrine Brown, Fla.
    Dan Burton, Ind.Vic Snyder, Ark.
    Jerry Moran, Kan.Michael H. Michaud,
    Richard H. Baker, La.Maine
    Henry E. Brown, S.C.Stephanie Herseth, S.D.
    Jeff Miller, Fla.Ted Strickland, Ohio
    John Boozman, Ark.Darlene Hooley, Ore.
    Jeb Bradley, N.H.Silvestre Reyes, Texas
    Ginny Brown-Waite, Fla.Shelley Berkley, Nev.
    Michael R. Turner, OhioTom Udall, KM.
    John Campbell, Calif.John Salazar, Colo.

    Disability Assistance and Memorial Affairs

    Office: 337 CHOB Phone: 225-9164

    Jeff Miller (Chair), Jerry Moran (Vice Chair), Jeb Bradley, Ginny Brown-Waite

    Shelley Berkley (Ranking Minority Member), Tom Udall, Lane Evans

    Economic Opportunity

    Office: 337 CHOB Phone: 225-9164

    John Boozman (Chair), Richard H. Baker, Ginny Brown-Waite (Vice Chair), Vacancy

    Stephanie Herseth (Ranking Minority Member), Darlene Hooley, Lane Evans


    Office: 338 CHOB Phone: 225-9154

    Henry E. Brown (Chair), Cliff Stearns (Vice Chair), Richard H. Baker, Jerry Moran, Jeff Miller, Michael R. Turner, Vacancy

    Michael H. Michaud (Ranking Minority Member), Bob Filner, Luis V. Gutierrez, Corrine Brown, Vic Snyder

    Oversight and Investigations

    Office: 337A CHOB Phone: 225-3569

    Michael Bilirakis (Chair), Terry Everett, John Boozman, Jeb Bradley

    Ted Strickland (Ranking Minority Member), Silvestre Reyes, John Salazar

    Ways and Means

    Office: 1102 LHOB 20515-6348

    Phone: 225-3625 Fax: 225-2610



    Majority Chief of Staff: Allison H. Giles

    Minority Chief Counsel: Janice Mays 225-4021 1106 LHOB

    Jurisdiction: Revenue measures generally; reciprocal trade agreements; customs, collection districts, and ports of entry and delivery; revenue measures relating to the insular possessions; bonded debt of the United States; deposit of public monies; transportation of dutiable goods; tax-exempt foundations and charitable trusts; national Social Security, except (A) health care and facilities programs that are supported from general revenues as opposed to payroll deductions and (B) work incentive programs. The chair and ranking minority member are non-voting members ex officio of all subcommittees of which they are not regular members.

    Party Ratio: R 24-D 17

    Bill Thomas, Calif, ChairCharles B. Rangel, NY,
    E. Clay Shaw Jr., Fla.Ranking Minority
    Nancy L. Johnson, Conn.Member
    Wally Herger, Calif.Pete Stark, Calif.
    Jim McCrery, La.Sander M. Levin, Mich.
    Dave Camp, Mich.Benjamin L. Cardin, Md.
    Jim Ramstad, Minn.Jim McDermott, Wash.
    Jim Nussle, IowaJohn Lewis, Ga.
    Sam Johnson, TexasRichard E. Neal, Mass.
    Phil English, Pa.Michael R. McNulty, N. Y.
    J. D. Hayworth, Ariz.William J. Jefferson, La.
    Jerry Weller, Ill.John Tanner, Tenn.
    Kenny Hulshof, Mo.Xavier Becerra, Calif.
    Ron Lewis, Ky.Lloyd Doggett, Texas
    Mark Foley, Fla.Earl Pomeroy, N.D.
    Kevin Brady, Texas
    Thomas M. Reynolds, N.Y.Stephanie Tubbs Jones,
    Paul D. Ryan, Wis.Ohio
    Eric Cantor, Va.Mike Thompson, Calif.
    John Linder, Ga.John B. Larson, Conn.
    Bob Beauprez, Colo.Rahm Emanuel, Ill.
    Melissa A. Hart, Pa.
    Chris Chocola, Ind.
    Devin Nunes, Calif.


    Office: 1136 LHOB Phone: 225-3943

    Nancy L. Johnson (Chair), Jim McCrery, Sam Johnson, Dave Camp, Jim Ramstad, Phil English, J. D. Hayworth, Kenny Hulshof

    Pete Stark (Ranking Minority Member), John Lewis, Lloyd Doggett, Mike Thompson, Rahm Emanuel

    Human Resources

    Office: B317 RHOB Phone: 225-1025

    Wally Herger (Chair), Nancy L. Johnson, Bob Beauprez, Melissa A. Hart, Jim McCrery, Dave Camp, Phil English, Devin Nunes

    Jim McDermott (Ranking Minority Member), Benjamin L. Cardin, Pete Stark, Xavier Becerra, Rahm Emanuel


    Office: 1136 LHOB Phone: 225-7601

    Jim Ramstad (Chair), Eric Cantor, Bob Beauprez, John Linder, E. Clay Shaw Jr., Sam Johnson, Devin Nunes, J. D. Hayworth

    John Lewis (Ranking Minority Member), Earl Pomeroy, Michael R. McNulty, John Tanner, Charles B. Rangel

    Select Revenue Measures

    Office: 1135 LHOB Phone: 226-5911

    Dave Camp (Chair), Jerry Weller, Mark Foley, Thomas M. Reynolds, Eric Cantor, John Linder, Melissa A. Hart, Chris Chocola

    Michael R. McNulty (Ranking Minority Member), Lloyd Doggett, Stephanie Tubbs Jones, Mike Thompson, John B. Larson

    Social Security

    Office: B316 RHOB Phone: 225-9263

    Jim McCrery (Chair), E. Clay Shaw Jr., Sam Johnson, J. D. Hayworth, Kenny Hulshof, Ron Lewis, Kevin Brady, Paul D. Ryan

    Sander M. Levin (Ranking Minority Member), Earl Pomeroy, Xavier Becerra,. Stephanie Tubbs Jones, Richard E. Neal


    Office: 1104 LHOB Phone: 225-6649

    E. Clay Shaw Jr. (Chair), Wally Herger, Phil English, Jim Nussle, Jerry Weller, Ron Lewis, Mark Foley, Kevin Brady, Thomas M. Reynolds

    Benjamin L. Cardin (Ranking Minority Member), Sander M. Levin, William J. Jefferson, John Tanner, John B. Larson, Jim McDermott

    House Leadership and Partisan Committees

    Republican Leaders

    Speaker of the House: J. Dennis Hastert, Ill.

    Majority Leader: John A. Boehner, Ohio

    Majority Whip: Roy Blunt, Mo.

    Conference Chair: Deborah Pryce, Ohio

    Conference Vice Chair: Jack Kingston, Ga.

    Conference Secretary: John T. Doolittle, Calif.

    Chief Deputy Whip: Eric Cantor, Va.

    Republican Partisan Committees

    National Republican Congressional Committee

    Office: 320 1st Street S.E. 20003-1838

    Phone: 479-7000 Fax: 863-0693



    Thomas M. Reynolds, N.Y., Chair

    Other Leadership (in alphabetical order)

    Kevin Brady, Texas, Incumbent Support Co-Chair

    Melissa A. Hart, Pa., Incumbent Support Co-Chair

    Sue Myrick, N.C., Executive Committee Chair

    Bob Ney, Ohio, Incumbent Retention Chair

    Mike Pence, Ind., Communications Squad Chair

    Kay Granger, Texas, Finance Chair

    Pete Sessions, Texas, Coalitions-Outreach Chair

    John Shadegg, Ariz., Education and Training Chair

    Don Sherwood, Pa., Incumbent Development Chair

    John E. Sweeney, N.Y., Candidate Recruitment Chair

    Greg Walden, Ore., Audit Chair

    Jerry Weller, Ill., Community Partnerships Chair

    Regional Co-Chairs (alphabetical by region)

    Denny Rehberg, Mont., Central Regional Co-Chair

    Pete Sessions, Texas, Central Regional Co-Chair

    Mike Ferguson, N.J., East Regional Co-Chair

    Bill Shuster, Pa., East Regional Co-Chair

    Mark Steven Kirk, Ill., Midwest Regional Co-Chair

    Pat Tiberi, Ohio, Midwest Regional Co-Chair

    Tom Feeney, Fla., Southeast Regional Co-Chair

    Zach Wamp, Tenn., Southeast Regional Co-Chair

    Devin Nunes, Calif., West Regional Co-Chair

    Jon Porter, Nev., West Regional Co-Chair

    Republican Conference

    Office: CHOB 202A 20515

    Phone: 225-5107 Fax: 226-0154

    Deborah Pryce, Ohio, Chair

    Jack Kingston, Ga., Vice Chair

    John T Doolittle, Calif, Secretary

    Republican Policy Committee

    Office: CHOB 411 20515

    Phone: 225-6168 Fax: 225-0931



    Adam H. Putnam, Fla., Chair

    Wayne T. Gilchrest, Md., Vice Chair

    Republican Steering Committee

    Office: H-209 CAP 20515

    Phone: 225-2204

    J. Dennis Hastert, Chair

    Democratic Leaders

    Minority Leader: Nancy Pelosi, Calif.

    Minority Whip: Steny H. Hoyer, Md.

    Caucus Chair: James E. Clyburn, S.C.

    Caucus Vice Chair: John B. Larson, Conn.

    Assistant to the Leader: John M. Spratt Jr., S.C.

    Senior Chief Deputy Minority Whip: John Lewis, Ga.

    Democratic Partisan Committees

    Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee

    Office: 430 S. Capitol St. S.E. 20003-4024

    Phone: 863-1500 Fax: 485-3512



    Rahm Emanuel, Ill., Chair

    Other Leadership (in alphabetical order)

    Joseph Crowley, N.Y, Business Council Chair

    John D. Dingell, Mich., Chair's Council Chair

    Steve Israel, N.Y, National Jewish Outreach Chair

    Patrick J. Kennedy, R.I., Chair Emeritus

    Zoe Lofgren, Calif., Vice Chair

    Nita M. Lowey, N.Y, Chair Emeritus, Vice-Chair

    Edward J. Markey, Mass., Vice Chair

    Robert Matsui, Calif, Chair Emeritus (posthumous)

    Kendrick B. Meek, Fla., Vice Chair

    Nancy Pelosi, Calif, Democratic Leader

    Charles B. Rangel, N.Y, Chair of the Board

    Lucille Roybal-Allard, Calif, Vice Chair

    Jan Schakowsky, Ill., Women's LEAD Chair

    Mike Thompson, Calif, Frontline Democrats Chair

    Chris Van Hollen, Md., Recruitment Chair

    Regional Recruitment Chairs (in alphabetical order)

    Michael E. Capuano, Mass.

    Artur Davis, Ala.

    Betty McCollum, Minn.

    John P. Murtha, Pa.

    Mike Ross, Ark.

    Tim Ryan, Ohio

    Adam B. Schiff, Calif.

    Hilda L. Solis, Calif.

    Mark Udall, Colo.

    Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, Fla.

    Democratic Caucus

    Office: LHOB 1420 20515

    Phone: 226-3210 Fax: 225-9253



    James E. Clyburn, S.C, Chair

    John B. Larson, Conn., Vice Chair

    Democratic Steering and Policy Committee

    Office: H-204 CAP 20515-6527

    Phone: 225-0100 Fax: 225-4188


    Nancy Pelosi, Calif, Chair

    Rosa DeLauro, Conn., Co-Chair, Steering

    George Miller, Calif, Co-Chair, Policy

    House Members' Offices

    Listed below are House members and their party, state, and district affiliation, followed by the address and telephone number for their Washington office. (The area code for all Washington, D.C., numbers is 202.) The top administrative aide and Web and e-mail addresses for each member are also provided. These are followed by the address, telephone and fax numbers, and name of a key aide in the member's district office(s). Each listing concludes with the representative's committee assignments. For partisan committee assignments, see page 794.

    As of early June 2006, there were 230 Republicans, 201 Democrats, 1 Independent, and 3 vacancies in the House of Representatives.

    Abercrombie, Neil, D-Hawaii (1)

    Capitol Hill Office: 1502 LHOB 20515-1101; 225-2726; Fax: 225-4580; Director of Operations: Laura Flores



    District Office(s): Prince Kuhio Federal Bldg., 300 Ala Moana Blvd., #4104, Honolulu 96850-4972; (808)

    541-2570; Fax: (808) 533-0133; Chief of Staff: Amy Asselbaye

    Committee Assignments): Armed Services; Resources

    Ackerman, Gary L, D-N.Y. (5)

    Capitol Hill Office: 2243 RHOB 20515-3205; 225-2601; Fax: 225-1589; Chief of Staff: Jedd I. Moskowitz



    District Office(s): 21814 Northern Blvd., #204, Bayside 11361-3505; (718) 423-2154; Fax: (718) 423-5053; District Administrator: Moya H. Berry

    Committee Assignments): Financial Services; International Relations

    Aderholt, Robert B., R-Ala. (4)

    Capitol Hill Office: 1433 LHOB 20515-0104; 225-4876; Fax: 225-5587; Chief of Staff: Hood Harris



    District Office(s): 205 4th Ave. N.E., #104, Cullman 35055-1965; (256) 734-6043; Fax: (256) 737-0885; Director of Constituent Services: Jennifer Butler-Taylor Morgan County Courthouse, 302 Lee St. N.E., P.O. Box 668, Decatur 35601-1926; (256) 350-4093; Fax: (256) 350-5056; Field Representative: John Ross Federal Bldg., 600 Broad St., #107, Gadsden 35901-3745; (256) 546-0201; Fax: (256) 546-8778; Field Representative: Jason Harper Federal Bldg., 1710 Alabama Ave., #247, Jasper 35501-5400; (205) 221-2310; Fax: (205) 221-9035; District Field Director: Paul Housel Committee Assignment(s): Appropriations; Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe; Congressional-Executive Commission on China; House Commission on Congressional Mailing Standards

    Akin, Todd, R-Mo. (2)

    Capitol Hill Office: 117 CHOB 20515-2502; 225-2561; Fax: 225-2563; Chief of Staff: Robert F. Schwarzwalder



    District Office(s): 820 S. Main St., #206, St., Charles 63301-3306; (636) 949-6826; Fax: (636) 949-3832; District Director: Debbie Cochran 301 Sovereign Ct., #201, St. Louis 63141; (314) 590-0029; Fax: (314) 590-0037; District Director: Patrick D.

    Werner Committee Assignment(s): Armed Services; Science; Small Business

    Alexander, Rodney, R-La. (5)

    Capitol Hill Office: 316 CHOB 20515-1805; 225-8490; Fax: 225-5639; Chief of Staff: Royal Alexander



    District Office(s): 1412 Center Ct., #402, Alexandria 71301-3449; (318) 445-0818; Fax: (318) 445-3776; District Representative: Tommie Seaton 1900 Stubbs Ave., Suite B, Monroe 71201-5751; (318)

    322-3500; Fax: (318) 245-8218; District Director:

    Linda Blount Committee Assignment(s): Appropriations

    Allen, Tom, D-Maine (1)

    Capitol Hill Office: 1127 LHOB 20515-1901; 225-6116; Fax: 225-5590; Executive Assistant: Jolene Chonko



    District Office(s): 57 Exchange St., #302, Portland 04101-5000; (207) 774-5019; Fax: (207) 871-0720; District Director: Mark Ouellette 209 Main St., #103, Saco 04072-1566; (207) 283-8054; Fax: (207) 283-1725; Caseworker: Sean Norton Committee Assignment(s): Budget; Energy and Commerce

    Andrews, Robert E., D-N.J. (1)

    Capitol Hill Office: 2439 RHOB 20515-3001; 225-6501; Fax: 225-6583; Chief of Staff: Bill Caruso



    District Office(s): 506A White Horse Pike, Haddon Heights 08035; (856) 546-5100; Fax: (609) 546-9529; Office Manager; Christina Morales 63 N. Broad St., Woodbury 08096; (609) 848-3900; District Representative: Leanne Hasbrouck Committee Assignment(s): Armed Services; Education and the Workforce

    Baca, Joe, D-Calif. (43)

    Capitol Hill Office: 328 CHOB 20515-0543; 225-6161; Fax: 225-8671; Chief of Staff: Linda Macias



    District Office(s): 201 N. E St., #102, San Bernardino 92401; (909) 885-2222; Fax: (909) 888-5959; District Director: Jesse Valenzuela Committee Assignment(s): Agriculture; Financial Services

    Bachus, Spencer, R-Ala. (6)

    Capitol Hill Office: 442 CHOB 20515-0106; 225-4921; Fax: 225-2082; Chief of Staff: Larry Lavender



    District Office(s): 1900 International Park Dr., #107, Birmingham 35243-4217; (205) 969-2296; Fax: (205)

    969-3958; Caseworker: Bill Kreitlein 703 2nd Ave., North, P.O. Box 502, Clanton 35045; (205)

    755-1522; Fax: (205) 755-1161; Field Representative:

    Betty Bennett Committee Assignment(s): Financial Services; Judiciary; Transportation and Infrastructure

    Baird, Brian, D-Wash. (3)

    Capitol Hill Office: 1421 LHOB 20515-4703; 225-3536; Fax: 225-3478; Chief of Staff: Lisa Boyd



    District Office(s): 120 Union Ave. S.E., #105, Olympia 98501-1332; (360) 352-9768; Fax: (360) 352-9241; Field Representative: Jennifer Kelly General G.O. Howard House, 750 Anderson St., Suite B, Vancouver 98660-2962; (360) 695-6292; Fax: (360) 695-6197; District Director: Pam Brokaw Committee Assignment(s): Budget; Science; Transportation and Infrastructure

    Baker, Richard H., R-La. (6)

    Capitol Hill Office: 341 CHOB 20515-1806; 225-3901; Fax: 225-7313; Office Manager: Lynn Ann Kirk



    District Office(s): 5555 Hilton Ave., #100, Baton Rouge 70808-2597; (225) 929-7711; Fax: (225) 929-7688; Chief of Staff: Christina Kyle Casteel Committee Assignment(s): Financial Services; Transportation and Infrastructure; Veterans' Affairs

    Baldwin, Tammy, D-Wis. (2)

    Capitol Hill Office: 1022 LHOB 20515-4902; 225-2906; Fax: 225-6942; Chief of Staff: William M. Murat




    District Office(s): 400 E. Grand Ave., #402, Beloit 53511-6229; (608) 362-2800; Fax: (608) 362-2838; Field Representative: Helen Forbeck 10 E. Doty St., #405, Madison 53703-5103; (608) 258-9800; Fax: (608) 258-9808; District Director: Curt Finkelmeyer Committee Assignment(s): Energy and Commerce

    Barrett, J. Gresham, R-S.C. (3)

    Capitol Hill Office: 1523 LHOB 20515-4003; 225-5301; Fax: 225-3216; Chief of Staff: William E. Lance Williams



    District Office(s): 233 Pendleton St. N.W, Aiken 29801-3947; (803) 649-5571; Fax: (803) 648-9038; Senior Caseworker: Tina W Holt 315 S. McDuffie St., Anderson 29624-1630; (864) 224-7401; Fax: (864) 225-7049; District Director: Darryl Broome 115 Enterprise Ct., Suite B, Greenwood 29649-1689; (864) 223-8251; Fax: (864) 223-1679; Field Representative: Janice McCord Committee Assignment(s): Budget; Financial Services; International Relations

    Barrow, John, D-Ga. (12)

    Capitol Hill Office: 226 CHOB 20515-1012; 225-2823; Fax: 225-3377; Chief of Staff: Roman Levit


    District Office(s): 320 E. Clayton St., #500, Athens 30601-4544; (706) 613-3232; Fax: (706) 613-7229; District Director: Tharon Johnson 699 Broad St., Suite 1200, Augusta 30901-1471; (706)

    722-4494; Fax: (706) 722-4496; Senior Caseworker:

    Lynthia Ross 400 Mall Blvd., Suite G, Savannah 31406-4820; (912)

    354-7282; Fax: (912) 354-7782; Executive Director:

    Anne Hales Committee Assignment(s): Agriculture; Small Business; Transportation and Infrastructure

    Bartlett, Roscoe G., R-Md. (6)

    Capitol Hill Office: 2412 RHOB 20515-2006; 225-2721; Fax: 225-2193; Chief of Staff: Harold Bud Otis



    District Office(s): 1 Frederick St., Cumberland 21502-2309; (301) 724-3105; Fax: (301) 724-3538; District Assistant: Brenda Frantz 7360 Guilford Dr., #101, Frederick 21704-5128; (301)

    694-3030; Fax: (301) 694-6674; Policy Director: Sallie B. Taylor 11377 Robinwood Dr., Hagerstown 21742-6729; (301)

    797-6043; Fax: (301) 797-2385; Field Representative:

    Myra Kidd 15 E. Main St., #110, Westminster 21157-5066; (410)

    857-1115; Fax: (410) 857-1329; Projects Administrator: Phil Straw Committee Assignment(s): Armed Services; Science; Small Business

    Barton, Joe L, R-Texas (6)

    Capitol Hill Office: 2109 RHOB 20515-4306; 225-2002; Fax: 225-3052; Chief of Staff: Heather Couri



    District Office(s): 6001 West I-20, #200, Arlington 76017; (817) 543-1000; Fax: (817) 548-7029; District Director: Ronald J. Wright P.O. Box 958, Crockett 75835; (936) 544-8488; District Assistant: Ashlie Young 2106-A W Ennis Ave., Ennis 75119-3624; (972) 875-8488; District Field Representative: Dub Maines Committee Assignment(s): Energy and Commerce

    Bass, Charles, R-N.H. (2)

    Capitol Hill Office: 2421 RHOB 20515-2902; 225-5206; Fax: 225-2946; Scheduler: Allison Walter



    District Office(s): 142 N. Main St., Concord 03301-4917; (603) 226-0249; Fax: (603) 226-0476; District Director: Neil Levesque 1 West St., #208, Keene 03431-3355; (603) 358-4094; Constituent Services Representative: Jane Lane 76 Main St., #2C, Littleton 03561-4012; (603) 444-1271; Constituent Services Representative: Bill Williams 170 Main St., Nashua 03060-2731; (603) 889-8772; Fax: (603) 889-6890; Constituent Services Representative:

    Madeline Saulnier Committee Assignment(s): Energy and Commerce

    Bean, Melissa, DIll. (8)

    Capitol Hill Office: 512 CHOB 20515-1308; 225-3711; Fax: 225-7830; Chief of Staff: John Michael Gonzalez



    District Office(s): 1430 N. Meacham Rd., Schaumburg 60173-4836; (847) 519-3434; Fax: (847) 519-3436; District Director: Gideon Blustein 1937 N. Municipal Way, Round Lake Beach 60073-4915 121 W. Calhoun St., Woodstock 60098-3218

    Committee Assignment(s): Financial Services; Small Business

    Beauprez, Bob, R-Colo. (7)

    Capitol Hill Office: 504 CHOB 20515-0607; 225-2645; Fax: 225-5278; Chief of Staff: Sean P. Murphy



    District Office(s): 4251 Kipling St., #370, Wheat Ridge 80033-2884; (303) 940-5821; Fax: (303) 940-5831; District Director: Marge Klein Committee Assignment(s): Ways and Means

    Becerra, Xavier, D-Calif. (31)

    Capitol Hill Office: 1119 LHOB 20515-0530; 225-6235; Fax: 225-2202; Chief of Staff: Debra S. Dixon



    District Office(s): 1910 W Sunset Blvd., #560, Los Angeles 90026-3445; (213) 483-1425; Fax: (213) 483-1429; District Director: Laura Arciniega Committee Assignment(s): Ways and Means

    Berkley, Shelley, D-Nev. (1)

    Capitol Hill Office: 439 CHOB 20515-2801; 225-5965; Fax: 225-3119; Chief of Staff: Richard Urey



    District Office(s): 2340 Paseo Del Prado, Suite D-106, Las Vegas 89102-4340; (702) 220-9823; Fax: (702) 220-9841; District Director: Tod J. Story Committee Assignment(s): International Relations; Transportation and Infrastructure; Veterans' Affairs

    Berman, Howard L, D-Calif. (28)

    Capitol Hill Office: 2221 RHOB 20515-0526; 225-4695; Fax: 225-3196; Chief of Staff: Gene Smith



    District Office(s): 14546 Hamlin St., #202, Van Nuys 91411; (818) 994-7200; District Director: Robert J.

    Blumenfield Committee Assignment(s): International Relations; Judiciary; Standards of Official Conduct

    Berry, Marion, D-Ark. (1)

    Capitol Hill Office: 2305 RHOB 20515-0401; 225-4076; Fax: 225-5602; Chief of Staff: H. Thad Huguley



    District Office(s): 116 N. 1st St., Suite C-1, Cabot 72023-3081; (501) 843-3043; Fax: (501) 843-4955; Projects Manager: Erika L. Krennerich 108 E. Huntington Ave., Jonesboro 72401-2967; (870)

    972-4600; Fax: (870) 972-4605; District Director:

    Leigh Fowler Courthouse Square, 1 E. 7th St., #200, Mountain Home 72653-4409; (870) 425-3510; Fax: (870) 425-3511; Regional Representative: Joe Dillard Committee Assignment(s): Appropriations

    Biggert, Judy, R–Ill. (13)

    Capitol Hill Office: 1317 LHOB 20515-1313; 225-3515; Fax: 225-9420; Chief of Staff: Kathleen Lydon



    District Office(s): 6262 Route 83, #305, Willowbrook 60527-2987; (630) 655-2052; Fax: (630) 655-1061; District Office Manager: Sandy Henrichs Committee Assignment(s): Education and the Workforce; Financial Services; Science; Standards of Official Conduct

    Bilirakis, Michael, R-Fla. (9)

    Capitol Hill Office: 2408 RHOB 20515-0909; 225-5755; Fax: 225-4085; Administrative Assistant: Rebecca J. Hyder



    District Office(s): 35111 U.S. Hwy. 19 N., #301, Palm Harbor 34684-1934; (727) 773-2871; District Director: Sonja B. Stefanadis 10330 N. Dale Mabry Hwy., #205, Tampa 33618-4404; (813) 960-8173; Staff Assistant: Diane Trimis Committee Assignment(s): Energy and Commerce; Veterans' Affairs

    Bishop, Rob, R-Utah (1)

    Capitol Hill Office: 124 CHOB 20515-4401; 225-0453; Fax: 225-5857; Chief of Staff: Admininstrative Assistant, Press Secretary: Scott B. Parker



    District Office(s): 324 25th St., Ogden 84401-2361; (801) 625-0107; Fax: (801) 625-0124; District Director: Peter Jenks 6 N. Main St., Bringham 84302-2116; (435) 735-2270; Fax: (435) 735-2290

    125 S. State Street, Suite 5420, Salt Lake City 84138-1125; (801) 532-3244; Fax: (801) 532-3583.

    Committee Assignment(s): Rules

    Bishop, Sanford D. Jr., D-Ga. (2)

    Capitol Hill Office: 2429 RHOB 20515-1002; 225-3631; Fax: 225-2203; Chief of Staff: Phyllis I. Hallmon



    District Office(s): Albany Towers, 235 Roosevelt Hwy, #216, Albany 31701-5132; (229) 439-8067; Fax: (229)

    436-2099; District Director: Kenneth J. Cutts 18 9th St., #201, Columbus 31901-2778; (706) 320-9477; Fax: (706) 320-9479; Field Representative: Elaine Gillespie Federal Bldg., 401 N. Patterson St., #255, Valdosta 31601-4633; (229) 247-9705; Fax: (229) 241-1035; Field Representative: Michael Bryant Committee Assignment(s): Appropriations

    Bishop, Timothy H., D-N.Y. (1)

    Capitol Hill Office: 1133 LHOB 20515-3201; 225-3826; Fax: 225-3143; Chief of Staff: Sean Sweeney



    District Office(s): 3680 Route 112, Suite C, Coram 11727-4140; (631) 696-6500; Fax: (631) 696-4520; District Director; Communications Director: Jon M.

    Schneider 33 Flying Point Rd., #119, Southampton 11968-5275; (631) 259-8450; Special Projects Director: Jane Finalborgo Committee Assignment(s): Education and the Workforce; Transportation and Infrastructure

    Blackburn, Marsha, R-Tenn. (7)

    Capitol Hill Office: 509 CHOB 20515-4207; 225-2811; Fax: 225-3004; Chief of Staff: Steve Brophy



    District Office(s): 1850 Memorial Dr., Clarksville 37043-4603; (931) 503-0391; Fax: (931) 503-0393; Caseworker: Woody Parker 109 3rd Ave. S., #117, Franklin 37064-2518; (615) 591-5161; Fax: (615) 599-2916; District Director: H. Steven Allbrooks 7975 Stage Hills Blvd., #1, Memphis 38133-4036; (901) 382-5811; Fax: (901) 373-8215; Deputy District Director: Scott Golden Committee Assignment(s): Energy and Commerce

    Blumenauer, Earl, D-Ore. (3)

    Capitol Hill Office: 2446 RHOB 20515-3703; 225-4811; Fax: 225-8941; Chief of Staff: James E. Koski



    District Office(s): 729 N.E. Oregon St., #115, Portland 97232-2184; (503) 231-2300; Fax: (503) 230-5413; District Director: Julia Pomeroy Committee Assignment(s): International Relations; Transportation and Infrastructure

    Blunt, Roy, R-Mo. (7)

    Capitol Hill Office: 217 CHOB 20515-2507; 225-6536; Chief of Staff: Amy Poe



    District Office(s): Northpark Mall, 101 N. Rangeline Rd., Joplin 64801-4118; (417) 781-1041; Fax: (417) 781-2832; Field Representative: Steve McIntosh 2740-B East Sunshine St., Springfield 65804-2047; (417) 889-1800; Fax: (417) 889-4915; District Director: Sharon A. Nahon Committee Assignment(s): Energy and Commerce

    Boehlert, Sherwood, R-N.Y. (24)

    Capitol Hill Office: 2246 RHOB 20515-3224; 225-3665; Fax: 225-1891; Chief of Staff: Dean Patrick D'Amore



    District Office(s): 21 Lincoln St., Auburn 13021-3831; (315) 225-0649; Fax: (315) 225-0649; Staff Assistant:

    Patricia Dellonte 45 Church St., Cortland 13045-2764; (607) 758-3918; Fax: (607) 758-9007; Staff Assistant: Terre Dennis Federal Bldg., 10 Broad St., #200, Utica 13501-1233; (315) 793-8146; Fax: (315) 798-4099; District Director: Jeanne Donalty Committee Assignment(s): Science; Transportation and Infrastructure

    Boehner, John A., R-Ohio (8)

    Capitol Hill Office: 1011 LHOB 20515-3508; 225-6205; Fax: 225-0704; Chief of Staff:William C. Krieger II



    District Office(s): 12 S. Plum St., #2, Troy 45373-5207; (937) 339-1524; Fax: (937) 339-1878; Caseworker:

    Angie Harrah 7969 Cincinnati-Dayton Rd., Suite B, West Chester 45069-6637; (513) 779-5400; Fax: (513) 779-5315; District Chief of Staff: Ryan Day

    Bonilla, Henry, R-Texas (23)

    Capitol Hill Office: 2458 RHOB 20515-4323; 225-4511; Fax: 225-2237; Chief of Staff: Marcus P. Lubin



    District Office(s): 201 West Ave. E, #14, Alpine 79830-4626; (432) 837-1313; Administrator: Monica Hernandez Federal Courthouse, 111 E. Broadway, #101, Del Rio 78840; (830) 774-6547; Fax: (830) 774-5693; Constituent Liaison: Myria Alvarado 1300 Matamoros St., #113B, Laredo 78040; (956) 726-4682; Fax: (956) 726-4684; Constituent Liaison: Viola Martinez 11120 Wurzbach Rd., #300, San Antonio 78230; (210)

    697-9055; Fax: (210) 697-9185; District Director:

    Richard Martinez Committee Assignment(s): Appropriations

    Bonner, Jo, R-Ala. (1)

    Capitol Hill Office: 315 CHOB 20515-0101; 225-4931; Fax: 225-0562; Chief of Staff: Alan C. Spencer




    District Office(s): 1302 N. McKenzie St., Foley 36535-2232; (251) 943-2073; Fax: (251) 943-2093; Field Representative: Rachel Kaiser 1141 Montlimar Dr., #3010, Mobile 36609-1786; (251)

    690-2811; Fax: (251) 342-0404; District Director; Deputy Chief of Staff: Eliska P. Morgan Committee Assignment(s): Agriculture; Budget; Science

    Bono, Mary, R-Calif. (45)

    Capitol Hill Office: 405 CHOB 20515-0545; 225-5330; Fax: 225-2961; Chief of Staff: Frank W. Cullen



    District Office(s): 1600 E. Florida Ave., #301, Hemet 92544-8639; (951) 658-2312; Fax: (951) 652-2562; Field Representative: Alta Armstrong 707 E. Tahquitz Canyon Way, #9, Palm Springs 92262-0101; (760) 320-1076; Fax: (760) 320-0596; District Director: Marc Troast Committee Assignment(s): Energy and Commerce

    Boozman, John, R-Ark. (3)

    Capitol Hill Office: 1519 LHOB 20515-0403; 225-4301; Fax: 225-5713; Chief of Staff: Matt Sagely



    District Office(s): 4943 Old Greenwood Rd., #1, Fort Smith 72903-6906; (479) 782-7787; Fax: (479) 783-7662; Constituent Services Director: Kathy J. Watson 303 N. Main St., #102, Harrison 72601-3508; (870) 741-6900; Fax: (870) 741-7741; District Representative: Sarah Hartley 213 W Monroe St., Suite K, Lowell 72745. (479) 725-0400; Fax: (479) 725-0408. Deputy Chief of Staff: Stacey McClure Committee Assignment(s): Democracy Assistance; International Relations; Transportation and Infrastructure; Veterans' Affairs Bordallo, Madeleine Z., D-Guam (At Large)

    Capitol Hill Office: 427 CHOB 20515-5301; 225-1188; Fax: 226-0341; Chief of Staff/Legislative Director: John Whitt



    District Office(s): 120 Father Duenas Ave., #107, Hagatna 96910-5058; (671) 477-4272; Fax: (671) 477-2587; District Director: Joaquin Perez Committee Assignment(s): Armed Services; Resources; Small Business

    Boren, Dan, D-Okla. (2)

    Capitol Hill Office: 216 CHOB 20515-3602; 225-2701; Fax: 225-3038; Chief of Staff: Bill Blumenthal 309 W First St., Claremore 74017 (918) 341-9336. Fax: (918) 342-4806; Caseworker: Heather Griffin



    District Office(s): 309 W. 1st St., Claremore 74017; (918)

    341-9336; Fax: (918) 342-4806; Caseworker: Heather Griffin 321 S. 3rd St., #4, McAlester 74501-5410; (918) 423-5951; Fax: (918) 423-1940; Field Representative: Betty L. Ford 431 W. Broadway St., Muskogee 74401-6614; (918) 687-2533; District Director: Ward Curtin Committee Assignment(s): Armed Services; Resources

    Boswell, Leonard L, D-Iowa (3)

    Capitol Hill Office: 1427 LHOB 20515-1503; 225-3806; Fax: 225-5608; Chief of Staff: E. H. Michalek



    District Office(s): 300 E. Locust St., #320, Des Moines 50309-1852; (515) 282-1909; Fax: (515) 282-1785; District Director: Sally Bowzer Committee Assignment(s): Agriculture; Transportation and Infrastructure; Permanent Select Intelligence

    Boucher, Rick, D-Va. (9)

    Capitol Hill Office: 2187 RHOB 20515-4609; 225-3861; Fax: 225-0442; Deputy Chief of Staff: Laura Vaught



    District Office(s): 188 E. Main St., Abingdon 24210-2841; (276) 628-1145; Fax: (276) 628-2203; Chief of Staff:

    Becky Coleman 1 Cloverleaf Square, Suite C-1, Big Stone Gap 24219-2355; (276) 523-5450; Fax: (276) 523-1412; Casework Specialist: Eloise Lawson 106 N. Washington Ave., P.O. Box 1268, Pulaski 24301-1268; (540) 980-4310; Fax: (540) 980-0629; Casework Supervisor: Becki Gunn Committee Assignment(s): Energy and Commerce; Judiciary

    Boustany, Charles Jr., R-La. (7)

    Capitol Hill Office: 1117 LHOB 20515-1807; 225-2031; Fax: 225-5724; Chief of Staff: Jeff Dobrozsi



    District Office(s): 800 Lafayette St., #1400, Lafayette 70501-6800; (337) 235-6322; Fax: (337) 235-6072; District Director: Joan Finley 700 Ryan St., Lake Charles 70601-4243; (337) 433-1747; Fax: (337) 433-0974; Caseworker: Theresa Martin Committee Assignment(s): Agriculture; Education and the Workforce; Transportation and Infrastructure

    Boyd, Allen, D-Fla. (2)

    Capitol Hill Office: 1227 LHOB 20515-0902; 225-5235; Fax: 225-5615; Chief of Staff: Libby Greer



    District Office(s): 30 W Government St., #203, Panama City 32401-2739; (850) 785-0812; Fax: (850) 763-3764; District Representative: Bobby Pickels 1650 Summit Lake Dr., Suite 103, Tallahassee, 32317-7937; (850) 561-3979; Fax: (850) 681-2902; District Director: Jerry Smithwick Committee Assignment(s): Appropriations

    Bradley, Jeb, R-N.H. (1)

    Capitol Hill Office: 1218 LHOB 20515-2901; 225-5456; Fax: 225-5822; Chief of Staff: Debra Vanderbeek



    District Office(s): 104 Washington St., Dover 03820-3749; (603) 743-4813; Fax: (603) 743-5956; Constituent Services Representative: Olga Clough 33 Lowell St., Manchester 03101-1641; (603) 641-9536; Fax: (603) 641-9561; District Director: Brian A. Miller Committee Assignment(s): Armed Services; Budget; Small Business; Veterans' Affairs

    Brady, Kevin, R-Texas (8)

    Capitol Hill Office: 428 CHOB 20515-4308; 225-4901; Fax: 225-5524; Chief of Staff: Doug E. Centilli



    District Office(s): 1 Texas Commerce Plaza, 200 River Pointe Dr., #304, Conroe 77304-2817; (936) 441-5700; Fax: (936) 441-5757; District Director:Heather Montgomery 1202 Sam Houston Ave., #7, Huntsville 77340-4638; Field Representative: Fred Gottschalk 420 Green Ave., Orange 77630-5803; Field Representative: Lydia Damrel Committee Assignment(s): Ways and Means; Joint Economic Committee

    Brady, Robert A., D-Pa. (1)

    Capitol Hill Office: 206 CHOB 20515-3801; 225-4731; Fax: 225-0088; Chief of Staff: Stanley V. White



    District Office(s): 1907 S. Broad St., Philadelphia 19148-2216; (215) 389-4627; Fax: (215) 389-4636; District Director: Shirley Gregory The Colony Bldg., 511 Welsh St., 1st Floor, Chester 19013-4453; (610) 874-7094; Fax: (610) 874-7193; Office Manager: Carl Fitzgerald Committee Assignment(s): Armed Services; House Administration; Joint Printing

    Brown, Corrine, D-Fla. (3)

    Capitol Hill Office: 2444 RHOB 20515-0903; 225-0123; Fax: 225-2256; Chief of Staff: Elias Ronnie Simmons



    District Office(s): 101 Union St. E., #202, Jacksonville 326002; (904) 354-1652; Fax: (904) 354-2721; District Director: Glenel Bowden 219 Lime Ave., Orlando 32805-2248; (407) 872-0656; Fax: (407) 872-5763; Area Director: Ronita Sanders Committee Assignment(s): Transportation and Infrastructure; Veterans' Affairs

    Brown, Henry E. Jr., R-S.C. (1)

    Capitol Hill Office: 1124 LHOB 20515-4001; 225-3176; Fax: 225-3407; Chief of Staff: Delores DaCosta



    District Office(s): 1800 Oak St., Suite C, Myrtle Beach 29577-3141; (843) 445-6459; Fax: (843) 445-6418; Constituent Services Representative: Cam Crawford 5900 Core Ave., #401, North Charleston 29406-6069; (843) 747-4175; Fax: (843) 747-4711; District Director: Kathy Crawford Committee Assignment(s): Resources; Transportation and Infrastructure; Veterans' Affairs

    Brown, Sherrod, D-Ohio (13)

    Capitol Hill Office: 2332 RHOB 20515-3513; 225-3401; Fax: 225-2266; Chief of Staff: Jack Dover



    District Office(s): 1655 W. Market St., Suite E, Akron 44313-7021; (330) 865-8450; Fax: (330) 865-8470; Community Liaison: Laura Pechatis St. Joseph's Community Center, 205 W. 20th St., #M230, Lorain 44052-3777; (440) 245-5350; Fax: (440) 245-5335; District Director: Elizabeth Thames Committee Assignment(s): Energy and Commerce; International Relations; Congressional-Executive Commission on China

    Brown-Waite, Ginny, R-Fla. (5)

    Capitol Hill Office: 414 CHOB 20515-0905; 225-1002; Fax: 226-6559; Chief of Staff: Pete Meachum



    District Office(s): 20 N. Main St., #200, Brooksville 34601; (352) 799-8354; Fax: (352) 799-8776; District Director: Shirley Anderson 38008 Meridian Ave., Suite A, Dade City 33525-3836; (352) 567-6707; Fax: (352) 567-6259; Grants and Projects Coord.; Caseworker: Joy Hampton Committee Assignment(s): Financial Services; Homeland Security; Veterans' Affairs

    Burgess, Michael C, R-Texas (26)

    Capitol Hill Office: 1721 LHOB 20515-4326; 225-7772; Fax: 225-2919; Chief of Staff:Barry Brown



    District Office(s): 1660 S. Stemmons Freeway, #230, Lewisville 75067-0600; (972) 434-9700; Fax: (972)

    434-9705; District Director: Erik With 1100 Circle Dr., Suite 200, Fort Worth 76119-8111; (817) 531-8454 Committee Assignment(s): Energy and Commerce

    Burton, Dan, R-Ind. (5)

    Capitol Hill Office: 2185 RHOB 20515-1405; 225-2276; Fax: 225-0016; Chief of Staff/Staff Director:Mark Walker



    District Office(s): 8900 Keystone Crossing, #1050, Indianapolis 46240-2134; (317) 848-0201; Fax: (317) 846-7306; District Director: Richard H. Wilson 209 S. Washington St., Marion 46952-3803; (765) 662-6770; Fax: (765) 662-6775; Special Assistant: Tresa Baker Committee Assignment(s): Government Reform; International Relations; Veterans' Affairs

    Butterfield, G. K., D-N.C. (1)

    Capitol Hill Office: 413 CHOB 20515-3301; 225-3101; Fax: 225-3354; Chief of Staff: Corliss Clemonts-James



    District Office(s): 201 St. Andrew St., #264, Tarboro 27886-5100; (252) 823-0236; Fax: (252) 823-8970; Regional Director: Daniel Mallison Halifax Community College, The Wellness Center, 200

    College Dr., Weldon 27890-1181; (252) 538-4123; Fax: (252) 538-6516; Regional Director: Dollie Burwell North Carolina Telecenter, 415 E. Blvd., #100, Williamston 27892-2731; (252) 789-4939; Fax: (252)

    792-8113; Regional Director: Reuben Clayton 105 S. Douglas St., Wilson 27893-4954; (252) 237-9816; Fax: (252) 291-0356; Regional Director: Billy Dunn Committee Assignment(s): Agriculture; Armed Services

    Buyer, Steve, R-Ind. (4)

    Capitol Hill Office: 2230 RHOB 20515-1404; 225-5037; Fax: 225-2267; Chief of Staff: Mike Copher



    District Office(s): 100 S. Main St., Monticello 47960; (574) 583-9819; District Operations Director: Brandt Hershman 148 N. Perry Rd., Plainfield 46168-9025; (317) 838-0404; District Director: Jim Huston Committee Assignment(s): Energy and Commerce; Veterans' Affairs

    Calvert, Ken, R-Calif. (44)

    Capitol Hill Office: 2201 RHOB 20515-0543; 225-1986; Fax: 225-2004; Chief of Staff: Dave Ramey



    District Office(s): 2611 Antonio Parkway, Suite 300, Rancho Santa Margarita 92688; (949) 888-8498; Fax (949) 888-8524. 3400 Central Ave., #200, Riverside 92506-2163; (951) 784-4300; Fax: (951) 784-5255; District Director (Acting): Jolyn D. Murphy Committee Assignment(s): Armed Services; Resources; Science

    Camp, Dave, R-Mich. (4)

    Capitol Hill Office: 137 CHOB 20515-2204; 225-3561; Fax: 225-9679; Chief of Staff: Jim Brandell



    District Office(s): 135 Ashman Dr., Midland 48640-5103; (989) 631-2552; Fax: (989) 631-6271; District Director: Eric Friedman 121 E. Front St., #202, Traverse City 49684-2500; (231) 929-4711; Fax: (231) 929-4776; Constituent Representative: Tarin Eisenga Committee Assignment(s): Ways and Means

    Campbell, John, R-Calif. (48)

    Capitol Hill Office: 2402 RHOB 20515-0548; 225-5611, Fax: 225-9177, Chief of Staff: Jim Terry



    District Office(s): One Newport Place, Suite 100, Newport Beach 92660; (949) 756-2244. District Director: Lou Penrose Committee Assignment(s): Budget; Financial Services; Veterans' Affairs

    Cannon, Chris, R-Utah (3)

    Capitol Hill Office: 2436 RHOB 20515-4403; 225-7751; Fax: 225-5629; Communications Director: Charles L.




    District Office(s): 51 S. University Ave., #319, Provo 84601-4491; (801) 851-2500; Fax: (801) 851-2509; Chief of Staff: Joe Hunter 8000 S. Redwood Rd., #332, West Jordan 84088-4604; (801) 569-5125; Fax: (801) 569-5126; Field Director:

    Annette Call 3600 S. Constitution Blvd., West Valley City 84119-3720; (801) 955-3631; Fax: (801) 955-3632; Field Director:

    Gordon Jones Committee Assignment(s): Government Reform; Judiciary; Resources

    Cantor, Eric, R-Va. (7)

    Capitol Hill Office: 329 CHOB 20515-4607; 225-2815; Fax: 225-0011; Chief of Staff: Rob W Collins



    District Office(s): 763 Madison Rd., #207, Culpeper 22701; (540) 825-8960; Fax: (540) 825-8964; Community Outreach: Barbara Taylor 5040 Sadler Place, #110, Glen Allen 23060-6149; (804) 747-4073; Fax: (804) 747-5308; District Director: Jennifer Nolen Committee Assignment(s): Ways and Means

    Capito, Shelley Moore, R-W. Va. (2)

    Capitol Hill Office: 1431 LHOB 20515-4802; 225-2711; Fax: 225-7856; Chief of Staff: Joel Brubaker



    District Office(s): 4815 MacCorkle Ave. S.E., Charleston 25304-1948; (304) 925-5964; Fax: (304) 926-8912; District Director: Shirley Dissen 300 Foxcroft Ave., #100, Martinsburg 25401-5341; (304) 264-8810; Fax: (304) 264-8815; District Field Representative: John Reisenweber Committee Assignment(s): House Page Program; Rules

    Capps, Lois, D-Calif. (23)

    Capitol Hill Office: 1707 LHOB 20515-0523; 225-3601; Fax: 225-5632; Chief of Staff: Jeremy Rabinovitz



    District Office(s): 141 South A St., Oxnard 93030-5655; (805) 385-3440; Fax: (805) 385-3399; District Representative: Vanessa Hernandez 1411 Marsh St., #205, San Luis Obispo 93401-2923; (805) 546-8348; Fax: (805) 546-8368; District Representative: Greg Haas Granada Bldg., 1216 State St., #405, Santa Barbara 93101-2611; (805) 730-1710; Fax: (805) 730-9153; District Director: Sharon Siegel Committee Assignment(s): Budget; Democracy Assistance; Energy and Commerce

    Capuano, Michael E., D-Mass. (8)

    Capitol Hill Office: 1530 LHOB 20515-2108; 225-5111; Fax: 225-9322; Chief of Staff: Robert E. Primus



    District Office(s): Roxbury Community College, Administration Bldg., #110, Boston 02120; (617) 621-6208; Fax: (617) 541-6909; 110 1st St., Cambridge 02141-2109; (617) 621-6208; Fax: (617) 621-8628; District Director: Michael J. Gorman Committee Assignment(s): Financial Services; Transportation and Infrastructure

    Cardin, Benjamin L, D-Md. (3)

    Capitol Hill Office: 2207 RHOB 20515-2003; 225-4016; Fax: 225-9219; Chief of Staff: Christopher W. Lynch



    District Office(s): Arundel Center, 44 Calvert St., Suite 349 Annapolis 21401-1930; (410) 974-9703

    600 Wyndhurst Ave., #230, Baltimore 21210-2449; (410) 433-8886; Fax: (410) 433-2110; District Office Director: Bailey E. Fine Committee Assignment(s): Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe; Ways and Means

    Cardoza, Dennis A., D-Calif. (18)

    Capitol Hill Office: 435 CHOB 20515-0518; 225-6131; Fax: 225-0819; Deputy Chief of Staff: Jennifer Walsh



    District Office(s): 2222 M St., #305, Merced 95340-3729; (209) 383-4455; Fax: (209) 726-1065; Chief of Staff Mark Garrett 1321 I St., #1, Modesto 95354-0902; (209) 527-1914; Fax: (209) 527-5748; Sr. Policy Adviser: Dee Dee D'Adamo 137 E. Weber Ave., Stockton 95202; (209) 946-0361; Fax: (209) 946-0347; Field Representative: Shani Adams Committee Assignment(s): Agriculture; International Relations; Resources

    Carnahan, Russ, D-Mo. (3)

    Capitol Hill Office: 1232 LHOB 20515-2503; 225-2671; Fax: 225-7452; Administrative Director: Allen Todd



    District Office(s): 8764 Manchester Rd., #203, St. Louis 63144-2735; (314) 962-1523; Chief of Staff: Todd Patterson 517 Bailey R., Crystal City 63019-1701, (636) 937-8039.

