Tourism: An Introduction


Adrian Franklin

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    For Daisy Franklin 1898-

    List of Figures

    • 1.1 Fairground ‘Frisbee’ 13
    • 1.2 Bush Walking in the Wilderness 14
    • 3.1 Nelson's Column, Trafalgar Square, London 41
    • 3.2 Salad Ware by Terence Conran 54
    • 3.3 Riviera by Sir Hugh Casson 55
    • 5.1 Tourist Tapa, Fiji 109
    • 5.2 The Palace Pier, Brighton 121
    • 5.3 The Beatles Story, Albert Dock, Liverpool 127
    • 5.4 Ellis Island 131
    • 6.1 Steam Train at Rothley, UK 148
    • 6.2 Blackpool Sea Front 154
    • 6.3 Jungle River Ride 170
    • 7.1 The Ruin of Corfe Castle, Dorset 181
    • 7.2 The Shambles, York 185
    • 8.1 Surfing 236
    • 8.2 Climbing 238
    • 10.1 Robin Hood Statue 268
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