Political Encyclopedia of U.S. States and Regions

Political Encyclopedia of U.S. States and Regions


Edited by: Donald P. Haider-Markel


This innovative and useful reference fills the need for practical information and conceptual analysis of the roles and functions of state government by providing accessible state-by-state and regional overviews of government and politics. Features include substantive essays; in-depth profiles of each of the fifty states, the District of Columbia, and all U.S. territories; an encyclopedic A to Z section with entries covering the overarching concepts, structures, and processes that are important to state and local government, and politics in general; and a detailed section on data and statistics emphasizing historical and demographic trends that have helped shape regional and state government and politics.

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      A to Z Thematic Outline

        Government Functions and Procedures
        Government Positions
        Government Structure and Bodies
        Political Theory
        Political Behavior

      List of Contributors

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      The Political Encyclopedia of U.S. States and Regions offers a comprehensive first-stop reference for information and analysis on politics and government in states and regions across the country.

      Part One presents a set of four topical essays that introduce the reader to key concepts and trends critical to understanding state politics. These essays are meant to offer readers insight into the broad context in which state governments and political institutions operate.

      Part Two of the encyclopedia presents detailed profiles of each state, organized within four broad regional categories—the Northeast, South, West, and Midwest—along with another section on the U.S. Territories. Each region is introduced by an essay discussing the political character of the region and recent trends that currently define the politics of the region. All written by scholars specializing in the politics of each state, the state essays following each regional introduction are systematically structured to offer easy comparisons between states. After a brief historical introduction, the essays include the following sections:

      Political Environment

      Elections and Voting Behavior

      The Legislative Branch

      The Executive Branch

      The Judicial Branch

      Intergovernmental Relations

      State-Tribal Relations (where applicable)

      Long-term Issues and Policy Trends

      The state articles include a wealth of graphic and supplemental material. In addition to a bibliography and further reading section at the end of each article, a chart showing the partisan distribution of the presidential elections from 1988 to 2004 is included for each state article as well as data tables on:

      Political History

      Political Environment

      Elections and Voting Behavior

      The Legislative Branch

      The Executive Branch

      The Judicial Branch

      Part Three: State Politics A to Z offers articles on a range of topics critical to understanding how state politics and government operate and function. Over 180 articles examine the following areas:

      Government Functions and Procedures

      Government Positions

      Government Structure and Bodies

      Political Theory Political Behavior

      Scattered throughout the articles are tables and charts that help to illustrate some of the concepts and trends discussed in the section. For instance, the article on Mandates includes a chart outlining the costs to the states of implementing the Real ID Act of 2005.

      Part Four: Statistics offers additional data relating to state politics and government not available in the state and regional profiles and the A to Z section.

      A thematic outline of the State Politics A to Z section is presented in the front matter of each volume to help users understand the scope of material in that section and to browse for topics they may want or need to research. A detailed name, place, and concept index is included in the back of each volume.

      In compiling the various statistical material presented throughout the encyclopedia, we have attempted to use the most recent data available from reliable sources. In addition to the authors’ own research, the following sources were used in compiling the information in the data tables found in the state articles.

      Political History
      Initiative and Referendum Institute, University of Southern California Law School. Constitutional Amendments, Report 2006-3. Available from http://www.iandrinstitute.org.
      Political Environment
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      Elections and Voting Behavior
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      The Legislative Branch
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      The Executive Branch
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      The Judicial Branch
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      The sources for all other statistical material have been cited where appropriate in the text.

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