    Fax: (636) 937-7138; Field Representative: Anna Jinkerson Committee Assignment(s): International Relations; Transportation and Infrastructure

    Carson, Julia, D-Ind. (7)

    Capitol Hill Office: 1535 LHOB 20515-1407; 225-4011; Fax: 225-5633; Executive Assistant: Aarti Nayak



    District Office(s): 300 East Fall Creek Pkwy N. Dr., #201, Indianapolis 46205-4258; (317) 283-6516; Fax: (317) 283-6567; Chief of Staff: Sarge Visher Committee Assignment(s): Financial Services; Transportation and Infrastructure

    Carter, John, R-Texas (31)

    Capitol Hill Office: 408 CHOB 20515-4331; 225-3864; Fax: 225-5886; Chief of Staff: Ryan Henry



    District Office(s): 6544 General Bruce Dr., Suite B, Temple 76502-5811; (254) 933-1392; Fax: (254) 933-1650; Regional Director; Military Affairs: Greg Schannep 1 Financial Center, Hwy 35, #303, Round Rock 78664; (512) 246-1600; Fax: (512) 246-1620; District Director: Jonas Miller Committee Assignment(s): Appropriations

    Case, Ed, D-Hawaii (2)

    Capitol Hill Office: 115 CHOB 20515-1102; 225-4906; Fax: 225-4987; Chief of Staff: Esther P. Kiaaina



    District Office(s): 300 Ala Moana Blvd., Honolulu 96580-4974; (808) 541-1986; Fax: (808) 538-0233; District Director: Jimmy Nakatani Committee Assignment(s): Agriculture; Budget; Small Business Castle, Michael N., R-Del. (At Large)

    Capitol Hill Office: 1233 LHOB 20515-0801; 225-4165; Fax: 225-2291; Chief of Staff: Michael Quaranta



    District Office(s): Federal Bldg., 300 S. New St., #2005, Dover 19904-6726; (302) 736-1666; Fax: (302) 736-6580; Field Representative; Constituent Caseworker: Kate Rohrer 201 N. Walnut St., #107, Wilmington 19801-3970; (302) 428-1902; Fax: (302) 428-1950; District Director: Jeffrey A. Dayton Committee Assignment(s): Education and the Workforce; Financial Services

    Chabot, Steve, R-Ohio (1)

    Capitol Hill Office: 129 CHOB 20515-3501; 225-2216; Fax: 225-3012; Chief of Staff: Gary Z. Lindgren



    District Office(s): 441 Vine St., #3003, Cincinnati 45202 3003; (513) 684-2723; Fax: (513) 421-8722; District Director: Michael A. Cantwell Committee Assignment(s): International Relations; Judiciary; Small Business

    Chandler, Ben, D-Ky. (6)

    Capitol Hill Office: 1504 LHOB 20515-1706; 225-4706; Fax: 225-2122; Chief of Staff: Denis Fleming



    District Office(s): 1021 Majestic Dr., Suite 180, Lexington 40513-1866; (859) 219-1366; Fax: (859) 219-3437; District Director: Michael Noyes Committee Assignment(s): Agriculture; International Relations; Transportation and Infrastructure

    Chocola, Chris, R-Ind. (2)

    Capitol Hill Office: 510 CHOB 20515-1402; 225-3915; Fax: 225-6798; Chief of Staff: Brooks Kochvar



    District Office(s): 801 Michigan Ave., LaPorte 46350; (219) 326-6216; Fax: (219) 362-3729; Caseworker:

    Beverly Warfield 444 Mall Rd., Logansport 46947-2225; (574) 753-4700; Fax: (574) 753-4730; Caseworker: Amy Eizinger 100 E. Wayne St., #330, South Bend 46601-2351; (574)

    251-0896; Fax: (574) 251-1066; District Director:

    Cory Martin Committee Assignment(s): Budget; Ways and Means Christensen, Donna M. C, D-Virgin Is. (At Large)

    Capitol Hill Office: 1510 LHOB 20515-5501; 225-1790; Fax: 225-5517; Chief of Staff: Monique Clendinen Watson



    District Office(s): Sunny Isle Shopping Center, Space

    #3MM, P.O. Box 5980, St. Croix 00820; (340) 778-5900; Fax: (340) 778-5111; Executive Assistant: Luz Belardo-Webster Nisky Business Center, #207, St. Thomas 00802; (340)

    774-4408; Fax: (340) 774-8033; Office Manager:

    Eddie de La Garde Committee Assignment(s): Homeland Security; Resources; Small Business

    Clay, William Lacy, D-Mo. (1)

    Capitol Hill Office: 131 CHOB 20515-2501; 225-2406; Fax: 225-1725; Chief of Staff: Darryl Piggee



    District Office(s): 625 N. Euclid Ave., #200, St. Louis 63108-1673; (314) 367-1970; Fax: (314) 367-1341; Senior District Assistant: Gwendolyn Reed 8525 Page Blvd., St. Louis 63114-6006; (314) 890-0349; Fax: (314) 427-6320; District Manager: Edwilla Mussey Committee Assignment(s): Financial Services; Government Reform

    Cleaver, Emanuel II, D-Mo. (5)

    Capitol Hill Office: 1641 LHOB 20515-2505; 225-4535; Fax: 225-4403; Chief of Staff:Vacant



    District Office(s): 400 East 9th St., #9350, Kansas City 64106-2619; (816) 842-4545; Fax: (816) 471-5215 211 W. Maple Ave., Independence 64050-2815; (816)

    833-4545; Fax: (816) 833-2991; District Director:

    Geoff Jolley Committee Assignment(s): Financial Services

    Clyburn, James E., D-S.C. (6)

    Capitol Hill Office: 2135 RHOB 20515-4006; 225-3315; Fax: 225-2313; Chief of Staff: Yelberton R. Watkins



    District Office(s): 1703 Gervais St., Columbia 29201-3415; (803) 799-1100; Fax: (803) 799-9060; Midlands Area Director: Dalton Tresvant Business and Technology Center, 181 East Evans St., #314, Florence 29506-2512; (843) 662-1212; Fax: (843) 662-8474; Pee Dee Area Director: Charlene Lowery 8833 Old Number Six Hwy, Santee 29142-8644; (803)

    854-4700; Fax: (803) 854-4900; District Director:

    Robert M. Nance Committee Assignment(s): Appropriations

    Coble, Howard, R-N.C. (6)

    Capitol Hill Office: 2468 RHOB 20515-3306; 225-3065; Fax: 225-8611; Chief of Staff; Press Secretary: Ed McDonald



    District Office(s): 222 Sunset Ave., #101, Asheboro 27203-5668; (336) 626-3060; Fax: (336) 626-7819; District Representative: Rebecca Redding P.O. Box 812, 124 W. Elm St., Graham 27253-2802; (336)

    229-0159; Fax: (336) 228-7974; District Representative: Janine Osborne 2102 N. Elm St., Suite B, Greensboro 27408-5100; (336)

    333-5005; Fax: (336) 333-5048; Community Liaison:

    Becky Cage 155 Northpoint Ave., #200-B, High Point 27262-7723; (336) 886-5106; Fax: (336) 886-8740; District Representative: Nancy Mazza 2727D Old Concord Rd., Salisbury 27146; (704) 645-8082; Fax: (704) 645-0896; District Representative:

    Terri Welch Committee Assignment(s): Judiciary; Transportation and Infrastructure

    Cole, Tom, R-Okla. (4)

    Capitol Hill Office: 236 CHOB 20515-3604; 225-6165; Fax: 225-3512; Chief of Staff: Pete Kirkham



    District Office(s): 104 E. 12th St., Ada 74820-6502; (580)

    436-5375; Fax: (580) 436-5451; Field Representative:

    Jill Daugherty 711 S.W D Ave., #201, Lawton 73501-4561; (580) 357-2131; Fax: (580) 357-7477; Field Representative:Keri Dennis 2420 Springer Dr., #120, Norman 73069-3965; (405)

    329-6500; Fax: (405) 321-7369; District Director: John P. Woods Committee Assignment(s): Rules; Standards of Official Conduct

    Conaway, K. Michael, R-Texas (11)

    Capitol Hill Office: 511 CHOB 20515-4311; 225-3605; Chief of Staff: Jeff Burton



    District Office(s): Brownwood City Hall, 501 Center Ave., Brownwood 76801-2809 County Annex, 104 W Sandstone St., Llano 78643-2319; (325) 247-2826; Fax: (325) 247-2676; Field Representative: David Griffith 6 Desta Dr., #2000, Midland 79705-5520; (432) 687-2390; Fax: (432) 687-0277; District Director: Ricky Wright City Hall, 411 W 8th St., 5th Floor, Odessa 79761-4422 Federal Bldg., 33 E. Twohig Ave., #307, San Angelo 76903-6451; (325) 659-4010; Fax: (325) 659-4014; Regional Director: Joanne Powell Committee Assignment(s): Agriculture; Armed Services; Budget

    Conyers, John Jr., D-Mich. (14)

    Capitol Hill Office: 2426 RHOB 20515-2214; 225-5126; Fax: 225-0072; Press Secretary: Jonathan Godfrey



    District Office(s): U.S. Courthouse, 231 W. Lafayette Blvd., #669, Detroit 48226-2766; (313) 961-5670; Fax: (313) 226-2085; District Staff Director: Marion Brown Committee Assignment(s): Judiciary

    Cooper, Jim, D-Tenn. (5)

    Capitol Hill Office: 1536 LHOB 20515-4205; 225-4311; Fax: 226-1035; Legislative Director: Cicely Simpson



    District Office(s): 2598 N. Mount Juliet Rd., #100, Mt.

    Juliet 37122-8016; (615) 773-2305; Fax: (615)

    773-2307 706 Church St., #101, Nashville 37203-3586; (615) 736-5295; Fax: (615) 736-7479; Chief of Staff: Greg H.

    Hinote Committee Assignment(s): Armed Services; Budget

    Costa, Jim, D-Calif. (20)

    Capitol Hill Office: 1004 LHOB 20515-0520; 225-3341; Fax: 225-9308; Chief of Staff: Scott Nishioki



    District Office(s): 2700 M St., Suite 225, Bakersfield 93301; (661) 869-1620; Fax: (661) 869-1027; Field Representative: Marilynn Sanchez 855 M St., Suite 940; Fresno 93721-2757; (559) 495-1620; Fax: (559) 495-1027; District Director: Bob Sanders Committee Assignment(s): Agriculture; Resources; Science

    Costello, Jerry F., D-Ill. (12)

    Capitol Hill Office: 2269 RHOB 20515-1312; 225-5661; Fax: 225-0285; Chief of Staff; Press Secretary: David C. Gillies



    District Office(s): 155 Lincoln Place Ct., Belleville 62221-5884; (618) 233-8026; Fax: (618) 233-8765; District Manager: Frank Miles 250 W. Cherry St., Carbondale 62901-2856; (618) 529-3791; Staff Assistant: Alice Tucker 1330 Swanwick St., Chester 62233-1314; (618) 826-3043; Fax: (618) 826-1923; Staff Assistant:Patsie Travelstead 8787 State St., East St. Louis 62203-2026; (618) 397-8833; Staff Assistant: Mel Frierson 1363 Neidringhaus Ave., Granite City 62040-4625; (618)

    451-7065; Fax: (618) 451-2126; Staff Assistant: Dave Cueto 201 E. Nolen St., West Frankfort 62896-2437; (618) 937-6402; Fax: (618) 937-3307; Staff Assistant: Karl Maple Committee Assignment(s): Science; Transportation and Infrastructure

    Cramer, Robert E. “Bud,” D-Ala. (5)

    Capitol Hill Office: 2368 RHOB 20515-0105; 225-4801; Fax: 225-4392; Chief of Staff: J. Carter Wells



    District Office(s): Morgan County Courthouse, 302 Lee St., 5th Floor, #86, P.O. Box 668, Decatur 35602; (256) 355-9400; Fax: (256) 355-9406; Caseworker:

    Peggy Towns 626 Clinton Ave. W, Huntsville 35801; (256) 551-0190; Fax: (256) 551-0194; Community Affairs Director:

    Mickey Ellis The Bevill Center for Advanced Technology, 1011 George Wallace Blvd., Tuscumbia 35674; (256) 381-3450; Fax: (256) 381-7659; Caseworker: Judy Sizemore Committee Assignment(s): Appropriations; Permanent Select Intelligence

    Crenshaw, Ander, R-Fla. (4)

    Capitol Hill Office: 127 CHOB 20515-0904; 225-2501; Fax: 225-2504; Chief of Staff: John M. Ariale



    District Office(s): 1061 Riverside Ave., #100, Jacksonville 32204-4151; (904) 598-0481; Fax: (904) 598-0486; District Director: Jacquelyn E. Smith 212 N. Marion Ave., #209, Lake City 32055-3917; (386) 365-3316; District Representative: Chris Calabucci Committee Assignment(s): Appropriations; Budget

    Crowley, Joseph, D-N.Y. (7)

    Capitol Hill Office: 312 CHOB 20515-3207; 225-3965; Fax: 225-1909; Chief of Staff: Christopher S. McCannell



    District Office(s): 3425 E. Tremont Ave., #1-3, Bronx 10465-2041; (718) 931-1400; Fax: (718) 931-1340; District Director: Anne Marie Anzalone 177 Dreiser Loop, #3, Co-Op City 10475-2705; (718)

    320-2314; Community Liaison: Carrie Mobley 74-09 37th Ave., #306B, Jackson Heights 11372-6303; (718) 779-1400; Fax: (718) 505-0156; Office Manager:

    Angela DenDekker Committee Assignment(s): Financial Services; International Relations

    Cubin, Barbara, R-Wyo. (At Large)

    Capitol Hill Office: 1114 LHOB 20515-5001; 225-2311; Fax: 225-3057; Chief of Staff: Tom M. Wiblemo



    District Office(s): Federal Bldg., 100 East B St., #4003, Casper 82601-1969; (307) 261-6595; Fax: (307) 261-6597; State Director: Jackie King

    Federal Bldg., 2120 Capitol Ave., #2015, Cheyenne 82001-3631; (307) 772-2595; Fax: (307) 772-2597; Field Representative: Katie Legerski American First National Bank Bldg., 2515 Foothill Blvd., #204, Rock Springs 82901-4748; (307) 362-4095; Fax: (307) 362-4097; Field Representative: Bonnie Cannon Committee Assignment(s): Energy and Commerce; Resources

    Cuellar, Henry, D-Texas (28)

    Capitol Hill Office: 1404 LHOB 20515-4328; 225-1640; Fax: 225-1641; Chief of Staff: Terry Stirison



    District Office(s): 1300 Matamoros St., #211, Laredo 78040-5066; (956) 725-0639; Fax: (956) 725-2647

    1149 E. Commerce St., #210, San Antonio 78205-3315; (210) 271-9354; Fax: (210) 277-6671; District Director: Cynthia Gaona

    Hays County Courthouse, 111 E. San Antonio, San Marcos 78666-5557; (512) 392-2364; Fax: (512) 392-2834; Field Representative: Mark Gonzalez

    Committee Assignment(s): Agriculture; Budget

    Culberson, John, R-Texas (7)

    Capitol Hill Office: 1728 LHOB 20515-4307; 225-2571; Fax: 225-4381; Chief of Staff: Tony Essaliah



    District Office(s): 10000 Memorial Dr., #620, Houston 77024; (713) 682-8828; Fax: (713) 680-8070; District Director: Nicholas L. Swyka Committee Assignment(s): Appropriations

    Cummings, Elijah E., D-Md. (7)

    Capitol Hill Office: 2235 RHOB 20515-2007; 225-4741; Fax: 225-3178; Chief of Staff: Vernon Simms



    District Office(s): 1010 Park Ave., Baltimore 21201-5600; (410) 685-9199; Fax: (410) 685-9399; District Director: Francine Allen 754 Frederick Rd., Catonsville 21228; (410) 719-8777; Fax: (410) 455-0110; Special Assistant: Frank Amtmann 8267 Main St., Room 102, Ellicott City 21043-9903; (410) 465-8259; Fax: (410) 465-8740; Special Assistant: Julie Drisch

    Committee Assignment(s): Government Reform; Transportation and Infrastructure; Joint Economic Committee

    Davis, Artur, D-Ala. (7)

    Capitol Hill Office: 208 CHOB 20515-0107; 225-2665; Fax: 226-9567; Chief of Staff: Dana Gresham



    District Office(s): 2 20th St. North, Birmingham 35203-4007; (205) 254-1960; Fax: (205) 254-1974; District Director: Daryl Perkins 102 E. Washington St., Suite F, Demopolis 36732-2100; (334) 287-8060; Fax: (334) 287-0870; Constituent Services Representative: Audrey Haskin

    UWA Station 40, 205 N. Washington St., Webb Hall, #236-237, Livingston 35470-2099; (205) 652-5834; Fax: (205) 652-5935; Constituent Services Representative: Kay Presley

    Federal Bldg., 908 Alabama Ave., #112, Selma 36701-4660; (334) 877-4414; Fax: (334) 877-4489; Special Advisor: Tammy Maul

    Federal Bldg., 1118 Greensboro Ave., #336, Tuscaloosa 35401-2817; (205) 752-5380; Fax: (205) 752-5899; Constituent Services Representative: RaSheda McCalpine

    Committee Assignment(s): Budget; Democracy Assistance; Financial Services

    Davis, Danny K., DIll. (7)

    Capitol Hill Office: 1526 LHOB 20515-1307; 225-5006; Fax: 225-5641; Chief of Staff: Richard R. Boykin



    District Office(s): 2301 W Roosevelt Rd., Broadview 60155-3828; (708) 345-6857; Fax: (708) 345-6715; Suburban Coord.: Larry Shapiro 3333 W Arthington St., #130, Chicago 60624-4102; (773) 533-7520; Fax: (773) 533-7530; District Director: F. Daniel Cantrell

    Committee Assignment(s): Education and the Workforce; Government Reform; Small Business

    Davis, Geoff, R-Ky. (4)

    Capitol Hill Office: 1541 LHOB 20515-1704; 225-3465; Fax: 225-0003; Chief of Staff: Justin Brasell



    District Office(s): 1405 Greenup Ave., #236, Ashland 41101-7573; (606) 324-9898; Fax: (606) 325-9866; District Director: J. R. Reid 277 Buttermilk Pike, Fort Mitchell 41017-2136; (859)

    426-0080; Fax: (859) 426-0061; District Director:

    Tammy Wilson 108 W Jefferson St., La Grange 40031-1108; (502) 222-2233; Fax: (502) 222-4060; Field Director: Brent Legg City Building, 400 N. Main St., Suite 145, Williamstown 41097-1026; (859) 824-3320; Fax: (859) 824-3340 Committee Assignment(s): Armed Services; Financial Services

    Davis, Jim, D-Fla. (11)

    Capitol Hill Office: 409 CHOB 20515-0911; 225-3376; Fax: 225-5652; Chief of Staff: Karl Koch



    District Office(s): 1186 62nd Ave. S., St. Petersburg 33705-5620; (727) 867-5301; Fax: (727) 867-5302; Field Representative: Nikki Capehart 3315 Henderson Blvd., #100, Tampa 33609-2922; (813)

    354-9217; Fax: (813) 354-9514; District Director: John

    Kynes Committee Assignment(s): Energy and Commerce

    Davis, Jo Ann, R-Va. (1)

    Capitol Hill Office: 1123 LHOB 20515-4601; 225-4261; Fax: 225-4382; Chief of Staff/Director of Communications: Chris Connelly



    District Office(s): 4500 Plank Rd., #105-A, Fredericksburg 22407-0120; (540) 548-1086; Fax: (540) 548-1658; District Representative: Darlene Stein 508 N. Church Ln., P.O. Box 3106, Tappahannock 22560-5076; (804) 443-0668; Fax: (804) 443-0671; District Representative: Chris Jones 4904-B George Washington Memorial Hwy, Yorktown 23692; (757) 874-6687; Fax: (757) 874-7164; District Director: Joe Schumacher

    Committee Assignment(s): Armed Services; International Relations; Permanent Select Intelligence

    Davis, Lincoln, D-Tenn. (4)

    Capitol Hill Office: 410 CHOB 20515-4204; 225-6831; Fax: 226-5172; Chief of Staff: Beecher W. Frasier III



    District Office(s): 1804 Carmack Blvd., Suite A, Columbia 38401-4132; (931) 490-8699; Fax: (931) 490-8675; District Director: Sandy Lowdermilk 629 N. Main St., Jamestown 38556-3739; (931) 879-2361; Fax: (931) 879-2389; District Representative: John Robbins 477 N. Chancery St., Suite A1, McMinnville 37110-8901; (931) 473-7251; Fax: (931) 473-7259; Casework Director: Lori McKee 1064 N. Gateway Ave., Rockwood 37854-4023; (865) 354-3323; Fax: (865) 354-3316; District Representative: Beth Hickman

    Committee Assignment(s): Agriculture; Science; Transportation and Infrastructure

    Davis, Susan A., D-Calif. (53)

    Capitol Hill Office: 1224 LHOB 20515-0553; 225-2040; Fax: 225-2948; Chief of Staff: Lisa A. Sherman



    District Office(s): 4305 University Ave., #515, San Diego 92105-1601; (619) 280-5353; Fax: (619) 280-5311; District Director: Todd Gloria Committee Assignment(s): Armed Services; Education

    and the Workforce

    Davis, Thomas M. III, R-Va. (11)

    Capitol Hill Office: 2348 RHOB 20515-4611; 225-1492; Fax: 225-3071; Chief of Staff: David Thomas



    District Office(s): 4115 Annandale Rd., #103, Annandale 22003-2500; (703) 916-9610; Fax: (703) 916-9617; District Director: Dave Foreman 13546 Minnieville Rd., Woodbridge 22192-4203; (703) 590-4599; Fax: (703) 590-4740; Constituent Services Representative: Christian Curto

    Committee Assignment(s): Homeland Security; Government Reform

    Deal, Nathan, R-Ga. (10)

    Capitol Hill Office: 2133 RHOB 20515-1010; 225-5211; Fax: 225-8272; Deputy Chief of Staff/Legislative Director: Todd Smith



    District Office(s): 415 E. Walnut Ave., #108, Dalton 30721-4465; (706) 226-5320; Fax: (706)278-0840; Staff Assistant; Caseworker for Gordon, Murray and Whitfield Counties: Vivian Campbell Wachovia Center, 340 Jesse Jewell Parkway, #520, Gainesville 30501-7702; (770) 535-2592; Fax: (770)

    535-2765; Chief of Staff: Chris Riley 108 W Lafayette Square, #102, Lafayette 30728-3507; (706) 638-7042; Fax: (706) 638-7049; Staff Assistant; Caseworker for Catoosa, Dade and Walker Counties:

    Lonna Hightower Committee Assignment(s): Energy and Commerce

    DeFazio, Peter A., D-Ore. (4)

    Capitol Hill Office: 2134 RHOB 20515-3704; 225-6416; Fax: 225-0032; Chief of Staff: Penny Dodge



    District Office(s): 125 Central, #250, P.O. Box 1557, Coos

    Bay 97420; (541) 269-2609; Fax: (541) 269-5760; Coastal Field Representative; Projects Director: Ron

    Kresky 151 W 7th Ave., #400, Eugene 97401; (541) 465-6732; Fax: (541) 465-6458; District Director: Karmen Fore 612 S.E. Jackson St., #9, P.O. Box 2460, Roseburg 97470; (541) 440-3523; Fax: (541) 440-0511; Field Representative: Chris Conroy Committee Assignment(s): Homeland Security; Resources; Transportation and Infrastructure

    DeGette, Diana, D-Colo. (1)

    Capitol Hill Office: 1527 LHOB 20515-0601; 225-4431; Fax: 225-5657; Chief of Staff: Lisa B. Cohen



    District Office(s): 600 Grant St., Suite 202, Denver 80203-3525; (303) 844-4988; Fax: (303) 844-4996; District Director: Greg Diamond Committee Assignment(s): Energy and Commerce

    Delahunt, Bill, D-Mass. (10)

    Capitol Hill Office: 2454 RHOB 20515-2110; 225-3111; Fax: 225-5658; Chief of Staff: Steven C. Schwadron



    District Office(s): 146 Main St., Hyannis 02601; (508)

    771-0666; Fax: (508) 790-1959; Office Manager:

    Laurie Burnett 1250 Hancock St., #802-N, Quincy 02169-4346; 617-(770)3700; Fax: (617) 770-2984; Deputy District Director: Kim Arouca Committee Assignment(s): International Relations; Judiciary

    DeLauro, Rosa, D-Conn. (3)

    Capitol Hill Office: 2262 RHOB 20515-0703; 225-3661; Fax: 225-4890; Chief of Staff: Ashley Westbrook




    District Office(s): 59 Elm St., #205, New Haven 06510-2036; (203) 562-3718; Fax: (203) 772-2260; District Director: Jennifer Lamb Committee Assignment(s): Appropriations; Budget

    Dent, Charlie, R-Pa. (15)

    Capitol Hill Office: 502 CHOB 20515-3815; 225-6411; Fax: 226-0778; Chief of Staff: George S. McElwee



    District Office(s): 701 W. Broad St., #200, Bethlehem 18018-5229; (610) 861-9734; Fax: (610) 861-9308; District Director: Carol R. Halper 706 Main St., East Greenville 18041-1405; (215) 541-4106; Fax: (215) 541-4109; Constituent Services Representative: Vincent W. O'Domski

    Committee Assignment(s): Homeland Security; Government Reform; Transportation and Infrastructure

    Diaz-Balart, Lincoln, R-Fla. (21)

    Capitol Hill Office: 2244 RHOB 20515-0921; 225-4211; Fax: 225-8576; Press Secretary:Victoria Martinez



    District Office(s): Savannah Bldg., 8525 N.W. 53rd Terrace, #102, Miami 33166-4520; (305) 470-8555; Fax: (305) 470-8575; Chief of Staff: Ana M. Carbonell

    Committee Assignment(s): Rules

    Diaz-Balart, Mario, R-Fla. (25)

    Capitol Hill Office: 313 CHOB 20515-0925; 225-2778; Fax: 226-0346; Chief of Staff: Omar Franco



    District Office(s): 12851 S.W. 42nd St., #131, Miami 33175-3436; (305) 225-6866; Fax: (305) 225-7432; District Director: Miguel A. Otero 4715 Golden Gate Parkway, #1, Naples 34116-6901; (239) 348-1620; Fax: (239) 348-3569; District Representative: Stephen Hart

    Committee Assignment(s): Budget; Transportation and Infrastructure

    Dicks, Norm, D-Wash. (6)

    Capitol Hill Office: 2467 RHOB 20515-4706; 225-5916; Fax: 226-1176; Chief of Staff: George Behan



    District Office(s): 345 6th Ave., #500, Bremerton 98337; (360) 479-4011; Fax: (360) 479-2126; Kitsap County Director: Cheri Williams 332 E. 5th St., Port Angeles 98362-3207; (360) 452-3370; Congressional Aide: Mary Schuneman 1717 Pacific Ave., #2244, Tacoma 98402-4411; (253) 593-6536; Fax: (253) 593-6551; District Director:

    Tom Luce Committee Assignment(s): Homeland Security; Appropriations

    Dingell, John D., D-Mich. (15)

    Capitol Hill Office: 2328 RHOB 20515-2215; 225-4071; Chief of Staff: Rick Kessler



    District Office(s): 19855 W Outer Dr., #103-E, Dearborn 48124-2028; (313) 278-2936; Fax: (313) 278-3914; District Administrative: Terrance Spryszak 23 E. Front St., #103, Monroe 48161-2256; (734) 243-1849; Fax: (734) 243-5559; Office Manager; Caseworker: Donna Hoffer 5 S. Washington St., Ypsilanti 48197-8408; (734) 481-1100; Fax: (734) 481-1112; Field Representative: Jeff

    Donofrio Committee Assignment(s): Energy and Commerce

    Doggett, Lloyd, D-Texas (25)

    Capitol Hill Office: 201 CHOB 20515-4310; 225-4865; Fax: 225-3073; Chief of Staff: Michael J. Mucchetti



    District Office(s): Federal Bldg., 300 E. 8th St., #763, Austin 78701-3224; (512) 916-5921; Fax: (512) 916-5108; District Director: Melissa Abel 311 N. 15 St., McAllen 78501; (956) 687-5921; Fax: (956)

    683-1301; District Director: Olga Gabriel Committee Assignment(s): Ways and Means

    Doolittle, John T., R-Calif. (4)

    Capitol Hill Office: 2410 RHOB 20515-0504; 225-2511; Fax: 225-5444; Chief of Staff: Richard J. Robinson



    District Office(s): 4230 Douglas Blvd., #200, Granite Bay 95746-5902; (916) 786-5560; Fax: (916) 786-6364; District Director: Brian Jensen Committee Assignment(s): Appropriations; House Administration; Joint Printing

    Doyle, Mike, D-Pa. (14)

    Capitol Hill Office: 401 CHOB 20515-3814; 225-2135; Fax: 225-3084; Chief of Staff: David G. Lucas



    District Office(s): 627 Lysle Blvd., McKeesport 15132; (412) 664-4049; Fax: (412) 664-4053; Caseworker: Jeffrey Schafer 11 Duff Rd., Penn Hills 15235; (412) 241-6055; Fax: (412) 241-6820; Caseworker: John Jones 225 Ross St., #5, Pittsburgh 15219-2024; (412) 261-5091; District Director: Paul D'Alesandro

    Committee Assignment(s): Energy and Commerce; Standards of Official Conduct

    Drake, Thelma, R-Va. (2)

    Capitol Hill Office: 1208 LHOB 20515-4602; 225-4215; Fax: 225-4218; Chief of Staff: Tom T. Gordy



    District Office(s): 23386 Front St., Accomac 23301; (757) 787-7836; Fax: (757) 787-9540; Field Representative: Sylvia Parks 4772 Euclid Rd., Suite E, Virginia Beach 23462-3800; (757) 497-6859; Fax: (757) 497-5474; District Director: Mary Lou Stone

    Committee Assignment(s): Armed Services; Education and the Workforce; Resources

    Dreier, David, R-Calif. (26)

    Capitol Hill Office: 233 CHOB 20515-0526; 225-2305; Chief of Staff: Brad Smith



    District Office(s): 2220 E. Route 66, #225, Glendora 91740-7602; (626) 852-2626; Fax: (626) 963-9842; District Director: Mark S. Harmsen Committee Assignment(s): Congressional-Executive

    Commission on China; Democracy Assistance; Rules

    Duncan, John J. “Jimmy” Jr., R-Tenn. (2)

    Capitol Hill Office: 2267 RHOB 20515-4202; 225-5435; Fax: 225-6440; Deputy Chief of Staff: Don Walker



    District Office(s): McMinn County Courthouse, 6 W

    Madison Ave., Athens 37303-4252; (423) 745-4671; Fax: (423) 745-6025; Office Manager: Linda Higdon Howard H. Baker, Jr. U.S. Courthouse, 800 Market St., #110, Knoxville 37902-2303; (423) 523-3772; Fax: (423) 544-0728; Chief of Staff: Bob Griffitts 262 E. Broadway Ave., Maryville, 37804-5782; (865) 984-5464; Fax: (865) 984-0521; Office Manager: Vickie


    Committee Assignment(s): Government Reform; Resources; Transportation and Infrastructure

    Edwards, Chet, D-Texas (17)

    Capitol Hill Office: 2264 RHOB 20515-4311; 225-6105; Fax: 225-0350; Chief of Staff: Chris Chwastyk



    District Office(s): 115 S. Main St., #202, Cleburne 76033-5501; (817) 645-4743; Fax: (817) 645-4796; Deputy District Director: Chris Turner 111 University Dr., #216, College Station 77840-1261; (979) 691-8797; Fax: (979) 691-8939; Regional District Director: Lindsey Davis

    St. Charles Place, 600 Austin Ave., #29, Waco 76710; (254) 752-9600; Fax: (254) 752-7769; District Director: Samuel L. W Murphey

    Committee Assignment(s): Appropriations; Budget

    Ehlers, Vernon J., R-Mich. (3)

    Capitol Hill Office: 1714 LHOB 20515-2203; 225-3831; Fax: 225-5144; Chief of Staff: William R. McBride



    District Office(s): Federal Bldg., 110 Michigan St., #166, Grand Rapids 49503-2313; (616) 451-8383; Fax: (616) 454-5630; Constituent Services Director: Jennifer Long Duthler

    Committee Assignment(s): Education and the Workforce; House Administration; Science; Transportation and Infrastructure; Joint Library of Congress; Joint Printing

    Emanuel, Rahm, DIll. (5)

    Capitol Hill Office: 1319 LHOB 20515-1305; 225-4061; Fax: 225-5603; Chief of Staff: Elizabeth Sears Smith



    District Office(s): 3742 W Irving Park Rd., Chicago 60618-3116; (773) 267-5926; Fax: (773) 267-6583; District Director: John L. Borovicka IV Committee Assignment(s): Ways and Means

    Emerson, Jo Ann, R-Mo. (8)

    Capitol Hill Office: 2440 RHOB 20515-2508; 225-4404; Fax: 225-0326; Exec. Assistant; Scheduler: Atalie C.




    District Office(s): Federal Bldg., 339 Broadway, #246, Cape Girardeau 63701-7376; (573) 335-0101; Fax: (573) 335-1931; Chief of Staff: Lloyd Smith 22 E. Columbia St., Farmington 63640-3101; (573) 756-9755; Fax: (573) 756-9762; Director: Heather Garner 612 N. Pine St., Rolla 65401-3136; (573) 364-2455; Fax: (573) 364-1053; Director: Darren Lingle Committee Assignment(s): Appropriations

    Engel, Eliot L., D-N.Y. (17)

    Capitol Hill Office: 2161 RHOB 20515-3217; 225-2464; Chief of Staff: Jason B. Steinbaum



    District Office(s): 3655 Johnson Ave., Bronx 10463-1671; (718) 796-9700; Chief of Staff: William F. Weitz 6 Gramatan Ave., #205, Mount Vernon 10550-3208; (914) 699-4100; Staff Assistant: Cynthia Miller 261 W. Nyack Rd., West Nyack 10994-1724; (845) 735-1000; Staff Assistant: Ricardo Rangel Committee Assignment(s): Energy and Commerce; International Relations

    English, Phil, R-Pa. (3)

    Capitol Hill Office: 1410 LHOB 20515-3803; 225-5406; Fax: 225-3103; Chief of Staff: Robert L. Holste



    District Office(s): 101 E. Diamond St., #213, Butler 16001-5923; (724) 285-7005; Fax: (724) 285-5616; Constituent Services Representative: Marci Mustello 208 E. Bayfront Parkway, #102, Erie 16507-2405; (814)

    456-2038; Fax: (814) 454-0163; District Director:

    Regina Smith City Annex Bldg., 900 N. Hermitage Rd., #6, Hermitage 16148-3243; (724) 342-6132; Fax: (724) 342-6219; Constituent Services Representative: Marilyn Magnatto 800 Pennsylvania Ave. W, Warren 16365-1834; (814)

    723-7282; Fax: (814) 454-0163 Committee Assignment(s): Ways and Means; Joint Economic Committee

    Eshoo, Anna G., D-Calif. (14)

    Capitol Hill Office: 205 CHOB 20515-0514; 225-8104; Fax: 225-8890; Chief of Staff: Jason M. Mahler



    District Office(s): 698 Emerson St., Palo Alto 94301-1609; (650) 323-2984; Fax: (650) 323-3498; District Chief of Staff: Karen Chapman

    Committee Assignment(s): Energy and Commerce; Permanent Select Intelligence

    Etheridge, Bob, D-N.C. (2)

    Capitol Hill Office: 1533 LHOB 20515-3302; 225-4531; Fax: 225-5662; Chief of Staff: Julie Ann Dwyer



    District Office(s): 609 N. 1st St., Lillington 27546; (910)

    814-0335; Fax: (910) 814-2264; Sr. Caseworker: Amy

    Hornbuckle 225 Hillsborough St., #490, Raleigh 27603-5946; (919)

    829-9122; Fax: (919) 829-9883; District Director:Russ

    Swindell Committee Assignment(s): Homeland Security; Agriculture

    Evans, Lane, DIll. (17)

    Capitol Hill Office: 2211 RHOB 20515-1317; 225-5905; Fax: 225-5396; Chief of Staff: Dennis J. King



    District Office(s): 236 N. Water St., #765, Decatur 62523-1351; (217) 422-9150; Fax: (217) 422-9245; Staff Assistant: Patricia Dawson 261 N. Broad St., #5, Galesburg 61401-4612; (309) 342-4411; Fax: (309) 342-9749; Office Manager: Joyce

    Bean 1535 47th Ave., #5, Moline 61265-7217; (309) 793-5760; Fax: (309) 762-9193; District Representative: Philip G.

    Hare Committee Assignment(s): Armed Services; Veterans'


    Everett, Terry, R-Ala. (2)

    Capitol Hill Office: 2312 RHOB 20515-0102; 225-2901; Fax: 225-8913; Chief of Staff: Wade Heck



    District Office(s): 256 Honeysuckle Rd., #15, Dothan 36305; (334) 794-9680; Fax: (334) 671-1480; District Aide: Joe Williams 3500 Eastern Blvd., #250, Montgomery 36116; (334)

    277-9113; Fax: (334) 277-8534; District Representative: Honor Ingels 108 N. Main St., Opp 36467-2006; (334) 493-9253; Fax: (334) 493-6666; Staff Assistant: Frances Spurlin Committee Assignment(s): Agriculture; Armed Services; Veterans' Affairs; Permanent Select Intelligence

    Faleomavaega, Eni F. H., D-Am. Samoa (At Large)

    Capitol Hill Office: 2422 RHOB 20515-5201; 225-8577; Fax: 225-8757; Chief of Staff: Lisa Williams



    District Office(s): P.O. Drawer X, Pago Pago 96799; (684) 633-1372; Fax: (684) 633-2680; Chief of Staff: Alexander Tuli I. Godinet

    Committee Assignment(s): International Relations; Resources; Small Business

    Farr, Sam, D-Calif. (17)

    Capitol Hill Office: 1221 LHOB 20515-0517; 225-2861; Fax: 225-6791; Chief of Staff: Rochelle S. Dornatt



    District Office(s): 100 W Alisal St., Salinas 93901; (831)

    424-2229; Fax: (831) 424-7099; District Director:

    Alec J. Arago 701 Ocean St., #318, Santa Cruz 95060-4027; (831) 429-1976; Congressional Aide: Amy Field Committee Assignment(s): Appropriations

    Fattah, Chaka, D-Pa. (2)

    Capitol Hill Office: 2301 RHOB 20515-3802; 225-4001; Fax: 225-5392; Chief of Staff: Michelle Anderson Lee



    District Office(s): 4104 Walnut St., Philadelphia 19104-3598; (215) 387-6404; District Chief of Staff: Bonnie

    Bowser 6632 Germantown Ave., Philadelphia 19119-2250; (215)

    848-9386; Caseworker: Phyllis Goode Committee Assignment(s): Appropriations

    Feeney, Tom, R-Fla. (24)

    Capitol Hill Office: 323 CHOB 20515-0924; 225-2706; Fax: 226-6299; Chief of Staff: Jason C. Roe



    District Office(s): 12424 Research Parkway, #135, Orlando 32826-3273; (407) 208-1106; Fax: (407) 208-1108; District Director: Cheryl Moore 1000 City Center Circle, 2nd Floor, Port Orange 32129-4144; (386) 756-9798; Fax: (386) 756-9903; Sr. Caseworker: Barbara Kotch 400 South St., #4-A, Titusville 32780-7610; (321) 264-6113; Fax: (321) 264-6227

    Committee Assignment(s): Financial Services; Judiciary; Science

    Ferguson, Mike, R-N.J. (7)

    Capitol Hill Office: 214 CHOB 20515-3007; 225-5361; Fax: 225-9460; Chief of Staff: Chris Jones




    District Office(s): 45 Mountain Blvd., Bldg. D, #1, Warren 07059-5678; (908) 757-7835; Fax: (908) 757-7841; District Director: Marcus N. Rayner Committee Assignment(s): Energy and Commerce

    Filner, Bob, D-Calif. (51)

    Capitol Hill Office: 2428 RHOB 20515-0550; 225-8045; Fax: 225-9073; Chief of Staff: Tony J. Buckles



    District Office(s): 333 F St., Suite A, Chula Vista 91910-2624; (619) 422-5963; Fax: (619) 422-7290; Chief of Staff: Humberto Peraza 1101 Airport Rd., Suite D, Imperial 92251-1800; (760) 355-8800; Fax: (760) 355-8802; Community Representative: Juanita Salas

    Committee Assignment(s): Transportation and Infrastructure; Veterans' Affairs

    Fitzpatrick, Michael G., R-Pa. (8)

    Capitol Hill Office: 1516 LHOB 20515-3808; 225-4276; Fax: 225-9511; Chief of Staff: Michael Conallen



    District Office(s): 1 Oxford Valley, #800, Doylestown 19047-3322; (215) 348-7511; Fax: (215) 348-7658; Office Manager: Jennie McClure 60 N. Main St., Garden Level, Langhorne 18901-3730; (215) 752-7711; Fax: (215) 750-8014; District Manager: William Garrett Committee Assignment(s): Financial Services; Small


    Flake, Jeff, R-Ariz. (6)

    Capitol Hill Office: 424 CHOB 20515-0306; 225-2635; Fax: 226-4386; Chief of Staff: Margaret J. Klessig



    District Office(s): 1640 S. Stapley Dr., #215, Mesa 85204-6666; (480) 833-0092; Fax: (480) 833-6314; District Director; Scheduler: Christine Chucri

    Committee Assignment(s): International Relations; Judiciary; Resources

    Foley, Mark, R-Fla. (16)

    Capitol Hill Office: 104 CHOB 20515-0916; 225-5792; Fax: 225-3132; Deputy Chief of Staff: Elizabeth A.




    District Office(s): 4440 PGA Blvd., #406, Palm Beach

    Gardens 33410; (561) 627-6192; Fax: (561) 626-4749; District Manager: Steve Martino 18500 Murdock Circle, #536, Port Charlotte 33948-1068; (941) 627-9100; Fax: (941) 627-9101; District Manager: Richard Keen County Annex Bldg., 250 N.W Country Club Dr., Port

    St. Lucie 34986; (561) 878-3181; Fax: (561) 871-0651; District Manager: Ann Decker Committee Assignment(s): Ways and Means

    Forbes, J. Randy, R-Va. (4)

    Capitol Hill Office: 307 CHOB 20515-4604; 225-6365; Fax: 226-1170; Chief of Staff: Dee Gilmore



    District Office(s): 505 Independence Pkwy, Lake

    Center II, Suite 104, Chesapeake 23320-5178; (757) 382-0080; Fax: (757) 382-0780; District Chief of Staff: Dee K. Gilmore 2903 Blvd., Suite B, Colonial Heights 23834-2401; (804) 526-4969; Fax: (804) 520-6916; District Representative: Jason Gray 425 South Main St., Suite H, Emporia 23847-2300; (434) 634-5575; Fax: (434) 634-0511; District Field Representative: Rick Franklin

    Committee Assignment(s): Armed Services; Judiciary; Science

    Ford, Harold E. Jr., D-Tenn. (9)

    Capitol Hill Office: 325 CHOB 20515-4209; 225-3265; Fax: 225-5663; Deputy Chief of Staff:

    Amy Mollenkamp



    District Office(s): Federal Bldg., 167 N. Main St., #369, Memphis 38103-1822; (901) 544-4131; Fax: (901)

    544-4329; District Director: Robert White 775 E. Ridge Lake Blvd., #155, Memphis 38120; (901)

    766-8121; Fax: (901) 766-8124 Committee Assignment(s): Budget; Financial Services

    Fortenberry, Jeff, R-Neb. (1)

    Capitol Hill Office: 1517 LHOB 20515-2701; 225-4806; Fax: 225-5686; Chief of Staff: Kelly McCollum



    District Office(s): 629 N. Broad St., Fremont 68025-4932; (402) 727-0888; Fax: (402) 727-9130 301 S. 13th St., #100, Lincoln 68508-2532; (402) 438-1598; Fax: (402) 438-1604; Field Director: Vacant Committee Assignment(s): Agriculture; Democracy

    Assistance; International Relations; Small Business

    Fortuño, Luis, R-P.R. (At Large)

    Capitol Hill Office: 126 CHOB 20515-5401; 225-2615; Fax: 225-2154; Chief of Staff: Luis Baco



    District Office(s): 250 Calle Fortaleza, San Juan 00901-1713; (787) 723-6333; Fax: (787) 729-7738; District Director: Lynnette Gomez

    Committee Assignment(s): Education and the Workforce; Resources; Transportation and Infrastructure

    Fossella, Vito J., R-N.Y. (13)

    Capitol Hill Office: 1239 LHOB 20515-3213; 225-3371; Fax: 226-1272; Chief of Staff: Thomas P. Quaadman



    District Office(s): 8505 5th Ave., Brooklyn 11209-4607; (718) 630-5277; Fax: (718) 630-5388; Director: Bob Capano

    4434 Amboy Rd., Staten Island 10312; (718) 356-8400; Fax: (718) 356-1928; District Director: Sherry Diamond Committee Assignment(s): Energy and Commerce; Financial Services

    Foxx, Virginia, R-N.C. (5)

    Capitol Hill Office: 503 CHOB 20515-3305; 225-2071; Fax: 225-2995; Chief of Staff: Richard L. Hudson



    District Office(s): 240 Hwy. 105 Extension, #200, Boone 28607-4291; (828) 265-0240; Fax: (828) 265-0390; Field Representative: Aaron Whitener 6000 Meadowbrook Mall Ct., #3, Clemmons 27012-8775; (336) 778-0211; Fax: (336) 778-2290; District Director: Todd Poole

    Committee Assignment(s): Agriculture; Education and the Workforce; Government Reform

    Frank, Barney, D-Mass. (4)

    Capitol Hill Office: 2252 RHOB 20515-2104; 225-5931; Fax: 225-0182; Chief of Staff: Peter Porter Kovar



    District Office(s): 558 Pleasant St., #309, New Bedford 02740-6246; (508) 999-6462; Fax: (508) 999-6468; Office Manager: Ines Goncalves-Drolet 29 Crafts St., Newton 02458-1275; (617) 332-3920; Fax: (617) 332-2822; District Director: Dorothy M.

    Reichard The Jones Bldg., 29 Broadway St., #310, Taunton 02780; (508) 822-4796; Fax: (508) 822-8286; Deputy District Director: Garth Patterson Committee Assignment(s): Financial Services

    Franks, Trent, R-Ariz. (2)

    Capitol Hill Office: 1237 LHOB 20515-0302; 225-4576; Fax: 225-6328; Chief of Staff: Tom Stallings



    District Office(s): 7121 W Bell Rd., #200, Glendale 85308-8549; (623) 776-7911; Fax: (623) 776-7832; District Director: Daniel Hay Committee Assignment(s): Armed Services; Judiciary

    Frelinghuysen, Rodney, R-N.J. (11)

    Capitol Hill Office: 2442 RHOB 20515-3011; 225-5034; Chief of Staff: Nancy Fox



    District Office(s): 30 Schuyler Place, 2nd Floor, Morristown 07960-5128; (973) 984-0711; District Director: Peggy Nelson Committee Assignment(s): Appropriations

    Gallegly, Elton, R-Calif. (24)

    Capitol Hill Office: 2427 RHOB 20515-0524; 225-5811; Fax: 225-1100; Chief of Staff: Patrick Murphy



    District Office(s): 485 Alisal Rd., Suite G-1A, Solvang 93463-3701; (805) 686-2525; Fax: (805) 686-2566; Congressional Aide: Steve Lavagnino 2829 Townsgate Rd., #315, Thousand Oaks 91361-3018; (805) 497-2224; Fax: (805) 497-0039; District Director: Paula Sheil

    Committee Assignment(s): International Relations; Judiciary; Resources; Permanent Select Intelligence

    Garrett, Scott, R-N.J. (5)

    Capitol Hill Office: 1318 LHOB 20515-3005; 225-4465; Fax: 225-9048; Chief of Staff: Michelle Preson



    District Office(s): 210 Route 4, E., #206, Paramus 07652-5103; (201) 712-0330; Fax: (201) 712-0930; District Director: Gina Diorio 93 Main St., Newton 07860-2056; (973) 300-2000; Fax: (973) 300-1051; Western District Coord.: Tammy

    Happe Committee Assignment(s): Budget; Financial Services

    Gerlach, Jim, R-Pa. (6)

    Capitol Hill Office: 308 CHOB 20515-3806; 225-4315; Fax: 225-8440; Chief of Staff: Linda J. Pedigo



    District Office(s): 111 E. Uwchlan Ave., Exton 19341-1206; (610) 594-1415; Fax: (610) 594-1419; District Director: Edward Schmid 580 Main St., #4, Trappe 19426; (610) 409-2780; Fax: (610) 409-7988; District Representative:Jason Carver 501 N. Park Rd., Wyomissing 19610-2919; (610) 376-7630; Fax: (610) 376-7633; District Representative:

    Tara Vanore Committee Assignment(s): Financial Services; Transportation and Infrastructure

    Gibbons, Jim, R-Nev. (2)

    Capitol Hill Office: 100 CHOB 20515-2802; 225-6155; Fax: 225-5679; Chief of Staff; Communications Director: Amy E. Spanbauer



    District Office(s): 491 4th St., Elko 89801-3133; (775)

    777-7920; Fax: (775) 777-7922; Field Representative:

    Crystal Nelson 600 Las Vegas Blvd. S., #680, Las Vegas 89101-6646; (702)

    255-1651; Fax: (702) 255-1927; Field Director: Judith

    Ray Bruce R. Thompson Courthouse and Federal Bldg., 400

    S. Virginia St., #502, Reno 89501-2194; (775) 686-5760; Fax: (775) 686-5711; District Director: Diane

    Cornwall Committee Assignment(s): Homeland Security; Armed

    Services; Resources

    Gilchrest, Wayne T., R-Md. (1)

    Capitol Hill Office: 2245 RHOB 20515-2001; 225-5311; Fax: 225-0254; Chief of Staff: Anthony P. Caligiuri



    District Office(s): 112 W. Pennsylvania Ave., #102, Bel Air 21014-3663; (410) 838-2517; Fax: (410) 838-7823; Office Manager: Virginia Sanders 315 High St., #105, Chestertown 21620-1307; (410) 778-9407; Fax: (410) 778-9560; District Office Manager: Karen Willis 1 Plaza East, Salisbury 21801-4913; (410) 749-3184; Fax: (410) 749-8458; District Office Manager: Monica Bell

    Committee Assignment(s): Resources; Science; Transportation and Infrastructure

    Gillmor, Paul E., R-Ohio (5)

    Capitol Hill Office: 1203 LHOB 20515-3505; 225-6405; Fax: 225-1985; Administrative Assistant; Office Manager: Mark S. Wellman



    District Office(s): 613 W. 3rd St., Defiance 43512-2168; (419) 782-1996; Fax: (800) 278-8203; Senior District Representative: Barbara Barker 130 Shady Lane Dr., Norwalk 44857; (419) 668-0206; District Aide: Nancy Lehman 96 S. Washington St., #400, Tiffin 44883-2350; (419) 448-9016; Fax: (800) 278-8203; District Representative; Office Manager: Christina Strumsky

    Committee Assignment(s): Democracy Assistance; Energy and Commerce; Financial Services

    Gingrey, Phil, R-Ga. (11)

    Capitol Hill Office: 119 CHOB 20515-1011; 225-2931; Fax: 225-2944; Chief of Staff: Mitch Hunter



    District Office(s): 207 Newnan St., Suite A, Carrollton 30117-3122; (770) 836-8130; Fax: (770) 214-3655; Constituent Services Representative: Jan Wylie 219 Roswell St. N.E., Marietta 30060-2063; (770) 429-1776; Fax: (770) 795-9551; Deputy District Director; Special Projects Manager: John O'Keefe 600 E. 1st St., Rome 30161-3149; (706) 290-1776; Fax: (706) 232-7864; District Director: Janet Byington Committee Assignment(s): Rules

    Gohmert, Louie, R-Texas (1)

    Capitol Hill Office: 508 CHOB 20515-4301; 225-3035; Fax: 225-5866; Chief of Staff: Michelle Tomberlin



    District Office(s): 1121 E. Southeast Loop 323, #206, Tyler 75701-9660; (903) 561-6349; Fax: (903) 561-7110; District Director: Jonna Fitzgerald Gregg County Courthouse, 101 E. Methvin St., Suite 302, Longview 75601-7200, (903) 236-8597 300 E. Shepard Ave., Lufkin 75901-3252, (936) 632-3180 202 E. Pillar St., Nacogdoches 75961-5508, (936)

    715-9514 Committee Assignment(s): Judiciary; Resources; Small


    Gonzalez, Charlie, D-Texas (20)

    Capitol Hill Office: 327 CHOB 20515-4320; 225-3236; Fax: 225-1915; Chief of Staff: Kevin Kimble



    District Office(s): Federal Bldg., 727 E. Durango Blvd., Suite B-124, San Antonio 78206-1286; (210) 472-6195; Fax: (210) 472-4009; Community Outreach Coord.: Stephanie Smith Committee Assignment(s): Energy and Commerce

    Goode, Virgil H. Jr., R-Va. (5)

    Capitol Hill Office: 1520 LHOB 20515-4605; 225-4711; Fax: 225-5681; Chief of Staff:http://S.Jerome.Rosenbaum



    District Office(s): 104 S. 1st St., Charlottesville 22902; (434) 295-6372; Fax: (434) 295-6059; District Office Manager: Esther Page Dan Daniel Post Office Bldg., 700 Main St., #302, Danville 24541; (434) 792-1280; Fax: (434) 797-5942; Press Secretary: Linwood Duncan 103 S. Main St., Farmville 23901; (434) 392-8331; Fax: (434) 392-6448; District Office Manager: Sarah Terry Virgil Goode Bldg., 70 E. Court St., #215, Rocky Mount 24151; (540) 484-1254; Fax: (540) 484-1459; Staff Assistant: Crystal Dallas Committee Assignment(s): Appropriations

    Goodlatte, Robert W., R-Va. (6)

    Capitol Hill Office: 2240 RHOB 20515-4606; 225-5431; Fax: 225-9681; Chief of Staff: Shelley Husband



    District Office(s): 2 S. Main St., 1st Floor, Suite A, Harrisonburg 22801; (540) 432-2391; Fax: (540) 432-6593; District Representative: Ande Banks 916 Main St., #300, Lynchburg 24504; (434) 845-8306; Fax: (434) 845-8245; District Representative: Clarkie Patterson 10 Franklin Rd. S.E., #540, Roanoke 24011; (540) 857-2672; Fax: (540) 857-2675; District Director: Peter S. Larkin 7 Court Square, Staunton 24401; (540) 885-3861; Fax: (540) 885-3930; District Representative: Sheila Jennings

    Committee Assignment(s): Agriculture; Judiciary

    Gordon, Bart, D-Tenn. (6)

    Capitol Hill Office: 2304 RHOB 20515-4206; 225-4231; Fax: 225-6887; Chief of Staff: E. Charles Atkins



    District Office(s): 15 S. Jefferson Ave., Cookeville 38501-3307; (931) 528-5907; Fax: (931) 528-1165; Field Representative: Billy Smith

    Sumner County Courthouse, 100 Public Square, Suite

    B-100, Gallatin 37066-2867; (615) 451-5174; Field Representative: Caroline Diaz-Barriga 305 W. Main St., Murfreesboro 37130-3547; (615) 896-1986; Fax: (615) 896-8218; District Chief of Staff:

