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SAGE Originals are an elite collection of cases that are commissioned, developed, and published by SAGE. All come with teaching notes, discussion questions, and learning objectives to ensure maximum impact in the classroom. From entrepreneurship and public policy, to finance and accounting, the collection spans disciplines and includes cases of a variety of lengths and formats. We focus on acquiring cases that—no matter the subject or academic level—ask students to think critically and apply history and theory to real-world situations. As business courses focus more on a globalized business landscape, we are also publishing cases that ask readers to consider different cultural contexts and economic perspectives. Submit your case for consideration and join a community of scholars committed to educating the next generation of leaders.  

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SAGE Originals Series

As we continue to grow our collection across the business and management spectrum, we are also partnering with leading academics to create curated series on particular topics that have been traditionally overlooked or undertreated in business education. Submissions to these series are vetted by a series editor in addition to a peer reviewer and SAGE developmental editor.

Scroll down or select from the series titles below to learn more about newly released and forthcoming SAGE Originals series:

Ancient Leadership  Coaching and Mentoring  Economic History  Family Business  Food Marketing  Global Marketing  Healthcare Management  Humanities and Arts in Business  International Market Entry Strategy  Music Marketing  Social Impact  Sustainability  Venture Capital  Women and Leadership 

Ancient Leadership Logo

Ancient Leadership

The Ancient Leadership collection brings the humanities to the business world by exploring narratives of becoming a leader in Classical history, mythology, philosophy, and material culture. These cases allow students to engage with sources from the diverse cultures of the ancient Mediterranean basin, not merely limited to Greece and Rome, but also Persia, Phoenicia, Lydia, Egypt, Etruria, etc. The collection represents an inclusive array of individuals and leadership scenarios in ancient Mediterranean societies, especially in terms of gender, social status, economic class, and occupation.

This series is edited by: Mallory Monaco Caterine, Ph.D., Professor of Practice, Department of Classical Studies Tulane University.

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Coaching and Mentoring Logo

Coaching & Mentoring

The Coaching and Mentoring series aims to publish and disseminate creative business pedagogy that inspires students to think beyond their own advancement and focus on how they can help others learn and grow.

This series is edited by: Pauline Fatien Diochon, Ph.D., SKEMA Business School

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Economic History Logo

Economic History

The Economic History collection within SAGE Business Cases helps students contextualize the current economic landscape by exploring the evolution of trade, labor relations, currency, and regulation across regions and eras.

This series is edited by: Michael Douma, Ph.D., Director of the Georgetown Institute for the Study of Markets and Ethics and Assistant Research Professor, McDonough School of Business, Georgetown University. Nimish Adhia, Economist at Manhattanville College in Purchase, NY

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Family Business Logo

Family Business

The cases in this series span countries and cultures and highlight the varied challenges faced by family businesses across a range of different contexts.

This series is edited by Marleen Dieleman, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Strategy and Family Business at NUS Business School at the National University of Singapore.

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Food Marketing Logo

Food Marketing

The vision of the Food Marketing Series is to bring current events in the world of food and CPG marketing into the classroom. These cases will be used across marketing courses as well as food industry/agriculture courses to familiarize students with debates and topics that are relevant in the industry. These cases can take marketing topics and use the food and CPG industries as examples, or may apply specific concepts that are only relevant for these industries due to their specific nature. Cases may take the perspective of any actor in the value chain including but, not limited to, the supplier, manufacturer, and the retailer.

The series is edited by Ernest Baskin, Ph.D., Saint Joseph’s University

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Global Marketing Logo

Global Marketing

Cases in the Global Marketing series explore the rich and interdisciplinary topics of consumer behaviour, branding, advertising, and social media marketing in international contexts. From yoga in Spain to luxury toilets in India and event planning in Hong Kong, the collection grants readers a dive into a variety of exciting industries and locales.

The series is edited by Maria Kniazeva, Ph.D., Professor of Marketing, University of San Diego.

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Healthcare Management Logo

Healthcare Management

The Healthcare Management collection highlights challenges faced by healthcare consumers, providers, and related firms such as pharmaceutical companies, insurers, and medical device suppliers. Dive in to explore industry-specific dilemmas related to strategic management, finance, and ethics.

