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J. Amis, M. Silk, M. Eisenhart, M. Freeman, K. deMarrais, J. Preissle, R. Roulston, E. St. Pierre, K. Howe, P. Lather, Y. Lincoln, G. Cannella, D. Polkinghorne & H. Torrance

In: Understanding and Evaluating Qualitative Educational Research

Chapter 10: Standards for Evaluating Qualitative Research

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Standards for Evaluating Qualitative Research
Standards for evaluating qualitative research

At times I feel as though we are moving backwards. For so many years, qualitative researchers were in a defensive position, explaining to their more traditional peers that what they were doing had a place in the world of research. Through an evolutionary process, the general field of qualitative research has made great strides since the 1980s. New books, journals, and numerous articles have been written since that time. Although admittedly a hydra, I think qualitative research is here to stay.

Although a number of scholars (many of whom have caught the ear of policy makers in the United States and abroad) have argued that qualitative research is not properly scientific and objective and that we should move away from a qualitative position and adopt this ...

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