    Kent Syler Committee Assignment(s): Energy and Commerce; Science

    Granger, Kay, R-Texas (12)

    Capitol Hill Office: 440 CHOB 20515-4312; 225-5071; Fax: 225-5683; Chief of Staff: Robert Head



    District Office(s): River Plaza, 1701 River Run Rd., #407, Fort Worth 76107-6548; (817) 338-0909; Fax: (817) 335-5852; District Director: Barbara A. Ragland

    Committee Assignment(s): Appropriations

    Graves, Sam, R-Mo. (6)

    Capitol Hill Office: 1513 LHOB 20515-2506; 225-7041; Fax: 225-8221; Chief of Staff: Tom Brown



    District Office(s): 113 Blue Jay Dr., #100, Liberty 64068-1963; (816) 792-3976; Fax: (816) 792-0694; Deputy Chief of Staff: Melissa Goss 201 S. 8th St., #330, St., Joseph 64501-2275; (816) 233-9818; Fax: (816) 233-9848; Deputy Chief of Staff:

    Dean Brookshier Committee Assignment(s): Agriculture; Small Business; Transportation and Infrastructure

    Green, Al, D-Texas (9)

    Capitol Hill Office: 1529 LHOB 20515-4309; 225-7508; Fax: 225-2947; Chief of Staff: Jacqueline A. Ellis



    District Office(s): 3003 S. Loop West, Suite 460, Houston 77054-1301; (713) 383-9234; Fax: (713) 383-9202; District Director: Lucinda Daniels Committee Assignment(s): Financial Services; Science

    Green, Gene, D-Texas (29)

    Capitol Hill Office: 2335 RHOB 20515-4329; 225-1688; Fax: 225-9903; Chief of Staff: Rhonda Jackson



    District Office(s): 10 N. Gaillard St., Baytown 77520-4053; (281) 420-0502; Fax: (281) 420-0585

    256 N. Sam Houston Pkwy. East, #29, Houston 77060; (281) 999-5879; Fax: (281) 999-5716; District Director: Rhonda Jackson 11811 I10 East, #430, Houston 77029; (713) 330-0761; Fax: (713) 330-0807; Caseworker: Marlene Clowers

    Committee Assignment(s): Energy and Commerce; Standards of Official Conduct

    Green, Mark, R-Wis. (8)

    Capitol Hill Office: 1314 LHOB 20515-4908; 225-5665; Fax: 225-5729; Chief of Staff: Chris Tuttle



    District Office(s): 609 A W. College Ave., Appleton 54911-5803; (920) 380-0061; Fax: (920) 380-0051; Caseworker: Rebecca Deschane

    Walnut Bldg., 700 E. Walnut St., Green Bay 54301-4052; (920) 437-1954; Fax: (920) 437-1978; District Director: Kerry Niemcek-Druecke

    Committee Assignment(s): International Relations; Judiciary

    Grijalva, Raúl M., D-Ariz. (7)

    Capitol Hill Office: 1440 LHOB 20515-0307; 225-2435; Fax: 225-1541; Chief of Staff: Glenn E. Miller



    District Office(s): 810 E. 22nd St., #122, Tucson 85713-1751; (520) 622-6788; Fax: (520) 622-0198; District Director: Rubén H. Reyes 1455 S. 4th Ave., #4, Yuma 85364-4695; (928) 343-7933; Fax: (928) 343-7949; Field Representative: Luis Heredia

    Committee Assignment(s): Education and the Workforce; Resources; Small Business

    Gutierrez, Luis V., DIll. (4)

    Capitol Hill Office: 2367 RHOB 20515-1304; 225-8203; Fax: 225-7810; Chief of Staff: Jennice Fuentes



    District Office(s): 1310 W 18th St., Chicago 60608-3132; (312) 666-3882; Fax: (312) 666-3894; District Co-Director: Salvador Cerna 3455 W North Ave., Chicago 60647-4841; (773) 384-1655; Fax: (773) 384-1685; District Co-Director: Veronica Ocasslo

    Committee Assignment(s): Financial Services; Veterans' Affairs

    Gutknecht, Gil, R-Minn. (1)

    Capitol Hill Office: 425 CHOB 20515-2301; 225-2472; Fax: 225-3246; Chief of Staff: Patty Sheetz



    District Office(s): 109 E. 2nd St., Fairmont 56031-2812; (507) 238-2835; Fax: (507) 238-1405; Field Representative: Maureen Boro 1530 Greenview Dr. S.W, #108, Rochester 55902-1080; (507) 252-9841; Fax: (507) 252-9915; Field Representative: Richard Larson

    Committee Assignment(s): Agriculture; Government Reform; Science

    Hall, Ralph M., R-Texas (4)

    Capitol Hill Office: 2405 RHOB 20515-4304; 225-6673; Fax: 225-3332; Chief of Staff: Janet Perry Poppleton



    District Office(s): 104 N. San Jacinto St., Rockwall 75087-2508; (972) 771-9118; Fax: (972) 722-0907; District Assistant: Tom Hughes 101 E. Pecan St., #119, Sherman 75090-5917; (903) 892-1112; Fax: (903) 868-0264; District Assistant: Christy

    Holcomb Collin County Courts Facility, 1800 N. Graves St., Suite 101, McKinney 75069-3422, (214) 726-9949; Fax: (214) 726-9363; District Assistant: Linda Schenck Bowie County Courthouse, 710 James Bowie Dr., New

    Boston 75570-2328; (903) 628-8309; Fax: (903) 628-8320; District Assistant: Marjorie Chandler U.S. Post Office, 320 Church St., Suite 132, Sulphur

    Springs, 75482-2606; (903) 885-8138; Fax: (903) 439-0874; District Assistant: Matt Glover 4303 Texas Blvd., Suite 2, Texarkana 75503-3094; (903)

    794-4445; Fax: (903) 794-5577; District Assistant:

    Marjorie Chandler Committee Assignment(s): Energy and Commerce; Science

    Harman, Jane, D-Calif. (36)

    Capitol Hill Office: 2400 RHOB 20515-0536; 225-8220; Fax: 226-7290; Chief of Staff: John Hess



    District Office(s): 2321 E. Rosecrans Ave., #3270, El Segundo 90245-4913; (310) 643-3636; Fax: (310) 643-6445; District Director: Chad Molnar 544 N. Avalon Blvd., 3rd Floor, Wilmington 90744-5806; (310) 549-8282; Fax: (310) 549-8250; Caseworker: Mary Bautista

    Committee Assignment(s): Homeland Security; Permanent Select Intelligence

    Harris, Katherine, R-Fla. (13)

    Capitol Hill Office: 116 CHOB 20515-0913; 225-5015; Fax: 226-0828; Chief of Staff: Fred Asbell



    District Office(s): 1112 Manatee Ave. W, #902, Bradenton 34205-7804; (941) 747-9081; Fax: (941) 749-5310; District Director: Laura Griffin 1991 Main St., #181, Sarasota 34236-5982; (941) 951-6643; Fax: (941) 951-2972; Outreach Director:

    Lamont Couch Committee Assignment(s): Homeland Security; Financial

    Services; International Relations

    Hart, Melissa A., R-Pa. (4)

    Capitol Hill Office: 1024 LHOB 20515-3804; 225-2565; Fax: 226-2274; Chief of Staff: William S. Ries



    District Office(s): 4655 Route 8, #124-G, Allison Park 15101-2243; (412) 492-0161; Fax: (412) 492-0178; District Director: Kevin McGavick 501 Lawrence Ave., Ellwood City 16117-1927; (724) 752-0490; Fax: (724) 752-0494; Constituent Services Supervisor: Cherith Brewer

    Committee Assignment(s): Standards of Official Conduct; Ways and Means

    Hastert, J. Dennis, R-Ill. (14)

    Capitol Hill Office: 235 CHOB 20515-1314; 225-2976; Fax: 225-0697; Chief of Staff: Scott B. Palmer



    District Office(s): 27 N. River St., Batavia 60510-2666; (630) 406-1114; Fax: (630) 406-1808; District Director: Bryan Harbin 119 W. 1st St., Dixon 61021-3056; (815) 288-0680; Fax: (815) 288-0743; Field Representative: Jane Burrs

    Geneseo House, 137 S. State St., #336, Geneseo 61254-1301; (309) 944-3558; Field Representative: Jane Burrs

    Hastings, Alcee L, D-Fla. (23)

    Capitol Hill Office: 2353 RHOB 20515-0923; 225-1313; Fax: 225-1171; Washington, D.C. Chief of Staff; Democratic Staff Director, Rules Subcommittee on Legislative and Budget Process: Fred L. Turner



    District Office(s): 2701 W. Oakland Park Blvd., #200, Fort Lauderdale 33311-1363; (954) 733-2800; Fax: (954) 735-9444; Florida Chief of Staff: Art W. Kennedy

    Corporate Bldg., 5725 Corporate Way, West Palm Beach 33407-2007; (561) 684-0565; Fax: (561) 684-3613; District Representative: Mikel Jones

    Committee Assignment(s): Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe; Rules; Permanent Select Intelligence

    Hastings, Doc, R-Wash. (4)

    Capitol Hill Office: 1323 LHOB 20515-4704; 225-5816; Fax: 225-3251; Chief of Staff: Todd Young



    District Office(s): 2715 St. Andrews Loop, Suite D, Pasco 99301-3386; (509) 543-9396; Fax: (509) 545-1972; District Director: Barb Lisk 302 E. Chestnut St., Yakima 98901-2718; (509) 452-3243; Fax: (509) 452-3438; Deputy District Director: Vacant Committee Assignment(s): Rules; Standards of Official


    Hayes, Robin, R-N.C. (8)

    Capitol Hill Office: 130 CHOB 20515-3308; 225-3715; Fax: 225-4036; Chief of Staff: Andrew Duke



    District Office(s): 137 Union St. South, Concord 28025-5011; (704) 786-1612; Fax: (704) 782-1004; District Director: Gary Mitchell 230 E. Franklin St., Rockingham 28379-3627; (910) 997-2070; Fax: (910) 997-7987; Constituent Liaison: Greg

    Icard Committee Assignment(s): Agriculture; Armed Services; Transportation and Infrastructure

    Hayworth, J. D., R-Ariz. (5)

    Capitol Hill Office: 2434 RHOB 20515-0305; 225-2190; Fax: 225-3263; Chief of Staff: Joe Eule



    District Office(s): 14300 N. Northsight Blvd., #101, Scottsdale 85260-3673; (480) 926-4151; Fax: (480) 926-3998; District Director: Ryan Serote

    Committee Assignment(s): Resources; Ways and Means

    Hefley, Joel, R-Colo. (5)

    Capitol Hill Office: 2372 RHOB 20515-0605; 225-4422; Fax: 225-1942; Chief of Staff: Loren R. Whittemore



    District Office(s): 104 S. Cascade Ave., #105, Colorado

    Springs 80903-5101; (719) 520-0055; Fax: (719) 520-0840; Staff Assistant: Ellen Cesarone Committee Assignment(s): Armed Services

    Hensarling, Jeb, R-Texas (5)

    Capitol Hill Office: 132 CHOB 20515-4305; 225-3484; Fax: 226-4888; Chief of Staff: Dee Buchanan



    District Office(s): 100 E. Corsicana St., #208, Athens 75751; (903) 675-8288; Fax: (903) 675-8357; Regional Director: Richard Sanders 6510 Abrams Rd., #243, Dallas 75231-7278; (214) 349-9996; Fax: (214) 349-0738; District Director: Rebekah

    Kay Committee Assignment(s): Budget; Financial Services

    Herger, Wally, R-Calif. (2)

    Capitol Hill Office: 2268 RHOB 20515-0502; 225-3076; Chief of Staff: Derek Harley



    District Office(s): 55 Independence Circle, #104, Chico 95973-4909; (530) 893-8363; District Office Manager:

    Fran Peace 410 Hemsted Dr., #115, Redding 96002-0164; (530) 223-5898; Field Representative: David Meurer Committee Assignment(s): Ways and Means

    Herseth, Stephanie, D-S.D. (At Large)

    Capitol Hill Office: 331 CHOB 20515-4101; 225-2801; Fax: 225-5823; Chief of Staff: Jeff Navin



    District Office(s): 13 2nd Ave., S.E., #102, Aberdeen, 57401-4239; (605) 626-3440; Fax: (605) 626-3441; Outreach Coord.: Maeve King 1823 W. Main St., Rapid City 57702-2566; (605) 394-5280; Fax: (605) 394-5282; Outreach Director: Lesley

    Kandaras 326 E. 8th St., #108, Sioux Falls 57103-7036; (605) 367-8371; Fax: (605) 367-8373; State Director: Tessa

    Gould Committee Assignment(s): Agriculture; Resources; Veterans' Affairs

    Higgins, Brian, D-N.Y. (27)

    Capitol Hill Office: 431 CHOB 20515-3227; 225-3306; Fax: 226-0347; Chief of Staff: Chuck Eaton



    District Office(s): Larkin Bldg., 726 Exchange St., #601, Buffalo 14210-1484; (716) 852-3501; Fax: (716) 852-3929; Executive Assistant: Theresa Kennedy

    Fenton Bldg., 2 E. 2nd St., #300, Jamestown 14701-5206; (716) 484-0729; Fax: (716) 484-1049; Director, Chautauqua County Office: Donna Coughlin

    Committee Assignment(s): Government Reform; Transportation and Infrastructure

    Hinchey, Maurice D., D-N.Y. (22)

    Capitol Hill Office: 2431 RHOB 20515-3222; 225-6335; Fax: 226-0774; Chief of Staff: Wendy Darwell



    District Office(s): Federal Bldg., 15 Henry St., #100A, Binghamton 13901-2724; (607) 773-2768; District Representative: Dan Lamb 123 S. Cayuga St., #201, Ithaca 14850-5582; (607) 273-1388; District Representative: Dan Lamb 291 Wall St., Kingston 12401-3849; (845) 331-4466; District Director: Dan Ahouse

    City Hall, 16 James St., 3rd Floor, Middletown 10940-5787; (845) 344-3211; District Representative: Chris White 20 Anawana Rd., Monticello 12701-3200; (845) 791-7116; Community Liaison: Julie Allen

    Committee Assignment(s): Appropriations; Joint Economic Committee

    Hinojosa, Rubén, D-Texas (15)

    Capitol Hill Office: 2463 RHOB 20515-4315; 225-2531; Fax: 225-5688; Chief of Staff: Connie Humphrey



    District Office(s): 107 S. Saint Mary's St., Beeville 78102-5619; (361) 358-8400; Fax: (361) 358-8407; District Director: Judy McAda 2864 W Trenton Rd., Edinburg 78539-9232; (956) 682-5545; Fax: (956) 682-0141; District Director: Salomon


    Committee Assignment(s): Education and the Workforce; Financial Services

    Hobson, David L, R-Ohio (7)

    Capitol Hill Office: 2346 RHOB 20515-3507; 225-4324; Chief of Staff: Wayne A. Struble



    District Office(s): 212 S. Broad St., #55, Lancaster 43130-4389; (740) 654-5149; Fax: (740) 654-7825; Constituent Service Director: Bob Clark 5 W North St., #200, Springfield 45504-2544; (937) 325-0474; Fax: (937) 325-9188; District Director:Eileen Austria

    Committee Assignment(s): Appropriations

    Hoekstra, Peter, R-Mich. (2)

    Capitol Hill Office: 2234 RHOB 20515-2202; 225-4401; Fax: 226-0779; Chief of Staff: Amy Sandgren Plaster



    District Office(s): 210 1/2 N. Mitchell St., Cadillac 49601-1835; (231) 775-0050; Fax: (231) 775-0298; Cadillac Area Representative: Jill Brown 184 South River Ave., Holland 49423-2848; (616) 395-0030; Fax: (616) 395-0271; District Director: Jon DeWitte 900 3rd St., #203, Muskegon 49440-1135; (231) 722-8386; Fax: (231) 722-0176; Constituent Services Manager: Jonathan Seyferth

    Committee Assignment(s): Transportation and Infrastructure; Permanent Select Intelligence

    Holden, Tim, D-Pa. (17)

    Capitol Hill Office: 2417 RHOB 20515-3817; 225-5546; Fax: 226-0996; Chief of Staff: Trish J. Reilly-Hudock



    District Office(s): 1721 N. Front St., #105, Harrisburg 17102-2391; (717) 234-5904; Fax: (717) 234-5918; District Director: Tim Smith 47 S. 8th St., Lebanon 17042-5210; (717) 270-1395; Fax: (717) 270-1095; Office Manager: Matthew Boyer 101 N. Centre St., #303, Pottsville 17901-2972; (570)

    622-4212; Fax: (570) 628-2561; Office Manager:Jean

    Graeff 4918 Kutztown Rd., Temple 19560-1554; (610) 921-3502; Fax: (610) 921-3504; Office Manager: Mary Beth

    Marello Committee Assignment(s): Agriculture; Transportation

    and Infrastructure

    Holt, Rush D., D-N.J. (12)

    Capitol Hill Office: 1019 LHOB 20515-3012; 225-5801; Fax: 225-6025; Chief of Staff: Jim Papa



    District Office(s): 50 Washington Rd., Princeton Junction 08550-1012; (609) 750-9365; Fax: (609) 750-0618; District Director: Leslie Potter

    Committee Assignment(s): Democracy Assistance; Education and the Workforce; House Commission on Congressional Mailing Standards; Permanent Select Intelligence

    Honda, Michael M., D-Calif. (15)

    Capitol Hill Office: 1713 LHOB 20515-0515; 225-2631; Fax: 225-2699; Chief of Staff: Jennifer Van der Heide




    District Office(s): 1999 S. Bascom Ave.,#815, Campbell 95008-2200; (408) 558-8085; Fax: (408) 558-8086; District Director: Meri Maben Committee Assignment(s): Congressional-Executive

    Commission on China; Science; Transportation and


    Hooley, Darlene, D-Ore. (5)

    Capitol Hill Office: 2430 RHOB 20515-3705; 225-5711; Fax: 225-5699; Chief of Staff; Press Secretary:Joan




    District Office(s): 315 Mission St. S.E., #101, Salem 97302-6231; (503) 588-9100; Fax: (503) 588-5517; District Aide: Tiffany Carstensen 21570 Willamette Dr., West Linn 97068-2747; (503) 557-1324; Fax: (503) 557-1981; District Director: Suzanne

    Kuse Committee Assignment(s): Financial Services; Science; Veterans' Affairs

    Hostettler, John, R-Ind. (8)

    Capitol Hill Office: 1214 LHOB 20515-1408; 225-4636; Fax: 225-3284; Chief of Staff: Kate Stusrud



    District Office(s): 411 3rd St., Covington 47932-1166; (765) 793-2161; Fax: (765) 793-2137; District Representative: Dennis Campbell 101 N.W Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., #124, Evansville 47708-1951; (812) 465-6484; Fax: (812) 422-4761; District Scheduler: Nancy Wilder 901 Wabash Ave., #140, Terre Haute 47807-3232; (812) 232-0523; Fax: (812) 232-0526; District Representative: Lisa Long 328 N. 2nd St., #304, Vincennes 47591-1353; (812) 882-0632; Fax: (812) 882-4298; District Representative: Diane Willis

    Committee Assignment(s): Armed Services; Judiciary

    Hoyer, Steny H., D-Md. (5)

    Capitol Hill Office: 1705 LHOB 20515-2005; 225-4131; Fax: 225-4300; Legis. Director: Geoff Plague



    District Office(s): 6500 Cherrywood Lane, #310, Greenbelt 20770-1287; (301) 474-0119; Fax: (301) 474-4697; District Director: Betsy W. Bossart 401 Post Office Rd., #202, Waldorf 20602-2738; (301) 843-1577; Fax: (301) 843-1331; Senior Adviser: John Bohanan

    Committee Assignment(s): Appropriations

    Hulshof, Kenny, R-Mo. (9)

    Capitol Hill Office: 412 CHOB 20515-2509; 225-2956; Fax: 225-5712; Chief of Staff: Manning Feraci



    District Office(s): 33 E. Broadway St., #280, Columbia 65203-4219; (573) 449-5111; Fax: (573) 449-5312; District Director: Tim Rich 201 N. 3rd St., #240, Hannibal 63401-3549; (573) 221-1200; Fax: (573) 221-5349; District Office Director:

    Scott Callicot 516 Jefferson St., Washington 63090-2706; (636) 239-4001; Fax: (636) 239-1987; District Office Director:

    Jenni Kaul Committee Assignment(s): Budget; Ways and Means

    Hunter, Duncan, R-Calif. (52)

    Capitol Hill Office: 2265 RHOB 20515-0552; 225-5672; Fax: 225-0235; Chief of Staff: Victoria J. Middleton



    District Office(s): 1870 Cordell Ct., #206, El Cajon 92020-0916; (619) 448-5201; Fax: (619) 449-2251; District Chief of Staff:Wendell Cutting Committee Assignment(s): Armed Services

    Hyde, Henry J., R–Ill. (6)

    Capitol Hill Office: 2110 RHOB 20515-1306; 225-4561; Fax: 225-1166; Chief of Staff: Judith Wolverton



    District Office(s): 50 E. Oak St., #200, Addison 60101-2848; (630) 832-5950; Fax: (630) 832-5969; Chief of Staff: Judith Wolverton Committee Assignment(s): International Relations; Judiciary

    Inglis, Bob, R-S.C. (4)

    Capitol Hill Office: 330 CHOB 20515-4004; 225-6030; Fax: 226-1177; Chief of Staff Wayne Roper



    District Office(s): 105 N. Spring St., #111, Greenville 29601-2859; (864) 232-1141; Fax: (864) 233-2160; Constituent Liaison: Joanna Bursch 464 E. Main St., #8, Spartanburg 29302-1973; (864) 582-6422; Fax: (864) 573-9478; Constituent Liason: Dwayne Hatchett

    Committee Assignment(s): Education and the Workforce; Judiciary; Science

    Inslee, Jay, D-Wash. (1)

    Capitol Hill Office: 403 CHOB 20515-4701; 225-6311; Fax: 226-1606; Chief of Staff: Brian Bonlender



    District Office(s): Shoreline Center, 18560 1st Ave. N.E., #E-800, Shoreline 98155-2150; (206) 361-0233; Fax: (206) 361-3959; District Director: Kennie Endelman.

    Door 112 17791 Fjord Dr. N.E., Poulsbo 98370-8481; (360) 598-2342; Fax: (360) 598-3650; Special Assistant for Kitsap County: Clarence Moriwaki

    Committee Assignment(s): Energy and Commerce; Resources

    Israel, Steve, D-N.Y. (2)

    Capitol Hill Office: 432 CHOB 20515-3202; 225-3335; Fax: 225-4669; Chief of Staff: Jack Pratt



    District Office(s): 150 Motor Parkway, #108, Hauppauge 11788-5152; (631) 951-2210; Fax: (631) 951-3308; District Director: Holli K. Dunayer Committee Assignment(s): Armed Services; Financial


    Issa, Darrell, R-Calif. (49)

    Capitol Hill Office: 211 CHOB 20515-0549; 225-3906; Fax: 225-3303; Chief of Staff: Dale Neugebauer



    District Office(s): 1800 Thibodo Rd., #310, Vista 92081-7515; (760) 599-5000; Fax: (760) 599-1178; District Director: Phil Paule

    Committee Assignment(s): Government Reform; International Relations; Judiciary; Permanent Select Intelligence

    Istook, Ernest, R-Okla. (5)

    Capitol Hill Office: 2404 RHOB 20515-3605; 225-2132; Fax: 226-1463; Chief of Staff: John C. Albaugh



    District Office(s): First National Center, 120 N. Robinson

    Ave., #100, Oklahoma City 73102-7400; (405) 234-9900; Fax: (405) 234-9909; District Director: Devery

    Youngblood 211 E. Broadway Ave., Seminole 74868-4612; (405) 303-2868; Fax: (405) 303-2847; Senior Policy Advisor: Steve Jones 23 E. 9th St., #301, Shawnee 74801-6962; (405) 273-6202; Fax: (405) 273-2574; Senior Policy Advisor: Steve Jones

    Committee Assignment(s): Appropriations

    Jackson, Jesse L. Jr., DIll. (2)

    Capitol Hill Office: 2419 RHOB 20515-1302; 225-0773; Fax: 225-0899; Chief of Staff: Kenneth Edmonds



    District Office(s): 2120 E. 71st St., Chicago 60649-2104; (773) 241-6500; Fax: (773) 241-6503; Director of Community Outreach: Keiana Barrett 17926 S. Halsted St., Homewood 60430-2029; (708) 798-6000; Fax: (708) 798-6160; District Administrator:

    Richard J. Bryant Committee Assignment(s): Appropriations

    Jackson-Lee, Sheila, D-Texas (18)

    Capitol Hill Office: 2435 RHOB 20515-4318; 225-3816; Fax: 225-3317; Chief of Staff: Stoney Brooks



    District Office(s): Federal Bldg., 1919 Smith St., #1180, Houston 77002-8098; (713) 655-0050; Fax: (713) 655-1612; District Director: Micahel Halpin 6719 W. Montgomery Rd., #204, Houston 77091-3105; (713) 691-4882; Fax: (713) 699-8292; Caseworker: Dorothy Hubbard 420 W. 19th St., Houston 77008-3914; (713) 861-4070; Caseworker: Angel Tate

    Committee Assignment(s): Homeland Security; Judiciary; Science

    Jefferson, William J., D-La. (2)

    Capitol Hill Office: 2113 RHOB 20515-1802; 225-6636; Fax: 225-1988; Chief of Staff: Aranthan S. Jones



    District Office(s): Jefferson Parish General Government Bldg., 200 Derbigny St., #3200, Gretna 70053; (504) 368-7019; Congressional Aide: Ericka Edwards

    Federal Bldg., 501 Magazine St., #1012, New Orleans 70130; (504) 589-2274; Exec. Assistant; Office Manager: Stephanie Butler

    Committee Assignment(s): Budget; Ways and Means

    Jenkins, Bill, R-Tenn. (1)

    Capitol Hill Office: 1207 LHOB 20515-4201; 225-6356; Fax: 225-5714; Chief of Staff: Brenda Megan Otterson



    District Office(s): Federal Bldg., 320 W Center St., #157, Kingsport 37660-3785; (423) 247-8161; Fax: (423) 247-1834; Field Director: Bill B. Snodgrass

    Committee Assignment(s): Agriculture; Judiciary

    Jindal, Bobby, R-La. (1)

    Capitol Hill Office: 1205 LHOB 20515-1801; 225-3015; Fax: 226-0386; Chief of Staff: Timmy Teepell



    District Office(s): Jefferson Bank, 3525 N. Causeway Blvd., #1020, Metairie 70002-3639; (504) 837-1259; Fax: (504) 837-4239; District Director:Luke Letlow 300 E. Thomas St; Hammond 70401-3318; (918) 340-2185; Fax (918) 340-3047

    21454 Koop Dr., #1-E, Mandeville 70471-7513; (985) 893-9064; Fax: (985) 893-9707

    Committee Assignment(s): Homeland Security; Education and the Workforce; Resources

    Johnson, Eddie Bernice, D-Texas (30)

    Capitol Hill Office: 1511 LHOB 20515-4330; 225-8885; Fax: 226-1477; Chief of Staff: Murat T. Gokcigdem



    District Office(s): 3102 Maple Ave., #600, Dallas 75201-1236; (214) 922-8885; Fax: (214) 922-7028; District Director: Ron Givens Committee Assignment(s): Science; Transportation and


    Johnson, Nancy L, R-Conn. (5)

    Capitol Hill Office: 2409 RHOB 20515-0705; 225-4476; Fax: 225-4488; Chief of Staff: Dave Karvelas



    District Office(s): 198 Main St., #1, Danbury 06810-6676; (203) 790-6856; Fax: (203) 790-6873 22 W. Main St., Meriden 06451-4109; (203) 630-1903 1 Grove St., #225, New Britain 06053-4144; (860) 223-8412; Fax: (860) 827-9009; District Director: Ken

    Hiscoe 100 Grand St., 2nd Fl., Waterbury 06702-1908; (203)

    573-1418; Fax: (203) 573-9329; Constituent Liaison:

    Jamal Gatling Committee Assignment(s): Ways and Means; Joint Taxation

    Johnson, Sam, R-Texas (3)

    Capitol Hill Office: 1211 LHOB 20515-4303; 225-4201; Fax: 225-1485; Chief of Staff: Cody Mae Lusk



    District Office(s): 801 E. Campbell Rd., #425, Richardson 75081-1867; (972) 470-0892; Fax: (972) 470-9937; District Director: Mary Lynn Murrell

    Committee Assignment(s): Education and the Workforce; Ways and Means

    Johnson, Timothy V., R–Ill. (15)

    Capitol Hill Office: 1229 LHOB 20515-1315; 225-2371; Fax: 226-0791; Chief of Staff: Jerome Clarke



    District Office(s): 1 Brickyard Dr., #1, Bloomington 61701-7514; (309) 663-7049; Fax: (309) 663-9880; Caseworker: Beth Harding 2004 Fox Dr., Champaign 61820-7336; (217) 403-4690; Fax: (217) 403-4691; District Director: Jeremy Cirks 655 W Lincoln Ave., Unit B, Charleston 61920-2426; (217) 348-6759; Fax: (217) 348-3761; Caseworker:

    John Morris 1001 N. Market St., #102, Mount Carmel 62863-1948; (618) 262-8719; Fax: (618) 262-8859; Caseworker:

    Larry Reynolds Committee Assignment(s): Agriculture; Science; Transportation and Infrastructure

    Jones, Stephanie Tubbs, D-Ohio (11)

    Capitol Hill Office: 1009 LHOB 20515-3511; 225-7032; Fax: 225-1339; Chief of Staff: Patrice Y. Willoughby



    District Office(s): 3645 Warrensville Center Rd., #204, Shaker Heights 44122-5245; (216) 522-4900; Fax: (216) 522-4908; District Director: Betty K. Pinkney

    Committee Assignment(s): Standards of Official Conduct; Ways and Means

    Jones, Walter B., R-N.C. (3)

    Capitol Hill Office: 422 CHOB 20515-3303; 225-3415; Fax: 225-3286; Chief of Staff: Glen Downs



    District Office(s): 1105-C Corporate Dr., Greenville 27858-5968; (919) 931-1003; Fax: (919) 931-1002; District Director: Millie Lilley Committee Assignment(s): Armed Services; Financial

    Services; Resources

    Kanjorski, Paul E., D-Pa. (11)

    Capitol Hill Office: 2188 RHOB 20515-3811; 225-6511; Fax: 225-0764; Chief of Staff: Karen M. Feather



    District Office(s): 102 Pocono Blvd., Mount Pocono 18344-1412; (570) 895-4176; Staff Assistant:Jerry

    Palmaioli 546 Spruce St., Scranton 18503-1808; (570) 496-1011; Office Manager: Cathy Wechsler The Stegmaier Bldg., 7 N. Wilkes-Barre Blvd., #400M, Wilkes-Barre 18702-5283; (570) 825-2200; District Director: Fred Ney Committee Assignment(s): Financial Services; Government Reform

    Kaptur, Marcy, D-Ohio (9)

    Capitol Hill Office: 2366 RHOB 20515-3509; 225-4146; Fax: 225-7711; Chief of Staff: Roger D. Szemraj



    District Office(s): 1 Maritime Plaza, 6th Floor, Toledo 43604-1853; (419) 259-7500; Fax: (419) 255-9623; Staff Director: Steve Katich

    Committee Assignment(s): Appropriations; Congressional-Executive Commission on China

    Keller, Ric, R-Fla. (8)

    Capitol Hill Office: 419 CHOB 20515-0908; 225-2176; Fax: 225-0999; Chief of Staff: Bryan Malenius



    District Office(s): 301 W. Ward Ave., Eustis 32726-4033; (888) 642-1211; Fax: (407) 872-1944

    3330 S.E. Maricamp Rd., Ocala 34471-6248; (888) 642-1211; Fax: (407) 872-1944

    605 E. Robinson St., #650, Orlando 32801-2046; (407) 872-1962; Fax: (407) 872-1944; Office Manager: Cheryl Mills

    Committee Assignment(s): Education and the Workforce; Judiciary; Small Business

    Kelly, Sue W., R-N.Y. (19)

    Capitol Hill Office: 2182 RHOB 20515-3219; 225-5441; Fax: 225-3289; Chief of Staff: Mike Giuliani



    District Office(s): 21 Old Main St., #107, Fishkill 12524-1883; (845) 897-5200; Fax: (845) 897-5800; District Director: Jerry Nappi Orange County Government Center, 255 Main St., 3rd

    Floor, Goshen 10924-1601; (845) 291-4100; Fax: (845) 291-4164; Projects Aide: Jason Rashford 2025 Crompond Rd., Yorktown Heights 10598-4236; (914) 962-0761; Fax: (914) 962-9537; Congressional Aide: Nicole Scova Committee Assignment(s): Financial Services; Small

    Business; Transportation and Infrastructure

    Kennedy, Mark, R-Minn. (6)

    Capitol Hill Office: 1415 LHOB 20515-2302; 225-2331; Fax: 225-6475; Chief of Staff: Pat G. Shortridge



    District Office(s): 1111 Hwy. 25 N., # 204, Buffalo 55313-2928; (763) 684-1600; Fax: (763) 684-1730; District Director: Mark Matuska 14669 Fitzgerald Ave. N., #100, Hugo 55038-9301; (651)

    653-5933; Fax: (651) 653-1549 22 Wilson Ave. N.E., #104, P.O. Box 6010, St. Cloud 56304-0440; (320) 259-0099; Fax: (320) 259-0786; District Representative: Chris Swedzinski Committee Assignment(s): Financial Services; Transportation and Infrastructure

    Kennedy, Patrick J., D-R.I. (1)

    Capitol Hill Office: 407 CHOB 20515-3901; 225-4911; Fax: 225-3290; Chief of Staff: Sean Richardson



    District Office(s): 249 Roosevelt Ave., Unit 200, Pawtucket 02860-2134; (401) 729-5600; Fax: (401) 729-5608; District Director: George Milagros Zainyeh

    Committee Assignment(s): Appropriations

    Kildee, Dale E., D-Mich. (5)

    Capitol Hill Office: 2107 RHOB 20515-2205; 225-3611; Fax: 225-6393; Chief of Staff: Christopher J. Mansour



    District Office(s): 432 N. Saginaw St., #410, Flint 48502-2018; (810) 239-1437; Fax: (810) 239-1439; District Director: Tiffany Flynn 916 Washington Ave., #205, Bay City 48708-5721; (989) 891-0990; Fax: (989) 891-0994; Deputy District Director: Barbara Donnelly 515 N. Washington Ave., #401, Saginaw, 48607-1378; (989) 755-8904; Fax: (989) 755-8908; Deputy District Director: James Lewis

    Committee Assignment(s): Education and the Workforce; Resources; House Page Program

    Kilpatrick, Carolyn Cheeks, D-Mich. (13)

    Capitol Hill Office: 1610 LHOB 20515-2213; 225-2261; Fax: 225-5730; Chief of Staff: Kimberly Rudolph



    District Office(s): 1274 Library St., #1B, Detroit 48226-2208; (313) 965-9004; Fax: (313) 965-9006; District Director: Duron Marshall 3005 Biddle St., Suite A, Wyandotte 48192-5901; (734)

    246-0780; Fax: (734) 246-1148; District Director: John

    Harris Committee Assignment(s): Appropriations

    Kind, Ron, D-Wis. (3)

    Capitol Hill Office: 1406 LHOB 20515-4903; 225-5506; Fax: 225-5739; Chief of Staff: Cynthia Brown



    District Office(s): 131 S. Barstow St., #301, Eau Claire 54701-2625; (715) 831-9214; Fax: (715) 831-9272; Caseworker: Mark Aumann 205 5th Ave., S., #226, La Crosse 54601-4059; (608) 782-2558; Fax: (608) 782-4588; Chief of Staff: Loren J.

    Kannenberg Committee Assignment(s): Budget; Education and the

    Workforce; Resources

    King, Peter T., R-N.Y. (3)

    Capitol Hill Office: 436 CHOB 20515-3203; 225-7896; Fax: 226-2279; Chief of Staff: Kevin C. Fogarty



    District Office(s): 1003 Park Blvd., #7, Massapequa Park 11762-2758; (516) 541-4225; Fax: (516) 541-6602; District Director: Anne Rosenfeld

    Committee Assignment(s): Homeland Security; International Relations

    King, Steve, R-Iowa (5)

    Capitol Hill Office: 1432 LHOB 20515-1505; 225-4426; Fax: 225-3193; Chief of Staff:http://S.Brenda.Findley



    District Office(s): P.O. Box 601, Creston, 50801; (641)

    782-2495; Fax: (641) 782-2497; District Representative: Chris Airhart 40 Pearl St., Council Bluffs 51503-0817; (712) 325-1404; Fax: (712) 325-1405; District Representative: Steve

    Cates 526 Nebraska St., Sioux City 51101-1313; (712) 224-4692; Fax: (712) 224-4653; District Representative:

    Sandy Larvick P.O. Box 650, Spencer 51301, (712) 580-7754; Fax: (712)

    580-3354; District Representative: Bryan English 607 Lake Ave., Storm Lake 50588-1851; (712) 732-4197; Fax: (712) 732-4217; District Representative: Dave

    Ehler Committee Assignment(s): Agriculture; Judiciary; Small


    Kingston, Jack, R-Ga. (1)

    Capitol Hill Office: 2242 RHOB 20515-1001; 225-5831; Fax: 226-2269; Chief of Staff: Bill Johnson



    District Office(s): P.O. Box 40, Baxley 31515; (912) 367-7403; Fax: (912) 367-7404; District Manager: Shiela

    Elliott Federal Bldg., 805 Gloucester St., #304, Brunswick 31520-7073; (912) 265-9010; Fax: (912) 265-9013; Communications Director: Rob Asbell 1 Diamond Causeway, #7, Savannah 31406-7434; (912)

    352-0101; Fax: (912) 352-0105; Community Outreach Director: Peggy Lee Mowers Committee Assignment(s): Appropriations

    Kirk, Mark Steven, R-Ill. (10)

    Capitol Hill Office: 1717 LHOB 20515-1310; 225-4835; Fax: 225-0837; Chief of Staff: Liesl R. Hickey



    District Office(s): 707 Skokie Blvd, #350, Northbrook 60062-2892; (847) 940-0202; Fax: (847) 940-7143; District Director: Eric Elk 20 S. Martin Luther King, Jr. Ave., Waukegan 60085-5519; (847) 662-0101; Fax: (847) 662-7519; District Representative; Office Manager: Roy Czajkowski

    Committee Assignment(s): Appropriations; Democracy Assistance

    Kline, John, R-Minn. (2)

    Capitol Hill Office: 1429 LHOB 20515-2302; 225-2271; Fax: 225-2595; Chief of Staff: Steven H. Sutton



    District Office(s): 101 W. Burnsville Parkway, #201, Burnsville 55337-2572; (952) 808-1213; Fax: (952)

    808-1261; District Director: Mike Osskopp Committee Assignment(s): Armed Services; Education

    and the Workforce

    Knollenberg, Joe, R-Mich. (9)

    Capitol Hill Office: 2349 RHOB 20515-2209; 225-5802; Fax: 226-2356; Executive Assistant: Sue M. Geibel



    District Office(s): 30833 N. Western Hwy, #100, Farmington Hills 48334; (248) 851-1366; District Field Director: Shawn Ciavattone 312 Town Center Dr., Troy 48084-1742; (248) 619-0531; Staff Assistant: Jessica Hallmark Committee Assignment(s): Appropriations

    Kolbe, Jim, R-Ariz. (8)

    Capitol Hill Office: 237 CHOB 20515-0308; 225-2542; Fax: 225-0378; Chief of Staff: Kevin Messner



    District Office(s): 77 Calle Portal, Suite B-160, Sierra

    Vista 85635-2969; (520) 459-3115; Fax: (520) 459-5419; District Aide: Bernadette Polley 1661 N. Swan Rd., #112, Tucson 85712-2647; (520) 881-3588; Fax: (520) 322-9490; District Chief of Staff:

    Patricia Klein Committee Assignment(s): Appropriations; Democracy


    Kucinich, Dennis J., D-Ohio (10)

    Capitol Hill Office: 1730 LHOB 20515-3510; 225-5871; Fax: 225-5745; Administrative Director; Press Secretary: Doug Gordon



    District Office(s): 14400 Detroit Ave., Lakewood 44107-4408; (216) 228-8850; Fax: (216) 228-6465; District Director: Patricia E. Vecchio 5983 W 54th St., Parma 44129-3854; (440) 845-2707; Fax: (440) 845-2743; Congressional Staff; Caseworker: Christine Miles

    Committee Assignment(s): Education and the Workforce; Government Reform

    Kuhl, John R. “Randy” Jr., R-N.Y. (29)

    Capitol Hill Office: 1505 LHOB 20515-3229; 225-3161; Fax: 226-6995; Chief of Staff: Brian W. Fitzpatrick



    District Office(s): 32 Denison Parkway West, Corning 14830-2607; (607) 937-3333; Fax: (607) 937-6047; District Director: Phil Palmisano 220 Packets Landing, Fairport 14450-1569; (585) 223-4760; Fax: (585) 223-2328; Staff Assistant: MaryPat

    Fitzgerald Westgate Plaza, 700 W. State St.; Olean 14760-2346; (800) 562-7431 Committee Assignment(s): Agriculture; Education and

    the Workforce; Transportation and Infrastructure

    LaHood, Ray, R-Ill. (18)

    Capitol Hill Office: 1424 LHOB 20515-1318; 225-6201; Fax: 225-9249; Chief of Staff; Legis. Director: Diane R.




    District Office(s): 209 W State St., Jacksonville 62650-2001; (217) 245-1431; Fax: (217) 243-6852; Staff Assistant: Barbara Baker 100 N.E. Monroe St., #100, Peoria 61602-1094; (309)

    671-7027; Fax: (309) 671-7309; District Chief of Staff:

    Brad McMillan 3050 Montvale Dr., Suite D, Springfield 62704-4290; (217) 793-0808; Fax: (217) 793-9724; Office Manager:

    Donna Rapps Miller Committee Assignment(s): Appropriations; Permanent

    Select Intelligence

    Langevin, Jim, D-R.I. (2)

    Capitol Hill Office: 109 CHOB 20515-3902; 225-2735; Fax: 225-5976; Chief of Staff: Kristin E. Nicholson



    District Office(s): 300 Centerville Rd., #200 S., Warwick 02886; (401) 732-9400; Fax: (401) 737-2982; District Director: C. Kenneth Wild Jr. Committee Assignment(s): Homeland Security; Armed


    Lantos, Tom, D-Calif. (12)

    Capitol Hill Office: 2413 RHOB 20515-0512; 225-3531; Chief of Staff: Robert R. King



    District Office(s): 400 S. El Camino Real, #410, San Mateo 94402-1729; (650) 342-0300; Fax: (650) 375-8270; District Director: Evelyn Szelenyi Committee Assignment(s): Government Reform; International Relations

    Larsen, Rick, D-Wash. (2)

    Capitol Hill Office: 107 LHOB 20515-4702; 225-2605; Fax: 225-4420; Communications Director: Kimberly




    District Office(s): 104 W Magnolia St., #303, Bellingham 98225-4345; (360) 733-4500; Fax: (360) 733-5144; District Representative: Jasper MacSlarrow 2930 Wetmore Ave., #9E, Everett 98201-4070; (425) 252-3188; Fax: (425) 252-6606; Chief of Staff: Jeff

    Bjornstad Committee Assignment(s): Agriculture; Armed Services; Transportation and Infrastructure

    Larson, John B., D-Conn. (1)

    Capitol Hill Office: 1005 LHOB 20515-0701; 225-2265; Fax: 225-1031; Legislative Director: Jonathan Renfrew



    District Office(s): 221 Main St., 2nd Floor, Hartford 06106; (860) 278-8888; Fax: (860) 278-2111; Chief of Staff: Elliot Gale Ginsberg Committee Assignment(s): Ways and Means

    Latham, Tom, R-Iowa (4)

    Capitol Hill Office: 2447 RHOB 20515-1504; 225-5476; Fax: 225-3301; Communications Director: James D. Carstensen



    District Office(s): 213 E. Duff Ave., #1, Ames 50040-6676; (515) 232-2885; Fax: (515) 232-2844; District Director: Clarke Scanlon 812 Hwy 18 East, Clear Lake 50428-1487; (641) 357-5225; Fax: (641) 357-5226; Regional Representative: Lois Clark 1426 Central Ave., Suite A, Fort Dodge 50501-4258; (515) 573-2738; Fax: (515) 573-2738; Regional Representative: Jim Oberhelman

    Committee Assignment(s): Appropriations

    LaTourette, Steven C, R-Ohio (14)

    Capitol Hill Office: 2453 RHOB 20515-3514; 225-5731; Fax: 225-3307; Chief of Staff: Matthew T. Wallen



    District Office(s): Moreland Hills Village Hall, 4350 SOM Center Rd., Moreland Hills 44022; (440) 542-9300; Fax: (440) 542-9392

    1 Victoria Place, #320, Painesville 44077; (440) 352-3939; Fax: (440) 352-3622; District Director: Dino DiSanto

    P.O. Box 1132, Twinsburg 44087; (330) 425-9291

    Committee Assignment(s): Financial Services; Government Reform; Transportation and Infrastructure

    Leach, Jim, R-Iowa (2)

    Capitol Hill Office: 2186 RHOB 20515-1502; 225-6576; Fax: 226-1278; Chief of Staff/Press Secretary: Gregory Wierzynski



    District Office(s): 214 Jefferson St., Burlington 52601-5215; (319) 754-1106; Fax: (319) 754-1107; Staff Assistant: Sue Zimmerman 129 12th St. S.E., #760, Cedar Rapids 52403-4074; (319) 363-4773; Fax: (319) 363-5008; District Director: Gary Grant

    Plaza Centre One, 125 S. Dubuque St., Iowa City 52240-4003; (319) 351-0789; Fax: (319) 351-5789; Staff Assistant: Kitty Donahue 105 E. 3rd St., #201, Ottumwa 52501-4024; (641) 684-4024; Fax: (641) 684-1843; Staff Assistant: Debra McCurren

    Committee Assignment(s): Financial Services; International Relations; Congressional-Executive Commission on China

    Lee, Barbara, D-Calif. (9)

    Capitol Hill Office: 1724 LHOB 20515-0509; 225-2661; Fax: 225-9817; Chief of Staff: Julie Nickson



    District Office(s): 1301 Clay St., #1000N, Oakland 94612-5233; (510) 763-0370; Fax: (510) 763-6538; District Director: Jeffrey Thomas

    Committee Assignment(s): Financial Services; International Relations

    Levin, Sander M., D-Mich. (12)

    Capitol Hill Office: 2300 RHOB 20515-2212; 225-4961; Fax: 226-1033; Chief of Staff/Press Secretary: Hilarie Chambers



    District Office(s): 27085 Gratiot Ave., Roseville 48066-2947; (586) 498-7122; Fax: (586) 498-7123; District Director: Judy Hartwell

    Committee Assignment(s): Ways and Means; Congressional-Executive Commission on China

    Lewis, Jerry, R-Calif. (41)

    Capitol Hill Office: 2112 RHOB 20515-0541; 225-5861; Fax: 225-6498; Chief of Staff: Arlene Willis



    District Office(s): 1150 Brookside Ave., Suite J5, Redlands 92373-6314; (909) 862-6030; Fax: (909) 335-9155; District Director: Tara Clarke Committee Assignment(s): Appropriations

    Lewis, John, D-Ga. (5)

    Capitol Hill Office: 343 CHOB 20515-1005; 225-3801; Fax: 225-0351; Chief of Staff/Floor Assistant:Michael

    D. Collins



    District Office(s): Equitable Bldg., 100 Peachtree St.

    N.W., #1920, Atlanta 30303-1906; (404) 659-0116; Fax: (404) 331-0947; Outreach Coordinator: Jared

    McKinley Committee Assignment(s): Ways and Means

    Lewis, Ron, R-Ky. (2)

    Capitol Hill Office: 2418 RHOB 20515-1702; 225-3501; Administrative Assistant/Legislative Director: Eric




    District Office(s): Warren County Justice Center, 1001

    Center St., #300, Bowling Green 42101-2192; (270)

    842-9896; Field Representative: Phyllis Causey Republic Bank Bldg., 1690 Ring Rd., #260, Elizabethtown 42701-4412; (270) 765-4360; Chief of Staff: Daniel E.