The series is edited by Karen Pellegrin, Ph.D., M.B.A., Director of Continuing Education, Strategic Planning, and the Center for Rural Health Science, University of Hawaii.

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Humanities and Arts in Business Logo

Humanities and Arts in Business

The Humanities and Arts in Business series aims to publish and disseminate creative business pedagogy that is inspired by and utilizes material from classic and contemporary humanities and arts in order to cultivate a more human economy.

This series is edited by two professors with extensive industry experience;Christopher Michaelson, (Ph.D), University of St. Thomas and Matt Statler, (Ph.D), New York University

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International Strategy Logo

International Strategy

The cases in this series focus on the intersection of market strategy and global business and the varied challenges therein. Students will be asked to apply critical thinking, market analysis and cultural agility to work through market entry issues across a range of different contexts.

This series is edited by Julia Ivy, Ph.D., Professor of strategy and International Business Group at D’Amore-McKim School of Business at Northeastern University.

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Music Marketing Logo

Music Marketing

The Music Marketing collection highlights the role of sound in strategic advertising and brand management for companies that sell non-music products (e.g., Pepsi), as well as particular marketing strategies and challenges faced by musicians (e.g., Beyoncé, David Bowie, Taylor Swift, & Bob Marley).

This series is edited by two professors with extensive industry experience; David Allan, PhD, Erivan K. Haub School of Business and Mike Alleyne, PhD, Middle Tennessee State University.

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Social Impact Logo

Social Impact

The series aims to spotlight a broad spectrum of cases on all topics related to social impact from various industries, geographical areas and diverse business subdisciplines. We welcome teaching cases that explore not only successful social impact enterprises, but also those that provide opportunities to learn from failures.

This series is edited by Dr. Maria Ballesteros-Sola, Cal State University Channel Islands and Dr. Rachida Justo, IE Business School.

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The Sustainability series highlights innovative solutions to problems posed by climate change across industries and world regions. This curated collection features business cases that take an honest look at the difficulty and short term losses that come with taking a long-term perspective towards business and the environment: students are asked to carefully analyze situations and weigh the costs of making drastic changes to traditional business models.

This series is edited by Professor Kathy Hipple, Bard’s MBA for Sustainability.

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Venture Capital

The Venture Capital collection of SAGE Business Cases explores the valuation, selection, and growth of start-ups from the perspective of investors as well as those who seek new venture funding. Dive in and contemplate issues faced at every stage of starting a business, from two entrepreneurs coming up with the idea and capital for a restaurant, to Hong Kong storage company Boxful as it begins overseas expansion and contemplates a public listing as an exit for investors..

This series is edited by Jon Carrick, PhD, Assistant Professor of Management, Stetson University.

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Women and Leadership Logo

Women & Leadership

The idea for the Women & Leadership series began with a meeting at the 2016 Annual Conference of the International Leadership Association in Atlanta, Georgia between SAGE editorial and Sherylle and Lisa. Discussions continued during the Women and Leadership Networking Luncheon and the idea to address the need for this essential content began to take shape. “It is important to have business cases that depict the realities that women leaders face,” says Dr. Tan, “as all students, both male and female, learn about and develop their leadership, they must be able to understand and see women in those leadership roles. The cases and experiences of women in leadership do not often coincide with those of men. To fully understand leadership, we need to examine all points of view and look at it from a broad lens that considers gender.” In discussing this new series, Dr. DeFrank-Cole says: “There is a dearth of business cases written by women or about women. I am happy that SAGE is working to change this situation. With women representing around 5% of Fortune 500 CEOs, we need to encourage students to become leaders. Reading business cases that include women as leaders will enable students to imagine themselves in these types of positions in the future.”

This series is edited by Sherylle J. Tan, Ph.D., Director of Internships and KLI Research, Kravis Leadership Institute, Claremont McKenna College and Lisa DeFrank-Cole, Ed.D., Associate Professor and Director of Leadership Studies, West Virginia University.

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