    London 1100 Walnut St., Suite P-15B, Owensboro 42031-2956; (270) 688-8858; Field Representative: Brittany Fausey Committee Assignment(s): Ways and Means

    Linder, John, R-Ga. (7)

    Capitol Hill Office: 1026 LHOB 20515-1007; 225-4272; Fax: 225-4696; Deputy Chief of Staff: Jay Burch



    District Office(s): 90 North St., #360, Canton 30114-2790; (770) 479-1888; Fax: (770) 479-2999; District Director: Deborah Kearns 2805 Peachtree Industrial Blvd., #213, Duluth 30097-8171; (770) 232-3005; Fax: (770) 232-2909; Chief of Staff: Rob Woodall Committee Assignment(s): Homeland Security; Ways

    and Means

    Lipinski, Daniel, DIll. (3)

    Capitol Hill Office: 1217 LHOB 20515-1303; 225-5701; Fax: 225-1012; Chief of Staff: Jennifer Sypolt



    District Office(s): 5832 S. Archer Ave., Chicago 60638-1637; (312) 886-0481; Fax: (773) 767-9395; Chief of Staff: Jerry Hurckes 19 W Hillgrove Ave., LaGrange 60525-2015; (708) 352-0524; Fax: (708) 352-0927 5205 W 95th St., Oak Lawn 60453; (708) 424-8053; Fax (708) 424-1855 Committee Assignment(s): Science; Small Business

    LoBiondo, Frank A., R-N.J. (2)

    Capitol Hill Office: 225 CHOB 20515-3002; 225-6572; Fax: 225-3318; Chief of Staff: Mary Annie Harper



    District Office(s): 5914 Main St., Mays Landing 08330-1751; (609) 625-5008; Fax: (609) 625-5071; Director of Constituent Services: Joan V. Dermanoski

    Committee Assignment(s): Armed Services; Transportation and Infrastructure

    Lofgren, Zoe, D-Calif. (16)

    Capitol Hill Office: 102 CHOB 20515-0516; 225-3072; Fax: 225-3336; Chief of Staff: Stacey Leavandosky



    District Office(s): 635 N. 1st St., San Jose 95112-5110; (408) 271-8700; Fax: (408) 271-8713; District Chief of Staff: Sandra Soto Committee Assignment(s): Homeland Security; House

    Administration; Judiciary; Joint Library of Congress

    Lowey, Nita M., D-N.Y. (18)

    Capitol Hill Office: 2329 RHOB 20515-3218; 225-6506; Fax: 225-0546; Chief of Staff: Elizabeth Stanley



    District Office(s): 222 Mamaroneck Ave., #310, White Plains 10605; (914) 428-1707; Fax: (914) 328-1505; District Director: Patricia Keegan

    Committee Assignment(s): Homeland Security; Appropriations

    Lucas, Frank D., R-Okla. (3)

    Capitol Hill Office: 2342 RHOB 20515-3606; 225-5565; Fax: 225-8698; Deputy Chief of Staff: Nicole Scott



    District Office(s): P.O. Box 3612, Enid 73702; (580) 234-5436; Caseworker; Staff Assistant: Peggy Luetkemeyer 720 S. Husband St., #7, Stillwater 74074-4665; (405) 624-6407; Fax: (405) 624-6467; Field Representative:

    Amanda Von Tungeln 2728 Williams Ave., Suite F, Woodward 73801; (580)

    256-5752; Field Representative: Troy White 10952 Northwest Expressway, Suite B, Yukon 73099-8214; (405) 373-1958; Fax: (405) 373-2046; Chief of Staff: Stacey Glasscock Committee Assignment(s): Agriculture; Financial Services; Science

    Lungren, Dan, R-Calif. (3)

    Capitol Hill Office: 2448 RHOB 20515-0503; 225-5716; Fax: 226-1298; Chief of Staff: Victor Arnold-Bik



    District Office(s): 11246 Gold River Expressway Dr., #101, Gold River 95670; (916) 859-9906; Fax: (916) 859-9976; District Director: Stacey McKinley

    Committee Assignment(s): Homeland Security; Budget; Judiciary

    Lynch, Stephen F., D-Mass. (9)

    Capitol Hill Office: 319 CHOB 20515-2109; 225-8273; Fax: 225-3984; Chief of Staff: Kevin A. Ryan



    District Office(s): 88 Black Falcon Ave., #340, Boston 02210-2433; (617) 428-2000; Fax: (617) 428-2011; District Director: Stacey Monahan Walker 166 Main St., Brockton 02301; (508) 586-5555; Fax: (508) 580-4692; Staff Assistant: Tamika Correia

    Committee Assignment(s): Financial Services; Government Reform

    Mack, Connie, R-Fla. (14)

    Capitol Hill Office: 317 CHOB 20515-0914; 225-2536; Fax: 226-0439; Chief of Staff: Jeff Cohen



    District Office(s): 2000 Main St., #303, Fort Myers 33901-3050; (239) 332-4677; Fax: (239) 332-8921; Constituent Services Manager: Diana McGee

    Collier County Courthouse, 3301 E. Tamiami Trail, 1st Floor, Naples 34112-3969; (239) 774-8035; Fax: (239) 774-8065; District Director: Kara Moore

    Committee Assignment(s): Budget; International Relations; Transportation and Infrastructure

    Maloney, Carolyn B., D-N.Y. (14)

    Capitol Hill Office: 2331 RHOB 20515-3214; 225-7944; Fax: 225-4709; Chief of Staff: Benjamin Chevat



    District Office(s): 28-11 Astoria Blvd., Astoria 11102; (718) 932-1804; Fax: (718) 932-1805; District Representative: Mary Marangos 1651 3rd Ave., #311, New York 10128-3679; (212) 860-0606; Fax: (212) 860-0704; New York Chief of Staff: Minna R. Elias

    Committee Assignment(s): Financial Services; Government Reform; Joint Economic Committee

    Manzullo, Donald, R-Ill. (16)

    Capitol Hill Office: 2228 RHOB 20515-1316; 225-5676; Fax: 225-5284; Chief of Staff/Legislative Director:

    Adam Magary



    District Office(s): 5186 Northwest Hwy, #130, Crystal

    Lake 60014-8001; (815) 356-9800; Fax: (815) 356-9803; McHenry County Representative: Brigit McNally

    415 S. Mulford Rd., Rockford 61108-3011; (815) 394-1231; Fax: (815) 394-3930; District Director: Pamela J. Sexton

    Committee Assignment(s): Financial Services; Small Business

    Marchant, Kenny, R-Texas (24)

    Capitol Hill Office: 501 CHOB 20515-4324; 225-6605; Fax: 225-0074; Chief of Staff: Brian Thomas



    District Office(s): 9901 E. Valley Ranch Pkwy., #3035, Irving 75063-7186; (972) 556-0162; Fax: (972) 409-9704; District Director: Susie Miller

    Committee Assignment(s): Education and the Workforce; Government Reform; Transportation and Infrastructure

    Markey, Edward J., D-Mass. (7)

    Capitol Hill Office: 2108 RHOB 20515-2107; 225-2836; Chief of Staff: David H. Moulton



    District Office(s): 188 Concord St., #102, Framingham 01702-8315; (508) 875-2900; Congressional Aide:

    Patrick Lally 5 High St., #101, Medford 02155-3800; (781) 396-2900; District Administrative Assistant: Deborah Mauro Committee Assignment(s): Homeland Security; Energy

    and Commerce; Resources

    Marshall, Jim, D-Ga. (3)

    Capitol Hill Office: 515 CHOB 20515-1003; 225-6531; Fax: 225-3013; Chief of Staff: John Kirincich



    District Office(s): 503 Bellevue Ave., Suite C, Dublin 31021-5331; (478) 296-2101; Fax: (478) 296-2802; Constituent Services Representative: Cynthia Reese 682 Cherry St., #300, Macon 31201-7388; (478) 464-0255; Fax: (478) 464-0277; District Director: Hobby

    Stripling Committee Assignment(s): Agriculture; Armed Services

    Matheson, Jim, D-Utah (2)

    Capitol Hill Office: 1222 LHOB 20515-4402; 225-3011; Fax: 225-5638; Chief of Staff: Stacey Alexander



    District Office(s): 120 E. Main St., Price 84501-3050; (435) 636-3722; Fax: (435) 636-1834; Field Representative: Pamela Juliano 240 E. Morris Ave., #235, Salt Lake City 84115-3296; (801) 486-1236; Fax: (801) 486-1417; State Director: Mike Reberg 321 N. Mall Dr., Suite E101-B, St. George 84790-7305; (435) 627-0880; Fax: (435) 627-1473; Field Representative: Mike Empey

    Committee Assignment(s): Financial Services; Science; Transportation and Infrastructure

    Matsui, Doris, D-Calif. (5)

    Capitol Hill Office: 2310 RHOB 20515-0505; 225-7163; Fax: 225-0566; Chief of Staff: Joe Trahern



    District Office(s): 12-600 Federal Courthouse, 501 I St., Sacramento 95814-4778; (916) 498-5600; Fax: (916) 444-6117; District Director: Anne Sanger

    Committee Assignment(s): Rules

    McCarthy, Carolyn, D-N.Y. (4)

    Capitol Hill Office: 106 CHOB 20515-3204; 225-5516; Fax: 225-5758; Chief of Staff: James R. Hart



    District Office(s): 200 Garden City Plaza, #320, Garden City 11530-3338; (516) 739-3008; Fax: (516) 739-2973; District Director: Chris Chafee

    Committee Assignment(s): Education and the Workforce; Financial Services

    McCaul, Michael, R-Texas (10)

    Capitol Hill Office: 415 CHOB 20515-4310; 225-2401; Fax: 225-5955; Chief of Staff: Jonathan Day



    District Office(s): 903 San Jacinto Blvd., #320, Austin 78701-2450; (512) 473-2357; Fax: (512) 473-0514; District Director: Melinda Little 2000 S. Market St., #303, Brenham 77833-5800; (979)

    830-8497; Fax: (979) 830-1984; Caseworker: Marita

    Mikeska 1550 Foxlake Dr., #120, Houston 77084-4739; (281) 398-1247; Fax: (281) 579-3401; Field Operations Director:

    Stephanie DeHondt Rosewood Pofessional Building, 990 Village Square Dr., #B, Tomball 77375-4269; (281) 255-8372; Fax: (281)

    255-0034; Caseworker: Sherrie Meicher Committee Assignment(s): Homeland Security; International Relations; Science

    McCollum, Betty, D-Minn. (4)

    Capitol Hill Office: 1029 LHOB 20515-2304; 225-6631; Fax: 225-1968; Chief of Staff: Bill D. Harper



    District Office(s): 165 Western Ave. N., #17, St. Paul 55102-4613; (651) 224-9191; Fax: (651) 224-3056; District Director: Joshua Straka

    Committee Assignment(s): Education and the Workforce; International Relations

    McCotter, Thaddeus, R-Minn. (11)

    Capitol Hill Office: 1632 LHOB 20515-2211; 225-8171; Fax: 225-2667; Chief of Staff/Legislative Director: Martin Van Valkenburg



    District Office(s): 17197 N. Laurel Park Dr., #161, Livonia 48152-7908; (734) 632-0314; Fax: (734) 632-0373; District Representative: Paul Seewald

    Committee Assignment(s): Budget; International Relations; Small Business; Joint Economic Committee

    McCrery, Jim, R-La. (4)

    Capitol Hill Office: 2104 RHOB 20515-1804; 225-2777; Fax: 225-8039; Chief of Staff: Brett Loper



    District Office(s): Southgate Plaza Shopping Center, 1606

    S. 5th St., Leesville 71446-5304; (337) 238-0778; Fax: (337) 238-0566; Caseworker: Beverly Rabalais 6425 Youree Dr., #350, Shreveport 71105-4634; (318)

    798-2254; Fax: (318) 798-2063; District Manager:

    Linda Wright Committee Assignment(s): Ways and Means

    McDermott, Jim, D-Wash. (7)

    Capitol Hill Office: 1035 LHOB 20515-4707; 225-3106; Fax: 225-6197; Chief of Staff: Jan Shinpoch



    District Office(s): 1809 7th Ave., #1212, Seattle 98101-1399; (206) 553-7170; Fax: (206) 553-7175; District Administrator: James Allen Committee Assignment(s): Ways and Means

    McGovern, Jim, D-Mass. (3)

    Capitol Hill Office: 430 CHOB 20515-2103; 225-6101; Fax: 225-5759; Chief of Staff: Christopher R. Philbin



    District Office(s): 8 North Main St., Attleboro 02703-2282; (508) 431-8025; Fax: (508) 431-8017; District Representative: Lisa Nelson 218 S. Main St., #204, Fall River 02721-5304; (508) 677-0140; Fax: (508) 677-0992; District Representative:

    Maria DeCoste 255 Main St., #104, Marlborough 01752-5505; (508)

    460-9292; Fax: (508) 460-6869; District Representative: Sean Navin 34 Mechanic St., Worcester 01608-2424; (508) 831-7356; Fax: (508) 754-0982; District Director: Matthew

    Pacheco Committee Assignment(s): Rules

    McHenry, Patrick T., R-N.C. (10)

    Capitol Hill Office: 224 CHOB 20515-3310; 225-2576; Fax: 225-0316; Chief of Staff: Jason Deans



    District Office(s): 87-A 4th St. N.W, Hickory 28601-6142; (828) 327-6100; Fax: (828) 327-8311; Constituent Services Director: David McCray 311 E. Marion St., #119, Shelby 28150-4611; (704) 481-0578; Fax: (704) 481-0757; Regional Field Director: Brett Keeter 147 Locust Ave., Spruce Pine 28777-2711; (828) 765-2701; Fax: (828) 765-2729; Community Outreach Coordinator: Laurie Moody

    Committee Assignment(s): Budget; Financial Services; Government Reform

    McHugh, John M., R-N.Y. (23)

    Capitol Hill Office: 2333 RHOB 20515-3223; 225-4611; Fax: 226-0621; Chief of Staff: Robert G. Taub



    District Office(s): 205 S. Peterboro St., Canastota 13032-1312; (315) 697-2063; Fax: (315) 697-2064; Constituent Services Representative: Karen Brayton 28 School St., P.O. Box 800, Mayfield 12117; (518) 661-6486; Fax: (518) 661-5704; Constituent Services Representative: Diane Henderson

    Federal Bldg., 23 Brinkerhoff St., #104, Plattsburgh 12901; (518) 563-1406; Fax: (518) 561-9723; Constituent Services Representative: Ruth Mary Ortloff 120 Washington St., #200, Watertown 13601; (315) 782-3150; Fax: (315) 782-1291; Constituent Services Representative: Kate Wehrle

    Committee Assignment(s): Armed Services; Government Reform; Permanent Select Intelligence

    McIntyre, Mike, D-N.C. (7)

    Capitol Hill Office: 2437 RHOB 20515-3307; 225-2731; Fax: 225-5773; Chief of Staff/Press Secretary: Dean M. Mitchell



    District Office(s): Federal Bldg., 301 Green St., #218, Fayetteville 28301-5048; (910) 323-0260; Fax: (910) 323-0069; Office Manager: Milton Hardiman 701 N. Elm St., Lumberton 28358-4891; (910) 671-6223; Fax: (910) 739-5085; District Director/Administrative and Constituent Services: Marie Thompson

    First Union Bank Bldg., 201 N. Front St., #410, Wilmington 28401; (910) 815-4959; Fax: (910) 815-4543; District Director; Policy and Economic Development: Laura Goodwin

    Committee Assignment(s): Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe; Agriculture; Armed Services

    McKeon, Howard P. “Buck,” R-Calif. (25)

    Capitol Hill Office: 2351 RHOB 20515-0525; 225-1956; Fax: 226-0683; Chief of Staff: Robert A. Cochran



    District Office(s): 1008 W. Ave. M-14, Suite E1, Palmdale 93551-1441; (661) 274-9688; Field Representative:

    Lew Stutts 26650 The Old Rd., #203, Valencia 91381-0750; (661)

    254-2111; Fax: (661) 254-2380; District Director:

    Scott Wilk Committee Assignment(s): Armed Services; Education

    and the Workforce

    McKinney, Cynthia A., D-Ga. (4)

    Capitol Hill Office: 320 CHOB 20515-1004; 225-1605; Fax: 226-0691; Legislative Director: Carshena



    District Office(s): 3523 Buford Hwy. N.E., #201, Atlanta 30329-1201; (404) 320-2001; Fax: (404) 320-3496; Constituent Services Representative: Lillian Villanueva North DeKalb Mall, 2050 Lawrenceville Hwy., Suite

    D-46, Decatur 30033; (404) 633-0927; Fax: (404)

    633-0968; Chief of Staff:Warren Miller Committee Assignment(s): Armed Services; Budget

    McMorris, Cathy, R-Wash. (5)

    Capitol Hill Office: 1708 LHOB 20515-4705; 225-2006; Fax: 225-3392; Chief of Staff: Connie Correll




    District Office(s): 555 S. Main St., Colville 99114-2503; (509) 684-3481; Fax: (509) 684-3482; Deputy District Director: Shelly Short 10 North Post St., 6th Floor, Spokane 99201-0712; (509)

    353-2374; Fax: (509) 353-2412; District Director:

    David Condon 29 S. Palouse St., Walla Walla 99362-1925; (509) 529-9358; Fax: (509) 529-9379; Constituent Relations:

    Debra Casey Committee Assignment(s): Armed Services; Education

    and the Workforce; Resources

    McNulty, Michael R., D-N.Y. (21)

    Capitol Hill Office: 2210 RHOB 20515-3221; 225-5076; Fax: 225-5077; Chief of Staff/Counsel: David A. Torian



    District Office(s): Federal Bldg., #827, Albany 12207; (518) 465-0700; Fax: (518) 427-5107; District Chief of Staff: Charles J. Diamond 2490 Riverfront Center, Amsterdam 12010-4612; (518) 843-3400; Fax: (518) 843-8874; District Representative: Kathleen Joyce 223 W Main St., #10, Johnstown 12095-2309; (518) 762-3568; Fax: (518) 736-2004; Staff Assistant: ‘ Terri Jasewicz

    U.S. Post Office, 29 Jay St., Schenectady 12305-1912; (518) 374-4547; Fax: (518) 374-7908; District Representative: Bob Carr 33 2nd St., #3, Troy 12180-3975; (518) 271-0822; Fax: (518) 273-6150; District Representative: Thomas Matthews

    Committee Assignment(s): Ways and Means

    Meehan, Martin T., D-Mass. (5)

    Capitol Hill Office: 2229 RHOB 20515-2105; 225-3411; Fax: 226-0771; Chief of Staff: Lori Loureiro



    District Office(s): Haverhill City Hall, 4 Summer St., 2nd

    Floor, Haverhill 01830-5843; (978) 521-1845; Fax: (978) 521-1843; Community Liaison:Brad

    MacDougall 305 Essex St., 4th Floor, Lawrence 01840-1410; (978)

    681-6200; Fax: (978) 682-6070; Area Coordinator:

    June Black 11 Kearney Square, #301, Lowell 01852-1934; (978) 459-0101; Fax: (978) 459-1907; District Director: Roger

    Lau Committee Assignment(s): Armed Services; Judiciary

    Meek, Kendrick B., D-Fla. (17)

    Capitol Hill Office: 1039 LHOB 20515-0917; 225-4506; Fax: 226-0777; Chief of Staff: John D. Schelble



    District Office(s): 111 N.W 183rd St., #315, Miami 33169-4538; (305) 690-5905; Fax: (305) 690-5951; District Office Director: Anthony D. Williams 10100 Pines Blvd., 3rd Floor, Bldg. B, Pembroke Pines 33026; (954) 450-6767; Fax: (954) 450-6768; Deputy District Director: Shirlee Moreau-LaFleur Committee Assignment(s): Homeland Security; Armed


    Meeks, Gregory W., D-N.Y. (6)

    Capitol Hill Office: 1710 LHOB 20515-3206; 225-3461; Fax: 226-4169; Washington Chief of Staff: Jameel W




    District Office(s): 1931 Mott Ave., #305, Far Rockaway 11691-4103; (718) 327-9791; Fax: (718) 327-4722; Community Liaison: Ed Williams 196-06 Linden Blvd., St. Albans 11412-3246; (718) 949-5600; Fax: (718) 949-5972; New York Chief of Staff:

    Robert Simmons Committee Assignment(s): Financial Services; International Relations

    Melancon, Charlie, D-La. (3)

    Capitol Hill Office: 404 CHOB 20515-1803; 225-4031; Fax: 226-3944; Chief of Staff: Casey O'Shea



    District Office(s): 8201 W. Judge Perez Dr., Chalmette 70043-1611; (504) 297-5313; Fax: (504) 297-5325; District Representative: Donnie Barthelemy

    Ascension Parish Courthouse, 828 S. Irma Blvd., Gonzales 70737-3631; (225) 621-8490; Fax: (225) 621-8493; District Director: Barney Arceneaux 423 Lafayette St., #107, Houma 70360-4802; (985) 876-3033; Fax: (985) 872-4449; District Representative: Jeri Theriot 124 E. Main St., #220-A, New Iberia 70560-3725; (337) 367-8231; Fax: (337) 369-7084; District Representative: Alisha Bodin

    Committee Assignment(s): Agriculture; Resources; Science

    Mica, John L, R-Fla. (7)

    Capitol Hill Office: 2313 RHOB 20515-0907; 225-4035; Fax: 226-0821; Chief of Staff: Russell L. Roberts



    District Office(s): 840 Deltona Blvd., Suite G, Deltona 32725-7162; (407) 860-1499; Fax: (407) 860-5730; Caseworker: Janet Ann Mines 668 N. Orlando Ave., #208, Maitland 32751-4495; (407)

    657-8080; Fax: (407) 657-5353; District Representative: Vacant 770 W. Grenada Blvd., #315, Ormond Beach 32174-5180; (386) 676-7750; Fax: (386) 676-7748; Caseworker:

    Sue Bower 613 St., Johns Ave., #107, Palatka 32177-4643; (386) 328-1622 1 Florida Park Dr. S., #100, Palm Coast 32137-3801; (386) 246-6042 3000 N. Ponce de Leon Blvd., #1, St. Augustine 32084-8600; (904) 810-5048; Fax: (904) 810-5091; District Representative: Wiley Deck Committee Assignment(s): Government Reform; House

    Administration; Transportation and Infrastructure

    Michaud, Michael H., D-Maine (2)

    Capitol Hill Office: 437 CHOB 20515-1902; 225-6306; Fax: 225-2943; Chief of Staff: Peter H. Chandler



    District Office(s): Key Plaza, 23 Water St., Bangor 04401-6364; (207) 942-6935; Fax: (207) 942-5907; District Director: Rosemary Winslow 179 Lisbon St., Lewiston 04240-7248; (207) 782-3704; Fax: (207) 782-5330; Press Secretary: Monica

    Castellanos 445 Main St., Presque Isle 04769-2651; (207) 764-1036; Fax: (207) 764-1060; District Representative:Marcia

    Gartley 16 Common St., Waterville 04901-6611; (207) 873-5713; Fax: (207) 873-5717; Constituent Services Representative: Susan Moore

    Committee Assignment(s): Small Business; Transportation and Infrastructure; Veterans' Affairs

    Millender-McDonald, Juanita, D-Calif. (37)

    Capitol Hill Office: 2445 RHOB 20515-0537; 225-7924; Fax: 225-7926; Chief of Staff: Shirley Cooks



    District Office(s): East Tower, 970 W 190th St., #900, Torrance 90502-1053; (310) 538-1190; Fax: (310) 538-9672; District Director: Cliff Cannon Committee Assignment(s): House Administration; Small Business; Transportation and Infrastructure; House Commission on Congressional Mailing Standards; Joint Library of Congress; Joint Printing

    Miller, Brad, D-N.C. (13)

    Capitol Hill Office: 1722 LHOB 20515-3313; 225-3032; Fax: 225-0181; Chief of Staff: Mark Harkins



    District Office(s): 1255 S. Elm St., #504, Greensboro 27401-2246; (336) 574-2909; Fax: (336) 574-2189; District Liaison: Damien Graham 1300 St. Marys St., #504, Raleigh 27605-1276; (919) 836-1313; Fax: (919) 836-1314; District Director: Pam

    Kohl Committee Assignment(s): Financial Services; Science

    Miller, Candice S., R-Mich. (10)

    Capitol Hill Office: 228 CHOB 20515-2210; 225-2106; Fax: 226-1169; Chief of Staff: Jamie Roe



    District Office(s): 48653 Van Dyke Ave., Shelby Township 48317-2560; (586) 997-5010; Fax: (586) 997-5013; District Director: Karen Czernel

    Committee Assignment(s): Armed Services; Democracy Assistance; Government Reform; House Administration; Joint Library of Congress

    Miller, Gary G., R-Calif. (42)

    Capitol Hill Office: 1037 LHOB 20515-0542; 225-3201; Fax: 226-6962; Chief of Staff: John McCollum Rothrock



    District Office(s): 1800 E. Lambert Rd., #150, Brea 92821-4396; (714) 257-1142; Fax: (714) 257-9242; District Director: Steven Thornton 200 Civic Center Dr., Mission Viejo 92691-5519; (949) 470-8484

    Committee Assignment(s): Financial Services; Transportation and Infrastructure

    Miller, George, D-Calif. (7)

    Capitol Hill Office: 2205 RHOB 20515-0507; 225-2095; Chief of Staff: Daniel Weiss



    District Office(s): 1333 Willow Pass Rd., #203, Concord 94520-7931; (925) 602-1880; District Director: Barbara Johnson 3220 Blume Dr., #281, Richmond 94806-5741; (510) 262-6500; Field Representative: Latressa Alford 375 G St., #1, Vallejo 94590-5706; (707) 645-1888; Fax: (707) 645-1870; Field Representative: Katherine Hoffman

    Committee Assignment(s): Education and the Workforce; Resources

    Miller, Jeff, R-Fla. (1)

    Capitol Hill Office: 324 CHOB 20515-0901; 225-4136; Fax: 225-3414; Chief of Staff: Daniel F. McFaul



    District Office(s): 348 SW Miracle Strip Pkwy., #24, Fort

    Walton Beach 32548; (850) 664-1266; Fax: (850) 664-0851; Okaloosa County Director: Lois Hoyt 4300 Bayou Blvd., #17C, Pensacola 32503-2679; (850)

    479-1183; Fax: (850) 479-9394; District Director:

    Lonnie Hawkins Committee Assignment(s): Armed Services; Veterans'


    Mollohan, Alan B., D-W. Va. (1)

    Capitol Hill Office: 2302 RHOB 20515-4801; 225-4172; Fax: 225-7564; Press Secretary: Ronald M. Hudok


    District Office(s): Post Office Bldg., #209, Clarksburg 26302-1400; (304) 623-4422; Fax: (304) 623-0571; Area Representative: Jane Merandi

    Federal Bldg., #232, Morgantown 26505-0720; (304) 292-3019; Fax: (304) 292-3027; Area Representative: Lotta M. Neer

    Federal Bldg., 425 Juliana St., #2040, Parkersburg 26101-5352; (304) 428-0493; Fax: (304) 428-5980; Caseworker: Betsy Moore

    Federal Bldg., 1125 Chapline St., #316, Wheeling 26003-2976; (304) 232-5390; Fax: (304) 232-5722; Area Representative: Cathy Abraham

    Committee Assignment(s): Appropriations; Standards of Official Conduct

    Moore, Dennis, D-Kan. (3)

    Capitol Hill Office: 1727 LHOB 20515-1603; 225-2865; Fax: 225-2807; Chief of Staff: Howard P. Bauleke



    District Office(s): 500 State Ave., #176, Kansas City 66101-2409; (913) 621-0832; Fax: (913) 621-1533; Constituent Services Aide: Kevin Albright 901 Kentucky St., #205, Lawrence 66044-2853; (785) 842-9313; Fax: (785) 843-3289; Constituent Services Director: Becky Fast 8417 Santa Fe Dr., #101, Overland Park 66212-2727; (913) 383-2013; Fax: (913) 383-2088; District Director: Julie Merz

    Committee Assignment(s): Budget; Financial Services

    Moore, Gwen, D-Wis. (4)

    Capitol Hill Office: 1408 LHOB 20515-4904; 225-4572; Fax: 225-8135; Chief of Staff/Legislative Director:

    Winfield Boerckel



    District Office(s): 219 N. Milwaukee St., #3A, Milwaukee 53219-5818; (414) 297-1140; Fax: (414) 297-1086; District Director: Shirley Ellis Committee Assignment(s): Financial Services; Small


    Moran, James P., D-Va. (8)

    Capitol Hill Office: 2239 RHOB 20515-4608; 225-4376; Fax: 225-0017; Chief of Staff: Pete Sunderland



    District Office(s): 5115 Franconia Rd., Suite B, Alexandria 22310-1903; (703) 971-4700; Fax: (703) 922-9436; District Director: Susie Warner 1760 Reston Pkwy, #312, Reston 20190-3359; (703) 481-4339; Fax: (703) 481-4338; Constituent Outreach: Bryan Spoon

    Committee Assignment(s): Appropriations

    Moran, Jerry, R-Kan. (1)

    Capitol Hill Office: 2443 LHOB 20515-1601; 225-2715; Fax: 225-5124; Chief of Staff: Todd Novascone



    District Office(s): 1200 Main St., #402, P. O. Box 249, Hays 67601; (785) 628-6401; Fax: (785) 628-3791; District Representative: Mitchell Hall 1 N. Main, #525, P.O. Box 1128, Hutchinson 67504-1128; (620) 665-6138; Fax: (620) 665-6360; District Director: Kirk Johnson 119 W Iron Ave., #603, Salina 67401-2600; (785) 309-0572; Fax: (785) 827-6957; District Representative:

    Steve Howe Committee Assignment(s): Agriculture; Transportation

    and Infrastructure; Veterans' Affairs

    Murphy, Tim, R-Pa. (18)

    Capitol Hill Office: 322 CHOB 20515-3818; 225-2301; Fax: 225-1844; Chief of Staff: Susan Mosychuk



    District Office(s): 504 Washington Rd., Mt. Lebanon 15228-2817; (412) 344-5583; Fax: (412) 429-5092; District Director: Nick Redondo 2040 Fredericksen Pl., Greensburg 15601-9688; (724)

    850-7312; Fax: (724) 850-7315; Westmoreland County Director: Lou Lazzaro Committee Assignment(s): Energy and Commerce

    Murtha, John P., D-Pa. (12)

    Capitol Hill Office: 2423 RHOB 20515-3812; 225-2065; Fax: 225-5709; Administrator/Director, Washington, D.C. Office: Winifred Frederick



    District Office(s): 647 Main St., #401, P.O. Box 780, Johnstown 15901-2140; (814) 535-2642; Fax: (814)

    539-6229; Chief of Staff: John A. Hugya Committee Assignment(s): Appropriations

    Musgrave, Marilyn, R-Colo. (4)

    Capitol Hill Office: 1507 LHOB 20515-0604; 225-4676; Fax: 225-5870; Chief of Staff: Guy Short



    District Office(s): 5400 11th St., Greeley 80634-4623; (970) 352-4037; Fax: (970) 352-1915 206 S. 6th St., Las Animas 81054; (719) 456-0925; Fax: (719) 456-0911; Constituent Advocate:Jace Ratzlaff 636 Coffman St., #205, Longmont 80501-4974; (720)

    494-4336; Fax: (720) 494-1768 5401 Stone Creek Circle, #204, Loveland 80538-8838; (970) 663-3536; Fax: (970) 663-5270; District Director: B. J. Nikkel 109 1/2 S. 3rd Ave., Sterling 80751-3615; (970) 522-1788; Fax: (970) 521-9685; Constituent Advocate: Deb Carlstrom Committee Assignment(s): Agriculture; Education and

    the Workforce; Resources; Small Business

    Myrick, Sue, R-N.C. (9)

    Capitol Hill Office: 230 CHOB 20515-3309; 225-1976; Fax: 225-3389; Administrative Assistant: Ashley Hoy



    District Office(s): 6525 Morrison Blvd., #402, Charlotte 28211-0501; (704) 362-1060; Fax: (704) 367-0852; Chief of Staff: Hal C. Weatherman 197 W. Main St., Gastonia 28052-4154; (704) 861-1976; Fax: (704) 864-2445; Veterans' Affairs; District Director: Robert Becker

    Committee Assignment(s): Energy and Commerce

    Nadler, Jerrold, D-N.Y. (8)

    Capitol Hill Office: 2334 RHOB 20515-3208; 225-5635; Fax: 225-6923; Washington Director/Administrative Assistant: John Doty



    District Office(s): 445 Neptune Ave., Brooklyn 11224-4561; (718) 373-3198; Fax: (718) 996-0039; Brooklyn Director; Transportation-Budget: Robert M. Gottheim 201 Varick St., #669, New York 10014-7069; (212) 367-7350; Fax: (212) 367-7356; Chief of Staff: Amy B. Rutkin

    Committee Assignment(s): Judiciary; Transportation and Infrastructure

    Napolitano, Grace F., D-Calif. (38)

    Capitol Hill Office: 1609 LHOB 20515-0538; 225-5256; Fax: 225-0027; Chief of Staff: Daniel Chao



    District Office(s): 11627 E. Telegraph Rd., #100, Santa Fe

    Springs 90670-6810; (562) 801-2134; Fax: (562) 949-9144; District Director: Amelia Wang Committee Assignment(s): International Relations; Resources

    Neal, Richard E., D-Mass. (2)

    Capitol Hill Office: 2266 RHOB 20515-2102; 225-5601; Fax: 225-8112; Chief of Staff: Ann M. Jablon



    District Office(s): Post Office Bldg., 4 Congress St., Milford 01757; (508) 634-8198; Fax: (508) 634-8398; Office Manager: Virginia Purcell

    Federal Bldg. and U.S. Courthouse, 1550 Main St., Springfield 01103; (413) 785-0325; Fax: (413) 747-0604; District Director: James B. Leydon

    Committee Assignment(s): Budget; Ways and Means

    Neugebauer, Randy, R-Texas (19)

    Capitol Hill Office: 429 CHOB 20515-4319; 225-4005; Fax: 225-9615; Chief of Staff: Gayland Barksdale



    District Office(s): 500 Chestnut St., #819, Abilene 79602-1453; (325) 675-9779; Fax: (325) 675-5038; Regional Director: Jeremy Brown 1510 Scurry St., Suite B, Big Spring 79720-4441; (432)

    264-7592; Fax: (432) 264-1838; District Representative: Terri Blackshear 611 University Ave., #220, Lubbock 79401-2206; (806)

    763-1611; Fax: (806) 767-9168; Deputy Chief of Staff:

    Jimmy Clark Committee Assignment(s): Agriculture; Financial


    Ney, Bob, R-Ohio (18)

    Capitol Hill Office: 2438 RHOB 20515-3518; 225-6265; Fax: 225-3394; Chief of Staff: William J. Heaton



    District Office(s): 126 E. 2nd St., Suite D, Chillicothe 45601-2539; (740) 779-1634; Fax: (740) 779-1641; Field Representative: Carrie Mytinger

    200 Broadway St., Jackson 45640-1702; (740) 288-1430; Fax: (740) 286-7630 Hilton-Fairfield Bldg., 152 2nd St. N.E., #200, New

    Philadelphia 44663; (330) 364-6380; Fax: (330) 364-7675; Field Representative: Lesley Applegarth 146 W. Main St., St. Clairsville 43950-1225; (740) 699-2704; Fax: (740) 699-2769; District Director: Matt

    Parker 3808 James Ct, #4, Zanesville 43701; (740) 452-7023; Fax: (740) 452-7191; Economic Development Adviser:

    J. P. Dutton Committee Assignment(s): Financial Services; House

    Administration; Transportation and Infrastructure; House Commission on Congressional Mailing Standards

    Northup, Anne M., R-Ky. (3)

    Capitol Hill Office: 2459 RHOB 20515-1703; 225-5401; Fax: 225-5776; Chief of Staff:Terry A. Carmack



    District Office(s): Federal Bldg., 600 Dr. Martin Luther

    King Place, #216, Louisville 40202; (502) 582-5129; Fax: (502) 582-5897; District Director: Sherri M.

    Craig Committee Assignment(s): Appropriations

    Norton, Eleanor Holmes, D-D.C. (At Large)

    Capitol Hill Office: 2136 RHOB 20515-5101; 225-8050; Fax: 225-3002; Chief of Staff: Julia Hudson



    District Office(s): National Press Bldg., 529 14th St. N.W., #900, Washington 20045-1928; (202) 783-5065; Fax: (202) 783-5211; District Office Director: Sheila Bunn 2041 Martin Luther King, Jr. Ave. S.E., #300, Washington 20020-7032; (202) 678-8900; Fax: (202) 678-8844; Community Liaison: Aaron Ward

    Committee Assignment(s): Homeland Security; Government Reform; Transportation and Infrastructure

    Norwood, Charlie, R-Ga. (9)

    Capitol Hill Office: 2452 RHOB 20515-1009; 225-4101; Fax: 226-0776; Chief of Staff: John S. Walker



    District Office(s): 1054 Claussen Rd., #316, Augusta 30907-0331; (706) 733-7066; Fax: (706) 733-7725; District Director: Michael Shaffer 315 W. Savannah St., Toccoa 30577-2343; (706) 886-2776; Fax: (706) 886-2787; Constituent Services Representative: Shannon Nealy

    Committee Assignment(s): Education and the Workforce; Energy and Commerce

    Nunes, Devin, R-Calif. (21)

    Capitol Hill Office: 1013 LHOB 20515-0521; 225-2523; Fax: 225-3404; Chief of Staff: Johnny Amaral



    District Office(s): 264 Clovis Ave., #206, Clovis 93612-1115; (559) 323-5235; Fax: (559) 323-5528; Field Representative: Kevin Shakespeare 113 N. Church St., #208, Visalia 93291-6300; (559) 733-3861; Fax: (559) 733-3865; District Director:Justin

    Stoner Committee Assignment(s): Ways and Means

    Nussle, Jim, R-Iowa (1)

    Capitol Hill Office: 303 CHOB 20515-1502; 225-2911; Chief of Staff: Christopher Bliley



    District Office(s): 209 W 4th St., Davenport 52801-1307; (563) 326-1841; Fax: (563) 326-5464; District Representative: Jason Gordon

    Asbury Square Plaza, 2255 John F. Kennedy Rd., Dubuque 52002-2846; (563) 557-7740; District Representative: Cindy Kohlmann 712 W Main St., Manchester 52057-1525; (563) 927-5141; District Administrator: Anne Rave 3641 Kimball Ave., Waterloo 50702-5757; (319) 235-1109; District Representative: Jason Niehaus

    Committee Assignment(s): Budget; Ways and Means

    Oberstar, James L, D-Minn. (8)

    Capitol Hill Office: 2365 RHOB 20515-2308; 225-6211; Fax: 225-0699; Administrative Assistant: Bill A.




    District Office(s): City Hall, 501 Laurel St., Brainerd 56401-3525; (218) 828-4400; Fax: (218) 828-1412; Staff Assistant: Ken Hasskamp City Hall, 316 Lake St., Chisholm 55719-1718; (218)

    254-5761; Fax: (218) 254-5132; Staff Assistant; Field Representative: Peter Makowski Federal Bldg., 515 W 1st St., #231, Duluth 55802-1302; (218) 727-7474; Fax: (218) 727-8270; District Office Director; District Scheduling: Jackie Morris 38265 14th Ave., #300B, North Branch 55056; (651) 277-1234; Fax: (651) 277-1235; Staff Assistant:

    Alana Petersen Committee Assignment(s): Transportation and Infrastructure

    Obey, David R., D-Wis. (7)

    Capitol Hill Office: 2314 RHOB 20515-4907; 225-3365; Chief of Staff: Christina Hamilton



    District Office(s): 1401 Tower Ave., #307, Superior 54880-1553; (715) 398-4426; Fax: (715) 398-4428; District Aide: Jeff Buhrandt 401 5th St., #406-A, Wausau 54403-5473; (715) 842-5606; Fax: (715) 842-4488; District Director: Douglas

    J. Hill Committee Assignment(s): Appropriations

    Olver, John W., D-Mass. (1)

    Capitol Hill Office: 1111 LHOB 20515-2101; 225-5335; Fax: 226-1224; Chief of Staff: R. Hunter Ridgway



    District Office(s): 463 Main St., Fitchburg 01420-8045; (978) 342-8722; Fax: (978) 343-8156; Economic Development Specialist: Patricia Pistone 57 Suffolk St., #310, Holyoke 01040-5055; (413) 532-7010; Fax: (413) 532-6543; District Director; District Scheduler: Jonathan Niedzielski Federal Bldg., 78 Center St., Pittsfield 01201; (413)

    442-0946; Fax: (413) 443-2792; Economic Development Specialist: Rhonda Serre Committee Assignment(s): Appropriations

    Ortiz, Solomon P., D-Texas (27)

    Capitol Hill Office: 2470 RHOB 20515-4327; 225-7742; Fax: 226-1134; Chief of Staff: Florencio H. Rendon



    District Office(s): Pasco Plaza Center, 1085 Ruben M. Torres Blvd., Suite B-27, Brownsville 78526-1539; (956) 541-1242; Fax: (956) 544-6915; District Director: Denise Blanchard 3649 Leopard St., #510, Corpus Christi 78408-3251; (361) 883-5868; Fax: (361) 884-9201; District Manager; Office Manager: Gerald Sawyer

    Committee Assignment(s): Armed Services; Resources

    Osborne, Tom, R-Neb. (3)

    Capitol Hill Office: 507 CHOB 20515-2703; 225-6435; Fax: 226-1385; Deputy Chief of Staff: Christina




    District Office(s): 819 Diers Ave., #3, Grand Island 68803-4957; (308) 381-5555; Fax: (308) 381-5557; Chief of Staff: Bruce Rieker 203 W. 1st St., McCook 69001-3602; (308) 345-3328; Fax: (308) 345-3329; Rural Initiatives Director: Lory

    Chappel 21 E. 20th St., Scottsbluff 69361-2014; (308) 632-3333; Fax: (308) 635-3049; Western Area Director: Wiley

    Larsen Committee Assignment(s): Agriculture; Education and

    the Workforce; Transportation and Infrastructure

    Otter, C. L. “Butch,” R-Idaho (1)

    Capitol Hill Office: 1711 LHOB 20515-1201; 225-6611; Fax: 225-3029; Deputy Chief of Staff: Jani L. Revier



    District Office(s): 802 W Bannock St., #101, Boise 83702-5881; (208) 336-9831; Fax: (208) 336-9891; Chief of Staff: Jeff L. Malmen 704 Blaine St., #1, Caldwell 83605-3731; (208) 454-5602; Fax: (208) 454-5618; Staff Assistant: Anne Beebe 610 W Hubbard St., #206, Coeur D'Alene 83814-2287; (208) 667-0127; Fax: (208) 667-0310; State Assistant:

    Vicki Fulton 704 Blaine St., #1, Lewiston 83501-2143; (208) 454-5602; Fax: (208) 298-5618; Field Representative:

    Bonnie Butler Committee Assignment(s): Energy and Commerce

    Owens, Major R., D-N.Y. (11)

    Capitol Hill Office: 2309 RHOB 20515-3211; 225-6231; Fax: 226-0112; Chief of Staff: Theda Zawaiza



    District Office(s): 289 Utica Ave., Brooklyn 11213-4997; (718) 773-3100; Fax: (718) 735-7143; District Director: Polly R. McLean 1414 Cortelyou Rd., Brooklyn 11226; (718) 940-3213; Fax: (718) 940-3217; District Office Manager:Valerie Andino

    Committee Assignment(s): Education and the Workforce; Government Reform

    Oxley, Michael G., R-Ohio (4)

    Capitol Hill Office: 2308 RHOB 20515-3504; 225-2676; Chief of Staff: James K. Conzelman



    District Office(s): 100 E. Main Cross St., Findlay 45840-3311; (419) 423-3210; Fax: (419) 422-2838; District Representative: Bonnie Dunbar 3121 W Elm Plaza, Lima 45805-2516; (419) 999-6455; Fax: (419) 999-4238; District Representative: Kelly

    Kirk 24 W 3rd St., #314, Mansfield 44902-1299; (419) 522-5757; Fax: (419) 525-2805; District Representative:

    R. Philip Holloway Committee Assignment(s): Financial Services

    Pallone, Frank Jr., D-N.J. (6)

    Capitol Hill Office: 420 CHOB 20515-3006; 225-4671; Fax: 225-9665; Chief of Staff: Jeffrey C. Carroll



    District Office(s): I.E.I. Airport Plaza, 1390 Hwy. 36, #104, Hazlet 07730-1701; (732) 264-9104; Fax: (732) 739-4668; Staff Assistant: Alexandra Maldonado

    504 Broadway, Long Branch 07740-5951; (732) 571-1140; Fax: (732) 870-3890; District Director: Shawn

    Brennan Kilmer Square, 67-69 Church St., New Brunswick 08901; (732) 249-8892; Fax: (732) 249-1335; Staff Assistant:

    Janet Ellen Ford Committee Assignment(s): Energy and Commerce; Resources

    Pascrell, Bill Jr., D-N.J. (8)

    Capitol Hill Office: 2464 RHOB 20515-3008; 225-5751; Fax: 225-5782; Chief of Staff: Ben Rich



    District Office(s): Bloomfield Municipal Plaza, #200A Town Hall, Bloomfield 07003; (973) 680-1361; Fax: (973) 680-1617; Field Representative: Anne C. Mega

    Passaic City Hall, 330 Passaic St., 1st Floor, Passaic 07055-5815; (973) 472-4510; Field Representative: Nancy Everett

    Federal Bldg., 200 Federal Plaza, #500, Paterson 07505-1999; (973) 523-5152; Fax: (973) 523-0637; District Director: Jacky Grindrod

    Committee Assignment(s): Homeland Security; Transportation and Infrastructure

    Pastor, Ed, D-Ariz. (4)

    Capitol Hill Office: 2465 RHOB 20515-0304; 225-4065; Fax: 225-1655; Executive Assistant Scheduler/Office Manager: Laura Alexander Campos



    District Office(s): 411 N. Central Ave., #150, Phoenix 85004-2120; (602) 256-0551; Fax: (602) 257-9103; District Director: Ron Mari Piceno Committee Assignment(s): Appropriations

    Paul, Ron, R-Texas (14)

    Capitol Hill Office: 203 CHOB 20515-4314; 225-2831; Fax: 226-4871; Chief of Staff: Tom Lizardo



    District Office(s): 601 25th St., #216, Galveston 77550-1738; (409) 766-7013; Fax: (409) 765-7036; Casework Specialist: Navella Cole.

    122 West Way St., #301, Lake Jackson 77566-5245; (979) 285-0231; Fax: (979) 285-0271; District Case Manager: Dianne Kile

    Federal Bldg., 312 S. Main St., #228, Victoria 77901-8148; (361) 576-1231; Fax: (361) 576-0381; Casework Director: Jackie Gloor

    Committee Assignment(s): Financial Services; International Relations; Joint Economic Committee

    Payne, Donald M., D-N.J. (10)

    Capitol Hill Office: 2209 RHOB 20515-3010; 225-3436; Fax: 225-4160; Legislative Director/Press Secretary: Kerry B. McKenney



    District Office(s): 333 N. Broad St., Elizabeth 07208-3706; (908) 629-0222; Fax: (908) 629-0221; Staff Assistant: Maria Ramos 253 Martin Luther King Jr. Dr., Jersey City 07305-3427; (201) 369-0392; Fax: (201) 362-0395; Director of Casework Operations: Charles E. Johnson

    Federal Bldg. and U.S. Courthouse, 50 Walnut St., #1016, Newark 07102-3596; (973) 645-3213; Fax: (973) 645-5902; District Chief of Staff: Maxine James

    Committee Assignment(s): Education and the Workforce; International Relations

    Pearce, Steve, R-N.M. (2)

    Capitol Hill Office: 1607 LHOB 20515-3102; 225-2365; Fax: 225-9599; Chief of Staff: Greg Hill



    District Office(s): 1923 N. Dal Paso St., Hobbs 88240-3023; (505) 392-8325; Fax: (505) 433-8325; District Director: Bob Carter 400 N. Telshor Blvd., Suite E, Las Cruces 88011-8214; (505) 522-2219; Fax: (505) 522-3099; District Deputy Director: Lulie Maumenee 1717 W 2nd St., Roswell 88201-2027; (505) 622-0055; Fax: (505) 622-9608; District Representative: John W

    Lovell 111 School of Mines Rd., Socorro 87801; (505) 838-7516; Fax: (505) 838-4027; Field Representative: Ron

    Morsbach Committee Assignment(s): Homeland Security; Financial

    Services; Resources

    Pelosi, Nancy, D-Calif. (8)

    Capitol Hill Office: 2371 RHOB 20515-0508; 225-4965; Fax: 225-8259; Chief of Staff/Policy Adviser: Terri




    District Office(s): Federal Bldg., 450 Golden Gate Ave., #145378, San Francisco 94102-3460; (415) 556-4862; Fax: (415) 861-1670; District Director: Dan Bernal

    Pence, Mike, R-Ind. (6)

    Capitol Hill Office: 426 CHOB 20515-1406; 225-3021; Fax: 225-3382; Chief of Staff: William A. Smith



    District Office(s): Paramount Center, 1134 Meridian St., Anderson 46016-1713; (765) 640-2919; Fax: (765) 640-2922; District Director: Lani Czarniecki 204 S. Walnut St., Muncie 47305; (765) 747-5566; Fax: (765) 747-5586; Deputy District Director:Kim Bennett 50 N. 5th St., Richmond 47374-4247; (765) 962-3037; Fax: (765) 962-3225; Constituent Services Representative: Debbie Berry Committee Assignments): Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe; Agriculture; International Relations; Judiciary

    Peterson, Collin C, D-Minn. (7)

    Capitol Hill Office: 2159 RHOB 20515-2307; 225-2165; Fax: 225-1593; Chief of Staff: Mark Brownell



    District Office(s): 714 Lake Ave., #107, Detroit Lakes 56501-3057; (218) 847-5056; Fax: (218) 847-5109; Senior Economic Development Officer: Toni Merdan 1420 E. College Dr., SW/WC, Marshall 56258-2065; (507) 537-2299; Fax: (507) 537-2298; Staff Assistant:

    Meg Louwagie Minnesota Wheat Growers Bldg., 2603 Wheat Dr., Red

    Lake Falls 56750-4800; (218) 253-4356; Fax: (218)

    253-4373; Staff Assistant: Wally Sparby 230 E. 3rd St., P.O. Box 50, Redwood Falls 56283; (507)

    637-2270; Staff Assistant: Meg Louwagie Center Point Mall, 320 4th St. S.W, Willmar 56201-3300; (320) 235-1061; Fax: (320) 235-2651; Staff Assistant:

    Mary Bertram

    Committee Assignments): Agriculture

    Peterson, John E., R-Pa. (5)

    Capitol Hill Office: 123 CHOB 20515-3805; 225-5121; Fax: 225-5796; Chief of Staff: Jordan Clark



    District Office(s): 1524 W College Ave., State College 16801-2785; (814) 238-1776; Fax: (814) 238-1918; Sr. Caseworker: Susan Gurekovich 127 W. Spring St., Suite C, Titusville 16354-1705; (814)

    827-3985; Fax: (814) 827-7307; District Director:

    Peter Winkler

    Committee Assignments): Appropriations; Resources

    Petri, Tom, R-Wis. (6)

    Capitol Hill Office: 2462 RHOB 20515-4906; 225-2476; Fax: 225-2356; Chief of Staff/Legislative Director:

    Debra Gebhardt



    District Office(s): 490 W Rolling Meadows Dr., Suite B, Fond du Lac 54937; (920) 922-1180; Fax: (920) 922-4498; District Director: Dave Anderson 2390 State Rd. 44, #13, Oshkosh 54901-6438; (920) 231-6333; Fax: (920) 231-0464; Staff Assistant: Melissa


    Committee Assignments): Education and the Workforce; Transportation and Infrastructure

    Pickering, Charles W. “Chip” Jr., R-Miss. (3)

    Capitol Hill Office: 229 CHOB 20515-2403; 225-5031; Fax: 225-5797; Chief of Staff: Susan C. Butler



    District Office(s): 230 South Whitworth Ave., Brookhaven 39601-3343; (601) 823-3400; Fax: (601)

    823-5512; Special Assistant: Shirley O. Quinn 823 22nd Ave., Meridian 39301-5024; (601) 693-6681; Fax: (601) 693-1801; Special Assistant: Lynne

    Compton 308 Franklin St., Natchez 39120-3262; (601) 442-2515; Fax: (601) 442-3211 110-D Airport Rd. South, Pearl 39208-6654; (601) 932-2410; Fax: (601) 965-4598; District Director: Stanley

    Shows 1 Research Blvd., #206, Starkville 39759-8749; (662) 324-0007; Fax: (662) 324-0033; Special Assistant: Hank

    Moseley Committee Assignment(s): Energy and Commerce

    Pitts, Joe, R-Pa. (16)

    Capitol Hill Office: 221 CHOB 20515-3816; 225-2411; Fax: 225-2013; Washington, D.C. Chief of Staff: Gabe

    Hershey Neville



    District Office(s): Lancaster County Courthouse, 50 N.

    Duke St., Lancaster 17602-2805; (717) 393-0667; Fax: (717) 393-0924; District Chief of Staff: Thomas P.

    Tillett Berks County Services Bldg., 633 Court St., 14th Floor, Reading 19601; (610) 374-3637; Fax: (610) 444-5750 P.O. Box 837, Unionville 19375; (610) 444-4581; Fax: (610) 444-5750; Constituent Services Assistant:

    Nicholas Cammauf Committee Assignment(s): Commission on Security and

    Cooperation in Europe; Energy and Commerce; Congressional-Executive Commission on China

    Platts, Todd R., R-Pa. (19)

    Capitol Hill Office: 1032 LHOB 20515-3819; 225-5836; Fax: 226-1000; Chief of Staff: Scott Miller



    District Office(s): 59 W Louther St., Carlisle 17013-2936; (717) 249-0190; Fax: (717) 218-0190; Field Representative: Jay Swisher 22 Chambersburg St., Gettysburg 17325-1101; (717) 338-1919; Fax: (717) 334-6314; Field Representative: Holly Sutphin 2209 E. Market St., York 17402-2853; (717) 600-1919; Fax: (717) 757-5001; Deputy Chief of Staff/Press Secretary: Robert P. Reilly

    Committee Assignment(s): Education and the Workforce; Government Reform; Transportation and Infrastructure

    Poe, Ted, R-Texas (2)

    Capitol Hill Office: 1605 LHOB 20515-4302; 225-6565; Fax: 225-5547; Chief of Staff: Heather Ramsey



    District Office(s): Bank of America Bldg., 2615 Calder St., #100, Beaumont 77702-1935; (409) 212-1997; Fax: (409) 212-8711; District Director: Kristin Barrs

    Trans American Title Bldg., 20202 U.S. Hwy. 59 North, #105, Humble 77348-2402; (281) 446-0242; Fax: (281) 446-0252; District Director: Jessica Wellington

    Committee Assignment(s): International Relations; Small Business; Transportation and Infrastructure

    Pombo, Richard W., R-Calif. (11)

    Capitol Hill Office: 2411 RHOB 20515-0511; 225-1947; Fax: 226-0861; Chief of Staff: Jessica Carter



    District Office(s): 3000 Executive Pkwy., #216, San

    Ramon 94583-2300; (925) 866-7040; Fax: (925) 866-7064; Bay Area Director: James Ottem 2495 W. March Lane, #104, Stockton 95207-8207; (209)

    951-3091; Fax: (209) 951-1910; District Director:

    Nicole Goehring Committee Assignment(s): Agriculture; Resources

    Pomeroy, Earl, D-N.D. (At Large)

    Capitol Hill Office: 1501 LHOB 20515-3401; 225-2611; Fax: 226-0893; Chief of Staff: Bob Siggins



    District Office(s): Federal Bldg., 220 E. Rosser Ave., #376, Bismarck 58501-3869; (701) 224-0355; Fax: (701)

    224-0431; State Director: Gail Skaley 3003 32nd Ave. S.W., #6, Fargo 58103-6163; (701) 235-9760; Fax: (701) 235-9767; Eastern Field Director:

    Joan Carlson Committee Assignment(s): Agriculture; Ways and Means

    Porter, Jon, R-Nev. (3)

    Capitol Hill Office: 218 CHOB 20515-2803; 225-3252; Fax: 225-2185; Chief of Staff: Michael M. Hesse



    District Office(s): 2501 N. Green Valley Pkwy, #112 D, Henderson 89014-2158; (702) 387-4941; Fax: (702) 434-1378; District Chief of Staff: Brook Aumon

    Committee Assignment(s): Education and the Workforce; Government Reform; Transportation and Infrastructure

    Price, David E., D-N.C. (4)

    Capitol Hill Office: 2162 RHOB 20515-3304; 225-1784; Fax: 225-2014; Chief of Staff: Jean-Louise Beard



    District Office(s): 88 Vilcom Circle, #140, Chapel Hill 27514-1665; (919) 967-7924; Fax: (919) 967-8324; District Liaison: Dave Russell NC Mutual Bldg., 411 W Chapel Hill St., 6th Floor, Durham 27707; (919) 688-3004; Fax: (919) 688-0940; District Liaison: Tracy Lovett 5400 Trinity Rd., #205, Raleigh 27607-3815; (919) 859-5999; Fax: (919) 859-5998; District Director: Rose Lee Auman

    Committee Assignment(s): Appropriations

    Price, Tom, R-Ga. (6)

    Capitol Hill Office: 506 CHOB 20515-1006; 225-4501; Fax: 225-4656; Chief of Staff: Matt McGinley



    District Office(s): 3730 Roswell Rd., #50, Marietta 30062-8818; (770) 565-4990; Fax: (770) 565-7570; Field Representative: Trey Taylor

    Committee Assignment(s): Education and the Workforce; Financial Services

    Pryce, Deborah, R-Ohio (15)

    Capitol Hill Office: 204 CHOB 20515-3515; 225-2015; Chief of Staff: Lori Salley



    District Office(s): 500 S. Front St., #1130, Columbus 43215-7632; (614) 469-5614; District Director; Chief Counsel: Marcee C. McCreary Committee Assignment(s): Financial Services

    Putnam, Adam H., R-Fla. (12)

    Capitol Hill Office: 1213 LHOB 20515-0912; 225-1252; Fax: 226-0585; Chief of Staff: John J. Hambel



    District Office(s): 650 E. Davidson St., Bartow 33830-4051; (863) 534-3530; Fax: (863) 534-3559; District Director: Matthew K. Joyner Committee Assignment(s): Budget; Rules

    Radanovich, George P., R-Calif. (19)

    Capitol Hill Office: 438 CHOB 20515-0519; 225-4540; Fax: 225-3402; Chief of Staff: Ted Maness



    District Office(s): 2350 W Shaw Ave., #137, Fresno 93711-3400; (559) 449-2490; Fax: (559) 449-2499; District Director: Darren Rose 121 W Main St., Suite D, Turlock 95380-4845; (209)

    656-8660; Fax: (209) 656-8649; Field Representative:

    Donna Dami Committee Assignment(s): Energy and Commerce; Resources

    Rahall, Nick J. II, D-W. Va. (3)

    Capitol Hill Office: 2307 RHOB 20515-4803; 225-3452; Fax: 225-9061; Chief of Staff: Kent Keyser



    District Office(s): 106 Main St., Beckley 25801-4787; (304) 252-5000; Fax: (304) 252-9803; Development Director: Kelly Dyke Federal Bldg., 601 Federal St., #1005, Bluefield 24701-3033; (304) 325-6222; Fax: (304) 325-0552; Community Relations: Deborah Stevens Sidney L. Christie Federal Bldg. and Post Office, 845 5th

    Ave., #145, Huntington 25701-2086; (304) 522-6425; Fax: (304) 529-5716; District Representative: Greg

    Parsons R. K. Bldg., Logan 25601-3910; (304) 752-4934; Fax: (304) 752-8797; Community Relations: Debrina

    Workman Committee Assignment(s): Resources; Transportation

    and Infrastructure

    Ramstad, Jim, R-Minn. (3)

    Capitol Hill Office: 103 CHOB 20515-2303; 225-2871; Fax: 225-6351; Chief of Staff: Dean P. Peterson



    District Office(s): 1809 Plymouth Rd. S., #300, Minnetonka 55305-1977; (952) 738-8200; Fax: (952) 738-9362; District Director: Lance N. Olson Committee Assignment(s): Ways and Means

    Rangel, Charles B., D-N.Y. (15)

    Capitol Hill Office: 2354 RHOB 20515-3215; 225-4365; Fax: 225-0816; Executive Secretary/Scheduler: Brenda

    A. Swygert



    District Office(s): 163 W 125th St., #737, New York 10027-4404; (212) 663-3900; Fax: (212) 663-4277; District Administrator: Vivian Jones Committee Assignment(s): Ways and Means; Joint


    Regula, Ralph, R-Ohio (16)

    Capitol Hill Office: 2306 RHOB 20515-3516; 225-3876; Fax: 225-3059; Chief of Staff: Lori Groves Rowley



    District Office(s): 4150 Belden Village St. N.W, #408, Canton 44718-2553; (330) 489-4414; Fax: (330) 489-4448; District Staff Director: Robert Mullen 124 W. Washington St., #1-A, Medina 44256-2270; (330)

    722-3793; Fax: (330) 723-1319; Staff Assistant:

    Michelle Connors Committee Assignment(s): Appropriations

    Rehberg, Denny, R-Mont. (At Large)

    Capitol Hill Office: 516 CHOB 20515-2601; 225-3211; Fax: 225-5687; Deputy Chief of Staff: Jay Bradley




    District Office(s): 1201 Grand Ave., #1, Billings 59102-4281; (406) 256-1019; Fax: (406) 256-4934; State Director: Randy Vogel 105 Smelter Ave. N.E., #16, Great Falls 59404-1953; (406) 454-1066; Fax: (406) 454-1130; Field Representative: Seth Broesder 950 N. Montana Ave., Helena 59601-3858; (406) 443-7878; Fax: (406) 443-8890; Constituent Services Representative: Stacey Graham 218 E. Main St., Suite B, Missoula 59802-4478; (406) 543-9550; Fax: (406) 543-0663; Chief of Staff: Erik J. Iverson

    Committee Assignment(s): Appropriations

    Reichert, Dave, R-Wash. (8)

    Capitol Hill Office: 1223 LHOB 20515-4708; 225-7761; Fax: 225-4282; Chief of Staff: Mike Shields



    District Office(s): 2737 78th Ave. S.E., #202, Mercer

    Island 98040-2843; (206) 275-3438; Fax: (206) 275-3437; District Director: Mariana Parks Committee Assignment(s): Homeland Security; Science; Transportation and Infrastructure

    Renzi, Rick, R-Ariz. (1)

    Capitol Hill Office: 418 CHOB 20515-0301; 225-2315; Fax: 226-9739; Chief of Staff: Bryan Murray



    District Office(s): P.O. Box 1186, Casa Grande 85230-1186; (520) 876-0929; Fax: (520) 876-9374; Congressional Liaison: Teresa Martinez 123 N. San Francisco St., #105, Flagstaff 86001-5296; (928) 213-3434; Fax: (928) 213-5447; Chief of Staff:

    Walter Phelps 107 N. Cortez St., #208, Prescott 86301-3501; (928) 708-9120; Fax: (928) 708-9121; Congressional Liaison:

    Don Packard 1420 S. 1st Ave., #100, Safford 85546-2134; (928) 428-8194; Fax: (928) 428-7005; Congressional Liaison:

    Keith Alexander EPA Bldg., 10 W Tonto, P.O. Box O, San Carlos 85550; (928) 475-3733; Fax: (928) 428-7005; Congressional Liaison: Keith Alexander 1151 E. Deuce of Clubs, Suite A, Show Low 85901-4910; (928) 537-2800; Fax: (928) 532-5088; Veterans/Military Affairs Liaison: Jack Latham Apache Veterans Center, 201 E. Walnut, Whiteriver 85941; (928) 521-2810; Fax: (928) 532-5088; Congressional Liaison: Daryl Begay DNA Legal Services Bldg., Hwy. 254 and Route 12, P.O.

    Box 4673, Window Rock 86515; (928) 853-3750; Fax: (928) 871-4879; Congressional Liaison:Daryl Begay Committee Assignment(s): Financial Services; Resources; Permanent Select Intelligence Reyes, Silvestre, D-Texas (16)

    Capitol Hill Office: 2433 RHOB 20515-4316; 225-4831; Fax: 225-2016; Chief of Staff: Perry Finney Brody



    District Office(s): 301 N. Mesa St., #400, El Paso 79901-1301; (915) 534-4400; Fax: (915) 534-7426; Deputy Chief of Staff: Sal Payan Committee Assignment(s): Armed Services; Democracy

    Assistance; Veterans' Affairs; Permanent Select


    Reynolds, Thomas M., R-N.Y. (26)

    Capitol Hill Office: 332 CHOB 20515-3226; 225-5265; Fax: 225-5910; Chief of Staff: Kirk Fordham



    District Office(s): 1577 W. Ridge Rd., Rochester 14615; (585) 663-5570; Fax: (585) 663-5711; District Director: Paul Cole 500 Essjay Rd., #260, Williamsville 14221-8226; (716) 634-2324; Fax: (716) 631-7610; Regional Manager: Gregg Merlihan

    Committee Assignment(s): House Administration; Ways and Means; Joint Printing

    Rogers, Harold, R-Ky. (5)

    Capitol Hill Office: 2406 RHOB 20515-1705; 225-4601; Fax: 225-0940; Chief of Staff:William E. Smith



    District Office(s): 601 Main St., Hazard 41701-1354; (606) 439-0794; Fax: (606) 439-4647; Caseworker:

    Nan Fugate 100 Resource Dr., Suite A, Prestonsburg 41653-1842; (606) 886-0844; Fax: (606) 889-0371; Receptionist:

    Tonya Conn 551 Clifty St., Somerset 42501-1782; (606) 679-8346; Fax: (606) 678-4856; District Administrator: Robert L.

    Mitchell Committee Assignment(s): Appropriations

    Rogers, Mike D., R-Ala. (3)

    Capitol Hill Office: 514 CHOB 20515-0103; 225-3261; Fax: 225-5827; Chief of Staff: Marshall C. Macomber



    District Office(s): Federal Bldg., 1129 Noble St., #104, Anniston 36201; (256) 236-5655; Fax: (256) 237-9203; Deputy District Director: Lamar Denkins 7550 Halcyon Summit Dr., Montgomery 36117-7008; (334) 277-4210; Fax: (334) 277-4257; Field Representative; Caseworker: Alvin Lewis 1819 Pepperell Pkwy, #203, Opelika 36801-5476; (334) 745-6221; Fax: (334) 742-0109; Field Representative/Caseworker: Cheryl Cunningham

    Committee Assignment(s): Homeland Security; Agriculture; Armed Services

    Rogers, Mike, R-Mich. (8)

    Capitol Hill Office: 133 CHOB 20515-2208; 225-4872; Fax: 225-5820; Chief of Staff: Matthew N. Strawn



    District Office(s): 1327 E. Michigan Ave., Lansing 48912-2104; (517) 702-8000; Fax: (517) 702-8642; Deputy Chief of Staff: Anne Belser

    Committee Assignment(s): Energy and Commerce; Permanent Select Intelligence

    Rohrabacher, Dana, R-Calif. (46)

    Capitol Hill Office: 2338 RHOB 20515-0546; 225-2415; Fax: 225-0145; Chief of Staff/Legislative Director:

    Richard T. Dykema



    District Office(s): 101 Main St., #380, Huntington Beach 92648-8149; (714) 960-6483; Fax: (714) 960-7806; District Director: Kathleen Hollingsworth Committee Assignment(s): International Relations; Science

    Ros-Lehtinen, Ileana, R-Fla. (18)

    Capitol Hill Office: 2160 RHOB 20515-0918; 225-3931; Fax: 225-5620; Chief of Staff: Arturo A. Estopiñán



    District Office(s): 9210 S.W 72nd St., #100, Miami 33173; (305) 275-1800; Fax: (305) 275-1801; District Chief of Staff; Military Liaison; Intern Coordinator:

    Debra Zimmerman Committee Assignment(s): Government Reform; International Relations

    Ross, Mike, D-Ariz. (4)

    Capitol Hill Office: 314 CHOB 20515-0404; 225-3772; Fax: 225-1314; Chief of Staff: Cori Smith



    District Office(s): Union County Courthouse, 101 N.

    Washington Ave., #406, El Dorado 71730-5669; (870)

    881-0681; Fax: (870) 881-0683; District Aide: Patricia

    Herring 300 Exchange St., Suite A, Hot Springs 71901-4026; (501) 520-5892; Fax: (501) 520-5873; District Aide:

    Sonya Aylor 2300 W 29th Ave., Pine Bluff 71601-5005; (870) 536-3376; Fax: (870) 536-4058; Constituent Services Director: R. J. Lightsey 221 W Main St., Prescott 71857-3608; (870) 887-6787; Fax: (870) 887-6799; District Travel Aide: Marc

    McGough Committee Assignment(s): Energy and Commerce

    Rothman, Steven R., D-N.J. (9)

    Capitol Hill Office: 2303 RHOB 20515-3009; 225-5061; Fax: 225-5851; Chief of Staff: Bob Decheine



    District Office(s): Court Plaza North, 25 Main St., #27, Hackensack 07601-7089; (201) 646-0808; Fax: (201)

    646-1944; District Director: Mike Soliman 130 Central Ave., Jersey City 07306-2118; (201) 798-1366; Fax: (201) 798-1725; Staff Assistant: Al

    Zampella Committee Assignment(s): Appropriations

    Roybal-Allard, Lucille, D-Calif. (34)

    Capitol Hill Office: 2330 RHOB 20515-0534; 225-1766; Fax: 226-0350; Chief of Staff: Ellen E. Riddleberger



    District Office(s): Edward R. Roybal Center and Federal

    Bldg., 255 E. Temple St., #1860, Los Angeles 90012-3334; (213) 628-9230; Fax: (213) 628-8578; District Chief of Staff: Ana Figueroa-Davis Committee Assignment(s): Appropriations; Standards of

    Official Conduct

    Royce, Ed, R-Calif. (40)

    Capitol Hill Office: 2202 RHOB 20515-0540; 225-4111; Fax: 226-0335; Chief of Staff/Legislative Director: Amy P. Porter



    District Office(s): 305 N. Harbor Blvd., #300, Fullerton 92832-1938; (714) 992-8081; Fax: (714) 992-1668; District Director: Sara Carmack

    Committee Assignment(s): Financial Services; International Relations

    Ruppersberger, C. A. Dutch, D-Md. (2)

    Capitol Hill Office: 1630 LHOB 20515-2002; 225-3061; Fax: 225-3094; Chief of Staff: Tara Ousler



    District Office(s): 375 W. Padonia Rd., #200, Timonium 21093-2130; (410) 628-2701; Fax: (410) 628-2708; District Office Manager: Carol Merkel

    Committee Assignment(s): Government Reform; Permanent Select Intelligence

    Rush, Bobby L, DIll. (1)

    Capitol Hill Office: 2416 RHOB 20515-1301; 225-4372; Fax: 226-0333; Chief of Staff: Kimberly C. Parker



    District Office(s): 700-706 E. 79th St., Chicago 60619; (773) 224-6500; Fax: (773) 224-9624; District Director: Stanley Watkins 3235 147th St., Midlothian 60445-3656; (708) 385-9550; Fax: (708) 385-3860 Committee Assignment(s): Energy and Commerce

    Ryan, Paul D., R-Wis. (1)

    Capitol Hill Office: 1113 LHOB 20515-4901; 225-3031; Fax: 225-3393; Chief of Staff: Joyce Yamat Meyer



    District Office(s): 20 S. Main St., #10, Janesville 53545-3959; (608) 752-4050; Fax: (608) 752-4711; District Director: Danyell Tremmell 5712 7th Ave., Kenosha 53140-4129; (262) 654-1901; Fax: (262) 654-2156; Field Representative:David

    Craig 304 6th St., Racine 53403-1216; (262) 637-0510; Fax: (262) 637-5689; Field Representative: Teresa Mora Committee Assignment(s): Budget; Ways and Means; Joint Economic Committee

    Ryan, Tim, D-Ohio (17)

    Capitol Hill Office: 222 CHOB 20515-3517; 225-5261; Fax: 225-3719; Chief of Staff: Mary Anne Walsh



    District Office(s): 1030 E. Tallmadge Ave., Akron 44310-3563; (330) 630-7311; Fax: (330) 630)-7314; Constituent Liaison: Sean Buchanan

    Mahoning Bldg., 197 W Market St., Warren 44481-1024; (330) 373-0074; Fax: (330) 373-0098; District Director: Rick Leonard 241 Federal Plaza West, Youngstown 44503-1207; (330) 740-0193; Fax: (330) 740-0182; Economic Development Coordinator: Barbara Ewing

    Committee Assignment(s): Armed Services; Education and the Workforce

    Ryun, Jim, R-Kan. (2)

    Capitol Hill Office: 1110 LHOB 20515-1602; 225-6601; Fax: 225-7986; Chief of Staff: Mark Kelly



    District Office(s): The Stilwell Hotel, 701 N. Broadway, Pittsburg 66762-3905; (316) 232-6100; Fax: (316)

    232-6105; Field Representative: Jim Allen 800 S.W Jackson St., #100, Topeka 66612-1216; (785)

    232-4500; Fax: (785) 232-4512; Constituent Services Director: Kevin Gregg Committee Assignment(s): Armed Services; Budget; Financial Services

    Sabo, Martin Olav, D-Minn. (5)

    Capitol Hill Office: 2336 RHOB 20515-2305; 225-4755; Chief of Staff: Michael S. Erlandson



    District Office(s): 250 Marquette Ave., #225, Minneapolis 55401-2396; (612) 664-8000; Senior Adviser: Kathleen C. Anderson

    Committee Assignment(s): Appropriations

    Salazar, John, D-Colo. (3)

    Capitol Hill Office: 1531 LHOB 20515-0603; 225-4761; Fax: 226-9669; Chief of Staff: Ronnie P. Carleton


    District Office(s): 609 Main St., Apartment 6, Alamosa 81101-2557; (719) 587-5105; Fax: (719) 587-7137; Office Manager: Jennifer Barela 700 Main Ave., Suite F, Durango 81301-5437; (970) 375-3264; Fax: (970) 375-3265; Office Manager: John

    Whitney 225 North 5th St., #702, Grand Junction 81501-2611; (970) 245-7107; Fax: (970) 245-7194; Regional Director: Rich Baca 134 B St., Pueblo 81003-6401; (719) 543-8200; Fax: (719)

    543-8204; District Director: Sal Pace Committee Assignment(s): Agriculture; Transportation

    and Infrastructure; Veterans' Affairs

    Sánchez, Linda T., D-Calif. (39)

    Capitol Hill Office: 1007 LHOB 20515-0539; 225-6676; Fax: 226-1012; Chief of Staff: Michael J. Torra



    District Office(s): 4007 Paramount Blvd., #106, Lakewood 90712-4138; (562) 429-8499; Fax: (562) 938-1948; District Director: Bill Grady

    Committee Assignment(s): Government Reform; Judiciary; Small Business

    Sanchez, Loretta, D-Calif. (47)

    Capitol Hill Office: 1230 LHOB 20515-0546; 225-2965; Fax: 225-5859; Chief of Staff: Lee Godown



    District Office(s): 12397 Lewis St., #101, Garden Grove 92840-4695; (714) 621-0102; Fax: (714) 621-0401; Chief of Staff: Lee Godown Committee Assignment(s): Homeland Security; Armed

    Services; Joint Economic Committee

    Sanders, Bernard, I-Vt. (At Large)

    Capitol Hill Office: 2233 RHOB 20515-4501; 225-4115; Fax: 225-6790; Chief of Staff: JeffWeaver



    District Office(s): 167 Main St., #410, Brattleboro 05301-3000; (802) 254-9207; Fax: (802) 254-8732; Veterans Specialist: Sam Haskins 1 Church St., 2nd Floor, Burlington 05401-4451; (802) 862-0697; Fax: (802) 860-6370; Casework Coordinator: Gretchen Bailey

    Committee Assignment(s): Financial Services; Government Reform

    Saxton, H. James, R-N.J. (3)

    Capitol Hill Office: 2217 RHOB 20515-3003; 225-4765; Fax: 225-0778; Chief of Staff: Elise Kenderian




    District Office(s): 100 High St., #301, Mt. Holly 08060-1401; (609) 261-5800; Fax: (609) 261-1275; Director of Constituent Services; District Director: Sandra R.

    Condit 247 Main St., Toms River 08753-7468; (732) 914-2020; Fax: (732) 914-8351; Staff Assistant: Patricia Brogan Committee Assignment(s): Armed Services; Resources; Joint Economic Committee

    Schakowsky, Jan, DIll. (9)

    Capitol Hill Office: 1027 LHOB 20515-1309; 225-2111; Fax: 226-6890; Chief of Staff: Cathy Hurwit



    District Office(s): 5533 N. Broadway St., Chicago 60640-1405; (773) 506-7100; Fax: (773) 506-9202; District Director: Leslie Combs 820 Davis St., #105, Evanston 60201-4400; (847) 328-3399; Fax: (847) 328-3425; Suburban Director; Grants Coordinator: Ra Joy 1420 Renaissance Dr., #102, Park Ridge 60068-1341; (847) 298-2128; Fax: (847) 298-2173; Northwest Side Coord.: Marie Anne Limjoco Committee Assignment(s): Energy and Commerce

    Schiff, Adam B., D-Calif. (29)

    Capitol Hill Office: 326 CHOB 20515-0527; 225-4176; Fax: 225-5828; Chief of Staff: Timothy Bergreen



    District Office(s): Braley Bldg., 35 S. Raymond Ave., #205, Pasadena 91105-3701; (626) 304-2727; Fax: (626) 304-0572; District Director: Ann Peifer

    Committee Assignment(s): Democracy Assistance; International Relations; Judiciary

    Schmidt, Jean, R-Ohio (2)

    Capitol Hill Office: 238 CHOB 20515-3502; 225-3164; Fax: 225-1992; Chief of Staff: Barry Bennett



    District Office(s): 8044 Montgomery Rd., #540; Cincinnati 45236-2926, (513) 791-0381; Fax: (513) 791-1696; District Director: Nancy K. Cahall 601 Chillicothe St., Portsmouth 45662-4023, (740) 354-1440; Fax: (740) 354-1144; Field Representative: Mary Glasglow Committee Assignment(s): Agriculture; Government Reform; Transportation and Infrastructure

    Schwartz, Allyson Y., D-Pa. (13)

    Capitol Hill Office: 423 CHOB 20515-3813; 225-6111; Fax: 226-0611; Chief of Staff: Daniel McElhatton



    District Office(s): 706 West Ave., Jenkintown 19046-2710; (215) 517-6572; Fax: (215) 333-4508; District Director: Julie Slavet 7219 Frankford Ave., Philadelphia 19135-1010; (215) 335-3355; Fax: (215) 333-4508; District Representative: Jeanne Schroeder

    Committee Assignment(s): Budget; Democracy Assistance; Transportation and Infrastructure

    Schwarz, Joe, R-Mich. (7)

    Capitol Hill Office: 128 CHOB 20515-2207; 225-6276; Fax: 225-6281; Chief of Staff/Communications Director: Matt Marsden



    District Office(s): 249 Michigan Ave. W., Battle Creek 49017-3601; (269) 965-9066; Fax: (269) 965-9036; District Representative: Paul Egnatuk 142 N. Mechanic St., Jackson 49201-1301; (517) 783-4486; Fax: (517) 783-3012; District Director: Rebecca Schneider 6604 W. Saginaw Hwy., Lansing 48917-1110; (517) 323-6600; Fax: (517) 327-7488; Scheduler/Executive Assistant: Faye Armstrong

    Committee Assignment(s): Agriculture; Armed Services; Science

    Scott, David, D-Ga. (13)

    Capitol Hill Office: 417 CHOB 20515-1013; 225-2939; Fax: 225-4628; Chief of Staff: Michael Andel



    District Office(s): 173 N. Main St., Jonesboro 30236-3567; (770) 210-5073; Fax: (770) 210-5673; District Scheduler/Constituent Representative: Scott Goldstein 127 Main St. N.W., Lilburn 30047-5021; (770) 381-0135; Fax: (770) 381-1823; Deputy Press Secretary: John Allen Committee Assignment(s): Agriculture; Financial


    Scott, Robert C, D-Va. (3)

    Capitol Hill Office: 1201 LHOB 20515-4603; 225-8351; Fax: 225-8354; Chief of Staff: Joni L. Ivey



    District Office(s): 2600 Washington Ave., #1010, Newport News 23607-4333; (757) 380-1000; Fax: (757) 928-6694; District Manager: Gisele P. Russell 501 N. 2nd St., #401, Richmond 23219-1321; (804) 644-4845; Fax: (804) 644-6026; Legislative Assistant/District Scheduler: Nkechi George Winkler

    Committee Assignment(s): Education and the Workforce; Judiciary

    Sensenbrenner, F. James Jr., R-Wis. (5)

    Capitol Hill Office: 2449 RHOB 20515-4905; 225-5101; Fax: 225-3190; Chief of Staff; District Director:

    Thomas Schreibel



    District Office(s): 120 Bishops Way, #154, Brookfield 53005-6294; (262) 784-1111; District Director: Rich

    Zipperer Committee Assignment(s): Judiciary

    Serrano, José E., D-N.Y. (16)

    Capitol Hill Office: 2227 RHOB 20515-3216; 225-4361; Fax: 225-6001; Chief of Staff: Paul Lipson



    District Office(s): 788 Southern Blvd., Bronx 10455-2115; (718) 620-0084; Community Outreach Director: José

    Rodriguez Committee Assignment(s): Appropriations

    Sessions, Pete, R-Texas (32)

    Capitol Hill Office: 1514 LHOB 20515-4305; 225-2231; Fax: 225-5878; Chief of Staff: O. L. “Guy” Harrison IV



    District Office(s): Park Central VII, 12750 Merit Dr., #1434, Dallas 75251-1229; (972) 392-0505; Fax: (972) 392-0615; District Director: Taylor Bledsoe

    Committee Assignment(s): Budget; Rules

    Shadegg, John, R-Ariz. (3)

    Capitol Hill Office: 306 CHOB 20515-0304; 225-3361; Fax: 225-3462; Legislative Director: Eric Schlecht



    District Office(s): 301 E. Bethany Home Rd., Suite C-178, Phoenix 85012-1266; (602) 263-5300; Fax: (602) 248-7733; Chief of Staff: Sean D. Noble Committee Assignment(s): Energy and Commerce

    Shaw, E. Clay Jr., R-Fla. (22)

    Capitol Hill Office: 1236 LHOB 20515-0922; 225-3026; Fax: 225-8398; Chief of Staff: Eric J. Eikenberg



    District Office(s): 1512 E. Broward Blvd., #101, Fort Lauderdale 33301-1993; (954) 522-1800; Fax: (954) 768-0511; District Director: Joel Gustafson 222 Lakeview Ave., #225, West Palm Beach 33401; (561) 832-3007; Fax: (561) 832-0227; District Representative: Larry Casey

    Committee Assignment(s): Ways and Means; Joint Taxation

    Shays, Christopher, R-Conn. (4)

    Capitol Hill Office: 1126 LHOB 20515-0704; 225-5541; Fax: 225-9629; Chief of Staff: Elizabeth Wright




    District Office(s): 10 Middle St., 11th Floor, Bridgeport 06604-4257; (203) 579-5870; Fax: (203) 579-0771; District Director: Paul Pimentel Government Center, 888 Washington Blvd., Stamford 06901-2902; (203) 357-8277; Fax: (203) 357-1050; Constituent Services Representative: Ben Joseloff Committee Assignment(s): Homeland Security; Financial

    Services; Government Reform

    Sherman, Brad, D-Calif. (27)

    Capitol Hill Office: 1030 LHOB 20515-0524; 225-5911; Fax: 225-5879; Chief of Staff: Andrew Wright



    District Office(s): 5000 Van Nuys Blvd., #420, Sherman

    Oaks 91403-6126; (818) 501 9200; Fax: (818) 501-1554; District Director: Erin Prangley Committee Assignment(s): Financial Services; House

    Commission on Congressional Mailing Standards; International Relations; Science

    Sherwood, Don, R-Pa. (10)

    Capitol Hill Office: 1131 LHOB 20515-3810; 225-3731; Fax: 225-9594; Chief of Staff/Legislative Director: John

    S. Enright



    District Office(s): 1146 Northern Blvd., Clarks Summit 18411-2222; (570) 585-8190; Fax: (570) 585-8538; District Director: Jerry J. Morgan 106 Arch St., Sunbury 17801-2145; (570) 286-1723; Field Representative: Stacy Erdman 330 Pine St., #202, Williamsport 17701-6243; (570) 327-8161; Fax: (570) 327-9359; Office Manager: Ruth

    Grieco Committee Assignment(s): Appropriations

    Shimkus, John, R-Ill. (19)

    Capitol Hill Office: 513 CHOB 20515-1319; 225-5271; Fax: 225-5880; Chief of Staff: Craig A. Roberts



    District Office(s): 221 E. Broadway, #102, Centralia 62801; (618) 532-9676; Fax: (618) 532-1896; 508 W. Main St., Collinsville 62234-3019; (618) 344-3065; Fax: (618) 344-4215; District Director: Deb G.

    Detmers 110 E. Locust St., #12, Harrisburg 62946-1557; (618)

    252-8271; Fax: (618) 252-8317; District Aide: Holly

    Healy 120 S. Fair St., Olney 62450-2258; (618) 392-7737; Fax: (618) 392-8178

    3130 Chatham Rd., Suite C, Springfield 62704; (217) 492-5090; Fax: (217) 492-5096; Programs and Grants Manager: Rodney Davis

    Committee Assignment(s): Energy and Commerce; House Page Program

    Shuster, Bill, R-Pa. (9)

    Capitol Hill Office: 1108 LHOB 20515-3809; 225-2431; Fax: 225-2486; Chief of Staff: Jeffrey R. Loeng



    District Office(s): 100 Lincoln Way East, Suite B, Chambersburg 17201-2274; (717) 264-8308; Fax: (717) 264-0269; District Aide: Cecelia Parker 310 Penn St., #200, Hollidaysburg 16648-2044; (814) 696-6318; Fax: (814) 696-6726; District Director: Jim Frank

    Savings and Trust Bldg., 647 Philadelphia St., #303, Indiana 15701-3923; (724) 463-0516; Fax: (724) 463-0518; District Aide: Heather Camp 118 W Main St., #104, Somerset 15501-2047; (814) 443-3918; Fax: (814) 443-6373; District Aide: Heather Camp

    Committee Assignment(s): Armed Services; Small Business; Transportation and Infrastructure

    Simmons, Rob, R-Conn. (2)

    Capitol Hill Office: 215 CHOB 20515-0702; 225-2076; Fax: 225-4977; Chief of Staff; Legislative Director:

    Todd Mitchell



    District Office(s): 37-39 Pearl St., Enfield 06082-3504; (860) 741-4053; Fax: (860) 741-4059; Constituent Services Representative: Linda Camelio 2 Courthouse Square, 5th Floor, Norwich 06360-5763; (860) 886-0139; Fax: (860) 886-2974; District Director: Jane S. Dauphinais Committee Assignment(s): Homeland Security; Armed

    Services; Transportation and Infrastructure

    Simpson, Mike, R-Idaho (2)

    Capitol Hill Office: 1339 LHOB 20515-1202; 225-5531; Fax: 225-8216; Chief of Staff: Lindsay J. Slater



    District Office(s): 802 W Bannock St., #600, Boise 83702-5843; (208) 334-1953; Fax: (208) 334-9533; Senior Casework Director: Marcia Bain 490 Memorial Dr., #103, Idaho Falls 83402-3600; (208)

    523-6701; Fax: (208) 523-2384; Resource-Idaho Natl. Laboratory Director: Laurel Hall 275 S. 5th Ave., #275, Pocatello 83201-6400; (208) 233-2222; Fax: (208) 233-2095; Staff Assistant: Amy

    Sorenson 1341 Filmore St., #202, Twin Falls 83301-3392; (208)

    734-7219; Fax: 208 (734) 7244; Agriculture Field Director: Charles Barnes Committee Assignment(s): Appropriations; Budget

    Skelton, Ike, D-Mo. (4)

    Capitol Hill Office: 2206 RHOB 20515-2504; 225-2876; Administrative Assistant/Press Secretary: Whitney D.




    District Office(s): 514-B NW 7 Hwy., Blue Springs 64014-2733; (816) 228-4242; Chief of Staff: Robert D.

    Hagedorn 1401 Southwest Blvd., #101, Jefferson City 65109-2429; (573) 635-3499; Capitol Liaison: Ann Kutscher 219 N. Adams Ave., Lebanon 65536-3029; (417) 532-7964; Staff Assistant: Melissa Richardson 908 Thompson Blvd., Sedalia 65301-2241; (660) 826-2675; Staff Assistant: Arletta Garrett Committee Assignment(s): Armed Services

    Slaughter, Louise M., D-N.Y. (28)

    Capitol Hill Office: 2469 RHOB 20515-3228; 225-3615; Fax: 225-7822; Chief of Staff: Julie Carr



    District Office(s): 465 Main St., #105, Buffalo 14203-1717; (716) 853-5813; Fax: (716) 853-6347; Community Liaison: Kathy Lenhar 1910 Pine Ave., Niagara Falls 14301-2310; (716) 282-1274; Fax: (716) 282-2479; Congressional Aide: Jane

    Schroeder Federal Bldg., 100 State St., #3120, Rochester 14614-1309; (585) 232-4850; Fax: (585) 232-1954; Executive Assistant-Scheduler: Bobbie Wilson Committee Assignment(s): Commission on Security and

    Cooperation in Europe; Rules

    Smith, Adam, D-Wash. (9)

    Capitol Hill Office: 227 CHOB 20515-4709; 225-8901; Fax: 225-5893; Chief of Staff: John Mulligan



    District Office(s): 3600 Port of Tacoma Rd., #106, Tacoma 98424-1040; (253) 896-3775; Fax: (253) 896-3789; District Director: Linda Danforth Committee Assignment(s): Armed Services; International


    Smith, Christopher H., R-N.J. (4)

    Capitol Hill Office: 2373 RHOB 20515-3004; 225-3765; Fax: 225-7768; Chief of Staff: Mary Noonan



    District Office(s): 1540 Kuser Rd., Suite A-9, Hamilton 08619-3828; (609) 585-7878; Fax: (609) 585-9155; District Director: Joyce Golden

    Whiting Shopping Center, 108 Lacey Rd., #38-A, Whiting 08759-1331; (732) 350-2300; Fax: (732) 350-6260; Staff Assistant: Donna Chapman

    Committee Assignment(s): Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe; International Relations

    Smith, Lamar, R-Texas (21)

    Capitol Hill Office: 2184 RHOB 20515-4321; 225-4236; Fax: 225-8628; Chief of Staff: Joseph Young Gibson



    District Office(s): 13333-A West Hwy. 71, #100, Austin 78738-3104; (512) 402-9743; Fax: (512) 402-9867; Constituent Services Liaison: Sheila Brown

    Guaranty Federal Bldg., 1100 N.E. Loop 410, #640, San Antonio 78209; (210) 821-5024; Fax: (210) 821-5947; District Director: O'Lene Stone

    Committee Assignment(s): Homeland Security; Judiciary; Science; Standards of Official Conduct

    Snyder, Vic, D-Ark. (2)

    Capitol Hill Office: 1330 LHOB 20515-0402; 225-2506; Fax: 225-5903; Chief of Staff: Edward D. Fry



    District Office(s): Federal Bldg., 700 W Capitol Ave., #3118, Little Rock 72201-3275; (501) 324-5941; Fax: (501)

    324-6029; District Director: Amanda Nixon White Committee Assignment(s): Armed Services; Veterans'


    Sodrel, Mike, R-Ind. (9)

    Capitol Hill Office: 1508 LHOB 20515-1409; 225-5315; Fax: 226-6866; Chief of Staff: Cam Savage



    District Office(s): 812 S. Walnut St., Bloomington 47401-4630; (812) 330-1543; Fax: (812) 330-1546; Area Director-Deputy Chief of Staff: Chris Crabtree 215 W 5th St., Jasper 47546-3115; (812) 482-9864; Area Director: Don Hayes 279 Quartermaster Dr., Jeffersonville 47130-3669; (812)

    288-3999; Fax: (812) 288-3877; Area Director: Carl

    Pearcy 415 S. Walnut St., #115, Seymour 47274-2992; (812) 523-8050; Fax: (812) 523-1306; Area Director: Becky

    Wood 829 S. Adams St., Versailles 47042-9422; (812) 689-7300; Fax: (812) 689-7377; Area Director: Frank Thompson Committee Assignment(s): Science; Small Business; Transportation and Infrastructure

    Solis, Hilda L., D-Calif. (32)

    Capitol Hill Office: 1725 LHOB 20515-0531; 225-5464; Fax: 225-5467; Chief of Staff: Don Lyster



    District Office(s): 4716 Cesar E. Chavez Ave., Bldg. A, East Los Angeles 90022-1210; (323) 307-9904; Fax: (323) 307-9906; Casework Manager: Margarita Piñon

    4401 Santa Anita Ave., #211, El Monte 91731-1611; (626) 448-1271; Fax: (626) 448-8062; Deputy District Director: Benita Duran

    Committee Assignment(s): Energy and Commerce

    Souder, Mark, R-Ind. (3)

    Capitol Hill Office: 2231 RHOB 20515-1404; 225-4436; Fax: 225-3479; Chief of Staff: Renee Howell



    District Office(s): Federal Bldg., 1300 S. Harrison St., #3105, Fort Wayne 46802; (260) 424-3041; Fax: (260) 424-4042; District Director: Derek Pillie

    First Source Bldg., 102 W. Lincoln Ave., #250, Goshen 46526; (574) 533-5802; Fax: (574) 534-2669

    The Boathouse, 700 Park Ave., Suite D, Winona Lake 46590; (574) 269-1940; Fax: (574) 269-3112

    Committee Assignment(s): Homeland Security; Education and the Workforce; Government Reform

    Spratt, John M. Jr., D-S.C. (5)

    Capitol Hill Office: 1401 LHOB 20515-4005; 225-5501; Fax: 225-0464; Chief of Staff: Ellen W. Buchanan



    District Office(s): 88 Public Square, Darlington 29532-3216; (843) 393-3998; Fax: (843) 393-8060; District Aide: Bobbi Damon 201 E. Main St., #305, Rock Hill 29730-4888; (803) 327-1114; Fax: (803) 327-4330; District Administrator:

    Robert H. Hopkins 39 E. Calhoun St., Sumter 29150-4315; (803) 773-3362; Fax: (803) 773-7662; District Aide: Carolyn McCoy Committee Assignment(s): Armed Services; Budget

    Stark, Pete, D-Calif. (13)

    Capitol Hill Office: 239 CHOB 20515-0513; 225-5065; Fax: 226-3805; Chief of Staff; Legislative Director:

    Debbie Curtis



    District Office(s): 39300 Civic Center Dr., #220, Fremont 94538-2324; (510) 494-1388; Fax: (510) 494-5882; District Director: Jo Cazenave Committee Assignment(s): Ways and Means; Joint


    Stearns, Cliff, R-Fla. (6)

    Capitol Hill Office: 2370 RHOB 20515-0906; 225-5744; Fax: 225-3973; Chief of Staff: Jack F. Seum



    District Office(s): 5700 S.W 34th St., Gainesville 32608-5329; (352) 337-0003; Fax: (352) 337-0034; Staff Assistant: Mary Johnson 115 S.E. 25th Ave., Ocala 34471-9179; (352) 351-8777; Fax: (352) 351-8011; District Director: Judith Y.

    Moore 1726 Kingsley Ave. S.E.,#8, Orange Park 32073-4411; (904) 269-3203; Fax: (904) 269-3343; Staff Assistant: Sherrie Porter

    Committee Assignment(s): Energy and Commerce; Veterans' Affairs

    Strickland, Ted, D-Ohio (6)

    Capitol Hill Office: 336 CHOB 20515-3506; 225-5705; Fax: 225-5907; Chief of Staff: Michelle Dallafior



    District Office(s): 374 Boardman-Poland Rd., Boardman 44512-7927; (330) 965-4220; Fax: (330) 965-4224; Constituent Services Representative: Patrick Lorelli 254 Front St., Marietta 45750; (740) 376-0868; Fax: (740) 376-0886; District Scheduler: Carolyn Jones 35 S. 5th St., Martins Ferry 43935-1425; (740) 633-2275; Fax: (740) 633-2280; Constituent Services Representative: Ranelle DePaulis 1192 Gallia Pike Rd., Wheelersburg 45694-8442; (740) 574-2676; Fax: (740) 574-5337; Field Representative: Judy Newman

    Committee Assignment(s): Energy and Commerce; Veterans' Affairs

    Stupak, Bart, D-Mich. (1)

    Capitol Hill Office: 2352 RHOB 20515-2201; 225-4735; Fax: 225-4744; Chief of Staff: Scott P. Schloegel



    District Office(s): 111 E. Chisholm St., Alpena 49707-2817; (989) 356-0690; Fax: (989) 356-0923; Congressional Aide: John Pines

    Iron County Courthouse, 2 S. 6th St., #3, Crystal Falls 49920-1438; (906) 875-3751; Fax: (906) 875-3889; Congressional Aide: Jim Dellies 902 Ludington St., Escanaba 49829-3827; (906) 786-4504; Fax: (906) 786-4534; Congressional Aide: Ann Fix 616 Shelden Ave., #213, Houghton, 49931-1841; (906) 482-1371; Fax: (906) 482-4855; Congressional Aide: Amy Wisti 1229 W Washington St., Marquette 49855-3186; (906) 228-3700; Fax: (906) 228-2305; District Administrator: Tom Baldini Emmet County Bldg., 200 Division St., #178, Petoskey 49770; (231) 348-0657; Fax: (231) 348-0653; Congressional Aide: Sue Norkauski 512 E. Houghton Ave., West Branch 48861-1180; (989) 345-2258; Fax: (989) 345-2285; Congressional Aide: Lori Sheltrown

    Committee Assignment(s): Energy and Commerce

    Sullivan, John, R-Okla. (1)

    Capitol Hill Office: 114 CHOB 20515-3601; 225-2211; Fax: 225-9187; Chief of Staff: Elizabeth L. Bartheld



    District Office(s): 401 Johnstone Ave., #348, Bartlesville 74003-6619; (918) 336-6500; Fax: (918) 337-4196

    2424 E. 21st St., #510, Tulsa 74114-1723; (918) 749-0014; Fax: (918) 749-0781; Chief of Staff: Richard H. Hedgecock

    Committee Assignment(s): Energy and Commerce

    Sweeney, John E., R-N.Y. (20)

    Capitol Hill Office: 416 CHOB 20515-3222; 225-5614; Fax: 225-6234; Chief of Staff: Sean O'Neill



    District Office(s): 939 Route 146, #430, Clifton Park 12065-3662; (518) 371-8839; Fax: (518) 371-9509; District Director: Maureen Donovan

    Senator Charles D. Cook Office Bldg., 111 Main St., Delhi 13753-1233; (607) 746-9700; Fax: (607) 746-9747; Caseworker: Joanne Sampson

    Rogers Bldg., 21 Bay St., Glens Falls 12801-3049; (518) 792-3031; North Country Representative: Jim Clark 7578 N. Broadway, Red Hook 12571-1467; (845) 758-1222; Fax: (845) 758-2870; Special Projects Coordinator: Lori Patricola

    Committee Assignment(s): Appropriations; House Commission on Congressional Mailing Standards

    Tancredo, Tom, R-Colo. (6)

    Capitol Hill Office: 1130 LHOB 20515-0606; 225-7882; Fax: 226-4623; Chief of Staff: MacArthur J. Zimmerman



    District Office(s): 6099 S. Quebec St., #200, Centennial 80111-4547; (720) 283-9772; Fax: (720) 283-9776; Casework Coordinator: Terry Van Keuren

    Committee Assignment(s): International Relations; Resources

    Tanner, John, D-Tenn. (8)

    Capitol Hill Office: 1226 LHOB 20515-4208; 225-4714; Fax: 225-1765; Chief of Staff: Vickie L. Walling



    District Office(s): Federal Bldg., 109 S. Highland St., Suite

    B-7, Jackson 38301; (731) 423-4848; Fax: (731) 427-1537; Constituent Services Director: Shirlene Mercer 8120 Hwy. 51 North, #3, Millington 38053-1702; (901)

    873-5690; Fax: (901) 873-5692; Caseworker: Margaret

    Black 203 W. Church St., Union City 38261-3811; (731) 885-7070; Fax: (731) 885-7094; District Director: Joe H.

    Hill Committee Assignment(s): Ways and Means

    Tauscher, Ellen O., D-Calif. (10)

    Capitol Hill Office: 1034 LHOB 20515-0510; 225-1880; Fax: 225-5914; Chief of Staff: Peter Muller



    District Office(s): 420 W 3rd St., Antioch 94509-1274; (925) 757-7817; Fax: (925) 757-7056; Field Representative: Remy Goldsmith 2000 Cadenasso Dr., Suite A, Fairfield 94533-6803; (707) 428-7792; Fax: (707) 438-0523; Field Representative: Ricardo Belanio 2121 N. California Blvd., #555, Walnut Creek 94596-3501; (925) 932-8899; Fax: (925) 932-8159; District Director: Jennifer Barton

    Committee Assignment(s): Armed Services; Transportation and Infrastructure

    Taylor, Charles H., R-N.C. (11)

    Capitol Hill Office: 339 CHOB 20515-3311; 225-6401; Fax: 226-6422; Chief of Staff: Sean Dalton



    District Office(s): 22 S. Pack Square, #330, Asheville 28801-3503; (828) 251-1988; Deputy Chief of Staff:

    Steven Green 211-C 7th Ave. W, Hendersonville 28791-3601; (828)

    697-8539; District Representative: Larry Ford 75 Peachtree St., P.O. Box 1271, Murphy 28906-2947; (828) 837-3249; District Representative: Judy Edwards 26 Ridgeway St., #3, Sylva 28779-2905; (828) 586-6100; District Representative: Rebecca Heppel 515 S. Haywood St., #118, Waynesville 28786-4500; (828)

    456-7559; District Representative: Beverly Elliott Committee Assignment(s): Appropriations

    Taylor, Gene, D-Miss. (4)

    Capitol Hill Office: 2311 RHOB 20515-2405; 225-5772; Chief of Staff: Stephen A. Peranich



    District Office(s): Historic Railroad Depot, 2 Depot Way, Bay St. Louis 39570; (228) 469-9235; Fax: (228) 469-9291; Caseworker: Tricia Farale.

    2424 14th St., Gulfport 39501-2019; (228) 864-7670; Fax: (228) 864-3099; District Director: Beau Gex

    Federal Bldg., 701 Main St., #215, Hattiesburg 39401; (601) 582-3246; Fax: (601) 582-3247; District Representative: L. J. Martin 527 Central Ave., Laurel 39440-3919; (601) 425-3905; Caseworker: Faye Heathcock 1215 B-Government St., Ocean Springs 39564; (228) 872-7950; Fax: (228) 872-7949; Natural Resources Specialist: Chris Lagarde

    Committee Assignment(s): Armed Services; Transportation and Infrastructure

    Terry, Lee, R-Neb. (2)

    Capitol Hill Office: 1524 LHOB 20515-2702; 225-4155; Fax: 226-5452; Chief of Staff: Eric Hultman



    District Office(s): 11717 Burt St., #106, Omaha, 68154-1500; (402) 397-9944; Fax: (402) 397-8787; District Director: Molly K. Lloyd

    Committee Assignment(s): Energy and Commerce

    Thomas, Bill, R-Calif. (22)

    Capitol Hill Office: 2208 RHOB 20515-0521; 225-2915; Fax: 225-8798; Chief of Staff: James Min



    District Office(s): 5805 Capistrano Ave., Suite C, Atascadero 93422-7218; (805) 461-1034; Fax: (805) 461-1323; Field Representative: Michael Whiteford 4100 Empire Dr., #150, Bakersfield 93309-0409; (661) 327-3611; Fax: (661) 637-0867; District Representative: Vincent Fong

    Committee Assignment(s): Ways and Means; Joint Taxation

    Thompson, Bennie, D-Miss. (2)

    Capitol Hill Office: 2432 RHOB 20515-2402; 225-5876; Fax: 225-5898; Chief of Staff: I. Lanier Avant



    District Office(s): 107 W. Madison St., Bolton 39041; (601) 866-9003; Fax: (601) 866-9036; District Director: Charlie Horhn 910 Courthouse Lane, Greenville 38701-3764; (662) 335-9003; Fax: (662) 334-1304; Community Development Coordinator: Timla Washington 509 Hwy. 82 West, Suite F, Greenwood 38930-5030; (662)

    455-9300; Fax: (662) 453-0118; Office Manager-Caseworker: Trina N. George 3607 Medgar Evers Blvd., Jackson 39213-6364; (601)

    946-9003; Fax: (601) 982-8583. 263 E. Main St., P.O. Box 356, Marks 38646; (662) 326-9003; Caseworker: Samuel McCray City Hall, 106 W Green Ave., #134, Mound Bayou 38762-9594; (662) 741-9003; Fax: (662) 741-9002; Caseworker: Geri Adams Committee Assignment(s): Homeland Security; House

    Commission on Congressional Mailing Standards

    Thompson, Mike, D-Calif. (1)

    Capitol Hill Office: 231 CHOB 20515-0501; 225-3311; Fax: 225-4335; Administrative Assistant: Charles C. Jefferson



    District Office(s): 317 3rd St., #1, Eureka 95501-0487; (707) 269-9595; Fax: (707) 269-9598; District Representative: Liz Murguia

    The Fort Bldg., 430 N. Franklin St., Ft. Bragg 95437; (707) 962-0933; Fax: (707) 962-0934; Field Representative: Heidi Dickerson 1040 Main St., #101, Napa 94559-2605; (707) 226-9898; Fax: (707) 251-9800; Chief of Staff: Ed Matovcik 712 Main St., #1, Woodland 95695-3478; (530) 662-5272; Fax: (530) 662-5163; District Representative: Elly Fairclough

    Committee Assignment(s): Ways and Means

    Thornberry, William M. “Mac,” R-Texas (13)

    Capitol Hill Office: 2457 RHOB 20515-4313; 225-3706; Fax: 225-3486; Office Manager: Erin Dowd



    District Office(s): 905 S. Fillmore St., #520, Amarillo 79101; (806) 371-8844; Fax: (806) 371-7044; Chief of Staff: Bill Harris 4245 Kemp Blvd., #506, Wichita Falls 76308-2822; (940)

    692-1700; Fax: (940) 692-0539; Constituent Services:

    Libby Hastings Committee Assignment(s): Armed Services; Permanent

    Select Intelligence

    Tiahrt, Todd, R-Kan. (4)

    Capitol Hill Office: 2441 RHOB 20515-1604; 225-6216; Fax: 225-3489; Administrative Assistant: Jeff Kahrs



    District Office(s): 155 N. Market St., #400, Wichita 671818; (316) 262-8992; Fax: (316) 262-5309; Communications Director: Chuck Knapp

    Committee Assignment(s): Appropriations; Permanent Select Intelligence

    Tiberi, Pat, R-Ohio (12)

    Capitol Hill Office: 113 CHOB 20515-3512; 225-5355; Fax: 226-4523; Chief of Staff: Chris M. Zeigler



    District Office(s): 2700 E. Dublin-Granville Rd., #525, Columbus 43231-4054; (614) 523-2555; District Director: Sally Testa

    Committee Assignment(s): Education and the Workforce; Financial Services

    Tierney, John F., D-Mass. (6)

    Capitol Hill Office: 120 CHOB 20515-2106; 225-8020; Fax: 225-5915; Chief of Staff: Betsy Arnold



    District Office(s): Lynn City Hall, 3 City Hall Square, #514, Lynn 01901-1019; (781) 595-7375; Fax: (781) 595-7492; Constituent Representative: Rose Mary Sargent 17 Peabody Square, Peabody 01960-5646; (978) 531-1669; Fax: (978) 531-1996; District Director: Gary Barrett

    Committee Assignment(s): Education and the Workforce; Permanent Select Intelligence

    Towns, Edolphus, D-N.Y. (10)

    Capitol Hill Office: 2232 RHOB 20515-3210; 225-5936; Fax: 225-1018; Chief of Staff: Val Henry



    District Office(s): 1110 Pennsylvania Ave., Store Five, Brooklyn 11207-9061; (718) 272-1175; Fax: (718) 272-1203; District Liaison: D. Baconfinch 1670 Fulton St., Brooklyn 11213-1251; (718) 774-5682; Fax: (718) 774-5730; Special Assistant:Karen Cherry 26 Court St., #1510, Brooklyn 11242-1115; (718) 855-8018; Fax: (718) 858-4542; New York Chief of Staff: Karen Johnson

    Committee Assignment(s): Energy and Commerce; Government Reform

    Turner, Michael R., R-Ohio (3)

    Capitol Hill Office: 1740 LHOB 20515-3503; 225-6465; Fax: 225-6754; Chief of Staff: Stacy Palmer-Barton



    District Office(s): 120 W. 3rd St., #305, Dayton 45402-1819; (937) 225-2843; Fax: (937) 225-2752; District Director: Michael Gaynor 15 E. Main St., Wilmington 45177-2330; (937) 383-8931; Fax: (937) 383-8910; Field Representative; Office Manager: Jennifer Taylor

    Committee Assignment(s): Armed Services; Government Reform; Veterans' Affairs

    Udall, Mark, D-Colo. (2)

    Capitol Hill Office: 240 CHOB 20515-0602; 225-2161; Fax: 226-7840; Chief of Staff: Alan B. Salazar



    District Office(s): 291 Main St., P.O. Box 325, Minturn 81645-0325; (970) 827-4154; Fax: (970) 827-4138; Western Slope Field Director: Dan Gibbs 8601 Turnpike Dr., #206, Westminster 80031-7044; (303) 650-7820; Fax: (303) 650-7827; Deputy District Director: Jennifer Rokala Committee Assignment(s): Armed Services; Resources; Science

    Udall, Tom, D-N.M. (3)

    Capitol Hill Office: 1414 LHOB 20515-3103; 225-6190; Fax: 226-1331; Chief of Staff: Tom Nagle



    District Office(s): Clovis-Carver Public Library, 701 N.

    Main St., Clovis 88101-6658; (505) 763-7616; Fax: (505) 763-7642 Farmington City Hall, 800 Municipal Dr., Farmington 87401-2663; (505) 324-1005; Fax: (505) 324-1026; Constituent Services Representative: Pete Valencia 110 W. Aztec Ave., #102, Gallup 87301-6202; (505) 863-0582; Fax: (505) 863-0678; Constituent Services Representative: Calvert Curley

    P.O. Box 926, Luna Community College, Administration Bldg., 100 Luna Dr., #106, Las Vegas 87701; (505) 454-4080; Fax: (505) 454-4078; Deputy District Director/Veterans Liaison: Thomas Garcia

    Rio Rancho City Hall, 3900 Southern Blvd. S.E., #105, Rio Rancho 87124-2063; (505) 994-0499; Fax: (505) 994-0550; Field Representative: Sarah Cobb 811 St. Michael's Dr., #104, Santa Fe 87505-7640; (505) 984-8950; Fax: (505) 986-5047; District Director: Michele Jacquez-Ortiz

    Committee Assignment(s): Resources; Small Business; Veterans' Affairs

    Upton, Fred, R-Mich. (6)

    Capitol Hill Office: 2183 RHOB 20515-2206; 225-3761; Fax: 225-4986; Chief of Staff: Joan Hillebrands



    District Office(s): 157 S. Kalamazoo Mall, #180, Kalamazoo 49007-4861; (269) 385-0039; Fax: (269) 385-2888; District Representative: Ed Sackley 800 Ship St., #106, St. Joseph 49085-2182; (269) 982-1986; Fax: (269) 982-0237; District Representative: Al Pscholka

    Committee Assignment(s): Energy and Commerce

    Van Hollen, Chris, D-Md. (8)

    Capitol Hill Office: 1419 LHOB 20515-2008; 225-5341; Fax: 225-0375; Chief of Staff: Karen Robb



    District Office(s): 3409 Rhode Island Ave., Mount Rainier 20712-2002; (301) 927-5223; Fax: (301) 927-6122

    51 Monroe St., #57, Rockville 20850-2406; (301) 424-3501; Fax: (301) 424-5992; District Director: Joan Kleinman

    Committee Assignment(s): Education and the Workforce; Government Reform; Judiciary

    Velázquez, Nydia M., D-N.Y. (12)

    Capitol Hill Office: 2241 RHOB 20515-3212; 225-2361; Fax: 226-0327; Chief of Staff: Michael Day



    District Office(s): 268 Broadway, 2nd Floor, Brooklyn 11211-6215; (718) 599-3658; Fax: (718) 599-4537; New York Scheduler: Graciela Howard 16 Court St., #1006, Brooklyn 11241-1010; (718) 222-5819; Fax: (718) 222-5830; Community Coordinator:

    Daniel Wiley 173 Ave. B, New York 10009-4656; (212) 673-3997; Fax: (212) 473-5242; Community Coordinator: Melissa

    Maldonado Committee Assignment(s): Financial Services; Small


    Visclosky, Peter J., D-Ind. (1)

    Capitol Hill Office: 2256 RHOB 20515-1401; 225-2461; Fax: 225-2493; Chief of Staff: Charles Brimmer



    District Office(s): 701 E. 83rd Ave., #9, Merrillville, 46410-6239; (219) 795-1844; Fax: (219) 795-1850; District Director: Mark Lopez Committee Assignment(s): Appropriations

    Walden, Greg, R-Ore. (2)

    Capitol Hill Office: 1210 LHOB 20515-3702; 225-6730; Fax: 225-5774; Chief of Staff: Brian C. MacDonald



    District Office(s): Jamison Bldg., 131 N.W. Hawthorne

    Ave., #201, Bend 97701-2958; (541) 389-4408; Fax: (541) 389-4452; Field Representative: Justen Rainey 843 E. Main St., #400, Medford 97504-7137; (541) 776-4646; Fax: (541) 779-0204; District Director: John

    Snider Committee Assignment(s): Energy and Commerce; Resources

    Walsh, James T., R-N.Y. (25)

    Capitol Hill Office: 2369 RHOB 20515-3225; 225-3701; Fax: 225-4042; Chief of Staff/Legislative Director:

    Arthur A. Jutton



    District Office(s): 1180 Canandaigua Rd., Palmyra 14522-9305; (315) 597-6138; Fax: (315) 597-6631; Staff Assistant: Nora Keane Yancey Federal Bldg., 100 S. Clinton St., #1340, P.O. Box 7306, Syracuse 13261; (315) 423-5657; Fax: (315) 423-5669; Communications Director: Daniel J. Gage Committee Assignment(s): Appropriations

    Wamp, Zach, R-Tenn. (3)

    Capitol Hill Office: 1436 LHOB 20515-4203; 225-3271; Fax: 225-3494; Chief of Staff:Helen E. Hardin



    District Office(s): 900 Georgia Ave., #126, Chattanooga 37402-2282; (423) 756-2342; Fax: (423) 756-6613; District Director: Doug Fisher

    Federal Bldg., 200 Administration Rd., #100, Oak Ridge 37830-8823; (865) 576-1976; Fax: (865) 576-3221; District Director: Regina Broom Committee Assignment(s): Appropriations

    Wasserman-Schultz, Debbie, D-Fla. (20)

    Capitol Hill Office: 118 CHOB 20515-0920; 225-7931; Fax: 225-8456; Chief of Staff: Traue Pough



    District Office(s): 19200 W. Country Club Dr., 3rd Floor, Aventura 33180-2403; (305) 936-5724; Fax: (305) 932-9664; Miami-Dade Outreach Coordinator: Laurie Flink 10100 Pines Blvd., Pembroke Pines 33026-6040; (954) 437-3936; Fax: (954) 437-4776; District Chief of Staff: Steven Paikowsky

    Committee Assignment(s): Financial Services; Judiciary

    Waters, Maxine, D-Calif. (35)

    Capitol Hill Office: 2344 RHOB 20515-0535; 225-2201; Fax: 225-7854; Chief of Staff: Mikael Moore



    District Office(s): 10124 S. Broadway, #1, Los Angeles 90003-4535; (323) 757-8900; Fax: (323) 757-9506; District Director: Mike Murase Committee Assignment(s): Financial Services; Judiciary

    Watson, Diane, D-Calif. (33)

    Capitol Hill Office: 125 CHOB 20515-0533; 225-7084; Fax: 225-2422; Chief of Staff: Jim B. Clarke



    District Office(s): 4322 Wilshire Blvd., #302, Los Angeles 90010-3794; (323) 965-1422; Fax: (323) 965-1113; District Director: Paulette Starks

    Committee Assignment(s): Government Reform; International Relations

    Watt, Melvin, D-N.C. (12)

    Capitol Hill Office: 2236 RHOB 20515-3312; 225-1510; Fax: 225-1512; Chief of Staff: Joyce Y. Brayboy



    District Office(s): 1230 W. Morehead St., #306, Charlotte 28208-5206; (704) 344-9950; Fax: (704) 344-9971; Community Liaison: Torre Jessup 301 S. Greene St., #210, Greensboro 27401-2660; (336)

    275-9950; Fax: (336) 379-9951; District Director:

    Pamlyn Stubbs Committee Assignment(s): Financial Services; Judiciary

    Waxman, Henry A., D-Calif. (30)

    Capitol Hill Office: 2204 RHOB 20515-0529; 225-3976; Fax: 225-4099; Chief of Staff: Philip M. Schiliro



    District Office(s): 8436 W. 3rd St., #600, Los Angeles 90048-4183; (323) 651-1040; Fax: (323) 655-0502; District Office Manager: Lisa E. Pinto

    Committee Assignment(s): Energy and Commerce; Government Reform

    Weiner, Anthony, D-N.Y. (9)

    Capitol Hill Office: 1122 LHOB 20515-3209; 225-6616; Fax: 226-7253; Chief of Staff/Legislative Director: Marc Dunkelman



    District Office(s): 80-02 Kew Gardens Rd., #5000, Kew

    Gardens 11415; (718) 520-9001; Fax: (718) 520-9010; District Director: Josh Kriegman 90-16 Rockaway Beach Blvd., Rockaway 11693; (718)

    318-9255 Committee Assignment(s): Judiciary; Transportation and


    Weldon, Curt, R-Pa. (7)

    Capitol Hill Office: 2466 RHOB 20515-3807; 225-2011; Fax: 225-8137; Chief of Staff: Russell Caso



    District Office(s): 63 W. 4th St., Bridgeport 19405-1008; (610) 270-1486; Fax: (610) 270-1498; Staff Assistant:

    Wayne Roberts 1554 Garrett Rd., Upper Darby 19082-4505; (610) 259-0700; Fax: (215) 596-4665; District Director: Kelly

    Colvin Committee Assignment(s): Homeland Security; Armed

    Services; Science

    Weldon, Dave, R-Fla. (15)

    Capitol Hill Office: 2347 RHOB 20515-0915; 225-3671; Fax: 225-3516; Chief of Staff: Dana G. Gartzke



    District Office(s): Brevard County Government Complex, 2725 Judge Fran Jamieson Way, Bldg. C, Melbourne 32940-6605; (321) 632-1776; Fax: (321) 639-8595; District Director: J. B. Kump

    Committee Assignment(s): Appropriations

    Weller, Jerry, R–Ill. (11)

    Capitol Hill Office: 108 CHOB 20515-1311; 225-3635; Fax: 225-3521; Chief of Staff: Jeanette Forcash




    District Office(s): 2701 Black Rd., #201, Joliet 60435-8412; (815) 740-2028; Fax: (815) 740-2037; District Director: Reed Wilson Committee Assignment(s): International Relations; Ways

    and Means

    Westmoreland, Lynn, R-Ga. (8)

    Capitol Hill Office: 1118 LHOB 20515-1008; 225-5901; Chief of Staff: Chip Lake



    District Office(s): 1601 Hwy. 34 East, Newnan 30265-1325; (770) 683-2033; Fax: (770) 683-2042; District Director: John Stacy Committee Assignment(s): Government Reform; Small

    Business; Transportation and Infrastructure

    Wexler, Robert, D-Fla. (19)

    Capitol Hill Office: 213 CHOB 20515-0919; 225-3001; Fax: 225-5974; Chief of Staff: Eric Johnson



    District Office(s): 2500 N. Military Trail, #100, Boca Raton 33431-6342; (561) 988-6302; Fax: (561) 241-5763; District Administrator: Wendi Lipsich

    Margate City Hall, 5790 Margate Blvd., Margate 33063-3614; (954) 972-6454; Fax: (954) 974-3191; Broward County Coordinator: Lynne Brenes

    Committee Assignment(s): International Relations; Judiciary

    Whitfield, Edward, R-Ky. (1)

    Capitol Hill Office: 301 CHOB 20515-1701; 225-3115; Fax: 225-3547; Chief of Staff: John Halliwell



    District Office(s): Municipal Bldg., 222 1st St., #307, Henderson 42420-3181; (270) 826-4180; Fax: (270)

    826-6783; Field Representative: Ed West 1403 S. Main St., Hopkinsville 42240-2017; (270) 885-8079; Fax: (270) 885-8598; District Director: Michael

    Pape Century Bldg., 100 Fountain Ave., #104, Paducah 42001-2771; (270) 442-6901; Fax: (270) 442-6805; Field Representative: David Mast Monroe County Courthouse, P.O. Box 717, Tompkinsville 42167; (270) 487-9509; Fax: (270) 487-0019; Field Representative: Sandy Simpson Committee Assignment(s): Energy and Commerce

    Wicker, Roger, R-Miss. (1)

    Capitol Hill Office: 2455 RHOB 20515-2401; 225-4306; Fax: 225-3549; Chief of Staff: Michelle Barlow



    District Office(s): 523 Main St., Columbus 39701-5733; (662) 327-0748; Fax: (662) 328-5982; District Representative: Brad Rogers 1360 Sunset Dr., #2, Grenada 38901-2854; (662) 294-1321; Fax: (662) 294-1323; District Representative: LaDonna Worthing

    P.O. Box 70, 8700 Northwest Dr., #102, Southaven 38671; (662) 342-3942; Fax: (662) 342-3883; District Manager: Kim Chamberlin

    P.O. Box 1482, 500 Main St., #210, Tupelo 38802; (662) 844-5437; Fax: (662) 844-9096; District Director: Bubba Lollar

    Committee Assignment(s): Appropriations; Budget

    Wilson, Heather A., R-N.M. (1)

    Capitol Hill Office: 318 CHOB 20515-3101; 225-6316; Fax: 225-4975; Chief of Staff: Bryce Dustman



    District Office(s): 20 First Plaza Center N.W., South Tower, #603, Albuquerque 87102-5803; (505) 346-6781; Fax: (505) 346-6723; District Director: Julie Carlos Dreike

    Committee Assignments): Energy and Commerce; House Page Program; Permanent Select Intelligence

    Wilson, Joe, R-S.C. (2)

    Capitol Hill Office: 212 CHOB 20515-4002; 225-2452; Fax: 225-2455; Chief of Staff: W. Eric Dell



    District Office(s): 903 Port Republic St., P.O. Box 1538, Beaufort 29901; (843) 521-2530; Fax: (843) 521-2535; Field Representative; Caseworker: Deanna Conners 1700 Sunset Blvd. (U.S. 378), #1, P.O. Box 7381, West Columbia 29169; (803) 939-0041; Fax: (803) 939-0078; District Director: Butch Wallace

    Committee Assignments): Armed Services; Democracy Assistance; Education and the Workforce; International Relations

    Wolf, Frank R., R-Va. (10)

    Capitol Hill Office: 241 CHOB 20515-4610; 225-5136; Fax: 225-0437; Chief of Staff-Press Secretary: Daniel F.




    District Office(s): 13873 Park Center Rd., #130, Herndon 20171-3248; (703) 709-5800; Fax: (703) 709-5802; Director of Constituent Services: Judy McCary 110 N. Cameron St., Winchester 22601-4730; (540) 667-0990; Fax: (540) 678-0402; Constituent Services Assistant: Donna Crowley

    Committee Assignments): Appropriations; Commission

    on Security and Cooperation in Europe; Congressional-Executive Commission on China

    Woolsey, Lynn, D-Calif. (6)

    Capitol Hill Office: 2263 RHOB 20515-0506; 225-5161; Fax: 225-5163; Chief of Staff: Nora Baumeister Matus



    District Office(s): Northgate Bldg., 1050 Northgate Dr., #354, San Rafael 94903-2580; (415) 507-9554; Fax: (415) 507-9601; Field Representative: Anita Franzi 1101 College Ave., #200, Santa Rosa 95404-3940; (707) 542-7182; Fax: (707) 542-2745; District Director: Wendy Friefeld

    Committee Assignments): Education and the Workforce; Science

    Wu, David, D-Ore. (1)

    Capitol Hill Office: 1023 LHOB 20515-3701; 225-0855; Fax: 225-9497; Chief of Staff: Julie E. Tippens



    District Office(s): 620 S.W Main St., #606, Portland 97205-3024; (503) 326-2901; Fax: (503) 326-5066; District Director: Mary K. Elliott

    Committee Assignment(s): Education and the Workforce; Science

    Wynn, Albert R., D-Md. (4)

    Capitol Hill Office: 434 CHOB 20515-2004; 225-8699; Fax: 225-8714; Chief of Staff: Curt S. Clifton



    District Office(s): 18401 Woodfield Rd., Suite D, Gaithersburg 20879-4796; (301) 987-2054; Fax: (301)

    987-2097; Case Manager: Jim Newton 9200 Basil Ct., #221, Largo 20774-5337; (301) 773-4094; Fax: (301) 925-9694; District Director-Case Manager:

    Adrian Jones Committee Assignment(s): Energy and Commerce

    Young, C. W. Bill, R-Fla. (10)

    Capitol Hill Office: 2407 RHOB 20515-0910; 225-5961; Fax: 225-9764; Chief of Staff: Harry J. Glenn



    District Office(s): 801 W Bay Dr., #606, Largo, 33540-3249; (727) 581-0980; District Assistant: Sharon

    Ghezzi 360 Central Ave., #1480, St. Petersburg 33701-3838; (727) 893-3191; District Assistant: Yvonne Gray Committee Assignment(s): Appropriations

    Young, Don, R-Alaska (At Large)

    Capitol Hill Office: 2111 RHOB 20515-0201; 225-5765; Fax: 225-0425; Chief of Staff: Michael Anderson



    District Office(s): Peterson Tower Bldg., 510 L St., #580, Anchorage 99501-1959; (907) 271-5978; Fax: (907) 271-5950; District Director: Bill Sharrow

    Federal Bldg., 101 12th Ave., Box 10, Fairbanks 99701-6236; (907) 456-0210; Fax: (907) 456-0279; Special Assistant: Royce Chapman

    Federal Bldg., 709 W. 9th St., P.O. Box 21247, Juneau 99801-1807; (907) 586-7400; Fax: (907) 586-8922; Staff Assistant: Connie McKenzie

    130 Trading Bay Dr., #350, Kenai 99611-9117; (907) 283-5808; Fax: (907) 283-4363; Staff Assistant: Michelle Blackwell

    Currall Office Bldg., 540 Water St., #101, Ketchikan 99901-6378; (907) 225-6880; Fax: (907) 225-0390; Staff Assistant: Sherrie Slick

    851 E. Westpoint Dr., #307, Wasilla 99654-7183; (907) 376-7665; Fax: (907) 376-8526; Staff Assistant: Carol Gustafson

    Committee Assignment(s): Homeland Security; Resources; Transportation and Infrastructure

    Joint Committees of Congress

    The joint committees of Congress follow. Each listing includes room number, office building, zip code, telephone and fax numbers, Web address(es), key staffers, committee jurisdiction, and membership (in order of seniority) for each committee. Members are drawn from the Senate and House and from both parties. Republicans, the current majority, are shown in roman type; Democrats, in the minority, appear in italic. When a senator serves as chair, the vice chair usually is a representative, and vice versa. The location of the chair usually rotates from one chamber to the other at the beginning of each Congress. The area code for all phone and fax numbers is (202).

    Joint Economic

    Office: SD-G01 20515-6432

    Phone: 224-5171

    Fax: 224-0372

    Web site:http://www.house.gov/jec and http://jec.senate.gov

    Majority Executive Director: Christopher Frenze 225-3953 433 CHOB

    House Staff Director: Connie Foster 226-3231 SH-804

    Jurisdiction: monitors general economic factors (such as employment), inflation, tax policy, economic growth, the World Bank, and the International Monetary Fund; studies and investigates all recommendations in the president's annual Economic Report to Congress, reports findings and recommendations to the House and Senate.

    Senate Members

    Robert F. Bennett, Utah,Jack Reed, R.I., Ranking
    Vice ChairMinority Member
    Sam Brownback, Kan.Edward M. Kennedy, Mass.
    John E. Sununu, N.H.Paul S. Sarbanes, Md.
    Jim DeMint, S.C.Jeff Bingaman, N.M.
    Jeff Sessions, Ala.
    John Cornyn, Texas
    House Members
    H. James Saxton, N.J.,Carolyn B. Moloney, N. Y.
    ChairMaurice D. Hinchey, N. Y.
    Paul D. Ryan, Wis.Loretta Sanchez, Calif.
    Phil English, Pa.Elijah E. Cummings, Md.
    Ron Paul, Texas
    Kevin Brady, Texas
    Thaddeus McCotter, Mich.
    Joint Library of Congress

    Office: S237 CAP 20515-6625

    Phone: 225-8281

    Fax: 224-9957

    Senate Deputy Staff Director: Jennifer Lowe 224-1034 S237 CAP

    House Staff Director: Bryan T. Dorsey 225-8281 1309 LHOB

    Jurisdiction: considers proposals concerning the management and expansion of the Library of Congress, the development and maintenance of the United States Botanic Garden, the receipt of gifts for the benefit of the Library, and certain matters relating to placing of statues and other works of art in the United States Capitol.

    Senate Members

    Ted Stevens, Alaska, ViceChristopher J. Dodd, Conn.
    ChairCharles E. Schumer, N. Y
    Thad Cochran, Miss.
    Trent Lott, Miss.
    House Members
    Vernon J. Ehlers, Mich.,Juanita Millender-
    ChairMcDonald, Calif.,
    Candice S. Miller, Mich.Ranking Minority
    Zoe Lofgren, Calif.
    Joint Printing

    Office: 1309 LHOB 20510-6650

    Phone: 224-6352

    Fax: 224-1912

    Web site:http://www.house.gov/jcp

    Majority Deputy Chief of Staff: Bryan T. Dorsey 225-8281 1309 LHOB Minority Chief of Staff: Susan Wells 224-6352 SR-305

    Jurisdiction: oversees the Government Printing Office; probes inefficiency and waste in the printing, binding, and distribution of federal government publications; oversees arrangement and style of the Congressional Record.

    Senate Members

    Trent Lott, Miss., ChairDaniel K. Inouye, Hawaii
    Thad Cochran, Miss.Mark Dayton, Minn.
    Saxby Chambliss, Ga.
    House Members
    Vernon J. Ehlers, Mich.,Juanita Millender-
    Vice ChairMcDonald, Calif.
    John T. Doolittle, Calif.Robert A. Brady, Pa.
    Thomas M. Reynolds, N.Y.
    Joint Taxation

    Office: 1015 LHOB 20224

    Phone: 225-3621

    Fax: 225-0832

    Web site:http://www.house.gov/jct

    Majority Deputy Chief of Staff: Bernard A. Schmitt 226-7575 H2-595 FHOB

    Minority Chief of Staff: Thomas A. Barthold 225-7377 1620 LHOB

    Jurisdiction: investigates the operation and effects of the federal system of taxation and the administration of such taxes by the Internal Revenue Service and other executive departments, establishments, or agencies; and studies and reports on methods for simplification of the tax laws.

    Senate Members

    Charles E. Grassley, Iowa,Max S. Baucus, Mont.
    ChairJohn D. Rockefeller IV,
    Orrin G. Hatch, UtahW. Va.
    Trent Lott, Miss.
    House Members
    Bill Thomas, Calif, ViceCharles B. Rangel, N.Y.,
    ChairRanking Minority
    E. Clay Shaw Jr., Fla.Member
    Nancy L. Johnson, Conn.Pete Stark, Calif.

    Senate Committees

    The standing and select committees of the U.S. Senate follow. Each listing includes room number, office building, zip code, telephone and fax numbers, Web address, e-mail address if available, key majority and minority staff members, jurisdiction for the full committee, and party ratio. Subcommittees are listed under the full committees. Members are listed in order of seniority on the committee or subcommittee.

    Republicans, the current majority, are shown in roman type; Democrats, in the minority, appear in italic. James M. Jeffords, I-Vt, shown in bold, caucuses with Democrats and accrues committee seniority with Democrats. The partisan committees of the Senate are listed on pages 864-865. The area code for all phone and fax numbers is (202).

    Agriculture, Nutrition, and Forestry

    Office: SR-328A 20510-6000

    Phone: 224-2035

    Fax: 224-1725

    Web site: http://agriculture.senate.gov

    Majority Staff Director: Martha Scott Poindexter

    Minority Chief of Staff: Mark B. Halverson 224-2035 SR-328A

    Jurisdiction: agriculture in general; animal industry and diseases; crop insurance and soil conservation; farm credit and farm security; food from fresh waters; food stamp programs; forestry in general; home economics; human nutrition; inspection of livestock, meat, and agricultural products; pests and pesticides; plant industry, soils and agriculture engineering; rural development, rural electrification, and watersheds; school nutrition programs. The chair and ranking minority member are members ex officio of all subcommittees of which they are not regular members.

    Party Ratio: R 11-D 9

    Saxby Chambliss, Ga.,Tom Harkin, Iowa,
    ChairRanking Minority
    Richard G. Lugar, Ind.Member
    Thad Cochran, Miss.Patrick J. Leahy, Vt.
    Mitch McConnell, Ky.Kent Conrad, N.D.
    Pat Roberts, Kan.Max Baucus, Mont.
    Jim Talent, Mo.Blanche Lincoln, Ark.
    Craig Thomas, Wyo.Debbie Stabenow, Minn.
    Rick Santorum, Pa.Ben Nelson, Neb.
    Norm Coleman, Minn.Mark Dayton, Minn.
    Michael D. Crapo, IdahoKen Salazar, Colo.
    Charles E. Grassley, Iowa

    Forestry, Conservation, and Rural Revitalization

    Office: SR-328A 20510-6000

    Phone: 224-2035

    Michael D. Crapo (Chair), Richard G. Lugar, Thad Cochran, Jim Talent, Craig Thomas, Norm Coleman

    Blanche Lincoln (Ranking Minority Member), Patrick J. Leahy, Ben Nelson, Mark Dayton, Ken Salazar

    Marketing, Inspection, and Product Promotion

    Office: SR-328A 20510-6000

    Phone: 224-2035

    Jim Talent (Chair), Mitch McConnell, Craig Thomas, Pat Roberts, Charles E. Grassley, Richard G. Lugar

    Max Baucus (Ranking Minority Member), Ben Nelson, Ken Salazar, Kent Conrad, Debbie Stabenow

    Production and Price Competitiveness

    Office: SR-328A 20510-6000

    Phone: 224-2035

    Mitch McConnell (Chair), Thad Cochran, Pat Roberts, Rick Santorum, Norm Coleman, Charles E. Grassley

    Kent Conrad, (Ranking Minority Member), Mark Dayton, Max Baucus, Patrick J. Leahy, Blanche Lincoln

    Research, Nutrition, and General Legislation

    Office: SR-328A 20510-6000

    Phone: 224-2035

    Rick Santorum (Chair), Richard G. Lugar, Michael D. Crapo, Thad Cochran, Mitch McConnell, Pat Roberts

    Patrick J. Leahy (Ranking Minority Member), Debbie Stabenow, Blanche Lincoln, Max Baucus, Ben Nelson


    Office: S-128 CAP 20510-6025

    Phone: 224-7363

    Web site:http://appropriations.senate.gov

    Majority Staff Director: J. Keith Kennedy

    Minority Staff Director: Terrence E. Sauvain 224-7200 S-125A CAP

    Jurisdiction: appropriation of revenue; rescission of appropriations; new spending authority under the Congressional Budget Act. The chair and ranking minority member are non-voting members ex officio of all subcommittees of which they are not regular members.

    Party Ratio: R 15-D 13

    Thad Cochran, Miss.,Robert C. Byrd, W. Va.,
    ChairRanking Minority
    Ted Stevens, AlaskaMember
    Arlen Specter, Pa.Daniel K. Inouye, Hawaii
    Pete V. Domenici, N.M.Patrick J. Leahy, Vt.
    Christopher S. Bond, Mo.Tom Harkin, Iowa
    Mitch McConnell, Ky.Barbara A. Mikulski, Md.
    Conrad Burns, Mont.Harry Reid, Nev.
    Richard C. Shelby, Ala.Herb Kohl, Wis.
    Judd Gregg, N.H.Patty Murray, Wash.
    Robert F. Bennett, UtahByron L. Dorgan, N.D.
    Larry E. Craig, IdahoDianne Feinstein, Calif.
    Kay Bailey Hutchison,Richard J. Durbin, Ill.
    TexasTim Johnson, S.D.
    Mike DeWine, OhioMary L. Landrieu, La.
    Sam Brownback, Kan.
    Wayne Allard, Colo.

    Agriculture, Rural Development, and Related Agencies

    Office: SD-188 20510-3025

    Phone: 224-5270

    Robert F. Bennett (Chair), Thad Cochran, Arlen Specter, Christopher S. Bond, Mitch McConnell, Conrad Burns, Larry E. Craig, Sam Brownback

    Herb Kohl (Ranking Minority Member), Tom Harkin, Byron L. Dorgan, Dianne Feinstein, Richard J. Durbin, Tim Johnson, Mary L. Landrieu

    Commerce, Justice, and Science

    Office: S-146A CAP 20510-6025

    Phone: 224-7277

    Richard C. Shelby (Chair), Judd Gregg, Ted Stevens, Pete V. Domenici, Mitch McConnell, Kay Bailey Hutchison, Sam Brownback, Christopher S. Bond

    Barbara A. Mikulski (Ranking Minority Member), Daniel K. Inouye, Patrick J. Leahy, Herb Kohl, Patty Murray, Tom Harkin, Byron L. Dorgan


    Office: SD-119 20510-6025

    Phone: 224-3378

    Ted Stevens (Chair), Thad Cochran, Arlen Specter, Pete V. Domenici, Christopher S. Bond, Mitch McConnell, Richard C. Shelby, Judd Gregg, Kay Bailey Hutchison, Conrad Burns

    Daniel K. Inouye (Ranking Minority Member), Robert C. Byrd, Patrick J. Leahy, Tom Harkin, Byron L. Dorgan, Richard J. Durbin, Harry Reid, Dianne Feinstein, Barbara A. Mikulski

    District of Columbia

    Office: SD-133 20510-6025

    Phone: 224-0332

    Sam Brownback (Chair), Mike DeWine, Wayne Allard Mary L. Landrieu (Ranking Minority Member), Richard J. Durbin

    Energy and Water

    Office: SD-133 20510-6025

    Phone: 224-7260

    Pete V. Domenici (Chair), Thad Cochran

    Mitch McConnell, Robert F. Bennett, Conrad Burns, Larry E. Craig, Christopher S. Bond, Kay Bailey Hutchison, Wayne Allard

    Harry Reid (Ranking Minority Member), Robert C. Byrd, Patty Murray, Byron L. Dorgan, Dianne Feinstein, Tim Johnson, Mary L. Landrieu, Daniel K. Inouye

    Homeland Security Office: SD-135 20510-6025

    Phone: 224-4319

    Judd Gregg (Chair), Thad Cochran, Ted Stevens, Arlen Specter, Pete V. Domenici, Richard C. Shelby, Larry E. Craig, Robert F. Bennett, Wayne Allard

    Robert C. Byrd (Ranking Minority Member), Daniel K. Inouye, Patrick J. Leahy, Barbara A. Mikulski, Herb Kohl, Patty Murray, Harry Reid, Dianne Feinstein

    Interior and Related Agencies Office: SD-132 20510-6025

    Phone: 224-7233

    Conrad Burns (Chair), Ted Stevens, Thad Cochran, Pete V. Domenici, Robert F. Bennett, Judd Gregg, Larry E. Craig, Wayne Allard

    Byron L. Dorgan (Ranking Minority Member), Robert C. Byrd, Patrick J. Leahy, Harry Reid, Dianne Feinstein, Barbara A. Mikulski, Herb Kohl

    Labor, Health and Human Services, Education, and Related Agencies

    Office: SD-184 20510-6025

    Phone: 224-7230

    Arlen Specter (Chair), Thad Cochran, Judd Gregg, Larry E. Craig, Kay Bailey Hutchison, Ted Stevens, Mike DeWine, Richard C. Shelby

    Tom Harkin (Ranking Minority Member), Daniel K. Inouye, Harry Reid, Herb Kohl, Patty Murray, Mary L. Landrieu, Byron L. Dorgan

    Legislative Branch

    Office: SD-128 20510-6025

    Phone: 224-7238 Wayne Allard (Chair), Thad Cochran, Mike DeWine Richard J. Durbin (Ranking Minority Member), Tim Johnson

    Military Construction, Veterans' Affairs, and Related Agencies

    Office: SD-127 20510-6025

    Phone: 224-5245

    Kay Bailey Hutchison (Chair), Conrad Burns, Larry E. Craig, Mike DeWine, Sam Brownback, Wayne Allard, Mitch McConnell

    Dianne Feinstein (Ranking Minority Member), Daniel K. Inouye, Tim Johnson, Mary L. Landrieu, Robert C. Byrd, Patty Murray

    State, Foreign Operations, and Related Programs

    Office: SD-142 20510-6025

    Phone: 224-2104

    Mitch McConnell (Chair), Arlen Specter, Judd Gregg, Richard C. Shelby, Robert F. Bennett, Christopher S. Bond, Mike DeWine, Sam Brownback

    Patrick J. Leahy (Ranking Minority Member), Daniel K. Inouye, Tom Harkin, Barbara A. Mikulski, Richard J. Durbin, Tim Johnson, Mary L. Landrieu

    Transportation, Treasury, the Judiciary, HUD, and Related Agencies

    Office: SD-130 20510-6025

    Phone: 224-4869

    Christopher S. Bond (Chair), Richard C. Shelby, Arlen Specter, Robert F. Bennett, Kay Bailey Hutchison, Mike DeWine, Sam Brownback, Ted Stevens, Pete V. Domenici, Conrad Burns

    Patty Murray (Ranking Minority Member), Robert C. Byrd, Barbara A. Mikulski, Harry Reid, Herb Kohl, Richard J. Durbin, Byron L. Dorgan, Patrick J. Leahy, Tom Harkin

    Armed Services

    Office: SR-228 20510-6050

    Phone: 224-3871

    Fax: 228-0037

    Web site:http://armed-services.senate.gov

    Majority Staff Director: Charles S. Abell

    Minority Staff Director: Richard D. DeBobes 224-7530 SR-228

    Jurisdiction: aeronautical and space activities peculiar to or primarily associated with the development of weapons systems or military operations; the common defense; the Defense Dept., the Army Dept., the Navy Dept., and the Air Force Dept., generally; military research and development; national security aspects of nuclear energy; naval petroleum reserves, except those in Alaska; pay, promotion, retirement, and other benefits and privileges of members of the armed forces, including overseas education of civilian and military dependents; the selective service system; strategic and critical materials necessary for the common defense; comprehensive study and review of matters relating to the common defense policy of the United States. The committee shall also study and review, on a comprehensive basis, matters relating to the common defense policy of the United States. The chair and ranking minority member are nonvoting members ex officio of all subcommittees of which they are not regular members.

    Party Ratio: R 13-D 11

    John W. Warner, Va., ChairCarl Levin, Mich., Ranking
    John McCain, Ariz.Minority Member
    James M. Inhofe, Okla.Edward M. Kennedy, Mass.
    Pat Roberts, Kan.Robert C. Byrd, W. Va.
    Jeff Sessions, Ala.Joseph I. Lieberman, Conn.
    Susan Collins, MaineJack Reed, R.I.
    John Ensign, Nev.Daniel K. Akaka, Hawaii
    Jim Talent, Mo.Bill Nelson, Fla.
    Saxby Chambliss, Ga.Ben Nelson, Neb.
    Lindsey Graham, S.C.Mark Dayton, Minn.
    Elizabeth Dole, N.C.Evan Bayh, Ind.
    John Cornyn, TexasHillary Rodham Clinton,
    John Thune, S.D.N.Y.


    Office: SR-228 20510-6050

    Phone: 224-3871

    John McCain (Chair), James M. Inhofe, Jeff Sessions, John Ensign, Jim Talent, Saxby Chambliss, Lindsey Graham, Elizabeth Dole

    Joseph I. Lieberman (Ranking Minority Member), Jack Reed, Daniel K. Akaka, Bill Nelson, Mark Dayton, Evan Bayh, Hillary Rodham Clinton

    Emerging Threats and Capabilities

    Office: SR-228 20510-6050

    Phone: 224-3871

    John Cornyn (Chair), Pat Roberts, Susan Collins, John Ensign, Jim Talent, Lindsey Graham, Elizabeth Dole, John Thune

    Jack Reed (Ranking Minority Member), Edward M. Kennedy, Robert C. Byrd, Bill Nelson, Ben Nelson, Evan Bayh, Hillary Rodham Clinton


    Office: SR-228 20510-6050

    Phone: 224-3871

    Lindsey Graham (Chair), John McCain, Susan Collins, Saxby Chambliss, Elizabeth Dole

    Ben Nelson (Ranking Minority Member), Edward M. Kennedy, Joseph I. Lieberman, Daniel K. Akaka

    Readiness and Management Support

    Office: SR-228 20510-6050

    Phone: 224-3871

    John Ensign (Chair), John McCain, James M. Inhofe, Pat Roberts, Jeff Sessions, Saxby Chambliss, John Cornyn, John Thune

    Daniel K. Akaka (Ranking Minority Member), Robert C. Byrd, Bill Nelson, Ben Nelson, Mark Dayton, Evan Bayh, Hillary Rodham Clinton


    Office: SR-228 20510-6050

    Phone: 224-3871

    Jim Talent (Chair), John McCain, Susan Collins, Saxby Chambliss

    Edward M. Kennedy (Ranking Minority Member), Joseph I. Lieberman, Jack Reed

    Strategic Forces

    Office: SR-228 20510-6050

    Phone: 224-3871

    Jeff Sessions (Chair), James M. Inhofe, Pat Roberts, Lindsey Graham, John Cornyn, John Thune

    Bill Nelson (Ranking Minority Member), Robert C. Byrd, Jack Reed, Ben Nelson, Mark Dayton

    Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs

    Office: SD-534 20510-6075

    Phone: 224-7391

    Fax: 224-5137

    Web site: http://banking.senate.gov

    Majority Staff Director: Kathy Casey

    Minority Staff Director: Steven B. Harris 224-7391 SD-534

    Jurisdiction: banks, banking, and financial institutions; control of prices of commodities, rents and services; deposit insurance; economic stabilization and defense production; export and foreign trade promotion; export controls; federal monetary policy, including Federal Reserve System; financial aid to commerce and industry; issuance and redemption of notes; money and credit, including currency and coinage; nursing home construction; public and private housing, including veterans' housing; renegotiation of government contracts; urban development and mass transit; international economic policy. The chair and ranking minority member are ex officio members of all subcommittees of which they are not regular members.

    Party Ratio: R 11-D 9

    Richard C. Shelby, Ala.,Paul S. Sarbanes, Md.,
    ChairRanking Minority
    Robert F. Bennett, UtahMember
    Wayne Allard, Colo.Christopher J. Dodd, Conn.
    Michael B. Enzi, Wyo.Tim Johnson, S.D.
    Chuck Hagel, Neb.Jack Reed, R.I.
    Rick Santorum, Pa.Charles E. Schumer, N. Y.
    Jim Bunning, Ky.Evan Bayh, Ind.
    Michael D. Crapo, IdahoThomas R. Carper, Del.
    John E. Sununu, N.H.Debbie Stabenow, Minn.
    Elizabeth Dole, N.C.Robert Menendez, N.J.
    Mel Martinez, Fla.

    Economic Policy

    Office: SD-534 20510-6075

    Phone: 224-7391

    Jim Bunning (Chair), Richard C. Shelby

    Charles E. Schumer

    Financial Institutions

    Office: SD-534 20510-6075

    Phone: 224-7391

    Robert F. Bennett (Chair), Wayne Allard, Rick Santorum, John E. Sununu, Mel Martinez, Chuck Hagel, Jim Bunning, Michael D. Crapo

    Tim Johnson (Ranking Minority Member), Thomas R. Carper, Christopher J. Dodd, Jack Reed, Debbie Stabenow, Evan Bayh

    Housing and Transportation

    Office: SD-534 20510-6075

    Phone: 224-7391

    Wayne Allard (Chair), Rick Santorum, Elizabeth Dole, Michael B. Enzi, Robert F. Bennett, Mel Martinez, Richard C. Shelby

    Jack Reed (Ranking Minority Member), Debbie Stabenow, Robert Menendez, Christopher J. Dodd, Thomas R. Carper, Charles E. Schumer

    International Trade and Finance

    Office: SD-534 20510-6075

    Phone: 224-7391

    Michael D. Crapo (Chair), Chuck Hagel, Michael B. Enzi, John E. Sununu, Elizabeth Dole

    Evan Bayh (Ranking Minority Member), Tim Johnson, Robert Menendez

    Securities and Investment

    Office: SD-534 20510-6075

    Phone: 224-7391

    Chuck Hagel (Chair), Michael B. Enzi, John E. Sununu, Mel Martinez, Robert F. Bennett, Jim Bunning, Michael D. Crapo, Elizabeth Dole, Wayne Allard, Rick Santorum

    Christopher J. Dodd (Ranking Minority Member), Tim Johnson, Jack Reed, Charles E. Schumer, Evan Bayh, Debbie Stabenow, Robert Menendez, Thomas R. Carper


    Office: SD-624 20510-6100

    Phone: 224-0642

    Fax: 224-4835

    Web site:http://budget.senate.gov

    Staff Director: Scott Brian Gudes

    Minority Staff Director: Mary A. Naylor 224-0862 SD-624

    Jurisdiction: congressional budget and budget process generally; concurrent budget resolutions; the Congressional Budget Office. Party Ratio: R 12-D 10

    Judd Gregg, N.H., ChairKent Conrad, N.D.,
    Pete V. Domenici, N.M.Ranking Minority
    Charles E. Grassley, IowaMember
    Wayne Allard, Colo.Paul S. Sarbanes, Md.
    Michael B. Enzi, Wyo.Patty Murray, Wash.
    Jeff Sessions, Ala.Ron Wyden, Ore.
    Jim Bunning, Ky.Russ Feingold, Wis.
    Michael D. Crapo, IdahoTim Johnson, S.D.
    John Ensign, Nev.Robert C. Byrd, W. Va.
    John Cornyn, TexasBill Nelson, Fla.
    Lamar Alexander, Tenn.Debbie Stabenow, Minn.
    Lindsey Graham, S.C.Robert Menendez, N.J.
    Commerce, Science, and Transportation

    Office: SD-508 20510-6125


    Fax: 228-5769

    Web site:http://commerce.senate.gov


    Majority Staff Director: Lisa J. Sutherland

    Minority Staff Director: Margaret Cummisky 224-0411 SD-560

    Jurisdiction: U.S. Coast Guard; coastal zone management; communications; highway safety; inland water ways, except construction; interstate commerce; marine and ocean navigation, marine and ocean safety, and marine and ocean transportation, including navigational aspects of deepwater ports; marine fisheries; Merchant Marine and navigation; nonmilitary aeronautical and space sciences; oceans, weather, and atmospheric activities; interoceanic canals generally; regulation of consumer products and services, including testing related to toxic substances, other than pesticides, and except for credit, financial services, and housing; regulation of interstate common carriers, including railroads, buses, trucks, vessels, pipelines, and civil aviation; science research, development, and policy; engineering research, development, and policy; technology research, development, and policy; sports; standards and measurement; transportation; transportation and commerce aspects of outer continental shelf land; comprehensive study and review of all matters relating to science and technology, oceans policy, transportation, communications, and consumer affairs. The chair and ranking minority member are non-voting members ex officio of all subcommittees of which they are not regular members.

    Party Ratio: R 12-D 10

    Ted Stevens, Alaska, ChairDaniel K. Inou?e, Hawaii,
    John McCain, Ariz.Ranking Minority
    Conrad Burns, Mont.Member
    Trent Lott, Miss.John D. Rockefeller IV,
    Kay Bailey Hutchison,W. Va.
    TexasJohn Kerry, Mass.
    Olympia J. Snowe, MaineByron L. Dorgan, N.D.
    Gordon H. Smith, Ore.Barbara Boxer, Calif.
    John Ensign, Nev.Bill Nelson, Fla.
    George Allen, Va.Maria Cantwell, Wash.
    John E. Sununu, N.H.Frank R. Lautenberg, N.J.
    Jim DeMint, S.C.Ben Nelson, Neb.
    David Vitter, La.Mark Pryor, Ark.


    Office: SH-427 20510-6125

    Phone: 224-4852

    Conrad Burns (Chair), Ted Stevens, John McCain, Trent Lott, Kay Bailey Hutchison, Olympia J. Snowe, Gordon H. Smith, John Ensign, George Allen, John E. Sununu, Jim DeMint

    John D. Rockefeller IV (Ranking Minority Member), Daniel K. Inouye, Byron L. Dorgan, Barbara Boxer, Maria Cantwell, Frank R. Lautenberg, Bill Nelson, Ben Nelson, Mark Pryor

    Consumer Affairs, Product Safety, and Insurance

    Office: SH-427 20510-6125

    Phone: 224-5183

    George Allen (Chair), Ted Stevens, Conrad Burns, Jim DeMint, David Vitter

    Mark Pryor (Ranking Minority Member), Barbara Boxer

    Disaster Prevention and Prediction

    Office: SD-227 20510-6125

    Phone: 224-8172

    Jim DeMint (Chair), Ted Stevens, Gordon H. Smith, David Vitter

    Ben Nelson (Ranking Minority Member), Maria Cantwell, Bill Nelson

    Fisheries and the Coast Guard

    Office: SH-227 20510-6125

    Phone: 224-8172

    Olympia J. Snowe (Chair), Ted Stevens, Trent Lott, Gordon H. Smith, John E. Sununu, David Vitter

    Maria Cantwell (Ranking Minority Member), Daniel K. Inouye, John Kerry, Frank R. Lautenberg

    Global Climate Change and Impacts

    Office: SD-227 20510-6125

    Phone: 224-8172

    David Vitter (Chair), Ted Stevens, John McCain, Olympia J. Snowe

    Frank R. Lautenberg (Ranking Minority Member), John Kerry

    National Ocean Policy Study

    Office: SD-227 20510-6125

    Phone: 224-8172

    John E. Sununu (Chair), Ted Stevens, Trent Lott, Kay Bailey Hutchison, Olympia Snowe, Gordon H. Smith, Jim DeMint, David Vitter

    Barbara Boxer (Ranking Minority Member), Daniel K. Inouye, John Kerry, Maria Cantwell, Frank R. Lautenberg

    Science and Space

    Office: SH-427 20510-6125

    Phone: 224-4852

    Kay Bailey Hutchison (Chair), Ted Stevens, Conrad Burns, Trent Lott, John Ensign, George Allen, John E. Sununu

    Bill Nelson (Ranking Minority Member), John D. Rockefeller IV, Byron L. Dorgan, Ben Nelson, Mark Pryor

    Surface Transportation and Merchant Marine

    Office: SH-427 20510-6125

    Phone: 224-4852

    Trent Lott (Chair), Ted Stevens, John McCain, Conrad Burns, Kay Bailey Hutchison, Olympia J. Snowe, Gordon H. Smith, George Allen, John E. Sununu, David Vitter

    Daniel K. Inouye (Ranking Minority Member), John D. Rockefeller IV, Bryon L. Dorgan, Barbara Boxer, Maria Cantwell, Frank R. Lautenberg, Ben Nelson, Mark Pryor

    Technology, Innovation, and Competitiveness

    Office: SD-427 20510-6125

    Phone: 224-4852

    John Ensign (Chair), Ted Stevens, Conrad Burns, Trent Lott, Kay Bailey Hutchison, George Allen, John E. Sununu, Jim DeMint

    John Kerry (Ranking Minority Member), John D. Rockefeller IV, Bryon L. Dorgan, Ben Nelson, Mark Pryor

    Trade, Tourism, and Economic Development

    Office: SH-428 20510-6125

    Phone: 224-5183

    Gordon H. Smith (Chair), Ted Stevens, John McCain, Conrad Burns, John Ensign, George Allen, John E. Sununu, Jim DeMint, David Vitter

    Byron L. Dorgan (Ranking Minority Member), John D. Rockefeller IV, John Kerry, Maria Cantwell, Frank R. Lautenberg, Bill Nelson, Ben Nelson, Mark Pryor

    Energy and Natural Resources

    Office: SD-364 20510-6150

    Phone: 224-4971

    Fax: 224-6163

    Web site:http://energy.senate.gov


    Majority Staff Director: Bruce M. Evans

    Minority Staff Director: Robert M. Simon 224-4971 SD-364

    Jurisdiction: national energy policy generally; international energy affairs and emergency preparedness; nuclear waste policy; privatization of federal assets; coal production, distribution, and utilization; energy regulation and conservation; energy-related aspects of deepwater ports; energy research and development; mines, mining, and minerals generally; hydroelectric power, irrigation, and reclamation; national parks, recreation areas, wilderness areas, wild and scenic rivers, historic sites, military parks and battlefields; preservation of prehistoric ruins and objects of interest; naval petroleum reserves in Alaska; nonmilitary development of nuclear energy; oil and gas production and distribution; public lands and forests; solar energy systems; territorial possessions of the United States; oil and gas pipeline transportation systems within Alaska; Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act; Alaska National Interest Lands Conservation Act; Antarctic research and energy development; Arctic research and energy development; Native Hawaiian matters; comprehensive study and review of matters relating to energy and resources development. The chair and ranking minority member are ex officio members of all subcommittees.

    Party Ratio: R 12-D 10

    Pete V. Domenici, N.M.,Jeff Bingaman, N.M.,
    ChairRanking Minority
    Larry E. Craig, IdahoMember
    Craig Thomas, Wyo.Daniel K. Akaka, Hawaii
    Lamar Alexander, Tenn.Byron L. Dorgan, N.D.
    Lisa Murkowski, AlaskaRon Wyden, Ore.
    Richard M. Burr, N.C.Tim Johnson, S.D.
    Mel Martinez, Fla.Mary L. Landrieu, La.
    Jim Talent, Mo.Dianne Feinstein, Calif.
    Conrad Burns, Mont.Maria Cantwell, Wash.
    George Allen, Va.Ken Salazar, Colo.
    Gordon H. Smith, Ore.Robert Menendez, N.J.
    Jim Bunning, Ky.


    Office: SD-364 20510-6150

    Phone: 224-4971

    Lamar Alexander (Chair), Richard M. Burr (Vice Chair), Mel Martinez, Jim Talent, George Allen, Jim Bunning, Lisa Murkowski, Larry E. Craig, Craig Thomas, Conrad Burns

    Byron L. Dorgan (Ranking Minority Member), Daniel K. Akaka, Tim Johnson, Mary L. Landrieu, Dianne Feinstein, Maria Cantwell, Ken Salazar, Robert Menendez

    National Parks

    Office: SD-364 20510-6150

    Phone: 224-4971

    Craig Thomas (Chair), Lamar Alexander (Vice Chair), George Allen, Richard M. Burr, Mel Martinez, Gordon H. Smith

    Daniel K. Akaka (Ranking Minority Member), Ron Wyden, Mary L. Landrieu, Ken Salazar, Robert Menendez

    Public Lands and Forests

    Office: SD-364 20510-6150

    Phone: 224-4971

    Larry E. Craig (Chair), Conrad Burns (Vice Chair), Craig Thomas, Jim Talent, Gordon H. Smith, Lamar Alexander, Lisa Murkowski, George Allen

    Ron Wyden (Ranking Minority Member), Daniel K. Akaka, Byron L. Dorgan, Tim Johnson, Mary L. Landrieu, Maria Cantwell, Dianne Feinstein

    Water and Power

    Office: SD-364 20510-6150

    Phone: 224-4971

    Lisa Murkowski (Chair), Gordon H. Smith (Vice Chair), Larry E. Craig, Richard M. Burr, Mel Martinez, Conrad Burns, Jim Bunning, Jim Talent

    Tim Johnson (Ranking Minority Member), Byron L. Dorgan, Ron Wyden, Dianne Feinstein, Maria Cantwell, Ken Salazar, Robert Menendez

    Environment and Public Works

    Office: SD-410 20510-6175

    Phone: 224-6176

    Fax: 224-5167

    Web site:http://epw.senate.gov


    Majority Staff Director, Chief Counsel: Andrew R. Wheeler

    Minority Staff Director: Kenneth M. Connolly 224-8832 SD-456

    Jurisdiction: environmental policy, research and development; air, water and noise pollution; construction and maintenance of highways; environmental aspects of outer continental shelf lands; environmental effects of toxic substances other than pesticides; fisheries and wildlife; flood control and improvements of rivers and harbors; non-military environmental regulation and control of nuclear energy; ocean dumping; public buildings and grounds, including federal buildings in the District of Columbia; public works, bridges and dams; regional economic development; solid waste disposal and recycling; water resources; comprehensive study of matters relating to environmental protection and resource utilization and conservation. The chair and ranking minority member are ex officio members of all subcommittees.

    Party Ratio: R 10-D 8

    James M. Inhofe, Okla.,James M. Jeffords, I-Vt.,
    ChairRanking Minority
    John W. Warner, Va.Member
    Christopher S. Bond, Mo.Max Baucus, Mont.
    George V. Voinovich, OhioJoseph I. Lieberman, Conn.
    Lincoln D. Chafee, R.I.Barbara Boxer, Calif.
    Lisa Murkowski, AlaskaThomas R. Carper, Del.
    John Thune, S.D.Hillary Rodham Clinton,
    Jim DeMint, S.C.N.Y.
    Johnny Isakson, Ga.Frank R. Lautenberg, N.J.
    David Vitter, La.Barack Obama, Ill.

    Clean Air, Climate Change, and Nuclear Safety

    Office: SD-415 20510-6175

    Phone: 224-6176

    George V. Voinovich (Chair), Christopher S. Bond, Jim DeMint, Johnny Isakson, David Vitter

    Thomas R. Carper (Ranking Minority Member), Joseph I. Lieberman, Frank R. Lautenberg, Barack Obama

    Fisheries, Wildlife, and Water

    Office: SD-415 20510-6175

    Phone: 224-6176

    Lincoln D. Chafee (Chair), John W. Warner, Lisa Murkowski, Jim DeMint, David Vitter

    Hillary Rodham Clinton (Ranking Minority Member), Joseph I. Lieberman, Frank R. Lautenberg, Barack Obama

    Superfund and Waste Management

    Office: SD-415 20510-6175

    Phone: 224-6176

    John Thune (Chair), John W. Warner, Christopher S. Bond, Johnny Isakson

    Barbara Boxer (Ranking Minority Member), Max Baucus, Frank R. Lautenberg

    Transportation and Infrastructure

    Office: SD-415 20510-6175

    Phone: 224-6176

    Christopher S. Bond (Chair), John W. Warner, George V. Voinovich, Lincoln D. Chafee, Lisa Murkowski, John Thune

    Max Baucus (Ranking Minority Member, Joseph I. Lieberman, Barbara Boxer, Thomas R. Carper, Hillary Rodham Clinton


    Office: SD-219 20510-6200


    Fax: 228-0554

    Web site: http://finance.senate.gov

    Majority Staff Director: Kolan L. Davis

    Minority Staff Director: Russell W. Sullivan 224-4515 SD-219

    Jurisdiction: revenue measures generally and bonded debt of the United States, except as provided in the Congressional Budget Act of 1974; customs, collection districts, and ports of entry and delivery; deposit of public monies; general revenue sharing; health programs under the Social Security Act and health programs financed by a specific tax or trust fund; Social Security; reciprocal trade agreements; revenue measures relating to the insular possessions; tariffs and import quotas; transportation of dutiable goods. The chair and ranking minority member are non-voting members ex officio of all subcommittees of which they are not regular members.

    Party Ratio: R 11-D 9

    Charles E. Grassley, Iowa,Max Baucus, Mont,
    ChairRanking Minority
    Orrin G. Hatch, UtahMember
    Trent Lott, Miss.John D. Rockefeller IV,
    Olympia J. Snowe, MaineW. Va.
    Jon Kyl, Ariz.Kent Conrad, N.D.
    Craig Thomas, Wyo.James M. Jeffords, I-Vt.
    Rick Santo rum, Pa.Jeff Bingaman, N.M.
    Bill Frist, Tenn.John Kerry, Mass.
    Gordon H. Smith, Ore.Blanche Lincoln, Ark.
    Jim Bunning, Ky.Ron Wyden, Ore.
    Michael D. Crapo, IdahoCharles E. Schumer, N. Y.

    Health Care

    Office: SD-219 20510-6200

    Phone: 224-4515

    Orrin G. Hatch (Chair), Olympia J. Snowe, Bill Frist, Jon Kyl, Craig Thomas, Rick Santorum, Jim Bunning

    John D. Rockefeller IV (Ranking Minority Member), James M. Jeffords (I-Vt.), Jeff Bingaman, John Kerry, Ron Wyden

    International Trade

    Office: SD-219 20510-6200

    Phone: 224-4515

    Craig Thomas (Chair), Michael D. Crapo, Trent Lott, Gordon H. Smith, Jim Bunning, Orrin G. Hatch, Olympia J. Snowe, Bill Frist

    Jeff Bingaman (Ranking Minority Member), Max Baucus, John D. Rockefeller IV, Kent Conrad, Ron Wyden, Charles E. Schumer

    Long-Term Growth and Debt Reduction

    Office: SD-219 20510-6200

    Phone: 224-4515

    Gordon H. Smith (Chair), Charles E. Grassley

    John Kerry (Ranking Minority Member)

    Social Security and Family Policy

    Office: SD-219 20510-6200

    Phone: 224-4515

    Rick Santo rum (Chair), Charles E. Grassley, Jim Bunning, Bill Frist, Trent Lott, Jon Kyl, Gordon H. Smith, Michael D. Crapo

    Kent Conrad (Ranking Minority Member), John D. Rockefeller TV, James M. Jeffords (I-Vt.), Jeff Bingaman, John Kerry, Blanche Lincoln

    Taxation and IRS Oversight

    Office: SD-219 20510-6200

    Phone: 224-4515

    Jon Kyl (Chair), Trent Lott, Orrin G. Hatch, Olympia J. Snowe, Michael D. Crapo, Craig Thomas, Rick Santorum

    James M. Jeffords (I-Vt.) (Ranking Minority Member), Max Baucus, Kent Conrad, Blanche Lincoln, Charles E. Schumer

    Foreign Relations

    Office: SD-450 20510-6225

    Phone: 224-4651

    Fax: 224-0836

    Web site:http://foreign.senate.gov

    Majority Staff Director: Kenneth A. Myers Jr.

    Minority Staff Director: Antony J. Blinken 224-3953 SD-439

    Jurisdiction: relations of the United States with foreign nations generally; treaties; foreign economic, military, technical, and humanitarian assistance; foreign loans; diplomatic service; International Red Cross; international aspects of nuclear energy; International Monetary Fund; intervention abroad and declarations of war; foreign trade; national security; oceans and international environmental and scientific affairs; protection of U.S. citizens abroad; United Nations; World Bank and other development assistance organizations. The chair and ranking minority member are non-voting members ex officio of all subcommittees of which they are not regular members.

    Party Ratio: R 10-D 8

    Richard G. Lugar, Ind.,Joseph R. Biden Jr., Del.,
    ChairRanking Minority
    Chuck Hagel, Neb.Member
    Lincoln D. Chafee, R.I.Paul S. Sarbanes, Md.
    George Allen, Va.Christopher J. Dodd, Conn.
    Norm Coleman, Minn.John Kerry, Mass.
    George V. Voinovich, OhioRuss Feingold, Wis.
    Lamar Alexander, Tenn.Barbara Boxer, Calif.
    John E. Sununu, N.H.Bill Nelson, Fla.
    Lisa Murkowski, AlaskaBarack Obama, Ill.
    Mel Martinez, Fla.

    African Affairs

    Office: SD-450 20510-6225

    Phone: 224-4651

    Mel Martinez, Fla. (Chair), Lamar Alexander, Norm Coleman, John E. Sununu, Lisa Murkowski

    Russ Feingold (Ranking Minority Member), Paul S. Sarbanes, Christopher J. Dodd, Barack Obama

    East Asian and Pacific Affairs

    Office: SD-450 20510-6225

    Phone: 224-4651

    Lisa Murkowski (Chair), Lamar Alexander, Chuck Hagel, Lincoln D. Chafee, George Allen

    John Kerry (Ranking Minority Member), Joseph R. Biden Jr., Russ Feingold, Barack Obama

    European Affairs

    Office: SD-450 20510-6225

    Phone: 224-4651

    George Allen (Chair), George V. Voinovich, Lisa Murkowski, Chuck Hagel, Lincoln D. Chafee

    Joseph R. Biden Jr. (Ranking Minority Member), Paul S. Sarbanes, Christopher J. Dodd, Russ Feingold

    International Economic Policy, Export, and Trade Promotion

    Office: SD-450 20510-6225

    Phone: 224-4651

    Chuck Hagel, (Chair), Lamar Alexander, Lisa Murkowski, Mel Martinez, George V. Voinovich

    Paul S. Sarbanes (Ranking Minority Member), Christopher J. Dodd, John Kerry, Barack Obama

    International Operations and Terrorism

    Office: SD-450 20510-6225

    Phone: 224-4651

    John E. Sununu (Chair), George V. Voinovich, George Allen, Norm Coleman, Lamar Alexander

    Bill Nelson (Ranking Minority Member), Joseph R. Biden Jr., John Kerry, Barbara Boxer

    Near Eastern and South Asian Affairs

    Office: SD-450 20510-6225

    Phone: 224-4651

    Lincoln D. Chafee (Chair), Chuck Hagel, Norm Coleman, George V. Voinovich, John E. Sununu

    Barbara Boxer (Ranking Minority Member), Paul S. Sarbanes, Bill Nelson, Barack Obama

    Western Hemisphere, Peace Corps, and Narcotics Affairs

    Office: SD-450 20510-6225

    Phone: 224-4651

    Norm Coleman (Chair), Lincoln D. Chafee, George Allen, Mel Martinez, John E. Sununu

    Christopher J. Dodd (Ranking Minority Member), John Kerry, Barbara Boxer, Bill Nelson

    Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions

    Office: SD-428 20510-6300

    Phone: 224-5375

    Fax: 228-5044

    Web site:http://help.senate.gov

    Majority Staff Director: Katherine McGuire

    Minority Staff Director: J. Michael Myers 224-0767 SD-644

    Jurisdiction: education, labor, health, and public welfare generally; aging; agricultural colleges; arts and humanities; biomedical research and development, including cloning and stem cell research; Project Bioshield initiative (funding for research and production of vaccines against smallpox, anthrax, and botulism toxin); managed care; medical privacy regulation; patients' rights; child labor; convict labor and the entry of goods made by convicts into interstate commerce; domestic activities of the American National Red Cross; equal employment opportunity; Gallaudet University; Howard University; St. Elizabeths Hospital; handicapped individuals; labor standards and labor statistics; mediation and arbitration of labor disputes; occupational safety and health, including the welfare of miners; private pension plans; public health; railway labor and railway retirement; regulation of foreign laborers; student loans; wages and hours of labor. The chair and ranking minority member are ex officio members of all subcommittees of which they are not regular members.

    Party Ratio: R11-D 9

    Michael B. Enzi, Wyo.,Edward M. Kennedy, Mass.,
    ChairRanking Minority
    Judd Gregg, N.H.Member
    Bill Frist, Tenn.Christopher J. Dodd, Conn.
    Lamar Alexander, TennTom Harkin, Iowa
    Richard M. Burr, N.C.Barbara A. Mikulski, Md.
    Johnny Isakson, Ga.James M. Jeffords, I-Vt.
    Mike DeWine, OhioJeff Bingaman, N.M.
    John Ensign, Nev.Patty Murray, Wash.
    Orrin G. Hatch, UtahJack Reed, R.I.
    Jeff Sessions, Ala.Hillary Rodham Clinton,
    Pat Roberts, Kan.N.Y.

    Bioterrorism and Public Health Preparedness

    Office: SH-424 20510-6300

    Phone: 224-0121

    Richard M. Burr (Chair), Judd Gregg, Bill Frist, Lamar Alexander, Mike DeWine, John Ensign, Orrin G. Hatch, Pat Roberts

    Edward M. Kennedy (Ranking Minority Member), Christopher J. Dodd, Tom Harkin, Barbara A. Mikulski, Jeff Bingaman, Patty Murray, Jack Reed

    Education and Early Childhood Development

    Office: SH-632 20510-6300

    Phone: 224-5800

    Lamar Alexander (Chair), Judd Gregg, Richard M. Burr, Johnny Isakson, Mike DeWine, John Ensign, Orrin G. Hatch, Jeff Sessions

    Christopher J. Dodd (Ranking Minority Member), Tom Harkin, James M. Jeffords (I-Vt.), Jeff Bingaman, Patty Murray, Jack Reed, Hillary Rodham Clinton

    Employment and Workplace Safety

    Office: SH-132 20510-6300

    Phone: 224-4838

    Johnny Isakson, (Chair), Lamar Alexander, Richard M. Burr, John Ensign, Jeff Sessions, Pat Roberts

    Patty Murray (Ranking Minority Member), Christopher J. Dodd, Tom Harkin, Barbara A. Mikulski, James M. Jeffords (I-Vt.)

    Retirement Security and Aging

    Office: SH-607 20510-6300

    Phone: 224-7900

    Mike DeWine (Chair), Johnny Isakson, Orrin G. Hatch, Jeff Sessions, Pat Roberts

    Barbara A. Mikulski (Ranking Minority Member), James M. Jeffords (I-Vt.), Jeff Bingaman, Hillary Rodham Clinton

    Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs

    Office: SD-340 20510-6250

    Phone: 224-4751

    Fax: 224-9603

    Web site:http://hsgac.senate.gov

    Majority Staff Director; Chief Counsel: Michael Bopp

    Minority Staff Director: Michael L. Alexander 224-2627 SH-604

    Jurisdiction: archives of the United States; budget and accounting measures; census and statistics; congressional organization; federal civil service; government information; intergovernmental relations; District of Columbia, except appropriations therefor; organization and management of nuclear export policy; executive branch organization and reorganization; Postal Service; status of officers and employees of the United States, including their classification, compensation, and benefits; Homeland Security Dept., except matters relating to the U.S. Coast Guard, the Transportation Security Administration, the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, the Secret Service, the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service, the immigration functions of the U.S. Customs and Border Protection, or the U.S. Immigration and Custom Enforcement or the Directorate of Border and Transportation Security. The chair and ranking minority member are non-voting members ex officio of all subcommittees of which they are not regular members.

    Party Ratio: R 9-D 7

    Susan Collins, Maine,Joseph I. Lieberman, Conn.,
    ChairRanking Minority
    Ted Stevens, AlaskaMember
    George V. Voinovich, OhioCarl Levin, Mich.
    Norm Coleman, Minn.Daniel K. Akaka, Hawaii
    Tom Coburn, Okla.Thomas R. Carper, Del.
    Lincoln D. Chafee, R.I.Mark Dayton, Minn.
    Robert F. Bennett, UtahFrank R. Lautenberg, N.J.
    Pete V. Domenici, N.M.Mark Pryor, Ark.
    John W. Warner, Va.

    Permanent Investigations

    Office: SR-199 20510-6250

    Phone: 224-3721

    Norm Coleman (Chair), Ted Stevens, Tom Coburn, Lincoln D. Chafee, Robert F. Bennett, Pete V. Domenici, John W. Warner

    Carl Levin (Ranking Minority Member), Daniel K. Akaka, Thomas R. Carper, Mark Dayton, Frank R. Lautenberg, Mark Pryor

    Federal Financial Management, Government Information, and International Security

    Office: SH-439 20510-6250

    Phone: 224-2254

    Tom Coburn (Chair), Ted Stevens, George V. Voinovich, Lincoln D. Chafee, Robert F. Bennett, Pete V. Domenici, John W. Warner

    Thomas R. Carper (Ranking Minority Member), Carl Levin, Daniel K. Akaka, Mark Dayton, Frank R. Lautenberg

    Oversight of Government Management, the Federal Workforce, and the District of Columbia

    Office: SH-442 20510-6250

    Phone: 224-3682

    George V. Voinovich (Chair), Ted Stevens, Norm Coleman, Tom Coburn, Lincoln D. Chafee, Robert F. Bennett, Pete V. Domenici, John W. Warner

    Daniel K. Akaka (Ranking Minority Member), Carl Levin, Thomas R. Carper, Mark Dayton, Frank R. Lautenberg, Mark Pryor

    Indian Affairs

    Office: SH-836 20510-6450

    Phone: 224-2251

    Fax: 224-5429

    Web site:http://indian.senate.gov

    Majority Staff Director: Jeanne Bumpus

    Minority Staff Director: Sara Garland 224-2251 SH-838

    Jurisdiction: all proposed legislation, messages, petitions, memorials, and other matters relating to Indian affairs; all matters pertaining to problems and opportunities of Indians, including Indian land management and trust responsibilities, Indian education, Indian health, special services, and Indian loan programs, the National Indian Gaming Regulatory Act of 1988, the National Indian Gaming Commission, and Indian claims against the United States.

    Party Ratio: R 8-D 6

    John McCain, Ariz., ChairByron L. Dorgan, N.D.,
    Pete V. Domenici, N.M.Vice Chair, Ranking
    Craig Thomas, Wyo.Minority Member
    Gordon H. Smith, Ore.Daniel K. Inouye, Hawaii
    Lisa Murkowski, AlaskaKent Conrad, N.D.
    Michael D. Crapo, IdahoDaniel K. Akaka, Hawaii
    Richard M. Burr, N.C.Tim Johnson, S.D.
    Tom Coburn, Okla.Maria Cantwell, Wash.

    Office: SD-224 20510-6275

    Phone: 224-5225

    Fax: 224-9102

    Web site:http://judiciary.senate.gov

    Majority Chief of Staff: Michael O'Neill

    Minority Staff Director: Bruce Cohen 224-7703 SD-152

    Jurisdiction: civil and criminal judicial proceedings in general; national penitentiaries; bankruptcy, mutiny, espionage and counterfeiting; civil liberties; constitutional amendments; apportionment of representatives; government information; continuity in congressional representation; immigration and naturalization; interstate compacts in general; claims against the United States; patents, copyrights and trademarks; Patent and Trademark Office; monopolies and unlawful restraints of trade; holidays and celebrations; revision and codification of the statutes of the United States; federal courts and judges; local courts in territories and possessions; claims against the United States; state and territorial boundary lines. The chair and ranking minority member are non-voting members ex officio of all subcommittees of which they are not regular members.

    Party Ratio: R 10-D 8

    Arlen Specter, Pa., ChairPatrick J. Leahy, Vt.,
    Orrin G. Hatch, UtahRanking Minority
    Charles E. Grassley, IowaMember
    Jon Kyl, Ariz.Edward M. Kennedy, Mass.
    Mike DeWine, OhioJoseph R. Biden Jr., Del.
    Jeff Sessions, Ala.Herb Kohl, Wis.
    Lindsey Graham, S.C.Dianne Feinstein, Calif.
    John Cornyn, TexasRuss Feingold, Wis.
    Sam Brownback, Kan.Charles E. Schumer, N. Y.
    Tom Coburn, Okla.Richard J. Durbin, Ill.

    Administrative Oversight and the Courts

    Office: SD-G66 20510-6275

    Phone: 224-7572

    Jeff Sessions (Chair), Arlen Specter, Charles E. Grassley, Jon Kyl

    Charles E. Schumer (Ranking Minority Member), Dianne Feinstein, Russ Feingold

    Antitrust, Competition Policy, and Consumer Rights

    Office: SD-161 20510-6275

    Phone: 224-9494

    Mike DeWine (Chair), Arlen Specter, Orrin G. Hatch, Charles E. Grassley, Lindsey Graham, Sam Brownback

    Herb Kohl (Ranking Minority Member), Patrick J. Leahy, Joseph R. Biden Jr., Russ Feingold, Charles E. Schumer

    Constitution, Civil Rights, and Property Rights

    Office: SH-303 20510-6275

    Phone: 224-6521

    Sam Brownback (Chair), Arlen Specter, Lindsey Graham, John Cornyn, Tom Coburn

    Russ Feingold (Ranking Minority Member), Edward M. Kennedy, Dianne Feinstein, Richard J. Durbin

    Corrections and Rehabilitation

    Office: SD-155 20510-6275

    Phone: 224-4280

    Tom Coburn (Chair), Arlen Specter, Jeff Sessions, John Cornyn, Sam Brownback.

    Richard J. Durbin (Ranking Minority Member), Patrick J. Leahy, Joseph R. Biden Jr., Russ Feingold

    Crime and Drugs

    Office: SD-524 20510-6275

    Phone: 224-5972

    Lindsey Graham (Chair), Charles E. Grassley, Jon Kyl, Mike DeWine, Jeff Sessions, Tom Coburn

    Joseph R. Biden Jr. (Ranking Minority Member), Herb Kohl, Dianne Feinstein, Russ Feingold, Charles E. Schumer

    Immigration, Border Security, and Citizenship

    Office: SD-139 20510-6275 Phone: 224-7840

    John Cornyn (Chair), Charles E. Grassley, Jon Kyl, Mike DeWine, Jeff Sessions, Sam Brownback, Tom Coburn

    Edward M. Kennedy (Ranking Minority Member), Joseph R. Biden Jr., Dianne Feinstein, Russ Feingold, Charles E. Schumer, Richard J. Durbin

    Intellectual Property

    Office: SH-104 20510-6275 Phone: 224-5251

    Orrin G. Hatch (Chair), Jon Kyl, Mike DeWine, Lindsey Graham, John Cornyn, Sam Brownback, Tom Coburn

    Patrick J. Leahy (Ranking Minority Member), Edward M. Kennedy, Joseph R. Biden Jr., Dianne Feinstein, Herb Kohl, Richard J. Durbin

    Terrorism, Technology, and Homeland Security

    Office: SH-325 20510-6275 Phone: 224-6791

    Jon Kyl, Ariz. (Chair), Orrin G. Hatch, Charles E. Grassley, John Cornyn, Mike DeWine, Jeff Sessions, Lindsey Graham

    Dianne Feinstein (Ranking Minority Member), Edward M. Kennedy, Joseph R. Biden Jr., Herb Kohl, Russ Feingold, Richard J. Durbin

    Rules and Administration

    Office: SR-305 20510-6325

    Phone: 224-6352 Fax: 224-6036 Web site:http://rules.senate.gov

    Majority Staff Director: Susan Wells

    Minority Professional Staff Member: Kennie L. Gill 224-6351 SR-479

    Jurisdiction: Senate rules and regulations; Senate administration in general; corrupt practices; qualifications of senators; Senate contested elections; federal elections in general; Government Printing Office; Congressional Record; meetings of Congress and attendance of

    members; presidential succession; the Senate library and works of art in the United States Capitol and Senate office buildings; the Capitol, the Library of Congress, the Smithsonian Institution, and the Botanic Garden; purchases of books and manuscripts and erection of monuments to the memory of individuals.

    Party Ratio: R 10-D 8

    Trent Lott, Miss., Chair
    Ted Stevens, AlaskaChristopher J. Dodd,
    Mitch McConnell, Ky.Conn., Ranking Minority
    Thad Cochran, Miss.Member
    Rick Santo rum, Pa.Robert C. Byrd, W. Va.
    Kay Bailey Hutchison,Daniel K. Inouye, Hawaii
    TexasDianne Feinstein, Calif.
    Bill Frist, Tenn.Charles E. Schumer, N. Y.
    Saxby Chambliss, Ga.Mark Dayton, Minn.
    Robert F. Bennett, UtahRichard J. Durbin, Ill.
    Chuck Hagel, Neb.Ben Nelson, Neb.
    Select Ethics

    Office: SH-220 20510-6425

    Phone: 224-2981

    Fax: 224-7416

    Web site:http://ethics.senate.gov

    Chief Counsel: Robert Walker 224-2981 SH 220

    Jurisdiction: studies and investigates standards and conduct of Senate members and employees and may recommend disciplinary action; recommends rules or regulations necessary to ensure appropriate Senate standards of conduct; reports violations of any law to the proper federal and state authorities; regulates the use of the franking privilege in the Senate; investigates unauthorized disclosures of intelligence information; implements Senate public financial disclosure requirements; regulates the receipt and disposition of gifts from foreign governments received by senators and officers and employees of the Senate; renders advisory opinions on the application of Senate rules and laws to senators, officers, and employees.

    Party Ratio: R 3-D 3

    George V. Voinovich,Tim Johnson, S.D., Vice
    Ohio, ChairChair
    Pat Roberts, Kan.Mark Pryor, Ark.
    Craig Thomas, Wyo.Ken Salazar, Colo.
    Select Intelligence

    Office: SH-211 20510-6475 Phone: 224-1700 Fax: 224-1772

    Web site:http://intelligence.senate.gov

    Majority Staff Director: Bill Duhnke

    Minority Staff Director: Andrew W. Johnson 224-1700 SH-211

    Jurisdiction: legislative and budgetary authority over the Central Intelligence Agency, the Defense Intelligence Agency, the National Security Agency, and intelligence activities of the Federal Bureau of Investigation and other components of the federal intelligence community.

    The majority leader and minority leader are members ex officio of the committee.

    Party Ratio: R 8-D 7

    Pat Roberts, Kan., ChairJohn D. Rockefeller IV,
    Orrin G. Hatch, UtahW. Va., Ranking Minority
    Mike DeWine, OhioMember
    Christopher S. Bond, Mo.Carl Levin, Mich.
    Trent Lott, Miss.Dianne Feinstein, Calif.
    Olympia J. Snowe, MaineRon Wyden, Ore.
    Chuck Hagel, Neb.Evan Bayh, Ind.
    Saxby Chambliss, Ga.Barbara A. Mikulski, Md.
    Russ Feingold, Wis.
    Small Business and Entrepreneurship

    Office: SR-428A 20510-6350 Phone: 224-5175 Fax:224-1128 Web site:http://sbc.senate.govE-mail:http://sbc.senate.gov/form2.html

    Majority Staff Director: Wes Coulam

    Minority Staff Director: Naomi Baum 224-8496 SR-428A

    Jurisdiction: problems of small business; Small Business Administration.

    Party Ratio: R 10-D 8

    Olympia J. Snowe, Maine,John Kerry, Mass., Ranking
    ChairMinority Member
    Christopher S. Bond, Mo.Carl Levin, Mich.
    Conrad Burns, Mont.Tom Harkin, Iowa
    George Allen, Va.Joseph I. Lieberman, Conn.
    Norm Coleman, Minn.Mary L. Landrieu, La.
    John Thune, S.D.Maria Cantwell, Wash.
    Johnny Isakson, Ga.Evan Bayh, Ind.
    David Vitter, La.Mark Pryor, Ark.
    Michael B. Enzi, Wyo.
    John Cornyn, Texas
    Special Aging

    Office: SD-G31 20510-6400

    Phone: 224-5364

    Fax: 224-8660

    Web site:http://aging.senate.gov/


    Majority Staff Director: Catherine Finley

    Minority Staff Director: Julie Cohen 224-5364 SH-628

    Jurisdiction: problems and opportunities of older people, including assisted living, care and assistance, elder abuse, employment, health care, housing, identity theft, income, long-term care, Medicare, Older Americans Act, prescription drugs, productive and rewarding activity, retirement income security, retirement pensions, rural health care, Social Security, and telemedicine. Reports findings and makes recommendations to the Senate, but cannot report legislation.

    Party Ratio: R 11-D 9

    Gordon H. Smith, Ore.,Herb Kohl, Wis., Ranking
    ChairMinority Member
    Richard C. Shelby, Ala.James M. Jeffords, I-Vt.
    Susan Collins, MaineRon Wyden, Ore.
    Jim Talent, Mo.Blanche Lincoln, Ark.
    Elizabeth Dole, N.C.Evan Bayh, Ind.
    Mel Martinez, Fla.Thomas R. Carper, Del.
    Larry E. Craig, IdahoBill Nelson, Fla.
    Rick Santo rum, Pa.Hillary Rodham Clinton,
    Conrad Burns, Mont.N.Y.
    Lamar Alexander, Tenn.Ken Salazar, Colo.
    Jim DeMint, S.C.

    Office: SR-412 20510-6375 Phone: 224-9126 Fax: 224-8908

    Web site: http://veterans.senate.gov

    Majority Staff Director: Lupe Wissel

    Minority Staff Director: Davelyn Noelani Kalipi 224-2074 SH-143

    Jurisdiction: veterans' measures in general; compensation; life insurance issued by the government on account of service in the armed forces; national cemeteries; pensions; readjustment of service personnel to civil life; veterans' hospitals, medical care, and treatment; vocational rehabilitation and education; soldiers' and sailors' civil relief.

    Party Ratio: R 8-D 6

    Larry E. Craig, Idaho,Daniel K. Akaka, Hawaii,
    ChairRanking Minority
    Arlen Specter, Pa.Member
    Kay Bailey Hutchison,John D. Rockefeller IV,
    TexasW. Va.
    Lindsey Graham, S.C.James M. Jeffords, I-Vt.
    Richard M. Burr, N.C.Patty Murray, Wash.
    John Ensign, Nev.Barack Obama, Ill.
    John Thune, S.D.Ken Salazar, Colo.
    Johnny Isakson, Ga.
    Senate Leadership and Partisan Committees

    Republican Leaders

    President: Vice President Richard B. Cheney

    President Pro Tempore: Ted Stevens, Alaska

    Majority Floor Leader: Bill Frist, Tenn.

    Assistant Majority Leader (Majority Whip): Mitch McConnell, Ky.

    Conference Chair: Rick Santo rum, Pa.

    Conference Vice Chair: Kay Bailey Hutchison, Texas

    Policy Committee Chair: Jon Kyl, Ariz.

    National Republican Senatorial Committee Chair: Elizabeth Dole, N.C.

    Chief Deputy Whip: Robert F. Bennett, Utah

    Republican Partisan Committees

    National Republican Senatorial Committee

    Office: 425 2nd St. N.E. 20002-4914

    Phone: 675-6000 Fax: 675-4730


    Elizabeth Dole, N.C., Chair

    Richard C. Shelby, Ala., National Finance Chair

    Regional Chairs (in alphabetical order)

    Christopher S. Bond, Mo., Midwest John Cornyn, Texas, Southwest Orrin G. Hatch, Utah, Far Southwest Trent Lott, Miss., Southeast Ted Stevens, Alaska, Northwest John E. Sununu, N.H., Northeast

    Republican Conference

    Office: SHOB 405 20510-7060

    Phone: 224-2764 Fax: 224-6984


    Rick Santorum, Pa., Chair

    Kay Bailey Hutchison, Texas, Vice Chair

    Republican Policy Committee

    Office: SROB 347 20510-7064

    Phone: 224-2946 Fax: 224-1235

    Web:http://rpc.senate.gov Jon Kyl, Ariz., Chair

    Republican Steering Committee

    Office: SROB 164 20510

    Phone: 224-3737 Jeff Sessions, Ala., Chair

    Democratic Leaders

    Minority Floor Leader:Harry Reid, Nev.

    Assistant Minority Leader (Minority Whip):Richard J. Durbin, Ill.

    Assistant Floor Leader:Patty Murray, Wash.

    Chief Deputy Whip:Barbara Boxer, Calif.

    Senate Democratic Conference Chair:Debbie Stabenow, Mich.

    Democratic Communications Committee Chair:Harry Reid, Nev.

    Democratic Policy Committee Chair:Byron L. Dorgan, N.D.

    Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee Chair:Charles E. Schumer, N.Y.

    Democratic Steering and Outreach Committee Chair:Hillary Rodham Clinton, N.Y.

    Ranking Member Outreach Chair:Paul S. Sarbanes, Md.

    Rural Outreach Chair:Blanche Lincoln, Ark.

    Democratic Partisan Committees

    Democratic Communications Center

    Office: S-318 CAP 20510

    Phone: 224-1430 Fax: 228-5776

    Web:http://democrats.senate.govHarry Reid, Nev., Chair

    Democratic Policy Committee

    Office: SHOB 419 20510

    Phone: 224-3232 Fax: 228-3432

    Web:http://democrats.senate.govByron L. Dorgan, N.D., Chair

    Regional Chairs (in alphabetical order)

    Evan Bayh, Ind.

    Mary L. Landrieu, La.

    Patty Murray, Wash., Jack Reed, R.I.

    Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee

    Office: 120 Maryland Avenue, N.E., Washington, DC


    Phone: 224-2447 Fax: 485-3120


    E-mail:info@dscc.orgCharles E. Schumer, N.Y, Chair

    Other Leadership (in alphabetical order)

    Barbara Boxer, Calif., California Vice Chair Barack Obama, Ill., Midwest Vice Chair Mark Pryor, Ark., Southern Vice Chair Jack Reed, R.I., Northeast Vice Chair Harry Reid, Nev, Democratic Leader Ron Wyden, Ore., Western Vice Chair

    Democratic Steering and Outreach Committee

    Office: SHOB 712 20510-7050

    Phone: 224-9048 Fax: 224-5476

    Web:http://democrats.senate.govHillary Rodham Clinton, N.Y, Chair

    Senate Members' Offices

    Listed below are Senate members and their party and state affiliation, followed by the address and telephone and fax numbers for their Washington office. (The area code for all Washington, D.C., numbers is 202.) A top administrative aide, a Web address, and an e-mail address for each senator are also provided. These are followed by the address, telephone and fax numbers, and name of a key aide for the senator's district office(s). Each listing concludes with the senator's committee assignments. For partisan committee assignments, see pages 864-865.

    As of early June 2006, there were 55 Republicans, 44 Democrats, and 1 Independent in the Senate.

    Akaka, Daniel K., D-Hawaii

    Capitol Hill Office: SH-141 20510-1103; 224-6361; Fax: 224-2126; Administrative Assistant: James K. Sakai

    Web: http://akaka.senate.gov


    District Office(s): 101 Aupuni St., #213, Hilo 96720-4221; (808) 935-1114; Fax: (808) 935-9064; Staff Assistant: Kim Sasaki

    Federal Bldg., 300 Ala Moana Blvd., #3-106, P.O. Box 50144, Honolulu 96850-4977; (808) 522-8970; Fax: (808) 545-4683; State Director: Michael M. Kitamura

    Committee Assignment(s): Armed Services; Energy and Natural Resources; Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs; Indian Affairs; Veterans' Affairs

    Alexander, Lamar, R-Tenn.

    Capitol Hill Office: SH-302 20510-4206; 224-4944; Fax: 228-3398; Chief of Staff: Thomas J. Ingram Web: http://alexander.senate.gov


    District Office(s): Tri-Cities Regional Airport #101, P.O. Box 1113, Blountville 37663; (423) 325-6240; Fax: (423) 325-6236; Field Representative: Lana Moore

    900 Georgia Ave., #260, Chattanooga 37402-2240; (423) 752-5337; Fax: (423) 752-5342; Field Representative: Lyndsay Botts

    109 S. Highland St., Suite B-9, Jackson 38301-6149; (731) 423-9344; Fax: (731) 423-8918; Field Representative: Matt Varino

    800 Market St., #112, Knoxville 37902-2303; (865) 545-4253; Fax: (865) 545-4252; State Director: Patrick Jaynes

    167 N. Main St., #1068, Memphis 38103-1858; (901) 544-4224; Fax: (901) 544-4227; Field Representative: Josh Thomas

    3322 West End Ave., #120, Nashville 37203-6821; (615) 736-5129; Fax: (615) 269-4803; Field Representative: Faye Head

    Committee Assignment(s): Budget; Energy and Natural Resources; Foreign Relations; Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions; Special Aging

    Allard, Wayne, R-Colo.

    Capitol Hill Office: SD-521 20510-0604; 224-5941; Fax: 224-6471; Chief of Staff: Sean P. Conway

    Web: http://allard.senate.gov


    District Office(s): 111 S. Tejon St., #300, Colorado Springs 80903-2249; (719) 634-6071; Fax: (719) 636-2590; Area Director: Vicki Broerman

    954 East 2nd Ave., #107, Durango 81301; (970) 375-6311; Fax: (970) 375-1321; Area Director: Anne McCoy Harold

    7340 E. Caley Ave., #215, Englewood 80111-6709; (303) 220-7414; Fax: (303) 220-8126; State Director: Andrew Merritt

    Federal Bldg., 400 Rood Ave., #215, Grand Junction 81501-2520; (970) 245-9553; Fax: (970) 245-9523; Area Director: Derek Wagner

    5401 Stone Creek Circle, #203, Loveland 80538-6155; (970) 461-3530; Fax: (970) 461-3658; Area Representative: Danyel Brenner

    Thatcher Bldg., 511 N. Main St., #411, Pueblo 81003; (719) 545-9751; Fax: (719) 545-3832; Area Director: Doris Morgan

    Committee Assignment(s): Appropriations; Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs; Budget

    Allen, George, R-Va.

    Capitol Hill Office: SR-204 20510-4604; 224-4024; Fax: 224-5432; Chief of Staff: Richard “Dick” Wadhams

    Web: http://allen.senate.gov


    District Office(s): 332 Cummings St., Suite C., Abingdon 24210-3208; (276) 676-2646; Fax: (276) 676-2588; Regional Representative: Marty Hall

    2214 Rock Hill Rd., #100, Herndon 20170; (703) 435-0039; Fax: (703) 435-3446; Regional Representative: Chris West

    507 E. Franklin St., Richmond 23219-2309; (804) 771-2221; Fax: (804) 771-8313; State Director: Michael Thomas

    3140 Chaparral Dr. S.W., Building C, #101, Roanoke 24018-4370; (540) 772-4236; Fax: (540) 772-6870; Regional Representative: Charles Evans-Haywood

    222 Central Park Ave., #120, Virginia Beach 23462-3023; (757) 518-1674; Fax: (757) 518-1679; Regional Representative: Patrice Harris

    Committee Assignment(s): Commerce, Science, and Transportation; Energy and Natural Resources; Foreign Relations; Small Business and Entrepreneurship

    Baucus, Max, D-Mont.

    Capitol Hill Office: SH-511 20510-2602; 224-2651; Fax: 224-0515; Chief of Staff: James A. Messina



    District Office(s): 222 N. 32nd St., #100, Billings 59101-1954; (406) 657-6790; Director of Casework: Liz Ching

    Federal Bldg., 32 E. Babcock St., #114, Bozeman 59715-4737; (406) 586-6104; Field Director: David Cobb

    Silver Bow Center, 125 W. Granite St., Butte 59701-9200; (406) 782-8700; Field Director: Kim Krueger

    113 3rd St. North, Great Falls 59401-2525; (406) 761-1574; Field Director: Kristina Davis

    The Empire Block, 30 W. 14th St., #206, Helena 59601-3390; (406) 449-5480; State Scheduler: Holly Luck

    30 4th St. East, Kalispell 59901-4944; (406) 756-1150; Field Director: Kirby Campbell-Rierson

    1821 South Ave. West, #209, Missoula 59801-6518; (406) 329-3123; State Chief of Staff: Melissa Brock

    Committee Assignment(s): Agriculture, Nutrition, and Forestry; Environment and Public Works; Finance; Joint Committee on Taxation

    Bayh, Evan, D-Ind.

    Capitol Hill Office: SR-463 20510-1404; 224-5623; Fax: 228-1377; Chief of Staff: Thomas O. Sugar



    District Office(s): Federal Bldg., 1010 Martin Luther King Blvd., #110, Evansville 47708; (812) 465-6500; Fax: (812) 465-6503; Regional Coordinator: Sandi Stewart

    Federal Building and U.S. Courthouse, 1300 S. Harrison St., #3161, Fort Wayne 46802-3435; (219) 426-3151; Fax: (219) 420-0060; Regional Coordinator: Brent Wake

    Hammond Federal Courthouse, 5400 Federal Plaza, #3200, Hammond 46320-1855; (219) 852-2763; Fax: (219) 852-2787; Regional Director: David Rozmanich

    Market Tower, 10 W. Market St., #1650, Indianapolis 46204-5928; (317) 554-0750; Fax: (317) 554-0760; Regional Director: Doran Moreland

    Jeffersonville Federal Center, 1201 E. 10th St., #106, Jeffersonville 47130-4284; (812) 218-2317; Fax: (812) 218-2370; Regional Director: Heidi Inman

    Leighton Plaza, 130 S. Main St., #110, South Bend 46601-1817; (219) 236-8302; Fax: (219) 236-8319; Regional Director: Hodge Patel

    Committee Assignment(s): Armed Services; Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs; Small Business and Entrepreneurship; Select Intelligence; Special Aging

    Bennett, Robert F., R-Utah

    Capitol Hill Office: SD-431 20510-4403; 224-5444; Chief of Staff: Paul A. Yost



    District Office(s): 2390 West Hwy. 56, #4-B, Cedar City 84720-4133; (435) 865-1335; Southern Utah Area Director: Bryan Thiriot

    324 25th St., #1410, Ogden 84401-2340; (801) 625-5676; Fax: (801) 625-5692; Northern Utah Liaison: Glenn Mecham

    51 S. University Ave., #310, Provo 84601-4491; (801) 379-2525; Fax: (801) 374-2938; Central Utah Area Director: Donna Sackett

    Federal Bldg., 125 S. State St., #4225, Salt Lake City 84138-1188; (801) 524-5933; Fax: (801) 524-5730; State Director: Timothy K. Sheehan

    Federal Bldg., 196 E. Tabernacle St., #42, St. George 84770-3474; (435) 628-5514; Fax: (435) 628-4160; Southern Utah Area Director: Bryan Thiriot

    Committee Assignment(s): Appropriations; Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs; Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs; Rules and Administration; Joint Economic

    Biden, Joseph R. Jr., D-Del.

    Capitol Hill Office: SR-201 20510-0802; 224-5042; Fax: 224-0139; Chief of Staff: Danny O'Brien



    District Office(s): Windsor Bldg., 24 N.W Front St., #101, Milford 19963; (302) 424-8090; Fax: (302) 424-8098; Director: Kevin Smith

    1105 N. Market St., #2000, Wilmington 19801-1233; (302) 573-6345; Fax: (302) 573-6351; Delaware State Director: John M. DiEleuterio

    Committee Assignment(s): Foreign Relations; Judiciary

    Bingaman, Jeff, D-N.M.

    Capitol Hill Office: SH-703 20510-3102; 224-5521; Fax: 224-2852; Chief of Staff: Stephen D. Ward



    District Office(s): 625 Silver Ave. S.W., #130, Albuquerque 87102-3185; (505) 346-6601; Fax: (505) 346-6780; State Director: Terry Brunner

    148 Loretto Towne Center, 505 S. Main, Las Cruces 88001; (505) 523-6561; Fax: (505) 523-6584; Constituent Services Representative: Rosalie Moralez

    118 Bridge St., #3, Las Vegas 87701-3478; (505) 454-8824; Fax: (505) 454-8959; Constituent Services

    Representative: Miguel Suazo 105 W. 3rd St., #409, Roswell 88201-4774; (505) 622-7113; Fax: (505) 622-3538; Constituent Services Representative: Iris Chavez

    119 E. Marcy St., #101, Santa Fe 87501-2046; (505) 988-6647; Fax: (505) 992-8435; Constituent Services Representative: Chris Moquino

    Committee Assignment(s): Energy and Natural Resources; Finance; Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions; Joint Economic

    Bond, Christopher S., R-Mo.

    Capitol Hill Office: SR-274 20510-2503; 224-5721; Fax: 224-8149; Chief of Staff: Brian Klippenstein

    Web: http://bond.senate.gov


    District Office(s): Federal Bldg., 339 Broadway, #140, Cape Girardeau 63701-7344; (573) 334-7044; Fax: (573) 334-7352; District Office Director: Tom Schulte

    308 E. High St., #202, Jefferson City 65101-3237; (573) 634-2488; Fax: (573) 634-6005; Constituent Services Diretor: Liz Behrouz

    911 Main St., #2224, Kansas City 64105-5321; (816) 471-7141; Fax: (816) 471-7338; District Office Director: Matt Roney

    1700 S. Campbell Ave., Suite E, Springfield 65807-2000; (417) 864-8258; Fax: (417) 864-7519; District Office Director: Stacy Lynn Burks

    7700 Bonhomme Ave., #615, St. Louis 63105-1998; (314) 725-4484; Fax: (314) 727-3548; District Office Director: Charles Barnes

    1001 Cherry St., #204, Columbia 65201-7931; (573) 442-8151; Fax: (573) 442-8162; Deputy Chief of Staff: W. Jason Van Eaton

    Committee Assignment(s): Appropriations; Environment and Public Works; Small Business and Entrepreneurship; Select Intelligence

    Boxer, Barbara, D-Calif.

    Capitol Hill Office: SH-112 20510-0505; 224-3553; Deputy Chief of Staff: Laura Schiller

    Web: http://boxer.senate.gov


    District Office(s): 2500 Tulare St., #5290, Fresno 93721-1318; (559) 497-5109; Fax: (559) 497-5111; State Director: Thomas Bohigian

    312 N. Spring St., #1748, Los Angeles 90012-4719; (213) 894-5000; Fax: (213) 894-5012; California Communications Director: Leannah Bradley

    501 I St., #7600, Sacramento 95814-7308; (916) 448-2787; Fax: (916) 448-2563; Deputy State Director; State Press Liaison: Stacey Lybeck

    201 North E St., #210, San Bernardino 92401; (909) 888-8525; Fax: (909) 888-8613; Southern California Director: Alton Garrett

    600 B St., #2240, San Diego 92101-4508; (619) 239-3884; Fax: (619) 239-5719; Correspondence Director:Daniel L. Hammer

    1700 Montgomery St., #240, San Francisco 94111-1023; (415) 403-0100; Fax: (415) 956-6701; State Operations Director: Nicole Kaneko

    Committee Assignment(s): Commerce, Science, and Transportation; Environment and Public Works; Foreign Relations

    Brownback, Sam, R-Kan.

    Capitol Hill Office: SH-303 20510-1604; 224-6521; Fax: 228-1265; Chief of Staff: Rob Wasinger

    Web: http://brownback.senate.gov


    District Office(s): 811 N. Main St., Suite A, Garden City 67846-5487; (620) 275-1124; Fax: (620) 275-1837; Regional Director: Dennis Mesa

    11111 W. 95th St., #245, Overland Park 66214-1846; (913) 492-6378; Fax: (913) 492-7253; Deputy Chief of Staff: George Stafford

    1001 N. Broadway St., #C, Pittsburg 66762-3944; (620) 231-6040; Fax: (620) 231-6347; Community Development Director: Anne Emerson

    612 S. Kansas Ave., Topeka 66603-3818; (785) 233-2503; Fax: (785) 233-2616; Caseworker: Jon Hummel

    245 N. Waco St., #240, Wichita 67202-1131; (316) 264-8066; Fax: (316) 264-9078; State Director: Chuck Alderson

    Committee Assignment(s): Appropriations; Judiciary; Joint Economic; Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe; Congressional-Executive Commission on China

    Bunning, Jim, R-Ky.

    Capitol Hill Office: SH-316 20510-1703; 224-4343; Fax:

    228-1373; Chief of Staff: Blake Brickman Web: http://bunning.senate.gov


    District Office(s): 1717 Dixie Hwy, #220, Fort Wright 41011-4701; (859) 341-2602; Fax: (859) 331-7445; State Director: Debbie McKinney

    601 Main St., #2, Hazard 41701-1354; (606) 435-2390; Fax: (606) 435-1761; Field Representative: Darlynn Barber

    1100 S. Main St., #12, Hopkinsville 42240-2079; (270) 885-1212; Fax: (270) 881-3975; Field Representative: T. C. Caryl Freeman

    771 Corporate Dr., #105, Lexington 40503-5439; (859) 219-2239; Fax: (859) 219-3269; Field Representative: Bill Lambdin

    600 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Place, #1072-B, Louisville 40202-2230; (502) 582-5341; Fax: (502) 582-5344; Field Representative: Greg Smith

    423 Frederica St., #305, Owensboro, 42301-3013; (270) 689-9085; Fax: (270) 689-9158; Field Representative: Jim Askins

    Committee Assignment(s): Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs; Budget; Energy and Natural Resources; Finance

    Burns, Conrad, R-Mont.

    Capitol Hill Office: SD-187 20510-2603; 224-2644; Fax: 224-8594; Chief of Staff: Clark Johnson

    Web: http://burns.senate.gov


    District Office(s): 222 N. 32nd St., #400, Billings 59101-1964; (406) 252-0550; Fax: (406) 252-7768; State Director: Todd Casper

    211 Haggerty Lane, Bozeman 59715-9235; (406) 586-4450; Fax: (406) 586-7647; Field Representative: Dennis Carlson

    125 W. Granite St., #211, Butte 59701-9215; (406) 723-3277; Fax: (406) 782-4717; Field Representative: Lisa Wheeler

    122 W. Towne St., #207, Glendive 59330-1735; (406) 365-2391; Fax: (406) 365-8836; Field Representative: Pam Tierney Crisafulli

    321 1st Ave. North, Great Falls 59401-2505; (406) 452-9585; Fax: (406) 452-9586; Deputy State Director: Mike Brown

    208 N. Montana Ave., #202A, Helena 59601-3837; (406) 449-5401; Fax: (406) 449-5462; Field Representative: Sharlene Snoddy

    1845 U.S. Hwy. 93 South, #210, Kalispell 59901-5721; (406) 257-3360; Fax: (406) 257-3974; Field Representative: Denise Smith

    116 W. Front St., Missoula 59802-4304; (406) 728-3003; Fax: (406) 728-2193; Field Representative: Larry Anderson

    Committee Assignment(s): Appropriations; Commerce, Science, and Transportation; Energy and Natural Resources; Small Business and Entrepreneurship; Special Aging

    Burr, Richard M., R-N.C.

    Capitol Hill Office: RS-217 20510-3308; 224-3154; Fax: 228-2981; Chief of Staff: Alicia Peterson Clark

    Web: http://burr.senate.gov


    District Office(s): 2000 W. 1st St., #508, Winston-Salem 27104-4225; (336) 631-5125; Fax: (336) 725-4493; State Director: L. Dean Myers

    Federal Building, 151 Patton Ave., #204, Asheville 28801-2689; (828) 350-2437; Fax: (828) 350-2439; Field Representative: Joe Brannock

    City Hall, 181 S. South St., #222, Gastonia 28502-4126; (704) 833-0854; Fax: (704) 833-1467; Field Representative: Ryan Rankin

    100 Coast Line St., #210, Rocky Mount 27804-5849; (252) 977-9522; Fax: (252) 977-7906; Field Representative: Betty Jo Shepheard

    201 N. Front St., #809, Wilmington 28401-5089; (910) 251-1058; Fax: (910) 251-7975; Field Representative: Ryan Combs

    Committee Assignment(s): Energy and Natural Resources; Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions; Indian Affairs; Veterans' Affairs; Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe

    Byrd, Robert C., D-W. Va.

    Capitol Hill Office: SH-311 20510-4801; 224-3954; Fax: 228-0002; Chief of Staff: Barbara R. Videnieks

    Web: http://byrd.senate.gov


    District Office(s): 300 Virginia St. East, #2360, Charleston 25301; (304) 342-5855; Fax: (304) 343-7144; State Director: Anne S. Barth

    Committee Assignment(s): Appropriations; Armed Services; Budget; Rules and Administration

    Cantwell, Maria, D-Wash.

    Capitol Hill Office: SH-717 20510-4705; 224-3441; Fax: 228-0514; Chief of Staff: Kurt Beckett

    Web: http://cantwell.senate.gov


    District Office(s): 2930 Wetmore Ave., #9B, Everett 98201-4044; (425) 303-0114; Fax: (425) 303-8351; Northwest Washington Director: Sally Hintz

    815 Jadwin Ave., Suite G-58-A, Richland 99352-3562; (509) 946-8106; Fax: (509) 946-6937; Central Washington Director: Kristin Eby

    915 2nd Ave., #3206, Seattle 98174-1011; (206) 220-6400; Fax: (206) 220-6404; Constituent Services Director: Jay Pearson

    Thomas S. Foley U.S. Courthouse, 920 Riverside Ave. West, #697, Spokane 99201-1008; (509) 353-2507; Fax: (509) 353-2547; Constituent Services Representative: Katie Kirkling

    950 Pacific Ave., #615, Tacoma 98402-4431; (253) 572-2281; Fax: (253) 572-5859; Olympic Peninsula and Pierce County Director: Robert Thorns

    Marshall House, 1313 Officers Row, Vancouver 98661-3856; (360) 696-7838; Fax: (360) 696-7844; Southwest Washington Director: Bob Dingethal

    Committee Assignment(s): Commerce, Science, and Transportation; Energy and Natural Resources; Indian Affairs; Small Business and Entrepreneurship

    Carper, Thomas R., D-Del.

    Capitol Hill Office: SH-513 20510-0803; 224-2441; Chief of Staff: J. Jonathon Jones

    Web: http://carper.senate.gov


    District Office(s): Federal Bldg., 300 S. New St., #2215, Dover 19904-6724; (302) 674-3308; State Director: Brian J. Bushweller

    12 The Circle, Georgetown 19947-1501; (302) 856-7690; Sussex County Regional Director: Mark S. Lally

    1 Christina Centre, 301 N. Walnut St., #102L-1, Wilmington 19801-3974; (302) 573-6291; New Castle County Regional Director: Carolyn S. Casey

    Committee Assignment(s): Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs; Environment and Public Works; Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs; Special Aging

    Chafee, Lincoln, R-R.I.

    Capitol Hill Office: SR-141A 20510-3904; 224-2921;

    Chief of Staff: David A. Griswold Web: http://chafee.senate.govE-mail:http://chafee.senate.gov/webform.htm

    District Office(s): 320 Thames St., #272, Newport 02840-6633; (401) 845-0700; Fax: (401) 845-0703; Newport Office Director: Jonathan Stevens

    170 Westminster St., #1100, Providence, 02903-2109; (401) 453-5294; State Director: John Pagliarini

    Committee Assignment(s): Environment and Public Works; Foreign Relations; Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs

    Chambliss, Saxby, R-Ga.

    Capitol Hill Office: SR-416 20510-1007; 224-3521; Fax: 224-0103; Chief of Staff: J. Krister Holladay

    Web: http://chambliss.senate.gov


    District Office(s): 100 Galleria Pkwy. S.E., #1340, Atlanta 30339-3179; (770) 763-9090; Fax: (770) 226-8633; State Director: Greg Wright

    1058 Claussen Rd., #105, Augusta 30907-0311; (706) 738-0302; Fax: (706) 738-0901; Regional Representative: Jim Hussey

    6501 Peake Rd., Bldg. 950, Macon 31210-8063; (478) 476-0788; Fax: (478) 476-0735; Regional Representative: Bill Stembridge

    419-A S. Main St., P.O. Box 3217, Moultrie 31776-3217; (229) 985-2112; Fax: (229) 985-2123; Regional Representative: Debbie Cannon

    2 E. Bryan St., #620, Savannah 31401-2638; (912) 232-3657; Fax: (912) 233-0115; Regional Representative: Eric Betts

    Committee Assignment(s): Agriculture, Nutrition, and Forestry; Armed Services; Rules and Administration; Joint Printing; Select Intelligence; Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe

    Clinton, Hillary Rodham, D-N.Y.

    Capitol Hill Office: SR-476 20510-3204; 224-4451; Fax: 228-0282; Chief of Staff: Tamera S. Luzzatto

    Web: http://clinton.senate.gov


    District Office(s): Leo W. O'Brien Federal Office Bldg., 1 Clinton Square, # 821, Albany 12207-2353; (518) 431-0120; Fax: (518) 431-0128; Regional Director: M. Tracey Brooks

    Larkin at Exchange, 726 Exchange St., #511, Buffalo 14210-1485; (716) 854-9725; Fax: (716) 854-9731; Regional Director: Laura Krolczyk

    P.O. Box 617, Hartsdale 10530-0617; (914) 725-9294; Fax: (914) 472-5073; Regional Director: Geri Shapiro

    P.O. Box 273, Lowville 13367-0273; (315) 376-6118; Fax: (315) 376-8230; Regional Director: Susan Merrell

    3 Greenway Plaza, 155 Pinelawn Rd., #250, North Melville 11747-3247; (631) 249-2825; Fax: (631) 249-2847; Regional Director: Resi Cooper

    780 3rd Ave., #2601, New York 10017-2154; (212) 688-6262; Fax: (212) 688-7444; State Director: Karen M. Persichilli Keogh

    P.O. Box 47, Nyack 10960-0047; (845) 613-0076; Fax: (845) 613-0100; Regional Director: Enid Weishaus

    Federal Bldg., 100 State St., #3280, Rochester 14614-1318; (585) 263-6250; Fax: (585) 263-6247; Regional Director: Sarah Anderson Clark

    Federal Bldg., 100 S. Clinton St., P.O. Box 7378, Syracuse 13261-7378; (315) 448-0470; Fax: (315) 448-0476; Regional Director: Cathy Calhoun

    Committee Assignment(s): Armed Services; Environment and Public Works; Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions; Special Aging; Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe

    Coburn, Tom, R-Okla.

    Capitol Hill Office: SR-172 20510-3604; 224-5754; Fax: 224-6008; Chief of Staff: Michael Schwartz

    Web: http://coburn.senate.gov

    District Office(s): 711 S.W D Ave., #202, Lawton 73501-4561; (580) 357-9878; Fax: (580) 355-3560

    100 N. Broadway Ave., #1820, Oklahoma City 73102-8800; (405) 231-4941; Fax: (405) 231-5051; State Press Secretary: Aaron Cooper

    1800 S. Baltimore Ave., #800, Tulsa 74119-5238; (918) 581-7651; Fax: (918) 581-7195; State Director: Jerry Morris

    Committee Assignment(s): Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs; Indian Affairs; Judiciary

    Cochran, Thad, R-Miss.

    Capitol Hill Office: SD-113 20510-2402; 224-5054; Fax: 224-9450; Chief of Staff: Mark E. Keenum

    Web: http://cochran.senate.gov


    District Office(s): 14094 Customs Blvd., #201, Gulfport 39053-4750; (228) 867-9710; Office Director: Suzanne Case

    188 E. Capitol St., #614, Jackson 39201-2137; (601) 965-4459; Fax: (601) 965-4919; State Field Representative: Christopher Richardson

    Federal Building and U.S. Courthouse, 911 E. Jackson Ave., #249, Oxford 38655-3652; (601) 236-1018; Office Director: Mindy Buchanan

    Committee Assignment(s): Agriculture, Nutrition, and Forestry; Appropriations; Rules and Administration; Joint Library of Congress; Joint Printing

    Coleman, Norm, R-Minn.

    Capitol Hill Office: SH-320 20510-2306; 224-5641; Fax: 224-1152; Chief of Staff: Erich E. Mische

    Web: http://coleman.senate.gov


    District Office(s): 12 Civic Center Plaza, #2167, Mankato 56001-7700; (507) 625-6800; Fax: (507) 625-9427; Constituent Services Representative: Gerald Woodley

    2550 University Ave. West, #100N, St. Paul 55114-1098; (651) 645-0323; Fax: (651) 645-3110; State Director: Bill Huepenbecker

    Committee Assignment(s): Agriculture, Nutrition, and Forestry; Foreign Relations; Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs; Small Business and Entrepreneurship

    Collins, Susan, R-Maine

    Capitol Hill Office: SD-461 20510-1904; 224-2523; Fax: 224-2693; Chief of Staff: Steven Abbott

    Web: http://collins.senate.gov


    District Office(s): 40 Western Ave., Augusta 04330-6350; (207) 622-8414; Fax: (207) 622-5884; State Office Representative: William Card

    Federal Bldg., 202 Harlow St., #204, P.O. Box 655, Bangor 04402-4919; (207) 945-0417; Fax: (207) 990-4604; State Office Representative: Carol Woodcock

    160 Main St., Biddeford 04005-2580; (207) 283-1101; Fax: (207) 283-4054; State Office Representative: Peter Rogers

    25 Sweden St., Suite A, Caribou 04736-2149; (207) 493-7873; Fax: (207) 493-7810; State Office Representative: Phil Bosse

    11 Lisbon St., Lewiston 04240-7117; (207) 784-6969; Fax: (207) 782-6475; State Office Representative: Sarah McCarthy

    1 City Center, #100, Portland 04101; (207) 780-3575; Fax: (207) 828-0380; State Office Representative: William Vail

    Committee Assignment(s): Armed Services; Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs; Special Aging

    Conrad, Kent, D-N.D.

    Capitol Hill Office: SH-530 20510-3403; 224-2043; Fax: 224-7776; Chief of Staff; Chief Counsel: Robert I. Van Heuvelen

    Web: http://conrad.senate.gov


    District Office(s): Federal Bldg., 220 E. Rosser Ave., #228, Bismarck 58501-3869; (701) 258-4648; Fax: (701) 258-1254; State Director: Lynn J. Clancy

    Federal Bldg., 657 2nd Ave. North, #306, Fargo 58102-4727; (701) 232-8030; Fax: (701) 232-6449; Deputy State Director: Scott Stofferahn

    Federal Bldg., 102 N. 4th St., #104, Grand Forks 58203-3738; (701) 775-9601; Fax: (701) 746-1990; State Representative: James S. Hand

    Federal Bldg., 100 1st St. S.W., #105, Minot 58701-3846; (701) 852-0703; Fax: (701) 838-8196; State Representative: Gail Bergstad

    Committee Assignment(s): Agriculture, Nutrition, and Forestry; Budget; Finance; Indian Affairs

    Cornyn, John, R-Texas

    Capitol Hill Office: SH-517 20510-4304; 224-2934; Fax: 228-2856; Chief of Staff: Pete Olson

    Web: http://cornyn.senate.gov


    District Office(s): 221 W. 6th St., #1530, Austin 78701-3403; (512) 469-6034; Fax: (512) 469-6020; State Field Director: Beth Cubriel

    Occidental Tower, 5005 LBJ Freeway, #1150, Dallas 75244-6199; (972) 239-1310; Fax: (972) 239-2110; Regional Director: Andrew Rittler

    Bank of America Bldg., 222 E. Van Buren Ave., #404, Harlingen 78550-6804; (956) 423-0162; Fax: (956) 423-0193; Regional Director: Anie Garcia

    5300 Memorial Dr., #980, Houston 77007; (713) 572-3337; Fax: (713) 572-3777; Regional Director: lay Guerrero

    3405 22nd St., #203, Lubbock 79410-1305; (806) 472-7533; Fax: (806) 472-7536; Regional Director: Brent Oden

    600 Navarro St., #210, San Antonio 78205-2455; (210) 224-7485; Fax: (210) 224-8569; Regional Director: Daniel Mezza

    100 E. Ferguson St., #1004, Tyler 75702-5706; (903) 593-0902; Fax: (903) 593-0920; Regional Director: Gail Green

    Committee Assignment(s): Armed Services; Budget; Judiciary; Small Business and Entrepreneurship; Joint Economic

    Craig, Larry E., R-ldaho

    Capitol Hill Office: SH-520 20510-1203; 224-2752; Fax: 228-1067; Chief of Staff: Michael O. Ware

    Web: http://craig.senate.gov


    District Office(s): 225 N. 9th St., #530, Boise 83702-5735; (208) 342-7985; Fax: (208) 343-2458; Regional Director: William Hart

    Harbor Plaza, 610 Hubbard St., #121, Coeur D'Alene 83814-2286; (208) 667-6130; Fax: (208) 765-1743; State Director: Sandra Patano

    490 Memorial Dr., #101, Idaho Falls 83402-3600; (208) 523-5541; Fax: (208) 522-0135; Regional Director: Knut Meyerin

    313 D St., #106, Lewiston 83501-1894; (208) 743-0792; Fax: (208) 746-7275; Regional Director: Jeff Sayre

    275 5th Ave., #290, Pocatello 83201-6400; (208) 236-6817; Fax: (208) 236-6820; Regional Director: Steve Brown

    560 Filer Ave., Suite A, Twin Falls 83301-3923; (208) 734-6780; Fax: (208) 734-3905; Field Coordinator: Mike Mathews

    Committee Assignment(s): Appropriations; Energy and Natural Resources; Veterans' Affairs; Special Aging

    Crapo, Michael D., R-ldaho

    Capitol Hill Office: SD-239 20510-1205; 224-6142; Chief of Staff: John E. Hoehne

    Web: http://crapo.senate.gov


    District Office(s): 251 E. Front St., #205, Boise 83702-7312; (208) 334-1776; Fax: (208) 334-9044; State Director for Natural Resources: Layne Bangerter

    524 Cleveland Blvd., #220, Caldwell 83605-4080; (208) 455-0360; Fax: (208) 455-0358; Regional Director: Jake G. Ball

    610 W. Hubbard St., #209, Coeur D'Alene 83814-2287; (208) 664-5490; Fax: (208) 664-0889; Regional Director: Stefany Bates

    490 Memorial Dr., #102, Idaho Falls 83402-3600; (208) 522-9779; Fax: (208) 529-8367; State Director of Agriculture: Don Dixon

    313 D St., #105, Lewiston 83501-1894; (208) 743-1492; Fax: (208) 743-6484; Regional Director: Mitch Silvers

    275 S. 5th Ave., #225, Pocatello 83201; (208) 236-6775; Fax: (208) 236-6935; Regional Director: lohn Atkins

    202 Falls Ave., #2, Twin Falls 83301-3372; (208) 734-2515; Fax: (208) 733-0414; Senior Regional Director: Heather Tiel

    Committee Assignment(s): Agriculture, Nutrition, and Forestry; Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs; Budget; Finance; Indian Affairs

    Dayton, Mark, D-Minn.

    Capitol Hill Office: SR-123 20510-2305; 224-3244; Fax: 228-2186; Chief of Staff: lack M. Danielson



    District Office(s): P.O. Box 937, 222 Main St., #200,

    Biwabik 55708; (218) 865-4480; Fax: (218) 865-4667; Northeast Minnesota Regional Director: Steve Bradach 401 DeMers Ave., East Grand Forks 56721-1835; (218) 773-1110; Fax: (218) 773-1993; Northwest Minnesota Regional Director: Valerie Graveseth

    Federal Bldg., #298, Fort Snelling 55111; (612) 727-5220; Fax: (612) 727-5223; State Director: Jim Gelbmann

    P.O. Box 608, Renville 56284; (320) 905-3007; Regional Director, Agriculture: Gary Wertish

    Committee Assignment(s): Agriculture, Nutrition, and Forestry; Armed Services; Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs; Rules and Administration; Joint Printing

    DeMint, Jim, R-S.C.

    Capitol Hill Office: SR-340 20510-4004; 224-6121; Fax: 228-5143; Chief of Staff: Bret Bernhardt



    District Office(s): Custom House, 200 E. Bay St., #112, Charleston 29401-2691; (843) 727-4525; Fax: (843) 722-4923; First District Regional Director: Ellen Nobles

    1901 Main St., #1475, Columbia 29201-2435; (803) 771-6112; Fax: (803) 771-6455; State Director: Lake Byars

    105 N. Spring St., #109, Greenville 29601-2859; (864) 233-5366; Fax: (864) 271-8901; Outreach Director: Tim Keesee

    Committee Assignment(s): Commerce, Science, and Transportation; Environment and Public Works; loint Economic; Special Aging; Congressional-Executive Commission on China

    DeWine, Mike, R-Ohio

    Capitol Hill Office: SR-140 20510-3503; 224-2315; Fax: 224-6519; Press Secretary: Jeff Sadosky



    District Office(s): 312 S. Walnut St., #2030, Cincinnati 45202-4088; (513) 763-8260; Fax: (513) 763-8268; Regional Director: Scott Noyes

    600 E. Superior Ave., #2450, Cleveland 44114-2692; (216) 522-7272; Fax: (216) 522-2239; Regional Director: Michelle Gillcrist

    37 W. Broad St., #300, Columbus 43215-4180; (614) 469-5186; Fax: (614) 469-7419; Chief of Staff: Laurel A. Dawson

    200 Putnam St., #524, Marietta 45750-3010; (740) 373-2317; Fax: (740) 373-8689; District Representative: Karen Sloan

    420 Madison Ave., #1225, Toledo 43604-1251; (419) 259-7535; Fax: (419) 259-7575; District Representative: Diane Miller

    100 W. Main St., 2nd Floor, Xenia 45385-2959; (937) 376-3080; Fax: (937) 376-3387; State Director: Barbara Schenck

    Committee Assignment(s): Appropriations; Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions; Judiciary; Select Intelligence

    Dodd, Christopher J., D-Conn.

    Capitol Hill Office: SR-448 20510-0702; 224-2823; Fax: 224-1083; Chief of Staff: Sheryl V. Cohen



    District Office(s): Putnam Park, 100 Great Meadow Rd., Wethersfield, 06109; (860) 258-6940; Fax: (860) 258-6958; State Director: Edward H. Mann

    Committee Assignment(s): Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs; Foreign Relations; Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions; Rules and Administration; Joint Library of Congress; Senate Commission on Art; Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe

    Dole, Elizabeth, R-N.C.

    Capitol Hill Office: SD-555 20510-3307; 224-6342; Fax: 224-1100; Chief of Staff: Gregory J. Gross



    District Office(s): 306 S. Evans St., Greenville 27858-1830; (252) 329-1093; Fax: (252) 329-1097; Eastern Regional Representative: Janet Bradbury

    401 N. Main St., #200, Hendersonville 28792-4913; (828) 698-3747; Fax: (828) 698-1267; Western Regional Representative: Graham Fields

    310 New Bern Ave., #122, Raleigh 27601-1441; (919) 856-4630; Fax: (919) 856-4053; Deputy State Director: Reginald Ronald Holley

    225 N. Main St., #304, Salisbury 28144-4305; (704) 633-5011; Fax: (704) 633-2937; State Director: Margaret Kluttz

    Committee Assignment(s): Armed Services; Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs; Special Aging

    Domenici, PeteV., R-N.M.

    Capitol Hill Office: SH-328 20510-3101; 224-6621; Fax: 228-3261; Chief of Staff: Stephen E. Bell



    District Office(s): 201 3rd St., N.W., #710, Albuquerque 87102-4380; (505) 346-6791; Fax: (505) 346-6720; Office Manager: Joyce Pullen

    Loretto Towne Center, 505 S. Main St., #118, Las Cruces 88001-1209; (505) 526-5475; Fax: (505) 523-6589; Office Manager: Susie Cordero

    Federal Bldg., 500 N. Richardson Ave., #227, Roswell 88201-4797; (505) 623-6170; Fax: (505) 625-2547; Southern New Mexico Regional Director: Poe R. Corn

    120 S. Federal Place, #302, Santa Fe 87501-1966; (505) 988-6511; Fax: (505) 988-6514; Office Manager: Maggie Murray

    Committee Assignment(s): Appropriations; Budget; Energy and Natural Resources; Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs; Indian Affairs

    Dorgan, Byron L., D-N.D.

    Capitol Hill Office: SH-322 0510-3405; 224-2551; Fax: 224-1193; Chief of Staff: Barry E. Piatt



    District Office(s): Federal Bldg., 220 E. Rosser Ave., #312, P.O. Box 2579, Bismarck 58502-2579; (701) 250-4618; Fax: (701) 250-4484; State Director: Bob Valeu

    1802 32nd Ave. South, Suite B, P.O. Box 9060, Fargo 58106; (701) 239-5389; Fax: (701) 239-5512; Deputy State Director: Pam Gulleson

    102 N. 4th St., #10, Grand Forks 58201; (701) 746-8972; Fax: (701) 746-9122

    100 1st St. S.W., #105, Minot 58701; (701) 852-0703; Fax: (701) 838-8196; Caseworker: Gail Bergstad

    Committee Assignment(s): Appropriations; Commerce, Science, and Transportation; Energy and Natural Resources; Indian Affairs

    Durbin, Richard J., D-III.

    Capitol Hill Office: SD-332 20510-1304; 224-2152; Fax: 228-0400; Washington Chief of Staff: Ed Greelegs



    District Office(s): Federal Bldg., 230 S. Dearborn St., 38th Floor, Chicago 60604-1505; (312) 353-4952; Fax: (312) 353-0150; Illinois Chief of Staff: Michael Daly

    701 N. Court St., Marion 62959-1709; (618) 998-8812; Fax: (618) 997-0176; Staff Assistant: Donna Eastman

    525 S. 8th St., Springfield 62703-1606; (217) 492-4062; Fax: (217) 492-4382; Illinois Chief of Staff: Michael Daly

    Committee Assignment(s): Appropriations; Judiciary; Rules and Administration

    Ensign, John, R-Nev.

    Capitol Hill Office: SR-364 20510-2805; 224-6244; Fax: 228-2193; Chief of Staff: J. Scott Bensing



    District Office(s): 600 E. William St., #304, Carson City 89701-4052; (775) 885-9111; Fax: (775) 883-5590; Regional Aide: Lauren Jiles

    Lloyd D. George Federal Building and U.S. Courthouse, 333 Las Vegas Blvd. South, #8203, Las Vegas 89101-7075; (702) 388-6605; Fax: (702) 388-6501; State Director: Sonia Joya

    Federal Bldg., 400 S. Virginia St., #738, Reno 89501-2125; (775) 686-5770; Fax: (775) 686-5729; Northern Nevada Director: Verita Black Prothro

    Committee Assignment(s): Armed Services; Budget; Commerce, Science, and Transportation; Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions; Veterans' Affairs

    Enzi, Michael B., R-Wyo.

    Capitol Hill Office: SR-379A 20510-5004; 224-3424; Fax: 228-0359; Chief of Staff: Flip R. McConnaughey



    District Office(s): Federal Center, 100 East B St., #3201, Casper 82601-1975; (307) 261-6572; Fax: (307) 261-6574; Field Representative: Cherie Hilderbrand

    Federal Center, 2120 Capitol Ave., #2007, Cheyenne 82001-3631; (307) 772-2477; Fax: (307) 772-2480; Field Representative: Debbie McCann

    1285 Sheridan Ave., #210, Cody 82414-3653; (307) 527-9444; Fax: (307) 527-9476; Field Representative: Karen McCreery

    400 S. Kendrick Ave., #303, Gillette 82716-3803; (307) 682-6268; Fax: (307) 682-6501; State Director; Field Representative: Robin Bailey

    P.O. Box 12470, Jackson 83002; (307) 739-9507; Fax: (307) 739-9520; Field Representative: Lyn Shanaghy

    Committee Assignment(s): Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs; Budget; Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions; Small Business and Entrepreneurship

    Feingold, Russ, D-Wis.

    Capitol Hill Office: SH-506 20510-4904; 224-5323; Fax: 224-2725; Chief of Staff: Mary Loos Irvine



    District Office(s): 1640 Main St., Green Bay 54302-2639; (920) 465-7508; Fox Valley Regional Coordinator: Bob Schweder

    425 State St., #225, La Crosse 54601-3341; (608) 782-5585; Western Regional Coordinator: Matt Nikolay

    1600 Aspen Commons, #100, Middleton 53562-4716; (608) 828-1200; State Coordinator: Jay J. Robiadek

    517 E. Wisconsin Ave., #408, Milwaukee 53202-4504; (414) 276-7282; Southeastern Regional Coordinator; Milwaukee Office Manager: Cecilia B. Smith-Robertson

    401 5th St., #410, Wausau 54403; (715) 848-5660; Northern Regional Coordinator: Karen Graff

    Committee Assignment(s): Budget; Foreign Relations; Judiciary; Select Intelligence; Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe

    Feinstein, Dianne, D-Calif.

    Capitol Hill Office: SH-331 20510-0504; 224-3841; Fax: 228-3954; Chief of Staff: Mark Kadesh

    Web: http://feinstein.senate.gov


    District Office(s): Federal Bldg., 1130 O St., #2446, Fresno 93721-2218; (559) 485-7430; Fax: (559) 485-9689; District Director: Shelly Abajian

    11111 Santa Monica Blvd., #915, Los Angeles 90025-3343; (310) 914-7300; Fax: (310) 914-7318; Deputy State Director: Guillermo Gonzalez

    750 B St., #1030, San Diego 92101-8126; (619) 231-9712; Fax: (619) 231-1108; Regional Director: James Peterson

    1 Post St., #2450, San Francisco 94104-5240; (415) 393-0707; Fax: (415) 393-0710; State Director: Jim Molinari

    Committee Assignment(s): Appropriations; Energy and Natural Resources; Judiciary; Rules and Administration; Select Intelligence; Congressional-Executive Commission on China

    Frist, Bill, R-Tenn.

    Capitol Hill Office: SH-509 20510-4205; 224-3344; Fax: 228-1264; Chief of Staff: Andrea D. Becker

    Web: http://frist.senate.gov


    District Office(s): James Bldg., 735 Broad St., #701, Chattanooga 37402-2938; (423) 756-2757; Fax: (423) 756-5313; Field Representative: Tyler Owens

    200 E. Main St., #111, Jackson 38301-6229; (731) 424-9655; Fax: (731) 424-8322; Field Representative: Jim Humphreys

    10368 Wallace Alley St., #7, Kingsport 37663-3978; (423) 323-1252; Fax: (423) 323-0358; Field Representative: Tim Whaley

    12 Oaks Executive Park, 5401 Kingston Pike, Bldg. 1, #170, Knoxville 37919-5028; (865) 602-7977; Fax: (865) 602-7979; Field Representative: Tim Whaley

    5100 Poplar Ave., #514, Memphis 38137-0514; (901) 683-1910; Fax: (901) 683-3610; Field Representative: Ken Scroggs

    28 White Bridge Rd., #211, Nashville 37205-1492; (615) 352-9411; Fax: (615) 352-9985; State Director: Bart E. VerHulst

    Committee Assignment(s): Finance; Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions; Rules and Administration; Select Intelligence; Senate Commission on Art

    Graham, Lindsey, R-S.C.

    Capitol Hill Office: SR-290 20510-4003; – 224-5972; Fax: 224-3808; Chief of Staff: Richard Perry

    Web: http://lgraham.senate.gov


    District Office(s): 508 Hampton St., #202, Columbia 29201-2718; (803) 933-0112; Fax: (803) 933-0957; Midlands Regional Director: Rene Ann Tewkesbury

    Federal Bldg., 401 W. Evans St., #226-B, Florence 29501-3460; (843) 669-1505; Fax: (843) 669-9015; Pee Dee Outreach Director; Low Country Outreach: Susan Chapman

    101 E. Washington St., #220, Greenville 29601-2732; (864) 250-1417; Fax: (864) 250-4322; State Director: Jane D. Goolsby

    530 Johnnie Dodds Blvd., #202, Mt. Pleasant 29464-3029; (843) 849-3887; Fax: (843) 971-3669; Low Country Regional Director: Bill Tuten

    140 E. Main St., #110, Rock Hill 29730-3600; (803) 366-2828; Fax: (803) 366-5353; Constituent Services/Outreach Representative: Piper Aheron

    135 Eagles Nest Dr., Suite B, Seneca 29678; (864) 888-3330; Fax: (864) 888-3335; State Outreach Manager, Medical and Business Sector: Denise Bauld

    Committee Assignment(s): Armed Services; Budget; Judiciary; Veterans' Affairs

    Grassley, Charles E., R-Iowa

    Capitol Hill Office: SH-135 20510-1501; 224-3744; Fax: 224-6020; Chief of Staff: David Young

    Wbeb: http://grassley.senate.gov


    District Office(s): Federal Bldg., 101 1st St. S.E., #206, Cedar Rapids 52401-1227; (319) 363-6832; Regional Director: Mary Day

    Federal Bldg., 8th S. 6th St., #307, Council Bluffs 51501; (712) 322-7103; Regional Director; Constituent Services Specialist: Donna Barry

    131 W. 3rd St., #180, Davenport 52801-1419; (563) 322-4331; Regional Director: Penny Vacek

    Federal Bldg., 210 Walnut St., #721, Des Moines, 50309-2140; (515) 288-1145; Iowa Administrator: Robert Renaud

    Federal Courthouse, 320 6th St., #103, Sioux City 51101-1244; (712) 233-1860; Regional Director: William Anderson

    Waterloo Bldg., 531 Commercial St., #210, Waterloo 50701-5497; (319) 232-6657; Regional Director: Valerie Nehl

    Committee Assignment(s): Agriculture, Nutrition, and Forestry; Budget; Finance; Judiciary; Joint Taxation

    Gregg, Judd, R-N.H.

    Capitol Hill Office: SR-393 20510-2904; 224-3324; Fax: 224-4952; Administrative Assistant: Vasiliki K. Christopoulos



    District Office(s): 60 Pleasant St., Berlin 03570-1947; (603) 752-2604; Fax: (603) 752-7351; Staff Assistant: Janet Woodward

    John Fanaras Bldg., 125 N. Main St., Concord 03301-4921; (603) 225-7115; Fax: (603) 224-0198; Chief of Staff: Joel W. Maiola

    41 Hooksett Rd., #2, Manchester 03104-2640; (603) 622-7979; Fax: (603) 622-0422; Projects Assistant: Richard Lougee

    16 Pease Blvd., Portsmouth 03801-2891; (603) 431-2171; Fax: (603) 431-1916; Staff Assistant: Anne Warburton

    Committee Assignment(s): Appropriations; Budget; Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions

    Hagel, Chuck, R-Neb.

    Capitol Hill Office: SR-248 20510-2705; 224-4224; Fax: 224-5213; Chief of Staff: Lou Ann Linehan



    District Office(s): 4111 4th Ave., #26, Kearney, 68845-2884; (308) 236-7602; Fax: (308) 236-7473; State Director: Todd Wiltgen

    Federal Bldg., 100 Centennial Mall North, #294, Lincoln 68508-3869; (402) 476-1400; Fax: (402) 476-0605; Director of Constituent Services: Dorothy Anderson

    Investors Office Center, 11301 Davenport St., #2, Omaha 68154-2605; (402) 758-8981; Fax: (402) 758-9165; Deputy Chief of Staff: Thomas C. Janssen

    115 Railway Ave., Suite C-102, Scottsbluff 69361-3185; (308) 632-6032; Fax: (308) 632-6295; State Agriculture Director, West Region: Mary B. Crawford

    Committee Assignment(s): Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs; Foreign Relations; Rules and Administration; Select Intelligence; Congressional-Executive Commission on China.

    Harkin, Tom, D-Iowa

    Capitol Hill Office: SH-731 20510-1502; 224-3254; Fax: 224-9369; Chief of Staff: Brian Ahlberg



    District Office(s): 150 1st Ave. North, #370, Cedar Rapids 52401-1115; (319) 365-4504; Fax: (319) 365-4683; Regional Director: Beth Freeman

    1606 Brady St., #323, Davenport 52803-4709; (563) 322-1338; Fax: (563) 322-0417; Staff Assistant: Alison Hart

    Federal Bldg., 210 Walnut St., #733, Des Moines 50309-2106; (515) 284-4574; Fax: (515) 284-4937; State Administrator: Dianne Liepa

    Federal Bldg., 350 W. 6th St., #315, Dubuque 52001-4648; (563) 582-2130; Fax: (563) 582-2342; Staff Assistant: Linda Lucy

    Federal Bldg., 320 6th St., #110, Sioux City 51101-1244; (712) 252-1550; Fax: (712) 252-1638; Regional Director: Maureen Wilson

    Committee Assignment(s): Agriculture, Nutrition, and Forestry; Appropriations; Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions; Small Business and Entrepreneurship

    Hatch, Orrin G., R-Utah

    Capitol Hill Office: SH-104 20510-4402; 224-5251; Fax: 224-6331; Chief of Staff: Patricia Knight



    District Office(s): 2390 W. Hwy. 56, P.O. Box 99, Cedar City 84720; (435) 586-8435; Fax: (435) 586-2147; Southern Utah Director: Marreen Casper

    Federal Bldg., 324 25th St., #1006, Ogden 84401-2341; (801) 625-5672; Fax: (801) 625-5590; Northern Area Director: Sandra Kester

    51 S. University Ave., #320, Provo 84601-4491; (801) 375-7881; Fax: (801) 374-5005; Central Utah Director: Ronald W. Dean

    Federal Bldg., 125 S. State St., #8402, Salt Lake City 84138-1191; (801) 524-4380; Fax: (801) 524-4379; State Director: Melanie Bowen

    Washington County Administration Bldg., 197 E. Tabernacle St., #2, St. George 84770-3443; (435) 634-1795; Fax: (435) 634-1796; Southern Utah Director: Marreen Casper

    Committee Assignment(s): Finance; Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions; Judiciary; Joint Taxation; Select Intelligence

    Hutchison, Kay Bailey, R-Texas

    Capitol Hill Office: SR-284 20510-4303; 224-5922; Fax: 224-0776; Chief of Staff: Richard Ribbentrop



    District Office(s): 500 Chestnut St., #1570, Abilene 79602-1470; (325) 676-2839; Fax: (325) 676-2937; Regional Director: Shea Woodard

    Federal Bldg., 300 E. 8th St., #961, Austin 78701-3226; (512) 916-5834; Fax: (512) 916-5839; Chief of Staff: Lindsey Howe Parham

    10440 N. Central Expressway, #1160, Lock Box 606, Dallas 75231-2223; (214) 361-3500; Fax: (214) 361-3502; Regional Director: Jim McGee

    222 E. Van Buren St., #404, Harlingen 78550-6804; (956) 425-2253; Regional Director: Vacant

    1919 Smith St., #800, Houston 77002-8051; (713) 653-3456; Fax: (713) 209-3459; Regional Director: Jason Fuller

    145 Duncan Dr., #120, San Antonio 78226-1898; (210) 340-2885; Fax: (210) 349-6753; Regional Director: Tony Jaso

    Committee Assignment(s): Appropriations; Commerce, Science, and Transportation; Rules and Administration; Veterans' Affairs

    Inhofe, James M., R-Okla.

    Capitol Hill Office: SR-453 20510-3603; 224-4721; Fax: 228-0380; Chief of Staff: Glenn Powell



    District Office(s): Continental Tower North, 302 N. Independence St., #104, Enid 73701-4025; (580) 234-5105; Fax: (580) 234-0929; Field Representative: Bryce Marlatt

    First National Center, 215 E. Choctaw Ave., #106, McAlester 74501-5069; (918) 426-0933; Fax: (918) 426-0935; Field Representative: Vacant

    1900 N.W. Expressway, #1210, Oklahoma City 73118; (405) 608-4381; Fax: (405) 608-4120; State Director: John Collison

    1924 S. Utica Square, #530, Tulsa 74114-1620; (918) 581-7111; Fax: (918) 581-7770; Field Representative: Ken McConkey

    Committee Assignment(s): Armed Services; Environment and Public Works

    Inouye, Daniel K., D-Hawaii

    Capitol Hill Office: SH-722 20510-1102; 224-3934; Fax: 224-6747; Administrative Assistant: Patrick H. DeLeon



    District Office(s): Hilo Lagoon Center, 101 Aupuni St., #205, Hilo 96720-4221; (808) 935-0844; Fax: (808) 961-5163; Field Representative: Delbert Nishimoto

    Federal Bldg., 300 Ala Moana Blvd., #7-212, Honolulu 96850-4975; (808) 541-2542; Fax: (808) 541-2549; Chief of Staff: Jennifer Goto Sabas

    P.O. Box 573, Kaunakakai 96748; (808) 642-0203; Fax: (808) 560-3385; Field Representative: William Akutagawa

    P.O. Box 41, Kealakekua 96750; (808) 935-0844; Fax: (808) 961-5163; Field Representative:Wayne Tanaka

    P.O. Box 311, 1840A Leleiona St., Lihue 96766; (808) 639-0100; Fax: (808) 246-9515; Field Representative: Ron Sakoda

    94-403 Punono St., Mililani 96789-2566; (808) 864-9408; Field Representative: Edmund Aczon

    24 N. Church St., #407, Wailuku 96793-1608; (808) 242-9702; Fax: (808) 242-7233; Field Representative: Ryther Barbin

    Committee Assignment(s): Appropriations; Commerce, Science, and Transportation; Indian Affairs; Rules and Administration; Joint Printing

    Isakson, Johnny, R-Ga.

    Capitol Hill Office: SR-120 20510-1008; 224-3643; Fax: 228-0724; Chief of Staff: Heath Garrett



    District Office(s): 1 Overton Park, 3625 Cumberland Blvd. S.E., #970, Atlanta 30339-6406; (770) 661-0999; Fax: (770) 661-0768; State Director: Chris Cummiskey

    Committee Assignment(s): Environment and Public Works; Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions; Small Business and Entrepreneurship; Veterans' Affairs

    Jeffords, James M., I-Vt.

    Capitol Hill Office: SD-413 20510-4503; 224-5141; Chief of Staff: William Schultz Kurtz



    District Office(s): 30 Main St., #350, Burlington 05401-8427; (802) 658-6001; Office Coordinator: Catherine Zaccone

    453 Stone Cutters Way, #1, Montpelier 05602-3619; (802) 223-5273; Constituent Service Representative: Mary Alice McFaun

    2 S. Main St., Rutland 05701-4152; (802) 773-3875; Office Coordinator: Marie M. Pomainville

    Committee Assignment(s): Environment and Public Works; Finance; Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions; Veterans' Affairs; Special Aging

    Johnson, Tim, D-S.D.

    Capitol Hill Office: SH-136 20510-4104; 224-5842; Fax: 228-5765; Chief of Staff: Drey P. Samuelson



    District Office(s): 320 S. 1st St., #103, Aberdeen 57401-4168; (605) 226-3440, (605) 226-3962; Fax: (605) 226-2439; Northeast Area Director: Sharon Stroschein

    405 E. Omaha St., Rapid City 57701-2975; (605) 341-3990, (605) 341-3883; Fax: (605) 341-2207; Western Service Representative: Darrell Shoemaker

    715 S. Minnesota Ave., Sioux Falls 57104-6809; (605) 332-8896, (605) 332-8842; Fax: (605) 332-2824; State Director: Sharon Boysen

    Committee Assignment(s): Appropriations; Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs; Budget; Energy and Natural Resources; Indian Affairs; Select Ethics

    Kennedy, Edward M., D-Mass.

    Capitol Hill Office: SR-317 20510-2101; 224-4543; Fax: 224-2417; Chief of Staff: Eric Mogilnicki



    District Office(s): John F. Kennedy Federal Bldg., Government Center, Corner of Cambridge St. and Sudbury, #2400, Boston 02203; (617) 565-3170, (617) 565-4045; Fax: (617) 565-3183; Staff Director: Barbara Souliotis

    Committee Assignment(s): Armed Services; Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions; Judiciary; Joint Economic

    Kerry, John, D-Mass.

    Capitol Hill Office: SR-304 20510-2102; 224-2742; Fax: 224-8525; Chief of Staff: David McKean



    District Office(s): 1 Bowdoin Square, #1000, Boston 02114-2928; (617) 565-8519; Fax: (617) 248-3870; State Director: Jon Jennings

    222 Milken Blvd., #311, Fall River 02721-1623; (508) 677-0522; Fax: (508) 677-0275; Local Relations: Janet Lebel

    1 Financial Plaza, 1350 Main St., #1208, Springfield 01103-1628; (413) 785-4610; Fax: (413) 736-1049; West Regional Director: Michael Vito

    Committee Assignment(s): Commerce, Science, and Transportation; Finance; Foreign Relations; Small Business and Entrepreneurship

    Kohl, Herb, D-Wis.

    Capitol Hill Office: SH-330 20510-4903; 224-5653; Fax: 224-9787; Chief of Staff: Paul S. Bock



    District Office(s): 4321 W. College Ave., #235, Appleton 54914-3901; (414) 738-1640; Fax: (414) 738-1643; Regional Representative: Marlene Mielke

    402 Graham Ave., #206, Eau Claire 54701-2633; (715) 832-8424; Fax: (715) 832-8492; Regional Representative: Marjorie Bunce

    425 State St., #202, La Crosse 54601-3341; (608) 796-0045; Fax: (608) 796-0089; Regional Representative: Kim Cates

    14 W. Mifflin St., #207, Madison 53703-2568; (608) 264-5338; Fax: (608) 264-5473; Madison Director: Dary Luoma

    310 W. Wisconsin Ave., #950, Milwaukee 53203-2205; (414) 297-4451; Fax: (414) 297-4455; State Director: JoAnne Anton

    Committee Assignment(s): Appropriations; Judiciary; Special Aging

    Kyl, Jon, R-Ariz.

    Capitol Hill Office: SH-730 20510-0304; 224-4521; Fax: 224-2207; Chief of Staff: Timothy M. Glazewski



    District Office(s): 2200 E. Camelback Rd., #120, Phoenix 85016-9021; (602) 840-1891; Fax: (602) 957-6838; State Director: Kimberly Wold

    7315 N. Oracle Rd., #220, Tucson 85704-6321; (520) 575-8633; Fax: (520) 797-3232; Regional Director: Hank E. Kenski

    Committee Assignment(s): Finance; Judiciary

    Landrieu, Mary L., D-La.

    Capitol Hill Office: SH-724 20510-1804; 224-5824; Fax: 224-9735; Chief of Staff: Ron Faucheux



    District Office(s): Old Federal Bldg., 707 Florida St., #326, Baton Rouge 70801-1713; (225) 389-0395; Fax: (225) 389-0660; State Director: T. Bradley Keith

    Hibernia Tower, 1 Lakeshore Dr., #1260, Lake Charles 70629-0104; (337) 436-6650; Fax: (337) 439-3762; Regional Manager: Mark Herbert

    Federal Bldg., 501 Magazine St., #1010, New Orleans 70130-3362; (504) 589-2427; Fax: (504) 589-4023; Regional Manager: Laverne Saulny

    U.S. Courthouse, 300 Fannin St., #2240, Shreveport 71101-3123; (318) 676-3085; Fax: (318) 676-3100; Deputy State Director: Tari Bradford

    Committee Assignment(s): Appropriations; Energy and Natural Resources; Small Business and Entrepreneurship

    Lautenberg, Frank R., D-N.J.

    Capitol Hill Office: SH-324 20510-3005; 224-3224; Fax: 228-4054; Chief of Staff: Timothy J. Yehl



    District Office(s): 1 Port Center, 2 Riverside Dr., 5th Floor, #505, Camden 08103; (856) 338-8922; Fax: (856) 338-8936

    1 Gateway Center, 1st Floor, Newark, 07102-5321; (973) 639-8700; Fax: (973) 639-8723; State Director: Noreen Giblin

    Committee Assignment(s): Commerce, Science, and Transportation; Environment and Public Works; Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs

    Leahy, Patrick J., D-Vt.

    Capitol Hill Office: SR-433 20510-4502; 224-4242; Fax: 224-3479; Chief of Staff: Edward Pagano



    District Office(s): Courthouse Plaza, 199 Main St., Burlington 05401-8309; (802) 863-2525; Vermont Office Director: Charles K. Ross

    Federal Bldg., 87 State St., #338, P.O. Box 933, Montpelier 05602-9505; (802) 229-0569; Field Office Director-Robert Paquin

    Committee Assignment(s): Agriculture, Nutrition, and Forestry; Appropriations; Judiciary

    Levin, Carl, D-Mich.

    Capitol Hill Office: SR-269 20510-2202; 224-6221; Fax: 224-1388; Chief of Staff: David S. Lyles



    District Office(s): Federal Bldg., 477 Michigan Ave., #1860, Detroit 48226-2576; (313) 226-6020; Fax: (313) 226-6948; Michigan Director: Cassandra Woods

    623 Ludington St., #303, Escanaba 49829-3835; (906) 789-0052; Fax: (906) 789-0015; Staff Assistant: D. Elizabeth Reed

    Federal Bldg., 110 Michigan Ave. N.W., #134, Grand Rapids 49503-2313; (616) 456-2531; Fax: (616) 456-5147; Regional Representative: Paul Troost Michigan National Tower, 124 W. Allegan St., #1810, Lansing 48933-1716; (517) 377-1508; Fax: (517) 377-1506; Regional Representative; State Systems Administrative: James J. Turner

    Commerce Center, 301 E. Genesee St., #101, Saginaw 48607-1242; (989) 754-2494; Fax: (989) 754-2920; Community Affairs Director: Mary Washington

    207 W. Grandview Pkwy., #104, Traverse City 49684-2276; (231) 947-9569; Fax: (231) 947-9518; Regional Representative: Harold Chase

    30500 Van Dyke Ave., #206, Warren 48093; (586) 573-9145; Fax: (586) 573-8260; Regional Representative: Vicki Selva

    Committee Assignment(s): Armed Services; Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs; Small Business and Entrepreneurship; Select Intelligence; Congressional-Executive Commission on China

    Lieberman, Joseph I., D-Conn.

    Capitol Hill Office: SH-706 20510-0703; 224-4041; Fax: 224-9750; Chief of Staff: Clarine Riddle



    District Office(s): 1 Constitution Plaza, 7th Floor, Hartford 06103; (860) 549-8463; Fax: (860) 549-8478; State Director: Sherry Brown

    Committee Assignment(s): Armed Services; Environment and Public Works; Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs; Small Business and Entrepreneurship

    Lincoln, Blanche, D-Ark.

    Capitol Hill Office: SD-355 0510-0404; 224-4843; Fax: 228-1371; Washington D.C. Chief of Staff/General Counsel: Elizabeth Hurley Burks



    District Office(s): 101 E. Waterman St., Dumas 71639-2226; (870) 382-1023; Fax: (870) 382-1026; Community Affairs Specialist: Raymond Frazier

    4 S. College Ave., #205, Fayetteville 72701-5347; (479) 251-1224; Fax: (479) 251-1410; Community Affairs Specialist: John Hicks

    615 S. Main St., #315, Jonesboro 72401-2861; (870) 910-6896; Fax: (870) 910-6898; Eastern Regional Field Representative: Roger Fisher

    912 W. 4th St., Little Rock 72201-2110; (501) 375-2993; Fax: (501) 375-7064; Chief of Staff: Stephen K. Patterson

    Miller County Courthouse, 400 Laurel St., #101, Texarkana 71854-5245; (870) 774-3106; Fax: (870) 774-7627; Southwestern Arkansas Field Representative: Ed French

    Committee Assignment(s): Agriculture, Nutrition, and Forestry; Finance; Special Aging

    Lott, Trent, R-Miss.

    Capitol Hill Office: SR-487 20510-2403; 224-6253; Fax: 224-2262; Chief of Staff: Bret K. Boyles



    District Office(s): 1801 23rd Ave., Gulfport 39501-2902; (228) 863-1988; Fax: (228) 863-9960; Field Representative: Clay Williams

    James O. Eastland Courthouse, 245 E. Capitol St., #226, Jackson 39201-2413; (601) 965-4644; Fax: (601) 965-4007; State Director: Guy Hovis

    Federal Bldg., 911 Jackson Ave. East, #127, Oxford 38655-3637; (662) 234-3774; Fax: (662) 234-1744; Field Representative: Bill Canty

    600 Covenant Ave., Pascagoula 39567-4206; (228) 762-5400; Fax: (228) 762-0137; Staff Assistant: Shauna Glaskox

    Committee Assignment(s): Commerce, Science, and Transportation; Finance; Rules and Administration; Joint Library of Congress; Joint Printing; Joint Taxation; Select Intelligence; Senate Commission on Art

    Lugar, Richard G., R-Ind.

    Capitol Hill Office: SH-306 20510-1401; 224-4814; Chief of Staff: Martin W. Morris



    District Office(s): Federal Bldg., 101 N.W Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., #122, Evansville 47708-1951; (812) 465-6313; Southwest Regional Director: Larry L. Ordner

    Federal Bldg., 1300 S. Harrison St., #3158, Fort Wayne 46802-3446; (260) 422-1505; Northeast Regional Director: Philip Shaull

    Market Tower, 10 W. Market St., #1180, Indianapolis 46204-2964; (317) 226-5555; State Director: Lesley N. Reser

    Federal Center, 1201 E. 10th St., #103, Jeffersonville 47130-4273; (812) 288-3377; Southeast Regional Director: Pat McClain

    175 W. Lincolnway, Suite G-1, Valparaiso 46383-5559; (219) 548-8035; Northwest Regional Director: Celina Weatherwax

    Committee Assignment(s): Agriculture, Nutrition, and Forestry; Foreign Relations

    Martinez, Mel, R-Fla.

    Capitol Hill Office: SH-317 20510-0906; 224-3041; Fax: 228-5171; Chief of Staff: John Little



    District Office(s): 800 S. Douglas Rd., Miami 33134-3125; (305) 444-8332; State Policy Director: Nilda Pedrosa

    Landmark Center One, 315 E. Robinson St., #475, Orlando 32801-4343; (407) 254-2573; State Director: Matthew Hunter

    1650 Prudential Dr., #220, Jacksonville 32207-8149; (904) 398-8586; North Florida Regional Representative: Kevin Doyle One N. Palafox St., #159, Pensacola 32502-5658; (850) 432-2603; Panhandle Regional Representative: Kris Tande

    5100 W. Kennedy Blvd., #190, Tampa 33609-1859; (813) 207-0509; Gulf Coast Regional Representative: Sally Tibbets

    Committee Assignment(s): Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs; Energy and Natural Resources; Foreign Relations; Special Aging; Congressional-Executive Commission on China

    McCain, John, R-Ariz.

    Capitol Hill Office: SR-241 20510-0303; 224-2235; Fax: 228-2862; Administrative Assistant: Marshall A. Salter

    Web: http://mccain.senate.gov


    District Office(s): 5353 N. 16th St., #105, Phoenix 85016-3282; (602) 952-2410, TDD (602) 952-1070; Fax: (602) 952-8702; State Director: Paul T. Hickman

    4703 S. Lakeshore Dr., #1, Tempe 85282-7159; (480) 897-6289; Fax: (480) 897-8389; Office Manager: Deb Jacobus

    407 W. Congress St., #103, Tucson 85701-1349; (520) 670-6334; Fax: (520) 670-6637; Office Manager: Rosemary Alexander

    Committee Assignment(s): Armed Services; Commerce, Science, and Transportation; Indian Affairs

    McConnell, Mitch, R-Ky.

    Capitol Hill Office: SR-361A 20510-1702; 224-2541; Fax: 224-2499; Chief of Staff: William H. Piper

    Web: http://mcconnell.senate.gov


    District Office(s): Federal Bldg., 241 E. Main St., #102, Bowling Green 42101-2175; (270) 781-1673; Fax: (270) 782-1884; Field Representative: LeAnn Crosby

    1885 Dixie Hwy, #345, Fort Wright 41011-2679; (859) 578-0188; Fax: (859) 578-0488; Field Representative: Adam Howard

    771 Corporate Dr., #530, Lexington 40503-5443; (859) 224-8286; Fax: (859) 224-9673; Field Representative: Kevin Atkins

    301 S. Main St., London 40741-1906; (606) 864-2026; Fax: (606) 864-2035; Field Representative: Donna McClure

    Gene Snyder U.S. Courthouse, 601 W. Broadway, #630, Louisville 40202-2228; (502) 582-6304; Fax: (502) 582-5326; State Director: Larry E. Cox

    Professional Arts Bldg., 2320 Broadway, #100, Paducah 42001-7146; (270) 442-4554; Fax: (270) 443-3102; Field Representative: Martie Wiles

    Committee Assignment(s): Agriculture, Nutrition, and Forestry; Appropriations; Rules and Administration

    Menendez, Robert, D-N.J.

    Capitol Hill Office: SH-502 20510-3006; 224-4744; Fax: 228-2197; Chief of Staff: E. Ivan Zapien

    Web: http://menendez.senate.gov


    District Office(s): 208 White Horse Pike, #18-19, Barrington 08007-1322; (856) 757-5353; Fax: (856) 546-1526; State Diretor, South Jersey: Karin Elkis

    1 Gateway Center, #1100, Newark 07102-5323; (973) 645-3030; Fax: (973) 645-0502; State Director: Nicholas A. Chiaravalloti

    Committee Assignment(s): Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs; Budget; Energy and Natural Resources

    Mikulski, Barbara A., D-Md.

    Capitol Hill Office: SH-503 20510-2003; 224-4654; Fax: 224-8858; Chief of Staff: Julia Frifield

    Web: http://mikulski.senate.gov


    District Office(s): 60 West St., #202, Annapolis 21401-2448; (410) 263-1805; Fax: (410) 263-5949; Director, Annapolis Office: Denise G. Nooe

    Brown's Wharf, 1629 Thames St., #400, Baltimore 21231; (410) 962-4510; Fax: (410) 962-4760; State Director: Betty Deacon

    6404 Ivy Lane, #406, Greenbelt 20770-1407; (301) 345-5517; Fax: (301) 345-7573; Outreach Coordinator: Jacqueline Steele-McCall

    32 W. Washington St., #203, Hagerstown 21740-4804; (301) 797-2826; Fax: (301) 797-2241; Outreach Representative: Juliana Albowicz

    1201 Pemberton Dr., Building B #1-E, Salisbury 21801-2403; (410) 546-7711; Fax: (410) 546-9324; Outreach Representative: Cindy Betts

    Committee Assignment(s): Appropriations; Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions; Select Intelligence

    Murkowski, Lisa, R-Alaska

    Capitol Hill Office: SH-709 20510-0203; 224-6665; Fax: 224-5301; Chief of Staff: Thomas A. Daffron

    Web: http://murkowski.senate.gov


    District Office(s): 510 L St., #550, Anchorage 99501-1956; (907) 271-3735; Fax: (907) 276-4081; State Director: Mary K. Hughes

    P.O. Box 1030, 311 Willow St., Building 3, Bethel 99559, (907) 543-1639; Fax: (907) 543-1637; Special Assistant: Robert Herron

    101 12th Ave., Box 7, Fairbanks 99701-6278; (907) 456-0233; Fax: (907) 451-7146; Special Assistant: Althea St. Martin

    Federal Bldg., 709 W. 9th St., P.O. Box 21647, Juneau 99802-1647; (907) 586-7400; Fax: (907) 586-8922; Staff Assistant: Connie McKenzie

    110 Trading Bay Dr., #105, Kenai 99611-9114; (907) 283-5208; Fax: (907) 283-4363; Staff Assistant: Michelle Blackwell

    540 Water St., #101, Ketchikan 99901-6378; (907) 225-6880; Fax: (907) 225-0390; Staff Assistant: Sherrie Slick

    851 E. Westpoint Dr., #307, Wasilla 99654-7183; (907) 376-7665; Fax: (907) 376-8526; Congressional Delegation Representative: Carol Gustafson

    Committee Assignment(s): Energy and Natural Resources; Environment and Public Works; Foreign Relations; Indian Affairs

    Murray, Patty, D-Wash.

    Capitol Hill Office: SR-173 20510-4704; 224-2621; Fax:224-0238;